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Swayne Family Photographs


Held at: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College [Contact Us]500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

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The Swayne family were Quakers of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Caleb Swayne was a farmer and tanner, and his son, Benjamin, also operated a tanyard and conducted a school for boys, the London Grove Boarding School. Evan Thomas Swayne also taught at London Grove, but moved to the Eaton Institute, a boarding school for girls in Kennett, after 1865. His son, Edward Swayne, had a greenhouse business and wrote poetry. Edward's sister, Anna Belle, was a photographer before her marriage to Albert Taylor Jackson. Edward's son, Norman Walton Swayne, attended Swarthmore College and then taught at the George School; he was also the family genealogist.

Caleb Swayne (1749-1825), was the son of William Swayne and Ann Pusey. He married Mary Wood in 1774 and worked as a farmer and tanner in East Marlborough Township. Caleb's son, Benjamin (1791-1873), was the seventh of nine children, and married first, Jane Thomas, in 1817 at Marlborough Meeting House, and second, 1823, Sarah Phillips, at Hockessin. Benjamin operated a tanyard at London Grove, and later conducted a boy's boarding school at the same place. He was forced to move to Octoraro, to make good an endorsement on a note, but later returned to Kennett Square where they died.

The oldest of his five children, Evan Thomas Swayne (1824-1929), was born in 1824 at London Grove. He married Sarah Wayne Pusey, daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Mendenhall) Pusey of Wilmington, Delaware, on November 7, 1851. They had four children, viz. Edward; Laura Pusey (1857-1928), who never married; Anna Belle (1864-1931), a photographer who married Albert Taylor Jackson; and Charles Sumner (1870-), a landscape gardener who married first Florence H. Lamborn and second Daisy Elizabeth Bird. Evan Thomas Swayne was a school teacher in Octoraro, Birmingham, and London Grove. The family moved to Kennett in 1865, where he took charge of a girl's boarding school, the Eaton Institute. After the school had been discontinued, the family continued to live in Kennett, and he was Clerk of Western Quarterly Meeting, Assistant Clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and President of the Board of Managers of Martin Academy.

Edward Swayne (1853-1929), the oldest son of Evan and Sarah, was born in 1853. He married first, in 1884, Mary Dent Walton, daughter of William Walton and Elizabeth (Palmer), and second, in 1923, Pauline Christine Wilber. Edward Swayne conducted a greenhouse business and was particularly interested in the culture of peonies. For a time he was Deputy Prothonotary at West Chester. He was also an authority on ornithology and an amateur poet. His first wife, Mary Dent Walton, graduated from West Chester Normal School and attended Swarthmore College for a time, later teaching school at Parkerville. They had three children, Norman Walton, Donald McFarlan (1897-1985) and Edith Neal (1887-1919), a Swarthmore College Alumna and children's librarian who died of pneumonia in 1919.

Norman W. Swayne was born in Kennett Square in 1885 and attended West Chester High School. He entered Swarthmore College in 1904, and graduated with a degree in Engineering in 1908. He taught at the George School and was a member of Newtown Meeting. In 1917, he married Mabel Amelia Werner, daughter of Jeremiah Martin Werner and Mary Elizabeth (Whiteside) of Wilmington, Delaware. They had five children, Carolyn Hope (1918-1980), Kingdon Werner (1920-), Kenneth Gilbert (1922-1967), Malcolm Wallace (1926-1944), and Phillip Evan (1928-1975).

This collection consists of a variety of types of photographs that range from tintypes, black and white prints, sketches, cabinet cards, and cartes de visite. Most of the photographs depict individuals and family groups. Most of the photographs are from the late 19th century and early 20th century, with one color print dating as late as 1966.

The photographs are arranged in boxes by size and photography type, with the big albums contained in singular boxes and the framed and loose photos/unbounded album in a separate box. They also seem to be arranged roughly chronologically, with nineteeth century albums in the first couple of boxes.

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Collection Inventory

1. Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne .
Box 1
2. Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne.
3. Anna Belle Swayne (self-portrait).
4. Anna Belle Swayne and Laure Estelle Johnson.
5. Donald M. Swayne at 6 mo. .
6. Donald M. Swayne (?).
7. Benjamin Swayne (great-grandfather of Norman).

