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J & J Darlington Brothers Papers


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Jesse Darlington (1762-1842) settled in Midddletown Township in Delaware County about 1797. He married Amy Sharples at Middletown Meeting (Chester Monthly Meeting) in 1787, and they had ten children. Jesse Darlington was a dairy farmer, and his youngest son, Jared Darlington (1799-1862), went into partnership with his father in the business of farming and butter making. They labeled the butter as "The Darlington" and "The Cornucopia." Two of Jared's sons, Jesse (1841-1912) and Jared (1844-1902) assumed the farm as J and J Darlington. They were succeeded in the business by two of Jesse's sons, Jared Worrall Darlington and Paul Darlington. At it peak, Cornucopia Dairies served hotels in New York and Washington, D.C., but their dairy became a casualty of the Great Depression.

Jared Worrall Darlington (1875-1934) married Hannah Mary Sharples in 1899. Both attended Swarthmore College. Jared was appointed postmaster of the Darling post office in 1898, and after his death, he was succeeded by their daughter, Martha Darlington. She had graduated in 1930 from Penn State College's program in Architecture.

Business records of the historic Delaware County, Pennsylvania, dairy farm and creamery of J and J Darlington, as well as the business records of the Darlington/Darling Post Office, about 1879-1922. The rural branch of Postal Service was established about 1879 and officially closed in 1976. The name was changed to Darling Post Office in 1896 to avoid confusion with a Darlington in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The collection also contains some family papers - specifically, designs by architecture student Martha S. Darlington.

The records were roughly sorted and boxed for storage. Some materials are dirty and damaged.

Commonplace book: [Elizabeth?] Worrall, Poplar Grove, 1829(?). Copy poetry on death themes in soft-bound notebook.

Subscription list to erect a building in the borough of West Chester for a preparative meeting house, 1896.

Letter, Samuel Darlington, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to his father Samuel S. Darlington. March 30, 1851. [Samuel S. Darlington was the son of Jesse and Amy Sharples Darlington, elder brother of Jared. His son, Samuel, Jr., (1832-1861).

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
Finding Aid Author
O'Donnell and Morikawa
Finding Aid Date
July 2020
Access Restrictions

This collection is available for research use, but it is only partially processed and contains many dusty, dirty papers.

All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Contact Friends Historical Library staff at at least two weeks in advance of visit to request boxes.

Collection Inventory

RG5/333. Financial Records, about 1913.
RG5/333. Business and insurance receipts, about 1913.
RG5/333. Indentures, Estate Papers, and Deeds, 1878-about 1894.
RG5/333. Business correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous, 1917-1955.
RG5/333. Farm accounts, 1917-1922.
RG5/333. Farm accounts and receipts, 1908-1910.
RG5/333. Receipt Book, 1881.
RG5/333. Account book, 1880.
RG5/333. Account book, 1887.
RG5/333. Account book, 1885.
RG5/333. Account book, undated.
RG5/333. Account book, 1898.
RG5/333. Account book, 1897.
RG5/333. Account book, 1894.
RG5/333. Account book, 1896.
RG5/333. Account book, 1882.
RG5/333. Miscellaneous Accoiunts (David Darlington), aboiut 1948.
RG5/333. Edgwood Memorial, undated.
RG5/333. Blueprint (Darlington Property), undated.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1880.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1886.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1891.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1889.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1895.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1901.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1881-1882.
RG5/333. Account Book, undated.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1878.
RG5/333. Letter Book, 1881.
RG5/333. Letter Book, 1889.
RG5/333. Letter Book, 1903.
RG5/333. Letter Book, 1910.
RG5/333. Time Record, 1900.
RG5/333. Milk Record, 1903.
RG5/333. Receipt Book, 1904.
RG5/333. Milk Record, 1911.
RG5/333. Milk Record, 1898.
RG5/333. Account Book, undated.
RG5/333. Cash Record, 1878.
RG5/333. Cash Book, 1897-1914.
RG5/333. Receipt Book, 1911.
RG5/333. (2) Account Books, 1885.
RG5/333. Letter Book (personal correspondence), 1908.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1903.
RG5/333. (2) Account Books, 1929-1930.
RG5/333. (3) Market Books, 1880s.
RG5/333. Adams Express Company Book, 1885.
RG5/333. Adams Express Company Book, 1894.
RG5/333. Financial Reports, 1917.
RG5/333. Cow Register, undated.
RG5/333. Adams Express Company Book, undated.
RG5/333. Account Book, 1876.

Scope and Contents

Includes records of money orders, special deliveries, receipts, postmaster accounts, etc.

RG5/333. Register of money orders.
RG5/333. Envelopes and othe memorabilia of the Darlington Post Office.
RG5/333. Accounts, 1911.
RG5/333. Accounts, 1912.
RG5/333. Accounts, 1912.
RG5/333. Accounts, 1913.
RG5/333. Accounts, 1928.

Martha Sharples Darlington architectural drawings, circa 1930. 2 folders.
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Scope and Contents

Student architectural design and drawing projects by Martha S. Darlington, who earned a B.S. from Penn State College in 1930. She went on to spend 45 years as post mistress of the Darling post office

Physical Description

2 folders

Account page for White & Bowman by J. Darlington, bookkeeper, 1871.
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