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Darlington Family photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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Overview and metadata sections

The Darlingtons were a Quaker family of Pennsylvania and New Jersey with strong ties to Swarthmore College. Charles J. Darlington (1894-1966) was the son of Jared Darlington and Marian Shortlidge Darlington. Jared Darlington (1864-1929) operated a well-known creamery with his brothers in Delaware County, and the Shortlidges operated the Maplewood School in Concord, Delaware Co.

Charles Darlington was born on the family dairy farm and graduated from Swarthmore College in 1915, earning a Master's degree in Chemistry in 1916. He was a long-time executive at the Dupont Company in Deepwater, N.J. In 1918, he married a fellow graduate of Swarthmore College, Marie Sanford Bender. After her death in 1929, he married secondly Eleanor Collins of Purchase Monthly Meeting in 1932. Both the Darlingtons were deeply involved with Quaker activities and dedicated to social service through a variety of organizations. Four of his children attended Swarthmore College, and his daughter, Esther Collins Darlington continued his interest in family and local history and working with Quaker organizations.

This collection consists of mounted photographs, albums, loose black and white photos, and posters that depict the lives of various Darlington family members and related friends. Besides depicting family life, there are some landscape photographs of Swarthmore College, Wallingford, PA, etc.

The photographs are arranged in series according to subjects or subject matter. Each series is in its own box, and series 3 is further arranged into folders labeled according to picture subjects.

Gift of Esther Darlington, 1996, and Amy and Eleanor Rosenberg.

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
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Collection Inventory

1. Men's Track Team, 1914.
Physical Description

Some water damage

2. Men's Track Team, 1915.
3. Delphic Literary Society on Parrish steps, 1913.
Physical Description

Water damaged

4. Staff of Blue and Gray. Friend Central School. Charles Darlington, 1910-1911.
5. Class of 1896 on the steps of Parrish (Swarthmore), 1896.
6. Delta Upsilon Fraternity, 1895.
Scope and Contents

With autographs. Includes Samuel C. Palmer and Arthur Hoyt Scott.

Physical Description

Fragile. Fading center.

7. Tau Alpha Omicron Fraternity, 1915.
8. Tau Alpha Omicron, 1914.
Scope and Contents

3 rows, two men on stools

9. Tau Alpha Omicron Fraternity, 1913.
10. Fraternity (maybe Tau Alpha Omicron?).
11. Portrait of Joseph Shortlidge. Swarthmore College, Class of 1896.
12. Students, posed on steps of Parrish (Swarthmore Preparative School?), 1896.
Physical Location

Stored with oversized photographs, Swarthmore College Class of 1896

1. Charles and Marie Darlington as a young couple .
2. Catharine Bender Darlington as a baby (duplicated in other folders).
3. Prints from watercolor of Harned Cottage, Wallingford, Pa. .
4. 1953 Workcamp, Cas Godesburg, Germany.
5. Bryn Mawr College Class of 1920, Eleanor Collins Darlington (rolled).
6. Rolled: Two men holding a Dupont explosive. Labeled on reverse "Class of 1915 10th College Reunion".
7. Darlington Family Reunion, Swarthmore Woman's Club, 1946.
Scope and Contents

2 copies, proof copy rolled

8. Class of '50, Grade School Memory album: Esther Darlington, Class President. Wooden panel covers.
10. Esther Darlington's snapshots of work camp, Cherokee, NC, 1952.
10. Lott Family Album.
Scope and Contents

Rosenberg side: Al's mother was a Lott. Includes members of Lott, Bedell, and Mott family. Carte-de-visite and tintypes. Most labeled. Some loose snapshots and cartes de visite.

1. Postcard of family group, with key on back - Darlington, Pratt, Johnson, etc. .
2. Charles Darlington as young man (2).
3. Caroline Darlington, young girl, and woman (3).
4. Family portrait: Jared and Marina Darlington with Charles and Marie and sons, and Caroline Darlington, taken outside.
5. James Speakman with grandson .
6. Alan and Lewis Speakman (children).
7. Dorothy Speakman (child).
8. Helen Bender (multiple).
9. Mary Byers, T. Walter Jr. and Margaret Styer.
10. Mrs. Samuel Robbins.
11. George A. Bender and John C. Gifford, a friend. Seated on bench besides low waterfalls.
Jesse Darlington (baby).
2. Hannah Darlington (girl), daughter of Horace Darlington and Bertha Darlington.
3. Ella Darlington (girl), later wife of Monroe Buckley.
4. Jesse Darlington (young man).
5. Martha S. Darlington (young woman).
6. C. LeRoy Darlington as a toddler.
1. Charles Darlington (small boy) .
2. Helen M. Bender.
3. Charles, Marie, Robert, and Leroy Darlington (blurry snapshot).
4. Mary and Anna Darlington in home, West Chester, Pa. (elderly).
5. Charles Darlington with Becky Schofield Holding Le Roy, snapshot taken in yard in Darlington Pa. .
6. Boys from Maplewood School on Brinton Lake.
7. Malcolm Shortlidge and Caroline Darlington as small children .
8. Richmond, Indiana, snapshot.
9. Caroline and friends at Swarthmore.
10. Charles and Caroline Darlington, children on steps.
11. Clifford and Richard A. Darlington (baby and boy).
12. Margaret Styer (child).
13. T. Walter Styer (child).
14. Creamery, Cold Run, Pa. Joseph and Margaret Palmer.
15. Malcolm and Louise Hoge (baby and little girl).
16. Caroline Darlington with Malcolm and Louise at lake.
17. Marian Shortlidge Darlington portrait (young woman).
18. Jared and Marian Darlington (3 blurry formal portraits).
19. Jared Darlington (1864-1929) (2 in presentation envelopes).
20. Marian Darlington and Gula Hoge in home, seated by piano.
21. Tiintype of a little girl.
22. Caroline Darlington baby (2).
23. Catherine Bender Darlington as a baby (double exposure).
24. Edna Darlington infant (3).
25. Edna Darlington (1892-1897).
26. Mary F. Darlington (1835-1909) brittle snapshot removed from decorative frame.
27. Alice Byers.
28. Snapshot, Darlington, Pa. 1921.
29. Empty folder for tintype labeled Charles Darlington.
30. Booklet proofs of Charles and Marie with corrections.
Scope and Contents

Many of the photographs by Marie S. Bender. Includes Charles in Chemistry Lab; Marie Portrait 1915 the year of her graduation from University of Chicago; Charles, Marie, and Elizabeth Shoemaker on horseback at Darlington farm; and Swarthmore College photographs


Note by Chris Densmore, Curator: Scanned Sept 2009 into a general Darlington folder

1. Jared Darlington with his son Charles J. Darlington, in sitting room of home at Darlington.
2. Caroline Shortlidge Darlington, 1900 (baby).
3. Caroline Shortlidge or Edna Darlington (who died at age 5).
4. Jared Darlington (2 different photos) brother of Beaulah Pratt.
5. Charles Darlington as an infant.
6. Edwin L. Palmer (2 images).
7. Anna Dora French Palmer (3 images).
8. Mary D. Palmer (1868-1892).
9. Marian Shortlidge Darlington.
10. Carte de Visite of Martha Hutton Shortlidge.
11. Carte de visite of Annie Gause.
12. Carte de visite of Carrie Gause Shortlidge.
13. Badly faded snapshots of Carrie Gause Shortlidge.
14. James Speakman.
15. Carrie Speakman.
16. Caroline and Charles studio portrait, together and alone (3 photos).
17. Caroline as a young woman.
1. Sarah Brock and others at Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania meeting, 1975.

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