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Swarthmore College employee photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

When Swarthmore College opened in 1869, it only had a couple dozen employees. At the time of the 150th anniversary of its incorporation, in 2014, the College employed around 1,000 faculty and staff.

This collection consists of photographs of Swarthmore College faculty, staff, administrators, and Board Members, from the time of the College's founding into the 21st century. Photographs collected by the Friends Historical Library from various sources internal and external to the College.

The collection is organized into several subseries: SPA 207/A Administrators, SPA 207/B Members of the Board of Managers, SPA 207/E Employee events, SPA 207/F Faculty and Academic Department Staff, and SPA 207/S Staff. There are also some unidentified, miscellaneous, and group photographs filed under SPA 207. An index of individuals represented in the collection is available below. Oversized (+) and double-oversized (++) photographs are stored separately, as indicated below.

SPA 207/A Administrators contains photographs of College Presidents, Deans, and other members of the senior administration. It is organized alphabetically by the name of the individual, stored in standard-size and over-sized housing.

SPA 207/B Board of Managers contains photographs of members of the Board of Managers. They are organized alphabetically by the name of the individual, stored in standard-size and over-sized housing.

SPA 207/E Employee events contains photographs of all-staff events, such as the annual Spring Fling, annual Ice Cream Social, and seasonal Gatherings. They are organized chronologically by year and event, and stored in standard-size housing.

SPA 207/F Faculty and Academic Department Staff contains photographs of members of the faculty, support staff of academic departments, and the college libraries. This series is organized by department name, stored in standard-size and over-sized housing.

Call Number Academic Department SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist Art - Art History SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art Art - Studio Art SPA 207/F/Bio Biology SPA 207/F/Chem Chemistry SPA 207/F/Clas Classics SPA 207/F/CS Computer Science SPA 207/F/Dance Dance SPA 207/F/Econ Economics SPA 207/F/Educ Education SPA 207/F/Engl English SPA 207/F/Engn Engineering SPA 207/F/FHL Friends Historical Library SPA 207/F/FSD Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions SPA 207/F/Hist History SPA 207/F/Lang Lang Visiting Professorship SPA 207/F/Lib Library SPA 207/F/Ling Linguistics SPA 207/F/Math Mathematics SPA 207/F/Modl Modern Languages and Literature SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren Modern Languages and Literature/French SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger Modern Languages and Literature/German SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus Modern Languages and Literature/Russian SPA 207/F/Modl/Span Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish SPA 207/F/Music Music SPA 207/F/PE Physical Education and Athletics SPA 207/F/Phil Philosophy SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr Physics and Astronomy SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro Astronomy SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys Physics SPA 207/F/Pols Political Science SPA 207/F/Psych Psychology SPA 207/F/Quakers Faculty Quakers SPA 207/F/Relg Religion SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth Sociology and Anthropology SPA 207/F/Thea Theater SPA 207/S Staff contains photographs of members of staff in non-academic departments.

Call Number Staff Department SPA 207/S/Admis Admissions SPA 207/S/Book Bookstore SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin Business Office and Finance SPA 207/S/Career Career Services SPA 207/S/Comm Communications SPA 207/A/Dean Dean's Office SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum Development and Alumni Relations SPA 207/S/Dining Dining Services SPA 207/S/Fac Facilities SPA 207/S/Fac/EVS Facilities/Environmental Services SPA 207/S/Fac/Grn Facilities/Grounds SPA 207/S/Fac/Heat Facilities/Heating Plant and Tunnel SPA 207/S/FinAid Financial Aid SPA 207/S/Health Health SPA 207/S/HR Human Resources SPA 207/S/ITS Information Technology Services SPA 207/S/Misc Miscellaneous (Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Chester Children's Chorus, Writing Center, Swarthmore Chester Coalition, List Gallery, unidentified staff) SPA 207/S/Office Office Services SPA 207/S/PO Post Office SPA 207/S/PubSafe Public Safety SPA 207/S/Reg Registrar's Office SPA 207/A/Res Office of Institutional Research SPA 207/S/SAC Staff Advisory Committee SPA 207/S/Scott Scott Arboretum (see also SFHL-PA-111, Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College slide collection) SPA 207/S/StuAcct Student Accounts Office

Photographs collected by the Friends Historical Library from various sources internal and external to the College.


Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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2017 September
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Collection Inventory

SPA 207/F/Lib/A. Aaron, Jane (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/A. Abraham, Neil B. (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Engl/A. Ackert, Robert (English).
SPA 207/B/A. Addy, Tralance (Swarthmore Class of 1969, Board of Managers), 2003.
SPA 207/S/Admis. Admissions Staff.
SPA 207/S/Fac/A. Agostinelli, Anthony (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/PE/A. Agovino, Frank (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Hist/A. Albertson, Mary (History).
SPA 207/B+/A. Albertson, Mary W. (Board of Managers, 1899-1916).
SPA 207/F/Math/A. Alisbah, Orhan H. (Mathematics), 1997.
SPA 207/S/FinAid/A. Alpenn, Laura (Financial Aid).
SPA 207/A/A. Alpenn, Laura (Financial Aid), 1982-1991.
SPA 207/S/FinAid/A. Alperin, Laura (Director of financial aid, Financial Aid), 1978.
SPA 207/F/Music/A. Alston, John (Music).
SPA 207/F/Lib/A. Amann, Libby (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/A. Amann, Libby (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/A. Amstutz, Mark (Director of Investments, Business Office and Finance), 2003.
SPA 207/F/Engl/A. Anderson, Nathalie (English).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/A. Andrews, John (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Ling/A. Anyidoho, Kofi (Linguistics).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/A. Archey, Dennis (Development and Alumni), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Hist/A. Arnold, Ricks (History).
SPA 207/F/Dance/A. Arrow, Kim David (Dance).
SPA 207/F/Engl/A. Arten (English).
SPA 207/A/A. Ascensio, Elise.
SPA 207/F/Psych/A. Asch, Solomon (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Span/A. Asensio, Elisa (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/F+/Modl/Span/A. Asensio, Elisa (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/B/A. Ashton, Ruth Potter (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/A. Aslanian, Paul.
SPA 207/B+/A. Atlee, Edith W. (Board of Managers, 1862-1871).
SPA 207/F/Engl/A. Auden, W. H. (English).
SPA 207/A/A. Austin, Ruth (Head Nurse), 1940s.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/A. Avery, George (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/A++Pres/A. Aydelotte, Frank (President of College, 1921-1940).
SPA 207/APres/A. Aydelotte, Frank (President of College, 1921-1940), 1940.
SPA 207/A/A. Ayres, Wallace (Assistant dean of admissions).
SPA 207/S/Admis/A. Ayres, Wallace Ann (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/B. Baer, Lydia (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/B. Baguskas, Harriet (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Engn/B. Bailey (Engineering), 1898.
SPA 207/S/Admis/B. Baisden, Sheila (Admissions), 2000.
SPA 207/A/B. Baldwin, Janet M.
SPA 207/F/Math/B. Baleman (Mathematics), 1996 February.
SPA 207/F/Engl/B. Ball, Roland (English).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/B. Bancroft, Dennison (Physics).
SPA 207/B+/B. Bancroft, Emma C. (Board of Managers, 1896-1929).
SPA 207/B+/B. Bancroft, William Poole (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Hist/B. Bannister, Robert (History).
SPA 207/B/B. Barasch, Richard (Swarthmore Class of 1975, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/B. Barber, Charles F. (Board of Managers, 1967-1974).
SPA 207/B+/B. Barnard, Boyd T. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B++/B. Barnard, Boyd T. (Swarthmore Class of 1917, Board of Managers, 1942-1959, 1961-1992).
SPA 207/A/B. Barr, Bob.
SPA 207/F/FHL/B. Barr, Eleanor (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Admis/B. Barr, Robert (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/A/Dean/B. Barr, Robert (Dean Emeritus of Admissions, Dean's Office), Class of 1956.
SPA 207/S/FinAid/B. Barracliff, Joanne (Financial Aid).
SPA 207/S/Career/B. Barrington, Jennifer (Career Services), 2000.
SPA 207/B/B. Bartlett, Elizabeth H. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/PE/B. Bartolomei, Lois (Mullan Tennis Center, Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Engn/B. Barus, Carl (Engineering).
SPA 207/B/B. Bassett, Edward M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/B. Bassett, Edward M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/B. Bassett, Elizabeth (Administrative Assistance, Physical Education).
SPA 207/A/B. Bassett, Kathryn; Class of 1935.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/B. Bassett, Key (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Bio/B. Batra, Lekh R. (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/B. Baugh, John (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/A/B. Baxter, Connie (VP Office), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/B. Bayer, Stephen (Planned Giving, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Engn/B. Beardsley, Arthur (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Phil/B. Beardsley, Monroe Curtis (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Lib/B. Bech, Nancy (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/A/B. Beck, Nancy, 1955-1956.
SPA 207/F/Engl/B. Becker, George (English).
SPA 207/F/Hist/B. Beik, Paul (History).
SPA 207/F+/Hist/B. Beik, Paul H. (History).
SPA 207/B+/B. Bell, Eliza H. (Board of Managers, 1862-1882).
SPA 207/S/Reg/B. Bell, Nancy (Registrar's Office), 1985.
SPA 207/B/B. Bellamy, Sherry (Swarthmore Class of 1974, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/B/B. Bennett, Dulaney O. (Swarthmore Class of 1967, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/B. Bentley, Edith Dawson (Board of Managers, 1881-1889).
SPA 207/F/Bio/B. Bhatti, Hamiel (Biology).
SPA 207/B/B. Biddle Jr., Clement M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/B. Biddle Sr., Clement M. (Board of Managers, 1868-1894).
SPA 207/B/B. Biddle Sr., Clement M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/B. Biddle, Charles M. (Board of Managers, 1887-1922).
SPA 207/B+/B. Biddle, Clement (Board of Managers, 1864-1886).
SPA 207/B+/B. Biddle, Rachel Miller (Board of Managers, 1872-1875).
SPA 207/B+/B. Biddle, Robert (Board of Managers, 1875-1901).
SPA 207/B+/B. Biddle, William Canby (Board of Managers, 1862-1873).
SPA 207/B/B. Biddle, William Canby (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/B. Bilaniuk, Oleksa-Myron (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Music/B. Birtwistle, Harrison (Music).
SPA 207/F/Pols/B. Bitz, Chuck (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Lib/B. Blackburn, Ann (Library).
SPA 207/F/Lib/B. Blackburn, Ann (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/B. Blackburn, Mary Cooper (Board of Managers, 1878-1881).
SPA 207/F/Engl/B. Blackburn, Thomas H. (Swarthmore Class of 1978; English).
SPA 207/F/Lang/B. Blake, Herman (Sociology, Lang Visiting Professorship).
SPA 207/F/Phil/B. Blandshard, Brand (Philosophy).
SPA 207/A/B. Blanshard, Brand (Associate Professor of Philosophy), 1950s.
SPA 207/A/B. Blanshard, Frances (Dean of Women, Instructor in Philosophy), 1950s-1960s.
SPA 207/F/Engn/B. Blessing, George Frederick (Engineering).
