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New York Yearly Meeting Anonymous Travel Photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

This collection, dating from 1965 to 1975, contains informal photographs taken by a member of New York Yearly Meeting. The photographs capture the travels of various identified and unidentified people, depicting them in group settings, engaging in leisurely activities like boating, or at Friends meetings. The collection also contains landscape pictures of travel sites and buildings.

The photographs are arranged chronologically.

Gift of New York Yearly Meeting, 1997.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Jissel Becerra Reyes
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Collection Inventory

PA091/01/001. Members and Attenders @ Flushing Meeting 1965.
PA091/01/002. Members and Attenders @ Flushing Meeting 1965.
PA091/01/003. Members and Attenders @ Flushing Meeting 1965.
PA091/01/004. Members and Attenders @ Flushing Meeting 1965.
PA091/01/005. Members and Attenders @ Flushing Meeting 1965.
PA091/01/006. Members and Attenders @ Flushing Meeting 1965.

PA091/02/001. The Innn at Silver Bay.
PA091/02/002. Lake George at Silver Bay.
PA091/02/003. The Swalgers of Westbury.
PA091/02/004. Delpert Replogle and Friends.
PA091/02/005. Steve Angell, Howard Bartram, Paul and Elizabeth Meyers.
PA091/02/006. Unidentified group on porch.
PA091/02/007. Howard Bartram & Floy Cullinan.
PA091/02/008. Delpert Replogle.
PA091/02/009. Rossiter Seward.

PA091/03/001. Flushing Meeting Grounds.
PA091/03/002. ".
PA091/03/003. ".
PA091/03/004. Flushing Friends Meeting.
PA091/03/005. Harry Jenkins, aged approx. 80 yrs.
PA091/03/006. Ebba Zeitlan and Friend.
PA091/03/007. Greta Lake. Irene Werne, Georgia Amick, and "Asta F.".
PA091/03/008. Unidentified Group in MH.
PA091/03/009. ".
PA091/03/010. ".
PA091/03/011. Bowne St. .
PA091/03/012. Main St. .
PA091/03/013. Flushing MH.
PA091/03/014. ".
PA091/03/015. ".
PA091/03/016. ".
PA091/03/017. "Young Muesch".
PA091/03/018. Chesire Frager and Friend.
PA091/03/019. Flushing Meeting Burial Plot.
PA091/03/020. ".
PA091/03/021. ".
PA091/03/022. ".
PA091/03/023. John Bowne House.
PA091/03/024. ".
PA091/03/025. ".

PA091/04/001. Doris McFarlane, Fred Flynn, Greta Lake, and Jack Daniels.
PA091/04/002. Kay Reynolds, Cheshire Frager, & Marjorie Welsh.
PA091/04/003. Albert Schreiner & Stephanie Freivogel.
PA091/04/004. John Hauser, visitng from Elmira Mtg.
PA091/04/005. Don Badgley, Greta Lake, & Fred Flynn.
PA091/04/006. John & Louise Daniels.

PA091/05/001. Sign Post.
PA091/05/002. Outdoor Crucifix.
PA091/05/003. Dome.

PA091/06/01. Black and White frontal view of Shrine.
PA091/06/02. Color frontal view of Shrine.
PA091/06/03. Shrine and Church.

PA091/07/01. View of Monastery .
PA091/07/02. View of Entrance.
PA091/07/03. Entire Monastery.
PA091/07/04. 1/2 of Monastery.

PA091/08/01. Entrance of MH.
PA091/08/02. Exterior of MH.
PA091/08/03. Interior of MH.
PA091/08/04. Interior of MH.
PA091/08/05. MH and Cemetary.
PA091/08/06. Cemetary.
PA091/08/07. MH and Cemetary.

PA091/09/001. Little Neck Bay.
PA091/09/002. View South from Walkway to Dock.
PA091/09/003. Kings Point from Bayside Yacht Club Dock.
PA091/09/004. Fort Totten from Bayside Yacht Club Dock.
PA091/09/005. ".
PA091/09/006. Spray hitting rocks.
PA091/09/007. Wild Ducks.

PA091/10/001. Mohawk R, from the Auriesville Shrine.
PA091/10/002. NA.
PA091/10/003. The Mohawk Valley.
PA091/10/004. Scenes in the Mohawk Valley.
PA091/10/005. ".
PA091/10/006. ".
PA091/10/007. ".
PA091/10/008. ".
PA091/10/009. ".
PA091/10/010. Mohawk Valley Friends.
PA091/10/011. Meeting Place of Mohawk Valley Mtg. .
PA091/10/012. NA.

PA091/11/001. New Swarthmoor.

PA091/12/001. with 50mm lens.
PA091/12/002. with 135mm lens.

PA091/13/001. Dorothy Garner and Agnes Dekay.

PA091/13/001. Creek w/ 50mm lens.
PA091/13/002. Creek w/135mm lens.
PA091/13/003. Farm on the Schoharie Creek w/135mm lens.
PA091/13/004. Farm on the Schoharie Creek w/5Omm lens.

PA091/15/001. Exterior of MH.
PA091/15/002. Dorothy Gamer, Don and Eileen Stanley.
PA091/15/003. Exterior of MH.

PA091/16/001. View West from rest stop, Rte. 84 135mm, no filter.
PA091/16/002. View.. .50mm, no filter.
PA091/16/003. View.. .50mm, Polaroid lens.
PA091/16/004. View.. .50mm, red filter.
PA091/16/005. View.. .50mm, yellow filter.
PA091/16/006. NA.

PA091/17/001. Alfred Cope, Richard Lane, Robert Leslie, & Winifred Courtney.
PA091/17/002. Newton Garver & Lee C. Varien.
PA091/17/003. Robert C. Bacon, Barbara Nnoka, & Chris Hodgkin.
PA091/17/004. Robert Leslie, Winifred Courtney, Faculty Member, Lee. C. Varien.
PA091/17/005. Board meeting in session.

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