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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The American Poetry Review was founded in 1972 in Philadelphia by poets Stephen Berg and Stephen Parker. Innovative in concept and in its newsprint/tabloid format, the magazine aimed to reach the largest possible audience by publishing the best contemporary poetry, fiction, essays, and translations. The first issue, published in November/December 1972, featured translations from Pablo Neruda's The Captain's Verses by Donald D. Walsh and translations of Cesar Vallejo by David Smith. There were poems by Allen Ginsberg, C. K. Williams, Philip Levine, Louis Simpson, Marvin Bell, Richard Wilbur, Donald Justice, and David Ignatow (also an associate editor of the journal) and essays, columns, and book reviews by Joyce Carol Oates, Diane Wakoski, Donald Hall, and Richard Howard; plus the first in a series on Poetry in the Classroom by Denise Levertov. The issue was 48 pages long and received enthusiastic letters of endorsement from poets and other subsc ribers, some of which are preserved in this collection.

With wide support and praise from the poetry community but no capital, the magazine struggled financially during its early years. The American Poetry Review was housed, at no charge, in a small room at the Jewish Ys and Centers of Greater Philadelphia YM-YWHA Branch at Broad and Pine streets and the editors worked without pay. After several years of scraping together resources to produce the magazine, the magazine's situation began to improve in the mid-1970s. In December 1975 APR/World Poetry Inc. was granted nonprofit, tax-exempt status. During the summer of 1976 the magazine moved to a larger office donated by Temple University Center City at 1616 Walnut Street and that fall launched a successful advertising and direct mail campaign which doubled its subscription list from 6,000 to 12,000 subscribers within a year. Over the next few years APR received grant support from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Dietrich Foundation while increasing its subscriptions, advertising, and store sales which account for the majority of its income.

The magazine is bi-monthly, published six times a year by World Poetry, Inc. One of the keys to its success from the beginning has been national distribution. By the late 1970s The American Poetry Review was recognized thro ughout North America and internationally as the place where many contemporary poets would first wish their work to appear. The journal was flooded with submissions, still operating with a small editorial staff working for minimal salaries. The journal fea tured special supplements, expanding to 56 pages, to accommodate some of these submissions and to provide space for publishing long poems or long essays and interviews, formats which are not common or possible in many small press publications.

In February of 1977 the New York Times and the local press ran stories about an accusatory "manifesto" charging APR with bias against minorities and women. This "Statement on the Editorial Policy of The American Poetry Review" was signed by June Jordan, Adrienne Rich (both contributors to APR) and others seeking to increase the numbers of women and minorities published there. In response, APR maintained its policy of welc oming and reading unsolicited manuscripts, publishing the work of unknown writers, researching small press publications to discover new writers, and featuring the work and voices of many minority and women writers in the publication. Over the years, The American Poetry Review provided an ongoing forum for controversies over the inclusion of women, African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic poets, and many such poets received serious recognition from other writers in its pages before they came to the attention of the academy or major publishing houses. An example is Marge Piercy's discussion of Audre Lorde's poetry in Piercy's inaugural column in A PR 5, no. 2 (1976). The magazine crossed disciplinary and genre boundaries, publishing essays, reviews, interviews, prose, photographs, and a significant number of translations of poetry in many languages from around the world, anticipating the move toward globalization and cultural studies in universities. A strong supporter of the poetry-in-the-schools movement, the magazine ran a series of columns, essays, and anthologies of poetry in the schools from across the United States, providing at the same time opportunities for schools to receive subscriptions to APR for classroom use.

Beginning in the 1980s APR provided services and organized events beyond the publication of the magazine. APR sponsored poetry readings by Etheridge Knight at Philadelphia prisons, by Stanley Kunitz and by C. K. Williams at the University of the Arts; workshops on play writing, acting and directing by Edward Albee; and a symposium titled "Freedom and the Poet's Responsibility to Society" held in April 1984. In 1985 with support from CIGNA, the American Poetry Review ran a Philadelphia Poets Project Workshop for teachers and students with poet Gerald Stern in the Philadelphia public high schools. In 1986 a retrospective exhibition of manuscripts from the archives of The American Poetry Review was held at the Rose nbach Museum and Library.

Through the 1990s the magazine continued to publish the work of new and established writers under current editors Stephen Berg, David Bonanno, and Arthur Vogelsang, improving the quality of its design, printing, and paper. The American Poetry Review celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with a special program on 30 April 1999 held at the Institute of Contemporary Art featuring a lifetime achievement award in poetry given to W. S. Merwin and a roundtable discussion on R 20;How Poetry Helps People to Live Their Lives" with Robert Hass, Yusef Komunyakaa, W. S. Merwin, Joyce Carol Oates, Gerald Stern, and Susan Stewart. Still based in Philadelphia at offices located at 1721 Walnut Street, the magazine's circulation ha s expanded to more than 20,000 and it continues as one of the preeminent poetry serials published in the United States. Contributors to APR include winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Pulitzer Prize, and many other distinguished honors as well a s the work of poets and writers just beginning their careers. The magazine continues its mission of providing the best in contemporary writing made accessible to the widest possible audience.

The office files of The American Poetry Review which constitute the bulk of the Records at the University of Pennsylvania are comprised primarily of editorial files maintained on each contributor to the journal arranged alphabetically by author or photographer, dated from 1971 to 1998. Included in these files are correspondence between the authors and editors of APR, manuscripts submitted for publication, and galleys corrected by the authors and editors. In addition, there are the editors' votes and comments on the submitted manuscripts, in some cases these are jotted on the correspondence or on envelopes, in some cases on loose notepaper, in a few cases they comprise typed letters between members of the editorial staff. Submissions to the journal were subject to being voted on by the entire editorial staff. Where possible all of these materials are filed together for each author, arranged chronologically within folders, with the correspondence placed at the beginning of each folders. In many cases the oversize corrected galleys have been removed to Oversize Series VII. Because these files, in some cases, include manuscripts that were rejected as well as those that were accepted by APR and include revisions and corrections made by the authors, they provide essential materials for the study of the work of these writers. From the 1970s through the 1990s editors and associate editors have included Stephen Berg, David Bonanno, Jeff Moran, Stephen Parker, Ethel Rackin, Natania Rosenfeld, Rhoda Schwartz, Kathleen Sheeder, Peter Siegenthaler, Pamela Sutton, Arthur Vogelsang and Eleanor Wilner. Each of these editors has some correspondence with various contributors published in The American Poetry Review.

There is a much smaller series of administrative correspondence. This includes correspondence with small presses, literary magazines, university presses, poetry organizations, foundations, fund raisers, a few celebrities and political figures, plus national and Philadelphia arts and cultural organizations. Administrative memos circulated among the editors are arranged chronologically. There is a small selection of letters from subscribers saved from the first two years of publication, most enthusiastically endorsing the magazine. Also included are a few folders of procedures followed by interns who worked at the magazine; most of these materials date from the early 1980s.

Financial records are limited to selected records from 1972-1980 and include a set of bank records for checks drawn between 1974-1977, plus rate cards, insertion orders, and advertising invoices from about 1973-1979.

