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Livezey-Laughlin family photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Thomas Livezey Laughlin (1873-1946), an Ohio physician and a Quaker, was the son of George and Anna Louise Laughlin. His son, Thomas L. Laughlin Jr. (1907-1973) was also a medical doctor.

This collection of photographs depicts family members, scenery (Livezey home, hunting, etc.), and vacation photos including international travel.

Gift of Herb Lapp, 2008. Forms part of RG5/271: Livezey-Laughlin Family Papers.

This collection was removed from RG5/271: Livezey-Laughlin Family Papers.

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Collection Inventory

Loose photos.
Scope and Contents

Includes: Sepia toned photograph [?] on thin fragile paper of Livezey House with surrounding woods; Portrait of a young woman with her hair up on rectangular card; Two artistic renditions of Livezey Old Hall in Cheshire, England along with a detailed history and condition of it; An old detailed map of Pennsylvania near the Delaware River Livezey House, Along the Wissahickon at Allen Lane; photograph has a detailed border surrounding it; An image of Livezey House; One of the three Parlors in the Livezey home on Allens' Lane, Germantown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Note the chair—circa 1760 Value $1800/ Donated tothe Germantown Historical Society. " Caption signed: Thomas L. Laughlin Jr. M.D. 1970; Postcard of Glen Fern, Home of Thomas Livezey, Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia, PA; Pamphlet for Anniversary dinner (1909-1970) celebrating the Livezey house first built in 1683. In 1909 a fire damaged the house. (1970[?]); Tintype encased in black paper border of 3 children; Envelope for Applegate's Philadelphia Branch Photograph; Portrait of a young child on card

Photos on board.
Scope and Contents

Includes: Two faded and difficult to see photographs on of similar parts of Livezey House [?]; Two photographs on board of a similar end of Livezey House; Photograph on board of the left end of the Livezey House; Photograph on board of a side of Livezey House similar to the second pair in the folder; Photo on board of a house taken from the street. Woman standing behind low wall gate.; Same home as previous from a different angle. Same woman stands near door and another woman stands to the right.; Photo on board of a woman sitting in rocking chai reading on front porch of home

Vacation photographs.
Scope and Contents

Includes: Two duplicates of a woman with a hat sitting on a wooden dock with a fishing pole resting against her lap.; Artistic four wheeled invention on card; A small group of people standing and sitting by the side of the road near their vehicle. Hatted woman standing with her back to the camera; Same hatted woman standing with a palm from a palm tree in front of a building; Three black bordered photographs of chickens and cows; Hatted woman beside same palm tree with a man; Group of people milling about near a road; Two women under an umbrella and a man sitting on steps. Hatted woman here might be recurring hat woman.; Little boy in uniform; Hatted woman standing and smiling at camera; Dark photograph of man looking pensively at gun; Woman sitting on porch steps with a dog in her lap; Dark photograph of same man reading a book; Dark photograph of a home with some lights on; Photograph of a shipyard; Photograph of ships in the water; Photograph of same shipyard but with people milling about. Couple walking with backs to camera look similar to hatted woman and the man next to her and the palm tree.; Photograph of a dock and boats including the Namni of New York, NY.; Photograph of two men standing in front of a car with bags on top of it; Photograph of hatted woman sitting in a car; Photograph of cars on a road; Photograph of bushes [?]; Photograph of a Mississippi steam boat by a dock; Photograph of hatted woman with a palm; Photograph of an entryway into a building; Photograph of a path bordered by palm trees; Two photograph of a nice beach view; Photograph taken of water from the Mississipi steam boat; Photograph taken of water from the Mississipi steam boat; Photograph of a boat on water taken from the Mississippi steam boat; Group of people gathered for an auction; Photograph of man with huge umbrella; Photograph taken from the Mississippi steam boat; Photograph of man near water with rowboats; Photograph of a river bordered by woods; Photograph of a dock; Mother sitting on the Pier at Santa Monica, California. Older woman sitting on log bench with a nice hat; A woman in all white standing by the edge of a river in front of some woods; An older bearded man sitting with a stick; Three people riding in a vehicle

Hunting and on a boat.
Scope and Contents

Includes: Two hunting men with a dead deer (1966); Young boy steering a boat; Young girl in an inner tube; Same two hunting men along with two others and a dead deer (1966); Janie [?]--Woman in a hat on a boat; Family of a man in hat, little girl and boy sitting together.; Photo of a baby boy with stuffed animals; Janie--Portrait of a young woman with the caption: "Daddy, Behave yourself on your boar hunt but don't bring me back a boar! Janie" (1964); Janie [?]--Woman and man sitting on a boat; Two young boys [one might be a girl] with a caught fish on a boat; Janie [?]--Same family as previous of man, boy and girl along with woman.; Janie [?]--Colored photo of man and woman in boat; Photograph of a home taken from the street

Portraits and family photographs.
Scope and Contents

Includes: Portrait of young woman; Portrait of same woman but younger [?]; Portrait of a young man with caption "To Sam, Love Tom"; Portrait of same man but from another angle; Two portraits of same young man but with glasses; Photo of family at beach. Parents a long with young woman and man [presumably their children] (1963); Photograph of older woman with black curly hair (1964); Dark photo of deer running in the woods

Around the world.
Scope and Contents

Professor N.C Lauros M.D. and Dr. James--Group picture at Maternity Hospital, Athens, Greece; The city hospital of the University of Athens (1960); Gee [?], Mrs. Cummings, "S'see" James [?], Mrs. Ross,Thomas Laughlin [?]--Group photo of older ladies and a man in Athens. 6 th person not in their party (1960); Professor N. C. Lauros M.D. --"Ward Rounds" with Professor N. C. Lauros M.D. in Maternity Hospital—the city hospital of the University of Athens, Greece. (1960); Thomas Laughlin [?]--"At Work" in Library of Maternity Hospital—city hospital of the University of Athens, Greece. (1960); Professor N. C. Lauros M.D. and Admiral Dr. James--Lecture given at Maternity Hospital—the city hospital of the University of Athens, Greece. The professor is in white. Circled—"Staple Enterocolitis" (1960); Thomas Laphlin [?]--Three duplicate portraits of man tucked between the fraternity picture and lecture picture in the mylar.; Group photo of Pi Upsilon Rho Fraternity Siemon's Pond. (1936); Photograph of a dinner with a group of suited men sitting around a round table, 1960; Photograph of group of people in Jerusalem-Bethlehem—Birthplace of Christianity, 1960; Group photo on camelback in front of Pyramid and Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt. (1960); Portrait of a man with glasses signed: "To Dr. T. Laughlin wih best wishes Mr. Kayamoz [?] Prof. Sury [?] Chika University, Japan. (1960); Thomas Laughlin[?]--Manila; Dinner at the Aristocrat; Dewey Blvd. Cor San Andres Malate. Group photo of people sitting in a row in a card frame. Frame signed Thos. Laughlin M.D. (1960); Manila; Dinner at the Aristocrat; Dewey Blvd. Cor San Andres Malate. Group photo of people standing together in a card frame signed Thos. Laughlin M.D.

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