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Friends Historical Library collection of miscellaneous photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

This collection contains miscellaneous photographs, engravings, illustrations, and other images, acquired over time from various sources by the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Most depict Quaker schools or the the homes of Quaker families. There are also historically Quaker senior homes, conference and retreat centers, colleges and universities, and social service agencies (hospitals, orphanages, etc.). There are images of additional miscellaneous organizations and topics related to the Society of Friends, as well as some subjects and locales with no direct or obvious connection to Quakerism.

Photographs are arranged to the file level in binders, alphabetically by topic within the following series. Oversized photographs are stored at the end of the collection, in flat boxes, mirroring the order of the binders.

  1. (PA 100/B6) Senior Homes
  2. (PA 100/C4) Conference and Retreat Centers
  3. (PA 100/C6) Colleges and universities
  4. (PA 100/R4) Homes
  5. (PA 100/J3) Jails
  6. (PA 100/L6) Localities (Scenery)
  7. (PA 100/M5) Miscellaneous
  8. (PA 100/P7) Individual Portraits
  9. (PA 100/PG) Group Portraits
  10. (PA 100/S3) Schools
  11. (PA 100/S6) Social Service
  12. (PA 101) Oversize

PA 100/P Friends Historical Library Miscellaneous Portraits Collection, including individual and group photographs, are not included in this inventory. An inventory is available on-site.

In 2018-2019, the collection was inventoried and some of the series names were changed. The PA 100/R3 Race Relations series was removed, and the photographs it contained were distributed into other series within the collection as appropriate. AFSC photographs were removed to a new collection, PA 211 American Friends Service Committee Miscellaneous Photographs.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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This collection is available for research use.

Use Restrictions

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Collection Inventory

PA 100/B6/A2. Abington Friends Home.
PA 100/B6/B3. Barclay Home.
PA 100/B6/B8. Bucks Quarter Home.
PA 100/B6/B87. Burlington Quarterly Meeting Boarding Home.
PA 100/B6/C3. Cadbury.
PA 100/B6/C6. Concord Quarterly Boarding Home.
PA 100/B6/F6. Foulkeways.
PA 100/B6/F7. Friends Boarding Home of Salem Quarterly Meeting.
PA 100/B6/G7. Greenleaf.
PA 100/B6/K4. Kendal at Longwood.
PA 100/B6/L3. Lauramoore Friends Home.
PA 100/B6/M2. McCutchen Friends Home.
PA 100/B6/N4. New England Friends Home.
PA 100/B6/P45. Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting Home.
PA 100/B6/S2. Friends Retirement Home at Sandy Springs.
PA 100/B6/S95. Swarthmore at Gerard's Cross.
PA 100/B6/T6. Taylor Townsend Friends Home.
PA 100/B6/W3. Waynesville, Ohio Friends Boarding Home.
PA 100/B6/W4. Western Quarterly Meeting Boarding Home.

PA 100/C4/B3. The Backbench (Philadelphia, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/B31. Back Log Camp.
PA 100/C4/B32. Bad Pyrmont, Germany (Quakerhaus).
PA 100/C4/B4. Ben Lomond Friends Center (Calif.).
PA 100/C4/B79. Buck Hill Inn (Griscom Hall) (Buck Hill Falls, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/C4. Centre Quaker International (Paris, France).
PA 100/C4/C55. Claridge House (Surrey, England).
PA 100/C4/E24. Eagles Mere (Pa.).
PA 100/C4/F64. Friedensthal (Yorkshire, England).
PA 100/C4/F7. Friends Arch Street Center (Philadelphia, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/F72. Friends Center of Burlington, Vermont.
PA 100/C4/F73. Friends Center of 15th and Cherry Street, Philadelphia.
PA 100/C4/F75. Friends House (Penn Club, Friends International Center of London).
PA 100/C4/F76. Friends Institute of Philadelphia.
PA 100/C4/G7. Grindstone Island Centre for Peace Education (Ontario, Canada).
PA 100/C4/M37. Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel (Atlantic City, NJ).
PA 100/C4/J6. Jordans Quaker Centre (England).
PA 100/C4/P4. Pendle Hill (Wallingford, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/P5. Pocono Inn (Mt. Pocono, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/P6. Powell House (Old Chatham, NY).
PA 100/C4/Q23. Quaker Haven Camp (Ind.).
PA 100/C4/Q26. Quaker Heights Camp (Iowa).
PA 100/C4/Q3. Quaker Hill (Richmond, Ind.).
PA 100/C4/Q33. Quaker Hill Camp (Idaho).
PA 100/C4/Q6. Quaker Meadow Camp (Calif.).
PA 100/C4/S4. Friends International Center of Shanghai, China.
PA 100/C4/S5. Silver Bay (New York).
PA 100/C4/S67. Squirrel Inn (Catskill Mtns).
PA 100/C4/V5. Friends Center of Vienna, Austria.
PA 100/C4/W45. The Whittier (Young Friends Association, Philadelphia, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/W455. Whittier Guest House (Hampton Falls, N.H.).
PA 100/C4/W5. William Penn Center (Fallsington, Pa.).
PA 100/C4/W53. William Penn House (Washington, D.C.).
PA 100/C4/W58. Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre (England).
PA 100/C4/W6. Woolman Hill (Deerfield, Mass.).

PA 100/C6/B3. Barclay College (Friends Bible College and Academy).
PA 100/C6/B7. Bryn Mawr College.
PA 100/C6/D3. Dalton Hall (University of Manchester, England).
PA 100/C6/E2. Earlham College.
PA 101/C6/F7. Friends University [oversize].
PA 100/C6/F74. Friends World College.
PA 100/C6/G4. George Fox College.
PA 100/C6/G8. Guilford College.
PA 100/C6/H3. Haverford College.
PA 101/C6/H3. Haverford College [oversize].
PA 100/C6/M3. Malone.
PA 100/C6/M58. Miami Valley College.
PA 100/C6/N4. Nebraska Central College.
PA 100/C6/W45. Whittier College.
PA 100/C6/W5. William Penn.
PA 100/C6/W54. Wilmington College.

