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Swarthmore College photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Founded in 1864, Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts college located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

This collection consists of photographs of Swarthmore College from the time of the College's founding into the 21st century. College buildings, students, alumni, employees, activities, events, and other topics are depicted. Photographs collected by the Friends Historical Library from various sources internal and external to the College.

The collection is organized into eleven series and stored in binders. Oversized (+) photographs are stored separately in boxes. Double-oversized (++) photographs and panoramas are stored in separately in flat files.

SPA 200 Buildings contains photographs of property owned by the College. The buildings are identified according to the reference numbering system utilized by Facilities Management.

SPA 201 Activities contains photographs of student activities, including sports, clubs, college traditions (such as the "McCabe Mile," May Day celebrations, and First Collection), fraternities and sororities, and more.

SPA 202 Anniversaries contains photographs of Founder's Day and college anniversary programming.

SPA 203 Classes and Alumni contains photographs of current and former students, organized into four subseries. SPA/203/A Alumni Activities photographs are filed chronologically by year of activity. SPA/203/C Classes photographs are filed chronologically by graduating class year. SPA/203/D Alumni Day photographs are filed chronologically by year of activity. SPA/203/G General Alumni photographs are filed chronologically by year of activity/photograph.

SPA 204 Commencements contains photographs of college commencement ceremonies and activities, organized chronologically by year.

SPA 205 Conferences and Symposiums photographs are organized chronologically by the date of the event.

SPA 206 Events and Galas contains photographs of non-academic events on campus, such as visits from politicians, musicians, and authors. The series is organized chronologically by the date of the event.

SPA 207 Employees contains photographs of Swarthmore College faculty, staff, administrators, and Board Members, organized into several subseries. SPA 207/A Administrators contains photographs of College Presidents, Deans, and other members of the senior administration, organized alphabetically by the name of the individual. SPA 207/B Board of Managers contains photographs of members of the Board of Managers, organized alphabetically by the name of the individual. SPA 207/F Faculty and Academic Department Staff contains photographs of members of the faculty, support staff of academic departments, and the college libraries, organized by department name. SPA 207/S Staff contains photographs of members of staff in non-academic departments, organized by department name. An index of people represented in this series can be found at:

SPA 208 Inaugurations contains photographs of the inauguration of the college in 1869, as well as photographs of the inaugurations of several college presidents. This series is organized chronologically.

SPA 209 General Student Life is organized into five subseries: SPA/209/C General Classes, SPA/209/C/E Engineering Classes, SPA/209/C/S Seminars, SPA/209/F Family Weekend, and SPA/209/L Student Life. Photographs in each subseries are roughly sorted by decade.

SPA 210 Miscellaneous is organized alphabetically by topic, including: SPA/210/C3/ Campaign Meeting 1947-1948; SPA/210/C47/ Campaign Meeting 1947-1948; SPA/210/C48/ Chinese Visit; SPA/210/F/ Foreign Student Scholarship Fund; SPA/210/N/ Navy Program (V-12); SPA/210/S7/ Swarthmore Rose; and SPA/210/S8/ S.S. Swarthmore Victory.

Photographs collected by the Friends Historical Library from various sources internal and external to the College.


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Collection Inventory

SPA/200/B8/133/. Aerial and Campus Views and Maps.
Related Materials

Campus maps can also be found in RG6/A Swarthmore College Publications.

