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Douglas V. and Dorothy M. Steere papers


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Overview and metadata sections

Douglas and Dorothy Steere served the Society of Friends for much of their adult lives and their influence remains strong to this day. Douglas V. Steere was born on August 31, 1901, in Harbor Beach, Michigan, and was educated at Eastern High School in Detroit; Michigan Agricultural College, earning a B.S. in Agriculture in 1923; and Harvard University, earning his M.A. in Philosophy in 1929 and his Ph.D in 1931. As a Rhodes Scholar, Steere attended Oxford University from 1925 to 1928, earning both a B.A. and an M.A. Dorothy Lou MacEachron was born on December 22, 1907, in Grand Haven, Michigan, and graduated with distinction from the University of Michigan in 1928. After their marriage in 1929, they worked together for Quakerism and for the American Friends Service Committee until his death in 1995.

From 1928 to 1964, Douglas Steere was professor of philosophy at Haverford College. He was the Harry Emerson Fosdick Professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York City in 1936, the William Belden Noble Lecturer at Harvard University in Boston in 1943, and Rauschenbush Lecturer in Rochester, New York in 1953. From 1961 to 1962, Douglas Steere served as visiting professor of theology at Union Theological Seminary. The Steeres's involvement with the Society of Friends included memberships, travels, and hands-on work throughout their professional lives. They were instrumental in planning Pendle Hill, a Quaker study center located in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, in 1930. Based in his Quaker beliefs, Douglas Steere objected to military service during World War II. Soon after the war ended, Douglas Steere "helped organize Quaker relief efforts in Finland, Norway and Poland … [and] urged recovery efforts by American Friends Service Committee in Europe." From the mid 1940s to 1960s, the Steeres traveled under the auspices of the American Friends Service Committee in order to work with Quaker relief projects in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. While continuing their work in these regions, Douglas Steere served as Chairman of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, arranging meetings with international theologians from 1964 to 1970, especially in Japan and India, in order to explore ecumenism and encourage communication. In 1964, he represented the Society of Friends at the Second Vatican Council.

Dorothy Steere was a member of American Friends Service Committee from 1945 to 1980. Her first contribution to this organization was as a work camp leader in 1945, and in 1949, she served on the American Friends Service Personnel Committee. Steere noted that her special interest in the committee was in "communication with people of all kinds, growth and awareness of ourselves as persons, of others, and their needs." This commitment to all peoples can be seen in her involvement with Civil Rights during the 1950s and 1960s. Between 1956 and 1958, Dorothy Steere corresponded with Martin Luther King Jr. on issues such as the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott and race relations in the South.

Douglas and Dorothy Steere were members of Radnor United Meeting of the Society of Friends from 1936 to 1995. Douglas was also a member of the American Friends Service Committee, serving as a member of the Board and chairman of the Work Camp Committee. He was the developer of the Finnish Settlement Movement in 1945; a member of the Pendle Hill Board from 1930 to 1991; and chairman of the Board. He served as Secretary of the Theological and Philosophical Societies from 1930 to 1995, and was also involved in the Ecumenical Institute of Spirituality which grew out of Vatican Council II. In 1975, he gave the Haverford College commencement speech. He earned many honorary degrees and was knighted as Knight First Class of the White Rose of Finland in 1984 in recognition of his relief and reconstruction work in Finland following World War II under the American Friends Service Committee's Finnish Settlement Movement.

Douglas Steere authored many books including Prayer and Worship, 1938; Time to Spare, 1938; a translation of Kierkegaard's Purity of the Heart, 1938; On Beginning from Within, 1943; Doors into Life, 1948; On Listening to Another, 1955; Work and Contemplation, 1957; Dimensions of Prayer, 1963; Spiritual Councils and Letters of Baron Friedric von Hugel, serving as editor and providing an introductory essay on von Hugel; and God's Irregular: Arthur Cripps, 1973. In addition, he authored many pamphlets as well as introductions to and chapters in books. The Steeres coauthored Friends Work in Africa which was published in 1955. In 1984, he edited the book Quaker Spirituality, which included selected writings from Quaker writers such as John Woolman, Rufus Jones, Thomas Kelly, and Isaac Pennington.

Dorothy Steere gave many talks and addresses at retreats, conferences, and religious meetings. Several of her essays were featured in Quaker journals and publications such as Inward Light, Friendly Woman, and The Friend. Steere also wrote a pamphlet entitled "The Whole World in His Hands" in 1965.

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer article entitled "Quaker Couple Best Friends—and the Best of Friends," the Steeres met in 1925 just before he traveled to England as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. Their courtship resulted in a great number of letters and they married in 1929 and had two children, Helen and Anne. Their sixty-five year marriage, "for many Friends … was a model Quaker union," (Hamm, p. 208).

On February 16, 1993, Douglas V. Steere died, aged 93, from Alzheimer's Disease. Dorothy M. Steere died on February 10, 2003 at the age of 95 years.

Biographical sources:

Hamm, Thomas D. The Quakers in America. New York: Columbia University Press, 2003. New York Times Obituary. "Douglas Steere, 93, Author, Professor And Quaker Leader." New York Times. (accessed October 9, 2009).

Raftery, Kay. "Quaker Couple Best Friends—and the Best of Friends." Philadelphia Inquirer, April 6, 1994.

American Friends Service Committee Minute of Appreciation for Dorothy M. Steere, September 10, 1980.

The Douglas V. and Dorothy M. Steere papers are the records of their contributions to the Quaker Movement. The collection is divided into two series, one for Douglas V. Steere and oen for Dorothy M. Steere. The collection is largely comprised of correspondence, papers, notes, notebooks, journals, travel documents, and writings. In addition, there are photographs and other graphics, as well as audio cassettes. Researchers interested in Quaker philosophy should look to the "Writings by Douglas Steere" and "Notebooks, Diaries, and Journals" subseries as they contain material that eventually became publications by Steere. There is also a strong assortment of material related to Quaker missions in the wake of World War II, which can be found in the "Relief Work" subseries.

The "Douglas V. Steere" series is divided into twelve subseries: "Biographical Material;" "Writings by Douglas Steere;" "Collected Writings by Others;" "Correspondence;" "Notes;" "Notebooks, Diaries, and Journals;" "Relief Work;" "Organizational Materials;" "Conferences and Retreats;" "Travel;" "Photographs and other graphics;" and "Media."

The first subseries, "Biographical Material," includes "Personal Documents," "Education" and "Professional Materials" such as his 1924 Rhodes Scholarship Application. "Family Materials" include the Steere family tree and genealogy. Included in "Memorabilia" are materials from 1901 through 1955, such as Douglas and Dorothy's wedding invitation, and his World War II ration books. "Awards and honorary degrees" include his Lawrence College (1950), Earlham College (1965), and Oberlin College (1954) Honorary degrees, as well as his 1981 Upper Room Citation and Finnish Decoration which was awarded in 1987. Before beginning in-depth research of this collection, a researcher may wish to review the "Bibliography" subseries which contains a list of his book, articles, publications, addresses, lectures, and professional history.

Following "Biographical Material" are "Writings by Douglas Steere." Within this subseries are his writings including: "Autobiography;" "Books;" "Addresses;" "Lectures, Lectures and/or Addresses;" "Articles," "Papers" (as student and as professor), "Assorted Writings," "Books Reviews;" and "Index of Writings." The sub-subseries "Lectures and/or Addresses" is comprised of either lectures or addresses which processors could not define absolutely as one or the other. "Autobiography" is composed of 671 typed draft pages for his autobiography (unpublished), as well as his handwritten notes from before 1950 through 1988. Within the "Books" subseries are his manuscripts and notes for God's Irregular: Arthur Shearly Cripps, circa 1972, Dimensions of Prayer, Together in Solitude, and others. The subseries "Books" also includes his 1931 Harvard dissertation typescript, "Critical Realism in the Religious Philosophy of Baron Friedrich Von Hugel." Cripps was an English missionary, activist, and writer who lived in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Hugel was a Catholic theologian and philosopher. Also of note is Søren Kierkegaard's Purity of Heart translated by Steere and Quaker Spirituality, edited by Douglas Steere and published in 1984. The three sub-subseries of "Addresses," "Lectures," and "Lectures and/or Addresses" by Steere are arranged either alphabetically by title or chronologically. "Articles" consists of published work from 1928 through 1990, and includes titles such as "Quaker Formation" and "The Outer and Inner Need of Our Time." In "Papers" and "Assorted Writings," are his writings as student and as philosopher.

In "Collected Writings by Others," are works Douglas Steere collected throughout his life. These materials are separated into three categories: "About Douglas Steere;" "Annotated by Douglas Steere (not about Douglas Steere);" and "Not Annotated by Douglas Steere (not about Douglas Steere)." "Writings about Douglas Steere" include "An Intellectual Profile" by Paul Kuntz and "Douglas V. Steere: Irradiator of the Beams of Love" by E. Glenn Hinson, as well as many others. In addition, are reviews of his "On Beginning from Within" from 1944 and 1945 and "On Listening to Another & On Beginning from Within" when published together, during the 1950s and 1960s.

Steere's "Correspondence" subseries includes letters to friends, family, and colleagues between 1925 and 1984. Also included are family letters, collected by Steere, written to his father Edward, mother Ruby, and Aunt Inez dating from 1896. Letters exchanged between Douglas and Dorothy Steere from 1926 to 1927, many of which are romantic in nature, document not only their thoughts on Quakerism and their work, but their relationship which lasted for sixty-five years. Additionally, there are several dozen letters written and received by him while at Oxford, England and elsewhere in Europe from the 1920s to 1930s. The largest portions of the "Correspondence" subseries, and indeed the collection, are letters received by Douglas Steere, predominately organized alphabetically by last name. These are followed by letters organized alphabetically by first name (the last names were not provided or could not be identified), and finally those letters which did not include identifiable names.

Included under the subseries of "Notes" and "Notebooks, Diaries, and Journals" are Douglas Steere's notes as a student, professor, philosopher, and speaker. There is a selection of the syllabi he saved from classes he attended and taught, his notes on many influential western philosophers, and his prepared materials for talks given.

Steere's relief and reconstruction efforts are represented in the subseries "Relief and Reconstruction," which document his work during trips to Finland, South Africa, Germany and the Second Vatican Counsel in Italy. Within the "Organizations" subseries are materials pertaining to the many organizations to which he belonged and contributed, organized alphabetically by title.

The "Conference and Retreats" subseries documents his role in facilitating Quaker retreats (in particular, Kirkridge and Pendle Hill), as well as material he collected from these efforts. His "Travel" materials contain his travel letters, as well as notes and reports he wrote while abroad. Following this series, there are photographs of him and his family, as well as some artwork (labeled "Other graphics") he collected throughout his life. There are also some cassette tapes of Douglas Steere, Dr. Wesley Hager, Dr. Glenn Hinson, and Thomas Merton speaking.

The Dorothy M. Steere series contains nine subseries: "Biographical;" "Writings by Dorothy Steere;" "Collected writings by others;" "Correspondence;" "Civil Rights materials;" "Retreat materials;" "Notebooks and journals;" "Photographs of Dorothy Steere and family;" and "Media." Dorothy Steere was heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement, and researchers interested in the Quaker involvement in this issue would be well served looking through the "Civil Rights" subseries.

Her "Biographical" material includes her childhood writings, high school and college memorabilia, and notes on her 90th and 95th birthdays.

Her "Writings" include notes on talks given, and copies of several essays she published in Inward Light, Friendly Woman, and The Friend. Under "Collected writings" are publications she collected which were written by her daughters, Helen and Anne, as well as publications (newspaper clippings and articles) related to women's issues and various Quaker movements. Her correspondence includes letters received from her childhood until 2003, and include sympathy cards received after Douglas Steere's death, as well as sympathy cards the Steere family received following Dorothy Steere's death. Also within this subseries are her letters to Douglas Steere from 1927-1942.

Her involvement in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s through 1970s is documented in the "Civil Rights" subseries, which contains clippings (including the front page of an Asheville, North Carolina newspaper the day after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot), programs, pamphlets, and other illustrated depictions related to the movement. Also in this subseries is her correspondence with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from 1956-1958.

Dorothy Steere's collection also includes collected materials from Quaker retreats attended, her notebooks detailing her professional and personal experiences beginning in the 1910s, photographs of the Steere family, and a cassette tape of a memorial meeting held by the Radnor Meeting following the death of Dorothy Steere.

*A newspaper from April 15, 1865, the day after Lincoln was shot was removed from the collection and placed with historical newspapers in Special Collections.

The collection is divided into two series: "Douglas V. Steere" and "Dorothy M. Steere." The "Douglas V. Steere" series has been arranged into 12 subseries. This arrangement has been based on research value, as he is best known for his writings regarding the Quaker movement. He was also heavily involved and influenced by contemporary Quaker scholars. He was very active in corresponding with colleagues and family, and contributed to the development of many relief efforts and organizations. The "Dorothy M. Steere" series contains nine subseries, which similarly reflect her contribution to Quaker publications, active correspondence, and, additionally, her involvement with the Civil Rights movement. This collection contains one folder of "Miscellaneous" material in box 257, which could not be identified or integrated into any of the designated series. Found within this folder include items such as newsletters, prayer cards, and programs. It should be noted that removed from the collection was a clipping dated April 15, 1865, the day after Lincoln was shot. This item has been placed with the historical documents of the Haverford Library's Special Collections and Manuscripts.

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The processing of this collection was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources' "Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives" Project.
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Collection Inventory

Material Specific Details

This sub-subseries includes yearbooks, school programs, postcards, and souvenirs from Douglas Steere's high school, college, and graduate years.

Birth, death and marriage certificates, 1901-1995.
Box 1
American Friends Service Committee certificate of identity, 1953-1954.
Box 1
Michigan State Agricultural College, 1920s.
Box 1
School records and documents, 1920-1925.
Box 1
Rhodes Scholarship, 1923-1924.
Box 1
Rhodes Scholarship Application, 1923-1924.
Box 1
Resumes, 1940-1962.
Box 2
Objection to military service, 1942.
Box 2
Bulletins for religious services attended, 1934-1953.
Box 2
Itineraries, 1950s-1980s.
Box 2
Visit with Martin Niemoller, 1953.
Box 2
Steere family tree and genealogy, undated.
Box 2
Information regarding Helen W. Steere Horn (daughter of Douglas and Dorothy Steere), 1950-1980.
Box 2
Information regarding Anne Steere Nash (daughter of Douglas and Dorothy Steere), 1942-1952.
Box 2
Information regarding Douglas and Dorothy Steere provided by Anne Steere Nash, 1901-2003.
Box 2
Childhood writings by Chris Nash (grandson of Douglas and Dorothy Steere), circa 1979.
Box 2
Writings by Paul Nash (son-in-law of Douglas and Dorothy Steere), circa 1977.
Box 2
Clippings regarding Tex and Monte Steere (nephews of Douglas and Dorothy Steere), 1950s-1980s.
Box 2
Early school notes and documents, 1925-1926.
Box 3
Teaching at Onaway, 1921-1922.
Box 3
Box 3
High school and college programs and pamphlets, 1910s-1920s.
Box 3
World War II ration books and clippings, 1940s.
Box 4
Pamphlets, programs, newsletters, and directories, 1940s-1970s.
Box 4
Pamphlets, programs, and newsletters, 1960's-1970s.
Box 4
Invitations and events attended, 1960s-1980s.
Box 4
Postcards and keepsakes, undated.
Box 4
Obituaries and services of friends and colleagues, 1960s-1980s.
Box 5
Religious medals, undated.
Box 5
Ephemera, undated.
Box 5
Ephemera, undated.
Box 5
Box 6
Box 6
Box 6
Lawrence College and Earlham College Honorary Degrees, 1950, 1965.
Box 6
Oberlin College Honorary Degree, 1954.
Box 6
Vatican II, 1965.
Box 6
Upper Room Citation, 1981.
Oversize Frame
Finnish Decoration, 1987.
Box 6
Academic diplomas and certificates.
Tube 1174-1
Douglas and Dorothy Steere (bulk Douglas), undated.
Box 7
Regarding American Friends Service Committee, undated.
Box 7
Assembled by Eva Walker Myer, 1980s-1990s.
Box 7
Footnotes for Journey Inward, Journey Outward, undated.
Box 7
Some Reminiscences of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, bibliographic information, 1965, 1975.
Box 7
Miscellaneous papers collection for Myer's bibliography, undated.
Box 7
Regarding and by Douglas Steere (3 folders), 1940s-1990s.
Box 7
Collected clippings regarding others, 1940s-1990s.
Box 7
1926, 1933, 1935-1938, 1940-1941, 1943-1944.
Box 8
1945-1947, 1949-1951.
Box 8
Box 9
Box 9
1961-1962, 1966-1970.
Box 10
1973, 1976-1980.
Box 10
1980, 1983-1984, 1987.
Box 11
1989-1991, 1995, 1997.
Box 11
Address books.
Box 12
Address Books, assorted.
Box 13
Financial documents, 1920s-1990s.
Box 14-16
Typed draft pages 1-322.
Box 17
Typed draft pages 323-671.
Box 18
Typed draft pages 1-767.
Box 19
Typed draft pages 1-286.
Box 20
Typed draft pages 287-671.
Box 21
Binder of typed draft pages 407-763.
Box 22
Handwritten notes, before 1950.
Box 23
Handwritten notes, 1950-1973.
Box 24
Handwritten notes, 1973-1988.
Box 25
Notes, undated.
Box 26
Notes, undated.
Box 27
Material Specific Details

These figures were written on by Douglas Steere for various publications, including "Quaker Spirituality."

Cripps, Arthur Shearly (manuscript for God's Irregular), circa 1972.
Box 28
Cripps, Arthur Shearly (notes and material regarding)(22 folders), undated.
Box 29-32
Hugel, Baron Friedrich Von (typescript of Critical Realism in the Religious Philosophy of Baron Friedrich Von Hugel [Harvard Dissertation]), March 1931.
Box 33-34
Hugel, Baron Friedrich Von (notes and materials regarding)(17 folders), undated.
Box 35-38
Dimensions of Prayer, undated.
Box 39
Life of Devotion, 1943.
Box 40
Together in Solitude, undated.
Box 40
What's T'Teachin'!, undated.
Box 40
Where Words Come From, undated.
Box 40
Quaker Spirituality, edited by Douglas Steere (13 folders), undated.
Box 41-42
Purity of Heart by Soren Kierkegaard, translated by Douglas Steere (2 folders), undated.
Box 43
Regarding Thomas Kelly, undated.
Box 44
Regarding Albert Schweitzer (2 folders), 1950s-1970s.
Box 44
Regarding Evelyn Underhill, undated.
Box 44
Regarding Viittakivi, "A Permanent Legacy", 1970.
Box 44
Notes regarding John William, William Penn, Isaac Pennington and others, undated.
Box 44
Prospectus for "Work and Contemplation," "Christian Strength".
Box 44
A-L (alphabetical by title).
Box 45
M-O (alphabetical by title).
Box 46
P-R (alphabetical by title).
Box 47
S-Z (alphabetical by title).
Box 48
Sermons and prayers, 1960s-1970s.
Box 49
Sermons and prayers, undated.
Box 50
Unidentified addresses, undated.
Box 51
Mind Your Call, circa 1937.
Box 52
The Open Life, 1937.
Box 52
Christian Peace, Ethical Powers and Nonviolence, 1938.
Box 52
Death's Illumination of Life, 1941-1942.
Box 52
A Religious Minority in Action, 1942.
Box 52
Great Expressions of Human Rights, 1948-1949.
Box 53
The Quaker Message: Unique or Universal?, 1954.
Box 53
What then? Miguel de Unamuno and Existential Approach to the Problem of the Immortality of Man, 1955.
Box 53
On Listening to Another, 1955.
Box 53
Apprehension and the Living Flame, 1959.
Box 52
Rain on the Mountain, 1960.
Box 53
Quakers and the Inward Journey, 1965.
Box 53
On Being Present Where You Are, 1967.
Box 53
Baron Von Hugel, 1967.
Box 53
Communication: Three Lectures in South America, 1971.
Box 53
The Mystery of Communication, 1973.
Box 53
For Explorers of the Interior Life: John Woolman, 1976.
Box 53
For Explorers of the Interior Life: Von Hugel, 1976.
Box 54
For Explorers of the Interior Life: Soren Kierkegaard, 1976.
Box 54
For Explorers of the Interior Life: Meister Eckhart, 1976.
Box 54
The Conspiracy Against the Interior Life, 1976.
Box 54
Quakerism and Mysticism, 1980.
Box 54
Berryville, Virginia, 1980.
Box 54
The Quaker Meeting for Business, 1982.
Box 54
The Christian Life, undated.
Box 55
The Meaning of Mysticism Within the Christian Communion, undated.
Box 55
Programs, 1929-1949.
Box 55
Programs, 1950-1964.
Box 55
Programs, 1966-1983.
Box 55
Lectures and/or Addresses

This sub-subseries contains both lectures and/or addresses, which have not been identified as exclusively one or the other.

