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Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive DVD collection


Held at: University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts [Contact Us]3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6206

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive is located in Room 453 of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Archive was founded by Bob and Molly Freedman, its current curators. The Freedmans began collecting recordings of Jewish music early in their marriage and continue to build the collection by acquiring recordings wherever they travel. Sometime in the middle or late 1970s (the cusp of the "klezmer revival"), researchers began to visit the Freedman's home in Philadelphia. Later Bob Freedman was asked to bring some of the music to a Jewish folklore class at the University of Pennsylvania, which subsequently developed into an annual visit by the Yiddish language classes to the Freedman's apartment. In 1981, Bob Freedman bought his first computer and began to list the recordings. He subsequently developed the first Yiddish font for screen display and printer, and over the years developed a database of recordings. Eventually, the collection outgrew the space available in the Freedman home and in 1996 it was donated to the University of Pennsylvania, where it continues to grow.

Historically, "Jewish music" has been notoriously difficult to define. For the purposes of the Freedman Jewish Sound Archive, Jewish music may include all genres of music produced by the Jewish people throughout the diaspora. This may include: Israeli music including jazz, rock, and pop; Jewish song in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, or any number of diasporic languages; Instrumental music, including klezmer and classical music; Folk music from many countries and geographic regions; Theater music including Tin Pan Alley and the Broadway musical; Music of the holocaust; Music with Jewish literary origins; Religious music, including Chassidic and cantorial liturgical music; Music representing the Ashkenazi, Sephardi, or "Oriental" traditions of Judaism; Jewish music heavily influenced by non-Jewish music traditions and vice versa. In addition, the Freedman Jewish Sound Archive also collects spoken-word recordings that elucidate the Jewish experience including: Oral histories; Recitation of poetry or prose; Humor and comedy; Theatre performances; Radio programs. This finding aid represents the Archive's materials on Digital Video Disc (DVD). It is organized in alphabetical order by artist and title.

Gift, Robert and Molly Freedman, and others.

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Finding Aid Author
John Anderies
Finding Aid Date
May 23, 2016
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The collections of the Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive are located at the University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, Room 453. Access to the collection is by appointment. Please email to inquire about the collection or to schedule an appointment.

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19th Jewish Festival in Krakow (Video), Jewish Culture Festival, 2009.
Call Number V0210
A Brivele Der Mame / A Brivele Der Mame (Video), Green Film, 1938.
Call Number V0088
A Cantorial Concert / Cantors in Russia / Choral Synagogue, Moscow(Video), Gila & Haim Foundation for Advancement of Cantorial Arts, 1969.
Call Number V0043X
A Cantors Tale (Video), Ergo D774, 2005-2007.
Call Number V0223
A Day In Warsaw/ Text and Narration by Asher Lerner (Video), Natl Center For Jewish Films, Brandeis University, 2006.
Call Number V0164
A Festival of Jewish Music (Video), Ken Walker Video, 1996.
Call Number V0042X
A Gesheft (Video), Adaret, 2005.
Call Number V0068
A Joyful Noise: Lost Jewish Music of Philadelpha (Video), Aurthur Cantor Films, 1999.
Call Number V0035X
A Jumpin Night in the Garden of Eden (Video), Arthur Cantor Films, 1989.
Call Number V0003X
A Khasene In Shtetl (Video), MRC Films, 1990.
Call Number V0019
A Life of Song/ A Portrait of Ruth Rubin (Video), Ergo Media, Inc, 1992.
Call Number V0028X
A Pair From Heaven (Video), M. Sharoni, 1986.
Call Number V0001
A Serious Man (Video), Universal Studios, 2010.
Call Number V0208
A Sheyn Meydele (Video), Yiddish Shpiel/Gerard & Keren Allen, 2010.
Call Number V0302
A Shidukh Fun Himl / A Match From Heaven (Video), undated.
Call Number V0073
A Taste of Klez Kanada (Video), 2005.
Call Number V0245
A Taste of KlezKanada 2005 (Video), Bob Blacksberg, 2005.
Call Number V0209
A Taste of Passover (Video), PBS Home Video, 1999.