With the exception of the contributors' files which continue through 1998, and published copies of the magazine (through 2000), there are no materials in these Records documenting the activities of the organization from about 1988 through 1998.

The American Poetry Review solicited and published photographs of most of the writers whose work is included in the magazine. Although some photographs were returned to the writers or photographers, the collection includes 20 volumes of photographs of contributors, some by the well-known photographers Jill Krementz and Thomas Victor. Also included are a number of photographs taken by poets of other poets, including photos taken by William Stafford and Gerard Malanga. Many of these photographs may be viewed online.

Among the highlights of the American Poetry Review Records are early letters from Joyce Carol Oates (who wrote a series of columns for APR from 1972-1974) to editor Rhoda Schwartz, offering her enthusiasm and encouragement for the project, discussions of literature and the places she was traveling through and working in, her founding of the Ontario Review with Raymond Smith, and her reactions to the suicide of poet Anne Sexton. There are more than twenty years of correspondence between W. S. Merwin and Stephen Berg regarding Merwin's poems, prose, translations, the preservation of the tropical rain forest in Hawaii, and Dante's Purgatorio. Denise Levertov advocated for (and edited an APR Supplement of) young, mostly unpublished poets whom she felt deserved recognition in place of yet another poem by authors as well as known as herself. The magazine published a translation by Patricia Goedicke of Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchú's testimonio in 1982. The testimonio was a new autobiographical genre of witness to political oppression with the intention of raising consciousness. Rigoberta Menchú's testimonio has continued to be a topic of academic and political controversy well into the twenty-first century. This prescience on the part of the editors of The American Poetry Review to publish controversial materials and the documentation of the internal editorial debates regarding what should and should not be published are among the fascinating aspects of the collection.

Mention of the major writers whose work is represented in APR reads like a Who's Who. If one lists the names of 50 poets published in The American Poetry Review, another 50 or 150 equally deserving of mention have been left out. From John Ashbery to Eavan Boland, Hayden Carruth, Lucille Clifton, Robert Creeley, Carolyn Forché, Karen Fish, Tess Gallagher, Allen Ginsberg, Louise Glück, Donald Hall, Seamus Heaney, Edward Hirsch, Richard H ugo, Robinson Jeffers, Galway Kinnell, Maxine Kumin, Philip Levine, Sharon Olds, Adrienne Rich, Anne Sexton, Charles Simic, W. D. Snodgrass, William Stafford, Maura Stanton, Susan Stewart, James Tate, Robert Penn Warren, Derek Walcott, Diane Wakoski, Rich ard Wilbur, John Yau....suffice it to say that with few exceptions, the authors whose correspondence, interviews, essays, and poetry are preserved in the American Poetry Review Records are writers who have made important contributions to literature in the late twentieth century. The new anthology titled The Body Electric: America's Best Poetry from The American Poetry Review, edited by Stephen Berg, David Bonanno, and Arthur Vogelsang, with an introduction by Harold D. Bloom ( New York: W. W. Norton, 2000) is an attempt to make much of this legacy available in a single volume. Not included in the book are the significant number of translations from more than a dozen languages of the work of major poets from around the world. The archive of The American Poetry Review is and will remain an extraordinary resource for the study of twentieth-century literature and culture.

Purchased from The American Poetry Review/World Poetry, Inc., 1999.

For a complete listing of correspondents, do the following title search in Franklin: American Poetry Review Records.

Processed by Margaret Kruesi with photographs processed by Sose Bejian.

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
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Comprises correspondence between contributors and editors of APR, manuscripts for publication, galleys corrected by authors and editors, and editorial votes and comments on the manuscripts. Some galleys have been removed from these files and are found in Oversize Series VII.

