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Swarthmore College General Reference Files


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Founded in 1864, Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts college located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

This collection contains topical reference files on Swarthmore College including buildings and grounds, history, activities, events, etc. It consists mostly of secondary-source materials, such as pamphlets, flyers, newspaper clippings, narrative histories, and photocopies. Files compiled by staff of Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. The collection is added to on a regular basis. The inventory below is accurate as of August 2017.

The collection is organized alphabetically by topic.

Files compiled by staff of Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College from various sources over time.

The collection is added to on a regular basis. The inventory below is accurate as of August 2017.


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Collection Inventory

09 / 11 / 2001.
Academic standards, etc.
Accidents/deaths on campus.
Activism: Coalition Against Xenophobia.
Activism: Coca Cola.
Activism: Darfur Genocide.
Activism: File Sharing.
Activism: Free Speech.
Activism: Iraq.
Activism: Misc.
Activism: Strategic Defense Initiative.
Admissions Office reports, Theodore Friend era.
Admissions Statistics.
Alcohol and drugs.
Alumni Association.
Alumni Gospel Choir.
Alumni in Finance.
Alumni Periodical.
Ambrose Bierce Society.
American Disabilities Act (ADA).
American Philosophical Society.
Anecdotes - see Stories, Anecdotes, Trivia and Myths.
Anniversaries of the College.
Art and art galleries, site sculptures, etc.
Art History Department.
Asian Students.
Asian students.
Astronomy Department.
Athletics in American Colleges & Univ.--Presidential Papers--Courtney Smith.
Bach Debate.
Benjamin West Art Collection.
Big Sister program.
Bill of Rights Bicentennial.
Biology Department.
Black Cultural Center: Cambodian Strike.
Black Cultural Center. See also RG 6/Q006.
Black students concerns, statistics. See also material on SASS.
Black students: African-American/Black studies. See also material on SASS.
Black Students: Michener Gift.
Black students: Senior thesis by Marissa Calston, "Recovered Histories: A Concise History of the African American experience at S.C." (2000).
Black students: Sit-in. See also material on SASS.
Black Studies.
Blue Jeans Day and jeans burning incident: gay rights day (1981).
Blue Route (1961-1983).
Board of Managers.
Board of Managers: Executive Committee of Development.
Bryant Tree.
Buildings and Grounds: 4 Brick Houses - 525 Elm, 401 3-5 Walnut Ln.
Buildings and Grounds: Ashton House (409 Elm Avenue).
Buildings and Grounds: Asphaltum, Gates, and other miscellaneous sites/locations.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic facilities - Athletic Fields.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic facilities - Cunningham Field and Field house.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic Facilities - Hall Gymnasium.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic facilities - Lamb-Miller Field house and tracks.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic facilities - Miscellaneous.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic facilities - Somerville Gymnasium.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic Facilities - Swarthmore Matchbox.
Buildings and Grounds: Athletic facilities - Ware Pool.
Buildings and Grounds: Barn.
Buildings and Grounds: Beardsley Hall.
Buildings and Ground: Benjamin West House.
Buildings and Grounds: Black Cultural Center (Robinson House).
Buildings and Grounds: Book and Key.
Buildings and Grounds: Bookstore.
Buildings and Grounds: Campus Plans.
Buildings and Grounds: Carnegie Library.
Buildings and Grounds: Cloisters Fragrance Garden.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier - History.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier - Tarble in Clothier.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier Auditorium - Electrical.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier Auditorium - Heating & Ventilating.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier Auditorium - Plumbing & Draining.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier Field - Grandstand.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier Memorial - Specifications.
Buildings and Grounds: Clothier Memorial and Cloisters ("Tarble").
Buildings and Grounds: Construction Updates.
Buildings and Grounds: Cornell Science Library.
Buildings and Grounds: Crum Creek & Crum Woods.
Buildings and Grounds: Crum Creek Valley. See also RG7/Swarthmore Historical Society Reference.
Buildings and Grounds: Crum Ledge Houses.
Buildings and Grounds: Crum Woods, Conservation & Stewardships Plan, 2003.