Call Number V0256
A Tickle in the Heart/ (Video), Kino International, 1996.
Call Number V0046
A Town Marked by Tragedy/ Chapters from Terezin's History (Video), Terezin Memorial produced by Studio Grant, 2006.
Call Number V0131
A Vilna Legend (Video), 1924/1933.
Call Number V0149
A Yiddish World Remembered (Video), Shanachie 987, 2002/2010.
Call Number V0216
A Yiddish World Remembered (Video), Shanachie SH 997, 2010.
Call Number V0317
A Yiddish World Remembered (Video), Two Cats Productions, 2004.
Call Number V0114
A Yidishe Mame in Tsen Lectsias/ A Jewish Mother in Ten Lectures (Video), Yiddishpil, undated.
Call Number V0200
A Zivig Fun Himl/YiddishShpiel/ GidiYigil/ Anat Atzmun (Video), Yiddish Shpiel, undated.
Call Number V0175
Abe Luski/ The Journey (Video), Abe Luski, 2012.
Call Number V0294
Above and Beyond (Video), Playmount Productions, 2014?.
Call Number V0329
Abraham Luski / Pilke Fus (Video), Charlotte Yiddish Institute, 2002.
Call Number V0063
Ahead of Time: Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber (Video), National Center For Jewish Film, 2009.
Call Number V0331
Ale Brider / Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (Video), Ergo Media, Inc, 1995.
Call Number V0008X
Almonds and Wine (Video), undated.
Call Number V0240
American Shadkhen/Amerikaner Shadkhn (Video), undated.
Call Number V0111
An Afternoon of Yiddish Song and Poetry/ Cantor Roslyn Barak/ Poetry Reading by Rabbi Edward Zerin (Video), Rabbi Edward Zerin, 2015.
Call Number V0334
An American Treasure/A Gala Concert Celebrating Yiddish Theatre (Video), Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre, 2003.
Call Number V0002
Anat Atzmon/Yaakov Bodo: Tsu Zingen un Lakhn (Video), Israel Music, undated.
Call Number V0323
Anderw Weissgerber Plays Hebrew Melody by Joseph Achron (Video), undated.
Call Number V0337
Arkady Gendler Concert / Sing In Yiddish: History of One Teacher's Meeting (Video), T. C. ORT (Ukraine), 2006.
Call Number V0065
Arkady Gendler Sings Zelik Barditchever's Songs/ Freyen Zikh iz Gut (Video), undated.
Call Number V0166
Arkady Gendler/ A Remarkable Life (Video), T. C. ORT (Ukraine), 2006.
Call Number V0064
Around the Band (Video), Zig Zag Territoires ZZT 090201.1, 2009.
Call Number V0259
Ashkenaz/Music of the Jews of Eastern Europe (Video), Ergo Media, Inc., 1993.
Call Number V0033X
Avrom Karpinovitsh / Vilna Mayn Vilna (Video), Yiddish Forverts, 2013.
Call Number V0307
Az Men Gibt - Nemt Men (Video), United King Films, 2008.
Call Number V0189
Bar Mitzvah (Video), S & L Film Co, 1935.
Call Number V0017X
Baroque Of Gibraltar/ Ariel Lazarus/Cantor Rev. Abraham Benise, Ariel Lazarus, 2004.
Call Number V0058
Becoming Americans / The Shapiro Story 1898-1928 (Video), Strawbery Banke Musuem, 1998.
Call Number V0135
Benya Krik (Video), National Center for Jewish Film, 1926/2005.
Call Number V0187
Between Palestinians and Israelis: The Church and The Media, Aldan Films, 2014.
Call Number V0320
Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman: Song of Autumn (Video), League For Yiddish, 2007.
Call Number V0061X
Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh (Video), Kahahdin Productions, 2008.
Call Number V0291
Borat (Video), Demoroz, 2006.
Call Number V0257
Borsht The Movie (Video), MB Productions (Marianne Bernstein), 2008.
Call Number V0122
Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (Video), Broadway Films LLC, 2012.
Call Number V0293
Bunda'im / A Film by Eran Torbiner (Video), Eran Torbiner, 2011.