Aal - Allen, Dick.
Box 1 Folder 1-40
Allen, Esther - Angel, Ralph.
Box 2 Folder 41-79
Angelakē-Rouk, Katerina - Arrowsmith, William (1982).
Box 3 Folder 80-107
Arrowsmith, William (1986) - Ashbery, John.
Box 4 Folder 108-124
Asher, Aaron - Balkits, Inese.
Box 5 Folder 125-174
Bangert, Sharon - Beck, Peggy V.
Box 6 Folder 175-217
Becker, Robin - Bell, Marvin (1981 Aug.).
Box 7 Folder 218-243
Bell, Marvin (1981 Sept.) - Berlind, Bruce.
Box 8 Folder 244-277
Berman, Barbara - Bloch, Chana.
Box 9 Folder 278-324
Blok, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich - Bly, Robert (1988).
Box 10 Folder 325-348
Bly, Robert Booker (1992) - Stephen Todd.
Box 11 Folder 349-378
Booth, Philip E. - Bourne, Louis Milton.
Box 12 Folder 379-402
Bouvier, Bonita - Brinnin, John.
Box 13 Folder 403-441
Brock, Edwin - Brown, John Lackey.
Box 14 Folder 442-470
Brown, Kurt - Burkard, Michael.
Box 15 Folder 471-504
Burnham, Deborah - Carroll, Paul.
Box 16 Folder 505-551
Carruth, Hayden - Cecil, Richard.
Box 17 Folder 552-581
Center for Inter-American Relations - Clarke, Warren.
Box 18 Folder 582-629
Clary, Killarney - Coles, Robert (1983 Sept.).
Box 19 Folder 630-667
Coles, Robert (1983 Oct.) - Coolidge, Clark.
Box 20 Folder 668-695
Cooper, Daniel - Creeley, Robert.
Box 21 Folder 696-733
Crenner, James - Dawes, Priscilla.
Box 22 Folder 734-777
Day, Russell - Di Pasquale, Emanuel.
Box 23 Folder 778-813
Di Piero, W. S. - Dobyns, Stephen.
Box 24 Folder 814-847
Dodson, Margery - Dubie, Norman.
Box 25 Folder 848-887
Duemer, Joseph - Economou, George.
Box 26 Folder 888-917
Edelberg, Cynthia Dubin - Eshleman, Clayton.
Box 27 Folder 918-956
Eskow, John - Felsenstein, Jake.
Box 28 Folder 957-1001
Felstiner, John - Fish, Karen.
Box 29 Folder 1002-1034
Fishman, Charles M. - Fourtouni, Eleni.
Box 30 Folder 1035-1067
Fowler, J. Bradford - Frye, Northrop.
Box 31 Folder 1068-1110
Fuertes, Gloria - Gander, Forrest.
Box 32 Folder 1111-1142
Gangas, Patricia - Gibbons, Robert.
Box 33 Folder 1143-1175
Gobbs. Tom W. - Glazner, Greg.
Box 34 Folder 1176-1205
Glenn, Ann - Goldberg, Joan Rachel.
Box 35 Folder 1206-1232
Goldensohn, Barry - Goytisolo, Juan.
Box 36 Folder 1233-1266
Graber, John - Gregerman, Debra.
Box 37 Folder 1267-1301
Gregg, Linda - Guest, Barbara.
Box 38 Folder 1302-1333
Gunn, Thom - Hall, Donald (1973).
Box 39 Folder 1334-1363
Hall, Donald (1974) - Hamburger, Michael.
Box 40 Folder 1364-1384
Hamill, Sam.
Box 41 Folder 1385-1404
Hamilton, Alfred Starr - Harrison, Jim.
Box 42 Folder 1405-1440
Harrod, Lois Marie - Heffernan, Thomas.
Box 43 Folder 1441-1477
Heinemann, Katherine - Hillman, Brenda.
Box 44 Folder 1478-1527
Hillman, Noel L. - Hirshfield, Jane.
Box 45 Folder 1528-1550
Hitzenbuhler, Maeve - Hope, Warren.
Box 46 Folder 1551-1583
Hopper, Paul - Hughes, Ted.
Box 47 Folder 1584-1619
Hugo, Richard - Ignatow, David.
Box 48 Folder 1620-1658
Ignatow, Yaedi - Joel, Miriam.
Box 49 Folder 1659-1700
Johannessen, Christopher - Justice, Donald.
Box 50 Folder 1701-1741
Kaiser, Stephen - Keneally, Thomas.
Box 51 Folder 1742-1794
Kennedy, Alicia - Kinnell, Galway.
Box 52 Folder 1795-1831
Kinzie, Mary - Kistler, Wm.
Box 53 Folder 1832-1856
Kizer, Carolyn - Kosh.
Box 54 Folder 1857-1895
Kostelanetz, Richard - Kulik, William T.
Box 55 Folder 1896-1939
Kumin, Maxine - Larry, W. S.
Box 56 Folder 1940-1978
Laskin, Pam - Lazarus, Arnold Leslie.
Box 57 Folder 1979-2010
Le Clair-Gates, Mary Ellen - Levenson, Fred.
Box 58 Folder 2011-2042
Levertov, Denise - Levinson, Margaret.
Box 59 Folder 2043-2071
Levis, Larry - Libson, Lia.
Box 60 Folder 2072-2097
Lieberman, Herbert - Linett, Deena.
Box 61 Folder 2098-2122
Lipman, Joel - Lowrie, Joyce Oliver.
Box 62 Folder 2123-2162
Lucy, Seán - McClatchy, J. D.
Box 63 Folder 2163-2196
McConkey, James - McHugh, Heather.
Box 64 Folder 2197-2236
Mack, Robin Rebecca - Madden, Elizabeth Jane.
Box 65 Folder 2237-2270
Maddock, Mary - Maraniss, James E.
Box 66 Folder 2271-2306
Marcello, Leo Luke - Maso, Carole.
Box 67 Folder 2307-2339
Mason, David - Mattimore, Jim.
Box 68 Folder 2340-2364
Maurer, Steve - Mernit, Susan.
Box 69 Folder 2365-2396
Merrill, Christopher - Merwin, W. S.
Box 70 Folder 2397-2418
Meyer, David - Milner, Ian.
Box 71 Folder 2419-2448
Mills, Kevin - Mitchell, Stephen.
Box 72 Folder 2449-2478
Mitchell, Susan - Morehead, Maureen.
Box 73 Folder 2479-2511
Morgan, Frederick - Moss, Stanley.
Box 74 Folder 2512-2544
Mott, Elaine - Muske, Carol.
Box 75 Folder 2545-2582
Myers, E. R. - Niatum, Duane.
Box 76 Folder 2583-2617
Nicewonger, Kirk - Oates, Joyce Carol.
Box 77 Folder 2618-2654
Oatis, Gregory - Orlen, Steve.
Box 78 Folder 2655-2687
Orlovitz, Gil - Ostriker, Alicia (1982).
Box 79 Folder 2688-2709
Ostriker, Alicia (1985) - Pastan, Linda.
Box 80 Folder 2710-2748
Patarozzo, Dave - Perloff, Marjorie (1979).
Box 81 Folder 2749-2787
Perloff, Marjorie (1980) - Piercy, Marge.
Box 82 Folder 2788-2817
Pierre, Charles - Plumly, Stanley (1979).
Box 83 Folder 2818-2842
Plumly, Stanley (1980) - Pollak, Felix.
Box 84 Folder 2843-2865
Poole, Joan L. - Pye, Ginny.
Box 85 Folder 2866-2909
Quagliano, Tony - Ray, Wayne.
Box 86 Folder 2910-2961
Rebbeck, Barbara J. (1988) - Revell, Donald.
Box 87 Folder 2963-3001
Revell, Donald (1988) - Rich, Adrienne Cecile (1989).
Box 88 Folder 3002-3036
Rich, Adrienne Cecile (1990) - Roberts, Peter.
Box 89 Folder 3037-3071
Robertson, Carol Ann - Rosenberg, Liz.
Box 90 Folder 3072-3115
Rosenfeld, Alvin H. - Roy, Lucinda.
Box 91 Folder 3116-3149
Ruark, Gibbons - Rukeyser, Muriel.
Box 92 Folder 3150-3177
Russ, Biff - Rybowski, Teduesz.
Box 93 Folder 3178-3208
Sackheim, Ben - St. Martin, Hardie.
Box 94 Folder 3209-3236
Saladyga, Michael - Savvas, Minas.
Box 95 Folder 3237-3271
Sawyer-Lauçanno, Christopher - Schimmel, Harold.
Box 96 Folder 3272-3303
Schloss, David - Schwartz, Ruth.
Box 97 Folder 3304-3337
Schwartzberg, Cindie - Sexton, Anne.
Box 98 Folder 3338-3377
Shane, John - Shelton, Robert.
Box 99 Folder 3378-3418
Shepard, Judith - Simmons, Marc.
Box 100 Folder 3419-3459
Simon, Gregory - Slesinger, Warren.
Box 101 Folder 3460-3491
Small, Bob - Smith, Sybil.
Box 102 Folder 3492-3528
Smith, William Jay - Snodgrass, W. D.
Box 103 Folder 3529-3554
Snow, Carol - Somerville, Jane.
Box 104 Folder 3555-3588
Sommerfeld, Ernest H. - Spires, Elizabeth.
Box 105 Folder 3589-3626
Spiro, Barry - Stearns, Kate.
Box 106 Folder 3627-3658
Stein, Agnes - Stern, Gerald (1982).
Box 107 Folder 3659-3695
Stern, Gerald (1983) - Stern, Richard.
Box 108 Folder 3696-3720
Sternberg, Mary - Storey, Francine.
Box 109 Folder 3721-3756
Stout, Liz - Stryk, Lucien.
Box 110 Folder 3757-3791
Stull, Stephen H. - Szumowski, Margaret.
Box 111 Folder 3792-3836
Tabachnik, Nina Felice - Thalman, Mark.
Box 112 Folder 3837-3878
Thomas, Harry - Trueblood, Valerie.
Box 113 Folder 3879-3933
Truscott, Robert Blake - Valentine, Jean (1988).
Box 114 Folder 3934-3976
Valentine, Jean (1989) - Vernon, John.
Box 115 Folder 3977-4008
Vicuña, Cecilia - Waldie, D. J.
Box 116 Folder 4009-4042
Wakoski, Diane - Wallerstein, Gerald.
Box 117 Folder 4043-4078
Wallin, Mark Joseph - Wasserstrom, William.
Box 118 Folder 4079-4107
Waters, Michael - Weinstein, Norman.
Box 119 Folder 4108-4143
Wesiman, Richard - Welish, Marjorie.
Box 120 Folder 4144-4172
Wells, John R. - Whitmore, Susan M.
Box 121 Folder 4173-4212
Whittemore, Reed - Williams, C. K. (1984).
Box 122 Folder 4213-4242
Williams, C. K. - Williams, Thomas.
Box 123 Folder 4243-4268
Williams, William Carlos - Willumsen, Mao Britt.
Box 124 Folder 4269-4293
Wilner, Eleanor - Woodworth, Margaret C.
Box 125 Folder 4294-4339
Woolf, Virginia - Yates, David.
Box 126 Folder 4340-4368
Yau, John - Zavatsky, Bill.
Box 127 Folder 4369-4396
Zavrian, Suzanne - Zweig, Paul.
Box 128 Folder 4397-4431
Description & Arrangement

