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Joyce E. Thompson, DrPH, CNM, FAAN, RN, is an internationally recognized figure in midwifery, women’s health, nursing and health care ethics. She earned her BSN and MPH from the University of Michigan, a certificate in nurse-midwifery from the Maternity Center Association, a DrPH from Columbia University, and a certificate in bioethics from Georgetown University.

Dr. Thompson has had over 40 years in midwifery practice, including sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, teaching and consulting, with a driving focus on promoting Safe Motherhood to all women throughout the world. In addition, she is dedicated to midwifery education and promoting the preparation of teachers for health care professions. Dr. Thompson conducted the 2 year Delphi study for the International Confederation of Midwives that resulted in the ICM Global Standards for Midwifery Education, approved in December 2010. Dr. Thompson is Professor Emerita at the University of Pennsylvania and Western Michigan University. During her 23 years at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Thompson held the positions of Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Professional Development and Director of the WHO Collaborating Center in Nursing and Midwifery Leadership. She established and directed the first basic nurse-midwifery program in Pennsylvania, the master’s program in health leadership, and the Teacher Education Program, which prepared advanced practice nurses and midwives to teach in both classroom and clinical settings. In addition, Dr. Thompson headed the Penn-Malawi “Women for Women’s Health” project for 12 years.

Among Dr. Thompson’s many awards and honors is the Phyllis N. Stern Distinguished Lectureship Award, which she received from the International Council on Women’s Health Issues. Dr. Thompson was President of the ACNM, Director of the ICM Board of Management, and Vice-Chair of the WHO advisory group on nursing and midwifery. She has many publications to date and in 2015 published a collaborative book, A History of Midwifery in the United States: The Midwife Said Fear Not on the history of midwifery in the U.S. and the history of the International Confederation of Midwives.

Gift of Joyce E. Thompson.

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Collection Inventory

Paper on Eugenics, 1985-1986.
University of Minnesota letter of recommendation, 1999.
Nurse-Midwifery Theory “Theory Building in Nurse Midwifery” article, 1988.
Research Seminar and Senior Papers, 1998.
Punyarat, Lapuonguatana, 1998.
Henry O. Thompson memorial service, 1997.
Licenses, 1990-1997.
American College of Nurse-Midwives Participant Report 1998-2002 cycle, 2002.
Nurse-Midwives Distance Learning, 1995-1996.
ACNM Self Discovery report graduate program in Nurse-Midwives, Fall 1993.
Ethics and Midwifery Joyce and Hank Thompson.
Senior Inquiry, 2000-2001.
Nurse and Midwives Council of Malawi, 1985-1986.
Ministry of Health, Jan 11-16, 1993.
Ministry of Health, 1993-1994.
Ministry of Health, 1995-1996.
Annual Report to Rockefeller.
Rockefeller, 1995-1998.
Rockefeller, 1995-1998.
N689 Intrapartum Post Test Part I, II, 1983.
N687 Antepartum Exam Part I, II, 1983.
N689 Intrapartum Post Test Part I, II, 1983.
N689 Intrapartum Post Test Part I, II, 1981-1982.
Alterative Care for the pregnant woman: Nurse-Midwives.
UP SON Graduate Nurse-Midwifery Competing Continuation Grant 1988-1998, Oct 1987.

1-D24-NU00166-01 Graduate Nurse-Midwifery Program Grant 1979 for 1980.
ACNM Self Study Report for Division of Accreditation of ACNM, Fall 1987.
ACNM Self Study Report for Division of Accreditation of ACNM Appendix, Fall 1987.
Correspondence Files, 1981-2002.
Speaking engagements, 1998.
Annenberg conference, 1995.
Faculty responses, 1996.
Kevin McGuire, 1990.
General correspondence, 1999-2001.
General correspondence, 1999-2001.
RWJ Grant Report 1994 Regional Training Center for Nurse Midwifery Practitioner Faculty.
RWJ Training Grant, 1993-1996.
Grant, 1995.
Zambia, 1995.
Kenya and Lestho, 1995.
Annual Report to Rockefeller Foundation “Planning phase of a collaborative multi-centre safe motherhood project in Africa, May 1996.
Annual Report to Rockefeller Foundation.
Annual Report to Rockefeller Foundation, 2000-2002.
Grant, 1990-1995.
Advisory Committee Malawi.