Call Number V0252
Camp Kinderland Scenes (Video), Barry Fireman, 1947.
Call Number V0119
Cantor Joseph Malovany / Jewish Liturgical Treasures / A Concert for cantorial and Chassidic Music (Video), Israel Music IM DVD 4001, 1996.
Call Number V0059
Cantors: A Faith in Song/ Benzion Miller/ Alberto Mizrahi / Naftali Herstik (Video), MVD Visual MVDV4907, 2003.
Call Number V0172
Capitlekh Yidishe Czernovitz/Glimpses of Yiddish Czernovitz (Video), Yiddish Forverts, 2010.
Call Number V0201
Carlibach Chai / Carlibach Lives (Video), Yiddishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0246
Catskill Honeymoon #2 (Video), undated.
Call Number V0142
Catskills on Broadway/ Freddy Roman/ Mal Z Laurence/ Dick Capri/ Louise Duart (Video), Whitestar 3095, 2003.
Call Number V0138
Celebrating The Folksbiene and Hundred Years of Yiddish Theatre (Video), Jewish Heritage New York CYNY TV75, 2002.
Call Number V0286
Chagall/ Yiddisher Charleston (Glantz's Orch & Modern Version)/Red Dust, Bei Mir Bistu Schoen/Shepsl Kanarik, Khazn, Various, 2009.
Call Number V0244
Chaim Beider tells the history of Shtetlekh of the Ukraine and Belarus Vol 1(Video), The Forverts, 2008.
Call Number V0129(1)
Chaim Beider tells the history of Shtetlekh of the Ukraine and Belarus Vol 2(Video), The Forverts, 2009.
Call Number V0129(2)
Chaim Grade: Signivican of Modern Yiddish Literature (Video), Yiddish Book Center, undated.
Call Number V0328
Charley Chaplin's The Great Dictator (Video), Janus Films mk2, 1940.
Call Number V0308(2)
Charlotte Yiddish Institute 1991; Bar Mitzvah Year Celebration (Video), Abraham Luski, 1991.
Call Number V0021
Chava Rosenfarb: That Bubble of Being (Video), League For Yiddish, 2015.
Call Number V0326
Chicken Soup With Grits (Video), Kahal Kodosh Beth Elohim, Charlston, SC, 2008.
Call Number V0316
Children Must Laugh: Medem Sanitorium/Kinder Muzn Lakhn (Video), 1935.
Call Number V0116
Clips: Charlie Chaplin: Scene from "City Lights" (Video), 1936.
Call Number V0038(1)
Comrade Abram (Video), National Center for Jewish Film, 1919/2006.
Call Number V0186
Crossing Delancy (Video), Warner Brothers 110742, 1988.
Call Number V0282
CultureBuzz Converses with Astrith Baltsan: Israel's Anthem "Hatikvah" (The Hope) (Video), CultureBuzz, undated.
Call Number V0335
Daniel Craig/ Defiance (Video), Warner Brothers, 2008.
Call Number V0295
Deli Man (Video), Cohen Media Group, 2014.
Call Number V0330
Der Khazns Zun (Video), undated.
Call Number V0100
Der Purim Shpiler/ The Jester (Video), undated.
Call Number V0108
Der Purim Shpiler/ The Jester Restored (Video), National Center For Jewish Film, 2008.
Call Number V0108(a)
Der Vilner Khazn (Video), Yiddish Shpil, undated.
Call Number V0287
Di Eybike Dzigan Un Shumakher (Video), Yidishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0226
Di Eybike Dzshigan Un Shumakher (Video), Yiddishpil, undated.
Call Number V0194
Di Goldene Bank (Video), Yiddish Shpil/Gerard & Keren Allen, 2012.
Call Number V0292
Di Goldene Yatn: Part 1 (Video), Yidishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0215(1)
Di Goldene Yatn: Part 2 (Video), Yidishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0215(2)
Di Hiltsene Shisl, Part 1 (Video), Yidishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0227
Di Ketubah/ The Marriage Contract (Video), Yidishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0225
Di Letste Libe (Video)/ The Last Love, Yiddish Shpil, undated.