Comprises correspondence between the editors of APR and other editors at small presses, literary magazines, university presses; a few celebrities and public officials; fund raisers and foundations; and arts and cultural organizations, arranged alphabetically.

A - E.
Box 129 Folder 4432-4509
F - M.
Box 130 Folder 4510-4572
N - S.
Box 131 Folder 4573-4655
T - Y.
Box 132 Folder 4656-4688
Box 132 Folder 4689
Description & Arrangement

2 folders of letters written by subscribers during the first two years of the publication, 1972-1973, plus one folder with a small number of miscellaneous letters from subscribers, arranged alphabetically.

A - L.
Box 132 Folder 4690
M - W.
Box 132 Folder 4691
Other subscribers, miscellaneous.
Box 132 Folder 4692

Comprises copies of the articles of incorporation and by-laws for APR's corporation, World Poetry Inc., a small amount of correspondence with two of APR's attorneys Maxwell P. Gorson and Jerome J. Shestack, copies of some early grant applications, and other legal and financial documents limited to the period 1972-1988, most date from 1982-1988.

Delaware Cash Reserve.
Box 132 Folder 4693
Gorson, Maxwell P., attorney, 1976-1981.
Box 132 Folder 4694
National Endowment for the Arts grant application, 1982.
Box 132 Folder 4695
Philadelphia. Employer's return of tax witheld, undated.
Box 132 Folder 4696
Pennsylvania. Dept. of Revenue. Re: sales tax exemption.
Box 132 Folder 4697
Pennsylvania. Council on the Arts, grant application, 1980.
Box 132 Folder 4698
Pennsylvania Humanities Council, grant applications, 1982-1983.
Box 132 Folder 4699-4701
Pryor, Cashman, Sherman, & Flynn, 1988.
Box 132 Folder 4702
Shestack, Jerome J., attorney, 1983-1985.
Box 132 Folder 4703
Temple University. Office lease agreement.
Box 132 Folder 4704
United States. Internal Revenue Service. Tax return, 1977.
Box 132 Folder 4705
Xerox University Microfilms. Royalty statements, 1975-1988.
Box 132 Folder 4706
American Poetry Center, Inc. By-laws, 1984.
Box 132 Folder 4707
World Poetry, Inc. Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, 1972.
Box 132 Folder 4708
Grant applications, drafts, circa 1983-1984.
Box 132 Folder 4709
Description & Arrangement

Interoffice memos and correspondence, notes, announcements, drafts of letters, arranged chronologically.

Memos, 1972-1989.
Box 133 Folder 4710-4728
Memos, undated.
Box 133 Folder 4729-4731
Description & Arrangement

Comprises 3 internship procedure manuals, one dated 1982, the others ca. 1980-1981; plus 2 folders of letters and resumes from internship and job applicants, arranged alphabetically.

Internship applications and procedure manuals, circa 1980-1982.
Box 133 Folder 4732-4735
Internship and job applicants, A-Z, circa 1977-1983.
Box 133 Folder 4736-4737

Series Description

Comprises information on events and projects organized by APR, but not related to the editing and production of the magazine. Includes nearly one box of research materials (mostly photocopies) on the work of women and minority poets; plans for the tent h anniversary of the magazine; a series of events scheduled during 1984, including poetry readings, workshops and a symposium; projects related to poetry in the schools; and invitations to two APR events-a 1986 exhibition of materials from the archive of The American Poetry Review and the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration. With the exception of this last item, these materials, arranged chronologically, cover only the period between 1973-1986.

Proposed Bicentennial International Poetry Center, circa 1973-1975.
Box 134 Folder 4738
Statement on the editorial policy of The American Poetry Review, 1977.
Box 134 Folder 4739
Editors' notes regarding the "Manifesto" concerning minority and women poets published in APR, 1977.
Box 134 Folder 4740
Clippings and subscriber reaction to "Manifesto", 1977.
Box 134 Folder 4741
Research on women and minority poets. Comprises photocopies of the work of poets being considered for publication in APR.
Box 134 Folder 4742-4759
Tenth anniversary celebration, notes re: Robert Motherwell lithograph, 1982-1983.
Box 135 Folder 4760
Proposals for American Poetry Center, circa 1983.
Box 135 Folder 4761
C. K. Williams, poetry reading, flyer, 1984 Feb. 16.
Box 135 Folder 4762
Edward Albee workshop, flyers and workshop participants, 1984 March 3.
Box 135 Folder 4763
Symposium: Freedom and the Poet's Responsibility to Society, 1984 April 28-29.
Box 135 Folder 4764
APR party invitation, 1984 April 28.
Box 135 Folder 4765
Free Library of Philadelphia. Students writers' workshops, 1984.
Box 135 Folder 4766-4768
Philadelphia Poets Project Workshop, 1985 Jan. 23-25.
Box 135 Folder 4769-4771
Exhibition "Genius is Directness: The American Poetry Review," Rosenbach Museum and Library, invitation, 1986 Feb. 13.
Box 135 Folder 4772
Twenty-fifth anniversary dinner invitation, 1999.
Box 135 Folder 4773

Series Description

Arranged chronologically, the bulk of these records cover only the period from 1973-1980. They include 6 bank books; advertising rate cards, rate requests, and insertion orders; invoices for paid ads, accounts receivable, and orders for classroom subscriptions.

Bank books. Record of checks drawn, 1974 Jan. 2 - 1977 Jan. 21.
Box 136 Folder 4774-4776
Advertising. Rate cards.
Box 136 Folder 4777
Advertising. Rate requests, 1976-1978.
Box 136 Folder 4778-4781
Advertising. Insertion orders and requests for information, 1972-1988, undated.
Box 136 Folder 4783-4794
Advertising artwork for insertion in APR, undated.
Box 136 Folder 4795-4797
Advertising artwork submitted to other publications.
Box 136 Folder 4798-4799
Advertising invoices. Paid ads, 1973 July/Aug - 1977 Nov./Dec.
Box 137 Folder 4800-4820
Advertising invoices. Paid ads, 1978 Jan./Feb. - 1979 Nov./Dec.
Box 138 Folder 4821-4832
Accounts receivable, 1974 Sept./Oct. - 1977 Nov./Dec.
Box 139 Folder 4833-4847
Accounts receivable, 1978 Jan./Feb. - 1979 Nov./Dec.
Box 140 Folder 4848-4858
Accounts receivable, 1982 Dec.
Box 140 Folder 4859
Invoices for classroom subscriptions, 1975 Sept./Oct. - 1980 Nov./Dec.
Box 141 Folder 4860-4891

Series Description

These 6 notebooks plus several looseleaf volumes were used to record the dates manuscripts were received and then acted on by the editorial staff. It appears that one volume, from October 1977-March 1978 is missing from the series, which is otherwise complete from April 1972 through October 1983.