PA 100/R4/A3. Alexander Adams Residence.
PA 100/R4/A4. John Allen Residence.
PA 100/R4/A45. Samuel Alsop, Jr. Residence.
PA 100/R4/A5. James Andrews Residence.
PA 100/R4/A8. Wilmer Atkinson Residence.
PA 100/R4/A9. John James Audobon Residence.
PA 101/R4/B3. Baker Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B32. George Baker Residence.
PA 100/R4/B34. Robert Barclay Residence.
PA 101/R4/B34. Robert Barclay Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B35. William and Mary Barrett Residence.
PA 100/R4/B36. J.H. Bartlett Residence.
PA 100/R4/B37. John Bartram Residence.
PA 101/R4/B37. John Bartram Residence [oversize].
PA 101/R4/B4. Arthur Beardsley Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B45. Anthony Benezet Residence.
PA 101/R4/B47. John Bethel Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B48. Bewley Residence (Montmellick).
PA 100/R4/B485. Thomas Bewley Residence (Haltcliff).
PA 101/R4/B52. William Biddle Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B53. William Biles Residence.
PA 100/R4/B56. Thomas Blaykling Residence.
PA 100/R4/B58. John Blunston Residence.
PA 100/R4/B6. Valentine Bond Residence.
PA 100/R4/B64. Daniel Boone Residence.
PA 100/R4/B67. John Bowne Residence.
PA 101/R4/B67. John Bowne Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B7. William Bradway Residence.
PA 100/R4/B73. Brinton Residence.
PA 100/R4/B75. William Brown Residence.
PA 100/R4/B59. Samuel Blunston Residence.
PA 100/R4/B83. William Bull Residence.
PA 100/R4/B84. Samuel Bunting Residence.
PA 101/R4/B84. Samuel Bunting Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/B85. William and Elizabeth Hudson Burr Residence.
PA 100/R4/B86. Butterworth Residence.
PA 100/R4/C3. John Camm Residence (Camsgill).
PA 100/R4/C4. Samuel Carpenter Residence.
PA 100/R4/C41. Daniel Cattell Residence.
PA 100/R4/C43. Thomas Chalkley Residence.
PA 100/R4/C44. Phoebe Ann and Esther Chandler Residence.
PA 100/R4/C45. Charney Residence.
PA 100/R4/C47. Benjamin Chew Residence.
PA 101/R4/C47. Benjamin Chew Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/C48. Wenlock Christison Residence.
PA 100/R4/C49. John Churchman Jr. Residence.
PA 100/R4/C55. Thomas Clarkson Residence.
PA 101/R4/C55. Thomas Clarkson Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/C6. William Coddington Residence.
PA 100/R4/C61. Jethro Coffin Residence.
PA 100/R4/C62. Levi Coffin Residence.
PA 100/R4/C63. Elihu Coleman Residence.
PA 100/R4/C633. Richard and Sarah Willets Collins Residence.
PA 100/R4/C64. Ezra Comly Residence.
PA 100/R4/C642. John Comly Residence.
PA 101/R4/C642. John Comly Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/C65. James Cooper Residence.
PA 100/R4/C653. Joseph Cooper Residence.
PA 100/R4/C66. David Cope Residence.
PA 100/R4/C662. Morris Cope Residence.
PA 101/R4/C664. Cope Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/C667. Robert E. Coppock Residence.
PA 100/R4/C67. John and Hannah Cox Residence.
PA 101/R4/C67. John and Hannah Cox Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/C7. Creighton Residence.
PA 100/R4/D2. George Dillwyn Residence.
PA 101/R4/D3. Henry Daniels Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/D5. James and Elizabeth Dixon Residence.
PA 100/R4/D8. Dutch House (Probably Garretson Residence).
PA 100/R4/E2. S.C. Eastburn Residence.
PA 100/R4/E3. Albert Einstein Residence.
PA 100/R4/E4. Alfred and Abby Elkinton Residence.
PA 100/R4/E42. Joseph Elkinton Residence.
PA 100/R4/E43. Elkinton Residences at Mayfair.
PA 100/R4/E44. Elkinton Residence on Delancey Street.
PA 100/R4/E45. Rowland Ellis Residence (Bryn Mawr / Harriton).
PA 100/R4/E46. Thomas Ellwood Residence.
PA 101/R4/E46. Thomas Ellwood Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/E48. Ely-Rhoads Residence.
PA 100/R4/E5. George Emlen Residence.
PA 101/R4/E9. Owen Evans Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/F3. Thomas Fairman Residence.
PA 101/R4/F3. Thomas Fairman Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/F4. John Fenwick Residence.
PA 100/R4/F45. William Ferris Residence.
PA 100/R4/F55. Samuel R. Fisher Residence.
PA 100/R4/F6. William and Anna Forster Residence.
PA 100/R4/F62. John Fothergill Residence.
PA 100/R4/F63. Samuel Fothergill Residence.
PA 100/R4/F638. Elfrida Vipont Foulds Residence.
PA 100/R4/F64. Edward Foulke Residence.
PA 101/R4/F64. Edward Foulke Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/F65. Francis M. Fowler Residence.
PA 100/R4/F67. George Fox Birthplace (Fenny Drayton).
PA 101/R4/F67. George Fox Birthplace (Fenny Drayton) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/F673. George Fox and Margaret Fell Residence (Swarthmoor Hall).
PA 101/R4/F673. George Fox and Margaret Fell Residence (Swarthmoor Hall) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/F675. George Fox and Margaret Fell Residence (Swarthmoor Hall) Interior.
PA 101/R4/F675. George Fox and Margaret Fell Residence (Swarthmoor Hall) Interior [oversize].
PA 100/R4/F77. Joseph and Elizabeth Fry Residence.
PA 101/R4/F77. Joseph and Elizabeth Fry Residence [oversize].
PA 101/R4/F8. Davis Furnas Residence (Locust Hills) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/G3. Gelpin Residence.
PA 100/R4/G4. John M. George Residence.
PA 100/R4/G5. Joseph Gilpin Residence.
PA 100/R4/G55. Thomas Gilpin Mill.
PA 101/R4/G7. Jacob Green Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/G72. Stephen Grellett Residence.
PA 100/R4/G75. Wade Griscom Residence (farm).
PA 100/R4/G77. Joseph Growden Residence.
PA 100/R4/G8. Eliza P. Gurney Residence.
PA 100/R4/G82. Joseph John Gurney Residence.
PA 101/R4/G82. Joseph John Gurney Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/H3. Elizabeth Haddon Residence.
PA 101/R4/H3. Elizabeth Haddon Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/H33. S.B. Haines Residence.
PA 100/R4/H35. William and Sara Hancock Residence.
PA 101/R4/H38. Hawley Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/H36. Harriton Residence.
PA 100/R4/H37. Richard Hartshorne Residence.
PA 100/R4/H38. John Hayhurst Residence.
PA 100/R4/H39. Mahlon Hayworth Residence.
PA 100/R4/H4. Annie Heacock Residence.
PA 100/R4/H42. Heacock Residence.
PA 100/R4/H43. Robert Heath Residence.
PA 100/R4/H47. Gerhard Hendricks Residence.
PA 100/R4/H5. Elias Hicks Residence.
PA 101/R4/H5. Elia's Hicks Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/H52. Isaac Hicks Residence.
PA 100/R4/H53. Valentine Hicks Residence.
PA 100/R4/H55. Joseph Hilliard Residence.
PA 101/R4/H6. Abram Hollingsworth Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/H64. Elizabeth Hooton Residence.
PA 100/R4/H67. Herbert Hoover Residence.
PA 100/R4/H68. Newell Hoxie Residence.
PA 101/R4/H8. Owen Humphry Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/H83. Nathan Hunt Residence.
PA 100/R4/I83. William R. Isaacs Pleasant Valley (Tortola) Residence.
PA 100/R4/J4. Anna Jeanes Residence.