Apprehend: That Which We Apprehend, undated.
Box 56
Buddhist/Quaker Dialogue, October 31st-November 3rd, 1970.
Box 56
Chapter: A Chapter in Ecumenical Encounter, undated.
Box 56
East-West Colloquia, 1961.
Box 56
Haverford College Commencement, May 13th, 1975.
Box 56
Inter-faith Colliquia in Japan and India, undated.
Box 56
The Luminous Center and Our Boundaries, Pendle Hill Retreat, 1983.
Box 56
Meditation, undated.
Box 56
Alphabetical by title, A-Z.
Box 56
Assorted titles (8 folders).
Box 57
Box 58
Box 58
Box 58
Protestant Piety Today, 1949-1950.
Box 58
Box 58
Box 59
Box 59
Regarding Rufus Jones, circa 1960's.
Box 59
Box 59
Box 60
Box 60
Box 60
Beginnings of Ecumenical Institute of Spirituality, undated.
Box 61
Regarding Bernard of Clairveaux, undated.
Box 61
Ecumenism and the Quest for Holiness, undated.
Box 61
Explorers of the Interior Life: Evelin Underhill, undated.
Box 61
Frances de Sales and The Introduction to the Devout Life, undated.
Box 61
Regarding Mysticism, undated.
Box 61
The Outer and Inner Need of Our Time, undated.
Box 61
Quaker Formation, undated.
Box 61
Alphabetical by title, A-L.
Box 62
Alphabetical by title, M-R.
Box 62
Alphabetical by title, S-Z.
Box 62
Fragments and Notes, undated.
Box 62
Augustine Papers on Freedom of the Will, undated.
Box 63
The Creative Encounter of the World Religions, undated.
Box 63
The Devotional Life, 1974.
Box 63
The Holy Spirit (God and Man), undated.
Box 63
Mathilda Wrede, undated.
Box 63
The Origin of the Early Catholic Church in its Distinctive Features, January 3, 1924.
Box 63
A Prolegomena to a Theory of Religious Realism as Found in the Religious Philosophy of Friedrich von Hugel, undated.
Box 63
Protestant Piety Today, undated.
Box 63
Towards an Understanding of the Relation Between Religion and Philosophy, undated.
Box 63
Solitude and Prayer, undated.
Box 63
Unidentified paper, circa 1980s.
Box 63
Unidentified paper, 1991.
Box 63
Assorted Writings (23 folders).
Box 64-65
Bound Writings, undated.
Box 66
Book Reviews, before 1963.
Box 67
Book reviews, after 1963.
Box 67
Charles Williams, undated.
Box 67
Book lists, undated.
Box 67
Index cards of writings, undated.
Box 68
An Intellectual Profile by Paul Kuntz, undated.
Box 69
Douglas V. Steere: Irradiator of the Beams of Love by E. Glenn Hinson, circa 1980s.
Box 69
The Integration of Prayer and Social Responsibility in the Religious Thought of Douglas V. Steere by John D. Copenhaver Jr., undated.
Box 69
Review of On Listening to Another, On Beginning From Within (when published together), 1950s-1960s.
Box 69
Reviews of On Beginning From Within, 1944-1945.
Box 69
Assorted Book Reviews, 1938-1983.
Box 69
Writings and articles, 1933-1987.
Box 70
Unattributed, undated.
Box 70
Alphabetical by author's last name, A-Mc(3 folders), undated.
Box 71
Alphabetical by author's last name, Me-Z (4 folders), undated.
Box 72
Multiple Authors, undated.
Box 73
Topical-Mysticism, circa 1966.
Box 73
Topical-Zen and Christian Colloquia, undated.
Box 73
Author unidentified, undated.
Box 73
Alphabetical by author's last name, A-B, 1950-1984.
Box 74
Abe, Masao, undated.
Box 74
Alphabetical by author's last name, Ca-Co, 1960s-1970s.
Box 74
Alphabetical by author's last name, Cu-H, 1967-1983.
Box 75
Alphabetical by author's last name, J-Ma, 1950s-1980s.
Box 75
Alphabetical by author's last name, Me-O, 1960s-1980s.
Box 75
Merton, Thomas, 1980s.
Box 76
Oberlin, John G., 1920s.
Box 76
Alphabetical by author's last name, Q-Z, 1920s-1970s.
Box 76
Yamada, Isshi, undated.
Box 76
Fogelklou, Emilia (book-length manuscript), undated.
Box 77
Hiedegger, Martin (book length manuscript), undated.
Box 77
Packard, William (book length manuscript), circa 1988.
Box 78
Sok, Ham Han (book length manuscript), 1983.
Box 78
Mixed authors and titles (6 folders), undated.
Box 79-80
Jokes, cartoons, and anecdotes, undated.
Box 81
Poetry and song, undated.
Box 81
Quotes, undated.
Box 81
Unidentified (8 folders).
Box 82

Correspondence within this subseries was previously arranged in the following manner: chronologically created by Douglas Steere; Douglas Steere to Dorothy Steere; written by Douglas Steere in Europe; collected family correspondence; alphabetical by sender's last name; alphabetical by sender's first name; from Franklin Kelly; and general chronological. This arrangement was retained to preserve order.

1925-1941 (6 folders), 1925-1941.
Box 83
1940-1948 (8 folders), 1940-1948.
Box 84
1949-1951 (4 folders), 1949-1951.
Box 85
1952-1959 (7 folders), 1952-1959.
Box 86
1960-1969 (7 folders), 1960-1969.
Box 87
1969-1987 (3 folders), 1969-1984.
Box 88
January 1925-December 1926 (5 folders), January 1925-December 1926.
Box 89
January-July 1927 (2 folders), January-July 1927.
Box 90
August-December 1927 (2 folders), August-December 1927.
Box 91
January-December 1928 (3 folders), January-December 1928.
Box 92
January-June 1929 (3 folders), January-June 1929.
Box 93
1931-1940 (7 folders), 1931-1940.
Box 94
Douglas Steere-Europe, 1920s-1930s.
Box 95-97
Family to Edward Steere, 1896-1900.
Box 98
To Edward Steere, 1913.
Box 98
To Edward Steere, 1925-1941.
Box 98
To Edward, Inez, and Ruby Steere, 1930s-1950s.
Box 98
From Edward Steere, 1947-1951.
Box 98
To Anne Steere, 1952-1953.
Box 98
To Helen Schmidt, 1980s-1990s.
Box 98
From Franklin Kelly to Steere family, 1940s.
Box 99
A-American Friends Service Committee.
Box 100
Scope and Contents

Aalto Alvar

Aarek Wilhelm

Abbe Medora

Abbey of the Genesee (NY)

Abbey of the Gethsemani (KY)

Abbey, The (Abingdon, Oxford, England)

Abe Masao

Abeel Neilson

Abernathy Bradford

Abernathy Mary Jean (married Bradford)

Abingdon Press

Abington Monthly Mtg (PA)

Abington Presbyterian Church (PA)

Abington Quarterly Mtg (PA)

Abraham C.E.

Abraham D(ave)

Abraham Hertha

Abrahamson Ernest

Abrams Heidi

Abrams Irwin

Abrams T

Abran(v)ie Irene

Abruzzi Lyn

Absetz Brad

Academy of Independent Scholars

Academy of Human Rights

Academy of Organizational Science

Academy of Religion and Mental Health

Academy for Spiritual Formation

Acker Miles (Jones Miles, Jr)

Ackerman Dale

Ackerman Dorothy

Ad Hoc World Conference Planning Committee

Adams College

Adams James Luther

Adams Debbie (Deborah)

Adams Helen

Adams Margaret

Adams Priscilla

Adams Roy

Adams Theodore

Adams Uniola

Adams Ward (Walter)

Adede Rose

Addis Penny

Adney Glenn

Affifi A.E. (Abul Ela)

African-American Institute

The African Challenge

Afserco Heikke Waris

Agar Christine D

Aggarwal Partap

Agnes Irwin Shool (PA)

Agnes Scott College (GA)

Agnew Bob

Agriculture and Applied Science Michigan State College

Ahern Barnabas M

Aicher-Scholl Inge

Aide Inter-Monastique North American Board for East-West Dialog

(Aifthan) Gertrud

Ainslie Peter

Akif Selchouk

Akhilananda Swami

Alailinia Fay

Alberta Conference (of the United Church of Canada)

Albert Schweitzer Education Foundation

Albion College (MI)

Albrecht Etta

Albrecht Hans

Albright College (PA)

Albuquerque Friends

Alden Priscilla

Aldrich Chester

Alexander David

Alexander Ethelwyn

Alexander Galen

Alexander Horace

Alexander S

Alexander Stella

Alexander V.V.

Alexander Victor W.

Alexander's Electric, Plumbing and Refrigeration

Alexandre Beverly

Allan Janet

All-Church Press

Allcroft Sir Philip Douglas

Allebach Doris

Allen C.K.

Allen Helen

Allen Horace

Allen Loyd

Allen Pauline

Allen Reggie


Allied Military Permit Office

Alistar Hardy Research Center

Allport GordonW.

Alper Eleanor

Alsobrook W. Aubrey

Alston Wallace

Alverno College (WI)

Amann Paul

Amcessen Don

American Association of University Professors

American Board of Comissioners for Foreign Missions

American Book Center for War Devastated Libraries

American Committee on Africa

American Committee for Christian Layman's Centers in Germany

American Committee for the Freundschaftsheim

American Consul Sweden

American Credit Indemnity Company

American Defense

American-German Review

American Friend

American Friends Board of Missions

American Friends Fellowship Council

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

American Friends Service Committee 1930-1947.
Box 101
American Friends Service Committee 1947-1953.
Box 102
AFSC 1954-1960, AFSC Work Camps 1946-1947.
Box 103
Box 104
Scope and Contents

American Life Insurance Association

American Philosophical Assoc.

American-Scandanavian Foundation

American Society of Church History

American Theological Society

American University, The (Wash, DC)

American University at Cairo

American University of Beirut

American University Union

Ames Anna

Ames Winslow

Amherst College (MA)

Ammerman George J.

Amussen Don (Donald)

Analytical Psychology Club of San Francisco

Anders Wilhelm

Anderson Al

Anderson Dick

Anderson Erica

Anderson Eugenie

Anderson K Brooke

Anderson, Patch, Rosendfeld, Potter and Grover

Anderson Nancy

Anderson Ruth

Andreus Mary K

Andrew Marie

Andrews Alan

Andrews Charles

Andrews Don

Andrews Edith

Andrews Jim (James)

Andrews Katharine

Andrews Mary Kirk

Angell Richard B.

Anglican Fellowship of Prayer

Ann Arbor Friends (MI)

Ano(...) P(...)

Ansermoz Felix and Violet

Anthony Susan B.

Anthony William H.

Anthony Metroplitan of Sourozh

Antioch College (OH)

Appelby James

Appel Kenneth

Applegate A Ward

Appleton (Burge?)(Archbishop in Jerusalem?)

Appe-Rikberg Pelma

Apsey Lawrence

Arab States Delegations Office

Society for the Arts, Religion, and Contemporary Culture, Inc. (ARC)

Archbishop Edward of Central Africa

Archdiocese of Durban

Archer L.D.

Ardmore United Methodist (PA)

Ariga Tetsutaro

Aris Inge

Ark and Dove, The

Arkevold ()

Armstrong Elizabeth

Armstrong Hilary

Armour Aexander

Arness Judith

Arnold Judy

Arnold Melvin

Arthur Jack

Arthur Robert S.

Aryanayakam Ashadevi

Aryanayakam E.W.

Asano Jun'ichi

Asbury Church, The (NY)

Asbury Methodist Church (KS)

Ash(ania) C.B.

Ashbrook James

Ashburn Theological Seminary (see Union Theological Seminary)

Ashford John

Ashhy Elizabeth

Ashram Fellowship

Ashrama Ananda

Ashton Stanley E.

Asmith Brad

Asmussen D.

Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs

Association of American Colleges

Association for Christian Cooperation

Association Press

Association for Promoting Retreats

Association of American Rhodes Scholars

Association of Catholic Conscientious Objectors

Association of Contemplative Sisters

Association of Internes and Medical Students

Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth

Astor Viscountess

Astroth Anna

Asyth Dame

Atalla Anton

Atkeson (Tim) Timothy

Atkinson Helen

Atkinson Peg (Anna Margaret)

Atmore Bob (Robert)

Aubrey Gladys

Aubrey E.E.

Auburn Theological Seminary

Auchinslon Douglas

Aukerman Dale

Ault Norman and Ethel

Austin J. Coe

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Australia Yearly Meeting

Axenfeld Edith Picht

Ayres Sis

Ayres Francis

Ayusawa Fred

Ayusawa Iwao

Box 104
Scope and Contents

Babbott Barbara

Babbott Edward

Babbott Elizabeth

Babbott Frank (married to Elizabeth)

Babe Martha

Babson's Reports Inc.

Bachmann E. Theodore (Ted)

Backman Herman

Bacon Francis

Bacon Helen Comly

Bacon Margaret and Allen

Bad Pyrmont Yearly Meeting

Baebure M.

Baer Helmuth

Bagwell Norma and Bill

Bahin Santi

Bahm Archie J.

Baily Bert

Bailey Harold

Bailey Jackson H. (Jack)

Bailey John

Bailey Lloyd

Bailey Moses

Bailey Raymond

Bailey Sydney

Baillie John

Baily Helen

Bain D.

Baine Michael

Baker Donald

Baker Elisabeth

Baker Gilbert

Baker Walter

Bakke Nancy Banks

Balch Emily G.

Baldwin Howard

Baldwin John

Baldwin School (PA)

Bales Polly (Mrs. Dane G.)

Balkam Bob (Robert) and Laurin

Ball State Teacher College (IN)


Balthaser William

Balthazar Hans

Baltimore Conference Board

Baltimore Peace Center

Baltimore Monthly Meeting

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Bangham Mary Dickerson

Bangor Theological Society

Banks Ann

Baptist Student Union

Box 105
Scope and Contents

Barbati Veronica (wife of Joseph Barbati)

Barbour Hugh

Barbour Marion H.

Barbour Patty (Polly?)

Barclay Earle

Barclay Mary

Bahin Santi

Barbour Sis

Bareillel Harold, Jr.

Barker Bill

Barlow Ralph

Barlow Paul

Barlow Trudy

Barnes Alice

Barnes E.W.

Barnes Richard

Barnes and Roche, Inc.

Barnett Arthur (re: Gordon Hirabayasi)

Barnett A. Reign

Barnett DeWitt

Barnett Irving

Barnett Virginia

Barney Leila

Barres Oliver

Barrett Don C.

Barrett Mary MacRossie

Barrett (Marrin?)

Barrie Michael

Barritt Denis P.

Barry Peter

Bartlett Don

Bartlett J(...)

Bartlett J Collins

Bartlett Mary

Bartlett Percy

Barton William (Bill)

Bartsch Rose

Bartram Howard

Bassett Betty

Bassett Elizabeth

Bassett David and Miyo

Baughman H.F.

Bauman Oscar

Baus Helen

Bay Area Retreat Association

Bayer Jerry

Bayman Florence

Bayne Stephen

Bay View Association

Beach Bob

Beach Brewster

Beach Sarah

Beacon Hill Friends House

Beal Irving

Bean Louis

Beard Nallie

Beardsley John

Beaston Larry

Beauregard Raymond

Beaver Bob

Beaver College (PA)

Beaver Maxine


Beck Dwight M.

Beck Frederic

Beck Henry

Becker August W.

Becker Kurth

Beckett Helen

Bedford Street Mission, The

Beebe David Lewis

Beebe Keith

Beer M.


Beerits Henry

Befriender Program, The

Behrmann Jöm

Behrens Carl

Beiss Adolf

Beissenger Joyce

Beker Mrs. Anthony A. (Helen P.)

Belfer Caroline Bunton

Bell Colin

Bell Philip

Bell Elaine

Bell Esther Lovell

Bellarmine-Ursuline College (KY)


Bellvue High School

Bender Harold

Bender Richard

Benedict Mrs. S.A.

Benfey Ted

Beoggoen Doug

Bennett Carl D.

Bennett Dennis J.

Bennett George

Bennett Jonathan

Bennett John

Bennett Michael

Bennetton Monica

Bennigan Phil

Benshen Edwin

Benson (Governor of Northern Rhodesia)

Benson Bernard

Benson Lewis

Benten Josephine

Bentley Frederick

Benton Elmor

Benton Josephine

Benveniste Carmelia

Benz Ernst

Benzston Nils Erik

Berea College (KY)


Berg Lisa

Berg Wolf

Bergman Göte

Bergman S.H.

Bergstraesser Arnold

Berlin Sharon

Berlin Quaker Bureau

Berman Louise

Bernhart Joseph

Berry Mary

Beskow Norman

Best Ernest

Best James

Berthold Fred

Bethany, Ladies of

Bewley Rachel

Bewley Winifred

Beyer Richard

Bible Reading Fellowship

Biblical Seminary in New York, The

Bicentennial Conference on Religious Liberty

Biddle Mrs. David S.

Biddle Ruth

Biddle Ursula

Biddle William W. and Lois

Biddle William C.

Bieber Nancy

Bielecki Tessa

Bien Alec

Bien Peter

Biess Markus

Biggs Bunty

Bigler Pat

Billikopf Jacob

Billo Geoffrey

Bills David

Binder Carmen

Binder Theodor

Bindernagel Friedrich

Binford Arthur

Binford Raymond

Binningham W.B.

Birlingham Maude

Birmingham Walter and Maisie

Bishop Claire Huchet

Bishop J.P.


Bittel Bill

Bixler J.S.

Bixler Seelye

Box 106
Scope and Contents

Black Ann

Black Barbara

Black Dorothy

Black Louis

Black Lillian

Blackburn Daye

Blackburn Edith

Blackburn J.

Blackman Barbara and Joe

Blackman Katherine


Blackwell H.R.

Blair (Jian Feild)

Blaire A.W.

Blaisdell Institute

Blake Eugene

Blake Joyce

Blanchard Dorothy

Blanshard Brand

Blanshard Priscila

Blanshard Paul

Blasius Gordon

Blasius Leslie

Blattenberger William

Blattenberger Ruth

Blaxall Arthur

Blaxall Florence

Bloch Alan

Blodgett Gary

Blood Bob and Margaret

Bloomfield Hills

Blücher Nikolaus

Bluffton College

Bluelilulu Elizabeth K.

Blum Fred

Blyth John

Board of Missions and Church Extension of the Methodist Church

Boardman Donnell

Boardman William

Boblin Robert

Bodde D.

Bodine James

Boeger Yvonne

Boeke Kees

Boelsma-Studinger Marianne and Marius

Boechringer Carl

Bok Curtis

Bolder Elise

Bolling Landrum

Bollinger Richard A.

Bolman Frederick

Bolsi Patricia

Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre

Bonbright Elizabeth

Bond A.A.

Bonhoeffer Walter

Boniface Father

Bonnefoi Magdeleine

Bonnee Rebecca

Bonnen Betty

Boobyer C.H.

Booher Walter

Bookes Rev.

Boon Rudolph

Booth F.

Booth Gotthard

Booth Raymond

Booth John

Booth Newell

Booth Wayne

Booty Evelyn

Borgerhoff Cornelia

Borgstadt Gregory

Borgstrom F.

Bori Pier Cesare

Borton C. Walter

Borton Elizabeth

Borton Hugh

Bose Nirmal

Bosley Harold

Bosman Jack

Bossert Jeanette (Nette)

Boston University

Boulder Meeting of Friends

Boulding Kenneth

Boulding Elise

Bowen Betty

Bowen Howard

Bowen Lewis

Bowers Ruth

Bowers John B.

Bowles Gilbert

Bowman Clarice

Bowman Paul

Bowman Richard

Boyd Jonelle

Boyer Emily

Boyer William

Boyce Donald R.

Bradbeer Rebecca

Bradford Rhea

Bradley Alan

Bradley Ed

Bradley Joe

Bradley J.W.

Bradley Miriam

Bradley M.R.

Bradley Phillips

Brady Donald

Brahmachari Mahauaw Brata

Brailey Miriam

Braisted Paul J.

Braisted Ruth

Braith Ned

Braithwaite M.M

Braithwaite A.W.

Braithwaite Professor

Braker James

Brame Ed and Grace

Brandenburg Kurt

Brandt Richard


Braver W.

Brawer Mary

Braunmiller W.

Brawn Tom

Brayshaw Russell and Maude

Breckenridge M.

Bregmen Gloria

Brennhovd Olav

Brettell Noel

Breitman Richard

Brewer Joseph

Braid M.

Briarcliff Retreat

Bridges Billy

Brigger Alice

Brightman Edgar S.

Brill Robert

B(rina) Dick

Brinton Anna

Brinton Edward

Brinton Ellen

Brinton Howard

Brinton Yuki

Briod Marc

Briolini Silvana

Briscombe Royal

Bristol James

Britain Yearly Meeting

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

British Embassy

British Museum

British Overseas Airways Corporation

British Zone (of Germany)

Britz Karl and Heidi

Box 107
Scope and Contents

Bro Margueritte

Broadway Baptist Church

Broadway Tabernacle Church

Broadway Temple

Broch Guy

Brodhead Daniel

Brodhead Rev. B. Burns

Bromley Ernest and Marion

Bromer Edwin

Brookes Edgar

Brooklyn Friends School

Brooks Charlotte

Brooks Victor

Broomell Anna Petit

Broomell Eleanor

Bronner Edwin B.

Brother Douglas

Brothers of the Christian Schools

Browin Frances Williams

Brown A. Barratt

Brown Anna

Brown Barry

Brown Carroll

Brown Carole

Brown Charles

Brown C. Victor

Brown Dorothy

Brown Eleanor

Brown Francis

Brown Gertrude

Brown Harper

Brown Kenneth

Brown Mary Jane

Brown Pete

Brown Thomas K.