Call Number V0254
Di Mame Loshen (Video), 1980.
Call Number V0096
Di Rayze Fun Benyumin Der Driter/The Travels of Benjamin III (Video), undated.
Call Number V0101X
Di Rotshilds/The Rothchilds (Video), Yiddishshpil, 2002.
Call Number V0202
Di Tsvey Kuni Leml (Video), Maison de la culture yiddish, 2007.
Call Number V0130
Di Vayberishe Kniplekh (Video), Yiddish Shpil/Gerard & Keren Allen, 2011.
Call Number V0274
Di Yiddishe Mame (Video), undated.
Call Number V0110
Di Zise Vinter Yorn (Video), 1990.
Call Number V0112X
Dina Claire / Career Highlights (Video), Dina Claire, 2000.
Call Number V0139
Dmitri Slepovitch & Friends live at Baruch Performing Arts Center June 15, 2010 (Video), Dmetri Slepovitch, 2010.
Call Number V0229
Dos Groyse Gevins/ The Big Prize/The Jackpot (Video), Yiddishshpil, 2000?.
Call Number V0204
Dudu Fisher / In Concert From Israel (Video), Gelf Promotions LLC, 2008.
Call Number V0306
Dudu Fisher / Kobi Orieli / Yidishpits (Video), Yiddish Shpil Gerard & Keren Allen, 2012.
Call Number V0284
DuDu Fisher In Concert From Israel (Video), Gelb Promotions LLC, 2008.
Call Number V0171
Dudu Fisher: In Concert From Israel (Video), Gelb Promotions LLC, 2008.
Call Number V0218
Dzigan & Shumacher in The Jolly Paupers/Di Freylikhe Kaptsonim (Video), Foreign Cinema Arts, Inc, 1937.
Call Number V0011X
Dzigan un Shumakher Knakn Zikh Vider/ Bodo/ Dov Glikman (Video), Yidishshpil, 2013.
Call Number V0219
East and West / Mizrekh un Mayrev (Video), undated.
Call Number V0066
Echoes Of Silence / Piesni Mordechaja Gebirtiga/ Manfred Lemm & Ensemble (Video), DVD Privately Issued, 1989.
Call Number V0069
Eli Eli/ Cast: Esther Field/ Lazer Freed/Muni Serebroff (Video), 1940.
Call Number V0151
Eli Wiesel In Concert (Video), Ewy Productions, 2010.
Call Number V0310
Erinnern fur die Zukunft / Memories for the Future (Video), Manfred Lemm, 2002.
Call Number V0078
Etele/A Life In Klezmer/Elaine Hoffman Watts and the Hoffman Family Tradition (Video), Philadelphia Folklore Project, 2011.
Call Number V0231
Fiddler On The Roof (Video), MGM Home Entertainment, 1971.
Call Number V0206
Fiddler On The Roof / English (Video), MGM Home Entertainment, 2006.
Call Number V0206(2)
Films about Moscow Jewish School No 13M (1993-2000) (Video), M&C Films, 2004.
Call Number V0324
Finjan (Video), KTT, The Kentucky Netword, 1991.
Call Number V0048X
Fishke Der Krimer (The Light Ahead) (Video), undated.
Call Number V0095
Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists (Video), 1980.
Call Number V0094
From Philadelphia to the Front (Video), The National Center For Jewish Film, 2006.
Call Number V0026
From Shtetl to Swing / Alden Films (Video), Alden Films, 2008.
Call Number V0147
From the Mountains To The Prarie; 350 Years Of Kosher & Jewish Life In America/American Jewish Legacy (Video), American Jewish Legacy, 2003.
Call Number V0134
From Toledo to Jerusalem with Yehoram Gaon (Video), United King Films, 2007.
Call Number V0236
Fun Dor Tsu Dor/From Generation to Generation (Video), National Yiddish Theater Folksbiene, 2009.
Call Number V0220
Gebirtig (Video), Yiddish Shpiel, 2007.
Call Number V0301
Gebirtig (Video), Yiddish Shpiel, 2007.
Call Number V0301(2)
Gerald Frank/ Visit to Komienka, Skidl and Skierniewice, Poland, 1935 (Video), Gerrold Frank, 1935.
