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John family pictures


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The John family is a Quaker family of Uwchlan and Shamokin Valley in Pennsylvania. Reuben John, the twelfth child of Griffith and Ann John, was born in Uwchlan in 1743. He married Lydia Townsend ca. 1768. After the death of the latter in 1798, he married second a widow, Jane Yocum. Reuben and Lydia had nine children, viz. Martha (Patty) who married Abia John, Phebe, Townsend, Israel, Pamela (Maly) who married George Brenholtz, Robert, Joanna who married Abraham Griffith, Sarah (Sally), who married George F. Janney, and Ann (Nancy) who married Ezra Haines. Abia John (1761-1838) was the son of Griffith John, the older brother of Reuben John. Abia and Martha (John) John moved from Chester County, Pa., to Shamokin Township in Northumberland County. Abia and Martha were both birthright Quakers but were disowned when they married because they were first cousins. They had thirteen children: Asa; Hiram; Emily; Griffith (1795-1856); Reuben; Lydia; Sarah; Jesse J. who married Eliza Hicks; Elida (1805-1883); Samuel; Jehu; Eliza; and Perry. The third son of Abia and Martha (John) John was Griffith John (1795-1856), who moved to Allen County, Ohio, in 1816 and became a Methodist, founding the town of Elida which was named for his brother. Don D. John, the family genealogist, was descended from Martha and Abia John through their third son, Griffith and his wife who had eighteen children, including Jesse J. John who was the grandfather of Don D. John. Jesse J. John had fourteen children, including Jesse Clinton John who was Don D. John's father. Elida John (1805-1883) married Sarah Hughes and took over the family farm, and they lived in Shamokin until 1868 when they moved to Illinois to join their children who had moved there. He and Sarah raised ten children and joined the Society of Friends at Roaring Creek MM in 1831. He and his brother, Perry, established a meeting at Shamokin, Pa., later known as Bear Gap Meeting. When he moved to Illinois, he was active in establishing Illinois Yearly Meeting.

Mary John Heritage (the donor, died 1954, member Mullica Hill MM) was descended from Martha and Abia John through Perry John (1815-1895) who was a Quaker minister.

Dr. Abia C. John (1831-1899) was a son of Elida John and Sarah Hughes. He served in the Civil War and later was a physician, one of the first to practice in Whiteside County, Illinois.

Kimber L. John (1838-1870) was the son of Jehu (1809-1863) and Patience (Houseweart) John, the second to the youngest child of Abia and Martha (John) John. Jehu's family moved to Illinois, and Kimber John served in the Civil War, Company 8th Reg. Illinois Cavalry. He moved to California after he mustered out and never married.

This collection consists primarily of card photos of the John family, along with some prints and negatives of scenes. Of particular interest are unidentified Civil War portraits.

The photographs are organized in two boxes primarily in envelopes by subject.

Donated by Mary John Heritage, 1948, and by Helen Doup John, 1965. Part of John Family Papers, RG5/077.


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Collection Inventory

Descendents of Griffith John and Rachel (Miller) John.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Abia O. John; Ethel John (Mrs. Abia John); Ella John, daughter of Abia and Ethel John; Sarah (John) Cremean, Curtis Cremean; Tamsey (John) Cremean, Stephen Cremean; Iva Baxter, daughter of Emily (John) Baxter; Jesse Carr (m. Paulina John); Ethan John and wife; Elizabeth Anna John, m.; Abner Morgan; Daughter of Anna and Abner Morgan; Martha (John) Crites—3 photographs; Daniel Crites—2 photographs; Crites Family; Elias Crites and his first wife; Tirzah (Crites) Sanford; Louisa (John) Roush (m. Henry Roush); Jane Roush (sister of Henry?); Lucina Roush (sister of Hannah, Eva, and Ethan—Daughter of Louisa?); Ethan Roush; Maude & Dale Miller children of Eliza Anna Roush Miller; Carl Stimmer, grandon of Eliza Anna Roush Miller

Jesse J. John Family.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Frank John, son of J.J. John, 2 photographs; Clarence and Edith John (children of Frank); Mary John, "Frank's girl" –2 photographs; Frank John's Funeral Flowers; Martha (John) Sawmiller; "One of Martha's Daughters"; Lillie Sawmiller, daughter of Martha; Ina Sawmiller, daughter of Martha; Isaac Wiley John & first wife Pearl Miller John; Pearl (Miller) John; Merril John, son of Isaace and Pearl, "Jink," 3 photographs; Pearl's funeral flowers; Isaac Wiley John and second wife Myrtle Pearce (?); Griffith John, Son of Jesse J. John, and Mary (Roush) John—3 photographs; Mrs. Griffith John, mother of Roy, Wilbur, and Jessie; Wilbur John; Roy John; Jessie John, m.; Ross Strayer and Jesse (John) Strayer; Griffith Strayer, "Jessie's Oldest Boy"; Francis Plum John—son of J.J. John and Mary Roush; Jesse J. John—5 photographs; W.E. Walter, half-brother to Jesse J. John; Anna Walter, sister to W.E. Walter; Family Portraits—2 photographs; Funeral flowers for Jesse J. John; Funeral Flowers for Mary (Roush) John