Brown Tim

Brown Tom

Brown Sydney

Brown Victor

Brown William R.

Brown University

Browne Christine

Browne Gordon

Brownell Eleanor


Brownson Hazel

Brückner Horst


Brudy Elmer

Bruehl C.

Brügelmann Asta

Brügelmann Otto

Bruggerman Rev. Walter

Brügger Alice

Bruner Catherine

Brünig Heinrich

Bruno V.

Bruns, Nordeman, Rea, and Co.

Brush John

Bruteau Beatrice (Beatrice Burkel)

Bryan L.

Bryan Mac

Bryan Marjatta

Bryan Mary deGarmo

Bryan Mildred

Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Bryn Mawr Urologic Assiciates

Bryne A.

Brynes Rose

Bryne Horalf

Bryne Richard

Buber Martin

Buchanan James

Buchanan Scott

Buchinger Hans W.

Buck Pearl S.

Buck Hill Falls Company

Bucke Emory Stevens

Buckinham School

Buckler G.

Bucks Quarter Ministry and Counsel

Buddeike Werner

Budger H.

Bühler Anna Lore

Buena Don and Evelyn

Bulawayo Southern Rhodesia Meeting

Bull Ada

Bunker W.

Bunting Dorie

Bunting J.J.

Burckes Elizabeth

Burge J.

Burge Mary

Burkel Beatrice

Burkhard Hans

Burkhart Donna

Burkhart Wayne

Burmingham Maud (Aunt Maud)

Chalmers (filed under Burns) A. Burns

Burns Clinic Medical Center

Burlingham Maud

Burrough The Rt. Rev. J.P.

Burroughs Estelle and Gene

Burrower Jack

Burt Stephen

Burton E.

Burton Georgia

Burton Jo

Burton Lindley

Burtt Ned

Burtt Lucy

Buscomb Royal

Busch Dick

Bush-Brown Albert

Bushu E.

Busk Johanna

Buskirk Philip

Busse(ker) A. Margaret

Butka Patricia

Butler E.C.

Butler F.G.

Butler Guy

Butler J. George

Butler Janet M.

Butler John

Butler Mary

Butler Ronald

Butler Vinn

Butterfield Herbert

Butterfield Kenyon L.

Butterfield M.

Buttenheim Anne

Butterworth Charles M.

Buttrick George A.

Buttrick John

de Butts Christine

Butts Marie

Byerly Don

Byerly Kathryn

Byerly Margaret

Byrd Robert

Byrne Jean

Byron Center State Bank

Box 108
Scope and Contents

Cabot John

Cadbury Barrow

Cadbury Catharine and William

Cadbury Chris

Cadbury Comfort

Cadbury E.A.

Cadbury Emma

Cadbury George W.

Cadbury Henry

Cadbury John (signs Jack)

Cadbury Rachel

Cadbury Warder

Cadigan Charles (Charlie)

Cailliet Emile

Cain Lorraine and Winfield

Caitts Billy

Calder Lee

Caldwell Samuel D.

Calhoun Mary

Calhoun Robert Lowry (Bob)

Calhoun W. Carl

Calkins Fay

Calkins James Birdsall

Callahan Edward F., Jr.

Calman Sam

Caln Quarterly Meeting (PA)

Calvary Rectory (NY)

Calvert Mildred

Calvin College (MI)

Calwell Mary

Cambridge Friends School

Campbell Agnes

Campbell D....

Campbell Fay

Campbell Frank

Campbell Helen

Campbell Jean

Campbell Margaret S.

Canadian Friends Service Committee

Canadian National Committee on Refugees and Victims of Political Persecution

Canadian Yearly Meeting

Canan Larry

Cannon Mary

Cannon Ross

Canter Bernard

Canterbury House

Caponigri A. Robert

Capper-Johnson Karlin

Capricorn Africa Society, The

Capron Alexander (Lex)

Cardinal Bea Institute of Spirituality

Carey John J.

Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation Inc.

Carleton College

Carling Henry

Carlona Francisco Jose

Carman John B.

Carman Jun

Carman Peter J B

Carmel of Reno

Carmel of the Holy Family (OH)

Carmelite Monastery (DC)

Carmelite Monastery (IN)

Carmelite Monastery (MD)

Carmelite Monastery (RI)

Carmelite Monastery (VT)

Carmichael Douglas

Carmody Haymet?

Carol Sister

Carolina Friends School (NC)

Carpenter George W.

Carpenter Janet

Carpenter Mildred

Carpenter Victor

Carrier Blanche

Carrol Ken

Carsner Eubanks

Carson Harold

Carstens Heinrich

Carter Ann Brooks

Carter Jessie

Carter Kay and Daryle

Carter Roger C.

Cary Alice

Cary Barbara

Cary Comfort

Cary John

Cary Margaret

Cary Mary

Cary Stephen

Box 109
Scope and Contents

Case Adelaide

Case Edward

Caselli Aldo

Casey Gerard

Cassard Frances

Cassels John

Casteel John

Catchpool Corder and Gwen

Catchpool Frank

Catchpool Jack and Ruth

Cates Paul

Cathedral Church of St John the Divine (NY)

Catholic Art Association

Catholic Peace Fellowship

Catholic Worker

Catholic World

Catlin Harwood

Cauch Dick

Caufer Edith

Cavert Samuel McCrea

Cayard Leonora

Cecily S

Cedergren Elsa

Celholt Ed

Centenary Methodist Church

Center for Christian Spirituality

Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange between East and West

Center for Religion and Life, The

Center for Spiritual Studies

Center for Urban Education

Central Africa Monthly Meeting

Central Africa, Archbishop of

Central Co-ordinating Committee of Voluntary Agencies

Central Methodist Church

Central Offices of the Religious Society of Friends

Centre for Arab African and Asian Studies- Givat Haviva

Centre Quaker International (Paris)

Centre Quaker International de Geneve

Centre Space

Chace Elizabeth

Chadwick Owen

Chaiet ...

Chakraborty Amiya

Challis Dave

Chalmers Andrew Burns *

Chalmers Elizabeth

Chalmers Gordon? K.

Chamberlain Elizabeth

Chamberlin Roy Bullard

Chamberlin William Henry

Chambers Elizabeth

Chambers John

Chambers Les

Chambers William and Susan

Chance Harold

Chandler A.R.

Chandler Charlie

Chandler Gail

Chandy K.K.

Changtrakul Dumrong

Channel Bill

Chapel Hill Monthly Meeting

Chapelle Anthony (Tony)

Chapin Margaret

Chapman James

Chapman Raymond

Chapple Mary

Charles Brother

Charles Father

Charles Scribner's Sons

Charman Margaret

Chase Elizabeth

Chase Eshel

Chase Richard

Chavchevodje Marina

Box 110
Scope and Contents

Chen Francis

Chester Monthly Meeting of Friends

Chester Times

Chetsingh Ranjit

Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church

Chew Warren

Cheyette Herbert

Chicago Congregational Union

Chicago Sunday Evening Club

Chicago Theological Seminary

Childs John L.

Chilson Roger

Chilton-Brock ...

Chisuse M.E.

Choi Young Hwan

Chowdherey Romula

Christ Church (MA)

Christ Church Cathedral (Missouri)

Christ Church -St. Peter's Parish

Christavashram Fellowship


Christensen Ansgar

Christensen Bodil

Christian Advocate, The

Christian Brothers, The

Christian Century, The

Christian Council of Kenya, The

Christian Peace Conference

Christian Science Monitor

Christian Social Settlements Federation

Christian Study Centre

Christianorum Unitatem Fovendam

Church Helen?

Church T.S.

Church History

Church House of the Diocese of Virginia

Church in Rising Sun

Church Missionary Society

Church of Christ

Church of England Council on Foreign Relations

Church of St. Andrew

Church of St. John on the Mountain

Church of St. Therese of Deephaven

Church of the Advent

Church of the Ascension

Church of the Brethren

Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Saviour

Church of the Straits

Church Peace Mission, The

Church Peace Union, The

Church Women United in Chestnut Hill and Vicinity

Churchmen's League of Cleveland

Cistercian Publications

Clapp Marie Welles

Claremont Monthly Meeting

Claris Thad

Clark Barbara

Clark GN

Clark Lindsey

Clark Margaret

Clark Martin

Clark Rosemary

Clark Sir George

Clark Thomas (Tom)

Clark William

Clark Bob

Clark Warner and Dorothy

Clarke Eleanor

Clarke Martha

Clarke Tom

Clarkson Elizabeth

Clarkson George

Clasper Paul

Clausen Mogens

Clauson C?N

Cleaver Eric

Cleland James (Jim)

Clement Jane

Clements Kevin P.

Cleveland Lorraine

Cleveland Church Federation, The

Clevenger Janice

'Climacus' Paulus

Clive Geoffrey

Close Ethel M.

Clothier Robert

Clum Lawrence

Coate Alvin T.

Coates Bill

Coatsville Meeting

Cobban Cynthia

Coburn Forrest

Coburn John

Coburn Phil

Cochran Jean

Code Bill (and Shari Castle)

Coelho Mary

Coffin Amy

Cohen Pricilla

Cohen Rudolf

Coil Stanton

Coit Charles


Colby College (ME)

Colby Junior College (NH)

Cole Marion

Coleman George

Coleman John

Coleman Samuel

Coleman Serye

Colette Sister Marie

Colgate Rochester Divinity School

Colgate University (NY)

Box 111
Scope and Contents

College Cevenol International (France)

College of Idaho, The

College of Notre Dame of Maryland

College of Physicians of Philadelphia

College of Preachers (DC)

College of St. Thomas (MN)

College of the Pacific (CA)

Collegio S. Roberto Bellarmino (Roma)

Collett Wallace T.

Collier Howard

Collier Mark

Collier W. Edwin

Collier Marie

Collins Betty

Collins Fred

Collins Julia Cope

Collins Margaret H.

Collins Ralph

Collins Ralph (same as above?)

Collins A.H.

Collinson John

Collot d'Escury nee Fahle Doris

Colman George D.

Colman Sam

Colona, Principe

Colson Elizabeth

Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.

Columbia University

Comberbach Rose

Comfort Albert

Comfort Edith

Comfort Skip

Comfort William Wistar

Comfort Horace

Commissariat R.N.D.

Commission on Evangelism and Devotional Life

Commission on Worship of the United Methodist Church

Committee for Bridges for World Religions

Committee for International Nonviolence

Committee for World Day of Prayer

Committee of Racial Equality

Committee on Christian Relationships

Committee on Epistles

Committee on Race Relations

Committee on Religious Life

Committee on Voluntary Work Communities Abroad

Committee to End Slave Labor in America

Commonwealth Fund, The

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Community Church of Little Neck (NY)

Community Church of New York

Community Development Projects LTD

Community Dispute Settlement Program of Delaware County, Inc

Community Methodist Church (IL)

Community of the Resurrection

Community of the Way of the Cross

Community Service, Inc.

Community State Bank

Compere Tom

Compton Dorothy

Compton Randolph

Conant Elizabeth

Concord Quarterly Meeting

Concordia College (MN)

Condé Bertha

Condict F

Cone Sydney M., III

Conference on Religion and Science and Statesmanship and Virtue

Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion

Confield Frank

Conger George

Congregational Christian Service Committee, Inc.

Conklin Elisabeth W.

Conlon William L. (Bill)

Conn Earl

Connecticut College

Conrow Engles

Conroy Emma

Conroy J.S.

Contakos Samuel

Contemplative Review

Contemporary Theology

Continuation Committee of the Churches

Convent of St. Helena

Coogan Daniel

Cook Daniel

Cook Edward

Cooney Thomas

Cooper Charlie and Edris

Cooper Dick

Cooper John

Cooper Thomas

Cooper Wilmer

Cooper Samuel

Cooperative de Bouron

Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Inc.

Cooperative League

Cope Calvin

Cope Edith Cary

Cope Walter

Copeland C.T.

Copeland Kenneth

Copeland Richard

Copenhagen Quaker Center

Copenhaver John

Coppock Homer

Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate

Copulsky Jonathan

Corcoran Theresa

Coren Jackie

Corley J.L.

Cormy Placid

Cornelinssen Betty

Cornell United Religious Work

Cornell University

Cornerstone Foundation, Inc.

Correspondence School

Corry John

Corse Anna

Corson Helen

Cosby Gordon

Cosline Hugh

Cothin Harwood

Cotton J. Harry

Cougehr Irene

Council for the Study of Mankind

Council of Churches of Syracuse and Onondaga County

Council of Protestant Colleges and Universities

Council on Christian Education

Council on Christian Social progress

Counts George

Courtenay Walter

Courtney Winifred

Cousins Norman

Coutret Terry

Covall Betty Lin

Cowan Edwin

Cowgill Bruce

Cowles Ben

Cox A.D.M.

Cox Robert (Bob)

Cox Wilfred

Crabtree Martin (and Dorli)

Cragg Gerald

Cragg Kenneth

Craig Genevieve

Craig Robert (Bob)

Craig C.W.

Cram Ralph Adams

Crandell Aunt Bess

Crandell Reuben

Crane Edgar

Crane Sidney

Crane William

Crane Lilian

Crasman Winifred W.

Crawford Dan

Crawford W.A. (Bill)

Box 112
Scope and Contents

Crabtree Martin (and Dorli)

Cragg Gerald

Cragg Kenneth

Craig Genevieve

Craig Robert (Bob)

Craig C.W.

Cram Ralph Adams

Crandell Aunt Bess

Crandell Reuben

Crane Edgar

Crane Sidney

Crane William

Crane Lilian

Crasman Winifred W.

Crawford Dan

Crawford W.A. (Bill)

Creasey Maurice A.

Creedy F

Crenshaw Edmund

Cresson Os

Cripps A.S.

Crist Genevieve

Crockett Frances

Cronbach Abraham

Cronk Sandra

Crook Stuart?

Crosby Arthur (Art)

Crosby Emily

Crosby Grace

Cross R. Nicol

Cross Rosamund

Cross Claude

Crossland Weldon

Crosslands Forum Committee, The

Crossroads Continuum

Croton Valley Meeting

Crouse Beatrice

Crouse Paton

Crowl Margaret

Crozer Robert D.

Crozer Quarterly

Crozer Theological Seminary

Crump Thomas

Culbertson Ruth A.

Cullis Bessie


Cummings Barbara

Cummings Loretta

Cunningham Robert

Curran Maura

Curry Bruce

Curry John and Betty

Curtis Eric and Esther

Curtis Howard

Curtis John

Curtis Muriel

Curtiss Frances

Custer Douglas and Betty

Cuttat J.A.

Box 112
Scope and Contents

D'Andrea Thomas

Dahl Anna

Dair Richard

Dakin Arthur

Damascus Father

Dameano Kathryn

Dana Malcolm

Dandar Alex

Dane Dorothy

Danenhauer Bernard

Danforth Margaret

Danforth Stuart

Danforth William

Danforth Foundation (William Danforth)

Daniel Franz

Box 113
Scope and Contents

Dardenne Sister Myriam

Darling Ben

Darling Clyde

Darling Keith and Obera

Darlington Charles

Darnell Howard and Doris

Darnell Mona

D'Arry M.C.

Dart Martha

Dartmouth College

Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd.

Darwell Mona

Dascomb Gladys

Dasenbrock J. Henry and Ex (Mary Esther)

Daskam Max

Datta D.M.

David F Swenson-Kierkegaard Memorial Fund

Davidson Bessie

Davidson H. Martin

Davidson Robert (Bob)

Davidson W

Davidson College

Davie Preston

Davie Thomas

Davie Vera

Davies Horton

Davies Mark

Davies Richard

Davis Bain (Bainbridge)

Davis Herbert

Davis Jerome

Davis Merle

Davis Ralph

Davis Robert

Davis Willow

Davis House

Davison Eloise

Davison L. and E.

Davre Vera

Dawley J Murdoch

Day Albert

Day Doris (Dorothy)

Day Edward

Day Meta

Dayfoot Arthur

Dazenbroch Ex (William)

Deats Richard

DeBunsen Bernard

Dee Mary

Deer Hill

DeGraaf Hammer

Dehn Roy

Delaware County Methodist Ministers Assoc

Dellums Ronald

Denison University

Denning Joanne

Denny Dave

Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

Department of National Defense

Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (Gold Coast)

Department of State

DePauw University (IN)


Derain Paul

Derleth Christine

DeRoo Remi (Bishop of Victoria)

DeSilva Pete

Desjardin Paul

Dessauer Philipp

Desy Lloyd and Gen

Detroit Presbyterial Society

Detzer Dorothy

Deutsch Emil

Devers Dorothy (Big Ds)

Devopama Sw

Devor Richard

DeWeerd May...

Dewey Elmer

Dewitt Paul and Lou

Dewitt Robert

Dewitt Community Church

Dewolf Harold

Diament Alfred (Freddy)

Diament Elizabeth

Diamond Howard

Dickson Alec

Dictionary of Theology

Diekman Godfrey

Dieterly Helen

DiFiglio Ghanda

Diggins Elmer

Digiacomo Maria

Dill Vicky

Dingman Helen

Diocese of Albany

Diocese of Central New York

Diocese of Michigan

Diocese of Missouri

Diocese of New York

Diocese of Pennsylvania

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Diocese of Umtali

Diocese of Washington

Dirks Marianne

Dirks Walter

Discalced Carmelite Friars

Disciplined Order of Christ

Docherty Pat

Docili Alexandra

Docili Peter

Dodd W.L.

Dodds Barbara

Doidge Jennie

Domincovich Paul

Donahue Brother Felix

Donald Rubel Scholarship Fund

Donaldson Bessie

Doncaster L. Hugh

Donchian Peter

Donnelly Doris (Dorothy) (EOIOS)


Dorsey Astrid

Doubleday Donald

Doughty John

Douglas Brother

Douglas Katherine

Douglass Ellen, see Leyburn, Ellen Douglass

Dow Ethel

Dow Sterling

Dow Theory Forecasts

Downe Ray

Downing Aris?

Doyle John

Drake Durant

Drake St. Clair

Drake Thomas (Tom)

Drayton Brian E.

Drew University

Drexel Institute of Technology

Driscoll Ruth

Drisen Jay and Kay

Dru Alexander

Drummond Henry

Drury College

Duane, Morris, & Hecksher

DuBois Rachel


Dudley Raymond

Dueber United Methodist Church

Duffield John

Box 114
Scope and Contents

Duke Esther

Duke University

Duling G. Harold

Dumás John

Dumoulin H.

Dun Angus

Dunlap Maurice

Dunnam Maxie

Duquesne University

Durand Claire

Durham Monthly Meething

Durken Daniel

Dutch Reformed Church

Dwight School

Dwyer George Patrick

Dye Jane B.

Dyer Richard Cabot

Dyshel Benjamin

Box 114
Scope and Contents


Earle Mollie

Earley Sister Margaret

Earlham College

East Africa Yearly Meething

East Lansing Lodge

East Ridge

Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Eastern Buddhist Society

Eastern United Presbyterian Church

Eastman Fred

Eastman Philip

Eastman Richard

Easton William (Bill)

East-West Churchmen's Colloquy

East-West Visit

Eaton Caroline

Eaton Eleanor

Eaton Harold

Eberhard Harold

Eberhart Marie

Ecorse United Presbyterian Church

Ecumenical Campus Center

Ecumenical Institute

Ecumenical Institute of Spirituality

Ecumenical Press Service

Eddy R....

Eddy Sherwood

Eddy William

Eder Craig

Edge Findley

Edgerton William (Bill)

Edling Kirsten/Kristen?

Edmunds ?

Edmunds Margaret (Maggie) and Al

Education and World Affairs

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

Educational Interchange Council, The

Edward Archbishop of Central Africa

Edward W. Hazen Foundation

Edwards Earle

Edwards Kaye

Edwards Marion

Edwards R.H.

Edwards Tilden

Effinger John

Egger Annemarie

Egle Christopher

Egleston Oliver

Ehrenreich Isaac

Ehrenstrom Nils

Eichenberg Fritz

Eichler Hamsa

Eidem Archbishop

Eisenbart Costanze

El Souriary Shenouda

Elder J.E.

Eleanor Howard

Elkinton Cora

Elkinton David

Elkinton Elise

Elkinton Howard

Elkinton J. Passmore & Anna

Elkinton Nancy

Ellinger Hona?

Ellinger Tage

Elliott Errol

Elliott Herschel

Elliott Janet

Elliott Richard

Elliott Ruth

Elliott W.A.

Elliott Wendy

Ellis Ezra

Elliston Herbert

Elmhurst Methodist Church

Elwin Verrier

Ely Gertrude

Ely Ida

Embassies of Reconciliation

Emerson Amelia

Emlen Marie

Emmet Dorothy

Emory University

Enck John

Box 115
Scope and Contents

Engelhardt Hans

Engelhardt Leo and Lore

Engelhardt-Hohe Anne

Engelsman Piet

English Ava

English Chas

English Horace B.

English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth

Enomiya-Lassale H.M.

Ensley F. Gerald

Enslin Morton

Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Episcopal Ministry to the University

Episcopal Pacifist Fellowship

Episcopal Student Foundation At the University of Michigan

Episcopal Theological School (MA)

Episcopal Theological Seminary (VA)

Erb A.H.

