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Scattergood Hostel and Scattergood Friends School photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Scattergood Friends School opened in Iowa in 1890 under the care of Hickory Grove Quarterly Meeting (Ohio Yearly Meeting, now Iowa Yearly Meeting). In the throes of the Great Depression, the school closed in 1931 and remained vacant for a time. When European refugees began feeling Nazis in 1938, the youth conference of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) proposed that local Quakers cooperate with the American Friends Service Committee on refugee relief. In 1939, the first refuees arrived at Scattergood Hostel, operated by the AFSC. It was a place for refugees to stay and learn about American customs and history, but tenants were also expected to participate in work crews and contribute to growing and preparing their own food. Around 1943 the hostel ceased operation and the school re-opened in 1944. Scattergood still operates as Scattergood Friends School & Farm in 2018.

The bulk of this collection is photographs of Scattergood Refugee Hostel, but there are also photographs of pre-war and post-war Scattergood Friends School.

This collection is arranged in folders by size.

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Collection Inventory

Scattergood School girls group photo with Sarah Hodgen, their teacher.
Group photo of Scattergood people.
Scattergood School group photo during the winter, 1917-18.
Verten [?] Pemburton and Fred Hemstead [?]--Two men in a horse drawn carriage on postcard.
Scattergood School while on a all day picnic at Rochester Iowa along the Cedar River at noon dining, 1915.
Marge Edwards, Lynn Zimmerman, Giles Zimmerman, Ruth Carter Burgess, John Kattenback and Earl Edwards. Group photo of the staff of the Scattergood Hostel.
Mildred Holmes Hale, Walter Stanley Sara Stanley, Camilla Hewson Flinterman and Lillian Pemberton Willoughly--Another group photo taken in the same spot as the previous photograph.
A family of three comprising of a man, woman and little girl sitting on a bench. The caption "Carter for fun" is written on the back.
Frank Schloss and Lillian Pemberton--A man weighing himself by standing on a scale with a woman writing down the answer beside him.
Hedi and Hanze Ladewig[?]--Older couple standing together outside in front of a tree.
Emil Deutsch and Hans Ladewig--Two men looking at each other outside.
Heinrich and Anne Schoenthal--Man and woman smiling for the camera inside a room.
Lisa Housen--Girl painting ceramic bowls.
Postcard of Boys Dormitory, Scattergood School, West Branch, Iowa sent to George Willoughly, 1953.
Peter Greenwood [?]Man wearing over alls walking down through the snow.
Gunther Meyer--standing outside by a house.
Mildred Holmes--Zoom in of Mildred holding a cat.
Donald Hopf--Man standing in sweater vest outside.
Louie Lichteuslein [?]--Boy standing up by ringing bell, 194?.
Portrait of man in tie with caption "Halloh George and Cilica!"[?], 1940.
Group preparing for a picnic.
Group in front of a house after Scattergood Hostel.
Group photo in black and white.
Group photo in same setting as previous one.
All male group photo in same setting as previous.
Two people lounging on top of a carriage.
Photo of farming working land with his horse.
Two men working together to farm.
Lillian Pemberton [?] (2nd from the left)--Group photo of four on porch steps.
Man walking through the snow, looking at camera.
Photo of man sitting on steps.
Photo of older man outside leaning over a table.
Photo of young man holding a tennis racket.
Photo of children and man making a snow man.
Photo of the Scattergood house on card saying "With all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Scattergood, West Branch, Iowa" Signed on back by: MarthaW. Balderston, Walter J. Stanley, Sara H. Stanley, Peppy Hannum, John Copithorne,Josephine Copithorne, Roger W. Craven, Eva Standing, Kurt Anjohn [?], George B. Thorp.
Picture of young boy holding a kitten.
Two sketches of the Scattergood Hostel.

