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Frances Bradshaw Blanshard photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Frances Bradshaw Blanshard attended Smith College and later became dean of women at Swarthmore College. She also had ties to Yale University, where her husband (Brand Blanshard) was a philosophy professor.

This collection largely consists of portraits of Frances Blanshard, with some photographs of family members.

This collection is arranged in folders by size and subject.

In 2018, photographs transferred from Smith College Archives (accession SCA-2005-011) were added to the collection.

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Collection Inventory

Photograph of three women in white. "Don't I look like an old man with a stubbly, grizzly beard? I laughed long and loud at my queer [?]. The picture isn't bad of you and Hattie.".
Photo of Margaret Bradshaw in large black coat outside. [Duplicates].
Margaret Bradshaw and S. Carnihan at Ruole Park. M. Wilson took the photo., 1923-04.
Snapped by Josephine Joel, a Phi Beta Kappa whose major is Philosophy, but who leans hard on English. She had my [Mrs. Bradshaw's] English Novel course this year., 1923.
Mrs. Bradshaw (at left) and friends in Northampton[?]; group of ladies outside.
Alien Order Registration Certificate, 1925-02-02.
Francis Blanshard in Ken Gardens. "Tree in full bloom" behind her, May 1939.
Francis Blanshard in Ireland with children, Mrs. Hersey, Mrs. Penfield, and Cecetes Gack.
Francis Blanshard in Ireland with children and more women (picture 2) .
Francis Blanshard wearing black fur coat.
Francis Blanshard wearing white with standing woman.
Portrait of Marie taken in Cleveland, Ohio , 1919.
Portrait of Helen in Brookfield.
Portrait of a friend of Frances Bradshaw's at Hollins .
Photo of woman dressed in white and black and white robe outside .
Joplin Globe picture of Martha Jane Deatherage, a relative of Blanshard, November 26, 1933.
Portrait of Martha Jane Deatherage.
Photo of dog sitting outside.
Photo of two women sitting with dog.
Photo of woman wearing pearls and sitting with dog.
Portrait of young woman wearing white and facing away from camera.
Children playing outside in Ireland. " . . . Eliot and Mrs. Penfield".
Group of women on dock .
Francis Blanshard sitting outside with friends .
Woman in long black coat standing .
Photo of two women (one in a black dress) linking arms and standing outside.
Francis Blanshard on horse-drawn carriage.
Francis Blanshard with friends/relatives, one hugging a pole.
Group of three women holding luggage .

Group photo of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bradshaw, Miss Lansing, Mr. J. A. Perkins, Mr. A. Thompson, and Dr and Mrs. I. S. Hoitt [?]., 1891-1892.
Portrait on gray board of a young woman in a puffy outfit.
Portrait of Francis E. Bradshaw, Frances Blanshard's father. [Duplicates].
Different portrait of Francis E. Bradshaw [Duplicate from different company].
Portrait in side profile of Nancy Margaret R. Bradshaw., 1890.
Portrait of Margaret Rooker Bradshaw; Frances Blanshard's mother. [Duplicates], 1895.
Photo of North[?]; large portrait of balding man.
Portrait of Margaret Rooker Bradshaw, 1902.
Portrait of a cousin of Frances Bradshaw Blanshard.
Large portrait of Margaret Rooker Bradshaw, 1900-08.
Large portrait of Frances Bradshaw Blanshard.
Portrait of young woman in white on black backdrop facing camera .
Portrait of young brown-haired woman on black backdrop looking away.
Portrait of woman with short, pinned hair facing left .
Portrait of Isabel Pfisterer, 1929.
Portrait of dark-haired woman photographed by Harris and Ewing in Washington, D.C.
Portrait of young, dark-haired woman wearing white. Taken in White Studio in NY .
Portrait of young woman wearing white .