PA 101/R4/J45. Sam Jennings Green Hill Farm Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/J6. Benjamin E. Johnson Residence.
PA 100/R4/J62. Johnson Residence.
PA 101/R4/J63. Jane Johnson Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/J64. Rebecca Jones Residence.
PA 100/R4/J65. Rufus Jones Residence.
PA 100/R4/J67. Richard Jordan Residence.
PA 101/R4/J67. Richard Jordan's Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/J8. Philip L. Justice Residence.
PA 100/R4/K4. William Keith Residence.
PA 100/R4/K5. Joseph Kirkbride Residence.
PA 100/R4/K8. Thones Kunders Residence.
PA 100/R4/L4. Toby Leech Residence.
PA 101/R4/L42. Dr. Camberwell Lettsom Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/L44. Samuel Levis Residence.
PA 100/R4/L45. William Lewis Residence.
PA 100/R4/L47. Lewis Residence.
PA 100/R4/L48. Abraham Lincoln Residence.
PA 100/R4/L5. Thomas Livezey Residence.
PA 100/R4/L55. Lloyd Residence.
PA 100/R4/L6. James Logan Residence.
PA 100/R4/L8. Benjamin Lundy Residence.
PA 100/R4/M2. Thomas McCabe Residence.
PA 101/R4/M3. The Old Macker House [oversize].
PA 100/R4/M32. Christopher Macy Residence.
PA 100/R4/M36. Humphrey Marshall Residence.
PA 101/R4/M4. Mendenhall Home [oversize].
PA 100/R4/M55. John Milton Residence.
PA 100/R4/M6. Deborah Moody Residence.
PA 100/R4/M64. Israel Morris Residence.
PA 100/R4/M65. James Morris Residence.
PA 100/R4/M67. Lucretia Mott Residence in Nantucket.
PA 100/R4/M673. James and Lucretia Mott Residence (Roadside).
PA 101/R4/M673. James and Lucretia Mott Residence (Roadside) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/M68. John Mounsey Residence.
PA 100/R4/M7. Lindley Murray Residence.
PA 101/R4/M7. Lindley Murray Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/M8. Albert Cook Myers.
PA 100/R4/M9. Mulford Residence.
PA 100/R4/N4. Estes Newhall Residence.
PA 100/R4/N5. Inazo Nitobe Residence.
PA 100/R4/N6. Charles Norris Residence.
PA 100/R4/N62. Isaac Norris Residence.
PA 100/R4/O2. Oakwood Residence.
PA 100/R4/O4. Stephen Ogden Residence.
PA 100/R4/P3. Thomas Paine Residence.
PA 100/R4/P33. William Parker Residence (site of Christiana Riot).
PA 100/R4/P35. Jonathan Parson Residence.
PA 100/R4/P355. Parvin Residence.
PA 100/R4/P36. B.H. Passmore Residence.
PA 100/R4/P365. Daniel Pastorius Residence.
PA 100/R4/P39. John Payne Residence.
PA 100/R4/P4. Joshua and Rachel Peirce Residence.
PA 100/R4/P43. Phineas Pemberton Residence.
PA 101/R4/P45. Gulielma Penn Residence (Broyle Place) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/P452. John Penn Lansdown Residence.
PA 100/R4/P453. John Penn Stoke Park Residence.
PA 100/R4/P454. Thomas Penn Residence.
PA 100/R4/P46. William Penn England Residence (Warminghurst).
PA 100/R4/P462. William Penn United States Residences (Pennsbury, Slate Roof, Letitia Court).
PA 101/R4/P462. William Penn United States Residences (Pennsbury, Slate Roof, Letitia Court) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/P47. William Penn Ireland Residence (Macroom).
PA 101/R4/P47. William Penn Ireland Residence (Macroom) [oversize].
PA 100/R4/P49. Samuel Pennypacker Residence.
PA 100/R4/P6. Thomas Pole Residence.
PA 101/R4/P63. The Old Poole Home [oversize].
PA 100/R4/P65. Isaac Potts Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/P67. Aaron and Anna Powell Residence.
PA 100/R4/P68. Richard Powell Residence.
PA 100/R4/P7. Preston Patrick Hall.
PA 100/R4/P72. Richard Preston Residence.
PA 100/R4/P74. Thomas Priestman Residence (Almery Garth).
PA 100/R4/P8. Caleb Pusey Residence.
PA 101/R4/P8. Caleb Pusey Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/R4. Thomas Buchanan Read Residence.
PA 100/R4/R47. Richard Reynolds Residence.
PA 100/R4/R48. Charles Rhoads Residence.
PA 100/R4/R49. John Rhodes (Rhoads) Residence.
PA 100/R4/R5. John Richardson Residence.
PA 100/R4/R52. Nathaniel Richardson Residence.
PA 100/R4/R57. David Rittenhouse Residence.
PA 100/R4/R6. John Roberts Residence.
PA 101/R4/R62. Joseph Roberts Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/R8. Jane Rushmore Residence.
PA 100/R4/S2. John Salkeld Residence.
PA 100/R4/S24. David Sands Residence.
PA 100/R4/S3. Mary Schofield Residence.
PA 100/R4/S32. Schofield Residence.
PA 100/R4/S4. Rachel Seaman Residence.
PA 100/R4/S44. David Sellers Residence.
PA 100/R4/S5. Isaac Sharp Residence.
PA 100/R4/S53. Philip M. Sharples Residence.
PA 100/R4/S532. Sharples/Sharpless Residence.
PA 101/R4/S533. John Sharpless Residence [oversize].
PA 101/R4/S534. Joseph Sharpless Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/S54. Reeve Sheppard Residence.
PA 100/R4/S545. Elizabeth Shewell Residence.
PA 100/R4/S55. Shipley Residence.
PA 100/R4/S552. Edward Shippen Residence.
PA 100/R4/S554. Shippen-Wister Residence.
PA 100/R4/S56. Isaac Shoemaker Residence.
PA 100/R4/S562. John Shoemaker Residence.
PA 100/R4/S563. Mary Shoemaker Residence.
PA 100/R4/S564. Thomas Shoemaker Residence.
PA 100/R4/S57. Philip Short Residence.
PA 100/R4/S6. Horace Smith Residence.
PA 100/R4/S7. Mahlon Stacey Residence.
PA 100/R4/S72. Stainforth Residence.
PA 100/R4/S73. W.C. Starr Residence.
PA 100/R4/S75. William Stevens Residence.
PA 100/R4/S8. Strawberry How.
PA 100/R4/S9. Joseph Swain Residence.
PA 100/R4/S95. Sylvester Residence.
PA 100/R4/T3. Bayard Taylor Residence.
PA 100/R4/T32. Lowndes and Rachel Taylor Residence.
PA 100/R4/T45. John and Richard Thomas Residence.
PA 100/R4/T46. Richard Thomas Residence.
PA 100/R4/T7. George S. Truman Residence.
PA 101/R4/T7. George S. Truman Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/T9. Martha E. Tyson Residence.
PA 101/R4/T9. Martha E. Tyson Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/U5. Underhill Residence.
PA 100/R4/W3. Walker Residence.
PA 100/R4/W32. Richard Wall Residence.
PA 101/R4/W34. George Washington Ancestors Residence [oversize].
PA 101/R4/W35. George Washington Residence [oversize].
PA 101/R4/W4. Peter Wentz Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/W42. Benjamin West Newtown Square Residence.
SPA 200/B8/036. Benjamin West Swarthmore Residence.
PA 101/R4/W42. Benjamin West Swarthmore Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/W43. William and Deborah Wharton Residence.
PA 101/R4/W43. Daniel Wheeler Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/W44. Ann Whitall Residence.
PA 100/R4/W45. Ann Whitall Red Bank, NJ Residence.
PA 100/R4/W46. Christopher White Residence.
PA 101/R4/W46. Christopher White Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/W47. John G. Whittier Residence.
PA 101/R4/W47. John G.Whittier Residence [oversize].
PA 100/R4/W49. Benjamin Wiggins Residence.
PA 100/R4/W5. Samuel Willson Residence.
PA 100/R4/W52. Samuel Wilson Residence.
PA 100/R4/W54. Caspar Wistar Residence [Wyck].
PA 100/R4/W55. Charles J. Wister.
PA 100/R4/W6. Richard Wood Residence.
PA 100/R4/W62. John Woolman Residence.
PA 100/R4/W64. William Wordsworth.
PA 100/R4/Z3. S.P. and Ida Zavitz.