Erskine Betty McLeau

Esry Marian

Esther Mary

Esther Biddle Rhods Memorial Committee

Estill Mary Jane

Eugene Irene

Eugene Field Society

Evangelical Presyterian Church Seminary

Evangelical School of Theology (PA)

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

Evans Arthur

Evans Cecil

Evans Daniel

Evans Edward

Evans Francis

Evans Glenn

Evans Harold

Evans Jon

Evans Joyce

Evans Veda Skillin

Evans W.B. (William Bacon)

Everdingen Maria

Everett W.G. (Walter G.)

Everton John Scott

Eves Allan and Joyce

Eves William (Will)

Ewald Charles (Chas)

Ewald Erich

Ewald Nancy, Pete, Shinae, Tom

Ewing A.C.

Exman Eugene (Gene)

Experimental Campus Ministry

Exploratory Dialogue in Spiritual Ecumenism


Box 115
Scope and Contents

Faber and Faber Limited

Facultad Evangelica de Teologia (Argentina)

Fahringer Elsie

Fainerly Bob

Fair Jessie Frances

Fair Rachel

Fair Hill Friends' Meeting

Fairchild Roy

Faith Today

Fales Walter

Falkoff C

Fallon B J Edward

Falls Ruth

Falsch Eug

Falshaw Gladys

Fanning Sandra

Farber John

Fardelmann Charlotte

von Farffun P. Jeng

Farina John

Farley Belle

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance

Farquhar Helen

Farrall Lyndsay and Stephanie

Farrant Jean and Basil

Farrow Henry

Farrow Jo

Fauke Eliza Amber

Fauler? A...

Faulkner Rossmond and Graeme

Faust Clarence

Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America

Fedha Nathan

Fein Leyanne

Feld Enterprises Educational Corporation

Feld... Sandra

Felix Brother


Fellowship for Christian Cooperation

Fellowship House, Inc.

Fellowship in Prayer

Fellowship of Friends of Truth

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Fellowship of Socialist Christians

Fenn Norman

Fenwick Jefferey

Fenwick Pamela

Ferguson Ruth

Fey Harold

Fey Irma

Fiers A.Dale

Fiese Dorie

Fiesel Ruth

Fifteenth Street Monthly Meeting

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Fillman Betsy, Terry, Russ

Box 116
Scope and Contents

Finch Dave

Finkelstein Louis

Finland Spiritual Center


Finn Betty and Hugh

Finn Sister Mary

Finnish-Swedish Yearly Meeting

Finucane James

First Baptist Church, Chile

First Baptist Church, Westfield, NJ

First Church in Newton, Mass.

First Church in Oberlin, Ohio

First Church of Ohio

First Community Church

First Congregational Church

First Friends Church

First Lutheran Church, Ottumwa, Iowa

First Methodist Church

First Presbyterian Church

First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Firth Roderick

Fischer D. Martin

Fisher Bernice

Fisher Dorothy

Fisk Teachers' Agency, The

Fisk University

Fite Warner

Fitt Frank

Fitzgerald Connie

Fitzgerald Sister Ellen

Five Oaks Christian Workers Center

Five Years Meeting of Friends

Flaccus Ed

Flanders Harold

Flanner House

Flemming Margaret

Flick John

Flight John

Flight Marjory

Flint Aili

Florez Carlos Zusunaga

Florida Presbyterian College

Florida State University

Flower J Cyril

Foerster Clark

Fogelklon-Norlind Emilia

Foley Gifford

Folger OSJ

Folke Thyra Solmer


Forchhammer Henni

Ford Peter

Ford Foundation

Fordham RSW

Foreign Missions Conference Of North America

Foreign Policy Association

Foreign Service of the US

Forell George

Foreman Rosalie

Forest Jim

Forrell Birger?

Forrie Chris

Forsythe Agnes and Bill

Forsythe Bert

Fort William

Fort Wayne Friends Meeting

Fosbroke Dean

Fosbroke Lindley

Fosdick Harry Emerson

Foss Hilde

Foss Martin

Foster Donald A.

Foster John H

Foster Millicent

Foster Nancy Wales

Fouke Hugh

Foulds Elfrida Vipont

Foulke Eliza


Foundation for International Economic Development and Education, Inc.

Foundry United Methodist Church

Fourth Friends World Conference

Fowle Joy

Fowler Albert, "Bert"

Fowler Harold

Fowles Jim

Fox Dom James

Fox Donald

Fox F.W. (Will)

Fox Francy

Fox Grace

Fox Lewis

Fox Madge

Fox Marjorie

Foyer Unitas

Foyle WG

Franch Leslie and Edna

Francis Helen

Franck Frederick

Franck Peter

Frank Charlie

Frank Francis

Frank Theodore (Ted)

Frank L. Weil Institute


Frankford Meeting

Frankfort Quarterly Meeting

Franklin Harry

Franzen Erich

Fraser Thomas

Fraser William

Frazer Heather

Frazier Claude

Frederick A. Praeger Inc

Frederickson William and Helen

Freeman Charles

Freeman H.

Freeman Katharine

Freeman Michael

Freeman Russ

Freer Harold Wiley

Box 117
Scope and Contents

Freiday Dean

Freidrich Carl

Freiherr Carl

Freind Stephen

Fremont-Smith Francis

French David and Atossa

French James

French Jon

French Paul

French Tossa and Dave

French Walter

Frensdorff Wesley

Freriches Wendell

Freud Sigmund

Freund Hans

Freund Marjorie


Frey Barbara

Frey Hans

Freyhof Betty Keith

Fricher Heinz and Karen

Frick Otto and Hanni

Friedgood Harry

Friedmann Robert

Friedrich A. Mary

Friedrich Carl

Friedrich Gerhard

Friedrich Leonhard

Friend, The

Friendly Hills Fellowship

Friendly Way, The

Friends Africa Mission

Friends Bible Institute

Friends Boarding School

Friends Book Centre (London)

Friends Boys School

Friends Center (PA)

Friends Center Dehli

Friends Center Seattle

Friends Central School

Friends Centre New Zealand

Friends College (Kenya)

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Friends Council on Education

Friends CPS

Friends General Conference

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore Coll.

Friends Homes, Inc

Friends Hospital

Friends Intelligencer

Friends International Center London

Friends Journal

Friends Meeting at Cambridge

Friends Meeting of Washington

Friends Memorial Church

Friends Quarterly

Friends School

Friends School (DE)

Friends School (VA)

Friends Service Committee

Friends Service Council

Friends Social Union

Friends United Meeting

Friends United Press

Friends World Committee American Section and Fellowship Council

Friends World Committee for Consultation

Friends World Conference

Friends World Conference

Friends World Institute

Friends' Book Store

Friends' Peace Committee

Box 118
Box 119
Scope and Contents

Fries Heinrich

Friis Ellen

Friis Finn and Bodil

Friis Kristian


Frost Brian

Frost Heidi

Froude Margaret

Frozer Pnant?

Fry A. Ruth

Fry Joan Mary

Fuchs Emile

Fuhrmann Ernst

Fukes Andrew and Rachel

Fulford Roger

Fuller Harold

Fullerton Kie

Fund for Peace

Fundacion Medico Social Amazonica

Furnas Elizabeth (Betty)

Furth Monty

Fuson Marian and Nelson

Fyman David

Box 119
Scope and Contents

Gaevernitz Gero

Gaevernitz Ruth v. Schlze

Gala Harry

Gallagher Agnes

Galt Altie

Galt Louisa

Galt Truman

Gamble Thomas

Gamble Ward

Gandhi Manilal

Gangadean Ashok

Gardiner R.K.A.

Gardner Doris

Gardner John

Gardner Pete

Garfield Harvey

Gargett Eric

Gargett Valerie

Garley David

Garley Dorothy

Garmey David

Garnell Howard

Garrett Constance

Garrett Eleanor

Garrett Leslie

Garrett Biblical Institute

Garrett Theological Seminary

Garrison Bett (Elizabeth Brosius ) and Gary

Garvin Glenn

Gatch Milton McC.

Gates* JB

Gates* Virginia (daughter of Inez Monroe Steere)

Geary Evelyn

Gebhart Sophie

Geer Owen

Gehring Sister Mary

Gelder Katharine

Gell Christopher

General Brotherhood Board

General Conference of Friends in India

General Electric

General Theological Seminary

Geneva Meeting of Friends

Georg Mary

George Mary

George S.K.

George Fox College

George School

George Washington University, The

Gerber William

German Yearly Meeting

Germantown Friends School

Germantown Monthly Meeting

Germany Emergency Committee

Gerow Emily

Gertrude Sister

Gessell Mabel and Leo

Gest Margaret

Gezork Herbert

Ghose Sisirkumar

Box 120
Scope and Contents

Gibbard Mark

Gibbons Euell and Freda

Gibbons Margaret

Gibbs John Michael

Gibson Olive

Gideon Enid-Claire

Giessler Fritz

Giessler Marty

Gifford Nelson

Gilbert Lury or Lucy

Gilbert Mary

Gilbert's Contract Painting

Gilbreath J. Earl

Gildemeister Marlis

Giles Roscoe Mott (Mott)

Gilkey Charles

Gill Theodore

Gillam Clifford

Gillett Eustan`

Gillett George

Gillett Henry

Gillett Lucy

Gillett Monica

Gillett Roger

Gillett Sara

Gillett Trust

Gilligan Fr. Declan F.

Gillman ?

Gilstrop Marie

Glaeser Edna

Gleason Eliot

Gleason Thelma Waffle

Gleaton M...

Glick Frank Z.

Global Interdependence Center

Global Ministries

Glyn Hilda

Godfrey Father

Goerke Edmund

Goetchius Judy Exman

Gogate R.V.

Goldner Jacob

Goldstein David

Goldthwait Pricilla (Prill), see Krancer, P

Golightly Lois

Gonant Babs

Good Nancy Cunningham

Good Robert C.

Goodall Norman

Goodbody John C.

Goodell Kenneth W.

Goodenow Leanore

Goodh… ?

Goodner Mildred

Goodridge Elinor

Goodwin Edna

Goose Creek Friends Meeting

Gordon Kenneth H.

Gordon Milton M.

Gordon Ray

Gordon Sallie

Gorman George

Gorres Ida Freiderike

Goshen College Biblical Seminary

Goss-Mayr Jean and Hildegaard

Göttler Lillian

Gottstein Werner K.

Gough Kathleen

Gould Farm

Grace Brewster

Grace Joseph

Grace William (Bill)

Graduate Theological Union

Grady Patricia

Graham Carolyn

Graham Chester

Graham Frank

Graham John

Graham Margaret

Graham Slijahh

Gramm Hanns

Granger Ann

Grant Barbara

Grant Robert

Graves Barbara

Graves Bruce

Graves Jessie

Graveson Caroline

Gray Bob

Gray Franklin (Frank)

Gray Glenn

Greater Boston Peace Council

Greater New York Federation of Churches

Greater Portland Council of Churches

Green Arthur

Green Norman

Green Rufus

Green Park Hotel, The

Greene Dana

Greene Felix

Greene Theodore

Gregg Marjorie True

Gregg Richard

Greil Emily

Gresham James R.

Gressel Hans

Box 121
Scope and Contents

Grier Louis (Lou)

Griesener Edith

Griffin Frederick

Griffin Roscoe

Griffiths Bede

Grinnell College

Griswold Frank

Groom Donald

Gross C.P.

Gross Harley

Gross Jean

Gross Julie

Grüber D.H.

Grundy Terry M.

Guardian, The

Guardini Romano

Guetzkow Harold

Guild for Spiritual Guidance

Guilford College

Gumlaina Pauline

Gummere Patty

Gummere Richard M.

Gurtwirth Marcel

Gustafson James

Guthrie Clara and Victor

Guthrie Ernest Graham

Guthrie Margaret Ann

Guy John

Gwynned Community Meeting

Box 121
Scope and Contents

Haberkern Tota

Habicht Max

Habitat for Humanity International

Hackett Allen

Hackett Allen

Hackett Beth

Hackney Lucy

Hackney Lucy

Hadley Anna Lydia

Hadley Herbert


Haecker Theodor

Hafkesbrinle? Hauna

Hagan Mike

Hagelson Roger

Hager Wesley

Haggard Barbara

Hagner George

Haigh Clifford

Haines Charles Huston (Chas)

Haines Ruth

Haines Sarah

Haines T…

Halbrooks G. Thomas

Hale Elizabeth

Hale Whitney

Halfdan-Nielson Debora (Debs)

Halfdan-Nielson Regnar

Halford George

Hall C.B.

Hall Edith

Hall Fran(cis) and Pearl

Hall John

Hall Robert

Halladay Hollis

Halle Anni

Halle Paul and Lou

Hallett Winslow

Hallie Philip

Hallowell John

Halsey Jesse

Haltan ?

Ham Bill

Ham Dorothy

Ham Dorothy

Hamiline University

Hamilton David

Hamilton Dick

Hamilton Dorothy

Hamilton Loudon

Hamilton Diane

Hamilton College

Hammerling Meg

Hammet Sarah

Hammond Eleanor

Hammond Michael

Hampton Janet

Hampton Institute

Han Chul Ha

Hanbury Michael

Hancock Eric

Hansen Christian (Chris)

Hansen G. Holger

Hansen Paul

Hanson Gertrude

Hanson John

Hanssen Per Albin (PM Sweden)

Happiek Marie

Harada Hiromitsu

Harding Alma and John

Hardison William and Carolyn

Hardy Alister

Hargroves V. Carney

Häring Berdard

Harkins Charles J.

Harkness Georgia

Harmon Lyn

Harnack Mildred Fish

Harp-Haverford College.
Box 122
Scope and Contents

Harper L. Alexander

Harper Robin

Harper S. Knox

Harper and Brothers/ Harper and Row

Harris Ann

Harris Dorothy

Harris Erd

Harris John

Harris Phyllis

Harrison Agatha

Harrison Diana

Harrison Earl

Harrison George

Harrison Reneta

Hart Dinah

Hart Hornell

Hart John L.J.

Hart Louise

Hart Patrick

Hartford Theological Seminary

Hartford Theological Seminary Foundation

Hartley David

Hartman Mrs. Don (possibly Helen)

Hartman Edwin (Ed)

Hartman Ruth

Hartman W. Emory

Hartog Marjorie

Harvard University

Harvey Elizabeth (Betty) and Thomas

Harvey Emily

Harvey J.S.C.

Harvey John

Harvey Sally

Harvey Tom

Harvey William B.

Harvid Louise

Haskell Ellery

Haslam Fred

Haslam Greville

Hasler Richard A.

Hass L.H.R.

Hassing Per

Hastings Frances

Hatch Robert

Hatch W.R.

Hathaway Richard

Hathaway Viola

Hatzner Pat

Haughton Joseph

Haus Jochgruppen

Hausl Joe

Hausskuecht Emma

Havens Joe and Terry (Teresina)

Haverford College

Box 123
Scope and Contents

Haverford Monthly Meeting

Haverford News

Haverford Quarterly Meeting

Haverford School

Haverford Township Bureau of Police

Haviland J. Bernard (Bernie)

Haviland Olive

Haviland Walter W.

Hawkins Tom

Haworth Cecil

Haworth Tim

Hay William

Hayes Georgia

Hayes Howard

Hayman Leslie Wanda

Haynes George

Haynes Renee

Hazard Elizabeth

Hazel Charles D.

Hazelton Pierce

Hazelton Roger

Healey Eric

Healey Frances

Heard Gerald

Heath Carl

Heath Doug

Hebert S. Marie Noel

Heckert Robert

Heidegger Martin

Heights, The

Heikeli Gaga

Heiler Anne Marie

Heilner Mary

Heim Karl

Heinerman Kristel Füches

Heise George

Heiss Willard

Hell Margarete

Helldorfer Brother Martin (Marty)

Helm William

Henderson Elo

Henderson Hanford

Henderson Oscar

Hendrick Jessie

Hendricks Elly

Hendricks Thomas

Henke Kenneth (Ken)

Henkins Herbert

Hennacy Ammon

Henrickssen Gunnar (Sunnar) and Helga

Henry Martyn Institute of Islamic Studies

Henson Roy and Irene (and June?)

Henton David

Hentz Robert

Hepp Marylon (Maylon) and Ann

Herbster Hildegaard and Ernest (from Miami and Munich)

Herkel Gaga

Herm Trevor

Hermann E.H. (Edward)

Hermann Eva (Eve) and Carl

Hermann Harold

Hernill Pat

Herriot Ruth

Herrmann Edward (EH)

Herron Carl

Hersey Robert

Hersog Therese

Hertzog Kathleen

Herzog Theresa and Hanna

Heschel Abraham (J.?)

Heschel Mrs. A.

Hess Geo. Harry

Hess M. Whitcomb

Hess Regine?

Heston David

Hetzel Becky and Ted

Hetzel Theodore

Hewill Pat

Hewitt John and June (also Wainwright House letterhead)

Heyer C. Dixon

Heyl Caro

Heywood Lucy

Hiatt Murial and Dick

Hibbard John

Hibben William

Hibbs Jonathan

Hickman Hoyt

Hickman Martha

Hicks Jennifer

Hicks Nan

Hicks Wm. Cleveland (Cleve)

Hietola Esther

High Point College

High Point Friends Meeting

Highlander Folk School

Hiler Dick

Hiles Marvin (Marv) and Nancy (Iona Center)

Hill Nora

Hill Peter

Hilther Ted

Hiltner Frederica Mead

Hiltner Ted

Hinkey Pepper

Hinshaw David

Hinshaw Fred ("FWH") and Dorothy

Hinshaw Pauline

Hinshaw Robert

Box 124
Scope and Contents

Hinson Glenn

Hipps Margaret

Hirabayashi Eddie

Hiram College

Hires Charles (Charlie)

Hirschman Julia

Hislop Pat

Hitchcock W.D.

Hitzig William

Hjerl-Hansen B

Hlekweni Roy (Bulawao)

Hoa Paula?

Hoag Waster

Hoar Helene

Hobart Angela

Hobart John

Hobart Regional Meeting

Hobbs Grimsley

Hobling Margaret

Hobson Arline

Hochschild Harold (HK)

Hochstrasser Marie

Hochwald Earle

Hocking William Ernest

Hocking William Ernest (WE)

Hoddard William

Hodgkin Brigit

Hodgkin Henry

Hodgkin Joy

Hodgkin Patrick

Hoffman Daniel (Dan)

Hoffman Montclair

Hoffman William Mitchell Vail

Hoffman Gene

Hoffmann Sgd. Hermann

Hoffmann Karin Ruth

Hoffmann Michael

Hogan John P

Hogel... Pierce

Hogle C. Newman

Hogle George

van Hohn Laura

Holcomb Harmon

Holderness Richard

Hole Allen

Hole Francis

Hole Helen

Holk-Meyer Bert and Hanneke

Holladay Jean

Holland R.L.

Holland W E S

Hollingsworth Barbara

Holme Margaret M.

Holmen Paul

Holmes Anne Tilney

Holmes Gertrude

Holmes H. Kelman

Holmes Harry

Holmquist Margery

Holmquist School

Holt Arthur

Holt Ivan Lee

Holt Walter

Holy Cross Abbey

Holy Cross Mission

Holz Emma

Homrighausen Ruth and Elmer

Honolulu Monthly Meeting

Hood Helen

Hoole Yolanda

Hoon Paul

Hoover Herbert

Hopkins C Howard

Hopkins Paul

Hopko Rev. Thomas

Horder Herbert

Hörhammer P. Manfred

Horn Betty

Horn Flora and Martin

Horn Lore (looks like "WH")

Horne Betty

Horricks H.M.

Horton Aimee

Horton Mildred

Horton Walter

Horton Douglas

Hortun Titus

Hoskin C.A.

Hoskins Lewis and Lois

Hoskins Walter

Hospital Amazonico Schweitzer

Hosteller Bonalyn

Houck Paul

Hough L.H. (Lynn Harold)

Houlihan? Rita Anne

Houser George M.

Hove Masotsha Mike (M.P.)

Hovey Sally Wriggins

Howard Sophie (SK)

Howard Eleanor

Howard University

Howarth Mary (see also Barclay, Mary) and Wilfred

Howarth Lester C.

Howe Margaretta

Howell Alfred H.

Howes Elizabeth Boyden

Howes Fred

Howland Alice

Hoyland John (Jack)

Hoyt Fred and Alta

Hoyt Marion

Horn, Helen Steere, David, and Rebecca.
Box 125
Box 126
Scope and Contents

Hromadka Joseph L.

Hubbard James DeWolf

Hubben William

Huber Jack

Huber Roger

Huckabee Lewis

Huckabee Weyman

Hudsonville Public Schools

Huf Sophia

Hüfner Irene

Hughes John

Hughes Lillian

Hull Hannah

Human Events


Humby D Joan

Hume Edward

Hume Robert

Humes Elizabeth

Hummel Jo and Ed

Hummel Rita

Hunani? Hatem?

Hunsberger Mary

Hunsberger Ruth

Hunt Alan

Hunt Everrett

Hunt Frank

Hunt Ho

Hunt Sandy Beach

Hunt Sarah

Hunt Sydney

Hunt Theodore

Hunt Walter

Hunter Allan

Hunter Celia

Hunter T. Willard

Hunter Emmeline

Hunter College

Hunting William

Huntington William (Bill)

Huntington Julia

Huntley Frank L.