Manuscripts submitted, 1972 April 17 - 1974 Dec. 18.
Box 142 Folder 4892
Manuscripts submitted, 1974 Dec. 17 - 1975 Dec. 2.
Box 142 Folder 4893
Manuscripts submitted, 1975 Dec. 3 - 1976 Oct. 20.
Box 143 Folder 4894
Manuscripts submitted, 1976 Oct. 21 - 1977 Oct. 5.
Box 143 Folder 4895
Manuscripts submitted, 1978 March 20 - 1979 July.
Box 144 Folder 4896
Manuscripts submitted, 1979 Aug. 6 - 1979 Dec. 20.
Box 144 Folder 4897
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1980 Jan. 3 - 1980 June 27.
Box 145 Folder 4890
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1980 July 1 - 1980 Dec. 17.
Box 145 Folder 4899
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1980 Dec. 17 - 1981 Aug. 12.
Box 145 Folder 4900
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1981 Aug. 12 - 1982 Jan. 28.
Box 146 Folder 4901
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1982 Feb. 2 - 1982 Aug 25.
Box 146 Folder 4902
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1982 Aug. 26 - 1983 Jan. 31.
Box 146 Folder 4903
Manuscripts submitted unbound, 1983 Jan. 31 - 1983 Oct. 3.
Box 146 Folder 4904

Series Description

Comprises photographic prints, most in black and white, a few in color, of contributors whose work appears in The American Poetry Review. A small number of oversize photographs, too large to mount in these albums are found in Oversize IX. A. Arranged alphabetically, a complete listing of the photographs can be found in Appendix A.

Many of these photographs may be viewed online.

Abse, Dannie - Barnie, John.
Volume 147
Barnstone, Tony - Breslin, James E. B.
Volume 148
Breton, André - Collins, Billy.
Volume 149
Connell, Evan S. - Duoduo.
Volume 150
Dwyer, Frank - Gallagher, Tess.
Volume 151
Galvin, James - Guest, Barbara.
Volume 152
Guillevic, Eugène - Heyen, William.
Volume 153
Hill, Adam Craig - Inez, Collette.
Volume 154
Illich, Ivan - Kostelanetz, Richard.
Volume 155
Krasivsky, Zinovy - Lowe, Janice.
Volume 156
Lowell, Robert - Miles, Richard.
Volume 157
Miller, E. Ethelbert - Oates, Joyce Carol.
Volume 158
Orchester, Ed - Purpura, Lia.
Volume 159
Rabb, Lawrence - Rubinstein, Raphael.
Volume 160
Rutsala, Vern - Sexton, Anne.
Volume 161
Shango, Chaka - Spurr, David.
Volume 162
Stafford, William - Swanson, Susan Marie.
Volume 163
Swelsen, Cole - Voznesenski˘i, Andre˘i.
Volume 164
Wagner, Shelly - Wild, Peter.
Volume 165
Will, Frederic - Zweig, Paul.
Volume 166


Manuscripts submitted by authors on computer diskettes, both MacIntosh and PC formats.

Contributor submissions on computer diskettes, circa 1996-1998.
Box 167
Description & Arrangement

Much of the material in these files was contained in file folders marked "Garbage." Includes some corrected galleys not related to author submissions, lists of ads for the particular issue, tables of contents, notes to the typesetters, and miscellaneous materials for individual issues of the magazine. This series does not include materials for all of the issues published during the 1970s and is arranged chronologically by volume.

Vol. 1, no. 1 - Vol. 12, no. 6, 1972-1983.
Box 168 Folder 4905-4949
Vol. 13, no. 1 - Vol. 19, no. 6, 1984-1990.
Box 169 Folder 4950-4991
Vol. 20, no. 1 - Vol. 27, no. 6, 1991-1998.
Box 170 Folder 4992-5039

Description & Arrangement

Arranged alphabetically by author, the materials in this series were removed from the editorial correspondence files, series I. A. In some instances they comprise two or more sets of galleys for a given piece, one corrected by the editors, one by the author, and, in the case of interviews, one corrected by the interviewee. In a few cases, there are large clippings, envelopes, or other oversize materials from the correspondence files included here.

Ackerman, Diane - Asekoff, L. S.
Box 171 Folder 5040-5063
Ashbery, John - Behn, Robin.
Box 172 Folder 5064-5083
Bell, Marvin - Bly, Robert.
Box 173 Folder 5084-5101
Bogin, George - Bowman, Melanie.
Box 174 Folder 5102-5113
Brason, Marie - Carpenter, William.
Box 175 Folder 5114-5142
Carruth, Hayden - Clover, Joshua.
Box 176 Folder 5143-5161
Cohen, Marc - Curbelo, Sylvia.
Box 177 Folder 5162-5187
Dace, Letitia - Dove, Rita.
Box 178 Folder 5188-5205
Dubie, Norman - Felstiner, John.
Box 179 Folder 5206-5222
Field, Edward - Gilliatt, Penelope.
Box 180 Folder 5223-5244
Ginsberg, Allen - Hall, Donald.
Box 181 Folder 5245-5265
Hamburger, Michael - Heyen, William.
Box 182 Folder 5266-5284
Hillman, Brenda - Horvath, Brooke.
Box 183 Folder 5285-5299
Howard, Richard - Kinzie, Mary.
Box 184 Folder 5300-5318
Kipp, Karen - Laughlin, James.
Box 185 Folder 5319-5335
Lauterbach, Ann - Lieberman, Laurence.
Box 186 Folder 5336-5351
Lima, Frank - Mann, Charles Edward.
Box 187 Folder 5352-5371
Martínez, Dionisio D. - Muske, Carol.
Box 188 Folder 5372-5396
Nabokov, Vladimir - Paz, Octavio.
Box 189 Folder 5397-5416
Perloff, Marjorie - Rich, Adrienne Cecile.
Box 190 Folder 5417-5430
Roberts, Len - Schultz, Philip.
Box 191 Folder 5431-5448
Schuyler, James - Solotaroff, Ted.
Box 192 Folder 5449-5465
Somerville, Jane - Torgersen, Eric.
Box 193 Folder 5466-5484
Trueblood, Valerie - Whedon, Tony.
Box 194 Folder 5485-5502
Williams, C. K. - Zweig, Paul, unidentified.
Box 195 Folder 5503-5523
Description & Arrangement

Final passes (in a few cases more than one set), for each volume of the magazine, arranged chronologically by volume.