PA 100/J3/C33. Carnarvon Castle.
PA 101/J3/C6. Colchester Castle [oversize].
PA 100/J3/E27. Eastern State Penitentiary.
PA 100/J3/L3. Lancaster Castle.
PA 100/J3/L34. Lanceston Castle.
PA 100/J3/N4. Newgate Prison.
PA 100/J3/W3. Warwick Prison.
PA 100/J3/Y6. York Castle Prison.

PA 110/L6/B6. Boston, Massachussetts.
PA 100/L6/B9. Byberry, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/C3. Cape May, New Jersey.
PA 100/L6/C45. Chalfont St. Giles, England.
PA 100/L6/C46. Chester, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/C6. Coalbrookdale, England.
PA 100/L6/D3. Darby, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/D4. Deer Creek, Maryland.
PA 100/L6/D88. Dutchess County, New York.
PA 100/L6/E64. Ephrata, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/F55. Flushing, Long Island, New York.
PA 100/L6/G4. Georgia.
PA 100/L6/G7. Greenwich, New Jersey.
PA 100/L6/H2. Haddonfield, New Jersey.
PA 100/L6/H3. Haverfordwest, Wales.
PA 100/L6/J6. Jordans, England.
PA 101/L6/J6. Jordans, England [oversize].
PA 100/L6/I5. Indiana (Richmond, Indianapolis, Wabash).
PA 100/L6/L3. Lambourn, England.
PA 100/L6/L5. Little Miami River, Ohio.
PA 100/L6/L54. Little River, North Carolina.
PA 100/L6/L6. Llanelltyd, Wales.
PA 100/L6/L7. London, England.
PA 100/L6/M5. Monyash, England.
PA 100/L6/N3. Nantucket, Massachusetts.
PA 100/L6/N4. New Bedford, Massachusetts.
PA 100/L6/N45. Newton, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/N47. New York State (Allamauchy, Chautauqua Lake).
PA 100/L6/O3. Ohio.
PA 100/L6/P45. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
PA 101/L6/P45. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [oversize].
PA 100/L6/P47. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Germantown.
PA 100/L6/P6. Portarlington, Ireland.
PA 100/L6/R2. Radnor, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/R3. Rancocas, New Jersey.
PA 100/L6/R6. Roslyn, Long Island, New York.
PA 100/L6/S2. Salem, New Jersey.
PA 100/L6/S25. Scarborough England.
PA 100/L6/S4. Settle, England.
PA 100/L6/S55. Skegby Village, England.
PA 100/L6/S7. Stoke Poges, England.
PA 100/L6/T7. Trenton Fall, New York.
PA 100/L6/U4. Ulverston, England.
PA 100/L6/V3. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
PA 100/L6/W35. Warton Crag, England.
PA 100/L6/W5. Wilmington, Delaware.
PA 100/L6/W7. Worms a Rhein, Germany.
PA 100/L6/Y4. Yealand Conyers, England.
PA 100/L6/Y6. York, England.