Husaini I

Hutchins William

Hutchins Francis

Hutchinson Dorothy

Hutchinson Eliot

Hutchinson Hazel

Hutchinson Ray

Hütt Paul

Hutton Winifred

Hyma Albert

Hyman Arthur

Hyslop Fred

Hyslop Ralph

Box 127
Scope and Contents

Ice Jackson Lee

Idyllwild House of Retreat

Illinois University

Illsley Frida

Immaculate Conception Seminary

Indian Philosophical Congress

Indiana Central College

Indiana Council of Curches

Indiana Yearly Meeting

Ingalls Julia

Ingalls Pete

Ingebretson James

Ingles James

Inglis David (Dave)

Inglis Franklin

Inglis Katherine

Inglis Marie and Andy

Inglis Richard (Dick)

Innerst J. Stuart

Institute for Advanced Study, The

Institute for International Economic Studies

Institute for Religious and Social Studies

Institute of African Affairs

Institute of Current World Affairs

Institute of Formaitive Spirituality

Institute of International Education

Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, The


Interchurch Center, The

Intercollegian, The

Intercultural Cooperation

Inter-Faith Academy of Peace, The

Interfaith Relations Conference

Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees

Inter-Mountain Yearly Meeting

International Affairs Seminars of Washington

International Association for Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom (I.A.R.F)

International Christian University

International Convention of Disciples of Christ

International Fellowship of Reconciliation

International Mark Twain Society, The

International Migration Service

International Missionary Council

International Peace Academy Committee

International People's College

International Review of Missions, The

International Service of the Society of Friends

International Student House

International Thomas Merton Society

International Vacation Courses

International Voluntary Work Camp Organization

International Young Friends Conference

Interseminary Movement

Inter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas

Inward Light

Iona Center

Iona Community, The

Iona Cornerstone Foundation, Inc.

Iowa Pastors' School, The

Box 128
Scope and Contents

Iranschähr H.

Ireland M.P.

Irie Yukio

Irion Gifford

Irrera Eva

Irvine Fred

Irving George

Irving Jessie

Irving A.E.

Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundation

Isgrig Aimee

Isherwood Christopher

Ithaca Monthly Meeting of Friends

Ives Colman and Ethel

Iwand Hans

J-Jones, Mary Hoxie.
Box 128
Scope and Contents

Jack Homer

J.B. Lippencott Company

Jacks L.P.

Jackson B.F. Jr.

Jackson Charles

Jackson Elmore

Jackson Maurice

Jackson Naomi

Jacob Caroline

Jacob Norma

Jacob Philip (Phil)

Jacobowsky Marta

Jacobs Lenworth?

Jacobson Sol and Barbara

Jaenicke Joachim and Jane

James F. Norman

James Laureth

James Robert

Jameson Margaret

Janson Anna Lisa

Jansson Oscar

Japan Yearly Meeting

Japanese Fellowship of Reconciliation

Jarman Peter

Jarrett-Kerr Martin ("MJK")

Jeffs E.H.

Jehle Dieta and Herbert

Jellema W. Harry

Jenkins Tim

Jensen Daniel and Elizabeth

Jensen Elizabeth

Jensen Henning

Jequier Madelaine

Jesenkis Emmanuel

Jesuit Fathers of Loyola

Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The

Joan Sister

Job Rueben

Jochgruppen Haus

Johannesburg Yearly Meeting

Johanson Gregory

Johansson Harry

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Woolman Memorial Association

Johnson Corrine

Johnson David

Johnson E.H.

Johnson Edna

Johnson Elizabeth

Johnson Eric Warner

Johnson Faustina

Johnson Gary

Johnson Mordecai

Johnson Paul and Jean

Johnson Leslie

Johnson William A.

Johnson Jean

Johnson Smiley E.

Johnson Cyrus

Johnson Emily Cooper

Johnson Stanley

Johnson Foundation, The

Johnston BM

Johnston Frances

Johnston Jon

Johnston William W.

Johnston Gilbert

Johnston Ethelyn

Johnstone Robert

Joint Commission on Church Music of the Episcopal Church

Joint Section of Education and Cultivation Board of Missions of the Methodist Church

Jones Mary Hoxie

Box 129
Scope and Contents

Jone... John

Jones A. Willard

Jones Alice W.

Jones Anna Harvey

Jones Annette

Jones Canby

Jones David Lee

Jones Edith Bolling

Jones Elizabeth

Jones Francis P.

Jones J. Barclay

Jones Louis T.

Jones Melissa

Jones Robert F.

Jones Rufus

Jones Stanley

Jones Stark

Jones Thomas

Jones E. Stanley

Jones Elizabeth B.

Jones Rev. Dr. Alan

Jonitis Elizabeth

Joseph John

Josephson Sandra

Jouard Anne

Journal of Religion

Joury Mary

Jowitt Lettice

Joy Adena

Joy Charles R.

Joyce Robert

Juchacz Marie

Judy Myron

Jumphof Margaret

Jung Dr. Carl G.

Juras Vernie

Box 129
Scope and Contents

Kackelhoffer Susie

Kader Ali H. Abdel

Kaess Judy Exman Goetchius

Kagami Bunichi

Kahler Marre

Kahn Marcia

Kail Pamela

Kalaresi Mary

Kalkabeck Margo

Kang John

Kansas Yearly Meeting

Kapenga Jay and Midge

Kappes Heinz

Karamu House

Karkalits June


Kasai Minoru

Katchen Ira

Katz Kaufman Ray

Katz Stephen

Kauffman Karle

Kaufman Steve

Kaul Niranjan Nath

Kautz Edwin

Keating Thomas (Tom)

Keenan Cardinal John

Keene J. Calvin (Cal)

Keer, Maurer Company, Inc.

Keesey Mary

Box 130
Scope and Contents

Keinanen Elli

Keiser R. Melvin (Mel)

Keith Alice Joy

Keithahn Dick

Kekana Job (JK)

Keller D. Adolf


Kelley James Herbert

Kellogg Stanley

Kelly Arlene

Kelly Catharine

Kelly Franklin (most letters from Engl)

Kelly Lael

Kelly Mrs. Thomas

Kelly Richard

Kelly Robert

Kelly Thomas

Kelsey (Rev.) Arthur

Kelsey Dave

Kelsey Louise

Kelsey Morton

Kelsey R. Wilfred

Kelsey Raynor W.

Kempener Ellen

Kendal at Longwood

Kendal Crosslands

Kennedy Catharine

Kennedy Edwin O.

Kennedy Gail

Kennedy George

Kennedy I George, Brother

Kennedy James

Kennedy John

Kennedy L

Kennedy Melville (Mel) T.

Kennedy Miriam

Kent Elmer

Kent Roger

Kenworthy Bud (Married for some time to "Rozzie" (Rosiland) Kennedy of New York)

Kenworthy Leonard

Kenya Institute of Administration

Kenyon College

Keogh Judy

Kepler Thomas

Keppel-Compton Ursula m

Keppie Duncan, Maggie, Alisa and Fraser

Kerman Cynthia

Kerner Oliver John B.

Kerr Josephine

Kerr Martin Jarrett

Kerr Mina

von Kersberger Lydonine

Kersé Cornelius

Kersey Sandy

Kershner Howard

Kessler Carol

Kettelle Joanne

Kettelle Martha

Keuka College

Keuntzler Peter

Kevin Elizabeth

Kevin Helen

Khatry Prem Kumar

Kiernan Edmund

Kiivit Archbishop Dr. J.

Kilpack Gilbert

Kilpact Gilbert and Ruth

Kimpel B.F.


King John B.

King Joseph

King Center

Kingdon Frank

Kingrey David

Kircher Paul

Kirfer Alex

Kirk Elizabeth

Kirk Grayson

Kirk Helen

Kirk Jack

Kirk Sara

Kirkland Winifred


Kirkwood Elizabeth

Kirkwood Kenneth

Kissenger Varyam

Kitchen Bill

Kite Florence

Kjederqvist Elsa

Kjekstad Erling

Klaer Per

Klemperer Ellen

Klibansky Raymond

Klingmüller Henriette

Kloetzli Elisabeth

Kloppenburg Heinz

Knight Bernice

Knight Douglas

Knight Katherine

Knoll Carl

Knost Peter Noel

Knottenbell Richard

Knowlton Andrew

Knowlton Bob

Knox John

Knudsen Gudrun Bryne

Knudsen-Hoffman Gene

Knudson A.C.

Box 131
Scope and Contents

Kobori Takeshi and Masa

Koch H.H.

Koch Irene

Koch Nikolaus

von Koch Sigfried

Koch W. Christian

Koechlin Peter

Koenig Elaine

Koet Josefa

Kohn Marian

Kohn Michael

Koinonia Foundation

Kolenkow Anita and Robert

Kolkefeck Margo

Kolp Alan

König (Archbishop of Vienna)

Koontz Edith Meredith

Koper Paul

Korff Nick

Körner Anne Marie

Korsakov Nimsky

Kortsen Agnete

Kose Jaro

Kotila John

Kotschnig Elined

Kotze Rev. Theo

Koura Inkeri and Esko

Krahé Paul

Krancer Pricilla (Prill)

Kraus Hertha

Kremer Donal

Kretschmar Fredrick

Kreuner Harry

Krichton Letha

Kriebel Chris

Kriese Paul

Kritchek/Kritzeck James

Kroll John

Kromberg Anita

Krone Philip

Kroner Richard

Krott Grete

Krouse George

Krueger Maynard

Krüger Martin

Kruse Cornelius

Kruse…? Tim

Krusell Arlie

Kuenstler P.H.K.

Kuhn Helmut

Kuhne Erna

Kühne Agnes

Kuniholm Harry

Kunkel Fritz and Elizabeth

Kuntz Paul (also P.K.) (often Emory U. Letterhead)

Kurtz Stewart S.

Küstermeier Elisabeth

Kutzner Patricia

Kvarnström Hans


Kyredergurst Elsa

Box 131
Scope and Contents

Labbart Mary

Labor Temple

Laburn Ellen Douglas

Lacey Paul and Margie

Lachmund Margarette (Margaretta?) (Margarethe?)

Laderach Horace

Laete Marigold (Mary)

LaFarge John

Lahti Anja

Laidler Harry

Laimaranta Süri

Lake Erie Assn. Of Friends Meetings

Lake Erie College

Lake Mohonk Mountain House

Lamb Ursula

Lamp Curtis

Lampman Charles A.

Box 132
Scope and Contents

Lanalle H.

Landes Dale and Gloria

Landis Benson

Landolt Nancy

Landon Kjerstin

Lane Harold

Lang Helen

Langdale John W.

Langford Aldene

Lansdowne Methodist Church

Lansdowne Montly Meeting

Lanstrom Elsie

Lantero Erminie

Lantham Hugh

Lantz Elizabeth M.

Lantz Mariam

Large Dwight S.

Large Frances

Larkin Father Ernest

Larrabee Arthur

Larrabee Kent

Larson Curtis W.R.

Larson John W.

Larson Robert

Lasalle H.M. Enomiha

Lassila Antti

Latham Hugh L.

Lathrop Marion and Henry

Laubenstein Paul F.

Laucks Fenton

Laudon Adelaide

Laughlin John S.

Laula Pricsilla

Laurcara Fernande

Laurie Annie

Law Jane

Law Margaret M.

Lawn Evan

Lawrence (Mother) Mary

Lawrence Frederic

Lawrence Martha

Lawrence College

Lawson Eloise

Laymen's Movement for a Christian World

Leach Robert J.

League for Industrial Democracy

League of Nations Association, Inc.

Lean Scarnell

Learned Annabel

Leatherbury Evelyn

Leatherman J.A.

Lechner Robert (Bob)

Leclerq L.J.

Lee Charles

Lee Claudia

Lee Doreen

Lee Elizabeth

Lee Haeng Woo

Lee Kenneth

Lee Otis

Lee Robert

Lee Sang Y.

Lee Shin-Kenng

Lee Sperry

Lee Yoon-Gu

Lee Yoon-Hi

Leeds Morris

Leeds Sarah

Lees Larry

Leete Frederick

Leete Henrietta

Leete Judy

Legation of Finland

Legatis Martha and Fritz

Legatis Mary

Legg Sam

Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting

Lehman Libby

Lehman Rosemary

Leinau Virginia

Leinbach Joseph

Leitner Marie and Michl

Lenel Edith

Lenhart James (Jim)

Leon Phyllis

Leonard David

Leonard Mary Jane

Leonardi Victor

Leopold Edith

Lester John

Lester John, Jr. (Jack)

Lester Margaret

Lester Muriel

Letchworth Rachel

Levin Merle

Levine Carl and Gus

Lewis Betty

Lewis Clarence

Lewis Laurie

Lewis Lloyd

Lewis Rose

Lewis Wilma

Lewis M. Stevens Conference Trust

Lewy Immanuel

Leyburn Ellen Douglass

Leyman Helen

Box 133
Scope and Contents

Li Yoon Gu

Lia Spring (?)

Library of Congress

Library of the Society of Friends

Lichtenberger Arthur

Lichtenberger B

Liddell Mrs. Mark

Liebenberg Lucie

Liedke Herbert

Liepe Wolfgang

Lilius Lisa

Lilley C.L. (A.L.?)

Lilley Company

Lilliehöök Eric

Lilly Endowment

Lincoln School

Lind Miriam S.

Lindeman Eduard

Lindisfarne Association

Lindley Lawrence

Lindquist Raymond L. (R.L.)

Lindquist Svenne

Lindsay Virginia

Line Helen and Francis

Ling John

Linton Albert

Lippencott Horace

Lippencott Joe

Lippencott, J.B. Company

Lisburn Monthly Meeting

Lister Douglas

Littell Franklin (Frank)

Littonen Greta

Liturgical Press, The

Ljung H.A.

Lloyd Alfred

Lloyd Arnold

Lloyd B.W.

Lloyd H. Gates

Lloyd Joan

Lock Shirley

Lockwood Esther

Lockwood Pete

Loeffler Mary Louise

Loengard Richard

Loescher Frank

Loescher Mildred

Loewenberg J.

Loft Eleanor

Loft George

Loïgärte Carl

Loiley Polly

Loise Hart

London Ecumenical Centre

Long Harriet

Long Lilian

Long S.A.

Longman Kathleen

Longstreth Walter

Loomis Earl

Lord Elizabeth M.

Loreto, Sisters of

Lothrop Marion

Loughran Clayton

Louisville Area Interchurch Org. for Service

Louks Harold

Lovedee Ilfra

Lovejoy Arthur

Lovell John

Lovett Earl

Lowe Esther

Löwenstein U.

Löweth Karl

Lowrie Walter

Lowry Grace

Lubell Selma

Lüders Marie-Elisabeth

Luecke Richard

Luessow Erwin and Myla

Luke Helen

Luke Lakshmi and Luke

Lumby Betty

Lundgren Manne

Lundgren Miriam

Lundquist A

Lung'aho Thomas

Lunt Marjorie

Lusky Ruth Anderson

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Luthern Student Union of N. California

Lutton Marshall

Lutz Howard

Lutz Jonathan and Ylva

Luykx Father Bonifaas

Lyman Eugene

Lyman Mary

Lyman Ruth

Lyndon B.S.

Lynn Ercell

Lyon (Robert) Bob and Pat

Lyon Barbara Steere

Lyon E. Wilson

Box 134
Scope and Contents

Macalester College

Macauley Lydia Sargent

MacBryde Duncan

MacCallum J.A.

MacDonald Jan

MacDonald W.

Macgregor Garth

Machen Louise Sukie

Machen S.B.

Machle Edward J.

MacI M.T.

MacIntosh Archibald? (Mac)

MacIntosh Betty

MacIntosh Douglas Clyde

MacIntosh Margaret

MacKay Helen

MacKay John

Mackie Worth

Mackinaw City, Village of

MacLean Sarah

MacLeod Ken

MacMaster Gilbert and Marga

MacMillan Company, The

MacMurray John

MacNider William

MacRossie Allan

MacTye David

Macy Paul

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church

Mae Helen

Maecker Anni

Maemurray John and Better

Magee Esther

Magee Judy

Magee Raymond (Ray)

Magnuson Myra

Maharishi Vethathiri

Mahdi Louise Carus

Maille P

Main Line Cooperative Association

Main Line Unitarian Fellowship

Main Street Methodist Church

Makerere University College

Malherbe Peggy (Margaret) and Dan

Malik Charles

Malin Pat

Mallik Gurdial

Malone Sister Marcie

Mamvura Leonard and Actor and Grace and Elijah

Manchester College

Mandelkern Marshal

Manhattan Church Women United

Mani P.M.

Manivura Elijah

Mann Elizabeth

Mann Florence

Manniche Peter

Manning Nancy

Manola John Edwin

Mansfield Betty

Manstein Bodo

Manthey-Zorn Otto

Marais Ben

Marble Becky

Marble Samuel

Marburg Castle Institute

Marcel Gabriel

March Marguerite

Marcon John

Marcus Janet

Margolis Jay

Maring Norman

Marion Priscilla

Maris Branson

Maris Robert (Bob) and Ruth

Maritain Jacques

Markall Francis

Marks Carol

Marland Charles

Marquard L

Marquis Sarah

Marriott Victor

Marrison Mary

Marsh Alice (A.R.M.)

Marsh Elizabeth

Marsh Jonathan (Jonny)

Marshall E. Wayne

Marshall Mariam

Marshburn Oscar and Olive

Marston Daniel

Marti Fritz

Martin (Rev.) Paul

Martin Albert

Martin Father

Martin J.W.

Martin Joyce

Martin Philip

Martin Robert

Martin Walter

Martineau Josephet

Martinson Paul

Marvel Josiah

Mary Francis Sister

Mary George Sister

Box 135
Scope and Contents

Mashonaland Paul (Bishop of)

Mason Florence Hockett

Massachusetts Congregational Conference and Missionary Society

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

Mastin Georgann

Mathauser Sophie

Mathew E.T.

Mathews Bob

Mathrabe Margaret

Mathrobe Margaret

Mathues George B.

Matt Margaret

Mattox Dan

Maule Mary

Maurin Peter

Maxam Lydia

Maxfield Otis

Maxwell Hugh

Maxwell Raymond

May Rollo

Mayer David

Mayer Louis

Mayer Milton

Mayfair Reality Company

Maynett J

Mayr Emanuel

Mayr Hildegard

Mayr Kaspar

Mays Barbara

Mays Benjamin

Mazgaonkar Daniel

McAllistar Frances

McAlpin Sally

McCafferty Lawrence

McCandless Christopher

McCandless Dorothy

McCandless Hugh

McCarthy Caritas

McClellan Ann and Don

McClellan E…

McClellan William (Bill)

McClelland Grigor

McClelland Ross and Marjorie

McConnel James

McCord Betty

McCord James (Jas) (Jas.)

McCorkel Roy

McCormick Ada

McCormick John

McCracken Ed, Julie, Dean and Tim

McCulley Jos.

McCurdy W. Jarvis

McCurie N.A. (NAM)

McDonald Clinton

McDonald Durstan

McDonell Emily

McDonnell Agnes

McEachron Fred

McEachron Jean and Grant

McEachron Jean and Grant

McEachron * Fred F. (father of DMS)

McEachron * Jennie Pellegrom (mother of DMS)

McElvaney William (Bill)

McFarland Ross

McFarlin Paul

McGaw Howard

McGrath John

McGregor D.A.

McGregor Roy

McGucken Eloise

McIlwain Orene

McKay Vernon

McKenna Dick

McKibbon George

McKinney Alfred

McLaughlin Elizabeth

McLaughlin Terence

McMullen Robert

McMullin Ernan

McNamara Fr. William

McNees Margaret

McNeil Doris

McNerney Peter

McPeak Jim and Marguerite

McPhee Anna

McRae Muriel

McWhirter Mary Esther

Meacham Stewart

Mead Donald

Mead James

Mead Margaret

Mead Willard


Meany John

Measey William

Mecklin John

Media Friends School

Media Research Bureau

Meeting School, The

Meier-Siem Martin

Meighan Philip

Meigs J.

Mekeel Arthur

Mekeel Etta

Melburne Phillipa

Melerin Lisa

Mellberg Fritz

Mellon Bill

Meloy John

Meltvedt Julia and Hank

Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies

Memhard Beatrice

Men's Council of the Presbyterian Church

Mendenhall Bill

Mendenhall Mary

Mendl Wolf

Mendleson Jack

Mennell Brian

Mennell Robert

Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church

Mens Council Mackinaw, MI

Mensching Fritz and Ursula

Mensching Wilhelm

Meredith College

Merriam H.G.

Merrill Ezra

Merrill Nan and Donald

Box 136
Scope and Contents

Merton Tom (see also Abbey of Gethsemani)

Merton Annual, The

Meschter Loretta

Meserve Berthe

Meserve Henry (Harry)

Metcalf Harriet

Methodist Church

Methodist Episcopal Church

Methodist Historical Library

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Metropolitan Ecumenical Training Center

Metters Roberts

Metz Ken

Meyer Eiha

Meyer-Spreckels Elisabeth

Meyner Robert

Mgbako Fanasi

Miami Monthly Meeting

Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems

Michigan Department of Health

Michigan Independent Wood Producers Assoc.

Michigan Potato Growers Exchange

Michigan State College

Middleton Hugh

Miettinen Marjatta

Mikkola Signe

Milburn Robert

Miles Lisa Rounds

Milford Michael

Milhous Ivan

Millbrook School

Miller Alice

Miller Bob

Miller C. Fr.

Miller Charles, Jr.

von Miller Criste

Miller Dick

Miller Edward

von Miller Emmy and Rudolf

Miller Francis Pickens

Miller Herbert

Miller J. Don, Jr.

