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Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting lantern slide collection


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

This collection seems to have been compiled by Philadelphia Young Friends' Association (PYFA). PYFA was a Hicksite organization established in 1888 for educational and social purposes. It established and operated The Whittier, a hotel and social center in Philadelphia, which stood where Friends Center now stands. The name of PYFA was changed in 1957 to The Whittier Association. In 1971, The Whittier was sold to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, and in 1974 its assets were merged with Trustees of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

This is a collection of glass lantern slides, donated to the Friends Historical Library by Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (CPMM). It seems to have been compiled by Philadelphia Young Friends' Association, possibly as entertainment for the members of the PYFA at various gatherings. Most slides depict Quaker meetinghouses, portraits of Quakers, slides of Quaker conferences, or topics relating to Quakerism in the United Kingdom. The lantern slides are primarily photographs of subjects, as well as illustrations, silhouettes, and photographs of statues or busts.

The "Meetinghouses" series includes exterior and interior photographs of meetinghouses, mainly Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Most of the photographs were taken from 1890-1900 by Gilbert Cope.

The "Portraits" series includes portraits of Friends from the same period and notable Quaker figures from before the 20th century.

The "Quakerism in the UK" series includes images of and relating to Quaker sites in England, including Swarthmoor Hall.

The "Conference" series is comprised of photographs taken at Friends conferences in Swarthmore, PA (1896), Richmond IN, (1898), and Chautauqua. NY (1900).

The "Various" series includes other miscellaneous or unidentified slides, including residences, maps, and floor plans.

Of special interest are a portrait of Wilson Chinn, a formerly enslaved person who was branded with his enslaver's initials and whose portraits were circulated during the abolitionist movement; slides of maps indicating George Fox's travels through England and Europe; and portraits of To-hee (Brier), an Iowa chief.

In the finding aid, all slides are arranged alphabetically by title within four series: "Meetinghouses", "Portraits", "Quakerism in the UK", "Conferences", and "Various". The "Conferences" series is further divided into subseries for each of three conferences. The "Meetinghouses" series is organized alphabetically by meeting name. The "Portraits" series is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the subject; where there is more than one subject, the first listed subject's surname is used.

In the physical boxes, the slides are sorted by their original identifiers: MH-1 through MH-496 and P-1 through P-124. These identifiers are listed alongside the titles slides in the finding aid.

Gift of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 2022 (acc. FHL-2022-065)

This collection was processed in 2023. Slides were moved from their original wooden boxes, inventoried, and placed in archival sleeves and boxes. The original physical order was retained.

This collection was donated with a circa 1890s kerosene lantern slide projector. It was retained by FHL, but separated from the lantern slide collection.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Zivia Lichtenberg
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Collection Inventory

MH-1. Abington.
MH-2. Abington.
MH-5. Abington.
MH-6. Abington (Orthodox).
MH-3. Abington (Race Street).
MH-4. Abington, Pennsylvania.
MH-8. Arch at Third, Dr Parrish, [FS Dorr DD?], G Truman, Samuel Townsend.
MH-9. Arch Street.
MH-10. Arch Street.
MH-111. Arch Street from 4th Street.
MH-11. Arney's Mount.
MH-12. Arney's Mount grave yard.
MH-13. Atlantic City.
MH-14. Bart (Orthodox) from northwest.
MH-15. Bart from southeast.
MH-17. Bear Gap.
MH-20. Biddle House.
MH-21. Biddle House.
MH-22. Biddle House.
MH-23. Biddle House.
MH-24. Biddle House.
MH-19. Biddle House, Kinkora.
MH-26. Birmingham School.
MH-25. Birmingham, 1896.
MH-29. Bordentown.
MH-30. Bordentown.
MH-28. Bordentown Interior.
MH-31. Bordentown Interior.
MH-33. Bowne House South View.
MH-35. Bradford East View.
MH-36. Bradford, Pennsylvania West View.
MH-37. Bristol.
MH-39. Buckingham East View.
MH-38. Buckingham West View.
MH-18. Bull and Mouth.
MH-43. Burlington.
MH-41. Burlington [first?].
MH-44. Burlington front.
MH-42. Burlington, minute.
Scope and Contents

Printed text beginning, "Since by the good Providence of god..."