Call Number V0205
German Idealism and the Jew (9 CD Set), Aldan Films, 2009.
Call Number V0322
God Man and Devil/Got Mench un Tayvl, Part 1 (Video), undated.
Call Number V0107
Got Mentsh Un Tayvl Part 1(Video), Yiddish Shpil/Gerard & Keren Allen, 2012.
Call Number V0275(1)
Got Mentsh Un Tayvl Part 2(Video), Yiddish Shpil/Gerard & Keren Allen, 2012.
Call Number V0275(2)
Got Mentsh Un Tayvl Part 2 (Video), Yiddish Shpiel/Gerard & Keren Allen, undated.
Call Number V0276
Grine Felder (Video), Collective Film Producers, 1937.
Call Number V0015X
Gussie (Video), Meshakai Wolf, 2007.
Call Number V0123
Gut Yom Tov Yiddish (1) (Video), Israel Music, undated.
Call Number V0076
Gut Yom Tov Yiddish (2) (Video), Israel Music, undated.
Call Number V0077
Her Second Mother/ Cast Esta Salzman/Seymour Rechzeit/Yetta Zwerling (Video), 1940.
Call Number V0156
Hester Street (Video), Ralph D. Silver, 1974.
Call Number V0037X
His Excellency (Video), National Center for Jewish Film, 1928/2007.
Call Number V0188
His People (Video), 1925.
Call Number V0190
His Wife's Lover/Zayn Vaybs Gelibter (Video), undated.
Call Number V0117
Horizons of Hope (Video), Alden Films, 1954.
Call Number V0272
Hungry Hearts/ Cast: EA Warren/ Rosa Rosanova (Video), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1922.
Call Number V0154
I Want To Be A Mother/ Cast: Leo Fuchs/ Hanna Hollander/ Zetta Zwerling (Video), Jewish Talking Picture Co, 1937.
Call Number V0165
Ikh For A Heym/Catskill Honeymoon (Video), Martin Cohen, 2000.
Call Number V0115
Image Before My Eyes (Video), Axon Video Company, 1988.
Call Number V0022X
Interview with Majer Bogdanski 25 May 2002 with Heather Valencia (Video), Joan Levin, 2002.
Call Number V0145
Isaac In America/A Journey With Isaac Bashevis Singer (Video), Direct Cinema Limited, 1987.
Call Number V0032X
Islam, British Society and the Terrorist Threat (Video), Aldan Films, 2011.
Call Number V0318
Itche Goldberg: Oyb Nit Nokh Hekher (Video), League For Yiddish, 2000.
Call Number V0054X
Itzhak Perlman in the Fiddler's House (Video), Angel Records, 1995.
Call Number V0014X
Itzik Manger/ Khumash Lider (Video), Yidishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0221
Jack Gottlieb/ Interviewed by Neil Levine (Video), Internet, 1998.
Call Number V0242
Jack Gottlieb/ Working & (Not Working) with Bernstein (Video), Library of Congress, 2010.
Call Number V0241
Jewish Americans Part 1 (Video), PBS, undated.
Call Number V0277
Jewish Americans Part 2 (Video), PBS, undated.
Call Number V0278
Jewish Americans Part 3 (Video), PBS, undated.
Call Number V0279
Jewish Life in 1939 in Eastern European Cities (Video), undated.
Call Number V0097
Jewish Life in Bialystok/ Text and Narration by Asher Lerner (Video), Natl Center For Jewish Films, Brandeis University, 2006.
Call Number V0161
Jewish Life in Cracow/ Text and Narration by Asher Lerner (Video), Natl Center For Jewish Films, Brandeis University, 2006.
Call Number V0160
Jewish Life in Lwow/ Text and Narration by Asher Lerner (Video), Natl Center For Jewish Films, Brandeis University, 2006.
Call Number V0162
Jewish Life in Vilna/ Text and Narration by Asher Lerner (Video), Natl Center For Jewish Films, Brandeis University, 2006.
Call Number V0163
Jewish Luck / Yiddishe Glikn (Video), Gosinko, Moscow, 1925.