Miller J. Quinter

Miller Kevin

Miller Lawrence

Miller Leodov

Miller Raymond

Miller Richmond

Miller Rose and Harry

Miller Steve

Milligan Edward

Mills Sumner

Millsaps Ellen Kent


Milne Alan

Milner Clyde

Minear Paul

Ministerial Training School

Ministers' Conference at Union

Minkbly? ?

Minneapolis Friends Meeting

Minney Arthur

Miquon School, The

Missionary Orientation Center

Missionary Society, The

Mississippi Farms, Inc.

Missouri Valley College

Mitchell Clara Mary

Mitchell Roger

Miyakawa Tetsuo Scott

Box 137
Scope and Contents

Moeller Charles

Moffet Stephen

Mogabgab John

Mohlenhoff George

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohr Ernest

Moir John and Heather

Möller (Rev.) Aage

Mollie Mother

Molnar Annie

Moltved Ulla

Molzahn John

Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Monastery of H. Transfiguration

Monastery of the Holy Virgin & St. John Kamé

Monastier Elisabeth

Monastier Helene

Monroe M.F.

Monroe * Grace (Aunt Grace)

Monroe * Stuart

Monroe * Wilbur

Montague W.

Montgomery Patrick

Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoads

Moody Chester A.

Moon Edith

Moon John

Moon Mary Brown

Mooney Christopher

Moore ? Stuart

Moore Arthur

Moore Dale

Moore J. Floyd (Pete) and Lucretia

Moore John M.

Moore Maude and Carl

Moorestown Friends' School

Moorman John

Moorman Mrs. (possibly Mary Caroline Trevelyan)

Moos Ami?

Moran Carmen

Moran Fred

Moran Harold

Moravian Theological Seminary

More Louise and Carl

More Maude

Morehouse A.R.

Morford Richard

Morgan Arthur E.

Morgan Emily

Morgan Kenneth

Morgan Lucy

Morgan S. Rowland

Morgan Simon

Morgenroth Edwin

Moriarthy Denis R.

Morie Sister Pheiese

Morison Gordon

Morley Felix

Morley Tony

Moro-oka Aiko

Morris Ann and Elliston

Morris Anna

Morris Danny

Morris Tod, Joan, Kathy and David

Morrison Mary

Morrlian Emily

Morse Jean and Bill

Mort James

Mortenson Clemens

Morton Marjorie

Moses Brown School

Mosley J. Brooke

Mosshammer Alden

Mosteller Bonnalyn

Mote Frederick

Mother of God Community

Motive Magazine of the Methodist Student Movement

van de Motter John

Moulton Pillips (Phil)

Mount Hermon School

Mount Hollywood Congregational Church

Mount Holyoke College

Mount Olivet Community Methodist Church

Mount Saviour Monastery see also Damasus, Father and Martin, Father

Mount Vernon Place Methodist Church

Box 138
Scope and Contents

Mowers Cleo

Mt. Tabor

Mudd Emily

Mudimbwa (ura?) Zefaniah

Mueller Werner

Muir Gladys

Muirhead Esther

Mulindi Seth

Muller Steven

Muller Ted

Müller Eberhard

Müller Karl Alex and Irena

Mullin, McMillin, and Rychener

Mullins James

Multonomah Monthly Meeting

Munger Edwin

Munger Ted

Munk Patricia

Munzer Egbert

Murray Andrew

Murray Florence

Murray Victor

Murray-Parker May

Muste A.J.

Muth Peter

Muzumdar Haridas

Mybako Fanasi

Myburgh L.F.

Myer Eva

Myer Hildegard

Myers Charles (Chores?)

Myers Esther

Myers Jerry

Myrdal Gunner

Box 138
Scope and Contents

Nagami Isamu

Nagler Elly Mayr

Nagler Phyllis

Nahm Milton

Naidoo Jack

Nail Esther

Nairobi Meeting

Naney Ellen

Nash * Anne (née Steere), Christopher (Chris), Jennifer (Jenny)

Nash * Paul and Lou (often w/ BU or RISD letterhead)

Nasir Khalil Ahmad

Nason John

National Archives of Rhodesia

National Assoc. of College and University Chaplains and Directors of Religious Life

National Capital Area Assoc. of Friends

National Committee for Christian Leadership, Inc.

National Conference on Christians and Jews

National Council for Prevention of War

National Council of Student Christian Ass'ns

National Council of the Churches of Christ

National Council on Religion in Higher Educ.

National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers

National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors (NISBCO)

National Interreligious Service Board for Religious Objectors

National LaSallian Center

National Peace Academy Campaign

National Quaker Men

National Service Board for Religious Objectors

National Workshop for Christian Unity

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Box 139
Scope and Contents

Near East Foundation

Nederduitse Hervormde of Gereformeerde Gemeents - Johannesburg

Neifert Daniel

Neilson William

Nelson Ansgar

Nelson Anton

Nelson Frank

Nelson John Oliver (Jack)

Nelson Marjorie (Marge)

Nelson William Stuart

Nenendorffer Ruth

Neomiller Pastor

Nesbitt Ralph

Nesti Donald

Neter Walter

Neth Clarence

Neumann Louis

Neumayer K

New Brunswick Theological Seminary

New England Yearly Meeting

New England Young Friends

New Garden Meeting of Friends

New Hampshire Congregational-Christian Conference

New York and New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

New York Friends Center Association

New York Herald Tribune

New York League of Unitarian Women

New York School of Social Work

New York State College of Agriculture

New York State Youth Council

New York Times

New York Yearly Meeting

New Zealand Yearly Meeting

Newark Annual Conference

Newbold Robert T.

Newby James (Jim)

Newman Daisy

Newman Bookshop, The

Newton Caroline

Newton Joseph Fort

Ngaira Benjamin

Nichols Barbara

Nichols Herbert, Bernice, Janice, and Bradford

Nichols Jim

Nicholson Caroline

Nicholson Frederick

Nicholson John

Nicholson Margaretta

Nicholson Peg

Nicholson Rebecca (Cartes Nicholsen?)

Nicholson Sidney

Nicholson Thomas

Nick Dagmar

Nickall (Nichalls?) John

Niebanck Paul


Niebuhr H. Richard

Niebuhr Reinhold

Nielson Deborah (Debs)

Nielson Ellen

Nielson William

Niemöller Dorli (?) and Martin

Nienstaedt L.R.

Nikaen Club

Nikander Viljo

Nikhilananda Swami

Nilson Sven

Nippa Leo

Nishimura Eshin

Nissen Ulla

Niwa Seijiro

Nix C.

Nixon Lucille

Nnoka Barbara Grant

Noak Hans

Noble Lindsley

Noda Patrick

Norden... Elisabeth

Nordholm Samuel?

Nordling John Tyler

Norlind Emilia Fogelklou

Norrah Dick

Norris Louis

Norris Susan

North Jean

North Broadway Methodist Church

North Carolina Yearly Meeting

Northeast High School

Northfield League

Northfield School for Girls

Northwestern University

Norton Clare

Norton George

Norton Gwen

Norway, Embassy of

Noss Ted

Nottingham William

Nouwen Henri

Nova Fritz

Nova Nada (Spiritual Life Institute)

Box 140
Scope and Contents

Nu U (Prime Minister of Burma)

Nuhn Ferner and Georgia

Nurnberger Group

Nuthmann Curt

Nuttall Mary

N.W. Ayer & Son

Nye Leslie

Box 140
Scope and Contents

O'Brien Elmer

O'Connor Elizabeth

O'Hanlon Daniel

O'Hara Frank

O'Reilly Frances Clare

O'Reilly Sister Mary George

Oakhurst Baptist School

Oats Bill

Oats Wayne

Obadiah Brown's Benevolent Fund

Oberlin College

Occidental College (CA)

Ockel Gerhard

Oechslin Ruth

Office of Military Government for Germany (US)

Office of US High Commissioner for Germany

Ogata Sohaku

Ogontz School

Ohinen Ritva

Ohland Karl and Muriel

Okumura O.L.

Oland Kalle and Muriel [D(avid) and A(ndre)=children]

Old Haverford Friends Meeting

Olden Anna Margaret (Met)

Olden O.F.

Olden Olaf (Ole)

Olds Glenn

Olem Solveig

Olien Anya (Aniya/Anja)

Olive Sarah

Oliver Sarah

Olivet College (MI)

Olmstead Frank

Olney Margaret

Olofsson Leif

Olson Anja

Olson Reuel

Box 141
Scope and Contents

Pacific College (See also Pennington, Levi)

Pacific Oaks Friends School

Pacific School of Religion

Pacific Spectator, The

Packard William (Bill)

Packard Manse

Padwick G. Watts

Paffrath Leslie

Page Art

Page Beatrice

Page Elizabeth

Page Kirby

Page Peter K.

Paget Rosemary

Pahl L.

Paine George (Geo. L.)

Paine Peace Foundation

Painpon Mary King

Painter Levinus

Palestine Pottery

Palley Brenda

Palmer Albert

Palmer Candida

Palmer Charles (Chas)

Palmer Mary

Palmer Parker

Palmer Sally

Palo Alto Monthly Meeting

Panck Wilhelm and Olga

Panding? C

Panikkar Raymond

Pantheon Books, Inc.

Pappenheim Gy

Paquet Vivi Woeller and Whilhelmina (see Woeller Paquet)

Paquet-Ricks (or Riches?) M.M.

Park Fentress Kerlin

Park College

Parker Alan

Parker Barrett

Parker Dick

Parker Emily

Parker Frank

Parker Mary/May (Polly) Murray

Parks Sharon

Parrish Tess

Parrish & Co.

Parsons Ardley

Parsons Horace

Parsons Marion

Parsons William Barclay, Jr. (Bill)

Partridge Frances C, Father

Paschkis Victor

Passmore Sam

Paton Alan

Paton Katharine

Pattanayak Bhagrathi

Patterson Jefferson

Patton Gen.. Parker

Pauck H. Jackson (Jack)

Pauck Marion

Pauck Wilhelm

Pauck William and Olga

Paul Jack

Paulist Press

Paullin Theodor

Paulmier Louis

Pauly Charlotte?

Paxson Heather

Payne Theological Seminary

Payson Lily

Pazel Rosemary

Peabody Malcolm

Peabody and Brown

Peacock Joe

Peara Grace Child

Pearce James

Pearl Audrey

Pearse Max

Pearson Lois

Peck Lillie

Peet Olive

Pelersem Katharina

Pellegrom Jack (cousin of Dorothy)

Pellegrom * Angie (Aunt Ann)

Pendle Hill

Box 142
Scope and Contents

Penfield Ruth

Penfield Thornton

Penn Charter

Penn Normal Industrial and Agric. School

Penney J.C.

Pennington Levi

Pennington M. Basil

Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmament

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation

Pentak Marta Alan

Pentz James

Pepper, Hamilton and Sheetz

Perayerawai Leela

Percival Phyllis

Percy Dr. E.

Perera Charles

Perkins Fionna

Perkins Linda

Perkins Palfrey

Perkiomen School


Perrock G.

Perry Edward (Edmund?) – with NW U. letterhead

Perry Ralph Barton

Perry Rebecca

Perry Ruth

Peterson Dale

Peterson Hedrig

Peterson Jean

Peterson Katharina

Peterson Klaus

Peterson Robert

Pettibone Winton

Pettifor Ernest

Petty Mary

Pfeil Leslie

Pflüger Gertrud

Pflüger Gudrun

Pflug Susan, Elsa, Dorothea and Hap

Pfluger Sister Anny

Pfuetze Paul

Pfund Harry

Pharo Eugene

Phelan Professor

Phelps L.R.

Phelps Rose

Phelps-Stokes Fund

Phenix Gena Tenney

Phi Beta Kappa

Philadelphia Council for Conscientious Objectors

Philadelphia Ethical Society

Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Philadelphia, City of

Phillips Bernard

Phillips Charles William

Phillips Dorothy

Phillips Ellis

Phillips Herbert M.

Phillips J.G. (Gilbert)

Phillips Marion Christy

Phillips Martha

Phillips Mrs. A.J.

Philosopher's Index, The

Philosophical Library, Inc.

Philosophy Today

Box 143
Scope and Contents

Picht George

Picht-Axenfeld Edith

Pickard Bertram

Pickard Irene

Pickard Joya

Pickett Clarence

Pickett American Friends

Pickwick Publications

Piedmont University

Pierce Katharine C.

Pierce Mary

Pierney? Jim

Piesvon Peggie

Pifer Alan

Pilgrim Congregational Church of Duluth

Pilling Sara

Pine Grove Methodist Church

Ping C.J.

Piotrow F. Jackson

Piper Mabel L.

Pirani Traute

von Pirch Georg

Pitman Reginald W. (Bishop)

Pitts Wm. J.

Pittsburgh Yearly Meeting

Pixton Laurama Page

Place Norma

Plank Eleanor and John

Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania

Plant LC

Platt Gardner

Platt Joe and Edith

Pleißner Marie

Plott John C.

Plumb Lois

Pohl Claudine

Poindexter E.H. (Ed)

Poley Irvin

Polish Government Information Center

Politella Joseph

Politzer Heinz

Polk Ben

Pollard Eric

Pollard Robert, III

Polsky for State Representative

Ponte Jean Moore

Pontvik Aleks

Poole Berkeley L.

Pope Irene

Pope Liston

Pope Russell

Porion ?

Porter Cecil

Porter Eliot

Portnoy Julius

Possaunee Willi

Post Richard

Potato Clubs

Potter Marjory

Potts Florence

Potts J. Manning

Potts Margaret

Pourmansoori Mashallah

Povall Len and Betty

Powell Charles

Powell Leigh

Powell Nancy

Powell House

Powers Charles

Powers Thomas

Powers Craft Parker and Beard

Pratt Aruthur

Pratt Catherine

Pratt James B.

Pratt Marjory

Prayer House

Pred… Bill

Presbyterian Board of Education

Presbyterian Church in the United States of America

Presbyterian Church, Rye, New York

Presbytery of Philadelphia


Preston Debora

Preston Ralph C.

Prevallet Elaine

Price Frank

Price John Mayfair?

Price Reginald

Prickard Irene and Bertram

Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton University

Prisoner Visitation and Support

Proctor DeWitt

Project Forward '76

Prosser Cyril

Protestant Council of the City of New York

Protestant Digest

Providence Monthly Meeting

Provident Trust Company

Provost Janet

Provost Raymond and Mariella

Prudential-Bache Securities

Pruess-Mellon Judith

Prugh Anne Davison

Pruitt Grace

Pudue Friends Center

Puget Sound, College/University of

Puidoux Theological Conference

Pullutz Lili

Pun James

Purdy Alex

Purdy John

Purvis Ann

Pusey Edith

Pyle Robert

Box 144
Scope and Contents

Quadrangle, The

Quaker Centre, Geneva

Quakercentrum, Amsterdam

Quaker Felloship Fund

Quaker Hill Book Store

Quaker Hill Conference Center

Quäkerhaus, Vienna

Quaker House, GA

Quaker Life

Quaker Program at the United Nations

Quaker School Eerde, Holland

Quaker Service Council

Quaker Theological Discussion Group

Queen's College, Oxford

Quiet Hour, The

Box 144
Scope and Contents

R & R (Religion and Reconstruction)

Race Relations Committee of the Religious Society of Friends

Race Street Forum for Public Education

Radcliffe Lynn J.

Radford College


Radjasekhara G.

Radley Philip

Radnor United Monthly Meeting

Rae Maggie and Allen

Ragland Terry

Rahill William (Bill)

Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting

Raines Richard (Dick)

Raines Robert (R.A.R. or Bob)

Rajneesh Foundation International

Rakoff Doris

Ralston Purina Co.

Ramey Jay

Ramsey Archbishop

Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Ranger Terrence

Ranker-Rhodes Dananis

Rankin Bob and Martha

Rao K.L. Seshagiri

Raphael Dana

Rauha Onni and Lulu

Raundal Janeal and Chris

Raushenbusch Lecture

Raven Charles

Ravndal Christian

Rawell W.A.

Rawlins Winifred (Wini)

Ray John

Raymond Alison

Rea Fred

Read Charlotte and Charles

Read Chuck and Clara

Read David

Read Florence

Read Henrietta

Read Hilton and Kathryn

Read James (Jim)

Read Martha

Reafen Lawrence

Reagan William (W.J.)

Recard Charles W.

Redlich Fritz

Reed Elizabeth

Reed Frank O.

Reed Howard

Reed J.W.

Reed Mary Frances

Reede Roland K.

Reehling Karen W.

Reese Tom

Reeve Fred and Inez

Regen Curt

Regnery Henry

Reiborg Sydney

Reichardt Dorothy

Reichelb H. Reney?

Reid Ira

Reid Margaret Sue

Reif Margaret

Reiley's Farm, Mich.

Reinders David

Reinemann John Otto

Reinhardt Ambassador G. Frederick and Mrs. Lillian Tootle

Reinke Molly

Box 145
Scope and Contents

Reisner Christian

Reisner Herbert

Reiss Marguerite

Reiuke Ira

Religion in Life (see Abbingdon Press)

Religiöse Gesellschaft der Freunde (Quäker) In Deutschland

Religious Education Committee

Religious Emphasis Committee of Texarkana

Religious Experience Research Unit

Religious Society of Friends

Religious Society of Friends in Southern Africa

Rendall Connie

Rennie Company Ltd.

Reno Monthly Meeting

Renz Mar

Replogle Delbert and Ruth



Reuling John A.

Reuterman Charles

Revoyre Franck

Reynolds Anne Margarete

Reynolds Annette Jones

Reynolds Barbara (Barb)

Reynolds Claire

Reynolds Hadley

Reynolds Johanne

Reynolds R.G.

Reynolds Reginald (Reg)

Reynolds Weldon

Rheinfrank Lydia

Rhoades Winifred

Rhoads G. Charles

Rhoads Grace

Rhoads J. Edgar

Rhoads Jonathan

Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodesian Society for the Blind and the Physically Handicapped

Rhodin Thor

Rhott John C.

Rice Otis

Rich John F.

Rich John M.

Rich Jon

Richard Christian

Richards David E.

Richardson Channing

Richardson Comfort Cary

Richardson Jane Marie

Richardson Mary M.

Richardson N.E.

Richberg Selma

Richie David S.

Richie Jean

Richman Priscilla

Richmond Friends Meeting

Ricker Christine

Ricks Memorial Lecture

Ricouer Paul

Ridgeview Coungregational Church

Ridgway Helen

Ridgway Henry

Ridpath Mabel

Rieber Johanna and Walther

Rieborg Sven

Riedl John O.

Riesman David

Rigg Rebekal Clive

Riggi Benjamin

Riggs Barbara

Riggs M. David

Right Sharing of World Resources

Rikberg Irma

Rikberg Olav

Rikberg Selma

Rikberg Synnove

Rineheart Ruth

Ringland Arthur

Ringwalt Mildred

Ripon John

Ritchie Jean

Rittenhouse Lee and Eve

Riverside Business and Professional Women's Club

Riverside Church

Box 146
Scope and Contents

Rjederquist Elsa

Robbins Howard

Robbins Rowland

Robert Catherine (Cathy)

Roberts Archbishop T.D.

Roberts Dale

Roberts David

Roberts Donovan

Roberts Elizabeth (Betty)

Roberts Eve

Roberts Ken

Roberts Mary

Roberts Preston

Roberts Richard

Roberts Ursula

Roberts W. Glenn

Roberts Walter

Robertson Bruce

Robertson Kenneth

Robinson Donald

Robinson Dudley

Robinson Florence

Robinson Henry

Robinson J.D.

Robinson Jo Ann

Robinson Laura

Robinson Mary

Robinson Mollie

Robinson Wendy

Roblee Frederick (Fred)

Robles Harold

Rochester-Colgate Theological Seminary

Roddy ?

Rodemann William

Rogers Barbara

Rogers Burton

Rogers Gail

Rogers Gladstone

Rogers Linda

Rogers Miriam

Rogers Monica

Rogers Murray

Rohlin Luana

Rohrbough Lynn

Rollins Marion

Rollins Wallace E.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre

Romani Cornelia

Roo Remi

Roosevelt Eleanor

Roosevelt James

Roothbert Toni

Roper Jack, Virginia, and Maurice

Rosamond Bob

Rosán Laurence

Rosasco Dorothy

Rosemont College

Rosenbaum Crane

Rosenberg Alfons

Rosenberger Peter

Rosenstein Natalie

Rosenstock-Huessig Eugen

Ross Chris?

Ross Eleanor

Ross Emory

Ross Isabel

Ross Jack

Ross Jerilynn

Ross Marie

Ross Mario

Ross Philip

Ross W B/G/V?

Ross W. Gordon

Rotberg Robert (Bob)

Rothe Horst and Hugo

Rothstein Irma

Rothstein Louise

Rotten Elisabeth

Roueche Gail and Fred

Rouner Leroy (Lee)

Rowell Terry

Rowland Wilmina

Roy Andrew

Roy Hanseswar

Rozanski Beth

Rubel Donald (Don)

Rubel Judy

Rubel Walter

Rubinstein Joanna

Rudolf Steiner School Association


Rugg Mary Ellen

Rugsp? Dick

Ruhmann Walter

Rummel Ernst

Rummerskirchen? Josef

Rumtree Richard

Runyon Vincent

Ruokonen K.A.

Ruopp Harold W. (H.W.)