MH-40. Burlington, Rear View.
MH-45. Byberry School + Meeting House 5-4-1895.
MH-241. Caleb Pusey House after addition.
MH-240. Caleb Pusey House, Original.
MH-47. Camden, New Jersey.
MH-48. Catawissa, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.
MH-49. Cecil.
MH-50. Central Boys School 1865.
MH-52. Centre Del.
MH-56. Chester.
MH-324. Chester.
MH-54. Chester before alteration.
MH-57. Chester, Pennsylvania.
MH-58. Chester, Pennsylvania.
MH-59. Chester, Pennsylvania.
MH-60. Chester, Pennsylvania.
MH-61. Chester, Pennsylvania.
MH-55. Chester, Present.
MH-62. Chichester.
MH-163. Christiana (Orthodox).
MH-64. Columbia.
MH-65. Columbia.
MH-69. Concord (Orthodox).
MH-68. Concord Meeting House 1870.
MH-70. Cooks Mill.
MH-72. Crosswicks Interior.
MH-75. Crosswicks meeting grounds.
MH-73. Crosswicks Meeting House and School.
MH-77. Crosswicks tree.
MH-74. Crosswicks Tree and meeting house.
MH-71. Crosswicks, New Jersey.
MH-79. Darby.
MH-81. Darby (Orthodox).
MH-80. Darby from Road.
MH-84. Downingtown.
MH-85. Earlham.
MH-87. East Caln, Pennsylvania.
MH-89. East Caln, Pennsylvania.
MH-88. East Caln, view.
MH-90. East Sadsbury (Orthodox).
MH-86. Easton, New Jersey.
MH-91. Evesham.
MH-92. Evesham.
MH-93. Exeter.
MH-94. Exeter.
MH-99. Fallowfield from North West.
MH-100. Fallowfield from South East.
MH-103. Falsington (Orthodox).
MH-102. Falsington Old.
MH-98. Fan Hill East View.
MH-96. Fan Hill grave yard.
MH-104. Flushing.
MH-105. Flushing North East view.
MH-106. Flushing South East view.
MH-117. Frankford, Orthodox Street.
MH-116. Frankford, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, from graveyard (South West).
MH-113. Frankford, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, from North East.
MH-114. Frankford, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, from North West.
MH-115. Frankford, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, from South West.
MH-110. Friends Almshouse.
MH-109. Friends Meeting.
MH-119. Germantown (Orthodox).
MH-121. Girard ave from 17th Street.
MH-272. Girard Avenue as it was intended.
MH-272. Girard Avenue from yard.
MH-122. Goshen (Orthodox), Chester County, Philadelphia, from South West.
MH-112. Green Street.
MH-125. Greenwood.
MH-126. Greenwood Academy, Millville, Pennsylvania.
MH-129. Haddonfield (Orthodox).
MH-134. Haddonfield (Orthodox).
MH-133. Haddonfield Friends School.
MH-131. Haddonfield Front (Hicksite).
MH-132. Haddonfield Rear (Hicksite).
MH-128. Haddonfield side entrance.
MH-130. Haddonfield, Old.
MH-138. Haverford New, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from South East.
MH-139. Haverford New, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from South West.
MH-136. Haverford Old, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from South East.
MH-137. Haverford, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from North West.
MH-140. Hickory Grove.
MH-143. Horsham.
MH-144. Horsham.
MH-146. Horsham (Orthodox).
MH-147. House-at-Plymouth.
MH-148. Indiana (Orthodox), 1840.
MH-154. Kennet Square.
MH-158. Lampeter 1749 [burned?] 1889.
MH-156. Langhorne (Orthodox).
MH-157. Lansdowne (Orthodox).
MH-159. Little Egg Harbor Near Tuckerton, New Jersey W.G.V. Jr.
MH-161. London Britain (Orthodox).
MH-160. London Britain Small.
MH-162. London Grove (Orthodox).
MH-165. Lynchburg, Virginia ruins.
MH-168. Maiden Creek (Orthodox).
MH-167. Maiden Creek from Road.
MH-166. Maiden Creek, Pennsylvania.
MH-169. Makefield.
MH-170. Malvern (Orthodox), Chester County, Pennsylvania, from South West.
MH-176. Manasquan.
MH-173. Mansfield.
MH-174. Mansfield.
MH-172. Mansfield (Orthodox).
MH-175. Mansfield School, New Jersey.
MH-171. Mansfield, New Jersey.