Vol. 22, no. 6, 1993 Nov/Dec.
Box 196 Folder 5524
Vol. 23, no. 1-6, 1994.
Box 196 Folder 5525-5530
Vol. 24, no. 1-6, 1995.
Box 197 Folder 5531-5536
Vol. 25, no. 1-6, 1996.
Box 198 Folder 5537-5543
Vol. 26, no. 1-6, 1997.
Box 198 Folder 5544-5549
Vol. 27, no. 1-5, 1998.
Box 199 Folder 5550-5559

Series Description

This series does not comprise a complete collection of all issues published, lacking Vol. 2, nos. 1, 4, 6; Vol. 3, nos. 1, 2, 3, 6; Vol. 7, no. 5; Vol. 10, no. 4; Vol. 12, no. 2; Vol. 13, no. 2; and Vol. 15, no. 5.

Vol. 1 - Vol. 4.
Box 200 Folder 5560-5571
Vol. 5 - Vol. 7.
Box 201 Folder 5572-5588
Vol. 8 - Vol. 10.
Box 202 Folder 5589-5605
Vol. 11 - Vol. 13.
Box 203 Folder 5606-5621
Vol. 14 - Vol. 16.
Box 204 Folder 5622-5638
Vol. 17 - Vol. 19.
Box 205 Folder 5639-5656
Vol. 20 - Vol. 22.
Box 206 Folder 5667-5674
Vol. 23 - Vol. 25.
Box 207 Folder 5675-5692
Vol. 26 - Vol. 27.
Box 208 Folder 5693-5704
Vol. 28 - Vol. 30.
Box 209 Folder 5705-5718


Arranged alphabetically, with a number of unidentified photographs at the end. See listing in Appendix B.

Oversized photographs, A-S, unidentified, see listing at the end of Appendix A.
Box 210 Folder 5719-5738

Drawings and prints, used in or considered for publication in APR.

B.B. Pen and ink drawings.
Box 210 Folder 5739
General Physical Description note

5 items

Baquaskas?: ink drawings, 1973.
Box 210 Folder 5740
Palmore: print.
Box 210 Folder 5741
Ronan, Richard: photograph, prints, 1980-1982.
Box 210 Folder 5742
Steingesser, Martin: poster, 1986.
Box 210 Folder 5743

Printed advertising circulars used to publicize APR, including the pre-publication circular, 1972, plus various mailing lists of subscribers and workshop attendees.

Pre-publication circular for APR, 1972.
Box 211 Folder 5744
Circulars, direct mail campaign, 1970s.
Box 211 Folder 5745
Mailing lists, 1982.
Box 211 Folder 5746-5748


Artwork and layout for first issue.

Production materials Vol. 1, no. 1, 1972.
Box 212 Folder 5749-5754
Production materials Vol. 1, no. 1, 1972.
Box 213 Folder 5755-5759
Production materials Vol. 1, no. 1, 1972.
Box 214 Folder 5760-5763

Artwork for covers, posters, announcements, etc.

Production materials, 1970s.
Box 215 Folder 5764-5766
Production materials, cover, Vol. 7, no. 6, 1978.
Box 215 Folder 5767
Production materials, 1978.
Box 215 Folder 5768
New cover design by Cynthia Krupat, Vol. 8, 1979.
Box 215 Folder 5769
Ford, Michael C. "A Canon for Francis Crick", 1980.
Box 215 Folder 5770
Design for poster Robert Motherwell and Stanley Kunitz, 1983.
Box 215 Folder 5771
Miscellaneous designs for APR cover, posters, mailings, 1984-1988.
Box 215 Folder 5772-5773
Color separation for cover (in roll).
Box 215 Folder unknown container

Comprises 3 analog sound discs recorded by the Library of Congress and the American Printing House for the Blind.

Library of Congress recording, Magazine of the Month, American Printing House for the Blind. Vol. 5, no 6. 3 sound discs (analog, mono. 10 in.).
Box 216 Folder unknown container

Stationery dating from the 1970s and 1980s from APR's offices at Broad and Pine streets and 1616 Walnut Street.

APR Stationery, circa 1970s.
Box 217 Folder 5774

Clippings arranged chronologically.

Newspaper clippings, 1972-2000, undated.
Box 217 Folder 5775-5783
Program, posters, and invitation.
Box 217 Folder 5784
Miscellaneous posters.
Box 217 Folder 5785