Call Number V0086
Jewmongous/ Blame The Jews (Video), Jewmongous, 2006.
Call Number V0214
Jonathan Dekel Chen / Back To The Soil: A Story of Jewish Hope (Video), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1927.
Call Number V0179
Jonathan Dekel Chen /Founding a New Life (Video), American Joint Distribution Committee, 1936.
Call Number V0182
Jonathan Dekel Chen/ Birobidzhan Composite Disk (Video), c.1936.
Call Number V0183
Jonathan Dekel Chen/ Evre Na Zemle (Jews on the Land) (Video), All Ukrainian Board of Film and Photography, 1927.
Call Number V0181
Jonathan Dekel Chen/ Raw Material for Back To The Soil (Video), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1927.
Call Number V0180
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Video), 1999.
Call Number V0211
Judeophobia in France: Then and Now, Aldan Films, 2013.
Call Number V0321
Karsten Troyke/ Shure Lipovsky/ Julie Andrews Yiddish Songs (Video), undated.
Call Number V0314
Keep On Walking/Joshua Nelson: The Jewish Gospel Singer (Video), Film Makers Library, undated.
Call Number V0262
Kinky Friedman/Proud To Be An A**Hole From El Paso (Video), White Star, West Long Branch, NJ, 2003.
Call Number V0120
KlezKamp 2005 Faculty Concert: Part 1 (Video), Bob Blacksberg, 2005.
Call Number V0132
KlezKamp 2005 Faculty Concert: Part 2 (Video), Bob Blacksberg, 2005.
Call Number V0133
Klezmer: Fiddler on the Hoof (Video), undated.
Call Number V0051
Kol Nidre (Video), Cinema Service Corp., 1939.
Call Number V0013
Ladino: 500 Years Young (Video), Dragoman Films, 2005.
Call Number V0315
Lang Iz Der Veg/Long Is The Road (Video), National Center For Jewish Film, 1949.
Call Number V0103
Lansky/ Der Yidisher Mafiuner/ The Jewish Mafioso (Video), Yiddishpil, 2009.
Call Number V0191
Laughter Through Tears / Gelekhter Durkh Trern (Video), 1928.
Call Number V0080
Le Golem (Video), Ergo, 1936.
Call Number V0169
Legendary Voices: Cantors of Yesteryear (Video), Ergo Media, 2011.
Call Number V0298
Leyzerke Roytenshavntz (Video), 1990.
Call Number V0126X
Leyzerke Roytenshvantz (Video), undated.
Call Number V0126
Lies My Father Told Me (Video), Ergo Media Inc., 2009.
Call Number V0230
Live and Laugh/Cast: Max Wilner/Sadie Banks/Chaim Tauber (Video), 1930.
Call Number V0155
Lomir Ale Zingen with Mike Burstyn/ Let's All Sing (Video), J.T. Zukerman Fund of the Workmen's Circle, undated.
Call Number V0040X
Lost Town (Video), Goldstreet Films, 2014.
Call Number V0336
Love and Sacrifice / Libe Un Leydershaft (Video), 1936.
Call Number V0089
Lyalkes (Puppets) Yiddish Children's Operetta (Warsaw, 1937 (Video), Benyumen (Ben) Schaechter, 1981.
Call Number V0311
Madrid Before Hanita (Video), Bear Family Records BVD 20119 AD, 2011.
Call Number V0273
Magician of Lublin, Part 1/Kuntsenmakher Fun Lublin, Khelek 1 (Video), Yiddishspiel, undated.
Call Number V0250
Magician of Lublin, Part 2/Kuntsenmakher Fun Lublin, Khelek 2 (Video), Yiddishspiel, undated.
Call Number V0251
Making Trouble: Three Generations of Funny Jewish Women (Video), Jewish Women's Archive, 2007.
Call Number V0332
Mamele staring Molly Picon (Video), 1938.
Call Number V0125
Marc Chagall (Video), Kultur D2660, undated.
Call Number V0300
Matisyahu: Jerusalem (Video), Epic 88697 03374 2, 2006.
Call Number V0268
Matzpen / Israeli Anti Zionizm (Video), undated.