1. Unknown.
Box 1
2. Jacob Pusey.
2. Malcolm Wallace Swayne .
3. Donald M. Swayne.
5. 1966 Family gathering (incl. Donald Swayne, Kingdon, Kenneth, Carolyn Hope, Amelia), 1966.

1. Mary P. Swayne.
Box 1
2. Joseph M. Barnard .
3. Jane T. Swayne Barnard (married to Joseph M. Barnard) .
4. Unidentified .
5. Unidentified .
6. Unidentified .
7. Unidentified .
8. Unidentified .
9. Emaline W. Drummond, alias Swayne (Married Edwin S. Walton).
10. Unidentified .
11. Anna Volkmar (other of Harry).
12. Unidentified .
14. Unidentified .
15. Unidentified .
16. Sallie Wayne Pusey Swayne (wife of Evan Thomas Swayne).
17. Unidentified .
18. Unidentified .
19. Unidentified .
20. Hannah M. Thompson .
21. Unidentified .
22. Jane T. Swayne Barnard (married Joseph M. Barnard).
23. Unidentified.
24. Unidentified.
25. Unidentified.
26. Unidentified.
27. Unidentified.
28. Unidentified.
29. Unidentified.
30. Martha Heald .
31. Caleb Heald (d. 1884).
32. Unidentified Group Portrait.

1. Friend's Academy , 1909.
Box 1
2. Buck Hill Falls, 1913.
3. Bermuda, 1914.
4. Table walk, High Rock, October 1911 and June 1913.
5. Table walk, October 1913.
6. Table Picnic, June 1914 ad May 1917.
7. Table, 1915-16 and 1916-17.
8. The Crowning of the Gypsy Queen, 1917.
9. The Crowning of the Gypsy Queen, 1917.
10. Faculty Baseball Team, September 13.

(standing) Albert Robert Carr. (on bench) Norman W. Swayne, George H. Nutt, J. Wilmer Pancoat. (on ground) "Peace" Vail, Alfred A. Burns, Harry Shellenberger.

11. Basketball Teams, 1911 and 1919.

(standing) Norman W. Swayne, Norman Scarlett, Dexter Forbes, Harry Caldwell, John E. McVaugh. (on bench) Harold Zimmerman, Chandler Walton, Walter Paxson. (on ground) Lester Showmaker, Ralh Hicks

