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Palmer Family Photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

The Palmer family was a Quaker family descended from John and Christian Palmer, who settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1863, but who was active in Chester and Delware County. They are a family of Hicksite Quakers.

The photographs in this collection are related to the Sarah Hopper Family Papers RG 5/115 and Charles Palmer Family Papers RG 5/112. The photographs depict individuals from the Palmer, Pancoast, Darlington, and related families. It includes one leather album of cartes de visite, a large group portrait, a single carte de visite of a child, and disbound albums of cartes de visite and cabinet cards placed in plastic sleeves. Of special interest are the photographs of Lucretia Mott and Caroline Elias, Elias Hicks' daughter.

The photographs are arranged according to the album they belonged to (if disbound).

Acc. 97-040, Gift of Charles Mullen

Transferred from PA 87: Marriage certificate, Lewis and Hannah (Pancoast) Palmer, 1862, removed to Marriage certificates, "P"

Photographs removed to Oversize, Conferences:

Young Friends Conference, Westtown School, August 31, 1923;

Young Friends Conference (by Thompson and Bingham);

Poughkeepsie, NY;

Twelfth Annual Young Friends Conference, Richmond, Indiana, July 22-August 1, 1921.

Photograph removed to Oversize, Swarthmore College Classes:

Swarthmore College, Class of 1923

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Collection Inventory

1. Anna S. Darlington.
2. Hannah P. Palmer.
3. William W. Palmer.
4. John Palmer.
5. Lewis Palmer.
6. Hannah H. Palmer.
7. Hannah Palmer.
8. Robert Palmer, Oregon.
9. Anna Hannum.
10. William Hannum.
11. Bessie Styer, John Styer, Paschall Styer.
12. Annie Dickeson, Susan Pancoast.
13. Paul Willets, Joseph H. Willets.
14. Charles Parrish.
15. Frank Willets.
16. Mary Darlington Palmer (1868-1892), front.
17. Mary Darlington Palmer, profile.
18. Joseph Pancoast Palmer.
19. Margaret R. Palmer.
20. Mary Darlington Byers (1862-1894).
21. Elizabeth Willets.
22. Charles Pancoast.
23. Mary Smedley Pancoast.
24. Anna Smedley.
25. Henry L. Paschall.
26. Annie T. Paschall.
27. Susan Thompson.
28. Abram Hall (1812-1880).
29. Lydia Palmer Hall (1816-1898).
30. Lydia Green.
31. Charles Palmer, Arletta Cutler Palmer.
32. Mrs. Pitman.
33. Caleb Pitman.

1. Charlie Palmer '82, Joseph P. Palmer; Edwin G. Palmer '90, Samuel C. Palmer '95, 1892.
2. Mary Darlington Palmer (1868-1892) '90.
3. Mary Darlington Palmer.
4. Edward Darlington '90, Lucy Maris '91, Williard L. Maris '90, Edwin L. Palmer '90.
5. Thomas Walter Styer '87.
6. Reece Howard.
7. Robert S. McConnell '90.
8. Charlie Windle.
9. Frank P. Willets.
10. Edward Philips, 1924.
11. George H. Bartram '90.
Scope and Contents

Milltown, PA

12. Charles Pancoast.
13. Hildreth Dickeson.
14. Mary Hayes White '90.
15. Chester Roberts, October 22, 1892.
16. Home of William Palmer, later John Palmer, later Henry Paschall; on porch Joseph Paschall, Annie Paschall.
17. Lewis Palmer, Hannah Palmer, Edwin Palmer, Chester Roberts, Ella Bartram, at Concordville meeting house.
18. Samuel Palmer '95 (born 1874).
19. Lewis Palmer (born 1837), 1893.
20. Hannah H. Palmer (born 1836), 1893.
21. Joseph P. Palmer (born 1866), 1891.
22. Joseph P. Palmer.
23. Joseph P. Palmer, 1885.
24. Margaret R. Palmer (born 1866).
25. Charles Palmer '82 (born 1863); Arletta Palmer '95.
26. Charles Palmer , 1882.
27. Edgar Palmer, 1 year old, April 10, 1899.
Palmer family with an identifying list, circa 1910.
Box 1
Hannah and Lewis Palmer, Golden Anniversary, 1902.
Box 1
Samuel Copeland Palmer, Jr. at 2 1/2 years old, 1907.
Box 1

Bowman, Ann Comly.
French, William and Elizabeth.
Wharton, Deborah.
Mott, Lucretia.
Comly, John.
Haviland, Sarah Budd Comly.
Seaman, Caroline Hicks (Daughter of Elias Hicks).
Seaman, Samuel and Hannah Husband.
Seaman, Valentine and Rebecca and Ellie.
Comly, Charles Jr.
White, Helen Comly.
Burr, Caroline French.
Burr, David.
Burr, Mary.
Burr, Hall.

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