Abse, Dannie.
Achtenberg, Anya.
Ackerman, Diane.
Aczél, Tamás.
Adcock, Betty, 1970.
Aguila, Pancho, 1984.
Ahern, John.
Akers, Ellery.
Akhmadulina Bella, 1987.
Albert, Alan.
Alberti, Rafael, 1973.
Aldan, Daisy.
Alegría, Fernando.
Alesgire, Joan.
Allen, Samuel W.
Allman, John, 1976.
Alvarez, Julia.
Aloff, Mindy.
Alschuler, Mari Lynn, 1982.
Altizer, Nell.
Alwan, Ameen, 1976.
Amichai, Yehuda.
Ammons, A. R.
Anderson, Maggie.
Angel, Ralph, 1979.
Angelakē-Rouk, Katerina.
Applebaum, David.
Applewhite, James, 1974.
Archer, Nuala.
Arendt, Hannah, 1994.
Argüelles, Ivan.
Arlen, Michael J.
Arnold, Keneth.
Arrowsmith, William.
Artaud, Antonin.
Arvio, Sarah.
Asekoff, Louis S.
Atkinson, Ron.
Atlas, James.
Atwood, Margaret E., 1982.
Aubert, Alvin.
Auden, W. H.
Axelord, Steven G.
Baraheni, Reza.
Barich, Bill.
Barlow, George.
Barnes, Dick.
Barnie, John.
Barnstone, Tony.
Barr, Tina.
Barrax, Gerald W.
Barthes, Roland.
Basham, Kate.
Bass, Madeline T., 1976.
Baudelaire, Charles, 1921.
Béarn, Pierre.
Beattie, Ann.
Beatty, Paul, 1994.
Becker, Robin.
Behn, Robin.
Benedikt, Michael, 1973.
Bennet, Karen.
Bent, Jaap van der.
Berg, Stephen.
Berger, John, 1987.
Bergman, David.
Berke, Judith.
Berlind, Bruce.
Bernoff, Barbara Dale.
Berrigan, Ted.
Bertheaud, Patricia.
Birch, Michelle.
Birney, Earle.
Bisgyer, Lisa.
Bishop, Wendy.
Bita, Lili.
Black, Sophie Cabot.
Black, Star.
Blasing, Randy.
Blauner, Laurie.
Blazek, Douglas.
Blossom, Laurel.
Bly, Robert and Ray, David, 1970.
Bly, Robert.
Bodini, Vittorino.
Bogen, Don.
Bogin, George.
Bogin, Nina.
Boland, Eavan.
Booth, Philip E.
Borges, Jorge Luis.
Borson, Roo.
Boruch, Marianne.
Bottoms, David.
Bourjaily, Vance Nye.
Bourne, Daniel.
Bourne, Louis.
Bowdan, Janet.
Bowen, Kevin, 1947-.
Bowles, Paul and Miller, Jeffrey.
Bowman, Melanie.
Bradley, George.
Braithwaite, Edward, 1970.
Brand, Millen.
Brason, Maris.
Brass, Deborah.
Braun, Henry.
Breidenbach, Thomas.
Breslin, James E. B.
Breton, André.
Breytenbach, Breyten, 1984.
Bringhurst, Robert.
Brock, Randall, 1984.
Brodsky, Joseph.
Brooks, David.
Broumas, Olga.
Begley, T.
Brown, Roseleen.
Brown, Tina.
Brownstein, Michael.
Bruce, Debra.
Brunk, Juanita.
Bryan, Sharon.
Buckley, Christopher.
Bukowski, Charles.
Burkhard, Michael.
Burnham, Deborah.
Burroughs, William S.
Burrows, Edwin G.
Bursk, Christopher.
Bush, Clive, 1978.
Buttel, Robert, 1982.
Bynner, Witter, 1929.
Byrne, Edward.
Byrne, Elena Karina.
Cabalquinto, Luis.
Cady, Joseph.
Caine, Shulamith Wechter.
Caldwell, Stratton F.
Campbell, Virginia.
Cardenal, Ernesto.
Carlile, Henry.
Carpenter, William.
Carroll, Jim, 1993.
Carpenter, William.
Carruth, Hayden.
Carson, Jeffrey.
Carver, Raymond, 1982.
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Casselman, Barry.
Cassian, Nina.
Castaño, Wilfredo Q., 1984.
Cavalieri, Grace.
Cecil, Richard.
Chafi, Rachel.
Chaplin, Charlie.
Charters, Ann.
Chatticiré, J. Blue.
Chess, Richard.
Chickadel, Carmine F., 1984.
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Collins, Martha.
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Cooper, Jane.
Corpi, Lucha.
Cortazar, Julio, 1978.
Cory, Cynthia Jay.
Costanzo, Gerald.
Cott, Jonathan.
Cotterill., Sarah.
Couto, Nancy Lee.
Cox, Mark.
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Crosbie, Neal, 1983.
Cross, Mary.
Cruz Varella, María Elena.
Cully, Barbara.
Daley, Michael.
Dalton, Rogue and Cardenal, Ernesto.
Dalven, Rae.
Dana, Robert.
David, Beverly.
Davids, Betsy.
Davis, Christopher, 1986.
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De Ojero, Blas.
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Der Hovanessian, Diana.
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Di Pasquale, Emanuel.
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Drury, John.
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Dugan, Alan.
Dunn, Sharon A., 1983.
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Dunning, Stephen.
Dwyer, Frank.
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Eberhart, Richard, 1972-1981.
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Evans, Cynthia, 1979.
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Fay, Julie.
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Fiedler, Leslie.
Fiedler, Sally A.
Finch, Annie.
Finkel, Donald.
Finkelstein, Caroline.
Finnell, Dennis.
Fiore, Peter.
Fish, Karen, 1980, undated.
Flanders, Jane, 1978.
Folkins, Carolyn.
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Fowler, Jay Bradford.
Fraher, David.
Francis, Pat Theresa.
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Frazee, Jim.
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Friar, Kimon, 1979-1982.
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Fried, Michael.
Friedman, Jeff.
Frost, Carol.
Frost, Robert, 1949.
Fuertes, Gloria.
Gall, Sally M.
Gallagher, Tess.
Galvin, James.
Garber, Frederick.
Gardner, Geoffrey, 1979.
Gardner, John.
Garrigue, Jean.
Gerstler, Amy.
Ghigna, Charles.
Gibbons, Reginald.
Golembiewski, Alison, 1975.
Gilbert, Cecilia.
Gilbert, Jack.
Gilbert, Sandra.
Gildroy, Doreen.
Ginsberg, Allen.
Gioia, Dana.
Gizzi, Peter.
Glancy, Gabrielle.
Gniatczynski, Wojciech.
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Gold, Herbert.
Goldbarth, Albert.
Goldberg, Beckian F., 1990.
Goldensohn, Lorrie.
Goldfarb, David.
Goldsby, Marcie.
Gontarek, Leonard.
Gonzalez, Ray.
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Goodman, Paul.
Goytisolo, Juan.
Graham, Jorie, 1986-1997.
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Graves, Michael, 1983-1984.
Gray, Jeffrey.
Greenberg, Alvin.
Greenberg, Davetta.
Greenfield, Louise, 1983-1984.
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Gregory, Carole.
Gregory, Carolyn Holmes, 1982.
Grennan, Eamon.
Griffin, Susan.
Grimm, Reinhold.
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Grossman, Allen.
Grummer, Greg.
Grunberger, Aimée.
Guenther, Charles, 1987.
Guest, Barbara, 1991, undated.
Guillevic, Eugène.
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Halpern, N.
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Hamilton, Kitty (and Lewis).
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Hammond, Mac.
Hammond, Mary Stewart.
Hanson, Pauline.
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Hathaway, William, 1979-1985.
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Heller, Michael D.
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Henry, Gerrit.
Henry, Laurie, 1985.
Herrera, Juan Felipe, 1994, undated.
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Herschell, John, 1987.
Herz, Bob, 1977.
Hester, Michelle.
Heyen, William, 1985, undated.
Heyen, William and Smith, Dave; Plumly, Stanley.
Hill, Adam Craig.
Hill, Nellie.
Hill, Roberta.
Hillman, Brenda, 1981, undated.
Hillringhouse, Mark.
Hinds, Hilary.
Hinton, David.
Hirsch, Edward.
Hirsch, Edward.
Hirschman, Jack.
Hirshfield, Jane, 1987, undated.
Hoagland, Everett.
Hoagland, Tony, 1980-1983.
Hochman, Sandra, 1972.
Hoey, Allen.
Hoffman, Daniel.
Hogan, Linda.
Hogan, Michael Joseph.
Holden, Jonathan.
Hollander, John.