SPA 207/A/B. Bloom, Alfred H. (President of College).
SPA 207/F/Engl/B. Blum, Abbe (English).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/B. Boccio, John R. (Physics).
SPA 207/A/B. Bock, Jim (Dean of Admissions; Class of 1990), 1994, 1995.
SPA 207/B/B. Bodurtha, Joann (Board of Managers, 1981-1984), 1971.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/B. Boelcskevy, Andrew (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F/Engl/B. Bolton, Elizabeth S. (English).
SPA 207/A+Dean/B. Bond, Elizabeth Powell (Dean).
SPA 207/B+/B. Bond, Richard C. (Swarthmore Class of 1931, Board of Managers, 1952-1962).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/B. Bonner, Anne (Capital Giving, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Book. Bookstore Staff.
SPA 207/S/Book. Bookstore Staff, 2002.
SPA 207/B+/B. Booth, Elizabeth Martin (Board of Managers, 1869-1870).
SPA 207/B/B. Booth, Isabel Jenkins (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/PE/B. Borbee, Karen (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/S/Dining/B. Boswell, Barbara (Dining Services), 2003.
SPA 207/F/Lang/B. Boulding, Kenneth (Lang Visiting Professorship).
SPA 207/A/B. Bourne, Janet.
SPA 207/F/Engn/B. Bowler, David L. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Dance/B. Boyes, Patricia W. (Founder of Dance program, Dance).
SPA 207/S/HR/B. Bradham-Lamar, Sharmaine (Equal Opportunity Office, Human Resources), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus/B. Bradley, Thompson (Modern Languages and Literature/Russian).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/B. Bramsom, Leon (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/Phil/B. Brandt, Richard (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Hist/B. Brentam, Robert (History).
SPA 207/F/Clas/B. Brewster, Ethel Hampson (Classics).
SPA 207/F/Math/B. Brinkmann, Heinrich (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F+/Math/B. Brinkmann, Heinrich (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/B. Brizendine, Curtis Hansman (Art History).
SPA 207/F/Educ/B. Brodhead, Alice (Education).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/B. Bronk, Isabelle (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/B+/B. Broomwell, Rebecca J. (Board of Managers, 1904-1911).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/B. Brow, James (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/PE/B. Browkena, Dave (Women's basketball coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/B+/B. Brown, Charles T. (Board of Managers, 1928-1931).
SPA 207/B/B. Brown, Elsie Palmer (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/B. Brown, Levi Kirk (Board of Managers, 1862-1865).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/B. Brown, Michael (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Engl/B. Brown, Stephen (English).
SPA 207/F/Econ/B. Brown, William (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Lib/B. Bruce, Marion (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/S/ITS/B. Brunner-Birerley, Lisa (Information Technology Services), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Lang/B. Brutus, Dennis Vincent (English, Lang Visiting Professorship).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/B. Bug, Amy (now Amy Graves (look under Amy Bug), Physics).
SPA 207/F/Fac/4. Buildings and grounds, (Facilities).
SPA 207/S/Scott/B. Bunting, Andrew (Scott Arboretum).
SPA 207/B+/B. Burdsall, Ellwood (Board of Managers, 1862-1878).
SPA 207/B/B. Burdsall, Ellwood (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/B. Burdsall, Luella Morris (Board of Managers, 1915-1917).
SPA 207/F/Hist/B. Burke, Timothy (History).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/B. Burkhardt, Rudolph (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Modl/B. Bush, Newell R. (Modern Languages and Literature).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/B. Byers, Sandy (Advancement Operations, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/B+/C. Cadwallader, Letitia S. (Board of Managers, 1864-1871).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Span/C. Camacho de Schmidt, Aurora (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/F/Math/C. Campbell, Garikai (Mathematics), 1996 February.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/C. Cantrell, Cyrus D. (Physics).
SPA 207/S/Career. Career Services Staff.
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/C. Carlson (Art History).
SPA 207/A/C. Carnall, June (Director of Facilities), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Fac (group)/. Carnall, June (Housing and dormitory director, Facilities).
SPA 207/S/Fac/C. Carnall, June (Housing and dormitory director, Facilities), 1978.
SPA 207/F+/Engn/C. Carpenter, Samuel (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Engn/C. Carpenter, Samuel T. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/C. Carpenter, Syd (Studio Art).
SPA 207/A/C. Carr, Ruth E. (Dietitian).
SPA 207/A/C. Carrell, Jeptha (Assistant Dean), 1950s.
SPA 207/F/Math/C. Carruth, Phillip W. (Mathematics), 1996.
SPA 207/A/C. Carson, Edna (Book-keeping Assistant).
SPA 207/F/Econ/C. Caskey, John P. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/PE/C. Cassidy, Dave (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/C. Cataldi, Joseph (Controller's Office, Business Office and Finance), 2001.
SPA 207/A/C. Chadwick, Elizabeth (Associate Dean), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Health/C. Chansky, Elissa (Worth Health Center, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/C. Charleton, Joy (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/Engn/C. Chijioke, Mark O. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Engl/C. Chin, Woo-Ping (English).
SPA 207/F/Relg/C. Chireau, Yvonne (Religion).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/C. Clarey, Susan (Capital Giving, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/F/FHL/C. Clark, Mary Ellen (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B/C. Clarke, Eleanor Stabler (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/C. Clarkson, William M. E. (Board of Managers, 1974-1983).
SPA 207/A/C. Classon, David (Dean's Office), 1970.
SPA 207/B/C. Clement, Ada Graham (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/C. Clement, Ada Graham (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Pols/C. Clement, Cottingham (Political Science).
SPA 207/A/C. Cline, William (Assistant Dean of Admissions), 1970.
SPA 207/B/C. Clothier Jr., Isaac H. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/C. Clothier, Isaac Hallowell (Board of Managers, 1873-1921).
SPA 207/B+/C. Clothier, Mary Clapp (Board of Managers, 1888-1915).
SPA 207/F/Clas/C. Cobbs, Susan (Classics).
SPA 207/A/C. Cobbs, Susan P. (Dean and Professor of Classics), 1950s.
SPA 207/A/C. Cobo, Anna Maria (Intercultural Center), 1997.
SPA 207/S/Fac/C. Cochrane, Thomas (Facilities).
SPA 207/B+/C. Cocks, Elizabeth Hicks (Board of Managers, 1862-1863).
SPA 207/B+/C. Cocks, Mary Willets (Board of Managers, 1877-1889).
SPA 207/B+/C. Cocks, William W. (Board of Managers, 1907-1932).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/C. Cohen, David H. (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/C. Cohn, Hilde (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/A/C. Colbron, Barbara (Assistant Dean), 1950s.
SPA 207/S/Reg/C. Collings, Diane (Registrar's Office), 1997.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/C. Collings, Peter J. (Physics).
SPA 207/A/C. Collins, Edwin, 1970.
SPA 207/B+/C. Comly, Rowland (Board of Managers, 1908-1921).
SPA 207/S/Comm. Communications Staff (News and Information).
SPA 207/S/Comm. Communications Staff (Publications).
SPA 207/F/Econ/C. Conard, Joseph W. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ (group)/. Connard, Joe (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Dining/C. Connelly, John (Dining Services).
SPA 207/F+/Lib/C. Connor, Martha (Librarian, Library).
SPA 207/A/C. Cook, Lewis.
SPA 207/B/C. Cooper, Emma McIlvain (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/C. Cooper, Emma McIlvain (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/C. Cooper, William J. (Husband of Board member Emma McIlvain Cooper).
SPA 207/F/Engn/C. Cope, William (Engineering).
SPA 207/S/Dining/C. Corbett, Katie (Coffee Bar, Dining Services).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/C. Corcoran, Robert (Payroll, Business Office and Finance).
SPA 207/B/C. Corlies, Margaret G. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/C. Corlies, Sarah Fisher (Board of Managers, 1873-1878).
SPA 207/F/Lib/1. Cornell (Library).
SPA 207/F/Lib/2. Cornell (Library).
SPA 207/S/PubSafe/C. Cornwell, Linda (Public Safety).
SPA 207/S/Scott/C. Costello, William (Scott Arboretum).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/C. Cothren, Michael (Art History).
SPA 207/F/Pols/C. Cottingham, Clement (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/PE/C. Cottman, Brook/Bruce ? (Lacrosse coach, Physical Education), 1975.
SPA 207/F/Hist/C. Couroy, H. (History).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/C. Covone, Elena (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Engl/C. Cowden, David (English).
SPA 207/F/Chem/C. Cox, Edward (Chemistry).
SPA 207/S/Health/C. Cozine, Betty (Psychological Services, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/A/C. Cratsley, Edward K. (Vice President), 1950s-1979.
SPA 207/F/Psych/C. Creedon, Carol F. (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Chem/C. Creighton, Henry Jermain (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Music/C. Creston, Paul (Music).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/C. Crompton, Diane (Director of Alumni and Gift Information Systems, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Hist/C. Cross, Robert (History).
SPA 207/B/C. Crowley, John C. (Swarthmore Class of 1941, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Psych/C. Crutchfield, Richard S. (Psychology).
SPA 207/B/C. Cunniff, Carol Lesley (Swarthmore Class of 1972, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/F+/Math/C. Cunningham, Susan J. (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Hist/C. Curtin, Philip (History).
SPA 207/S/Admis/C. Custer, Cathy (Admissions).
SPA 207/F/Hist/C. Cuttino, George (History).
SPA 207/S/Fac/D. Dale, Paula (Facilities Management, Facilities), 1996.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/D. Dappollone, Millie (Alumni Relations, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/F/PE/D. Davies, Gomen (Physical Education and Athletics), 1963.
SPA 207/F/PE/D. Davies, Gomer (Wrestling coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/B+/D. Davis, Shirley (Swarthmore Class of 1935, Board of Managers, 1962-1965).
SPA 207/F/PE/D. Davis, Susan (Women's swim coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/D. Dayton, Irving E. (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Engl/D. Dearing, Bruce (English).
SPA 207/B+/D. DeGarmo, Charles (Board of Managers, 1891-1898).
SPA 207/F/Phil/D. Desjardins, Rosemary (Philosophy).
SPA 207/A/D. Dellmuth, Carl (Alumni Executive Secretary; Class of 1931), 1950s.
SPA 207/A/D. Delozier, Arlene (Post Master), 1977.
SPA 207/A/D. Delozier, Joe.
SPA 207/A/D. Demmie, Carol (Assistant Dean).
SPA 207/F/Bio/D. Denison, Bill (Biology).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/D. Denmar, Jenny (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/FHL/D. Densmore, Christopher (Curator of FHL, Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/B/D. Denworth, Hilda Lang (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/D. Denworth, Hugh F. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Thea/D. Devin, Lee (Theater).
SPA 207/S/Dining/D. Devine, Michael (Dining Services), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Relg/D. Dharmasiri, Gunapala (Religion).
SPA 207/A/D. Dickerson, Janet Smith (Dean, Associate Dean), 1982-1991.
SPA 207/S/Dining. Dining Services Staff.
SPA 207/B+/D. Dodgson, Martha (Board of Managers, 1872-1873).
SPA 207/F/PE/D. Donaldson, John (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Math/W. Dorothy, Wolfe (Mathematics).