PA 100/M5/A54. Antiques.
PA 100/M5/A58. Antislavery.
PA 101/M5/A58. Antislavery [oversize].
PA 100/M5/B4. Thomas Beales (relating to) - Marker.
PA 100/M5/B72. Marriott Brosius (relating to) - Marker.
PA 100/M5/B73. John Brown (relating to) - Homestead and Grave.
PA 100/M5/B85. Burial Grounds - Southwestern, Longwood, Jordans, Sunbrick.
PA 100/M5/C38. Cattaraugus Reservation (Seneca Nation of Indians) - scenery and inhabitants.
PA 100/M5/C46. Chocolate - Cadbury's and Fry's.
PA 100/M5/C58. Civilian Public Service - Patapsco, MD camp.
PA 100/M5/C75. Costume (clothing, dress).
PA 100/M5/D46. Demonstrations (peace protests, vigils, etc.).
PA 100/M5/D5. John Dickinson (relating to - Gravemarker.
PA 100/M5/E3. William Edmundson (relating to) - Edmundson-Fox Memorial.
PA 100/M5/F6. George Fox (relating to) - includes tombstone, furniture, sites (Pendle Hill, Firbank Fell, etc.), Bible.
PA 101/M5/F6. George Fox (relating to) [oversize].
PA 100/M5/F7. Friends Book Concern (Damascus, Ohio).
PA 100/M5/F72. Friends Book Store (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/M5/F74. Friends Central Offices [Friends United Meeting] (Richmond, Ind.).
PA 100/M5/G7. Great Nemaha Agency (US Office of Indian Affairs) - scenery and inhabitants.
PA 100/M5/G8. Stephen Grellett (relating to) - Cloak.
PA 100/M5/H43. Hearse.
PA 100/M5/H48. Theodore Hetzel photographs of Quaker relations with Native Americans, 1963-1970.
Scope and Contents

Photographs are only partially identified, but include: John Wooden Legs (tribal president of the Northern Cheyenne, 1955-1968); U.S. Representative John P. Saylor (Republican of Pennsylvania) and Robert L. Haines (chairman of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Indian Committee) participating in a dance, presumably with the Iroquois and Seneca as part of their activism to preserve the Cornplanter Tract as assured in the Treaty of Canandaigua by opposing the Kinzua Dam project (Pennsylvania); people of the Crownpoint Chapter of the Navajo Nation (New Mexico); and more.