MH-181. Marlboro.
MH-182. Marshallton, Humphry Marshall House.
MH-183. Maurice River.
MH-185. Medford.
MH-187. Medford.
MH-188. Medford.
MH-186. Medford (Orthodox).
MH-184. Media.
MH-190. Merion (Orthodox).
MH-191. Middletown.
MH-194. Mill Creek, Delaware.
MH-192. Millville, Pennsylvania.
MH-193. Millville, Pennsylvania.
MH-195. Moorestown (Orthodox).
MH-197. Mount.
MH-199. Mount Holly.
MH-200. Mount Holly.
MH-198. Mount, New Jersey.
MH-201. Muncy.
MH-202. New Garden.
MH-211. Newtown Square, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from N.E.
MH-212. Norristown.
MH-213. North Carolina.
MH-214. Old Kennet.
MH-216. Old Sadsbury.
MH-263. Old Sadsbury School.
MH-218. Old Springfield School House, New Jersey.
MH-217. Old Springfield, New Jersey.
MH-219. Old Springfield, New Jersey.
MH-220. Old Springfield, New Jersey.
MH-224. Oxford, Pennsylvania.
MH-225. Oxford, Pennsylvania.
MH-227. Oxmede.
MH-226. Oxmede, Lodge.
MH-229. Parkersville, Pennsylvania (From the Grave Yard).
MH-228. Parkersville, Pennsylvania (From the Public Road).
MH-231. Penn's Manor.
MH-232. Pennsylvania Anti Slavery Executive Committee.
MH-233. Pine Street.
MH-236. Plainfield (Orthodox).
MH-234. Plainfield, New Jersey.
MH-235. Plainfield, New Jersey.
MH-237. Plymouth.
MH-239. Pottstown (Orthodox).
MH-238. Providence.
MH-242. Quakertown, New Jersey.
MH-243. Quakertown, New Jersey former House.
MH-245. Race Street.
MH-247. Radnor, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from North East.
MH-248. Radnor, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from South East.
MH-246. Radnor, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from South West.
MH-249. Radnor, Old, near Villa Nova Pennsylvania Railroad.
MH-251. Rahway (Orthodox).
MH-250. Rahway, former.
MH-253. Rancocas School House.
MH-252. Rancocas, New Jersey.
MH-255. Randolph, interior.
MH-256. Reading.
MH-257. Reading, interior.
MH-258. Reading, Pennsylvania from inside yard.
MH-259. Reading, Pennsylvania from the street.
MH-151. Rebecca Jones House Drinker's Alley.
MH-152. Rebecca Jones house Drinker's Alley.
MH-150. Rebecca Jones House near.
MH-260. Roaring Creek, Pennsylvania.
MH-262. Robeson at a distance.
MH-261. Robeson, Pennsylvania.
MH-267. Schuylkill.
MH-266. Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
MH-269. Seaville, New Jersey (1896).
MH-270. Seaville, New Jersey (1896), interior.
MH-274. Sixth + Noble.
MH-273. Sixth + Noble on 6th street.
MH-276. Spencer, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
MH-277. Spruce Street.
MH-278. Spruce Street.
MH-279. St. Michael's Lutheran Church 6 + Cherry.
MH-280. Stony Brook, New Jersey.
MH-51. Teachers Central School 1865.
MH-283. Third Haven, Old.
MH-284. Thirty-fifth + Lancaster Avenue.
MH-285. Trenton, New Jersey.
MH-286. Trenton, present.
MH-290. Tuckahoe Neck, Maryland.
MH-291. Tuckahoe Neck, Maryland back view.
MH-292. Tuckahoe Neck, Maryland Interior.
MH-287. Twelfth Street (Orthodox).
MH-288. Twelgth Street South Side.
MH-289. Twintrees Samuel Jennings Place.
MH-293. Unionville, Pennsylvania.
MH-294. Upper Dublin.
MH-295. Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania.
MH-296. Upper Greenwich.
MH-299. Upper Springfield.
MH-297. Upper Springfield Interior, New Jersey.
MH-298. Upper Springfield, New Jersey.
MH-300. Uwchlan, Pennsylvania (Built 1756).
MH-302. Valley, new.
MH-301. Valley, old.
MH-304. Vincentown, New Jersey.
MH-305. Warminster, Pennsylvania.
MH-306. West Chester.
MH-308. West Chester.
MH-307. West Chester (Orthodox).
MH-310. West Chester (Orthodox).
MH-311. West Chester (Orthodox).
MH-309. West Chester 1812.
MH-312. West Chester, old.
MH-317. West Grove.
Scope and Contents