SPA 207/B+/D. Dorsey, Elizabeth (Board of Managers, 1868-1870).
SPA 207/B+/D. Dorsey, William (Board of Managers, 1862-1874).
SPA 207/S/Dining/D. Dortone, Anne (Dining Services), 2001.
SPA 207/F/CS/D. Dougherty, John (Computer Science).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/D. Downing, Kate (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Math/D. Dresden, Arnold (Mathematics), 1996.
SPA 207/B/D. Dudley, Ann S. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Office/D. Duff, Tarisa (Office Services).
SPA 207/F/Engn/D. Dunn, H. Searl (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/PE/D. Dunn, Robert H. (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Hist/D. DuPlessis, Robert S. (History).
SPA 207/F/Lib/D. Durkan, Michael (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/A/D. Durkin, M. (Librarian).
SPA 207/F/Lib/D. Durkin, Michael (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B/E. Eberle, Anne Oppenlander (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Dining/E. Ebling, April (Dining Services), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Health/E. Echols, Linda (Worth Health Center, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Dining/E. Ehgartner-Lipp, Augustine (Dining Services).
SPA 207/S/FinAid/E. Ekner, Eleanor (Financial Aid).
SPA 207/A/E. Eldridge, Maurice (Vice President for College and Community Relations and Executive Assistant to the President; Class of Class of 1961).
SPA 207/F/Phil. Eldridge, Richard (Philosophy).
SPA 207/S/FinAid/E. Elmer, Helen (Financial Aid), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/E. Elmore, Barbara (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/E. Elmore, William (Physics).
SPA 207/F/PE/E. Elverson, Lewis (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/PE (group)/. Elverson, Lewis H. (Head football coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/PE/E. Elverson, Lewis H. (Head football coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F+/PE/E. Elverson, Lewis H. (Physical Education).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/E. Elveru, Larry (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/FHL/E. Emmons, Ardith (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/F/Bio/E. Enders, Robert (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Engn/3. Engineering Faculty and staff.
SPA 207/F/Engn/1. Engineering Faculty and staff, 1894.
SPA 207/F/Engn/2. Engineering Faculty and staff, 1894.
SPA 207/F/Engn/4. Engineering picnic (Engineering), 1960s.
SPA 207/F/Engn/5. Engineering weekend (Engineering), 1976 October.
SPA 207/F/Engn/6. Engineering weekend (Engineering), 1976 October.
SPA 207/F/Math/E. England, James (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/E. Euwema, Robert N. (Physics).
SPA 207/A/E. Evans, Gloria (Foreign Student Advisor), 1980s.
SPA 207/F/Engn/E. Everbach, Erich Carr (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Modl/E. Everetts, Anna (Administrative Assistant, Modern Languages and Literature).
SPA 207/F/Fac/14-15. EVS, EVS Employee of the Year: Mary Cooper (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Bio/E. Ewing, Bunny (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/E. Exon, Randall (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/F. Faber, Marion (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F/PE/F. Fabrizio, Linda (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Fac. Facilities Staff.
SPA 207/S/Fac/EVS. Facilities/Environmental Services Staff.
SPA 207/S/Fac/Heat. Facilities/Heating Plant and Tunnel Staff.
SPA 207/F/FSD/65. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff.
SPA 207/F/FSD/1. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1956.
SPA 207/F/FSD/2 - 50. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1959.
SPA 207/F/FSD/51. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1961.
SPA 207/F/FSD/52 - 55. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1964.
SPA 207/F/FSD/56 - 60. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1967.
SPA 207/F/FSD/61 - 63. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1980.
SPA 207/F/FSD/64. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions Faculty and staff, 1981.
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/F. Falzone, Lois (Business Office and Finance), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Bio/F. Farina, Deborah (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/PE/F. Faulkner, Edwin (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Chem/F. Fehnel, Edward Allen (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Econ/F. Fei (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Relg/F. Felton, John (Religion).
SPA 207/S/Scott/F. Felton, John (Scott Arboretum).
SPA 207/F/Econ/F. Fenoaltea, Stefano (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/F. Ferris, Anna M. (Board of Managers, 1871-1887).
SPA 207/F/Hist/F. Field Jr., James A. (History).
SPA 207/B+/F. Field, Lydia S. Haviland (Board of Managers, 1862-1865).
SPA 207/S/FinAid/F. Fitts, Gina (Financial Aid), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Bio/F. Flemister, Launce (Biology).
SPA 207/A/Res/F. Flemming, Barbara (Office of Institutional Research), 2003.
SPA 207/A/F. Flemming, Barbara, 2003.
SPA 207/F/Bio/F. Flickinger, George (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/F. Florant, Greg (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/F. Florant, Gregory (Biology).
SPA 207/B/F. Flowers, Sarah P. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/PubSafe/F. Forgacic, Joseph (Public Safety), 2003.
SPA 207/A/F. Forrester, Deborah (Dean's Office).
SPA 207/F/Chem/F. Foster, Duncan Graham (Chemistry).
SPA 207/B/F. Foulke, Phebe W. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/F. Foulke, Thomas S. (Board of Managers, 1870-1884).
SPA 207/F/FHL/F. Fowler, Albert (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/F/FHL/F. Fowler, Albert (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Career/F. Francis, Tom (Career Services).
SPA 207/A/F. Fraser, David (President of College).
SPA 207/F/Econ/F. Fraser, Herbert (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Fac/F. Frazier, Woody (Facilities Management, Facilities), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Econ/F. Frechtling, John (Economics).
SPA 207/A/F. Frederick Jr., Harold (Business Office), 1978.
SPA 207/F/Music/F. Freeman, James D. (Music).
SPA 207/F/Psych/F. French, Vera (Psychology).
SPA 207/A/F. Frid, Mrs ?.
SPA 207/F/Dance/F. Friedler, Sharon (Dance).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Span/F. Friedman, Joan (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/A/F. Friend, Theodore (President of College).
SPA 207/F/Pols/F. Frissell, Francis L. (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Hist/F. Frost, Jerry (History).
SPA 207/F/Lib/F. Fuller, Ed (McCabe Reference Desk, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/F. Fuller, Edward (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/F/PE/F. Funke, Matt (Football assistant coach, Physical education).
SPA 207/F/Engn/G. Garrahan, Charles Justus (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/G. Garrett, Milan Wayne (Physics).
SPA 207/B+/G. Garrigues, Matilda (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Lib/G. Garrison, Anne (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro/G. Gaustad, John E. (Astronomy).
SPA 207/B+/G. Gawthrop, Helen Wilson (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/G. Gear, Ann (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/S/ITS/G. Geiss, Mimi (Advancement Information Systems, Information Technology Services).
SPA 207/F/Psych/G. Gergen, Kenneth (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/G. Gerold, Gertrude (Assistant Controller, Business Office + Finance).
SPA 207/S/Comm/G. Giardinelli, Alisa (News and Information, Communications).
SPA 207/F/Pols/G. Gilbert, Charles (Political Science).
SPA 207/A/G. Gilbert, Charles (Provost).
SPA 207/F/Bio/G. Gilbert, Scott (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Engl/G. Gillam, Susan Woolston (English).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/G. Gillespie, Maralyn O. (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Psych/G. Gleitman, Henry (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Engl/G. Goddard, Harold Clarke (English).
SPA 207/F+/Thea/G. Godfrey, Barbara Lange (Theater).
SPA 207/B/G. Godfrey, Barbara Pearson Lange (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/G. Goldman, John (Swarthmore Class of 1971, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/A/G. Goldsmith, Katherine.
SPA 207/F/PE (group)/. Goldstein (Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/Econ/G. Golub, Stephen (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Health/G. Gomes, Paula (Psychological Services, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Modl/G. Gonzales, J.M. (Modern Languages and Literature).
SPA 207/B+/G. Gordon, Kermit (Swarthmore Class of 1938, Board of Managers, 1965-1972).
SPA 207/A/G. Gotwals, Harry D. (SC VP for Alumni, Development and Public Relations), 1986-1993.
SPA 207/B/G. Gould, Bruce Jay (Board of Managers), 2006.
SPA 207/F/Phil/G. Gould, Carol (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Bio/G. Goundie, Ted (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/G. Govan, James F. (Library).
SPA 207/A/G. Govan, James F. (McCabe Librarian), 1965.
SPA 207/S/Book/G. Govens, Gordon (Bookstore), 1985.
SPA 207/B/G. Grabois, Neil (Board of Managers), 2000.
SPA 207/S/Dining/G. Grady, Lynn (Dining Services), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Lib/G. Graham, Amy (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/S/Health/G. Grant, Kim (Psychologist, Health), 2003.
SPA 207/F/PE/G. Green, Sharon (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Relg/G. Greenberg, Moshe (Religion).
SPA 207/A/G. Gresley, Geo.
SPA 207/F/CS/G. Griffin, Jean (Computer Science).
SPA 207/F/Phil/G. Griffiths, Phillip (Philosophy).
SPA 207/B+/G. Griscom, David Joseph (Board of Managers, 1862-1865).
SPA 207/B+/G. Griscom, Mary Lippincott (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/Dean/G. Gross, Isabeth Rosenberg (Dean's Office), 1984.
SPA 207/A/G. Gross, Isabeth, 1984.
SPA 207/A/Dean/G. Gross, Robert J. (Swarthmore Class of 1962; Dean of the College, Dean's Office).
SPA 207/A/G. Gross, Robert J.; Class of 1962, 1990s.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/G. Grossman, Carl (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Fac/1-3, 12-13. Grounds crew, (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/G. Grover, Frederic (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/F/Fac/5-8. Gus Agostinelli, Warren "Gator" Johnson, (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Pols/G. Guyot, James F. (Political Science).
SPA 207/S/Admis/H. Hadley, Barbara (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/F/Chem/H. Haight, Gilbert (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Psych/H. Haine, Masson (Psychology).
SPA 207/B/H. Hall, Judie (Swarthmore Class of 1955, Board of Managers), 2000.
SPA 207/B+/H. Hall, Lydia H. (Board of Managers, 1883-1908).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hall, William J. (Board of Managers, 1884-1900).
SPA 207/F/Lib/H. Hallman, Polly (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/H. Hallowell Jr., Benjamin (Board of Managers, 1870-1876).
SPA 207/B/H. Hallowell Jr., Benjamin (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B++/H. Hallowell Jr., H. Thomas (Swarthmore Class of 1929, Board of Managers, 1957-1968, 1970-1989).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hallowell, Henry Clay (Board of Managers, 1880-1884).
SPA 207/B/H. Hallowell, Margaret Elgar (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/H. Hamel, Jim (Swarthmore Class of 1955, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Chem/H. Hammons, James (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Engn/H. Hansen, G. Holder (Engineering).
SPA 207/B/H. Hargadon, Fred A. (Board of Managers, 1985-1992).
SPA 207/F/Lib/H. Harrar, Elizabeth (Library).
SPA 207/F/FHL/H. Harris, Dorothy (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/B/H. Hart, Elizabeth Eastburn (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Book/H. Hart, Ken (Bookstore), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Dining/H. Hartel, Michelle (Kohlberg Coffee Bar, Dining Services).