12. Bayard Amelia; English 1; Anna Haines, 1915.
13. Bayard Amelia; Bertram John; Bayard Amelia.
14. Orton, 1914.
15. George School Campus; Home in Chester Co., PA.
16. Binghamton, 1916; Hockey Fall, 1915.
17. Norman W. Swayne, 1915; Mabel Amelia Werner, 1916.
18. Sophie Herrman, 1914; Mabel Amelia Werner, Eleanor G. Hirst, Alan F. English (George School faculty); Mother, Dots, cats. Home, Wilmington, DE.
19. Mabel Amelia Werner and Norman W. Swayne on Neshaminy; Normal W. Swayne, June 1915.
20. Charles Swayne at home in Toronto; Edward Swayne at G.S. .
21. Judith Coover; Elizabeth Mohr.
22. Amelia Werner Swayne and Norman Walton Swayne, May 1918; Amelia Werner Swayne and daughter Carolyn Hope Swayne, June 1918.
22. Amelia Werner Swayne and Caolyn Hope Swayne, August 1918.
24. Dorothea Grace Russell and niece Carrolyn Hope September 1918; Amelia Werner Swayne and Carolyn Hope Swayne, October 18.
25. Carolyn Hope Swayne, October 1918.
26. Mary Elizabeth Whiteside Werner Russell, Mabel Amelia Werner, Edith Neal Swayne, (seated) Sara Anna Whiteside (later Brittingham).
27. Amelia Werner Swayne, Edward Swayne, Norman Walton Swayne, Carolyn Hope Swayne, October 29, 1918.
28. Amelia Werner Swayne, Norman Walton Swayne, Carolyn Hope Swayne, November 1918.
29. Amelia Werner Swayne in her home , December 1918.
30. Carolyn Hope Swayne, December 25, 1918.
31. Amelia Werner Swayne and Carolyn Hope Swayne , December 25, 1918.
32. Amelia Werner Swayne and Edward Swayne along the Neshaminy, December 1918.
33. Amelia Werner Swayne and Edward Swayne at the Spring Garden Dam, December 1918.
34. Carolyn Hope Swayne by her home in West Drayton Hall at George School, April 1919.
35. Carolyn Hope Swayne by her home in West Drayton Hall at George School, April 1919.
36. Carolyn Hope Swayne by her home in West Drayton Hall at George School, April 1919.
37. Carolyn Hope Swayne by her home in West Drayton Hall at George School, April 1919.
38. Carolyn Hope Swayne by her home in West Drayton Hall at George School, April 1919.
39. Amelia Werner Sayne and Carolyn Hope Swayne, April 1919.
40. Edit Neal Swayne, Summer 1916.
41. Carolyn Hope Swayne and parents, June 1919.
42. Carolyn Hope Swayne and parents, June 1919.
43. Children at George School , July 1919.
44. Florence Elizabeth Swayne and her mother in Toronto, Summer 1919.
45. Carolyn, September 1919.
46. Carolyn , September 1919.
47. Amelia Werner Swayne and Carolyn, November 1919.
48. (standing) Amelia Werner Swayne and Emma Elizabeth Walton (sitting) Carolyn Hope Swayne and her great-grandmother Elizabeth Palmer Walton , November 1919.
49. Amelia Werner Swayne along the Neshaminy , November 1919.
50. Amelia Werner Swayne along the Neshaminy, November 1919.
51. Carolyn with her mother and pets, November 1919.
52. Carolyn with her mother and pets, November 1919.
53. Carolyn , December 1919.
54. Carolyn with Elizabeth Mohr, fall of 1919 and March 1920.
55. Amelia, March 1920.
56. Carolyn, her mother, cat, Lilliam Michener, and Lewis English, April 1920.
57. Carolyn at Wilmington , December 1920 and Spring 1921.
58. Althea Joy Swayne with her mother, Spring 1921.
59. George School team in UPenn gym after winning interscholastic championship for prep. schools, March 1921.
61. Kingdon Werner Swayne, his mother September 1921; Carolyn Hope Swayne, September 1921.
62. Kingdon Werner Swayne, September 1921.
63. Kingdon Werner Swayne, September 1921.
64. Donald McFarlan Swayne, 1921; Carolyn, ca. 1921.
65. Carolyn; Kingdon, May 1922.
66. Kingdon, May 1922.
67. Kingdon, Summer 1922.
68. Kingdon, Summer 1922.
69. Amelia Mae Miller. Kingdon, Summer 1922.
70. Carolyn, Amelia, Kenneth, Kingdon, Summer 1922.
71. Kenneth Gilbert Swayne, Kingdon Werner Swayne and freind, May 1923.
72. Kingdon, Kenneth, and their mother, Summer 1923.
73. Kenneth Glibert Swayne, May 1923.
74. Kenneth and Kingdon, May 1923.
75. Carolyn; Amelia; Kenneth, Summer 1923.
76. Kenneth; Kingdon; Stanley Bigsby Sutton Jr. , January 1924.
77. Kenneth, Carolyn, Kingdon, Fall of 1925.
78. Kenneth, Carolyn, Kingdon, Fall of 1925.
79. Kenneth, Carolyn, Kingdon, Fall of 1925.
80. Kenneth, Carolyn, Kingdon, Fall of 1925.
81. Malcolm Wallace Swayne , Fall of 1926.
82. Amelia, Kingdon, and Malcolm, Fall of 1926.
83. Malcolm, Summer 1927.
84. Malcolm, Summer 1927.
85. Archa Christmas Pageant at George School.
86. Camera Club at George School, 1910. Norman Swayne is standing on chair; also William Ely Roberts and J. Wilmer Pancoast.
87. Charles Sumner Swayne.
88. E. Swayne .
89. Dorothea Grace Russell.
90. Mary Elizabeth Whiteside Werner Russell.
91. Rev. Robert K. Stephenson (married Amelia and Norman Swayne.
92. Donald McFarland Swayne.
93. Kenneth, Carolyn, and Kingdon Swayne, Fall 1925.
94. Basketball Team, Friends' Academy, 1909.
95. Baseball Team, Friends' Academy, 1909.
96. Norman Swayne, George School.
97. Clips from Swarthmore Yearbook of Norman and Amelia; Edith Neal Swayne.
98. Clayton Keller's Barbershop on Newton, PA, 1910.