Slide is broken. Handle with care.

MH-319. West Grove (Orthodox).
MH-316. West Grove, new.
MH-318. West Grove, new.
MH-320. West Philadelphia (Orthodox).
MH-313. Westfield.
MH-314. Westfield, New Jersey.
MH-315. Westfield, Old School House.
MH-322. Whiteland, Pennsylvania near Malvern (Orthodox).
MH-326. Willistown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, from North East.
MH-325. Willistown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, from South East.
MH-327. Wilmington.
MH-329. Wilmington.
MH-328. Wilmington (Orthodox).
MH-330. Wilmington, Delaware.
MH-332. Woodbury.
MH-333. Woodlawn, Virginia.
MH-335. Woodstown.
MH-336. Woodstown, New Jersey (Orthodox).
MH-339. Wrightstown.
MH-340. York, Pennsylvania.
MH-341. York, Pennsylvania.

P-1. Richard Allen, Bishop of AME Church.
P-2. Joseph Bancroft.
P-3. William Bartram.
P-4. Clement Biddle.
P-5. Judge John Bouvier.
P-7. William Brosius.
P-8. Sharon Carter.
P-9. Samuel Carpenter.
P-10. Mary H. Child.
MH-331. Wilson Chinn freed slave.
Scope and Contents

Wilson Chinn was enslaved and branded with his enslaver's initials before escaping to freedom.

P-11. Thomas Clarkson.
P-13. Samuel Coates.
P-14. Levi Coffin.
P-15. Isaac Collins, Printer of Bible.
P-123. Samuel and Elizabeth Comfort.
P-16. John Comly.
P-17. Thomas P. Cope.
P-18. John Cox.
P-19. Samuel H. Cox, D.D.
P-20. Mary L. and Susan H. Cox.
P-21. George and Sarah Dillwyn.
P-25. Samuel Emlen, b. 1730 d. 1799, from sketch in possession of George Vaux.
P-26. Richard Esterbrook.
P-27. Benjamin Ferris.
P-28. Benjamin G. Foulke.
P-30. Hartt Grandlove.
P-31. Stephen Grellet.
P-33. John Griscom, LL.D.
P-32. William Griscom.
P-34. Eliza P. Gurney.
P-35. Joseph John Gurney.
P-36. Mary Harper.
P-37. Dr. Henry Hartshorne.
P-38. Dr. Joseph Hartshorne.
P-39. Eli and Samuel Hillis.
P-124. Isaac H. Hillborn.
P-40. Darlington Hoopes.
P-41. John Hoskins.
P-42. John Hunt, Rancocas.
P-43. John Jackson.
P-44. Israel H. Johnson.
P-46. Absalom Jones, 1st minister of St. Thomas Church.
P-47. Rebecca Jones.
P-48. George M. Justice.
P-49. Rebecca Kite.
P-50. Thomas Kite.
P-51. Benjamin Kite.
P-52. Benjamin Lay.
P-54. Jonathan Leedom.
P-55. William Lewis.
P-56. Enoch Lewis.
P-57. William W. Longstreth.
P-58. Margaret Longstreth.
P-60. Benjamin Lundy.
P-61. George Maris 93rd year.
P-62. James Martin.
P-63. Mary W. Martin.
P-64. Charles Massey Jr.
P-65. Timothy Matlack.
P-66. Thomas M'Clintock.
P-67. Governor Thomas McKean.
P-68. Martha Mellor.
P-69. Mary S Michener.
P-70. Hannah Miller.
P-71. John Moss.
P-72. Richard Mott.
P-75. Isaac Norris.
P-80. Ann Parrish.
P-76. Dillwyn Parrish.
P-77. Dr. Joseph Parrish age 30.
P-78. Dr. Joseph Parrish.
P-79. Sarah Parrish.
P-81. Dr. Joseph Parrish.
Scope and Contents

Photograph of a marble bust.