SPA 207/S/ITS/H. Hartley, Greg (Computing center, Information Technology Services), 1996.
SPA 207/S/Career/H. Hartzell, Amy (Career Services), 2001.
SPA 207/A/H. Harvey, Bonnie.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Span/H. Hassett, John J. (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/B/H. Haviland, John G. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Math/H. Hawkins, Thomas (Mathematics).
SPA 207/B+/H. Haydock, Hannah W. (Board of Managers, 1862-1883).
SPA 207/B++/H. Haydock, Hannah Wharton (Board of Managers, 1864-1883), 1877.
SPA 207/B/H. Hayes, Sam (Swarthmore Class of 1957, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Dining/H. Hayman, Alfrieda (Dining Services), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/H. Heald, Mark A. (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Math/H. Hecksher, Stephens (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro/H. Heintz, Wulff (Astronomy).
SPA 207/S/Admis/H. Hendricks, Frederica (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/F/Relg/H. Henry, Patrick (Religion).
SPA 207/F/Phil/H. Herman, Jesse Holmes (see also in Religion, Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/PE/H. Herndon, Ruff (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/PE/H. Hertz, Adam (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/H. Hess, Arleigh P. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/PE/H. Hess, Eleanor K. (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/PE/H. Hess, Pete (Swarthmore 1972; Assistant Athletic director, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/Lib/H. Heymar, Felicia (Library).
SPA 207/S/Book/H. Hickey, Barbara (Bookstore), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/H. Hickman, James (Biology).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hicks, John D. (Board of Managers, 1862-1887).
SPA 207/B/H. Hicks, John D. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Engl/H. Hicks, Philip (English).
SPA 207/F+/Engl/H. Hicks, Philip M. (English).
SPA 207/F/Bio/H. Hiebert, Sarah (Swarthmore Class of 1977; Biology).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hillborn, Rachel W. (Board of Managers, 1887-1913).
SPA 207/B/H. Hillborn, Rachel W. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/H. Hing, James (McCabe Librarian), 1973.
SPA 207/F/Engl/H. Hoffman, Daniel (English).
SPA 207/F+/PE/H. Holl, Irene (Physical Education).
SPA 207/A/H. Holland, Octavius.
SPA 207/A/H. Holliday, Joshua (Superintendent's Office), 1957.
SPA 207/F/Econ/H. Hollister, Jr., Robinson G. (Economics).
SPA 207/F+/Relg/H. Holmes, Jesse H. (Religion), 1931.
SPA 207/F/Relg/H. Holmes, Jesse Holmes (see also in Philosophy, Religion).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hoopes, Barton (Board of Managers, 1870-1871).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hoopes, Edward (Board of Managers, 1862-1874).
SPA 207/B/H. Hoopes, Edward (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Pols/H. Hopkins, Raymond F. (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Relg/H. Hopkins, Stephen P. (Religion).
SPA 207/B+/H. Hopper, Anna Mott (Board of Managers, 1868-1874).
SPA 207/F/Lib/H. Horikawa, Emi (Cornell Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/H. Horikawa, Emi (Cornell, Library).
SPA 207/F/Psych/H. Horowitz, Wendy (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Book/H. Hourican, Chris (Bookstore Manager, Bookstore), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Fac/11. Housekeeping EVS, (Facilities).
SPA 207/A/H. Hoy, John C. (Dean of Admissions), 1962.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/H. Hrincevich, Amanda (Alumni Gift and Records, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Lib/H. Huber, George (Underhill, Library).
SPA 207/F/Pols/H. Hudson, Michael (Political Science).
SPA 207/S/Reg/H. Huk, Evelyn (Registrar's Office), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Hist/H. Hull, William I. (History).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/H. Hungerford, Constance D. (Art History).
SPA 207/F/Engl/H. Hunt, Dean (English).
SPA 207/A/H. Hunt, Everett (Dean and Professor of English), 1950s-1981.
SPA 207/A+Dean/H. Hunt, Everett (Dean of men, Professor of English).
SPA 207/F/Econ/H. Hunter, Helen (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Engl/H. Hynes, Sam (English).
SPA 207/S/ITS. Information Technology Services Staff.
SPA 207/S/ITS. Information Technology Services Staff, 2000.
SPA 207/F/Bio/I. Irving, Lawrence (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Math/I. Iverson, Gudmund R. (Mathematics).
SPA 207/B/J. Jackson, Arthur C. (Board of Managers), 1932.
SPA 207/B/J. Jackson, Edith Wilson (Board of Managers), 1932.
SPA 207/B+/J. Jackson, John (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/J. Jackson, Rachel Tyson (Board of Managers, 1862-1883).
SPA 207/B+/J. Jackson, William M. (Board of Managers, 1887-1906).
SPA 207/F/Bio/J. Jacobs, Mark (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Engl/J. James, Charles L. (English).
SPA 207/B+/J. Janney, O. Edward (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/J. Janney, Robert M. (Board of Managers, 1914-1920).
SPA 207/F/Econ/J. Jefferson, Philip (Economics).
SPA 207/B/J. Jenkins, Charles F. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/J. Jenkins, Elsa.
SPA 207/B+/J. Jenkins, Howard M. (Board of Managers, 1901-1902).
SPA 207/F/Engn/J. Jenkins, Howard M. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Bio/J. Jenkins, Jr., John B. (Biology).
SPA 207/S/Misc/J. Jetter, Cynthia (Swarthmore Class of 1974; Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Miscellaneous), 2002.
SPA 207/B/J. Johnson, Howard Cooper (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/J. Johnson, Howard Cooper (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Lib/J. Johnson, Rosemarie (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/S/Fac/J. Jones, Kenny (Facilities), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Modl/J. Jones, Michael A. (Lanugage Resource Center, Modern Languages and Literature).
SPA 207/F/Bio/J. Jones, Ruth (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Hist/J. Judson, Pieter (History).
SPA 207/F/Music/K. Kalish, Gilbert (Music).
SPA 207/F/PE (group)/. Karas (Physical Education).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/K. Kardon-Brown, Debra (Capital Giving, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Modl/K. Katsenelinboigen, Evgeniya (Modern Languages and Literature).
SPA 207/S/Career/K. Katz, Judith (Career Services).
SPA 207/A/K. Kauffeld, Bert (Food Service), 1997.
SPA 207/A/K. Keeny, Myrtle.
SPA 207/F/Chem/K. Keighton, Walter (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F+/Chem/K. Keighton, Walter (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/K. Keith, Jennie (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/CS/K. Kelemen, Charles F. (Computer Science).
SPA 207/B+/K. Kelley, Nicholas (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Psych/K. Kellman, Philip (Psychology).
SPA 207/B/K. Kemp, Gil (Swarthmore Class of 1972, Board of Managers), 2003.
SPA 207/F/Econ/K. Kemper, Peter (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Reg/K. Kennedy, Agnes (Registrar's Office), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/K. Kerr, Clark (Swarthmore Class of 1932, Board of Managers, 1969-2003).
SPA 207/F/Engn/K. Kerr, William (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/K. Kettering, Alison McNeil (Art History).
SPA 207/S/Dining/K. Khandkar, Zakir (Dining Services), 2001.
SPA 207/S/HR/K. Kidd, Carolyn (Human Resources), 2001.
SPA 207/A/K. Kimpel, Joanne (Provost's Office), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Bio/K. Kinsman, Sharon (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/PE/K. Kintner, Robert (Physical Education and Athletics), 1931.
SPA 207/B/K. Kirk, Harriet Stockley (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/K. Kitao, T. Kaori (Art History).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/K. Klassen, Mary Ann (Physics).
SPA 207/F+/Engl/K. Klees, Frederic (English).
SPA 207/F/Engl/K. Klees, Fredric "Fritz" (English).
SPA 207/F/Math/K. Klotz, Eugene (Mathematics).
SPA 207/S/Health/K. Knowles, Anita (Worth Health Center, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Misc/K. Knox, Andrea (Chester Children's Chorus, Miscellaneous), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Engn/K. Koch, Albert A. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Psych/K. Kohler, Wolfgang (see also in Philosophy, Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Phil/K. Kohler, Wolfgang (see also in Psychology, Philosophy).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/K. Kolowrat, Nadine (Corporation Foundation and Government Relations, Development and Alumni), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Hist/K. Korn, Peggy (History).
SPA 207/F/Music/K. Kosakowski, Ann (now Ann Kosakowski McNamee, Music).
SPA 207/B/K. Kraemer, Lillian (Swarthmore Class of 1961, Board of Managers), 2004.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/K. Krakower, Ruth (Alumni Gift and Records, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/K. Krauss, Ruthanne (Office Manager, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Psych/K. Kroll, Judy (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus/K. Krugovoz, George (Modern Languages and Literature/Russian).
SPA 207/F/Thea/K. Kuharski, Allen (Theater).
SPA 207/F/Econ/K. Kuperberg, Mark (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/K. Kuperberg, Mark (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Pols/K. Kurth, James (Political science).
SPA 207/S/Misc/K. Kutolowski, Matt (Swarthmore Class of 1999; Writing Center, Miscellaneous), 2001.
SPA 207/S/Dining/K. Kwon, Tae (Dining Services), 2001.
SPA 207/B/K. Kyle, Frederick (Swarthmore Class of 1954, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Phil/L. Lacey, Hugh (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Hist/L. Lafore, Laurence (History).
SPA 207/B+/L. Laing, Henry M. (Board of Managers, 1866-1870).
SPA 207/B/L. Laing, Henry M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/L. Lamb, Eli M. (Board of Managers, 1876-1911).
SPA 207/B/L. Lamb, Robert E. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus/L. Lamkert, Olga (Modern Languages and Literature/Russian).
SPA 207/S/Dev + Alum/L. Landis, Kendall (Development and Alumni Relations).
SPA 207/A/L. Landry, Larry.
SPA 207/B/L. Lang, Eugene (Swarthmore Class of 1938, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Lang/L. Lang, Eugene and Theresa (Lang Visiting Professorship).
SPA 207/B/L. Lang, Jane (Swarthmore Class of 1967, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus/L. Lang, Olga (Modern Languages and Literature/Russian).
SPA 207/F/Thea/L. Lange, Barbara (Theater).
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Lapinski, Thomas F. (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/B/L. Lathrop, Annie Willets (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/L. Lathrop, Sue (Capital Giving, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Dining/L. Lawler, Maryann (Essie Mae's Snack Bar, Dining Services), 2003.
SPA 207/S/Dining/L. Leach, Daniel (Dining Services), 2003.
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Leach, Harleigh (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Modl/L. Lee, Cecilia Chin (Modern Languages and Literature/Chinese).
SPA 207/B/L. Lee Sr., William (Swarthmore Class of 1933, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/L. Lee, Lisa (Swarthmore Class of 1981; Alumni Relations, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/B+/L. Leeds, Hadassah Moore (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Music/L. Leef, Yinam (Music).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/L. Legesse, Asmarom (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/Lib/L. Lehman, Stephen (McCabe Reference Desk, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/L. Leidy, Joseph (Board of Managers, 1823-1891).
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Leitner, Joe (Soccer coach, Physical Education), 1975.
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Leitner, Joe (Soccer coach, Physical Education), 1975.