Buildings and Grounds: Crum Woods, Inventory & Evaluation, 1974.
Buildings and Grounds: Crumhenge.
Buildings and Grounds: Crumwald.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Alice Paul.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Bond and Worth.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Coeducational.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Dana-Hallowell.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Kemp Dorm.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Mary Lyons.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Mertz.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Palmer, Pittenger and Roberts.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Wharton.
Buildings and Grounds: Dormitories: Willets.
Buildings and Grounds: Du Pont Science Building.
Buildings and Grounds: Faculty housing.
Buildings and Grounds: Friends Historical Library ("Old Tarble").
Buildings and Grounds: General - Signs.
Buildings and Grounds: General, "Campus views".
Buildings and Grounds: General, Architects and architecture.
Buildings and Grounds: General, Inventories, College site building codes.
Buildings and Grounds: General, Miscellaneous histories, tours including Lew Cook's tour (1986).
Buildings and Grounds: General, Property Transactions.
Buildings and Grounds: Hicks.
Buildings and Grounds: Kohlberg.
Buildings and Grounds: Lang Music Building.
Buildings and Grounds: Lang Performing Arts Center (PAC).
Buildings and Grounds: Lodges.
Buildings and Grounds: Martin.
Buildings and Grounds: McCabe Library.
Buildings and Grounds: Observatories (Cunningham, Sproul).
Buildings and Grounds: Papazian (Bartol).
Buildings and Grounds: Parrish Hall and Annex.
Buildings and Grounds: Pearson.
Buildings and Grounds: Performing Arts Center, Planning Papers.
Buildings and Grounds: Physical Plant.
Buildings and Grounds: President's House (Courtney Smith House).
Buildings and Grounds: Rose Garden (Dean Bond Rose Garden).
Buildings and Grounds: Science Center.
Buildings and Grounds: Scott Arboretum and Amphitheater.
Buildings and Grounds: Services Building.
Buildings and Grounds: Sharples Dining Hall.
Buildings and Grounds: Swarthmore Meeting.
Buildings and Grounds: The Inn at Swarthmore.
Buildings and Grounds: Trees (significant trees on campus).
Buildings and Grounds: Trotter.
Buildings and Grounds: Tunnel.
Buildings and Grounds: Water Tower.
Buildings and Grounds: Worth Health Center.
Campaigns: Campaign for Swarthmore (1984-1990).
Campaigns: Campaign for Swarthmore (Early Years) (1981-1986, N.D.).
Campaigns: Corporate Committee (1986-1994).
Campaigns: Japanese Fund Raising (1976-2006).
Campaigns: Kohlberg Challenge (1990-1991).
Campaigns: Michener, James (1999-2005).
Campaigns: The Meaning of Swarthmore Campaign (2006).
Campaigns: The Program for Swarthmore.
Campus Climate Project.
Career Planning & Placement.
Center for Innovation and Leadership.
Center for Social and Policy Studies.
Chemistry Department.
Chess Team.
Chester Swarthmore College Community Coalition (1997-1998).
Chester: Chester Higher Education Council (2007).
Chester: College Access Center (2007-2008, n.d..).
Chester: Community Based Service Learning (1987-1994, N.D.).
Chester: Community Science Educational Center (1988-1989, N.D.).
Chester: Delaware Valley Together (1988).
Chester: John Anderson (1994-1995, N.D.).
Chester: Miscellaneous projects.
Chester: PHENND Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (1994).
Chester: Swarthmore Foundation (1990-1991).
Chinese Exchange.
Chinese naval officers, Chinese memorial.
Christian Association of Swarthmore College.
Civil Liberties Society.
Classics Department.
Co-ed Housing.
Colby-Swarthmore Summer School of Languages.
College Bowl.
College Chest.
College presidents: Alums who became College presidents (partial list).
Communications Office.
Community Service.
Comparisons to Peer Schools.
Computing on campus.
Conference: Oberlin Science Conference/Report (1986).
Conference: Science Through Visualization (1994).
Conference: SCIENCE, "Trends in Undergraduate Education," 31 August 2001 (2001).
Conference: Swarthmore Today for Scientists and Engineers–October 1988 (1988).