SPA/200/B8/130/. Amphitheater.
SPA/200/B8/097/. Ashton House.
SPA/200/B8/131/. Athletic Fields.
SPA/200/B8/031/. Barn.
SPA/200/B8/007/. Beardsley.
SPA/200/B8/036/. Benjamin West House.
SPA/200/B8/037/. Bond and Lodges.
SPA/200/B8/135/. Book and Key Building.
SPA/200/B8/099/. Cedar Lane 319.
SPA/200/B8/013/. Clothier.
SPA/200/B8/132/. College Gates/Mullan Tennis Center.
SPA/200/B8/086/. Cornell Library.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/028/. Crum ledge.
SPA/200/B8/1000/. Crum Woods.
SPA/200/B8/107/. Dana Dorm.
SPA/200/B8/096/. Dupont.
SPA/200/B8/137/. Facilities Needs Assesment.
SPA/200/B8/072/. Field House.
SPA/200/B8/004/. Friends Meeting House.
SPA/200/B8/134/. Gardens and Plantings.
SPA/200/B8/071A/. Hall Gym.
SPA/200/B8/108/. Hallowell Dorm.
SPA/200/B8/006/. Hicks.
SPA/200/B8/008/. Kohlberg.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/035/. Lang Music Building.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/081/. Martin and Labs.
SPA/200/B8/087/. Mary Lyons.
SPA/200/B8/012/. McCabe Library.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/080/. Mertz.
SPA/200/B8/082/. Palmer.
SPA/200/B8/138/. Paul Hall.
SPA/200/B8/005/. Papazian.
SPA/200/B8/001/. Parrish.
SPA/200/B8/003/. Pearson.
SPA/200/B8/071/. Performing Arts Center.
SPA/200/B8/084/. Pitt/Prep Gym.
SPA/200/B8/088/. Pittenger (and PPR).
SPA/200/B8/043/. President's House.
SPA/200/B8/083/. Roberts.
SPA/200/B8/094/. Robinson House.
SPA/200/B8/211/. Rose Garden.
SPA/200/B8/092/. Scott Building.
SPA/200/B8/041/. Scott Foundation and Cunningham House.
SPA/200/B8/1050/. Sculptures (outdoor, e.g. Calder piece).
SPA/200/B8/032/. Service Building.
SPA/200/B8/011/. Sharples.
SPA/200/B8/016/. Sharples Lane and Frat Houses.
SPA/200/B8/012A/. Somerville.
SPA/200/B8/014/. Sproul Observatory.
SPA/200/B8/033A/. Tarble Social Center- Carnegie.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/033B/. Tarble Social Center- Friends Historical Library.
SPA/200/B8/002/. Trotter.
SPA/200/B8/085. Ware Gym.
SPA/200/B8/072B/. Ware Pool.
SPA/200/B8/073/. Water Tower.
SPA/200/B8/015/. Wharton.
SPA/200/B8/042/. Wistar Greenhouse.
SPA/200/B8/058/. Woolman Dorm.
SPA/200/B8/038/. Worth Dorms.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/034/. Worth Health Center.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/200/B8/095/. Willets.
Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of building dedication.

SPA/201/A72. Archery, Men's.
SPA/201/A73. Archery, Women's.
SPA/201/A28. Activism.
SPA/201/A76. Armed Forces.
SPA/201/A78. Arts (Sculpture).
SPA/201/A79. Arts and Mass Media Lectures (an annual event).
SPA/201/A85. Asian Organization.
SPA/201/B33. Badminton, Women's.
SPA/201/B37. Baseball.
SPA/201/B381. Basketball, Men's.
SPA/201/B382. Basketball, Women's.
SPA/201/B43. Black Cultural Center and SASS (See also Gospel Choir).
SPA/201/B66. Book and Key Society.
SPA/201/C100. Caritas.
SPA/201/C101. Collection (i.e., First Collection).
SPA/201/C362. Camera Club.
SPA/201/C364. Camp Dunmore.
SPA/201/C444. Cheerleading.
SPA/201/C655. College Bowl.
SPA/201/C700. Comedy.
SPA/201/C761. Cross Country, Men's.
SPA/201/C762. Cross Country, Women's.
SPA/201/D363. Dance.
SPA/201/D433. Debating Team.
SPA/201/D736. Drama (subcategorized by date).
SPA/201/D7365. Drama - Little Theatre Club (subcategorized by date).
SPA/201/D73679. Drama - Symposium.
SPA/201/E96. Eunomian Literary Society.
Scope and Contents

See: large photographs stored in flat boxes and oversized photographs stored in flat file.

SPA/201/E98. Externships.
SPA/201/F545. Field Hockey.
SPA/201/F655. Folk Dance.
SPA/201/F6554. Folk Festival.
SPA/201/F66. Football.
SPA/201/F663. Football - Action/Game Shots.
SPA/201/F664. Football - Centennial.
SPA/201/F665. Football - Group Portraits.
SPA/201/F666. Football - Individual Portraits.
SPA/201/F667. Football - End of Football.
SPA/201/F73. Fraternities.
SPA/201/F86. Fund Raising and Telethon.
SPA/201/G200. GLU (Gay and Lesbian Union).
SPA/201/G651. Golf.
SPA/201/G677. Gospel Choir (See also Music (for older photos)).
SPA/201/G966. Gymnastics.
SPA/201/H35. Halcyon.
SPA/201/H43. Health and Safety.
SPA/201/H66. Homecoming.
SPA/201/I100. International Club.
SPA/201/I242. Ice Hockey.
SPA/201/I587. Intramurals.
SPA/201/J49. Jewish student groups (Hillel, Kehilah).
SPA/201/L331. Lacrosse, Men's.
SPA/201/L332. Lacrosse, Women's.
SPA/201/M30. Martial Arts.
SPA/201/M39. May Day.
SPA/201/M43. McCabe Mile.
SPA/201/M57. Miscellaneous.
SPA/201/M644. Modern Dance.
SPA/201/M87. Music (subcategorized by date).
SPA/201/O48. Oktoberfest.
SPA/201/P379. Parents' Weekend (includes Crum Regetta).
SPA/201/P56. Phoenix.
SPA/201/R45. Religious.
SPA/201/R663. Rock Climbing.
SPA/201/R84. Rugby.
SPA/201/S10. SJC.
SPA/201/S20. Senion Class Officers.
SPA/201/S631. Soccer - Men's.
SPA/201/S632. Soccer - Women's.
SPA/201/S634. Social (Affairs) Committee.
SPA/201/S64. Softball.
SPA/201/S66. Somerville Literary Society.
SPA/201/S67. Sororities.
SPA/201/S68/336. Sports - Banquets.
SPA/201/S68/657. Sports - Miscellaneous.
SPA/201/S687. Squash.
SPA/201/S70. Spring Fling.
SPA/201/S78. Student Council.
SPA/201/S951. Swimming - Men's.
SPA/201/S952. Swimming - Women's.
SPA/201/S96. Synchronized Swimming.
SPA/201/T335. Table Tennis.
SPA/201/T460. Tennis - General.
SPA/201/T461. Tennis - Men's.
SPA/201/T462. Tennis - Women's.
SPA/201/T731. Track and Field, Men's.
SPA/201/T732. Track and Field, Women's.
SPA/201/T84. Tug of War.
SPA/201/U48. Ultimate Frisbee.
SPA/201/U56. U.N., Model.
SPA/201/U69. Upward Bound (subcategorized by date).
SPA/201/U73. Urban Problems (subcategorized by date; includes Chester March, Wade House).
SPA/201/V652. Volleyball - Women's.
SPA/201/W66. Women's Center.
SPA/201/W67. Work Day (subcategorized by date).
SPA/201/W74. Wrestling.
SPA/201/W77. WSRN.