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Lembach, Allison (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Career/L. Lemon, Julia (Career Services).
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Lester, David (equipment manager, Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Bio/L. Lettrell, DiJal (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Psych/L. Levin, Gerald (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Book/L. Levin, Steve (Bookstore), 1996.
SPA 207/B/L. Levine, Susan (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/L. Lewis, Lucy Biddle (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/L. Lewis, Wilma A. (Swarthmore Class of 1978, Board of Managers), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Chem/L. Leyon, Robert E. (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Hist/L. Li, Lillian (History).
SPA 207/F/Pols/L. Lieberthal, Kenneth (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Engn/L. Lilly, Scott B. (Engineering).
SPA 207/S/Comm/L. Lin, Steve (News and Information, Communications), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Health/L. Linville, Jud (Psychological Services, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/L. Lippincott, Annie Cooper (Board of Managers, 1874-1879).
SPA 207/B/L. Lippincott, Howard White (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/L. Lippincott, Joanna Wharton (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/L. Lippincott, Susan W. (Board of Managers, 1879-1906).
SPA 207/B++/L. Lippincott, Susan W. (Board of Managers, 1879-1906), 1902.
SPA 207/F/Pols/L. Lipson, Leslie (Political Science).
SPA 207/A/L. Little, Sally (Head Dorm Resident), 1958.
SPA 207/B/L. Little, Tanisha (Swarthmore Class of 1997, Board of Managers), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Bio/L. Littrel, Jae L. (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Bio/L. Livingston, Luzurn (Biology).
SPA 207/B+/L. Loines, Stephen (Board of Managers, 1901-1911).
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Lombardo, Joe (Football coach, Physical Education), 1990.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/L. Longley, Nat (Physics).
SPA 207/B+/L. Longstreth, Helen G. (Board of Managers, 1862-1868).
SPA 207/B/L. Longstreth, Helen G. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/L. Longstreth, M. Fisher (Board of Managers, 1871-1891).
SPA 207/B+/L. Longstreth, Mary T. (Board of Managers, 1872-1881).
SPA 207/B/L. Longstreth, Rebecca C. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/PE/L. Loomis, Jeremy (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/B/L. Lorber, Bennett (Swarthmore Class of 1964, Board of Managers), 2001.
SPA 207/A/L. Lord, Judy, 2002.
SPA 207/S/Comm/L. Lott, Jeff (Publications, Communications).
SPA 207/F/Engl/L. Lowes, John L. (English).
SPA 207/A/L. Lyons, Jim (Director of Security), 1985.
SPA 207/A/L. Lythcott, Ngina (Dean), 1993.
SPA 207/F/Bio/M. Machado, Jose Luis (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Bio/M. Machado, José-Luis (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. Macken, Nelson A. (Engineering).
SPA 207/A/M. MacLaren, Margaret (Financial Aid Director).
SPA 207/F/Psych/M. MacLeod, Robert B. (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/FHL/M. MacPherson, Elizabeth (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/B+/M. Macy, Sarah L. (Board of Managers, 1862-1863).
SPA 207/B+/M. Macy, William H. (Board of Managers, 1868-1876).
SPA 207/B/M. Macy, William H. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Psych/M. Madison (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Dining/M. Mae, Essie (Dining Services).
SPA 207/F/Econ/M. Magenheim, Ellen B. (Economics).
SPA 207/B+/M. Magill, Edward Hicks (Board of Managers, 1869-1901).
SPA 207/B/M. Magill, Edward Hicks (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A++Pres/M. Magill, Edward Hicks (President of College, 1871-1890).
SPA 207/F/Pols/M. Maguire, Diarmuid (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/M. Maio, Rose (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/Econ/M. Majumdar, Tapas (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Econ/M. Malin, Patrick Murphy (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Maloney, Patricia (Alumni Relations, Development and Alumni), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Phil/M. Mandelbaum, Maurice (photo of wife, Alice, is also included in the collection, Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. Mangelsdorf, Clark (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/M. Mangelsdorf, Jr., Paul C. (Swarthmore Class of 1949; Physics).
SPA 207/F+/Phys-Astr/Phys/M. Mangelsdorf, Paul (Physics), 1982.
SPA 207/F/Pols/M. Mangone, G. (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Engl/M. Mani, Bakirathi (English).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Mann, Barbara (Advancement Information Systems, Development and Alumni), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Mann, Barbara (Assistant Gift Recorder (Gift Records), Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Hist/M. Manning (History), 1940.
SPA 207/F/Hist/M. Manning, Frederick (History).
SPA 207/F/Pols/M. Mansbach, Richard (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/M. March, Harold (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/S/Dining/M. Marino, Angela (Dining Services), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Lib/M. Marissen, Mary (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/F/Music/M. Marissen, Michael A. (Music).
SPA 207/F/Math/M. Marriot, Ross (Mathematics).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Marshall, Kathy (Capital Giving, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Hist/M. Marshall, Philip (History).
SPA 207/B+/M. Martin, Edward (Swarthmore Class of 1878, Board of Managers, 1892-1937).
SPA 207/B/M. Martin, Edward (Swarthmore Class of 1878, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Chem/M. Martin, Francis (Chemistry).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Martin, Irene (Senior Gift Recorder (Gift Records), Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Lib/M. Mashburn, Kerry (Library).
SPA 207/S/Office/M. Massary, Joann (Office Services), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Lib/M. Masterpasqua, Alison (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/B+/M. Matthews, T. Stockton (Swarthmore Class of 1902, Board of Managers, 1916-1956).
SPA 207/B/M. Matthews, Thomas H. (Board of Managers, 1863-1866).
SPA 207/S/Fac/EVS/M. Mattison, Shelly (Facilities/Environmental Services), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Engl/M. Mattris, Martha (English).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/M. Mautner, Franz (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F+/Modl/Ger/M. Mautner, Franz (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F/PE/M. McAdoo, James (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/M. McBride, Duncan (Physics).
SPA 207/S/StuAcct/M. McBride, Maria (Student Accounts Office), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Lib/1-4. McCabe (Library).
SPA 207/B+/M. McCabe, Thomas (Swarthmore Class of 1915, Board of Managers, 1938-1959, 1961-1982).
SPA 207/B/M. McCabe, Thomas B. (Swarthmore Class of 1915, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/PE/M. McCarthy, Dan (Football assistant coach, Physical education).
SPA 207/F/PE/M. McCoach, Bob (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/PE/M. McCoach, Robert (Football assistant coach, Physical Education), 1972.
SPA 207/B/M. McCormack, Elizabeth (Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. McCrumm, John (Engineering).
SPA 207/F+/Engn/M. McCrumm, John D. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Hist/M. McCully, Geo. E. (History).
SPA 207/B/M. McDowell, Harriet Cox (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/M. McFeely, Richard H. (Swarthmore Class of 1927, Board of Managers, 1949-1952, 1957-1960).
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. McGarity, Arthur E. (Engineering).
SPA 207/S/Fac/Grn/M. McGinley, Susan (Facilities/Grounds), 2001.
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/M. McGinnis, Deborah (Business Office and Finance), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Lib/M. McGrath, Mary (Cornell Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/PE/M. McGurney, Joanne (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/M. McIlvain, Martha G. (Board of Managers, 1866-1890).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. McLaughlin, Ann Elise (Alumni Gift and Records, Development and Alumni), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Psych/M. McLeod, Robert (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Fac/M. McNeal, Ken (Facilities), 2000.
SPA 207/S/Reg/M. McSwiggan, Janet (Registrar's Office), 2001.
SPA 207/F/PE/M. Meaghar, Fran (Football coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/CS/M. Meeden, Lisa (Computer Science).
SPA 207/A/M. Meeteer, Henrietta Josephine (Dean of Women and Classics Professor).
SPA 207/F/Clas/M. Meiggs, Russell (Classics).
SPA 207/F/Bio/M. Meinkoth, Norman (Biology).
SPA 207/F+/Bio/M. Meinkoth, Norman A. (Biology).
SPA 207/S/Scott/M. Melrose, Dave (Scott Arboretum).
SPA 207/F/Pols/M. Mendel-Reyes, Meta (Political Science).
SPA 207/B+/M. Mendelson, Mary Wharton (Board of Managers, 1918-1930).
SPA 207/F/PE/M. Mercer, Eugene Leroy (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/S/Comm/M. Merrill-Rossi, Janice (Publications, Communications), 1999.
SPA 207/B+/M. Merritt, Albert A. (Board of Managers, 1899-1907).
SPA 207/B+/M. Merritt, Edward (Board of Managers, 1862-1871; 1884-1888).
SPA 207/B+/M. Merritt, Sarah Haviland (Board of Managers, 1882-1890).
SPA 207/F/Bio/M. Merz, Rachel A. (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/M. Meunier, Brian A. (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Music/M. Meyers, Karen (Lute instructor, Music).
SPA 207/A/M. Micheals, Elizabeth S. (Secretary to VP), 1940s.
SPA 207/B+/M. Michener, Ezra (Board of Managers, 1862-1863).
SPA 207/A/M. Mifflin, Lynne, 1971.
SPA 207/S/ITS/M. Milewski, Frank (Information Technology Services), 1996.
SPA 207/B+/M. Miller, Abigail Woodnut (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/M. Miller, Hetty Lippincott (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro/M. Miller, John A. (Astronomy).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Mills, Mary Beth (Annual Giving, Development and Alumni), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Lib/M. Mirren, Julie (Cornell, Library).
SPA 207/F/Clas/M. Mitchell, Thomas (Classics).
SPA 207/S/Admis/M. Moat, Yvetta (Admissions), 1997.
SPA 207/F/PE/M. Moll, Irene (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F+/PE/M. Moll, Irene (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. Molter, Lynne (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Phil/M. Moore, John (Philosophy).
SPA 207/S/Reg/M. Moore, John M. (Registrar, Registrar's Office), 1962.
SPA 207/S/Reg/M. Moore, John M. (Registrar's Office), ca. 1966.
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. Moore, Morr B. (Engineering), 1945-1946.
SPA 207/F/Relg/M. Moreen, Vera (Religion).
SPA 207/F/Hist/M. Morgan, Kathryn (History).
SPA 207/F+/Hist/M. Morgan, Kathryn (History).
SPA 207/F/Engn/M. Morrill, Bernard (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/M. Morton, Thomas (Art History).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/M. Moscatelli, Frank A. (Physics).
SPA 207/F/FHL/M. Moshelder, Wilma (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Modl/French/M. Moskos, George (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/S/Misc/M. Mott, Neilda (Swarthmore Chester Coalition, Miscellaneous), 1995.
SPA 207/F/Phil/M. Mucha, Donna (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/PE/M. Mullan, Mike (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/M. Mulligan, Deborah (Alumni Gift and Records, Development and Alumni), 2001.
SPA 207/S/Reg/M. Mullins, Jane (Registrar's Office), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Reg/M. Mullins, Jane H. (Registrar's Office).
SPA 207/F/Math/M. Mullins, Jr., Edgar R. (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/M. Muñoz, Braulio (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/B/M. Muñoz, Jorge A. (Swarthmore Class of 1984, Board of Managers), 2009.
SPA 207/F/Hist/M. Murphy, Marjorie (History).