PA 100/M5/H5. Elias Hicks (relating to) - Marker and Exhibition.
PA 100/M5/K5. Kickapoo Village, Indian Territory - scenery and inhabitants.
PA 101/M5/K6. Kiowa ("Texas Indian Reservation") - scenery and inhabitants [oversize].
PA 100/M5/M3. Philadelphia Masters (relating to) - table and spoons given to him by William Penn.
PA 100/M5/P4. William Penn (relating to) - Tree, Furniture, House Plan, album of Ireland sites, Wampum Belt, grave, statues and monuments.
PA 101/M5/P4. William Penn (relating to) - Tree, etc. [oversize].
PA 100/M5/P43. Pennsylvania Hall.
PA 100/M5/Q5. Quilts.
PA 100/M5/S26. Samplers (embroidery).
PA 100/M5/S55. William Shipley (relating to) - Chair.
PA 100/M5/S7. Strawbridge's (Strawbridge, J.C. and Co.; Strawbridge and Clothier).
PA 100/M5/T47. Thread and Needle Society.
PA 100/M5/W31. Wales (costumes of).
PA 100/M5/W2. Walking Purchase (relating to) - Marker and Wrightstown Friends Meetinghouse.
PA 100/M5/W34. George Washington (relating to) - headquarters for Battle of Brandywine and in Fairmount Park.
PA 100/M5/W43. Quaker Weddings (exhibit).
PA 100/M5/W46. John G. Whittier (relating to) - Residence, Family, Funeral, Grave.
PA 101/M5/W55. Women's suffrage [oversize].
PA 100/M5/W56. Women's Rights National Historical Park.
PA 100/M5/W6. John Woolman (relating to) - Chair, Memorial, Grave.
Portraits of Individuals.
Portraits of Groups.