Holmes, John Clellon.
Holub, Miroslav, 1988, undated.
Hooper, Patricia.
Hooper, Paul J.
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Hougan, Paul, 1984.
Howsare, Katrine, 1984.
Huddle, David.
Hudgins, Andrew.
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Hugo, Richard.
Hyde, Lewis, 1975, undated.
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Illyés, Gyula, 1972-1977.
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Israel, Jack.
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Jackson, Fleda Brown.
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Jordan, June, 1974-1975.
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Justice, Donald.
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Kinnell, Galway.
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Kocot, Noelle, 1997, undated.
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Krause, Richard.
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Kronen, Steve, 1990, undated.
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Lazer, Hank, 1992-1995.
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Little, Geraldine Clinton, 1989.
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Louthan Robert.
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McClatchy, J. D. and Hollander.
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McFee, Michael, 1980.
McHugh, Heather.
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Mahon, Derek.
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Mallarmé, Stéphane, 1876.
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Markert, Patricia, 1982.
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Marlis, Stefanie.
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Marshall, Tod.
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Martinson, Harry.
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Maso, Carole, 1993, undated.
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Mathis, Cleopatra.
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Matthews, William, 1971.
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Mead, Jane, 1994.
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Miles, Richard.
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Miller, E. J., 1997.
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Miller, Jane.
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Mitchell, Susan.
Molesworth, Charles.
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Money, Peter.
Monroe, Jonathan.
Montague, John.
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Moore, Honor.
Moore, James.
Moore, Rosalie.
Moramarco, Fred. S.
Morgan, John.
Morgan, Robin.
Moritz, Albert Frank.
Morley, Hilda.
Mosely, Jim.
Morris, Tracie.
Moss, Howard, 1978.
Moss, Stanley.
Muldoon, Paul, 1991.
Mueller, Lisel.
Muller, Robert.
Mura, David.
Murawski, Elisabeth.
Murphy, Patricia.
Murray, Joan.
Murray, Les A. and Oles, Carole.
Murray, Les A.
Muske, Carol.
Myers, Jack Elliott, 1991-1993.
Napier, Alan.
Nâzim Hikmet.
Nemerov, Howard.
Neruda, Pablo, 1977, undated.
Line of a poem in a wall.
Neville, Tam Lin.
Newlin, Margaret, 1975-1976.
Nguŷên, Huy Thiêp.
Niatum, Duane.
Nicewonger, Kirk.
Nin, Anaïs, 1972.
Nist, John.
Nittis, Dion.
Noble, Anita, 1989.
Nobles, Edward.
Norton, Jody.
Notley, Alice, 1992.
Nova, Craig.
Nurkse, D.
Nystrom, Debra.
Oates, Joyce Carol.
Ochester, Ed.
Oldknow, Antony.
Olds, Sharon, 1980.
Oles, Carol.
Olson, Toby.
Oppen, George and Mary.
Oppen, George.
Oppen, Mary.
Orlen, Steve.
Orozco, Olga.
Orr, Gregory.
Osbey, Brenda Marie.
Ostriker, Alicia.
Ozick, Cynthia, 1949.
Pacernick, Gary.
Padilla, Heberto, 1982.
Paley, Grace, 1986.
Palmer, Michael.
Pau-llosa, Ricardo.
Paul, James.
Paul, Martin T.
Pavlich, Walter.
Pavese, Cesare.
Paz, Octavio.
Pecor, Amanda.
Pereira, Sam.
Perloff, Marjorie.
Phillips, Robert.
Piccione, Anthony.
Piccione, Sandi.
Piercy, Marge.
Píng, Chou.
Pinckney, Darryl, 1991.
Pinsky, Robert.
Pointer, Heinz.
Plath, Sylvia.
Pliner, Susan.
Plumly, Stanley, 1978, undated.
Po, Li (cover of book).
Poe, Edgar Allen.
Polak, Maralyn Lois.
Pollak, Felix.
Ponge, Francis.
Porter, David, 1975.
Potter, Carol.
Poulin, A.
Prado, Adélia.
Prado, Holly.
Prims, Johanna H.
Provost, Sarah.
Purpura, Lia.
Raab, Lawrence.
Rachlin, Ellen.
Rakosi, Carl.
Ramke, Bin.
Rand, Harry.
Randall, Margaret.
Randolf, Sarah.
Rankin, Paula.
Rawson, Joanna.
Ray, David.
Rector, Liam.
Reed, Ishmael.
Reeve, Franklin D.
Reid, Alistair.
Rendelman, Danny.
Revell, Donald, 1990, undated.
Rexroth, Kenneth, 1975, undated.
Rhodes, Martha.
Rice, Oliver.
Rich, Adrienne Cecile.
Rigsbee, David.
Ríos, Alberto.
Ritsos, Yanhir.
Rivero, Alina.
Roberts, Len.
Rodeman, Juliet.
Rodman, Selden.
Roeder, Jessica.
Rogers, Pattiann.
Rogow, Zack.
Rohrer, Jane Turner.
Romtvedt, David, 1976.
Ronan, Richard.
Root, Judith C.
Root, William Pitt.
Rosenberg, David.
Rosenberg, Liz.
Rosenfeld, Alvin Hirsch, 1977.
Rosenfeld, Natania.
Rosenthal, Alvin, 1973.
Rosenthal, Macha L.
Ross, Chris.
Rothenberg, Albert.
Rothenberg, Jerome, 1972.
Ruark, Gibbons, 1980, undated.
Rubert de Ventós, Xavier.
Rubião, Murilo.
Rubinstein, Raphael.
Rutsala, Vern.
Rudman, Mark.
Ruefle, Mary.
Rukeyser, Muriel, 1978, undated.
Russakoff, Molly.
Ryan, Michael, 1987, undated.
Sabines, Jaime and son, Julio, 1976.
Sabines, Jaime, 1976.
Sadoff, Ira.
St. John, David.
Šalamun, Tomaž.
Sanchez, Sonia, 1977.
Sandy, Stephen, 1987, undated.
Sansam, Esther.
Santos, Sherod.
Satie, Erik.
Satterfield, Jane.
Savard, Jeannine.
Savarese, Ralph.
Scafidi, Steve.
Scalapino, Leslie.
Scates, Maxine.
Schexnayder, Kenneth.
Schoenberger, Nancy.
Schoott, Penelope Scambly.
Schranum, Richard.
Schulman, Grace.
Schuyler, James, 1986, undated.
Schwartz, Delmore.
Schwartz, Howard.
Schwartz, Naomi.
Schwerner, Armand, 1985, undated.
Seidel, Frederick.
Seidman, Hugh, 1995, undated.
Selisgon, Valerie J.
Selman, Pamela.
Sevcik, John, 1984.
Sexton, Anne.
Shango, Chaka.
Shapiro, Alan.
Shapiro, Daniel.
Shapiro, David, 1990, undated.
Shapiro, Karl Jay.
Sharat-Chandra, G. S.
Shaver, Shelley.
Shaw, Janet Beeler.
Shea, Tim.
Sheaffer, M. P. A.
Shelton, Lois.
Shelton, Richard.
Shepherd, Reginald.
Sheridan, Michael.
Shinder, Jason, 1996, undated.
Schinto, Jeanne.
Shirley, Aleda.
Shumaker, Peggy.
Silkin, Jon, 1996.
Silberg, Richard.
Simic, Charles.
Simpson, Louis A. M., 1993, undated.
Singer, Isaac Bashevis.
Skoyles, John.
Slesinger, Warren, 1980.
Smith, Bruce.
Smith, Charlie.
Smith, Dave.
Smith, Lorrie.
Smith, William Jay.
Smokewood, Elaine.
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Snodgrass, W. D.
Snyder, Jennifer.
Sobin, A. G.
Song, Cathy.
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Soto, Gary, 1978, undated.
Southwick, Marcia, 1994.
Spacks, Barry, 1983.
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Spaulding, John.
Spear, Roberta.
Spender, Stephen.
Spicer, David.
Spicer, Jack.
Spires, Elizabeth, 1988, undated.
Spivack, Kathleen.
Spring, Justin.
Spurr, David.
Stafford, William, 1991, undated.
Standing, Sue.
Stanford, Frank.
Stanton, Maura.
Stark, Barry.