SPA 207/F/Music/1. Music Faculty and staff.
SPA 207/F/Music/2. Music Faculty and staff.
SPA 207/F/Pols/N. Nackenoff, Carol J. (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/N. Nagata, Joyce (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Ling/N. Napoli, Donna Jo (Linguistics).
SPA 207/F/PE/N. Narkin, Tom (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/A/N. Nason, John W. (President of College), 1948.
SPA 207/S/ITS/N. Neal, David (Media Services, Information Technology Services), 2000.
SPA 207/B/N. Nelson, Bill (Swarthmore Class of 1956, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Engn/N. Newlin, Charles (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Lib/N. Newman, Annette (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/F/Psych/N. Newman, Edwin B. (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Health/N. Nichols, Anne (Worth Health Center, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/F/FHL/N. Nichols, Berenice (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/F/Bio/N. Nigrini, Elisa (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Clas/N. North, Helen (Classics).
SPA 207/B/N. Noyes, Jim (Board of Managers, 1990-2001).
SPA 207/F/FHL/O. O'Donnell, Patricia (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/F/Phil/O. Oberdiek, Hans (Philosophy).
SPA 207/S/Reg/O. Ochs, Nancy (Registrar's Office), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Office. Office Services Staff.
SPA 207/B+/O. Ogden, Edward Hicks (Board of Managers, 1878-1887; 1888-1903).
SPA 207/B+/O. Ogden, Sarah Morris (Board of Managers, 1879-1886).
SPA 207/F/Econ/O. Ooms, Van Doorn (Economics).
SPA 207/A/O. Oppe, Joseph (Scott Aboretum), 1976.
SPA 207/B/O. Orguera, Anna (Board of Managers), 2004.
SPA 207/F/Engn/O. Orthlieb, Frederick L. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Clas/O. Ostwald, Martin (Classics).
SPA 207/F/FHL/O. Oye, Kazve (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/P. Pace, Anita (Advancement Operations, Development and Alumni), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Econ/P. Pack, Howard (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Misc/P. Packard, Andrea (Swarthmore Class of 1985; Director of the List Gallery, Miscellaneous).
SPA 207/F/Engl/P. Pagliaro, Harold E. (English).
SPA 207/F/Fac/9. Painting crew, (Class of 1958, Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Fac/10. Painting crew, (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Chem/P. Paley, Robert S. (Chemistry).
SPA 207/B+/P. Palmer, Edward P. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Bio/P. Palmer, Samuel C. (Biology).
SPA 207/B+/P. Pancoast, Mary S. (Board of Managers, 1870-1871).
SPA 207/F/PE/P. Parker, Denise (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/B/P. Parrish, Dillwyn (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/P. Parrish, Dillwyn (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/P. Parrish, Edward (Board of Managers, 1864-1871).
SPA 207/B/P. Parrish, Edward (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/P. Parrish, William Dillwyn (Board of Managers, 1862-1863).
SPA 207/F/PE/P. Parry, May (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/B+/P. Passmore, E. Pusey (Board of Managers, 1919-1928).
SPA 207/B+/P. Passmore, Elizabeth B. (Board of Managers, 1885-1911).
SPA 207/A/P. Passoth, Ann (Dean's Office).
SPA 207/F/Chem/P. Pasternack, Robert F. (Chemistry).
SPA 207/B+/P. Paxson, Charles (Board of Managers, 1901-1902).
SPA 207/F/Psych/P. Peabody (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Engl/P. Pearson, Paul (English).
SPA 207/F+/Engl/P. Pearson, Paul M. (English).
SPA 207/B+/P. Peaslee, Amos (Swarthmore Class of 1907, Board of Managers, 1951-1954).
SPA 207/F/Pols/P. Pennock, J. Roland (Political Science).
SPA 207/A/P. Perkins, James A. (Assistant to the President), 1934.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/P. Perkins, Jean (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/P. Perry (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/F/Math/P. Perzan, Tracey (Math Forum, Mathematics).
SPA 207/A/P. Pescatore, Cathy (Provost's Office), 1996.
SPA 207/F/Lib/P. Peterson, Lois (McCabe Reference Desk, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/P. Pfeiffer, Jean (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/P. Philips, Edith (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/F/PE/. Physical Education and Athletics Faculty and staff.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/P. Pickens, Robert A. (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/F/Lib/P. Pierce, Catherine J. (Library).
SPA 207/S/Fac/EVS/P. Pierce, Sharon (Facilities/Environmental Services).
SPA 207/F/Econ (group)/. Pierson, Frank (Economics).
SPA 207/F+/Econ/P. Pierson, Frank (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/P. Pierson, Frank (Professor of Political Economy, Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/P. Pierson, Frank C. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Pols/P. Pierson, Frank C. (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/P. Piker, Steven (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/B/P. Pim, Abigail Foulke (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Math/P. Pitman, John (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro/P. Pitman, John H. (Astronomy).
SPA 207/A/P. Pittenger, Nicholas O. (Comptroller).
SPA 207/F/Engn/P. Platt, Stephen M. (Engineering).
SPA 207/S/Career/P. Pock, Cindy Howes (Career Services).
SPA 207/S/Admis/P. Polski, Ellen (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/B/P. Pompey, Asahi (Swarthmore Class of 1994, Board of Managers, 1999-2001), 1999.
SPA 207/S/PO. Post Office Staff, 1999.
SPA 207/B/P. Powell Jr., Wilson Marcy (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/P. Powell, Aaron M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/P. Powell, Joseph (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/P. Powell, Jr., Wilson Marcy (Board of Managers, 1906-1933).
SPA 207/F/Bio/P. Powell, Matthew (Biology).
SPA 207/B+/P. Powell, Sarah Hopper (Board of Managers, 1881-1899).
SPA 207/B+/P. Powell, Wilson Marcy (Board of Managers, 1887-1899).
SPA 207/F/Engn/P. Prager, Philip (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Hist/P. Prager, Philip (History).
SPA 207/A/P. Prang, Elmer.
SPA 207/A/P. Preesenbery, Jr., William Doyle (Dean of Admissions), 1970.
SPA 207/A/P. Prentice, William C. H. (Dean).
SPA 207/F/Psych/P. Prentice, William C. H. (Psychology).
SPA 207/B++/P. Prentice, William H. C. (Swarthmore Class of 1937, Board of Managers, 1979-1982).
SPA 207/F/Lib/P. Press, Richard (Library).
SPA 207/B/P. Preston, Beth Carver (Swarthmore Class of 1934, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/P. Price, Charles (Swarthmore Class of 1934, Board of Managers, 1959-1970, 1972-2001).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/P. Prime, Jon L. (Vice President of Finance, Business Office + Finance).
SPA 207/F/PE (group)/. Prudente, Eric (Baseball coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/PE/P. Prudente, Eric (Baseball coach, Physical Education).
SPA 207/F/PE/P. Prudente, Ernie J. (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/P. Pryor, Frederic L. (Economics).
SPA 207/S/PubSafe. Public Safety Staff.
SPA 207/B/P. Pyle, Robert (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Quakers/. Quaker Faculty and staff, 1964.
SPA 207/S/PO/Q. Quann, Russ (Post Office), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Econ/R. Rabidean, Paul (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Chem/R. Rablen, Paul (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/R. Radcliff, David (Instrumentation and Computer Technician, Physics and Astronomy).
SPA 207/F/Phil/R. Raff, Charles (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Ling/R. Raimy, Eric (Linguistics), 1997.
SPA 207/B/R. Rakoff, Jed (Board of Managers), 2004.
SPA 207/S/Health/R. Ramirez, David E. (Director of Psychological Services, Health).
SPA 207/F/PE/R. Rath, Virginia (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Bio/R. Rawson, Ann (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/R. Rawson, Kenneth (Biology).
SPA 207/B/R. Rawson, Marianna Smith (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Admis/R. Raymond, Phyllis Hall (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/F/Engn/R. Reaser , Wm. E. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Music/R. Reese (Music).
SPA 207/B+/R. Reese, Gerard H. (Board of Managers, 1862-1870).
SPA 207/B/R. Reese, Gerard H. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Pols/R. Reeves, Keith (Swarthmore Class of 1988; Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Dance/R. Reichek, Carolyn (Dance instructor, Dance), 1980.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/R. Reuning, Karl (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F/Art-Hist/R. Rhys, Hedley H. (Art History).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/R. Rhys, Hedley H. (Art History).
SPA 207/F+/Art-Hist/R. Rhys, Hedley (Art history).
SPA 207/F/Engl/R. Rich, Adrienne (English).
SPA 207/A/R. Richards, Edna Harriet (Dean of Women S.C. and German Professor; Class of 1898).
SPA 207/F/Engl/R. Richie, Benbow (English).
SPA 207/A/R. Ricksecker, Mary (secretary to Dean), 1940s.
SPA 207/B/R. Riggs, John (Swarthmore Class of 1964, Board of Managers), 2001.
SPA 207/B+/R. Riley, E. Ellen (Board of Managers, 1865-1870).
SPA 207/F/FHL/R. Rittenhouse, Jane (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/B+/R. Roberts, Benjamin Rush (Board of Managers, 1862-1880).
SPA 207/B/R. Roberts, Benjamin Rush (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/R. Roberts, Emmor (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/R. Roberts, Florence Ann (Advancement Operations, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Engn/R. Roberts, John (Engineering).
SPA 207/B+/R. Roberts, Mary L. (Board of Managers, 1863-1866).
SPA 207/A/R. Robinson, Bruce (Admissions), 1969.
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/R. Robinson, Delores (Treasurer's Office, Business Office and Finance), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Phil/R. Robinson, Jacqueline (also the secretary to the Provost, Philosophy).
SPA 207/ADean/R. Robinson, Michael.
SPA 207/F/PE/R. Robinson, Milard (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Relg/R. Robinson, Sandra (Religion).
SPA 207/S/Scott/R. Roderick, Kelly (Scott Arboretum).
SPA 207/S/Health/R. Ronan, Carol (Worth Health Center, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Clas/R. Rose, Gilbert (Classics).
SPA 207/F/Math/R. Rosen, David (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Bio/R. Rosen, Gloria (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Health/R. Rosen, Paula (Health).
SPA 207/S/Health/R. Rosen, Paula (Psychological Services, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/R. Rosenberg, Alburt M. (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus/R. Rosenberg, Justus (Modern Languages and Literature/Russian).
SPA 207/B/R. Rothenberg, Daniel (Swarthmore Class of 1995, Board of Managers), 2003.
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/R. Rowland, Jill (secretary, Business Office and Finance).
SPA 207/A/R. Ruane, Donna (President's Office), 1994.
SPA 207/B/R. Rushmore, David Barker (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/R. Russo, Carl (Swarthmore Class of 1979, Board of Managers), 2001.
SPA 207/F/PE/S. Sacco, Rennie (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Saffo, Mary Beth (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Saffran, Bernie (Economics).
SPA 207/B+/S. Sanford, Maria L. (Board of Managers, 1869-1879).
SPA 207/S/Health/S. Saul, Leon (Health).
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Savage, Bob (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Savage, Robert E. (Biology).