Ruopp Julia

Ruopp Phillips (Phils)

Rushmore Jane

Rusk George

Russel Florence

Russel Henry

Russell "Flea"

Russell Josiah Cox

Russell Richard T.

Rustin Bayard

Rutch Judy

Rutgers University

Ryan Joseph

Ryberg Eivor, Sven and Mats

Rydbeck Hof.

Ryder Elliott

Ryder John

Ryder Lady Frances

Rye Friends Meeting

Rylaarsdam J. Coert

Box 147
Scope and Contents


Saari Elvi

Saari Esko

Sack Ma…

Sacramentine Nuns (MI)

Sadler Michael

Safverstrom Sven

Saint Andrew's-by-the-Sea United Methodist Church

Saint Anselms Priory

Saint Antony's College Oxford

Saint Bartholomew's Church New York, NY

Saint Benedict Center for Christian Unity

Saint Benedict's Monastery

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary

Saint Faith's Mission Rusapi, Southern Rhodesia

Saint George's Church New York, NY

Saint John Marshall

Saint John Robert and Marre

Saint John's Abbey

Saint John's American Lutheran Church

Saint John's Episcopal and Reformed Church

Saint John's Parish Waterbury, CT

Saint Joseph's Abbey

Saint Joseph's House

Saint Julian's Nairobi

Saint Julian's Sussex

Saint Lawrence University

Saint Mark's School Southborough, MA

Saint Martin's House

Saint Mary's Abbey Morristown, NJ

Saint Mary's College of Maryland

Saint Meinrad Seminary IN

Saint Michael's College VT

Saint Paul's Church Chestnut Hill, PA

Saint Paul's Church Bookshop San Diego, CA

Saint Peter Claver Catholic Church Baltimore, MD

Saint Thomas of Villanova Parish Rosemont, PA

Saint Thomas's Church Whitemarsh, PA

Salem College

Salisbury Monthly Meeting

Saloff Stephen

Saltzman Charles E.

Saluraceyo Chuck (see AFSC Oct. 1949)

Samartha Stanley J.

Sampson Rev. Tom S.

San Francisco Theological Seminary

Sancta Clara Monastery

Sanders Edwin

Sanders J. Olcutt

Sanders Lori

Sanders Marian

Sanders Phyllis

Sandler Alison

Sanford Floyd S.

Sangre De Cristo Center

Santa Cruz Friends' Meeting

Santa Fe Friends Meeting

Sara Marquis Travel Service, Inc.

Sara Robbins Foundation, The

Sargent Louise and Ralph

Saron G.

Satterthwait Arnold

Satterthwaite Joe C.

Saturday Review

Saunders John

Saunders Marion

Sauter Valda

Sayre John Nevin

Scarlett William

Scarnell Phyl

Scarsdale Community Baptist Church

Scattergood Alfred

Scattergood Elizabeth

Scattergood J. Henry

Scattergood Margaret

Scattergood Roger

Schaaht Alice

Schaal Eva

Schaefer Miriam

Schaefer Ursula

Schaffer Blanche

Schambelan Howard

Scharff Bertha

Schauff Johannes

Scherer Paul


Schiffer Francis

Schiller F.C.S.

Schilling Paul

Schillinger Josef

Schlagel Richard

Schlingensiepen H.

Schlink Professor

Schlosser Rudolf

Schlüter-Hermke Yohannes and Maria

Schluter-Hermkes Maria

Box 148
Scope and Contents

Schmidt Esther Pellegram

Schmidt Frank and Angie

Schmidt * Helen Esther

Schmoe Floyd

Schneider H.W.

Schneider Louis W.

Schneider Reinhold

Schoenecker Konferenz (also Schönecker Konferenz)

Schoeninger Joyce

Schofield Blanche

Scholz Bob

Scholz Llorrine

Scholz Robert

Schomer Howard

School of Mysticism

School of the Prophets

Schooler J.

Schoononer (Shoononer) Kermit

Schrecker Paul

Schreiber Hans


Schrey Heinz Horst

Schrey Marianne

Schroeder Janet

Schuchardt Irmgard

Schuckman Roy

Schuller Erwin

Schuller Mary Craig

Schultz Edith Larson

Schultz Henri

Schultze Margarete

Schulz Charlotte

Schumacker Eva

Schunholtz Susie

Schuppli Hans

Schutz Roger

Schwab Bill

Schwarr Henry

Schweiso Charles S. (Chuck)

Schweitzer Albert

Schwemmer Dora

Schwemmer Wolf

Scientific Associates

Scotney Norman

Scott Ann

Scott David H.

Scott Donald

Scott Dory

Scott Hugh

Scott Jennifer

Scott Lawrence

Scott Peter

Scott Richenda (?)

Scott Roderick

Scott Ursula

Scoville Gordon

Scripps College

Scudder Vida

Scull David

Scurlock Stella

Seabury Ruth

Seabury Press

Seadle Michael

Searl Stanford

Seattle First National Bank

Seaver Madge

Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity

Seeger Daniel

Seeker's Association

Seeley Robert

Segal Thelma

Segerstrole Eva

Segerstrole Lennart

Seidenspinner Clarence

Sein Heberto

Sekiya P.M.

Sellassie His Imperial Majesty Haile I, Emperor of Ethiopia

Selleck George

Selvig Rolo

Semet-Solvay Engineering Corporation

Seminary of the Immaculate Conception

Serviss Helen Mann

Sesson Carin

Sewell William G.

Shackson Marion

Shadybrook House

Shafer Roger

Shaffer Alice

Shaffer Blanche

Shaffer Leslie



Shanson Gertrude

Shantz Helen

Sharman H.B.

Box 149
Scope and Contents

Sharp Gene

Sharp Reverend

Sharpless Edith

Sharpless Edward

Sharpless Frederic

Sharpless William

Shastry Shominath

Shaw Bruno

Shaw Mabel

Shaw Thelma and Ralph

Shears Lambert

Sheen William

Sheeran Michal J.

Sheerin John B.

Sheers William

Shelby Martha J.

Sheldan Diane

Sheldon James Gail

Sheldon W.H.

Shepard Royal

Shepard Seth

Shepherd George

Shepherd Jack and Janet

Sheppard Margaret

Sheppard William

Sherborne Gerald

Sheridan Alice

Sheridan George

Shibayama Zenkei

Shidler Mary McDermott

Shien Gi-ming

Shimada Masamichi

Shimer William A. (Bill)

Shinmura Tokuya

Shinn Roger

Shipley Beatrice

Shipley Caroline

Shipley Elizabeth

Shipley School, The

Shirer W. Lloyd

Shirm D. Reeves

Shito Reijiro and Kiyoko


Shoemaker Helen

Shoemaker Mary

Shoemaker Sam

Sholl Ed

Short Ambrose

Short Marion Hoyt

Short P.

Shorter Bani (Bunny) and Jean

Shorter Fred

Shortlidge Raymond

Shull Gordon

Shutts Frank

Sibley Mulford

Siceloff Courtney

Siceloff Elizabeth

Siddall Marian

Sieverts Cecelia

Sieverts Steven

Sigg Ernest B.

Significance of Jesus Christ in the Modern World (A Study Conference on)


Silver A. Ann

Silver Ali

Silver Arthur

Silver Joeseph

Silver Mildred

Silver Ward

Silvey Robert

Simkin Margaret

Simmons James

Simms Ruthanna

Simon Emily

Simons Lucia

Simpson Eloise Cummings

Simpson William

Sindy Clyde

Singal Brij

Singh Nirmal J.

Singing City

Singleton John

Sioux Falls College

Siré Doris

Sirenius Sigreid ("Sippi")

Sisson Thelma

Sister Formation Bulletin

Sisters of Charity Nazareth, KY

Sisters of Charity Seton Hill, Greensburg, PA

Sisters of Loretto Nerinx, KY

Sisters of St. Mary New York, NY

Sites Clement and Evelyn

Siven Deryck and Synnove

Siven Douglas

Sizoo Joseph

Skidmore College

Skinner J.

Skow Meta

Skow Michael

Skrifoars Agnes

Skye Collier P.

Slater Eleanor

Slater John R.

Slocum John Jermain

Sloggy Donald

Slosberg Irma

Slott William

Slusser Herbert

Slusser Lois

Slusser Mike

Smedley Katherine

Smeeth Alice

Smeeth Merril

Smiley Albert K.

Smiley Daniel, Jr.

Smiley Jane and Dan

Smiley Keith

Box 150
Scope and Contents

Smith Beaman

Smith Bob and Alice

Smith Brad

Smith Dick and June

Smith Edwin

Smith Elizabeth

Smith Eugene

Smith Frances Hall

Smith Gertrude

Smith Hilda

Smith Huston

Smith J. Herbert

Smith J. Russell

Smith Jonathan

Smith Justin Harvey

Smith Lewis

Smith Margaret

Smith Marion

Smith Norah

Smith Paul

Smith Robert

Smith Ronald

Smith Roseanna

Smith Ruth

Smith Seymour A.

Smith Susan Gower

Smith Warren

Smith Wilfred

Smith Wynne

Smith College

Smuck Evelyn

Smuck Harold

Smylie James

Snell Fred

Snelling John

Snipes Barbara

Snipes Brad

Snowden Glen

Snowden Rita

Snyder Edward (Ned)

Snyder Margaret

Snyder Neal

Society for Religion in Higher Education

Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge

Society of Brothers

Society of Friends

Society of Saint Frances

Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Society of St. Paul

Sockman Rev. Ralph W.

Soderstrom Clarenore A.

Solanko Risto

Solanko Siyo and Pisto

Solgas, Inc.

Sollmann William

Solomon Ted J.

Somers Anne

Somers Red

Sondaal Lidwine

Sondberg Gunner

Sonntag Nathaniel

Sonntag Wolfgang (W.S.)

Sontag Frederick

Sorgarde C. Emil

Sorokin Pitirim


El Sourainy Rev. Makary

South Africa Delegation to the United Nations

South African Fellowship of Reconciliation

South African Institute of International Affairs

South African Institute of Race Relations

South Central Region of the Disciplined Order of Christ

South Central Yearly Meeting

South Presbyterian Church, The

Southall Monica

Southeastern Yearly Meeting

Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southern California Council of Protestant Churches

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Southern Methodist University

Southern Regional Council, Inc.

Southold Executive Meeting

Spackler Anna

Spaeth Edmund

Spaeth Karl

Sparks Donald

Sparrow Light

Spartan Motel

Spaulding H.W.

Speakman Anna Travilla

Spect Muriel

Speer Browny

Speer Hally

Speerman Ted and Ruth

Speers E.C.

Spelt Shirley

Spencer Cory

Spencer Frances

Sperry William

Spiegelberg Herbert

Spiegler Gerhard

Spiller Robert

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life Institute of America, The

Spring Pauline

Springling M.

Squatriti Dora

Squires Janet

Squires Richard (Dick)

Stackler Warren

Staeber Warren

Stafford David

Stahl Greeley

Stair Fred

Stakland Ole E.

Stalheim Hotel

Stalnaker Rachel

Stan J. Cooper and Son

Standa Rhoda

Standard Insurance Company

Standing Winifred

Stanford University

Staniels Florence

Stanley Leonard

Stanton Dan

Stanton Lois Plumb

Stapler Hennan

Starbird Adele

Starr Bill

Starr Dinah

Starr Polly

State College Friends Meeting

State College of Washington

State University College NY

Stauda Rhoda

Stearns Maria

Steece Arvel

Steele Bob

Steele Murray

Steele Richard

Steer Selina

Box 151
Box 152
Scope and Contents

Steere Bob and Pat

Steere Frank

Steere George R.

Steere H.B.W.

Steere John

Steere Jonathan

Steere Loyd

Steere Patricia and Mush

Steere Ruth

Steere * Anne (see also Nash, Anne and Paul)

Steere * Bruce

Steere * Dawn Roper

Steere * Dorothy M. (sometimes "Dod")

Steere * Douglas E. (a.k.a. "Tex")

Steere * Douglas V.

Steere * Edward ("Dad", father of DVS)

Steere * Helen ("H")

Steere * Inez Monroe

Steere * Muriel and Kenneth

Steere * Parker

Steere * Richard B. ("Monty")

Steere * Ruth Monroe

Steere* Toby (son of Bruce, DVS's nephew)

Stefferud Alfred

Stegeman Marie-Thérèse (Mary)

Stegeman Mary

Stein Bill

Stein James

Steinberg Lucille

Steinherz Dezsoe

Stenborg Vivi

Stendahl Greta

Stenhouse Richard (Dick)

Stenson Sten H.

Stephens Robert (Bob)

Stevens David

Stevens Edward

Stevens Lewis

Stevens Libby (Elizabeth?)

Stevens Mary

Stevens Robert

Stevens Wesley

Stevens School, The

Stevenson Adlai

Stevenson Don(ald)

Stevenson Lois

Stevenson Lori

Box 153
Scope and Contents

Stewart Joyce

Stibbins Catherine

Stickney David

Stiftelsen för Produktiv Hjälp ät Partiellt Arbetsföra (Society for Productive Help to Persons of Reduced Working Capacity)

Stilkind Marie

Stilkind Marie (Florida)

Stimpson John B.

Stimpson Nellie and Lloyd

Stine William (Bill)

Stinnes Angela

Stinnes Edmund

Stinnes Marga

Stirling David

Stitt Adena

Stokes Agnes

Stokes Ann

Stokes Anson

Stokes Emlen

Stokes Henry

Stokes Lydia

Stokes Samuel

Stom George

Stondt John J.

Stoner Clara

Stony Run Monthly Meeting

Story Robert

Stoudt John Joseph

Stowe David

Box 154
Scope and Contents

Strachan Elizabeth

Strader Veraneze

Strader Veroneze

Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young

Stransky Thomas

Stratmann M.

Stratton Samuel

Street Marin

Street William B.

Streeter Burnett Hillman

Strider Helen and Bob (Robert)

Strife Richard

Strong Dennis

Strong William (Bill)

Struben Dudley

Struben Kate

Strunk Orlo

Stuart Alice

Student Christian Association

Student Christian Movement

Student Peace Service

Student Volunteer Movement

Studinger Marianne Boelsma

Sturge Paul

Sturtevant Harwood

Summer Institute for Religious Growth, The

Summers Dudley

Summit Meeting NJ

Sumpf Grete

Sundaram T.S.

Sundberg Gerda

Sundberg Gunnar (check against Sunnar Henrikson)

Sundberg Lena

Sundberg Per

Sundkler Bengt

Sundquist Annikki

Suomen Huolto (Finnish Relief)

Suplee Rudulph

Surhart Athman (?)

Surine Reba

Sutherland Hale

Sutro Elizabeth

Sutton F.F.

Sutton Lisa

Sutton Marshall

Suzuki Daisetz T.

Svenning Carl Elof

Swain Mary

Swain Tom

Swan Alfred

Swart Ted

Swarthmore Branch of the Sufi Order

Swarthmore College

Swarthy William (Bill)

Swearer Don

Swedish Yearly Meeting

Sweet Leonard

Sweet Briar College

Sweetman Ray

Swell William and Hilda

Swenson David

Swenson Esther

Swenson Lillian

Swidler Leonard

Swift David

Swift Lloyd B.

Swomley John M.

Swope Charles

Sydnor Charles

Sykes Marjorie

Syracuse University

Box 155
Scope and Contents

Taber Frances

Taber Robert (Bob)

Tabor College

Tacke Eberhard

Taft Rebekah (Becky)

Tahoni Ruth

Tai En Shui

Tait Oliver

Taize Community of

Takahashi Yuki

Takoi Oskari

Talbot Nora A.

Talladega College (AL)

Talley Lucy

Tambo Lucian

Tambo Rev. C.K.

Tandberg Alison

Tannes Tom

Tapia Maria del Carmen

Tapke Peter

Tarazi Wadi

Tasoni Ruth and Mario

Tatman Katharine

Tatum Lyle

Tayler William Lonsdale

Taylor Alan

Taylor C. Marshall

Taylor Christopher and Hannah

Taylor Dick

Taylor Eleanor

Taylor Elizabeth

Taylor Ernest

Taylor Florence

Taylor Francis

Taylor Hannah

Taylor Harold

Taylor Herbert

Taylor Howard

Taylor John B.

Taylor Joseph

Taylor Katharine Whiteside

Taylor Kenneth

Taylor Lowra

Taylor Marion

Taylor T.M.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America

Teaf Howard M., Jr.

Teele Marle

Teele Rex

Teele Trevor

Tegnes Ingebrog

von Teicher Kaseir

Teichmann Virginia

Temple Israel

Tennyson Margot

Tereshtenko Valery

Terrell Carolyn

Terry Harold

Tesch Hans

Tescher Don

Tessien Frank

Texas Christian University

Texas Pastors School

Thanassen John

Thant U

Tharp Marguerite

Theodor Binder-Amazonian Albert Schweitzer Hospital Foundation

Theological School of the Reformed Church

Theological Seminary, NJ

Theological Seminary, VA

Theology Today

Theophilus Bishop Alexander

Theresa Marie Sister

Therese Marie Sister

Thiermann Stephen

Third Haven Monthly Meeting

Thirkield Bishop Wilbur

This I Believe

Thom Rachel

Thom Taylor

Thom William

Thomas Bacubée (?)

Thomas Baylis

Thomas Dorothy (Doris) and Howard

Thomas Edward

Thomas Father

Thomas George

Thomas Gilbert

Thomas John

Thomas Klaus

Thomas Susan

Thomas Virginia

Thomas Wilma

Thomas Merton Studies Center

Box 156
Scope and Contents

Thomassen John (Johnny)

Thomforde Charlie

Thomforde Margaret

Thomforde Phil and Winnie

Thomforde Suzie

Thomison Sydney

Thompson Carol

Thompson Cecil

Thompson David

Thompson G. Barney

Thompson Hugo and Sibyl

Thompson Kenneth

Thompson Maude

Thompson R. Franklin

Thompson R.V. de Carle

Thompson Seal

Thomsen Claire

Thomsen Elise

Thomson Naomi

t'Hooft W.A.

Thorne Charles

Thorne Mary

Thorold Algar

Thorp Almus

Thorp Francis

Thorpe Jack and Florence

Thrall Miriam

Thron-Weber Bruce

Thurber L. Newton (Newt)

Thurman Howard

Tiedemann Karl

Tierman Steve

Tierney Angus

Tilley Peter

Tillich Paul

Tilney I. Sheldon

Timberlake Rachel

Tinbergen Jan

Ting C.J.

Tinker Charlotte

Tioga Baptist Church

Tiren Ouen

Tittle Ernest

Tobias Clarence

Tod Marcus

Tod Robert

Todd Garfield (P.M. of Southern Rhodesia?)

Todd Grace

Todd John

Todd Lari

Toivola Urho

Tokita (Tonkita) Taeko

Tokoi Oskari

Tolles Fred

Tolsa Aaro

Tolsa Mirja

Tomlinson Cornelia

Tompkins Carol

Toomer Jean

Toronto Monthly Meeting

Torrance Hugh

Torrance Susan

Torrey Beth

Tory Alan

Totah Khalil

Touchtone, Inc.

Toust James

Towe Edward

Towl Andrew R.

Towl Audy

Towl Merrilie

Towle Elizabeth (née Chambers)

Toynbee Hall

Tract Association of Friends

Tracy Daniel

Trafellet David

Transvaal and Southern Rhodesia Missions

Transvaal Monthly Meeting

Trapido Harold, Jean and Paul

Trapp Jacob (Jake)

Travers Esther

Trayer Raymond

Tredgold Margaret (South Africa, Rhodesia, etc.)

Tredgold Robert (Robbie)

Trinity Church, New York, NY

Trinity Church, Princeton, NJ

Trinity College, Washington DC

Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio

Trist Eric

Tritton Fred

Troche Andie

Trochmé Nelly

Trocmé Magda and Andre

Trojan ?

Trotter Jesse

Troust James

Troutwine-Braun Charlotte

Trowbridge Buell

Trowbridge George

Trowbridge Sarah Esther

Troy Annual Conference of the Methodist Church

Trueblood Elton

Trumbull Walter

Trumper David

Trumpfheller Barbara

von Tucher Heinrich Frhr.

Tucker Eric

Tucker Heinz

Tucker Karen

Tucker L.

Tucker Melvin

Tucker Robert

Tunghai University

Turner H. Haines

Turner Hilda

Turner Paul and Marie

Turner R.A.

Tuthill Gretchen

Tuttle Shirley

Tweedsmuir Susan

Twyeffort Louise

Tydings Judy

Tyler S. Roger

Tysz William

Box 157
Scope and Contents

Ukaji Kijoshi

Ulanor Anne

Ulen Elizabeth (Liz)

Ulich David

Ulich Konrad

Ulich Robert

Ullman Eliza

Ullman Richard

Ulrich Theresa

Umbach Lenore

Una Sancta

Underwood Donna, Dana R., Dana E., and Colin

Unhjem Arne

Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

Union College

Union of American Hebrew Congregations

Union Theological Seminary

Unitarian Church of Germantown

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

United Board for College Development

United Christian Missionary Society

United Congregational Church

United Lutheran Publication House

United Methodist Church

United Nations

United Presbyterian Church in the USA

United Society for the Propegation of the Gospel (USPG)

United Society of Friends Women

United States Educational Commission for France

United States Foreign Service

United States International University

United States Senate

United Theological Seminary

Universitat Hamburg

Universities Committee on Post-war International Problems

University Christian Mission

University College Ibadan, Nigeria

University College of Fort Hare

University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

University Monthly Meeting

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas

University of Bristol

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Cape Town

University of Chicago

University of Colorado

University of Delaware

University of Denver

University of East Africa (Nairobi)

University of Georgia

University of Iowa

University of Manitoba

University of Michigan

University of Minnisota

University of North Carolina

University of Notre Dame

University of Pennsylvania

University of Puget Sound

University of Rhodesia

University of Rochester

University of South Florida

University of Wisconsin

Upper Room, The

Urban Joseph

Urban Percy

Urban Wilbur

Ursinus College

Urwin E.