Conferences: "Activism in the 80s".
Conservation (Energy Task Force).
Conservative Union.
Consortium for a Strong Minority Presence at Liberal Arts Colleges.
Cooper Lectures: Background.
Cooperative Involvement & Volunteers in Communities (CIVIC).
Cornell Professorship.
Cosby, Bill.
Council on Educational Policy (CEP).
Council on Educational Policy (CEP): Multiculturalism (1992).
Courses taught Swarthmore College, 1869-1899.
Crimes on campus.
Croatian Liberation Front.
Crum Regatta.
Curtain Theater.
Dana Foundation.
Day Care.
Dean's Office.
Diversity Statistics.
Divestiture: see also Finance and the College.
Divestment from Fossil Fuels.
Dolfinger-McMahon Research Projects.
Draft and anti-draft.
Eastern Forests & Mountains Conservation Project.
Economics Department.
Economics Discussion Group.
Employee Benefits (including same sex).
Endowment Fund.
Engineering Department.
Engineers Club.
English Literature Department.
English Literature Department: Writing Associates.
Equal Employment Opportunities.
Equal Opportunity.
Exhibits - Quaker Conferences.
Faculty Bibliographies.
Faculty Records - Miscellaneous.
Faculty Research.
Famous Alumni.
Fashion, dress.
FBI surveillance of Swarthmore College (1971).
Finance and the College.
Finance Developmental Planning Group.
Financial Aid (2000-).
Financial Aid (Pre-2000).
Fires on campus.
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield: "Melting the Faculty Ice," reprint from World's Work (1929).
Flag: Flying the American flag.
Folk Festival (See also Physical Ed. Department).
Folk Society Swarthmore.
Food on campus (snack bar, concessions, etc.).
Football Team Centennial History.
Football: "Tiny Maxwell and the Crisis of 1905".
Football: Account of a game in the company of Morris Clothier and Joseph Wharton, transcribed from a letter by J. Lawrence Lippincott to Caroline Biddle (1893).
Forum for Free Speech (1975).
Founders' Day.
Fraternities and sororities.
Fraternities and sororities: Miscellaneous material on individual groups not deposited in College Archives.
Fraternities: Peele Report, 1970, and related correspondence concerning fraternities on campus (1969-1973).
Freshman Orientation.
Friends Historical Library.
Friends Historical Library, establishment of Anson Lapham Repository (copies of correspondence) (1870-1871).
Gender Issues.
Getting In (film).
Goddard, Harold C.
Gospel Choir: See also BCC, RG6/Q006.
Graduate Study: Quaker History/Peace.
Greater Philadelphia Industrial Trade Exhibit.
Hamburg Show miscellaneous.
Hamburg Show: "Heads or Tails," 1949.
Hamburg Show: "High Spirits," 1950.
Hamburg Show: "You're the One" and finale, 1937.
Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness.
Hispanic Students.
History of Swarthmore: "Approaches towards scientific knowledge in Quaker and Jewish educational institutions" by Michel Cohen.
History of Swarthmore College, accounts of the opening of the College (photocopies) (1869).
History of Swarthmore College, anonymous history, typed (ca. 1897).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on 10th commencement (1882).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the College (1869-1939).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the College (1940-1959).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the College (1960-1990).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the College (1991-).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the College transcribed fromDel. Co. AmericanandDel. Co. Republicanby Damon S. Kleitzen (1863-1870).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the College: First graduation (1873).
History of Swarthmore College, articles on the Great Fire (1881).
History of Swarthmore College, excerpts from Delaware County Republican, Guide Book of West Chester (1866-1876).
History of Swarthmore College, Swarthmore Scenes, published by George A. Hoadley (1900).
History of Swarthmore College: "Thoughts on Swarthmore: A new studen't guide to the College's history".
History of Swarthmore College: "Fund raising for Swarthmore College 1860s Style," by Sarah L. Garroway, Class of 1942 (1990).
History of Swarthmore College: "Organizational Saga of Swarthmore College," by Judith Ann Hilliard (Paper for Univ. of Pa. course primarily on Frank Aydelotte) (1992).
