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Scrap book : Teikoku Renshū Kantai Shōwa 11-nen tobei shiryō


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The Training Fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Renshū Kantai 練習艦隊, operated from 1903 to 1940, with only a brief hiatus during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Graduates of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy (Kaigun Heigakkō 海軍兵学校)—and from 1921 onward, graduates of the Naval Engineering Academy (Kaigun Kikan Gakkō 海軍機関学校) and the Naval Paymasters Academy (Kaigun Keiri Gakkō 海軍経理学校)—would spend several months in training deployment largely throughout the Pacific Ocean and beyond, with their near-annual cruises occasionally venturing as far as the Mediterranean Sea or the East Coast of the United States.

This scrapbook represents the collected travel ephemera and training manuals of an unidentified member of the 1936 cruise, in which members of the 63rd graduating class of the Naval Academy, the 44th class of the Engineering Academy, and the 23rd class of the Paymasters Academy traveled on the ships Yakumo 八雲 and Iwate 磐手 under the command of Vice-Admiral Zengo Yoshida 吉田善吾.

A fuller account of the 1936 cruise is documented in a commemorative publication printed by Teikoku Kaigunsha in 1937, entitled Shōwa Jūichinendo Renshū Kantai junkō kinen 昭和十一年度練習艦隊巡航記念 ("Commemoration of the Cruise of the Shōwa 11 [1936] Training Fleet"). This "cruise book" provides portraits of the crew and its commanders, photographic records of the crew's graduation ceremony and their ship life and daily activities in and around their ports-of-call, a complete crewman manifest of both the Yakumo and Iwate, and color maps (including observed meteorological data) of the cruise's itinerary.

The Yakumo and Iwate took a preliminary journey through East Asia from March 19 to May 9, 1936, through the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea, starting at Etajima in Hiroshima Bay, and making stops at Incheon, Korea, Dalian, Lüshun, and Shanghai in China, with several additional stops along the coast of Japan before reaching Yokosuka, Kanagawa. After a month's rest, the ships departed Yokosuka on June 9, 1936, bound directly for Seattle, which they reached on June 30 and departed on July 6. They traveled southward along the coast, making stops at San Francisco (July 10-14), Los Angeles (July 16-20), and Balboa, Panama (August 3-5). After crossing north through the Panama Canal, the ships made stops at Colón, Panama (August 5-6) and Havana, Cuba (August 11-13), before entering the Atlantic Ocean proper and making stops at Baltimore (August 18-23) and a final stop at New York (August 25-September 2), before the travel back to Japan through the Panama Canal and across the South Pacific.

This scrapbook (digital facsimile) compiles travel ephemera and training manuals of an unidentified member of the 1936 cruise of the Renshū Kantai to the United States and to Central America. The scrapbook contains materials only from the second leg of the cruise and is arranged in roughly the chronological order of the cruise's travel itinerary from Seattle through New York (June 30-September 2, 1936). Materials from the preliminary cruise throughout East Asia and from the journey homeward from New York, back through the Panama Canal and through the South Pacific, are not represented.

The materials consist largely of English-language picture postcards along with pamphlets, brochures, and travel maps published in the United States (with some Spanish items some from Central America). Some of these items suggest a keen interest in hydrological infrastructure. The Japanese language materials consist of commemorative publications and welcome declarations prepared by Japanese living in America, as well mimeographed information booklets about Cuba (including a list of helpful phrases in Spanish) prepared for the crewmen.

Sold by Robert Hegwood.

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Booklet: Renshū Kantai kangei seito sakubunshū 練習艦隊歡迎生徒作文集 (Tacoma Washington: Takoma Kokugo Gakkō タコマ國語學校) (more details), 1936.
Page 1
Pamphlet: Shiatoru annai シアトル案内 ([Seattle] : Shiatoru Zairyū Dōhō Renshū Kantai Kangeikai シアトル在留同胞練習艦隊歡迎會), 1936.
Page 2
2 picture postcards of Mt. Rainier, undated.
Page 3
14 picture postcards of Seattle, Mt. Rainier, and Washington State, undated.
Page 6-12
Booklet: San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge : a technical description in ordinary language / Ernest Cromwell Mensch (San Francisco : [E. Cromwell Mensch], ©1936) (more details), 1936.
Page 13
2 picture postcards of San Francisco, undated.
Page 14
Welcome letter from the San Francisco and Sonoma County branches of the Togo Association ( Tōgōkai [JPNTEXT]) to the Renshū Kantai, 1936 July 10.
Page 15
10 picture postcards of San Francisco and Redwood Highway, CA, undated.
Page 16-20
1 picture postcard of Redwood Highway, 1 photograph of San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, undated.
Page 21
6 photographs of Bay Area bridges and their architecture.
Page 22-23
Booklet: Kangei Renshū Kantai norikumi shōshi 歡迎練習艦隊乘組將士 (more details), 1936 July.
Page 24
Pamphlet map: Long Beach Los Angeles Country Southern California : Convention Capital of the West (City of Long Beach ; printed by Green's Inc., L.B.), 1936.
Page 25
Map: Los Angeles Harbor and vicinity (Harbor Department of the City of Los Angeles), 1935 January.
Page 26
Broadside: Rafu fukin annai 羅府附近案内 / Nanka Chūō Ninhjinkai 南加中央日本人會 (Southern California), undated.
Page 27
Promotional poster for 1936 Ford V-8, undated.
Page 28
Booklet: Water for thirteen cities in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California [third printing, revised February 1936] (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California), 1936 February.
Page 29
Picture book (accordion folded) of Los Angeles area locations (Los Angeles: M. Kashower Co.). Inscribed by Saburo Kuramoto of 165C Cannery Street, Terminal Island, California, 1936 July 21.
Page 30
Pamphlet: Water wheels of progress : an account of Los Angeles and its water supply from 1781-1936 / H. A. Van Norman (Los Angeles : Bureau of Water Works & Supply), 1936.
Page 30
16 picture postcards of the Los Angeles area, undated.
Page 31-38
6 picture postcards of Panama, undated.
Page 40-42
3 souvenir photographs of Panama Canal, undated.
Page 43
Pamphlet (mimeographed): Kyūba-koku ippan jijō 玖瑪國一般事情 (more details), 1936 August 1.
Page 44-45
1 picture postcard of La Casa Grande in Havana, Cuba, undated.
Page 47
Pamphlet (mimeographed): Kyūba annai 玖瑪案内 (Havana : Kyūba Habana-shi Teikoku Renshū Kantai Kangeikai 玖瑪ハバナ市帝國練習艦隊歡迎會) (more details), 1936.
Page 50
Picture booklet: Souvenir of Havana : the queen of the tropics = Recuerdo de la Habana : la reina de los trópicos (Havana : C. Jordi) (more details), 1925.
Page 51
Road map of New York (Standard Oil of New York), 1936.
Page 52
Road map of Washington and vicinity (Essolube), undated.
Page 53
Pamphlet map of Mount Vernon, 1936 August.
Page 54
2 picture postcards of Mount Vernon, exterior, undated.
Page 55
3 picture postcards of Mount Vernon, interior, 1934.
Page 56-57
2 picture postcards of Washington, DC, undated.
Page 58
1 souvenir photograph of the Folger Shakesperian Library, undated.
Page 59
22 picture postcards of New York City, undated.
Page 60-72
Picture pamphlet: Photographic souvenir : 16 pictures (New York City : Americam Museum of Natural History), undated.
Page 73
Pamphlet map: Hotel Astor, Times Square, New York, undated.
Page 74
Road map: Tourist map of Hudson River (New York : Rand McNally), 1923.
Page 75

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