Call Number V0281
Maxwell Street: A Living Memory (Video), Eshel Productions, undated.
Call Number V0198
Mayn Nomen Iz Benyouman/ My Name Is Benjamin (Video), Yiddishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0203
Mending the Torn Curtain/The Story of the First International Yiddish Festival (Video), Moody Films, 2011.
Call Number V0261
Metamorphosis of a Melody by Y. L. Peretz/Gilgul Fun A Nigun/ Rafael Goldwaser (Video), Theatre en L'Air/Der LufTeater, 2009.
Call Number V0174(1)
Michael Tilson Thomas/ The Thomashefskys/ Music and Memories of the Yiddish Theater (Video), Docurama Films/WNET, 2012.
Call Number V0258
Michoel Ben-Avraham: Dos Kol Fun "Kol-Yisroel" (Video), Yiddish Forverts, undated.
Call Number V0304
Mike Burstein / Hershele Ostropolier (Video), Yiddish Shpil/Gerard & Keren Allen, 2012.
Call Number V0283
Mike Burstyn / A Yiddish Concert in Israel / Yiddisher Kontsert in Israel (Video), MRC Films Inc., 1990.
Call Number V0090
Minstrels Troubadours & Folksingers (Video), Robert Freedman and RA Friedman, 2008.
Call Number V0072(2)
Mirele Efros (Video)/ An new version by Ossip Dymow, Ergo Media, Inc, 1939.
Call Number V0052X
Mirele Efros (Yiddishpiel, Video), Yiddishshpil 052-242406s, undated.
Call Number V0052(1)
Monologn Fun Yidishe Shraybers: Avrom Karpinovitch (Video), Forward Association, 2011.
Call Number V0266
Monologn Fun Yidishe Shraybers: Misha Lev (Video), Forward Association, 2011.
Call Number V0267
Monologn Fun Yidishe Shraybers: Yosl Birnshteyn (Video), Forward Association, 2011.
Call Number V0247
Monticello, Here We Come/ Cast: Menashe Skulnik/Joseph Buloff/Max Wilner (Video), 1931-1950.
Call Number V0157
Mothers of Today/ Hayntike Mames with Esther Feld (Video), Ergo Media, Inc, 1939/1985.
Call Number V0197
Motke Ganev (Video), Yiddishshpil, undated.
Call Number V0232
Motl Der Opereyter/Motel The Operator (Video), Cinema Service Corp, 1939.
Call Number V0004X
Moving Mountains/ Montreal Yiddish Theater in the USSR (Video), Maximage Aproductions, 1990.
Call Number V0280
Moyshe Oysher in The Singing Blacksmith / Yankl Der Shmid (Video), Ergo Media, 1938.
Call Number V0055X
Musuem of the History of Polish Jews (Video), Musuem of History of Polish Jews, 2012.
Call Number V0299
My Mexican Shivah (Video), Emerging Pictures, undated.
Call Number V0167
Napoleons Oytser/ Napoleon's Treasure (Video), Yiddishspiel, 2011.
Call Number V0248
Neighbors/Skheynim (Video), 1938.
Call Number V0173
New Jewish Community House (Video), Elena Beregovaia, undated.
Call Number V0325
Next Time Dear God, Please Choose Someone Else: The Legend of Jewish Humor (Video), undated.
Call Number V0006X
Old and New Anti-Jewish Stereotypes in Western Europe, Aldan Films, 2013.
Call Number V0319
Old Jews Telling Jokes (Video), NTST FRF913928D, 2009.
Call Number V0263
Old World Folk Band/Our Lives Are In Our Songs (Video), Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, 1994.
Call Number V0005X
On A Heym/ Ida Kaminska/Shimon Dzigan/Yidroel Shumacher (Video), 1939.
Call Number V0150
On Saturday I'm A King / Vladimir Dvinski's Shtetl (Video), Vladimir Davinski, 2001.
Call Number V0060X
On Second Avenue (Video), Folksbiene, 2006.
Call Number V0128
On The Mountaintop With Yiddish (Video), Charlotte Yiddish Institute, 2013.
Call Number V0296
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