SPA/202/C/1964. Centennial. Includes both Exhibits and Centennial Music Symposium.
SPA/202/F/1909. Founders Day 1909.
SPA/202/F/1910. Founders Day 1910.
SPA/202/F/1919. Founders Day 1919.
SPA/202/F/1932. Founders Day 1932.
SPA/202/O/1989. 125th Anniversary.

SPA/203/A/. Alumni Activities.

Filed chronologically by year of activity

SPA/203/C/. Classes.

Filed chronologically by graduating class

SPA/203/D/. Alumni Day.

Filed chronologically by year of activity

SPA/203/G/. General Alumni.

Filed chronologically by year of activity/photograph

SPA/204. Commencements.

Filed chronologically

SPA/205/C/1982/. Latin American Symposium-Fall 1982.
SPA/205/C/1982/. Navasky Forum "Self-Censorship and the Media" - March 18, 1982.
SPA/205/C/1983/. Nuclear Freeze Conference- March 18, 1983.
SPA/205/C/1986/. Liberal Arts Symposium (Misc)- February 28, 1986.

SPA/206/E/1940s/. Nora Waln Visit, 1940.
SPA/206/E/1957. Women's Athletic Association (WAA) Picnic, 1957.
SPA/206/E/1950s/. Voice of America Taping, 1959-04-06.
SPA/206/E/1960s/. American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) Women's Auxiliary gift presentation, 1961.
SPA/206/E/1963. Law Day, 1963-05-01.
SPA/206/E/1976. Women's Athletic Association (WAA) field day, 1976.
SPA/206/E/1979. Julian Bond, 1979.
SPA/206/E/1979. Hang Gliders, 1979-05.
SPA/206/E/1980. Harry Blackstone, magician, visits campus with elephant, 1980 summer.
SPA/206/E/1980s/. Prairie Home Companion Show, 1981.
SPA/206/E/1980s/. Duane Michals Visit, 1981.
SPA/206/E/1981. Race for ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), 1981 fall.
SPA/206/E/1980s/. Nuclear War Education Project "New Games" (non-aggressive sports games), 1982.
SPA/206/E/1983. Michael Crichton, 1983.
SPA/206/E/1983. Barry Commoner, 1983-02.
SPA/206/E/1983. Pat Oliphant, 1983-04-15.
SPA/206/E/1983. Paul Warnke, 1983.
SPA/206/E/1980s/. A Concert for Boyd Barnard, 1985-12.
SPA/206/E/1986. "Campaign for Swarthmore" Campaign Caucus, 1986.
SPA/206/E/1986. Theresa Lang Fragrance Garden Dedication, 1986-09-27.
SPA/206/E/1988. Eugene Lang retirement dinner, 1988.
SPA/206/E/1992. Bill Cosby, 1992.
SPA/206/E/1997. Black Cultural Center event, 1997.
SPA/206/E/1997. North Korea delegation visit, 1997-10.
SPA/206/E/1998. Unity demonstration, 1998.
SPA/206/E/1999. Mike Wallace, 1999-03.
SPA/206/E/2002. Lang Gala, 2002-05.
SPA/206/E/2002P. Fundraiser at Kimmel Center, 2002-09-21.
SPA/206/E/2003. Scholarship lunch, 2003-09.
SPA/206/E/. Friends of Music and Dance (was SPA/201/M/44).