PA 100/S3/A2. Abington Friends School (Abington, PA).
PA 100/S3/A25. Ackworth School (Pontefract, Yorkshire, England).
PA 101/S3/A25. Ackworth School [oversize] (Pontefract, Yorkshire, England).
PA 100/S3/A4. Amigos School (Chiquimula, Guatemala).
PA 100/S3/A85. Atlantic City Friends School (Atlantic City, NJ).
PA 101/S3/A85. Atlantic City Friends School [oversize] (Atlantic City, NJ).
PA 100/S3/B3. Baltimore Friends School (Baltimore, Maryland).
PA 100/S3/B36. Barnesville Friends Academy (Barnesville, Ohio).
PA 101/S3/B36. Barnesville Friends Academy [oversize] (Barnesville, Ohio).
PA 100/S3/B4. Benjamin Hallowell School (Alexandria, VA).
PA 100/S3/B47. Berkeley Friends School (Berks County, PA).
PA 100/S3/B5. Birmingham School House (Chester County, PA).
PA 100/S3/B6. Bootham School (York, England).
PA 100/S3/B7. Brookfield Agricultural School (Moira, Ireland).
PA 101/S3/B7. Brookfield Agricultural School [oversize] (Moira, Ireland).
PA 100/S3/B73. Brooklyn Friends Chinese School (Brooklyn, NY).
PA 100/S3/B76. Brummana High School (Brummana, Lebanon).
PA 101/S3/B82. Buckingham Friends School [oversize] (Lahaska, PA).
PA 100/S3/B87. Buttonwood Seminary (Hancock's Bridge, NJ).
PA 100/S3/B9. Byberry Friends School (Byberry, PA).
PA 100/S3/C36. Camden Friends School on Market Street (Camden, NJ).
PA 100/S3/C365. Camp Todd Freedmen's School (Alexandria, VA).
PA 100/S3/C38. Carlisle Indian Industrial School (Carlisle, PA).
PA 101/S3/C38. Carlisle Indian Industrial School [oversize] (Carlisle, PA).
PA 100/S3/C46. Central Academy (Plainfield, IN).
PA 100/S3/C51. Chappaqua Mountain Institute (Chappaqua, NY).
PA 100/S3/C5. Chester Brick School (Maple Shade, NJ).
PA 100/S3/C52. Chester Friends School (Clinton County, Ohio).
PA 100/S3/C6. Classical Seminary (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/C64. Clear Creek Friends First-Day School (Monabb, Ill.).
PA 100/S3/C68. Coldstream Friends First-Day School (Coldstream, Canada).
PA 100/S3/D34. Darby Friends School (Darby, PA).
PA 100/S3/D35. Darlington Friends School (Darlington, MD).
PA 100/S3/D6. Downington Friends School (Downingtown, PA).
PA 100/S3/E7. Ercildoun Seminary (Ercildoun, PA).
PA 100/S3/F61. Frankford Friends School (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/F65. Friends Academy (Richmond, Ind.).
PA 100/S3/F73. Friends Central School at Overbrook (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/F732. Friends Central School in Philadelphia (15th and Race) (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 101/S3/F732. Friends Central School [oversize].
PA 100/S3/F74. The Friends' School (Hobart, Australia).
PA 100/S3/F75. Friends School (Tokyo, Japan).
PA 100/S3/F76. Friends New England Boarding School (Providence, RI).
PA 100/S3/F773. Friends' West Philadelphia School (35th and Lancaster) (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 101/S3/F773. Friends' West Philadelphia School (35th and Lancaster) [oversize] (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/F784. Friends Select School (Media, PA).
PA 101/S3/F786. Friends Select School [oversize] (Philadephia, PA).
PA 100/S3/F787. Friends Seminary / Brooklyn Friends School (Brooklyn, NY).
PA 100/S3/F800. Friends World College (Westbury, NY).
PA 100/S3/G3. Sod Schoolhouse (Gate, Oklahoma).
PA 100/S3/G42. George School (Bucks Co., PA).
PA 101/S3/G42. George School [oversize] (Bucks Co., PA).
PA 100/S3/G46. Germantown Academy (Philadlephia, PA).
PA 100/S3/G47. Germantown Friends School (Philadlephia, PA).
PA 101/S3/G47. Germantown Friends School [oversize] (Philadlephia, PA).
PA 100/S3/G6. Goose Creek First-Day School (Virginia).
PA 100/S3/G7. Greene Street Friends School (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 101/S3/G7. Greene Street Friends School [oversize] (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/G65. Great Ayton Friends' School (England).
PA 101/S3/G65. Great Ayton Friends' School [oversize] (England).
PA 100/S3/G71. Greenleaf Friends Academy (Greenleaf, Idaho).
PA 100/S3/G72. Greenwood Seminary (Millville, PA).
PA 100/S3/G8. Gummere Boarding School (Burlington, NJ).
PA 101/S3/G87. Gwynedd Boarding School [oversize] (Gwynedd, PA).
PA 100/S3/G9. Gwynedd Friends School (Gwynedd, PA).
PA 100/S3/H3. Haddonfield Friends School (Haddonfield, NJ).
PA 100/S3/H35. Happy Grove School (Hectors River, Jamaica).
PA 100/S3/H36. Hartshill School House (England).
PA 100/S3/H35. Hayhurst School (unknown).
PA 100/S3/H4. Heacock's Friends Boarding School (Chelton Hills, PA).
PA 100/S3/H5. Highgate Continuation School (Highgate, Jamaica).
PA 100/S3/H6. Horsham First-Day School (Horsham, PA).
PA 100/S3/I58. Internationale Quakerschool Beverweerd (Werkhoven, Holland).
PA 100/S3/J4. Jericho Friends School (unknown).
PA 100/S3/K3. Kaimosi Boarding School (Kaimosi, Kenya).
PA 100/S3/K4. Kenya Friends Normal Training School (Kaimosi, Kenya).
PA 100/S3/L33. Lafayette Avenue Chinese Mission School (Brooklyn, NY).
PA 100/S3/L34. Laing School (Mount Pleasant, SC).
PA 101/S3/L34. Laing School [oversize] (Mount Pleasant, SC).
PA 100/S3/L345. Langhorne Friends School (Langhorne, PA).
PA 100/S3/L35. Lansdowne Friends School (Lansdowne, PA).
PA 101/S3/L349. Lansdowne First Day School [oversize] (Lansdowne, PA).
PA 100/S3/L4. Leighton Park School (Reading, England).
PA 100/S3/L48. Letitia Penn School Schoolhouse (Valley Forge, Pa.).
PA 100/S3/L63. Locust Valley Friends Academy (Long Island, NY).
PA 100/S3/L68. Lower Mansfield Friends School (Bustleton, NJ).
PA 101/S3/L68. Lower Mansfield Friends School [oversize] (Bustleton, NJ).
PA 100/S3/L9. Lyndale Girls Home (Highgate, Jamaica).
PA 100/S3/M28. Magdeberg [William Hubben's School] (Magdeburg, Germany).
PA 100/S3/M3. Maiden Creek Quaker School (Berks County, PA).
PA 100/S3/M39. Medford Schoolhouse (Medford, NJ).
PA 100/S3/M37. Mary Lyon School (Swarthmore, PA).
PA 100/S3/M4. Media Friends School (Media, PA).
PA 101/S3/M4. Media Friends School [oversize] (Media, PA).
PA 100/S3/M42. The Meeting School (West Rindge, NH).
PA 101/S3/M5. Mickleton Schools [oversize] (Mickleton, NJ).
PA 100/S3/M6. Moore St. Industrial School (Richmond, VA).
PA 100/S3/M63. Moorestown Friends School (Moorestown, NJ).
PA 101/S3/M63. Moorestown Friends' School [oversize] (Moorestown, NJ).
PA 100/S3/M67. Moses Brown Friends' School (Providence, RI).
PA 101/S3/M67. Moses Brown Friends' School [oversize] (Providence, RI).
PA 100/S3/M684. Mount Holly School (Mount Holly, NJ).
PA 100/S3/M686. Mount Pleasant Boarding School (Mount Pleasant, Ohio).
PA 100/S3/M688. Mount School (York, England).
PA 100/S3/N493. New Garden Friends First-Day School (West Grove, PA).
PA 101/S3/N493. New Garden Friends First-Day School [oversize] (West Grove, PA).
PA 100/S3/N495. New York (20th Street Meeting) Adult School (New York, NY).
PA 100/S3/N497. Newton Schoolhouse (Newton, NJ).
PA 100/S3/N499. New Zealand Friends School (Wanganui, NZ).
PA 100/S3/N56. Nine Partners Boarding School (Union Springs, NY).
PA 101/S3/N56. Nine Partners Boarding School [oversize] (Union Springs, NY).
PA 100/S3/O253. Oakdale School (Lincoln, Virginia).
PA 100/S3/O254. Oak Grove Friends School (New Jersey).
PA 100/S3/O255. Oak Grove Seminary (Vassalboro, Maine).
PA 100/S3/O258. Oakwood Friends School (Poughkeepsie, NY).
PA 101/S3/O258. Oakwood Friends School [oversize] (Poughkeepsie, NY).
PA 100/S3/O259. Oakwood Seminary (Union Springs, NY).
PA 100/S3/O43. Old Springfield Schoolhouse (Unknown).
PA 100/S3/O73. Orange Grove Friends First-Day School (California).
PA 100/S3/O94. Oxford Friends First-Day School (Oxford, PA).
PA 100/S3/P45. Penn Charter School (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/P46. Pennington Hill Academy (Port Antonio, Jamaica).
PA 100/S3/P47. Penn School (St. Helena Island, SC).
PA 100/S3/P48. Pennsdale Friends Schoolhouse (Pennsdale, PA).
PA 100/S3/P49. Pennsville Friends Schoolhouse (Pennsville, Ohio).
PA 100/S3/P55. Philadelphia (Race Street) First Day School (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S3/P59. Plymouth Friends School (Plymouth, PA).
PA 100/S3/R26. Ramallah Friends Boys' School (Ramallah).
PA 101/S3/R31. Raisin Valley Seminary [oversize] (Adrian, MI).
PA 100/S3/R32. Rancocas Friends School (Rancocas, NJ).
PA 101/S3/R32. Rancocas Friends School [oversize] (Rancocas, NJ).
PA 100/S3/R33. Rancocas Friends [Orthodox] School (Rancocas, NJ).
PA 100/S3/R63. Roberts Schoolhouse (Wayne County, Ind.).
PA 100/S3/S12. Sadsbury Friends School (Sadsbury, PA).
PA 100/S3/S15. Salonica Quaker Girls' School (Salonkia, Greece).
PA 100/S3/S23. Scattergood Friends School (West Branch, IA).
PA 100/S3/S33. Schofield School (Aiken, SC).
PA 101/S3/S33. Schofield School [oversize].
PA 100/S3/S5. Sharon Female Seminary (Attleboro, PA).
PA 100/S3/S55. Sibford School (Banbury, England).
PA 100/S3/S56. Sidcot School (Winscombe, England).
PA 100/S3/S57. Sidwell Friends School (Washington, DC).
PA 100/S3/S6. Solebury Friends School (Bucks County, Pa.).
PA 100/S3/S65. Spiceland Academy (Spiceland, Ind.).
PA 100/S3/S67. Spring River Academy (Galena, KS).
PA 100/S3/S95. Swarthmore Preparatory School (Swarthmore, PA).
PA 100/S3/S96. Swarthmore School of Music (Swarthmore, PA).
PA 100/S3/S97. Swift-Purscell Boys Home (Highgate, Jamaica).
PA 100/S3/T86. Tunesassa Friends Indian Boarding School (Quaker Bridge, NY).
PA 100/S3/U4. Ulster Provincial School (Lisburn, Ireland).
PA 101/S3/V4. Vermilion Grove Friends Academy [oversize] (Vermilion Grove, Ill.).
PA 100/S3/W42. West Chester Friends First Day School (West Chester, PA).
PA 101/S3/W42. West Chester Friends First Day School [oversize] (West Chester, PA).
PA 100/S3/W425. West Chester Friends School (West Chester, PA).
PA 101/S3/W425. West Chester Friends School [oversize] (West Chester, PA).
PA 100/S3/W43. West Grove Friends School (West Grove, PA).
PA 100/S3/W435. West Grove Friends First-Day School (West Grove, PA).
PA 100/S3/W45. Westbury Friends School (Westbury, NY).
PA 100/S3/W46. Westfield Friends School (Cinnaminson, NJ).
PA 100/S3/W47. Westtown School [miscellaneous images] (West Chester, PA).
PA 100/S3/W47. Westtown School [Westtonian supplement images] (West Chester, PA).
PA 101/S3/W47. Westtown School [oversize] (West Chester, PA).
PA 100/S3/W49. White's Institute (Wabash, Indiana ).
PA 100/S3/W51. Wilmington Friends School (Wilmington, DE).
PA 101/S3/W51. Wilmington Friends School [oversize] (Wilmington, DE).
PA 101/S3/W52. Wilmington Friends First-Day School [oversize] (Wilmington, DE).
PA 101/S3/W54. Winchester Friends First-Day School [oversize] (Winchester, VA).
PA 100/S3/W63. Woodbury Friends School (Woodbury, NJ).
PA 100/S3/W65. Woodstown-Pilegrove Friends First-Day School (Woodstown, NJ).
PA 101/S3/W65. Woodstown-Pilegrove Friends First-Day School [oversize] (Woodstown, NJ).
PA 100/S3/W66. Woolman School (Swarthmore, PA).
PA 100/S3/W7. Wrightstown Public School (Wrightstown, PA).
PA 100/S3/W9. Wyandot Indian Mission School (Upper Sandusky, Ohio).
PA 100/S3/Y4. Yealand Conyers Friends School (Yealand Conyers, England).
PA 100/S3/Y6. Yorktown Mission School (York County, VA).