Elida John & Descendents.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Mrs. Sarah (Hughes) John (wife of Elida); George Dillwyn John, son of Elida and Sarah John, 2 photographs; Hugh Lindley John, son of Elida and Sarah John; Hugh Lindley John and wife "L.D."; Maurice T. John, son of Hugh and L.D. John; Chalkley John, son of Elida and Sarah John, 4 photographs; Lydia Emily (John) Wilson, daughter of Elida and Sarah John; Gertrude Wilson Shinn; Theodora Wilson, sister of Gertrude; Mrs. Josiah Wilson (mother-in-law of Lydia?); Martha Mills Wilson "cousin by marriage to Gertrude Shinn); Sarah Elizabeth (John) Huff; Mahlon Huff; Estelle/Stella Huff; Ruthanna (John) Myers; Sammy Myers; William Myers, son of Ruthanna; Dr. Abia Comly John, 3 photographs; Kate (Lucas) John, wife of Abia Comly John, 2 photographs; Brother of Kate Lucas; Elida John, son of Abia and Kate John; Lillian Belle John—2 photographs; "Lillie & Lulu" John; Eva John, m. Geroge Copus; Howard Copus; Family Portrait; Palemon John, 2 photographs; Hanna(h?) (Bailey) John, wife of Palemon, 3 photographs; Lollie John, daughter of Palemon and Hannah, (m. Wm. Cobb); Ella Virginia John daughter of Palemon and Hannah, unmarried; Ella Virginia John with Ella Virginia Kratz; Group Portrait with Chalkley John, Pasadena, California, 1898; George D. John Family Group Portrait; Elida John's Grandchildren, Family Portrait

Perry John's Descendents.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Griffith John, son of Perry; John/Heritage Family, 10 photographs: Mary (John) Heritage, Omar Heritage, Nellie (John) Heritage, Ruth John. Don D. John; Mary (John) Heritage, 8x11 portrait

Jehu John & Descendents.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Jehu John, 4 photographs; Patience Houseworth, wife of Jehu; Ann Eliza John, daughter of Jehu and Patience, m. Cyrus Bigelow; Kimber L. John

Lydia (John) Yarnall & Descendents.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Amos Yarnall, husband of Lydia (John) Yarnall; Lemuel Yarnall, son of Amos and Lydia; Sally Ann Yarnall, daughter of Amos and Lydia

Unconnected John Family Members.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Cephas D. John, 1868; Sarah M. John; Anna John; "Uncle Didi" John; Edmund John; H. Haines John; Harold John, 2 photographs; Lorenzo T. John; Marius John; Aunt Betsey John ("Emma"); Charles John; W.F. John; "Bob" (mislabelled—picture of girl); Ralph John and family; Ray and Fae John, 3 photographs; Samuel M. John and Children, 4 photographs; Glenn John and brother, 3 photographs

Other Unconnected Family Names.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Brooks; Campbell; Cobb, Mary Jane, Laura E., W.R.; Davidson; Davis; Dugsdale, Joseph, Mary Viola, and Ruth; Griffith; Hill; Hitchcock; Hoover; Huffer; Huffly; Jackson, John, "R"; Janney; Johnston; Miller; Mills, Lettie (3 Photographs) and children; Morris; Peabody; Plumb; Sherrick, Lou Sherrick Counsellor (4 photographs), Lou and Effie Sherrick, Effie Sherrick Post (6 photographs), Vera Sherrick (3 Photographs), Paulina (John) Sherrick (3 photographs); Slater, W.J. and Eudora; Taylor; Valpsick; Widney

Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Unidentified "Civil War Pictures" from John Family Collection; "Aunt Amelia" and "one of her boys"

Tentatively Identified Photographs.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Harold, Emma, Dorothy, Dorothy's boy; "Laura, Ready for Church"; Maybe Frank and Sam John; Is this SM John?; Could have been Lydia Haines Jeffers; "Lizzie" (Elizabeth --?--); Estelle Steele? Euphrasia John?; May be Eliza Hicks John Walter; Mother of J.J. John?; May have been Laura's brother, "Diller"; Think is Gertrude Shinn; Probably Yarnall

Unidentified Photographs.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: 55 Small; 14 Large; 2 small copper-frame photographs

Group Portraits.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Hess/Rikard/Stine/Patton/Write/Tritle; Joshua Township Group; 2 Unlabelled; Elida John Home Group; Lucas Group; First John Family Reunion;

Buildings, Residences, and Surroundings.
Scope and Contents

Includes the following photographs: Bear Gap PA and Paxina PA, approx 15 photographs w/negatives; Elida, OH Home; Union School Building, Elida, OH; Penrose Burial Ground, 2 photographs; 2 unlabelled residences; Antique John Family Chair, 5 photographs

Miscellaneous Photographs Found Later.
Scope and Contents

Contains the following photographs: Emily (John) Thomas; Eliza John; Jehu John; Reuben John & Sophia Mettler; Samuel John; Sarah John; Perry John; Lydia John; Unidentified

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