P-82. Isaac Parrish.
P-83. Susanna Parrish.
P-84. Samuel Parry.
P-85. John Pemberton.
P-86. William Penn.
P-88. Abraham L. Pennock.
P-89. Dr. Philip Syng Physick.
P-90. Mary Pike.
P-91. Zachariah Poulson.
P-92. Benjamin Price Jr.
P-93. Philip Price.
P-94. Rachel Price.
P-95. Richard Price.
P-96. Robert Proud.
P-97. Thomas Scattergood.
P-100. Sarah J. Sharpless.
P-98. William P. Sharpless.
P-99. William P. Sharpless.
P-101. Edward Shippen.
P-102. Dr. Nathan Shoemaker.
P-103. Frances Maria Shoemaker.
P-104. To-hee (Brier) 2nd Chief Iowa.
P-105. To-hee (Brier) 2nd Chief Iowa.
P-106. Samuel Townsend, Baltimore.
P-107. Samuel F. Troth.
P-108. Richard Turner.
P-109. Rebecca Turner.
P-110. Joseph C. Turnpenny.
P-111. Tabitha Turnpenny.
P-112. Dr. Henry Tyson.
P-113. Nicholas Waln.
P-115. Joseph Warner.
P-116. Deborah F. Wharton.
P-117. John M. Whitall.
P-118. Barclay White.
P-119. John J. White.
P-121. Dr. Casper Wistar.
P-122. Henry M. Zollickoffer.

MH-344. Ackworth School.
MH-369. Armscote, house where George Fox was arrested 1673.
MH-345. British Isles [map].
MH-346. Bull and Mouth.
MH-347. Bull and Mouth - building.
Scope and Contents

Slide is cracked. Handle with care.

MH-348. Cambridge, Willows, Mulberry Tree.
MH-349. Carlisle Castle.
MH-350. Carlisle Cathedral.
MH-342. Clarkson Hall.
MH-351. Colchester Castle, cell.
MH-379. Colonel John Lilburne.
MH-359. Extension of Friends Principles in British Isles.
MH-383. General George Monck.
MH-356. General John Desborough.
MH-374. General John Lambert.
MH-363. George Fox.
MH-366. George Fox Travels through England.
MH-365. George Fox's Continental Journeys.
MH-367. Grace Church St.
MH-368. Hampton Court.
MH-370. Hyde Park.
MH-384. James Naylor.
MH-385. James Naylor.
MH-386. James Naylor's Brand.
MH-372. Jordans.
MH-377. Lancaster.
MH-343. Moorestown.
MH-388. Reverend Richard Baxter.
MH-393. Sunbrick Burial Ground.
MH-410. Swarthdale, Bridge over "Levy Beck".
MH-406. Swarthmoor.
MH-405. Swarthmore.
MH-399. Swarthmore Hall.
MH-400. Swarthmore, Dining Hall.
MH-408. Swarthmore, England, doorway.
MH-407. Swarthmore, England.
MH-401. Swarthmore, Fox's Chamber.
MH-402. Swarthmore, stairway.