SPA 207/A/S. Savage, Vernon (Administration), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Scott/S. Sawyers, Claire (Scott Arboretum), 1990.
SPA 207/F/Math/S. Schafer, Alice (Mathematics).
SPA 207/B/S. Schener, Marge (Swarthmore Class of 1948, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Scherer, F. M. (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Engl/S. Schmidt, Peter (English).
SPA 207/F/Psych/S. Schneider, Allen (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Phil/S. Schrecker, Paul (Philosophy).
SPA 207/B/S. Schuchman, Salem D. (Swarthmore Class of 1985, Board of Managers), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Phil/S. Schuldenfrei, Richard (Philosophy).
SPA 207/F/Engn/S. Schutz, Victor K. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Psych/S. Schwartz, Barry (Psychology).
SPA 207/S/Scott. Scott Arboretum Staff, 2001.
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Scott, Walter J. (Biology).
SPA 207/S/Scott/S. Scruggs, Desi (Scott Arboretum), 2002.
SPA 207/B/S. Scull, David (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Comm/S. Seagull, Rhea (News Office, Communications), ca. 1971.
SPA 207/B/S. Seaman, Phebe Underhill (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Sechser, Selig (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Seiden, Peggy (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/S/Dining/S. Selmes, Teddy (dining hall checker, Dining Services), 1940's.
SPA 207/A/S. Selms, Edward (Superintendent's Office).
SPA 207/A/S. Selms, Mrs ? ((also? wife of Janitor in Clothier)).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/S. Semenuck, Geoff (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/S/Fac/S. Semler, Jan (Facilities Management, Facilities), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Dance/S. Sepinuck, Paula (Dance), 1983.
SPA 207/F/Music/S. Serebrier, José (Music).
SPA 207/S/FinAid/S. Serianni, Patricia (Financial Aid), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Seybold, John W. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/S. Shafi, Mohammad (Physics).
SPA 207/A+Pres/S. Shane, Joseph B. (Vice President).
SPA 207/A/S. Shane, Joseph B., 1950s -1972.
SPA 207/B/S. Shane, Larry (Swarthmore Class of 1956, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/B+/S. Sharples, Philip M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/S. Sharples, Philip T. (Swarthmore Class of 1910, Board of Managers, 1947-1956, 1958-1982).
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Shaw, Charles (Swarthmore College Librarian (1927 - 1962), Library).
SPA 207/F/Chem/S. Sheppard, William (Chemistry).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/S. Shero, Caroline (Assistant Controller, Business Office + Finance).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/S. Shero, G. Caroline (Business Office and Finance), 1978.
SPA 207/F/Clas/S. Shero, Lucius C. (Classics).
SPA 207/F/FHL/S. Shetter, Claire (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/F/FHL/S. Shettler, Claire (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Shinbaum, Netta (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Math/S. Shively (Mathematics).
SPA 207/B/S. Shoemaker, Annie (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/S. Shoemaker, Franklin (Board of Managers, 1874-1875).
SPA 207/S/Admis/S. Shonert, Agnes (Admissions), 1989.
SPA 207/A/S. Shores, Robin (Office of Institutional Research), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Engn/S. Siddiqui, Faruq M.A. (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Engn/S. Siegal, Ed (Engineering).
SPA 207/S/ITS/S. Siegle, Edward (Information Technology Services), 2002.
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Siegman, Charles L. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Sigado, Mary Beth (Peace Collection - McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/S. Silz, Walter (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/S/Career/S. Simeone, Gigi (Health Sciences Advisor (Pre-Med Advisor), Career Services), 1996.
SPA 207/S/Fac/S. Simpson, Andrew (Facilities), ca. 1971.
SPA 207/F/Math/S. Skeath, Edward (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Sklar, Larry (Economics).
SPA 207/A/S. Slaugh, Frances (Administration).
SPA 207/S/Dining/S. Slaughter, Shirley (Dining Services), 2002.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/S. Sloan, Nancy (Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/F/Music/S. Smart, Robert (Music).
SPA 207/S/Health/S. Smetana, Barbara (Worth Health Center, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Smith, ? (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Hist/S. Smith, Bernard (History).
SPA 207/B/S. Smith, Claude C. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/S. Smith, Claude C. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B++/S. Smith, Claude C. (Swarthmore Class of 1914, Board of Managers, 1937-1983).
SPA 207/A++Pres/S. Smith, Courtney (President of College).
SPA 207/A+Pres/S. Smith, Courtney (President).
SPA 207/F/Pols/S. Smith, David (Political Science).
SPA 207/A/S. Smith, Edgar F. (Provost; Class of 1918).
SPA 207/F/Engn/S. Smith, Grant "Smittie" (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Smith, Kitty (McCabe Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Smith, Leah (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/S. Smith, Simone Voisin (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/S. Smithey, Lee (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/Educ/S. Smulyan, Lisa (Swarthmore Class of 1976; Education).
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Snyder, Ben (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Engl/S. Snyder, Susan B. (English).
SPA 207/F/FHL/S. Soderlund, Jean (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B/S. Somerfeld, Marc (Swarthmore Class of 1968, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Span/S. Sorber, James D. (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/F+/Modl/Span/S. Sorber, James D. (Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish).
SPA 207/S/Book/S. Sorber, Jean (Bookstore).
SPA 207/B/S. Spackman, Elizabeth Worth (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Spade, Charles (Economics).
SPA 207/S/Fac/S. Spafford, Jos. E. (College Planning Engineer, Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Hist/S. Spaulding, William (History).
SPA 207/F/FHL/S. Spears, Nancy (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Math/S. Specht, Stephanie (Mathematics).
SPA 207/F/Lib/S. Spencer, Meg (Cornell Librarian, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Music/S. Spies, Claudio (Music).
SPA 207/F/Engl/S. Spiller, Robert (English).
SPA 207/B/S. Spock, Tom (Swarthmore Class of 1978, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/PE/. Sports Med Staff (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/B+/S. Sproul, William C. (Board of Managers, 1902-1928), 1891.
SPA 207/B/S. Sproul, William C. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/S. Sriniuasan, Sujatha (Board of Managers), c. 2005.
SPA 207/B/S. Stabler Jr., Edward (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/S. Stabler, Louisa M. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/SAC/. Staff Advisory Committee Staff, 2002.
SPA 207/S/Fac (group)/. Stanton, William (Buildings and grounds, Facilities).
SPA 207/S/Fac/S. Stanton, William (Director of Physical Plant, Facilities), 1978.
SPA 207/S/Fac/S. Stark, Susan (Facilities), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Music/S. Starker, János (Music).
SPA 207/S/Health/S. Stasiunas, Eileen (Worth Health Center, Health), 2003.
SPA 207/F/Pols/S. Stedman, Jr., Murray S. (Political Science).
SPA 207/S/Comm/S. Stephano, Bob (Communications), 1997.
SPA 207/B+/S. Stephens, Isaac (Board of Managers, 1862-1886).
SPA 207/B/S. Stephens, Isaac (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Chem/S. Stephenson, Thomas A. (Chemistry).
SPA 207/S/Comm/S. Stern, Phillip (Communications).
SPA 207/F/PE/S. Stetson, Willis "Bill" (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/PE/S. Stetson, Willis (Athletic Director, Physical Education), 1962.
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Stewart, Barbara (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Bio/S. Stewart, Barbara (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/S. Stilz, Ethel (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Stoeper, Wolfgang (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Stone, Charles (Economics).
SPA 207/A/S. Stott, Gil.
SPA 207/A/S. Stott, Gilmore (Administration), 1959-1996.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/S. Stout, Andrea L. (Physics).
SPA 207/A/S. Strode, Hil (Associate VP), 1974.
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Stull, William J. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Summers, Anita (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/S. Sun, Norman (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Music/S. Swan, Alfred J. (Music).
SPA 207/S/Fac/S. Swan, Fred (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Relg/S. Swearer, Donald K. (Religion).
SPA 207/F/Music/S. Swing, Peter Gram (Music).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/S. Sylvester, David (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/T. Tafoya, Francis P. (also taught Spanish, Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/S/FinAid/T. Talbot, Laura (Financial Aid), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Dining/T. Tambon, Chris (Snack Bar (Essie's), Dining Services), 2002.
SPA 207/S/PO/T. Tassoni, June (Post Office), 1985.
SPA 207/B/T. Taylor, Anna Engle (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/T. Taylor, Lydia Foulke (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Phil/T. Taylor, Richard C. (Philosophy).
SPA 207/B++/T. Taylor, T. Clarkson (Board of Managers, 1866-1868).
SPA 207/F/Lib/1. Tech Services (Library).
SPA 207/S/ITS/T. Tedesco, Don (Information Technology Services), 1996.
SPA 207/S /HR/T. Teitlebaum, Phyllis (Equal Opportunity Office, Human Resources).
SPA 207/B/T. Temple, Edward B. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/T. Temple, Edward B. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/PE/T. Terada (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/T. Terdiman, Richard (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/A/T. Thatcher, Charles G. (Business Manager).
SPA 207/S/Fac/T. Thayer, Ralph (Facilities).
SPA 207/F/Thea/1. Theater Faculty and staff, 1985.
SPA 207/S/Dining/T. Thomas, Don (Dining Services), 2000.
SPA 207/B/T. Thomas, Joseph (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/T. Thomas, Joseph (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/T. Thomas, Preston (Superintendent's Office).
SPA 207/S/Admis/T. Thompson, Debbie (Admissions), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Psych/T. Thompson, Nicholas S. (Psychology).
SPA 207/F/Chem/T. Thompson, Peter (Chemistry).
SPA 207/F/Engn/T. Thoms, Geo B. (Engineering), 1935-1936.
SPA 207/B+/T. Thorne, Jonathan (Board of Managers, 1862-1863).
SPA 207/B/T. Thorne, Jonathan (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/FHL/T. Thorson, Jane (Friends Historical Library).
SPA 207/F/FHL/T. Thorson, Jane (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Hist/T. Tolles, Frederick (History).
SPA 207/S/Fac/T. Torres, Robert (Facilities), 2000.
SPA 207/S/Book/T. Townes, Polly (Bookstore), 1985.
SPA 207/B+/T. Townsend, Ann Albertson (Board of Managers, 1862-1863).
SPA 207/B/T. Townsend, Jane (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/T. Travers, Eva (Dean).
SPA 207/F/Educ/T. Travers, Eva F. (Education).
SPA 207/F/Engl/T. Traversi, Derek (English).
SPA 207/F+/Engl/T. Traversi, Derek (English).
SPA 207/F/Chem/T. Trimble, David (Chemistry).
SPA 207/B+/T. Truman, George (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B++/T. Truman, George (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/FHL/T. Turberg, Ray (Friends Historical Library), 1985.
SPA 207/B/T. Turner, Henry C. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/T. Turner, J. Archer (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/T. Turner, J. Archer (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/T. Turner, Rebecca Sinclair (Board of Managers, 1862-1868).
SPA 207/B/T. Turner, Rebecca Sinclair (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/T. Turner, Sue Thomas (Swarthmore Class of 1935, Board of Managers), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Clas/T. Turpin, William (Classics).
SPA 207/B+/U. Underhill, 2nd, Daniel (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/U. Underhill, Caroline (Board of Managers, 1863-1882).