Malawi Literacy Program, July 1999.
Correspondence and Presentation for African Project.
Regional work group “strengthening nursing in the development of health systems” 1998-2009, Oct 1997.
Oral hygiene and HIV [related to Malawi].
Loose pages related to Women health Malawi project.
International visitors, 1998-1999.
International activities committee, 1995.
Provost council, 1995.
Loose pages related to projects.
Bahrain, Mar 1996.
WHO collaborating center in nursing and midwifery leadership Annual Report, July 1994-June 1995.
Bahrain, 1996.

Correspondence, 1987.
Correspondence, 1987.
Mari Ann Campbell.
Midwifery correspondence, 1987.
Malseed correspondence, 1987.
Jackil Morill, 1987.
Program correspondence.
Correspondence, 1986-1987.
Peer review, 1985-1987.
ACNM correspondence, 1987.
Peer review correspondence.
Peer review correspondence.
Potential for Admission Questionnaire, 1987.
Admissions letter, 1983.
Class of 1981.
Misc. of class of 1981 and 1982.
Class of 1982.
Admissions process, 1983.
Class of 1983.
Class of 1984.
Worksheets/review sheets, 1984.
Admissions letter, 1984.
Applications 1985, Sept 1984.
Applications, Mar 1, 1985.
Applications, Feb 18, 1985.
Applications Class of 1986.
MCH grant minutes, 1986.
Letters to applicants, 1986.

Admissions, 1995-1996.
Community Health TF.
McCool correspondence.
Program director, 1989-1990.
Program directors meeting, 1985.
Program directors meeting, 1990.
Program directors meeting, 1997-1998.
ACNM program directors, Fall 1999.
ACNM program directors, Fall 1998.
Final evaluations, 1995.
N691/693, Fall 1999.
Leadership training “The Report of Two Maternal and Child Health Systems” conference Sept 19-21 1987, April 23-25, 1988.
Loose pages correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1998-1999.
Women health series, 2001.
Midwives search, 2001.
Retreats, 1995, 1998.
“Professional Midwifery Beyond Catching Babies”, 1985.
Retreat, 1997.
Job description.
Faculty retreat, 1991.
An historical retrospective of our heritage- the Santa Fe Catholic maternity institute 105, April 24, 1994.
Towards bridging the gap between traditional midwives and nurse-midwives in the U.S. 101, April 24, 1994.
Ethics, midwives, and new technologies 303, April 26, 1994.
Midwifery in the world: working together to promote safe motherhood for all women 403, April 28, 1994.
Transitions: nursing in the midwife within the student 505, April 28, 1994.
Name it and claim it: classification of midwifery practice 504, April 28, 1994.
Preserving the premium: blending art and science 510, April 28, 1994.

PhD progressions, 2000.
Academic progression committee.
Division meetings, 1999.
Dean’s advisory group.
Loose papers regarding graduate program.
PhD evaluation, 1999.
Ruth Watson Lubic- Listening to Women in their Committees; Joyce E. Thompson- Listening to Women in the Committees, Feb 1, 1995.
Pamela Madalo- healthy women, health family, health choices Ann O’Sullivan- welfare, workhouses, and women too young to vote, Feb 6, 1995.
Candidates PhD.
Susan Gennaro.
New PhD students, Fall 1999.
Susan Gennaro.
PhD Progressions.
Doctoral curriculum, 1999.
PhD curriculum, 2000-2001.
PhD requirement, 1996.
PhD Director.
PhD program planning.
PhD planning.
PhD program, 1999.
Student papers.
UP SON Community-based Nursing Leadership, 1999.
Loose papers.
Health leadership.
Linda Carrick.

CCA Practices, 2001.
MSN signature programs, 1999.
MPH group, 1999.
Grad Day, Fall 2000.
Masters ideas, 1998.
Masters program, 1999.
Consolidation proposals curriculum issues, Aug 1999.
MSN ideas.
MSN planning, 2000-2001.
Grant, 1996.
Deans' evaluation, 1996.
Program directors evaluation, 1996.
Evaluation Class of 1994-1995.
Evaluation Class of 1995-1996.
Annual Report, 1994-1996.
ICN final report mobilizing nurses for AIDS Prevention and care in 8 African countries, May 1992.
5 folders of various journals.

