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Swarthmore College War Years Photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

In 1992, Swarthmore College alumni from the classes of 1943 through 1949 held a collective "War Years Reunion" for students at Swarthmore during World War II. Many photographs located for the reunion, or subsequently due to the reunion, were donated to the Friends Historical Library to form this collection.

The collection includes black and white photographs, postcards, loose prints, contact sheets, and negative slides depicting Swarthmore College students, the Navy V-12 Unit, the Chinese Naval Unit, O'Rourke's campaign for congress, the war years reunion, and war years memorabilia.

The photographs are organized in boxes by donor.

Gift of Joseph J. Schott (Navy), acc. no. 93-017; Milton A. Wohl (Navy '46), acc. no. 93-018; Frank Trinkle (Navy), acc. no. 93-023; Joan P. Castone '44, acc. no. 93-022; Dewitt C. Baldwin, Jr. '43, acc. no. 93-024; Milan S. Cerstvik '46, acc. no. 93-025; Han-Chung Meng, acc. no. 93-032; and the Swarthmore College Alumni Office, acc. no. 94-004.

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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents

27 prints, 2 postcards, 14 contact sheets, 61 negatives. Original prints and copy prints. Negatives removed to PA 16 Photo 172/00005/3 - 00019/4.

001. John Nason (Mounted photo).
002. Navy men marching through Whittier gate.
003. Navy men entering Clothier.
004. Graduation procession; before Parrish.
005. Road by Hall gym.
006. Students on steps of Somerville.
007. Navy Men swimming in Hall Gym pool.
008. Calisthenics: leg lifts - ouch!.
009. Navy men doing push-ups.
010. Navy men in march formation on football field.
011. Close up of Shirer drug store and couple walking.
012. Students walking towards Parrish in the snow.
013. Students walking by Trotter in the snow.
014. Navy men standing in formation.
015. Wharton.
016. Amphitheater.
017. Clothier.
018. Students outside Clothier.
019. Clothier at night.
020. Navy men on field.
021. Navy men marching on field.
022. Parrish and Martin.
023. Students on Parrish lawn outside Clothier.
024. Parrish; Parrish walk.
025. Parrish steps at night.
026. View from the Clothier bell tower of Navy marching.
027. Navy men on road by Parrish.
028. Underpass by train station.
030. Blindfolded students walking from Parrish.
031. Unknown (men doing bunny hop?).
032. Football team.
033. Wharton patio and Chinese fountain.
034. Going on a picnic.
035. Football crowd with Navy.
036. GWIMP initiation.
037. Calisthenics: up, down, touch-the-ground.
038. The Company "at attention".
040. Over the wall on the obstacle course.
041. Soccer team.
042. Wharton with Navy and students.
043. Basketball team.
044. Navy and students on the ground.
045. Commencement.
046. Navy men at attention.
047. Female students working in a field.

Scope and Contents

4 postcards, 42 photoprints of Swarthmore College, other photoprints.

001. Milton A. Wohl.
002. D. A. Lee ("Dakota"), Joe Franklin, Rod Specht, Johnny Ensiyn, etc.
003. 2nd Pack "E": Work, Rlein, Skelly, Trimmer, Wright, Nayes, etc.
004. Milton A. Wohl and J. MacMullan.
005. Wharton gargoyle ("E").
006. Milton A. Wohl and Sheppard.
007. "Bubu" Newman, Malay, and James.
008. Glenn G. Bartle.
009. Es. Redpath.
010. Milton A. Wohl and Tom (?).
011. Jones Schuster.
012. Sheppard.
013. Milton A. Wohl (center), "Reble" Bob Wernat and Tom (?).
014. Charlie Haugh and "Deacon" Hayes.
015. Wright and Speller.
016. J.C. Hunter.
017. Bookstore.
018. Emor Shephard and Jonnie Olitibele.
019. Wharton.
020. "Rentary?", "Mitch", and "Blusie" Youngblood.
021. Kimbes Sittlepage White "Sambo".
022. "Piddles", Quillinon, "Mac" MacMullan Wilkinson.
023. Wharton with flagpole.
024. Milton A. Wohl (left) with other Navy men.
025. Kimbes "Sambo" White, Bob Aldas, E.O. Shephard, Don Skelly, etc.
026. 2nd deck "E" Co.
027. Shep and Don.
028. Bob Aldas and Don Skelly.
029. Navy men and women outside Wharton.
030. Navy man and women outside Wharton.
031. G.O.R (?) Navy men outside Wharton.
032. Dave Williams.
033. Sambo, Don, Bobby, Nick, Kentucky, and Shep.
034. Navy men leaving Trotter.
035. Mansfield and Pommer.
036. Ethel Stiling and Sara Little.
037. Mrs. Black and Sorber.
038. Clothier Memorial.
039. Chemistry Building.
040. Friends Meeting House.
041. Parrish at night.
042. Clothier.
043. Friends Meeting House.
044. Martin Biological Laboratory.
045. Wharton.
046. Naval Training Unit "E" Co. Summer '44.

Scope and Contents

1 photograph

001. Navy V-12 Unit Marching Band.

Scope and Contents

17 photographs and 16 negatives. Negatives removed to PA16 photo 172/00001/3-00005/2.

001-017. Swarthmore student participation in O'Rourke's campaign for Congress.

Scope and Contents

17 photographs - removed from RG6 Sr. 11.1 Classes.

001-017. War Years Memoribilia.

Scope and Contents

1 8x10 photograph

001. Three V-12 Students and two female students (Henry "Hank" Judd, William "Willie" Luff, Milan "Moe" S. Cerstvik '46, Beatrice Jones "Bipi" Stoalbarger '44, Jane Moyer Martin '45) in Parrish, winter, 1943-1944.

Scope and Contents

Contains 10 photographs.

001. Chinese Naval Unit in front of Wharton, 1943.
002. Chinese Naval Unit - President John Nason addressing 1944 graduating class, 1944.
003. Chinese Naval Unit singing, 1944-06.
004. Chinese Naval Unit - President John Nason leading guests, 1944-06.
005. Chinese Naval Unit - Perry Circle apartments, USNA.
006. Chinese Naval Unit - Perry Circle apartments, USNA.
007. Chinese Naval Unit - dining room conversation, 1943.
008. Chinese Naval Unit - Han-Chung Meng (Harry) saluting, winter, 1943.
009. Chinese Naval Unit - Mr. Forrestal walking with professors - graduation, 1944-06.
010. Chinese Naval Unit - Swarthmore alumni and graduates at ceremony in fountain area.

Scope and Contents

War Years Reunion slides, mms and printed matter.

War Years Reunion slides.

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