MH-414. A Peaceful Moment (Dean Bond).
MH-415. A sunrise.
MH-416. A sunset.
MH-445. American Falls from Goat Island.
MH-413. Annie Shoemaker, Eleanor Foulke.
MH-435. Auditorium, F.W.S. session, H.P. Worth, presiding.
MH-436. Auditorium, from the back, A.M. Powell memorial meeting.
MH-411. Chautauqua Audience (Listening to the choir).
MH-412. Chautauqua Audience (The duet).
MH-437. Dock, from the water.
MH-418. Dr. Charles MacDowell & wife, of New York. Herbert P. Worth, of West Chester.
MH-423. Dr. Holmes explaining the Holy Land model.
MH-424. Dr. Holmes explaining the Holy Land model.
MH-441. Dr. William I. Hull, of Swarthmore.
MH-419. Entrance to Narrows, from Lake Chautauqua.
MH-446. Falls, from trolley car on bridge.
MH-420. Hall of Philosophy.
MH-421. Harry A. Hawkins, of New York.
MH-425. Hotel Athenaeum.
MH-426. In Narrows near Jamestown. (Just room to pass).
MH-443. Inspiration Point.
MH-417. Joel Borton "and Mary his wife" of Woodstown, New Jersey.
MH-442. Lewiston and Lake Ontario, Down the Gorge.
MH-427. Near the boat landing.
MH-447. Niagara River above the Falls.
MH-448. Niagara River above the Falls.
MH-449. Niagara River above the Falls.
MH-444. Niagara, in line.
MH-450. Niagara, overflow from falls.
MH-429. On the dock.
MH-428. One of the steamboats.
MH-430. Panama Rocks.
MH-431. Panama Rocks.
MH-432. Panama Rocks.
MH-434. Robert Haviland and John William Hutchinson of New York.
MH-451. The Falls, from Maid of the Mist.
MH-422. The Holy Land - Model.
MH-438. The Upper boat landing.
MH-439. Watching the bathers.
MH-452. Whirlpool, from Canadian side.
MH-440. William P. Bancroft, H.M. Jenkins, Joel Borton.
MH-454. Conference Committee.
MH-456. East Main Street (Orthodox).
MH-457. First-day School Picnic.
MH-458. Fort of South 4th and East Streets.
MH-460. Gaar, Scott + Co's Works.
MH-469. Golden Wedding of William Parry and wife.
MH-461. High Point Hotel.
MH-463. Hospital for the Insane, Easthaven, Indiana.
MH-464. Indiana Yearly, 1844.
MH-462. Lacy B. Hill.
MH-468. North A Street.
MH-455. Professor David W. Dennis.
MH-465. Professor Joseph Moore.
MH-453. Richmond, Bird's-eye View, 1884.
MH-467. Timothy Nicholson.
MH-459. William Dudley Foulke.
MH-395. Swarthmore College Dining Tent.
MH-394. Swarthmore College, Conference Group, 1896.
MH-397. Swarthmore, interior Assembly.
MH-396. Swarthmore, tent, 1896.
MH-398. Swarthmore, walk.

MH-476. Anna M. Vaughan's Residence.
MH-482. Benjamin Strattan.
MH-473. Caroline Reeves' Residence.
MH-66. County residence.
MH-67. County residence.
MH-484. Doran Bridge, View.
MH-471. E.G. Hibbard's Residence.
MH-479. Edward Shaw.
MH-485. Esther Wallace.
MH-492. Floor plan of unidentified building, first storey.
MH-495. Floor plan of unidentified building, gallery.
MH-493. Floor plan of unidentified building, second storey.
MH-494. Floor plan of unidentified building, third storey.
MH-478. Francis W. Robinson.
MH-474. Francis W. Robinson's Residence.
MH-433B. From the Hotel to the Dock.
MH-83. George Dillwyn residence.
MH-120. Gilbert Residence.
MH-142. J. Parnell Prison, Hole in the Wall.
MH-472. J.R. Howard's Residence.
MH-475. James Starr Residence.
MH-337. John Woolman's House, Mt. Holly.
MH-496. Map of London.
MH-180. Map of New York.
MH-179. Map of Philadelphia.
MH-488. Rebecca Winder.
MH-149. Residence of Samuel Jennings.
MH-477. Richmond High School.
MH-433A. Road from Hotel to Dock.
MH-480. Starr Park.
MH-481. Starr Piano Factory.
MH-487. Stephen Wiggins' Residence.
MH-281. The Old Hearse.
MH-483. Timothy Thistlethwaite.
MH-490. Unidentified building.
MH-489. Unidentified building with trees.
MH-491. Unidentified buildings.
MH-486. Wayne County Court House.
MH-321. Where the ball struck Crosswicks in Revolution.
MH-323. William Boin's Marriage Certificate.
MH-230. William Penn's Grave.
MH-338. Woolman House.

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