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Potts family papers


Held at: Pottsgrove Manor [Contact Us]100 West King Street, Pottstown, PA, 19464-6318

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Pottsgrove Manor. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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John Potts (1710-1768), the founder of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was a prominent businessman and ironmaster. Potts married Ruth Savage in 1734. In 1751 he purchased 995 acres of land from Samuel McCall where he built his family home, Pottsgrove Manor. His family moved into the residence in 1753, and in 1761 Potts began to plan the city of Pottsgrove (re-named Pottstown in 1815). Potts died in 1768, the father of 13 children. The house and estate were purchased by his eldest son, Thomas, who then sold the land and home in 1783.


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This collection is comprised of materials relating to the Potts family and their property in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. These materials include account ledgers, deeds, indentures, and family genealogy. An inventory is provided below--items marked "on loan" are currently housed at Pottsgrove Manor, but are the property of the Pottstown Historical Society.

Potts family papers

-Indenture between Samuel Nutt and Israel Taylor, 1720

-Marriage certificate of John Potts and Ruth Savage, 1734 [on loan]

-Indenture signed by Thomas Potts, 1734

-Page from family Bible listing birth dates of nine of the children of John and Ruth Potts, 1735-1740 [on loan]

-Receipt for payment to Samuel Rhodes signed by Thomas Penn, 1740

-John Potts Ledger "Pottsgrove Ledger 1749", 1742-1759 [on loan]

-Indenture between John Potts and Samuel McCall Jr., 1751

-Indenture between Jacob Early and Jacob Rhodes, 1760

-Indenture between Samuel and Mary Burkloe and John Potts, 1765

-Indenture between John Potts and Adam Clakner, 1765

-Indenture between John Potts and William Dewees Jr., 1765

-Indenture between Jeremiah Boone and John Potts, 1765

-Deed between John and Ruth Potts and their son Joseph Potts, 1768

-Medical degree of Jonathon Potts, 1768 [on loan]

-Indenture between John Potts and Daniel and Elizabeth Calvert, 1770

-Documents relating to John Potts estate and will, circa 1770

-Indenture between executor of John Potts estate, Samuel Potts to Joseph Levengood, 1771

-Indenture between David Potts and John Potts Jr., 1772

-Parchment map of 8 lots drawn from land formerly owned by John Potts, 1774

-Indenture between John Flower and Thomas Rutter and Samuel Potts, 1779

-Ledger Bennett/Trenton, 1786-1789 [on loan]

-Deed for John Markley to Fredrick Beidenman for Log Messuage, 1799

-Indenture between Samuel Rhodes and John Koplin, 1785 -Charcoal drawing of front of Pottsgrove Manor, signed Mrs. M. W. Yergey, circa 1800

-Marriage certificate of Issac Williams Jr. and Deborah Potts, 1815

-Deed for Lydia Ganger and Peter Gruver administrators of the estate of Joseph Carey, deceased to Louis S. Bachman, 1850

-Postcard of Mill Park Hotel, circa 1901-1905

-Postcard of Mill Park Hotel, circa 1901-1906

-Postcard of Mill Park Hotel, circa 1905

-Handwritten manuscript of Potts genealogy by Mrs. James, undated

-Handwritten copy of Mrs. James manuscript, undated

-Framed drawing of Mill Park Hotel, undated [on loan]

This collection is comprised of materials collected by Pottsgrove Manor or on loan from the Pottstown Historical Society.

Pottsgrove Manor
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