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Historical Society of Montgomery County business records collection


Held at: Historical Society of Montgomery County [Contact Us]1654 Dekalb Street, Norristown, PA, 19401

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Historical Society of Montgomery County. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Montgomery County, situated in southeastern Pennsylvania, was established in 1784 out of the western portion of Philadelphia County. Part of the Welsh Tract, an area of Pennsylvania settled by Quakers from Wales, it is located along the Schuylkill River. Montgomery County has played an important role in U.S. history, including being the site of such Revolutionary War events as the dramatic reshaping of Washington's Army at Valley Forge and the lesser-known engagement of General Lafayette at Barren Hill. Among its significant residents are military figures Winfield S. Hancock, John F. Hartranft (also Governor of Pennsylvania), and Henry "Hap" Arnold; abolitionist Lucretia Mott; inventors David Rittenhouse and Thaddeus Lowe; and artist Thomas Hovenden. Since its founding, Montgomery County has experienced "booming industry and manufacturing, rich farm fields, advanced transportation, artistic endeavors and unique religious beliefs."

The Historical Society of Montgomery County was established in 1881 as the institutional successor to the Federation of Montgomery County Historical Societies. The Society's mission is "to preserve the county's rich heritage and help tell the stories of the many people who have walked and tended its soil."


Quoted text from: Historical Society of Montgomery County. "Home." Accessed March 2, 2012.

This collection consists of miscellaneous records from businesses in the vicinity of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. There is less than one linear foot of material, and sometimes less than an inch, for each of the businesses included in the collection. Businesses whose records span one linear foot or more are described in separate finding aids. Some account books may be stored with family papers in the Historical Society of Montgomery County family papers collection.

Dozens of different types of businesses are represented in the collection, including general stores, blacksmiths and forges, banks and insurance companies, post offices, and others. Most of the records are financial--account books, daybooks, ledgers, etc.--but there is also some correspondence and other types of records.

A very rough inventory of the collection is provided below. It does NOT cover all the business records held by the Historical Society of Montgomery County, but provides a general sense of the types of material in the collection.

"List of retailers of foreign and domestic merchandise in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 1877," listed by township

Bean Fire Sand Company, treasurer's account

Bechtel, Isaac, blacksmith book 1850

Blueprints for: Riverview Hospital, Friends Meeting, Plymouth Golf Club, and DeKalb Street bridge

Bridgeport National Bank, minute book of directors, 1906-1914

Brooke, Elijah (surveyor), land drafts and calculations (1816-1827)

Elijah Brooke, surveys, land draughts, and calculations of Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties, 1837-1858

Brown, Cloud and Johnson business receipts

Bryn Mawr Baking Company (?) account book

Center Square Post Office, money order cash book

Christman's Iron Works account book, 1854-1884

Cleaver, Ellis account book (1802-1827),

Conshohocken Sewerage System, Permanent Search

Conshohocken Worsted Mills brief of title

Davis and Schrack receipt book (1841-1842),

DeKalb Street roofing company ledger

Enterprise shirt factory records, 1882-1886

Excelsior Savings Fund and Loan Association financial statements 1879-1975

First National Bank of Norristown minute book, 1864-1898

Foulke and Cadwallader, numerous small account books

Freedley, Henry, inventory accounts

Gottschalk & Weaver account book

Green Lane Forge journals and daybook, 1795-1814

Gulph Mill store ledger

Hall, John (English mechanical engineer), account book, 1768

Harley family store ledger, 1793-1798

Hartman store ledger

Harvey, Edward, day books

Hauling, Jones account book (1852),

Hawk, Abraham, account book 1807-1879

Hellings Lime Business

Lederach store records

Lehman, W. H. (general store?) account books, 1861-1865

McFarland, Dr. Douglas, Mills along the Wissahickon

Montgomery Hospital: clippings, newsletters, annual reports, 1892-2011

Montgomery Insurance Trust and Safe Deposit Company, ledger book

Mt. Pleasant Forge account book, 1797-1801

Mt. Pleasant Forge and furnace, miscellaneous notes

Norristown Clean Sweep Committee minutes and newspaper clipppings (1978-1985)

Norristown Hospital and Dispensary minutes, 1889-1892

Norristown Insurance and Water Company stock certificates

Penrose, William receipt book (undated)

Perkiomen Bridge Hotel account book (1864),

Perkiomen Bridge lottery books, 1797-1798

Perkiomen Hay Scales receipt book (1854-1858),

Perkiomen Mills-Samuel Detweiler, 1831-1833

Post Master account and record book (Weldon PA),

Post Office book, 1897

Potts, Robert receipt book (1837-1851),

Potts, Robert T. receipt book (1849-1867?),

Sacred Heart Hospital clippings and photographs, circa 1990s

Sacred Heart Hospital School of Practical Nursing scrapbooks, 1957-1993

Salfordville store ledger, 1766-1774

Scheidt, Adam, Brewing, president and general manager's report, 1898-1913

Schlicter, Jacob account books, correspondence, and voters lists (Limerick and Weaver townships), 1795-1895

Schrack, Dr. Jonathan ledger book, 1855-1856

Sellers, Phillip receipt book (1822)

Sprogell Shoe Store accounts, 1895-1955

Stetler store day book, 1824-1827

Stetler store records and Isaac Stetler ciphering books, circa 1824-1831

Summers, William, receipt book, 1862-1866

Sun Earth Construction Company, Inc. records

Wismers, Harry, account book

Washington Grey Artillery account book (1842-1852) and Constitution/Minute book (1842-1845)

West Norriton Road Construction and Election Watchers correspondence

Yerkes (???) store record book

Ziegler, Michael & Sons, account books, 1784-1824

unidentified account book, 1866

unidentified account books (2)

unidentified letter book, 1892-1893

unidentified sales book, Philadelphia, 1877

various utility companies in Norristown area records (circa 1860-1900)

Materials collected at various times by the Historical Society of Montgomery County.

Historical Society of Montgomery County
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