Usherwood Chris

Usherwood Stephen

Utley Edwin

Utterback Margaret

Uustald Paavo

Box 158
Scope and Contents

Vail James


Vaker Nicholas

Valley Monthly Meeting

Valquist Gunnel

Van Arendonk Jeannette

Van Buren Mary Lou

Van Buskirk (Grandma)

van der Post Colonel

Van Doren Mark

Van Dusen Henry

Van Dyke Hendrick

Van Hock Professor L.J.

Van Hoy Leo

Van Ouren (?) Hugh

Van Scoyor Nancy

Van Uliet Eleanor

Van Waters Miriam

Van Winkel Jacinta

Van Wyck Fred

Van Wyck Noelline

Vanden Berge Peter

Vanderbilt University

Vandock Mr. and Mrs. Roy (possibly Marilyn)

Vassalboro Quarterly Meeting

Vassar College

Vatican, The

Veatch Henry

del Vecchio Gloria

Vedder Gerda

Velinsky Stanislav

Velte William

Venus Evelyn Smith

Verde Valley School

Vermilye Avis and Dyck

Vermont Junior College

Vernier Philippe

Vernon Jane and Doug (Douglas)

Versaci Frank

Victor Ralph

Vidler A.

Vidoloff Zaprian

Viehe Carl A.

Vigna Mr. and Mrs. Frank

Viitakiven International Center

Village of Mackinaw City

Vineyard Conference Center

Vining Elizabeth Gray

Virginia Theological Seminary

de Visem Marie


Vlastos Gregory

Vokorova-Ambrosova L.

Volh Norbert and Carol

Volinsky Helena

Volunteers for International Development

Votruba David C.

von... see second name (e.g. Pirch, Georg von)

Box 159
Scope and Contents

Wabash College

Waddilove Lewis

Waddilove Maureen?

Waddington John

Wade Helen

Wade Raymond

Wadsworth ?

Wagner Regina

Wagner W.C.

Wägner Elin

Wagoner ?

Wainright House

Wake Forest University

Walker Charles (Charlie)

Walker Ian

Walker James

Walker Margery

Walker Richard

Walker Winifred

Wallace John Elmo

Wallace Margaret Cox

Wallace Secretary

Waller Jane

Wallin Fred, JoAnn and Kelli

Wallis W.W.

Walpole Margaret

Walser Gladys

Walser Theodore

Walsh Charles

Walsh Claire

Walsh Thomas

Walter Ingeborg

Walter James F.

Walters Raymond

Walters Ruth and John

Walther Eric

Walton Connie

Walton Francis

Walton George

Walton Helen

Walton Susan

War Manpower Commission

War Resisters' International

van Warbergh Mary Smits

Warburg Eric

Warburg S. G. (Grigor?)

Ward John

Ware John H.

Waring Bernard

Waring Grace

Waring P.A.

Waris Emmi

Waris Heikki

Waris Sipi

Waris Tessa and Slia

Warnecke Frances

Warner Gertrude

Warner Hugh

Warner Jan

Warren Max

Warren Mrs. Gretchen Osgood

Wartenberg Frita

Wartiovaara Olso

Washington and Jefferson College

Washington Cathedral

Washington College

Washington Friends Meeting

Washington National Insurance Company

Washington Post

Washington University

Watanabe Yoshio

Watchbird D.P.

Watermulder David

Waters Brad

Waters Hope

Wätjen Eduard

Watkin E.I.

Watkins Richard

Watson Amey

Watson Curt

Watson Dorothy

Watson Elizabeth

Watson Evelyn

Watson Frank

Watson Goodwin

Watt Donald

Watter Linda

Watters Philip Sidney

Watts Margaret

Wawatam Beach Association

Box 160
Scope and Contents

Weare Monthly Meeting

Weaver Clarice (see also Weaver, Ray Bennett "Buck")

Weaver Georgiana

Weaver John and Annie

Weaver Margaret

Weaver Myron

Weaver Ray Bennett (Buck or BW)

Weaver Susan


Webb C.C.

Webb Eunice

Webb Frank

Webb Lance

Webb Maurice

Webb Val, Eric and Ruth

Webb William

W.B. Webb Company

Webber G.W.

Weber Georges

Weber Souja

Webster Bert and Miriam

Webster Holley

Wedock Wilfred

Weeks Edward

Weger V.W.

Wegesa Ben

Wehr Carl

Weikert Bert

Weil Institute

Weimer Glen

Weiskel Frank

Weiss Philip

Weitzman Ronald

von Weizsacker C.F. Freiherr

Welborn Carol

Welch Margaret

Welch Richard

Weldon Fay

Welensky Roy

Well Father?

Wellesley College

Wellesley Conference of the Protestant Episcopal Church

Wellman Esther Turner

Wellock Wilfred

Wells Donald A.

Wells Ronald

Wells College

Welsh Ben

Wendland Barbara Jean

Wendt Ruth

Wentworth Joan

Wentworth Mildred

Werner Glen

Wesley Foundation

Wesley Memorial Methodist Church

Wesley Theological Seminary

Wesleyan College

West Betty Bowen

West Charles

West Dan

West F

West Helen

West R. Frederick (Fred)

West Covina Methodist Church

West Richmond Friends Meeting

West Virginia University

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Western College for Women

Western Michigan University

Western Quarterly Meeting of Ministers & Elders

Western Theological Seminary

Western Washington College of Education

Western Yearly Meeting

Westminster Bank Limited

Westminster College

Westminster House

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Press

Westmoreland Congregational Church

Westold Faavo

Weston Charles

Weston Wilfred

Westtown School

Wetzel Samuel

Whallon Johnnie

Whatley John and Shari

Wheaton Sarah Frances

Wheelwright Philip

Whelan Joseph P.

Wherton Rod, Eunice and Lisa

Box 161
Scope and Contents

Whistanley Mabel

Whiston Charles

Whiston Lionel

White Allen

White Arthur

White Benjamin

White Gilbert

White Gwen

White Helen

White Phyllis

White William

Whitehead Claude

Whitehead John

Whitehouse William P. (Bill)

Whiting Caroline

Whitman College

Whitney Janet Payne

Whittelsey Ted

Whittemore Alan

Whittemore Edgar and Sally

Whittemore James

Whittier College

Whittle Dennis

Whittum Marilyn

Whitworth I.M.

Whitworth Joan

Who Knows – And What

Wickes Mariette

Wickham Robert (Bob)

Wicks Robert R. (Bob)

Widdicombe Stacey

Wider Quaker Fellowship, The

Widgery Alban

Wiedrng Martha and Rudolf

Wieman Henry Nelson

Wieneke Robert (Bob)

Wierseins Jean

Wierussowski Helene

Wigginton F. Peter

Wilcox John

Wilcox Sue

Wilcox & Follett Co.

Wild John

Wilder Amos

Wilder Burt

Wilder Diane

Wildman Winifred

Wiley Ann (sometimes Polly)

Wiley Howard

Wiley Jean

Wilgespruit Fellowship Work Camp

Wilhelm Fred

Wilken Fred

Wilkes College

Wilkinson Frances

Wilkinson G. Marjorie

Wilkinson Patricia

Willebrands J.G.M.

Willetts Eliza

Willey Lida

William Jewett Rucker Foundation

William Penn Charter School

William Penn College

William Penn House

Williams ?

Williams Alexander

Williams Alfred

Williams Bob

Williams Chester

Williams E. Dwight

Williams Elise

Williams Esther

Williams Ex

Williams Father

Williams H. Justice

Williams J. Edgar

Williams J. Emlyn

Williams James

Williams Lloyd

Williams M.R.G.

Williams Mary Esther

Williams Mary R.G.

Williams Miriam

Williams Norton

Williams Wendell

Williamson David

Williets Dora

Willits Howard

Willits Joseph

Willoughby George

Willson Dora and Robert (Bob)

Wilmington College

Wilson Albert

Wilson Bob

Wilson Dan and Rosalie

Wilson Dan Wright

Wilson David

Wilson Dora

Wilson E. Raymond and Miriam

Wilson Elizabeth (Liz)

Wilson Fred

Wilson Grover

Wilson Gwen

Wilson Hannah

Wilson Helene

Wilson Jeanette

Wilson Joan Magee

Wilson Liz

Wilson Louise

Wilson Roger

Wilson T. Hastings

Wilson Whitelaw

Wilson College

Wilton Junction Methodist Church

Wilton Monthly Meeting

Box 162
Scope and Contents

Winchester Harold P.

Winchester Centre Meeting

Winder Bayly

Winicky (?) Victoria

Winifred Sister

Winstanley Baptist Church

Winter Don

Winterer Georg

Winzen Fr. Damasus

Wires John

Wise Christine

Wiseman Hollis

Wiston Faith B.

Wiston Charles

Withers Sam C.

Witherspoon Arthur

Witherspoon Gerald

Witherspoon Bill

Witherspoon Jerry

Witmer Grace

Witte Gabriel

Wittenburg University

Woeller-Paquet Vivi

Woeller-Paquet Whilhelmina

Woerz K.

Wohlrabe Willy

Wolf Helen

Wolff Kurt

Woman's Division of Christian Service of the Methodist Church

Woman's Press, The

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Wonacott Chas M.

Wonson G.M.

Wood Anne

Wood Christopher

Wood John Mackenzie

Wood Bob

Wood Duncan

Wood Katharine

Wood Edward

Wood Elizabeth

Wood Evelyn Page

Wood Frank and Raquel

Wood L. Hollinsworth

Wood Howard

Wood John H.

Wood Madeleine

Wood Horace

Wood Lucrieta

Wood Phyllis

Wood Polly

Wood Richard

Woodbrooke College

Woodbury Crystal

Woodhouse Secretary to the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Southern Rhodesia

Woodridge Church

Woodroofer Kenneth

Woods James H.

Woods Richard and Nancy

Woods Robert Gail

Woodstock College

Woolman Edward

Woolman, John, Memorial Association

World Council of Churches

World Fellowship, Inc.

World Student Service Fund

World's Student Christian Federation

Worrell Susan


Worship and Ministry

Wrenn Sheila

Wriggins Sally (see also Hovey, Sarah) and Howard

Wright Myrtle

Wright Erik and Jack

Wrightstown Monthly Meeting

Wuestenberg Bruno

Wuorinen John

Wurts Brothers

Wyatt Eric

Wycislo Brother Al

von Wyde Fred

Wygal Winnifred

Wylie Anne

Wylie Katherine

Wylie Larry

Wylie Lawrence

Wylie Sam

Wyrick F.E.

Wysor Jeanne

Box 162
Scope and Contents

Yale University

Yamaguchi Susumu

Yamanouchi Tayeko

Yan Frère

Yardley Grace

Yarly David

Yarnall Elizabeth (Betty)

Yarnall Howard E., Jr.

Yarnall D. Robert

Yarnall Florence

Yarnall Shelley

Yarnall Stanley

Yarrow Clarence

Yarrow Mike and Margaret

Yasmadjian Captain Onnig Charkine

Yerkes James

Yerkes Sue

Yokefellow Institute

Box 163
Scope and Contents

Yokogawa Kachiko

Yoo Shi Wook

York Monthly Meeting

Young Betty and Jack

Young A. Stuard, Jr.

Young David

Young Gary

Young Herrick

Young Marjorie

Young Jim

Young Ralph

Young Wilmer and Mildred

Young W.W.

Young Friends Committee of North Am.

Young Friends Conference

Young Friends Movement

Young Men's Christian Association YMCA

Young Women's Christian Association YWCA

Yu E. Sang

Yungblut John and Penelope and June (first wife)

Yungblut John and Heather (Touchstone Inc.; The Build Spiritual Guide)

Yun-Hua Jan

Box 163
Scope and Contents

Zabriskie Alexander C.

Zander Chris

Zapf S. Erik

Zaugg Otto

Zavitz Jane


Zimmerli Heidi

Zinsser Cornelia (Neela)

Zisk Betts Hershberger

Zochlius Alois

Zossenheim Gladys

Zu'bi Abd Al-Aziz

Zulinski George

Zulu Alphaeus H.

Zurickel Abe

Zwughuizen Cornelia (Corrie)

Zylstra Mildred

A-D (5 folders).
Box 164
E-J (6 folders).
Box 165
K-P (6 folders).
Box 166
R-Y (7 folders).
Box 167
Box 168
Box 169
Box 170-171
Box 172
Box 173-174
Box 175
Box 176
Mixed dates.
Box 177-178
Confidential (restricted), undated.
Box 179

This Box has been restricted, please contact Special Collections staff regarding this decision.

Unidentified, undated.
Box 180-181
Envelopes, undated.
Box 182
Box 183
Box 183
Box 183
Box 183
Box 183
Box 183
Box 183
Box 183
Arrangement note

Arranged alphabetically by topic or course.

Abnormal Psychology, undated.
Box 184
Abnormal Psychology: Kunkel, 1934.
Box 184
Greek, undated.
Box 184
History of the Church, 1923.
Box 185
Kant, undated.
Box 185
Metaphysics, 1925.
Box 185
Philosophy A, undated.
Box 186
Philosophy 1B, 1928.
Box 186
Psych 5, undated.
Box 186
Religion, 1925-1926.
Box 186
Arrangement note

Arranged alphabetically by topic or course.

Bacon, Francis, undated.
Box 187
Bergson, Henri, undated.
Box 187
Berkeley, George (2 folders), 1929.
Box 187
Descartes, Rene (3 folders).
Box 187
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb, undated.
Box 187
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, undated.
Box 188
Hume, David, undated.
Box 188
Jaspers, Karl, undated.
Box 188
Kant, Immanuel (2 folders), undated.
Box 188
Kierkegaard, Soren (5 folders), undated.
Box 189
Leibniz, Gottfried, undated.
Box 190
Locke, John, undated.
Box 190
Nicholas of Cusa, undated.
Box 190
Nietzsche, Friedrich, undated.
Box 190
Plato, undated.
Box 190
Rousseau, Jean Jacques, undated.
Box 190
Savonarola, Girolamo, undated.
Box 190
Schopenhauer, Arthur (3 folders), undated.
Box 190-191
Smith, Adam, undated.
Box 191
Spinoza, Baruch (2 folders), undated.
Box 191
Tolstoy, Leo, undated.
Box 191
Philosophy 11, undated.
Box 192
Philosophy 22 (4 folders), 1950s-1960s.
Box 192
Philosophy 28 (2 folders), undated.
Box 193
Philosophy 64 (4 folders), undated.
Box 194
Social Science 94 (2 folders), undated.
Box 195
Mixed notes, exams, class materials (6 folders), 1950s-1960s.
Box 195
Course Syllabi (2 folders), 1960s.
Box 195
Student Resumes and Transcripts, undated.
Box 195
Addresses, 1920s-1970s.
Box 196
Books, undated.
Box 196
Essays, undated.
Box 196
Box 196
Jokes and Anecdotes, undated.
Box 196
Lectures, undated.
Box 196
Memos, circa 1950.
Box 196
Others' writings, undated.
Box 196
Prayers, undated.
Box 196
Sermons, 1950s-1980s.
Box 197
Speech notes, 1950s-1970s.
Box 197
Topical, 1950s-1970s.
Box 197
Assorted, 1901-1995.
Box 198-201
Box 202-203
Box 204
Box 205
Box 206
Box 207
Box 207
Mixed dates, undated.
Box 208
Box 210
Box 210
Box 210
Box 210
Box 210
1967, Friends World Committee for Consultation, 1967.
Box 210
Box 210
Box 210
Box 210
After 1972.
Box 210
January 21st, 1980-April 6th, 1980.
Box 210
Relief and reconstruction material, 1940s-1970s.
Box 211
Africa, 1940s-1960s.
Box 211-212
Finland, 1940s-1950s.
Box 212-214
Germany, 1940-1970.
Box 214
South Africa/Rhodesia, 1950s-1960s.
Box 215
Vatican II, 1960s.
Box 216
Alphabetical by organization, A-E, undated.
Box 217
Alphabetical by organization, F, undated.
Box 218-219
Alphabetical by organization, G-O, undated.
Box 220
Alphabetical by organization, P-Q, undated.
Box 221
Alphabetical by organization, R-Z, undated.
Box 222
Collected newsletters, notes, programs, and correspondence, undated.
Box 223
Box 224
Box 224
Box 224
American Theological Society, 1946.
Box 224
Kirkridge, 1950s, 1980s.
Box 224
Pendle Hill, 1950s, 1980s.
Box 224
Pidoux Theological Conference, 1955.
Box 224
Religion in Life Conference, undated.
Box 224
Box 225
Box 226
Box 227
Box 228
Box 229
Mixed dates.
Box 229
Lectures, undated.
Box 229
Box 229
Quaker Visit to Poland, September 30-October 10, 1945.
Box 229
Mixed, undated.
Box 229
Africa, 1957.
Box 230
Assorted, undated.
Box 230
Box 230
Vatican Counsel-second, third, and fourth sessions, 1963-1965.
Box 230
Japan and India, 1967.
Box 230
South Africa, 1957.
Box 230
Loose pages, 1984.
Box 230
Passports and identification, 1920-1976.
Box 230
Maps, undated.
Box 230
Douglas Steere and Family, undated.
Box 231
Travel, undated.
Box 232
High school and college, 1910s-1930s.
Box 232
Albert Schweitzer, undated.
Box 232
Douglas Steere, Thou Hast Enlarged My Boundaries, undated.
Box 234
Dr. Wesley Hager (6 Cassettes), undated.
Box 234
Dr. Glenn Hinson (3 Cassettes), March 19th, 1982-March 20th, 1982.
Box 234
Thomas Merton (3 cassettes), undated.
Box 234
Desert Express, October 1988.
Box 234
Douglas Steere letters to Marguerite Reiss Kern (annotations), undated.
Box 234
Other Graphics, undated.
Box 233


Materials related to Dorothy Steere's bibliography can be found in the Douglas Steere series, within "Biographical materials", box 7.

Account of life, written by others, undated.
Box 235
McEachron and Steere family material, 1921-1982.
Box 235
Passport and certificate of identity, 1928-1986.
Box 235
Childhood writings, 1926.
Box 235
High school and college memorabilia, 1920s.
Box 235
Newspaper clipping regarding Dorothy, April 9th, 1966.
Box 235
Birthdays, 90th and 95th, 1997, 2002.
Box 235
Inheritance, 1984-2003.
Box 235
Calendars and Planners, 1927, 1965, 1967-1969, 1972-1973, 1975, 1980.
Box 235
Calendars and Planners, 1992, 1993-1994.
Box 236
Talks, Addresses, and Lectures (8 folders), 1930s-1990s.
Box 236-237
Publications, 1949-1990.
Box 237
Notes, undated.
Box 237
Helen and Anne Steere, undated.
Box 238
Age, Death, and Dying, 1970s.
Box 238
History of the city of Harrisville, Michigan.
Box 238
Quaker Movements: Programs, Newsletters, Pamphlets, 1940s-1980s.
Box 238
Women's Issues, 1970s-1980s.
Box 238
On renewal and involvement, undated.
Box 239
Assorted quotes, undated.
Box 239
Tredgold, Robert and Margaret, undated.
Box 239
Quaker writings, undated.
Box 239
Various authors and topics (2 folders), undated.
Box 239
Box 240
Box 241
1947-1948, 1950-1952, 1960-1962.
Box 242
To Douglas Steere, 1927-1933.
Box 243
To Douglas Steere, 1934-1942, mixed dates.
Box 244
Mixed dates, undated.
Box 245
American Friends Service Committee, 1933-1948.
Box 245
To Dorothy Steere, mixed, 1907-2003.
Box 246-250
Sympathy and Condolences regarding the passing of Douglas Steere, alphabetized by last name, A-W, 1995.
Box 251
Sympathy and Condolences regarding the passing of Dorothy Steere to Helen, Anne, and Steere family, 2003.
Box 252
Envelopes, undated.
Box 252
Writings and reports, 1950s-1960s.
Box 253
Programs, newsletters, pamphlets, 1950s-1960s.
Box 253
Dorothy's notebooks and journals, 1950s-1960s.
Box 253
Correspondence: Between Dorothy and Martin Luther King Jr., 1956-1958.
Box 253
Correspondence: American Friends Service Committee regarding trip to Montgomery, Alabama, 1956.
Box 253
Clipping: "Dr. King is Slain in Memphis" from the Asheville Citizen (North Carolina), April 5th, 1968.
Box 253
Clippings regarding Martin Luther King Jr. and Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott, 1950s-1970s.
Box 253
Subseries f. Retreat materials, 1960s-1980s.
Box 254
Box 254
Box 255
Box 256
Cassette tape: Memorial meeting for Dorothy Steere, Radnor Friends, March 31, 2003.
Box 256
Subseries h. Photographs of Dorothy Steere and family, undated.
Box 256
Subseries i. Miscellaneous, undated.
Box 257

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