Associate dean search, 1995.
Grad group, 1999.
Susan Gennaro.
International, 1999.
Dr. Juan Carlos Dilucca.
International funding requests.
Genetics in curriculum.
MSN, Fall 2001.
A. Keane, Fall 2001.
The Teagle Foundation, 1999.
DAG, Fall 2001.
MSN Curriculum, 2001.
CPD, 2001.
Ann Franco, 2000.
ACNM packet.
Rockefeller foundation report/proposal.
Professional responsibilities and ethics for house office School of Medicine, 1995-1996.
Lonchecker, Marueen Marla, Dec 18, 1997.
Practice Committee, 1999.
N688, Spring 1997-1998.
DCP handbook.
Distant Learning Program.

Student info, Fall 1996.
Grade sheets.
Address lists.
Planning questionnaire and course staffing.
International midwifery information, Nov 1988.
Kathy S. McKain.
Consultative committee.
Distance learning program.
Correspondence, 1997-1998.
Midwifery search.
Single search committee.
Sister Rose Kershauner.
Sister Teresita Hinnegan.
Sister Teresita Hinnegan.
Linda P. Brown.
Rocky [Rockefeller?], 1998 .
Pittsburgh Visits.
Trivia for Laughs.
Admissions, 1996-1997.
Admissions, 1998-1999.
Student info, 1997-1998.
Admissions, 1994.
RI forms, 1994-1995.

Retreat, 1999.
Curriculum committee, 1999-2001.
Personnel committee.
Personnel, 1997-1998.
Loose Personnel, 1998-2001.
Faculty manual, 1996-1997, 1998.
Personnel, 1998-1999.
Personnel, 1998.
Joan Burritt.
Eileen Lake.
Eileen Lake.
Ruth York.
Personnel needs, 1999-2000.
Personnel, 1995-1998.

Faculty Senate, 1995, 1998.
Restructuring, 1998.
Faculty retreat, 1996.
Norma Lang.
Personnel Committee, 1999.
Partnership, 1996.
Space requests, 1996.
The Long Range Plan Through Year 2000.
Graduate group, 1996-1998.
Faculty Senate, 1998.
Health Care of Women and Childbearing, 1996-1998.
Personnel, 1991, 1998.
Retreat, 1995.
Senate, 1999-2001.
Personnel Pending, Summer 1998.
Personnel committee, 2001.
Personnel correspondence, 1996-1997.
Personnel, 1998.

Practice Committee, 1996, 1999.
Faculty/practice directors retreat, 1997.
Carol Sudtelgte correspondence, 1998.
Practice Committee, Spring 1996.
Practice Committee, 1995.
Quality Management Manuel Nurse-Midwives Practices.
Practice Committee, 1996-1999.
The CARE program fiscal year 1999.
The CARE program 1st quarter fiscal year 1999.
Think Tank maternal and child research in academia nursing practice, Jan 1999.
Practice, 1995-1998.
Status report on nurse-midwifery practices, May 1999.
Loose pages PNN Midwifery, 1998.
Loose pages Practice Nurse-Midwifery, 1997-1998.
Loose pages Practice, 1998.

SUNY Honorary Doctorate, 1995.
Various speaking engagement programs.
Regional training center for nurse-midwifery and nurse practitioner faculty teacher training manual.
Book of ethics for midwives.
Dossier for Joyce E Thompson for Lindback award, UPenn.
Various awards, including honorary degree from UPenn School of Nursing.
Photographs, related to midwifery program.
Conference badges.
Nursing 748m Leadership development for health, Fall 2001.
Western Michigan University, School of Nursing, Interdisciplinary teacher education program, handbook, 2010-2012.
Presentation transparencies.
Model airplane- gift of appreciation.
Malawi- Penn Project photo albums (2).
various plaques and awards.

Malawi- Penn Project photo album.
various plaques and awards.
Miller, Norman F., T. N. Evans, and R. L. Haas. 1958. Human parturition normal and abnormal labor. Baltimore: The Williams & Wilkins.
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WHO/OMS. Mother Baby Package: Opening the Gates to Life. VHS. 21 minutes (3 copies).
WHO/OMS. Por Que Murio La Senora X? (Spanish). VHS. 20 minutes (2 copies).
Midwife Means With Women: an historical perspective symposium. VHS. Tape 3, October 11, 1993.
Malawi- Penn Project, Umbrella and Chitenje Ceremony. VHS, September 1998.
Rubanda, Uganda; Lihonqwe, Malawi (16A). VHS, June 2001.
Presentation of Certificates to Safe Motherhood Initative Educators. VHS, November 1, 1997.
Certificate Award. VHS, Janurary 11, 2000.

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