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Warwick Township Historical Society collection on the Moland House


Held at: Warwick Township Historical Society [Contact Us]1641 Old York Road, PO Box 107, Hartsville, PA, 18974

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Warwick Township Historical Society. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Warwick Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is home to two sites on the National Register of Historic Places: the Eight Arch Bridge (1803), the last remaining eight arch bridge in Pennsylvania, and the Moland House, a Revolutionary War Historic site.

The two-story Moland House was constructed as a summer home for John Moland, King George II's appointed attorney for Pennsylvania, in 1750. After his death in 1761, his wife inhabited the house.

The Moland House served as George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War in August of 1777. A Council of War was held there on August 21st as British troops were planning to march towards Philadelphia. Several men who would come to play a significant role in the newly-formed country's history, including Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe, attended the council. Both the Marquis de Lafayette, pivotal in his role as a general and in securing the support of the French government, and Polish nobleman Count Casimir Pulaski, "Father of the American cavalry," joined Washington's army at the Moland House encampment.

"In 1789 the house was sold by the Moland Family and ownership was transferred to a number of individuals over the next 200 years. In the 1940's an addition (which currently houses the visitor's center and library) was constructed. During the late 1900's the house was not maintained and as a result was condemned as unsafe. In 1989 the house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and in 1996 Warwick Township received ownership of the house and surrounding acreage." (Moland House Historic Park. "The House")

The Warwick Township Historical Society, formed during the mid 1990s with the purpose of preserving and sharing the history of Warwick, agreed that their first priority would be to save and refurbish the Moland House. In 1997, the Society entered into a management agreement with Warwick Township (which had received ownership of the house one year prior) to restore, maintain, and operate the facility for the benefit of the public.


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This collection consists of various materials compiled by the Warwick Township Historical Society on the history and restoration of the Moland House. Also included in the collection are some organizational records of the Society, such as meeting minutes and member information. The collection is roughly organized into six series, indicated by the color of the file label: programs (white/clear), furnishing (blue), financial and grants (purple), management (yellow), history (green), and restoration (red).

The programs series includes files on archaeology, artwork, events, and publicity. There are also Betacam cassettes and one digital audio tape cassette, presumably of narrations about the Moland House. There are photographs as well, depicting various Moland House events including re-enactments.

The furnishings series includes acquisition forms and materials on house furnishings.

The financial and grants series includes grant applications, financial records, tax reports, and related documents.

The management series includes legal papers, membership information, policies, and other administrative records of the Warwick Township Historical Society.

The history series includes photocopies of primary and secondary sources relating to the Moland House, particularly during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods of American history. There are files on George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, Nathaniel Greene, and various Revolutionary War topics, as well as files relating to the Eight Arch Bridge. Some Warwick Township Historical Society meeting minutes are also part of this series.

The restoration series was primarily compiled by Warwick Township Historical Society member Murrie Gayman. It includes maps, floor plans, interior design and furnishing plans, construction drawings, engineering records, and other materials relating to the restoration of the Moland House. There are also numerous photographs of the restoration work.

Materials created by or collected by the Warwick Township Historical Society.

Summary descriptive information on this collection was compiled in 2012-2014 as part of a project conducted by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania to make better known and more accessible the largely hidden collections of small, primarily volunteer run repositories in the Philadelphia area. The Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories (HCI-PSAR) was funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

This is a preliminary finding aid. No physical processing, rehousing, reorganizing, or folder listing was accomplished during the HCI-PSAR project.

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This preliminary finding aid was created as part of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories. The HCI-PSAR project was made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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