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Koozma J. Tarasoff photographs of visit to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Koozma John Tarasoff was born in 1932 to John and Anastasia Tarasoff in the Henrietta District of Saskatchewan, Canada. Growing up in a home, on an isolated farm, and in an environment mainly inhabited by Doukhobors, a spiritual religious group of Russian descent, he would carry the Doukhobor philosophy with him throughout his life.

After graduating in 1958 with a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from University of Saskatchewan (while most would steer towards pursuing a career in their chosen field), Koozma remained steadfast in his ethnic writing craft and was introduced to wide and exciting world of anthropology and ethnography at the University of British Columbia. His photos and authorial research have been used in numerous books, magazines, in video, film productions and multimedia presentations by other authors, producers and directors.

Biographical information copied from Koozma Tarasoff's personal website,, 2017.

Photographs in this collection depict Quaker Meeting Houses in the Philadelphia area, including Arch Street and Race Street; Schools, including Westtown and Media-Providence Friends School; and prominent Quakers, including E. Raymond Wilson and Laurama Pixton.

The photographs are organized according to Meeting House and region in plastic sleeves.

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Collection Inventory

1. Exterior - doorway.
2. Interior - West room facing gallery .
3. During break between sessions - back of room.
4. Ditto - facing gallery.
5. Ditto - Gertrude Marshall Clerk and Bainbridge Davis.
6. Ray Wilson, Emeritus Dir., F.C.N.L.
7. Bernice and Herb Nichols with Vivian Newlin.
8. V. Newlin and Dorothy Steer.
9. Henry Carney, Y.M. staff, and Francis G. Brown, retired Gen. See P.Y. Mtg. .
10. Joe Taylor, Clerk of Representative Meeting and Bain Davis.
11. Psalm of Praise, written by children at Newark, DE First Day School.

12-13. "Welcome Park" honoring Wm. Penn; near 2nd and Walnut Streets.
14. The Liberty Bell.
15. Mtg. House and Friends' Center at 15th and Cherry Streets.
16. Statue of Mary Dyer.
17. Laurama Pixton, AFSC staff member, specialist in contacts w. U.S.S.R.
18. Tom and David Elkinton, Marian and Ellie Elkinton - in Tom and Ellie's Home in Mr. Airy, Philadelphia.

19. Media Meeting House.
20. Kenneth Boulding, Bernice and Herb Nichols.
21. School House.
22. Girls in Kindergarten, 1983.
23. 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, Glenn Heck, teacher, and K. Tarasoff, visitor.
24. Bob Henderson, headmaster - receiving KJT's book on Doukhobors Plakun Trava (David Elkington looks on).
25-26. Interior views of Providence Meeting House.

27. Alice Pennell Allen at the Harned Home.
28-29. Pendle Hill, Wallingford.
30. Parrish Hall, Swarthmore College.
31. Philip and Eleanor Mayer; taught school in B.C. in 1940s.
32. Springfield Meeting House.
33. Middletown Meeting House.
34. Middletown School House.

35. Andy Buckman, shop teacher.
36. Library.
37. Greenwood.

38. Meeting House.
39. School House and Pump.
40. memorial tablet connecting B. Frds. School, 1753 and Westtown School.

41. David Elkinton.
42. David Elkinton.
43. David Elkinton and wfe (?).
44. unidentified (meeting house?) .
45. unidentified (meeting house?).
46. Placard, "The meaning of life is to see".
47. David Elkinton and Others.
48. Friends Home Service Comittee poster.
49. Gravestones of Anna Griscom Elkinton and Joseph Passmore Elkinton.
50. Gravestone of Mary Bucknell Elkinton.
51. Gravestone of Margaret Grove Dunham.
52. Middletown Friends Meeting signpost.
53. Unidentified house.
54. Unidentified house.
55. Unidentified classroom.
56. Unidentified school hallway.
57. Unidentified.
58. Unidentified.
59. Marker at Brandywine Battle sight.
60. David Elkinton and wife.

61. Media-Providence Friends House.
62. Mrs. David Elkinton.
63. Unidentified.
64. Class at Media-Providence Friends School.
65. Class at Media-Providence Friends School.
66. Class at Media-Providence Friends School.
67. David Elkinton and faculty at Media-Providence Friends School.
68. David Elkinton and faculty at Media-Providence Friends School.
69. Children at the School.
70. Unidentified.
71. David Elkinton with member of faculty.
72. Bob Henderson, headmaster - receiving KJT's bok on Koukhobors, "Plakun Trava" (David Elkinton looks on).
73. View of Media-Providence Meeting House?.

74-77. Elfreth's Alley.
78. Site of Friends' School.
79. Independence Hall.
80. Statue of Mary Dyer.
81. Mr. and Mrs. David Elkinton.
82. Free Quaker Meeting House.
83-84. Interior views of the Free Quaker Meeting House?.

85-88. Interior of Meeting House.
89-90. Unidentified members of Yearly Meeting.
91. David Elkinton.
92-101. Unidentified members of Yearly Meeting.
102. David Elkinton.
103-113. Yearly Meeting.
114. Yearly Meeting Library.

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