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James Pepple. A People Called Quakers exhibition photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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These photograph document the opening of New York Yearly Meeting's exhibition "A People called Quakers," held in Nassau County Museums in 1987. There are pictures of attendees, such as Stephen Angell, Roy Moger, and Elizabeth & George Watson; as well as the exhibit content. The photographs were taken by James (Jim) Peppler and are well labeled.

There is no particular arrangement to the collection, although photographs of prominent individuals/speakers and the opening celebration of the exhibit precede photographs of the exhibit itself.

Gift of NYYM, 1997.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Jissel Becerra Reyes
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Collection Inventory

PA093/01/001. Elizabeth & George Watson, Speakers @ Opening Celebration.
PA093/01/002. Elizabeth & George Watson.
PA093/01/003. Elizabeth & George Watson.
PA093/02/001. Roy W. Moger.
PA093/03/001. Opening Celebration.
PA093/03/002. Opening Celebration.
PA093/04/001. Nidia Gonzalez.
PA093/04/002. Nidia Gonzalez de Peppler, Ruth Ringenbach, Stephen Angell, & Etta Peppler.
PA093/04/003. Nidia Gonzalez de Peppler, Ruth Ringenbach, Stephen Angell, & Etta Peppler.
PA093/04/004. Roy Moger, Elizabeth Moger, & Nidia Gonzalez de Peppler.
PA093/04/005. Roy Moger, Nidia Gonzalez, & Etta Peppler.
PA093/05/001. Stephen Angell, Ruth Ringenbach, & Erin Eriksson.
PA093/05/002. Stephen Angell & Ruth Ringenbach.
PA093/05/003. Stephen Angell & Ruth Ringenbach.
PA093/06/001. Carly Rushmore, Leon Rushmore, Muriel Feraru, & Stephanie Freivogel.
PA093/06/002. Opening Celebration.
PA093/06/003. Stephen Angell, Richard Goodman, & Elizabeth Moger.
PA093/06/004. Stephen Angell & Elizabeth Moger.
PA093/06/005. Opening Celebration.
PA093/06/006. Opening Celebration.
PA093/07/001. Erin Eriksson & Roy Moger.
PA093/07/002. Valentine Titus, Caroline Rushmore, Leon Rushmore, & John Stamm.
PA093/07/003. Ryan Moger & Hazel Scudder.
PA093/07/004. Murray Melnick.
PA093/07/005. Carol Melnick & Murray Melnick.
PA093/08/001. Anne-Marie Eriksson, Alan Weisel, & Marjorie Weisel.
PA093/08/002. Alan & Marjorie Weisel.
PA093/09/001. Etta Peppler in simulated Meeting Room.
PA093/09/002. Simulated Meeting Room.
PA093/09/003. Detail of Exhibit.
PA093/10/001. Detail of Exhibit.
PA093/10/002. Detail of Exhibit.
PA093/10/003. Portrait by Fere.
PA093/10/004. Effigy of 18 th (?) century Friend.
PA093/10/005. Detail of Exhibit.
PA093/10/006. Detail of Exhibit.
PA093/10/007. Roy Moger, Theodore Robinson, & JoLee Robinson.
PA093/10/008. Detail of Exhibit.

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