1. Sarah Wayne Pusey; Jane T. Swayne Barnard.
Box 2
2. Sarah Wayne Pusey.
3. Antonia Canova Swayne.
4. Hannah Thomas Swayne (wife of Antonio).
5. Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne.
6. Jane T. Swyane Barnard.
7. Emmaline Walton .
8. Annie Pusey.
9. Rebecca Taylor (Bayard Taylor's mother).
10. Evan Thomas Swayne, Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne (first phonograph taken by daughter Annabelle).
11. Albert Taylor Jackson.
12. Mary P. Swayne .
13. Anna Belle Swayne.
14. Edith Neal Swayne.
15. Jeremiah F. Werner and Amelia Heisler Werner.
16. J. Martin Werner (right) and freind.
17. Mary Elizabeth Whiteside.
18. Mabel Amelia Werner, 1893.
19. Eva Werner (daughter of Milton) , 1895.
21. Mary Elizabeth Whiteside, brother Charles (Father of Sara).
22. Mabel Amelia Werner, 1899.
23. Mabel Amelia Werner, 1899.
23. Mabel Amelia Werner, Dorothea Grace Russel, Mary E.W. Russell, 1899.
24. Dorothea Grace Russell, Mabel Amelia Werner, 1900.
25. Mabel Amelia Werner, 1901.
26. Norman M. Swayne, 1909.
27. Mabel Amelia Werner , 1904.
28. Mabel Amelia Werner , 1903.
29. Mabel Amelia Werner , 1904.
30. Maria Sheppard Raup (grandmother of Mary E. Whiteside); Daniel Raup (grandfather of Mary E. Whiteside).
31. Wesley Raup and Ellen Raup; children of Daniel and Maria Raup.
32. Elizabeth and Maria Raup, children of Daniel and Maria Raup.
33. Luther Woodbridge (husband of Elizabeth Raup); Ada Woodbridge (daughter of Luther).
34. Edith Neal Swayne and Norman Walton Swayne, 1895 or 1896.
Photograph Album #4.
Box 3

1. Evan Thomas Swayne.
2. Photo Removed.
3. Charles Sumner Swayne.
4. Photo removed.
5. Laura Pusey Swayne.
6. Edward Swayne.
7. Mary Dent Walton Swayne.
8. Gertrude Anna Walton.
9. Isaac Palmer Walton.
10. Robert Lewis Walton and Emma Elizabeth Walton.
11. Bertha Julia Walton Pownall.
12. Emmaline Walton.
13. Lewis Elmer Walton, Gertrude Webster Kent Walton.
14. Unidentified .
15. Donald Pennock, 1886.
16. Elizabeth Palmer Walton.
17. William Walton.
18. Laure Estelle Johnson.
19. Annabelle Swayne, Laure Pusey Swayne, Edward Swayne, 1867.
20. Benjamin Swayne, Sarah Philips Swayne, Jane T. Swayne Barnar.
21. Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne, Annabelle Swayne .
22. Elizabeth Palmer Walton and daughter Mary Dent; Emmaline Walton, Elizabeth Palmer Walton Moore.
23. Rachel Mendinhall Garrett (sister of Norman Swayne's great-grandmother Hannah Mendinhall Pusey); Mary P. Swayne .
24. Laure Marcia Palmer Ziegler.
25. Florence Annie Pusey (wife of Samuel McIllhenny Knox).
26. Charles Shoemaker Morris, 1887.
27. Ruth Pennock .
28. Edith Neal Swayne and Norman Walton Swayne.
29. Harold Martin (son of Passmore Martin and Hannah Freel).
30. Norman Walton Swayne .
31. Norman Swayne , 1887.
32. Edward Swayne (1879), Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne.
34. Evan Thomas Swayne.
34. Sarah Phillips Swayne.
35. Photo Removed .
36. Group Portrait: (standing) Charles Sumner Swayne, Jane T. Barnard Swayne (sitting) Joseph W. Barnard, Sarah Phillips Swayne, Laura Pusey Swayne, Evan Thomas Swayne, Sarah Wayne Pusey Swayne.
37. Dr. Morris Hughes.
38. Donald McFarland Swayne.
39. Joseph W. Barnard.
40. Margaretta Walton.

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