Scope and Contents

See index of names at

SPA 207/A. Administrators.

Organized alphabetically by the name of the individual, stored in standard-size and over-sized housing.

SPA 207/B. Board of Managers.

Organized alphabetically by the name of the individual, stored in standard-size and over-sized housing.


Organized by department name.

SPA 207/F/Art/Art-Hist. Art - Art History.
SPA 207/F/Art/Stu-Art. Art - Studio Art.
SPA 207/F/Bio. Biology.
SPA 207/F/Chem. Chemistry.
SPA 207/F/Clas. Classics.
SPA 207/F/CS. Computer Science.
SPA 207/F/Dance. Dance.
SPA 207/F/Econ. Economics.
SPA 207/F/Educ. Education.
SPA 207/F/Engl. English Literature.
SPA 207/F/Engn. Engineering.
SPA 207/F/FHL. Friends Historical Library.
SPA 207/F/FSD. Faculty-Staff Dramatic Productions.
SPA 207/F/Hist. History.
SPA 207/F/Lang. Lang Visiting Professorship.
SPA 207/F/Lib. Libraries.
SPA 207/F/Ling. Linguistics.
SPA 207/F/Math. Mathematics.
SPA 207/F/Modl. Modern Languages and Literature.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Fren. Modern Languages and Literature/French.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Ger. Modern Languages and Literature/German.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Rus. Modern Languages and Literature/Russian.
SPA 207/F/Modl/Span. Modern Languages and Literature/Spanish.
SPA 207/F/Music. Music.
SPA 207/F/PE. Physical Education and Athletics.
SPA 207/F/Phil. Philosophy.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr. Physics and Astronomy.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Astro. Astronomy.
SPA 207/F/Phys-Astr/Phys. Physics.
SPA 207/F/Pols. Political Science.
SPA 207/F/Psych. Psychology.
SPA 207/F/Quakers. Faculty Quakers.
SPA 207/F/Relg. Religion.
SPA 207/F/Soc-Anth. Sociology and Anthropology.
SPA 207/F/Thea. Theater.

Organized by department name.

SPA 207/S/Admis. Admissions.
SPA 207/S/Book. Bookstore.
SPA 207/S/Bus+Fin. Business Office and Finance.
SPA 207/S/Career. Career Services.
SPA 207/S/Comm. Communications.
SPA 207/A/Dean. Dean's Office.
SPA 207/S/Dev+Alum. Development and Alumni Relations.
SPA 207/S/Dining. Dining Services.
SPA 207/S/Fac. Facilities.
SPA 207/S/Fac/EVS. Facilities/Environmental Services.
SPA 207/S/Fac/Grn. Facilities/Grounds.
SPA 207/S/Fac/Heat. Facilities/Heating Plant and Tunnel.
SPA 207/S/FinAid. Financial Aid.
SPA 207/S/Health. Health.
SPA 207/S/HR. Human Resources.
SPA 207/S/ITS. Information Technology Services.
SPA 207/S/Misc. Miscellaneous (Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Chester Children's Chorus, Writing Center, Swarthmore Chester Coalition, List Gallery, unidentified staff).
SPA 207/S/Office. Office Services.
SPA 207/S/PO. Post Office.
SPA 207/S/PubSafe. Public Safety.
SPA 207/S/Reg. Registrar's Office.
SPA 207/A/Res. Office of Institutional Research.
SPA 207/S/SAC. Staff Advisory Committee.
SPA 207/S/Scott. Scott Arboretum.
SPA 207/S/StuAcct. Student Accounts Office.

SPA/208/I/1869/. College.
SPA/208/I/1902/. Swain.
SPA/208/I/1953/. Smith.
SPA/208/I/1969/. Cross.
SPA/208/I/1973/. Friend.
SPA/208/I/1983/. Fraser.

SPA/209/C/. General Classes.

Filed chronologically by decade

SPA/209/C/E/. Engineering Classes.

Filed chronologically by decade

SPA/209/C/S/. Seminars.

Filed chronologically by decade

SPA/209/F/. Family Weekend.

Filed chronologically by decade

SPA/209/L/. Student Life.

Filed chronologically by decade

SPA/210/C3/. Campaign Meeting 1947-1948.
SPA/210/C47/. Campaign Meeting 1947-1948.
SPA/210/C48/. Chinese Visit.
SPA/210/F/. Foreign Student Scholarship Fund.
SPA/210/N/. Navy Program (V-12).
SPA/210/S7/. Swarthmore Rose.
SPA/210/S8/. S.S. Swarthmore Victory.
SPA/210/A. Alumni fund artwork (Quaker cartoon figures).

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