SPA 207/B/U. Underhill, Catharine (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/U. Underhill, Daniel (Board of Managers, 1868-1899).
SPA 207/B+/U. Underhill, Samuel (Board of Managers, 1862-1868).
SPA 207/B/U. Underhill, Samuel (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/U. Underwood, William G. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/A/U. Untereker, Susan.
SPA 207/F/Relg/U. Urban, Jr., P. Linwood (Religion).
SPA 207/S/PO/V. Vagnozzi, Vince (Post Office), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Pols/V. Valelly, Richard (Swarthmore Class of 1975; Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro/V. Van de Kamp, Peter (Astronomy).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/V. Van de Kamp, Peter (Astronomy).
SPA 207/F+/Phys-Astr/Astro/V. Van de Kamp, Peter (Astronomy).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/V. Van Til, Jon (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/S/ITS/V. Velez, Bob (Information Technology Services), 1995.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys/V. Vold, Terje (Physics).
SPA 207/F/Bio/V. Vollmer, Amy Cheng (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Pols/V. Von der Muhl, George E. (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Music/W. Wachs, Daniel (Music).
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/W. Wagner-Pacifici, Robin (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/PE/W. Wagner, Eric (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/W. Walker, Robert M. (Studio Art).
SPA 207/F/Engl/W. Wallace (English).
SPA 207/F/Relg/W. Wallace, Mark (Religion).
SPA 207/F/Psych/W. Wallach, Hans (Psychology).
SPA 207/A/W. Wallin, Franklin (Administrative Assistant to President), 1960s.
SPA 207/F/Educ/W. Walton, Joseph S. (Education).
SPA 207/S/Book/W. Walton, Virginia (Bookstore), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Pols/W. Waltz, Ken (Political Science).
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/W. Warfel, Carolyn (Administrative Assistant, Physics and Astronomy).
SPA 207/S/Reg/W. Warner, Martin (Registrar, Registrar's Office), 2001.
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/W. Warner, Sue (Studio Art).
SPA 207/A/W. Warren, Laura (President's Office), 2000.
SPA 207/F/Math/W. Warsow, Wolfgang (Mathematics).
SPA 207/B+/W. Watson, James V. (Board of Managers, 1875-1901).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/W. Watson, Kay (Development and Alumni), 1999.
SPA 207/F/Econ (group)/. Weatherford, Willis (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. Weatherford, Willis (Economics).
SPA 207/A/W. Webb, Marjorie (Registrar's Office), 1977.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/W. Weber, Eugene (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/F/Bio/W. Weber, Neal A. (Biology).
SPA 207/B+/W. Webster, Edmund (Board of Managers, 1882-1919).
SPA 207/F/Hist/W. Weinberg, Robert (History).
SPA 207/F/Bio/W. Weiner, Jacob (Biology).
SPA 207/F/Bio/W. Weiner, Jake (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Engl/W. Weinstein, Philip M. (English).
SPA 207/F/Lib/W. Weir, Barbara (Tech Services, Library).
SPA 207/F/PE/W. Weiss, Doug (Athletic Trainer, Physical Education and Athletics), 1985.
SPA 207/A/W. Weiss, Doug (Director of Sports Medicine), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art/W. Wellwer, Neil (Studio Art).
SPA 207/A/W. Welsh, Sue (Vice President for Finance and Treasurer).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger/W. Werlen, Hansjakob (Modern Languages and Literature/German).
SPA 207/S/Dining/W. Werner, Philip (Dining Services), 2002.
SPA 207/A/W. West, Dan (Vice President for Alumni and Development).
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum/W. West, Jacqui (Assistant Alumni Recorder, Development and Alumni).
SPA 207/S/Fac/W. West, Jacqui (Facilities Management, Facilities), 1996.
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. Westphal, Larry E. (Economics).
SPA 207/B/W. Wetzels, Pamela (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/W. Wharton, Deborah Fisher (Board of Managers, 1862-1870).
SPA 207/B+/W. Wharton, Joseph (Board of Managers, 1870-1909).
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. Wharton, Joseph (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren/W. Whitaker, Jeanne Theis (Modern Languages and Literature/French).
SPA 207/S/Health/W. Whitaker, Lee (Psychological Services, Health), 1985.
SPA 207/B/W. White, Barclay (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/W. White, Helen Comly (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. White, Sara Page (Economics), 1985.
SPA 207/S/Misc/W. White, Sharon (Miscellaneous), 1995.
SPA 207/F/Music/W. Whitman, Thomas I. (Music).
SPA 207/F/Engl/W. Wicker, Steven E. (English).
SPA 207/B/W. Widing, Theodore (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. Wilcox, Clair (Chair and professor of economics, Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ (group)/. Wilcox, Clair (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. Wilcox, Clair (Economics).
SPA 207/S/ITS/W. Willen, Doug (Information Technology Services).
SPA 207/B/W. Willets, Eliza K. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/W. Willets, John Titus (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/W. Willets, Mary (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/W. Willets, Mary (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/W. Willets, Robert Robbins (Board of Managers, 1871-1887).
SPA 207/F/Engn/W. Williams, Alfred (Engineering).
SPA 207/F/PE/W. Williams, Bob (Athletic Director, Physical Education), 1988.
SPA 207/A/W. Williams, Howard (Librarian).
SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist/W. Williams, John W. (Art History).
SPA 207/F/PE/W. Williams, Robert E. (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/F/Bio/W. Williams, Tim (Biology), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Bio/W. Williams, Timothy C. (Swarthmore Class of 1964; Biology).
SPA 207/F/Engl/W. Williamson, Craig (English).
SPA 207/F/Hist/W. Williamson, John (History).
SPA 207/F/Lib/W. Williamson, Susan (McCabe Reference Desk, Library), 1985.
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth/W. Willie, Sarah S. (Sociology and Anthropology).
SPA 207/F/Engn/T. Willis, M. Joseph (Engineering).
SPA 207/B/W. Willis, Richard (Swarthmore Class of 1933, Board of Managers).
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin/W. Wilson, Cathy (Business Office and Finance), 2001.
SPA 207/F/PE/W. Wimberly, Leland (Physical Education and Athletics).
SPA 207/A/W. Wing, Deborah (Assistant Dean), 1958.
SPA 207/S/Scott/W. Wister, Gertrude (Scott Arboretum).
SPA 207/A/W. Wister, Gertrude.
SPA 207/A/W. Wister, John C. (Director of Scott Arboretum), 1958-1977.
SPA 207/S/PubSafe/W. Wollman, Michelle (Public Safety), 2003.
SPA 207/F/Music/W. Wolpe, Irma (Music).
SPA 207/S/Comm/W. Wood, Bob (Communications).
SPA 207/F/Pols/W. Wood, Bryce (Political Science).
SPA 207/A/W. Wood, Harry.
SPA 207/F/Hist/W. Wood, Jerry (History).
SPA 207/F/Lib/W. Wood, Mary Ann (McCabe, Library).
SPA 207/F/Engn/W. Wood, Wm. E. (Engineering).
SPA 207/B+/W. Woodnutt, Hannah H. (Board of Managers, 1884-1908).
SPA 207/A/W. Woolson, Barry, 1995-1996.
SPA 207/F/Bio/W. Worth, C. Brooke (Biology).
SPA 207/B/W. Worth, Caroline Hallowell (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B+/W. Worth, Elizabeth S. (Board of Managers, 1868-1879).
SPA 207/B+/W. Worth, S. B. (Board of Managers, 1868-1874).
SPA 207/F/Econ/W. Wright, Edward W. (Economics).
SPA 207/F/Engl/W. Wright, Elizabeth (English).
SPA 207/F/Hist/W. Wright, Harrison (History).
SPA 207/B/W. Wright, Phebe C. (Board of Managers).
SPA 207/B/W. Wynn, Ken (Swarthmore Class of 1974, Board of Managers), 2001.
SPA 207/B+/Y. Yardley, Elizabeth Turner (Board of Managers, 1870-1876).
SPA 207/A/Y. Yates, Sandra.
SPA 207/S/HR/Y. Young, Melanie (Human Resources), 2000.
SPA 207/A/Dean/Z. Zapata, Rafael (Assistant Dean and Director of the Intercultural Center, Dean's Office), 2002.
SPA 207/A/Z. Zapata, Rafael, 2002.
SPA 207/A/Z. Zuk, Judith D., 1983-1986.
SPA 207/F/Music/Z. Zukofsky, Paul (Music).

SPA 207/E/1986/Spr. Spring fling, 1986.
SPA 207/E/1987/Spr. Spring fling, 1987.
SPA 207/E/1994/Pear. Pearson welcome, 1994.
SPA 207/E/1995/Ice. Ice cream social, 1995.
SPA 207/E/1995/Fest. Fall fest, 1995.
SPA 207/E/1995/All. All staff gathering, 1995.
SPA 207/E/1996/Fest. Fall fest, 1996.
SPA 207/E/1996/Spr. Spring fling, 1996.
SPA 207/E/1996/All. All staff gathering, 1996.
SPA 207/E/1997/Ice. Ice cream social, 1997.
SPA 207/E/1997/Gat. Winter gathering, 1997.
SPA 207/E/1997/Serv. Service awards, 1997.
SPA 207/E/1997/Spr. Spring fling, 1997.
SPA 207/E/1998/Ice. Ice cream social, 1998.
SPA 207/E/1998/Spr. Spring fling, 1998.
SPA 207/E/1998/Serv. Service awards, 1998.
SPA 207/E/1998/Gat. Winter gathering, 1998.
SPA 207/E/1999/Ice. Ice cream social, 1999.
SPA 207/E/2000/Lun. Staff luncheon, 2000.
SPA 207/E/2000/Gat. Winter gathering, 2000.
SPA 207/E/2000/Spr. Spring fling, 2000.
SPA 207/E/2001/Gat. Winter gathering, 2001.
SPA 207/E/2001/Lun. Staff luncheon, 2001.
SPA 207/E/2001/Spr. Spring fling, 2001.
SPA 207/E/2002/Gat. Winter gathering, 2002.
SPA 207/E/2002/Lun. Staff luncheon, 2002.
SPA 207/E/2002/Spr. Spring fling, 2002.
SPA 207/E/2003/Ice. Ice cream social, 2003.
SPA 207/E/2003/Gat. Winter gathering, 2003.
SPA 207/E/2003/Spr. Spring fling, 2003.
SPA 207/E/2004/Ice. Ice cream social, 2004.
SPA 207/E/2004/Gat. Winter gathering, 2004.
SPA 207/E/2004/Spr. Spring fling, 2004.
SPA 207/E/2005/Gat. Winter gathering, 2005.
SPA 207/E/2005/Spr. Spring fling, 2005.
SPA 207/E/2006/Ice. Ice cream social, 2006.
SPA 207/E/2006/Gat. Winter gathering, 2006.
SPA 207/E/2006/Spr. Spring fling, 2006.
SPA 207/E/2007/Spr. Spring fling, 2007.
SPA 207/E/2007/Ice. Ice cream social, 2007.
SPA 207/E/2007/Gat. Winter gathering, 2007.
SPA 207/E/2008/Spr. Spring fling, 2008.

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