History of Swarthmore College: "Some Reminiscences of Swarthmore College" by Susanna M. Mahan (born Susanna M. Nicholson, m. 1st James Gaskill, 2nd Abel Mahan (1923).
History of Swarthmore College: "Swarthmore at the Beginning," talk by Howard S. Turner (1979).
History of Swarthmore College: "Twenty-five years in the Life of Swarthmore College, 1899-1925" extracts from history by William I. Hull (1927).
History of Swarthmore College: "Women's Rites," speech given to Campus Club by Everett Hunt. Student life, faculty wives, etc. (1956).
History of Swarthmore College: A summary written for 80th Anniversary of the College (Bliss Forbush?) (1930).
History of Swarthmore College: Account by Betty Taney Opdenaker about growing up on the campus. Her father, William R. Taney worked the College farm. (1982).
History of Swarthmore College: Account by Isaac Hicks (1815-1900) of a visit with Friends Social Lyceum (transcript) (ca. 1866).
History of Swarthmore College: Anonymous History, typed, 1921.
History of Swarthmore College: Brief synopsis by Nancy Speers (1985).
History of Swarthmore College: Draft of Lawrence M. Schall's dissertation, U of P, on evolution of the institutional mission (final version catalogued in McCabe) (2003).
History of Swarthmore College: draft of Swarthmore College, an informal history, by R.J. Walton (1982).
History of Swarthmore College: See Stories, Anecdotes for miscellaneous short items.
History of Swarthmore College: Two letters (copies) concerning involvement of Martha and Nathan Tyson in the founding of Swarthmore College (1890, 1907).
History of Swarthmore College: typed transcripts of excerpts from correspondence of Hugh Stover (1880-1882).
History of the College, correspondence, reminiscences of the early history (Photocopies: Originals in SC ).
Honor Code.
Honorary Degrees.
Honors Program.
House Un-American Activities.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant.
Information Technology Services.
Institutional Service Unit.
Intercultural Center.
Interdisciplinary Programs.
International Students.
Interpretation Theory.
Investment Policy and divestiture.
Jacob Interracial Housing Project.
Jane Addams' Founders' Day Address.
Japanese American students.
Jewish Studies, Issues.
John William Graham Fund (Psychial Phenomena).
Judiciary Committee and related stories.
Keystone Group (for minority admissions).
Land Use Plan (2002).
Lang – I Have a Dream Foundation.
Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility.
Lang Scholars.
Latin American Studies.
Latinos at Swarthmore.
Learning for Life.
Leave of Absence.
Legacies: Genealogies, etc. of families which appear in several generations of students.
Liberal Arts: Tensions in the Liberal Arts: A symposium at Swarthmore College (1986).
Libraries Miscellaneous.
Living Wage.
MacArthur Foundation.
Maps, Guides, & Directories.
Marriages (Quaker Matchbox).
Masters degree.
Math Forum.
Maverick, Hon. Maury, Address.
McCabe Mile.
McCabe Scholars.
McCabe, Thomas.
Measures of Excellence (Statistics).
Men's Center and Men's Issues.
Mental health.
Military Service - ROTC.
Military service and draft: Swarthmore Anti-Registration Efforts.
Military service, Swarthmore College, 1918-20, and Navy Program, WWII.
Minority Students at Swarthmore.
Minority Students Recruitment.
Miscellaneous student activities.
Model U.N. General Assembly (1947).
Motor vehicles.
Motto: Swarthmore College motto.
Myths and assorted trivia: See Stories, Anecdotes; See also RG6 Alumni: Robbins, Russell D., Class of 1984.
National Academy of Sciences.
National Endowments for the Humanities.
Nobel Prize Winning Alumni.
Opening of College, 1969.
Organizational Charts.
Outing Club (See also Scrapbook).
Partners in Ministry (1997-2000).
Peace Collection skit, Somerville Day.
Peaslee Debate Society.
Penguin Club (see also RG6/L4).
Pet Policy.
Philadelphia Connection.
Philadelphia National Bank Centennial Conference.
Physical Education Department.
Physics Department.
Plants on campus (See also Trees).
Policy on Student Ed. Records.
Political Action: Divestiture.
Political action: miscellaneous.