Walter and Lillian--Black and white photo of Walter in hat and overalls and Lillian in front of a house., 1939.
Camilla Henson, Sara Pemberton, Ruth Coppock, Esther Smith [?], Marie Jensen, Mildred Holmes, Ruth Carter--A group photo of the girls (listed in order from left to right) outside in front of a house.
Earl Edwards, John Kaltenbach and Bob Burgers--Three young men lying on their stomachs outside on a blanket.
Kaethe Underwood and Lillian Pemberton--Three women sitting on a porch with two looking to the right and the other to the left. Lillian married to George Willoughly.
The Underwoods, Lillian Pemberton and Camilla Hewson--A group of four, three women and one man sitting on porch step. Lillian is third from the left.
John Kaltenbach, Ruth Carter, Lillian Pemberton and Hans Ladewig--Photo of group standing and sitting on a step. Woman at the forefront sitting is Lillian and balding man with striped tie is Hans Ladewig.
Karl and Lotte Liebman--Photo of man sitting with arms crossed with a woman standing in front of him.
Group outside having fun by a river.
Ruth Carter, Leo Jolles, Camilla Hewson and Mildred Holmes--Group of three women and a man sitting on or holding on to a thick branch.
Estelle and Camilla Hewson--Group photo outside by some hanging foliage of two men, two women and a dog being held up by his paws.
Lillian Pemberton and Peter Greenwood--Lillian in lab coat standing over Peter who lying on the porch by the door.
Paul Swarty and Martha Balderston--Martha and Paul sitting together and looking at each other on some steps.
Kurt Schufer--Kurt standing outside in front of some trees.
"Souvenir of Scattergood, your thankful Frans Nathusius [?]" Man in white standing outside on path.
Anne Shoenthal--Anne in over-alls and walking with a book outside.
Gunther Meyer--Man standing outside with hands in pockets.
Henry Shoenthal--Man outside holding brooms.
John Kaltenbach--Zoomed in photo of John outside.
John Kaltenbach--sitting on some steps in front of a door.
Robert Burgess--Zoomed in photo of Robert looking off to the left.
John Kaltenbach--standing on path in front of steps wearing hat.
Ruth Carter in overalls and hat holding Heinz box.
Ruth Carter--Group of young adults and children playing by a river. Diving board made out of a plank of wood with two girls sitting on it.
Lynn Zimmerman--Zoom in of Lynn smiling and looking to the right.
Ardith Emmons--Photo of Ardith in all black by a tree from Scattergood School.
Mary Emmons--Photo of Mary outside by windows wearing a hat.
Hanna and Michael Deutsch--The Deutsch children, boy and girl, sitting outside.
Hanna Deutsch blinking and holding two baby dolls.
Michael Deutsch in bath suit by the river.
Group photo of adults outside in front of house.
Group photo of adults moving to go inside house.
Four women sitting by the stairs by the house.
Hans Ladewig [?]--Group photo between a building and a car.
Group of men putting hay in a cart.
Women sitting on the steps and a man leaning over to talk.
Two women and men standing in front of car.
Two men and one woman standing on a gravel road.
Group photo of people standing around.
People eating around a table.
Photo of two young ladies in bathing suits by river.
Clothes hung up to dry.
Four people standing around outside.
Three women up the stairs outside a house.
Man and woman about to garden.
Woman and man holding a cat.
Faded small image of group on steps.
Man in driver's seat and woman sitting on car step.
Group of four standing around a tree.
Woman in car with a dog [?].
Younger and older woman standing at the top of the steps leading to the house.
Zoom in of a stripped shirted man's face.
Faded image of a woman with a head dress of sorts.
Man riding on a horse next to a gravel road.
Young man shoveling by stump.
Zoom in of a woman with a kerchief around neck.
Woman standing with laundry basket behind her.
Man with a towel wrapped around his shoulders.
Damaged photo of two babies smiling.
Naked baby in a jail like structure outside.
Hanna and Michael Deutsch [?] children posing in front of Christmas tree.
Susan Copithrne--Baby Susan wearing a hat with a bucket and shovel.
Photo of the house.
Back scratching post for tired motorists.

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