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Eleanore Price Mather Hicks Research Papers on Edward Hicks


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

Eleanore Price Mather (1910-1985) was a Quaker writer and editor from Rose Valley, PA. She was the daughter of Walter Ferris and Felicia Thomas Price and attended Westtown School, Mt. Holyoke College, and the University of Delaware. She married Robert Worrell Mather, was a long-time editor of the Pendle Hill pamphlets, and a member of Providence Monthly Meeting.

This collection contains chiefly papers concerning Eleanore Price Mather's book, lectures, and articles on the Quaker painter, Edward Hicks.

The collection is divided into four series:

  1. Biographical and genealogical
  2. Edward Hicks, His Peaceable Kingdom and Other Paintings
  3. Other publications
  4. Lectures and seminars

Donor: Robert Mather, 1987, husband of Eleanore Price Mather.

The following material, originally part of the collection, has been removed and recatalogued:

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Collection Inventory

Ser. 1. Biographical and Genealogical.
Box 1

Scope and Contents

full information: Edward Hicks, His Peaceable Kingdoms and Other Paintings (with Dorothy Miller). Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1983 (BX7796+.H62M273).

General, 1969-84.
Box 1-3
Scope and Contents

Arranged alphabetically by institutional correspondent or, if applicable, by individual. Includes information about the provenance of Hicks' works, including continuing correspondence from earlier publications and other letters concerning information on Hicks.

Publishers and Co-Author, 1973-84.
Box 1-3
Scope and Contents

Concerns content and production of book.

Photographic Permissions, 1976-83.
Box 1-3
Scope and Contents

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Private Collectors, 1980-84.
Box 1-3
Scope and Contents

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Includes general correspondence and photographic permissions of owners of works used in the book who wished to remain anonymous. RESTRICTED.

First Drafts, n.d.
Box 4-5
Scope and Contents

Manuscript and typescript drafts of chapters in the book, arranged according to section.

Draft, 1976.
Box 4-5
Scope and Contents

First complete draft of book. According to note of Eleanore Mather (hereafter EPM), "As sent to DM 9/23/76 but exchanged unread for revised version."

Draft, 1979.
Box 4-5
Scope and Contents

As noted by EPM, "latest revised ed. Spring 1979."

Preliminary Notes, Primarily manuscript notes of EPM, arranged in file folders according to her labels., n.d.
Box 4-5
Box 6
Physical Description

2 folders, by file #

Color Proofs and Color Transparencies.
Box 6
Other B.
Box 6
Scope and Contents

Arranged in two file folders, "Peaceable Kingdoms" and "Other Works by Hicks." Includes alternate views, originals of photographs sent with correspondence, and study photographs.

Photographic Captions.
Box 6
Scope and Contents

Arranged by number in two files, "Peaceable Kingdoms" and "Other." Includes list of where each work has been reproduced and Frick Ref. Library numbers.

Book Reviews.
Box 6
Newspaper Clippings Concerning Hicks' Works, including auction and exhibit reviews.
Box 6
AARFAC Descriptions of Hicks Works.
Box 6

Scope and Contents

Files include notes, correspondence and drafts. Call numbers indicate location of publication in FHL.

Edward Hicks, Primitive Quaker. Pendle Hill Pamphlet, (BX7732.P4V170)., 1970.
Box 7-8
"The Inward Kingdom of Edward Hicks" Quaker History, Vol. 62, No. 1 (Periodical)., 1973.
Box 7-8
"A Quaker Icon" The Art Quarterly, Vol. XXXVI, Nos. 1 2 (BX7796.H62M27), 1973.
Box 7-8
Edward Hicks: A Peaceable Season. Princeton: Pyne Press (BX7796.H62E3), 1973.
Box 7-8
"Jonathan Fisher" Animals. Boston: MSPCA, 1974.
Box 7-8
"Edward Hicks, A Gentle Spirit." N.Y.: Crispo Gallery (BX7796.H62A6)., 1975.
Box 7-8
"The Peaceable Kingdom" Early American Life, Vol. 7, No. 6 (BX7796.H62M271), 1976.
Box 7-8
"Edward Hicks, 1780-1849" American Folk Painters of Three Centuries. N.Y.: Whitney Museum, (ND 205.5.P74A43), 1980.
Box 7-8
"In Detail" Portfolio, Vol. 2, No. 2 (BX7796.H62M272), 1980.
Box 7-8
"American Quakers in Profile", [1987].
Box 7-8
Scope and Contents

Unpublished manuscript to be used as introduction to Laughons' book on silhouettes.

Scope and Contents

Files include transcripts of talks given by EPM.

"Edward Hicks and His Fellow Quakers".
Box 8
Scope and Contents

1st & 2nd Versions. "Basis for Quaker Culture Seminar and later talk at Burlington College."

"Edward Hicks and His Fellow Quakers", [1976].
Box 8
Scope and Contents

At Quaker Culture Seminar et. al.

"Winterthur Winter Institute", 1/13/84.
Box 8
Scope and Contents

Includes slides and a tape.

"Edward Hicks and His Peaceable Kingdoms", n.d.
Box 8
Scope and Contents

At "Everson Museum, Delaware County Historical Society."

Other Lecture Announcements.
Box 8

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