Frances at four months, Born May 12, 1895, 1895-09.
Frances at the year old birthday, 1896-05-12.
Photo of baby Frances, 1895.
Frances at age four, 1899.
Frances at age five, 1900.
Frances at age three, 1898.
Frances at eighteen months, 1896-11.
Frances at age two, 1897.
Frances at around age two on someone's lap., 1897.
Frances at around age two, 1897.
Frances at age five standing outside, 1900-09.
Frances at about age five holding a doll, 1900.
Francis in a dark dress with bows in her hair, 1899.
Francis at age six looking at a card, 1901.
Francis at age eight wearing glasses, 1903.
Francis and friends outside playing croquet, 1903.
Francis at age six reading while standing [DUP], 1901.
Young Francis side profile in sailor dress.
Young Francis posing in white with friend, 1906-07.
Francis at age thirteen reading [3 DUP], 1908.
Francis at age thirteen [DUP], 1908.
Francis at about age thirteen? Wearing a big bow, 1908.
Portrait of Frances at twelve on a postcard [3 DUP], 1907.
Francis resting her head on her hand, on postcard [DUP], 1907.
A group photo of Francis and her friends and relatives in white., 1906-07.

Portrait in folded paper of Frances in Oxford, 1919-1920.
Passport picture.
Large portrait of Frances from Phillips Studio.
Class book photograph; on back: 548 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan., 1916.
Class book photograph [?] of just Frances' head, 1916.
Frances graduation photo [4 DUP] from Smith, 1916.
Classmate of Frances at Smith?, 1916.
One of Frances' best friends at Smith (Marie Gilchrist [?]), 1916.
A classmate of Frances's at Smith?, 1916.
Frances and unidentified friends standing by car.
Snap shots that Brand took of Frances the other day. Please return all three when you have shown them to Glenn and Eddyth and Martha.
Frances standing outside holding some flowers.
Sepia photograph of Frances [DUP].
Portrait photo of Frances [3 different angles].
Frances in Hollins, Virginia in the Fall, 1918.
Frances at Hollins College in the Fall, 1918.
Frances outside holding a cat.
Frances by the water with her friend.
Frances with friends on Atlantic crossing (?).
On steamer, Frances in the left foreground.
Signed Portrait of Frances Bradshaw Blanshard , 1933.
Portrait of Dr. Frances B. Blanshard .
Portrait of Frances Blanshard (Mrs. Brand) at Yale University [duplicates].
Portrait of Frances Bradshaw Blanshard [duplicates].
Group picture of the Beta Chapter of Coranto, 1928.
Group picture of Frances and friends all wearing white dresses.
Frances Bradshaw Blanshard in bookstore [duplicates].
Frances Bradshaw Blanshard having a meal.
Mrs. Brand Blanshard outside with friends Harriet Bishop and Christine Donaldson.
Mrs. Brand Blanshard with friends in New Haven.
Frances Blanshard sitting on steps.
Frances Blanshard with two friends outside.
Women's Institute, Botany Bay, "May Day Revels." Francis Blanshard to rest of ... standing women, 1951-05-15.
Frances Blanshard with group of friends outside.
Frances Blanshard (?) with friends all wearing swimming suits.
Group of Blanshard's female friends gathered.
Francis Blanshard (?) and child sitting on boat .
Francis Blanshard sitting outside. "This was taken Xmas day -- I had a borrowed dress on. . .".
Blanshard on lake dock. "I received this recently from Uncle Paul taken at their lake in Minnesota. They had a cottage here but have sold it recently I believe, and plan to stay in Phoenix.".
"Roy, Jr. and his airdale puppy. 9 years", 1960.
"BB not sure; perhaps cousin of Frances Blanshard? 'Roy, Jr. and mom. I had to talk myself into sending this. I look so fat.'".
Photo of two men standing outside addressed to Frances Blanshard. "BB doesn't know them." .
Standing woman holding child .
Francis Blanshard (?) in white with group of women behind her.
Francis Blanshard (?) in white with house behind her.
Group of women wearing white standing next to car.
Friend or relative of Blanshard wearing striped dress and standing outside.
Two women sitting by lakeside .
Photo of woman and two girls standing outside .
Francis Blanshard (?) standing outside with woman and girl.

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