PA 101/M5/B45. Bedford Institute Association (Quaker Social Action) [oversize] (London, England).
PA 100/S6/C6. Colored Orphan Asylum (New York, NY).
PA 100/S6/C45. Children's Village (Austria).
PA 100/S6/D3. Daniel and Emily Oliver Orphanages (Ras el-Metn, Lebanon; Brummana, Lebanon; Syria).
PA 101/S6/D3. Daniel and Emily Oliver Orphanages [oversize] (Ras el-Metn, Lebanon; Brummana, Lebanon; Syria).
PA 100/S6/E4. Elizabeth Fry Children's Home (York, England).
PA 100/S6/F71. Friends' Alms House (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 101/S6/F71. Friends' Alms House [oversize].
PA 101/S6/F712. Friends' Ambulance Unit [oversize] (England).
PA 100/S6/F715. Friends Asylum (Nantucket, Mass.).
PA 100/S6/F72. Friends' Committee on National Legislation (Washington, DC).
PA 100/S6/F725. Friends' Freedmen's Schoolhouse.
PA 100/S6/F73. Friends Home for Children (Pennsylvania).
PA 100/S6/F732. Friends Hospital (Friends Asylum for the Insane) (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S6/F74. Friends Neighborhood Guild (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S6/F75. Friends Orphanage in Switzerland.
PA 101/S4/F76. Friends' Relief Service [oversize] (England).
PA 100/S6/F77. Friends Shelter for Girls (Pennsylvania).
PA 100/S6/H6. Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 101/S6/H6. Home for Aged and Infirm Colored Persons [oversize] (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 101/S6/I5. Industrial Home for Blind Women [oversize] (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S6/J4. Jeanes Hospital (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S6/P4. Pennsylvania Hospital (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S6/P42. Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane (Kirkbride's Hospital) (Philadelphia, PA).
PA 100/S6/R4. The Retreat (York, England).
PA 101/S6/R4. The Retreat [oversize] (York, England).

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