Political Action: Songs for democratic action (1947-1951).
Post Office.
Posture Photographs.
Prairie Home Companion.
Pre-Medical Studies.
Preparatory Department, Swarthmore College, correspondence (1867-1882).
Presidential Inaugurations--religious components.
Presseisen Case.
Professorships - Claude C. Smith '14 Professorship.
Psychological Services.
Quakerism and the College.
Queer Concerns.
Rankings and Accolades.
Refugee House.
Regulations and Rules.
Religion Department.
Rhodes Scholars who attended Swarthmore.
Richard Rubin Mentoring Program.
Sager Foundation.
SASS file, gift of W. Marshall & Cornelia Schmidt.
SASS Material including takeover of the Admissions Office by SASS, death of Courtney Smith (4 folders) See also Black Students files (1968-1969).
SASS sit-in, clippings, 1969-70.
SASS sit-in.
SASS sit-in, Phoenix Supplements, 1969-1970.
SASS: See also RG6/Q006.
Science & Engineering Academic Excellence Study completed 2000-2001.
Science & Engineering: Council on Undergrad Research Report (1995).
Science & Engineering: Humanities (1989-1990).
Science & Engineering: Public Policy Program (1990-1991).
Scientific Society.
Scott Foundation.
SDS and SPAC. Printed papers trans. from McCabe Treasure Room, 1996 (1960s).
Security and Safety, Dept. of: General information.
Senior Survey.
Sexual Assault.
Sexual Conduct.
Sexual Harassment.
Sexual Orientation: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual.
Sigma Xi.
Silesian Dance Theatre (1999).
Social Committee.
Socialism (1922-1923).
Solar Power.
Somerville Literary Society and Fellowship.
Songs, Swarthmore College (See also Series W-002).
South Africa Stock Divestiture and campus sit-in (1981-1993).
Soviet Exchange (1987-1989).
Speeches to Campus Community.
Sports - Rugby.
Sports - Ultimate Frisbee.
Sports: Histories and beginnings on campus.
Sports/Athletics. See also Football, Lacrosse.
Spring Fling.
SS Swarthmore Victory (1945-1956).
Staff salaries, EEOC, job grading, etc.
State of the College.
Statistics of college, including enrollment.
Stories, Anecdotes, Interesting Trivia.
Student activities.
Student Data.
Student Group Charters.
Student Health Service: General information.
Student Peace Action Club (1960s).
Student Peace Union.
Student Protest: See Vietnam era, Black student sit-in, SASS, etc.
Student Research.
Students for a Democratic Society & Swarthmore Political Action Club papers.
Study Abroad.
Summer School of Religion (1909).
Swarthmore Borough Authority (Bond Issue).
Swarthmore College Institutional Research.
Swarthmore College Peace Collection.
Swarthmore Conservative Society.
Swarthmore Foundation (founded in 1987 for Social Service).
Swarthmore History: Swarthmore Deeds.
Swarthmore Music and Dance Festival.
Swarthmore Papers (1993).
Swarthmore Philosophy Club.
Swarthmore Quarter Century Society.
Swarthmore Rose.
Swarthmore Society (Proposal for a Guild of Independent Students) (ca. 1965).
SWIL (Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature).
Synchronized Swimming.
Tax Reform Act of 1985 (HR 3838).
The Ville.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant.
Town Center West.
Town-Gown Relations.
Tri-College Institute.
Tri-College Library Network.
Tri-College Miscellaneous.
Tri-College Peace Studies Mission (1996).
Tuition Grant.
"Under Our Skin".
United Scions of the Aristocracy (Conservative Club).
University Center Science Center.
Upward Bound.
US News and World Report, college rankings.
US Presidents.
Vietnam era: Moratorium, 1969.
Vietnam era: Strike.
Vietnam era: Student protest.
Vietnam: Reaction to the invasion of Cambodia, 1970.
War News Radio.
War Years at Swarthmore (1990-1992).
Women at Swarthmore College.
Women in the Sciences.
Women's Coalition.
Women's Center.
Women's Concerns Committee.
Women's Student Government.
World War II.
Writing Associates Program.
WSRN Radio station.
Zionist Connection.

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