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Historic Fallsington, Inc. manuscript collection


Held at: Historic Fallsington, Inc. [Contact Us]4 Yardley Ave., Levittown, PA, 19054

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Historic Fallsington, Inc.. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The village of Fallsington, located in Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was one of the earliest settlements in Pennsylvania. The names of the village and township are derived from a falls nearby on the Delaware River. The "falls" of the Delaware River is not a dramatic waterfall but, rather, the rapids that mark the highest navigable point on the river.

Fallsington was settled by English Quakers in the late 17th century; they established the Falls Meeting in 1683. William Penn attended services there while in residence at nearby Pennsbury Manor. The Bucks County courthouse was located in Fallsington before it was moved in 1705 to Bristol. Fallsington became significant as a religious, social and commercial center for the surrounding community, as well as a stopover point for stagecoach travelers. Until the construction of Fairless Hills and Levittown, it was the largest village in the township, and functioned for many years as a commercial center.

Transportation played a major role in the growth of Fallsington and Falls Township. In addition to being conveniently located next to the Delaware River, Fallsington benefitted from the 1686 construction of the King's Highway, which ran from Philadelphia to Trenton along an existing Indian trail. Additional roads, turnpikes, and transportation were built through the township during the following centuries. The Delaware Canal was opened in 1832, and a railroad line from Philadelphia to Trenton was built between 1833 and 1835. The rail line became part of Pennsylvania Railroad's main New York-Philadelphia line. The "West Trenton" cut-off of the Pennsylvania Railroad was built through the northern part of the Township at the end of 19th century.

Fallsington became the first historic district in Bucks County in 1955 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, largely due to the efforts of Historic Fallsington, Inc.


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This collection includes the papers of numerous Fallsington families and individuals, as well as other materials that document the history of the village. Items include personal papers, account books and other financial papers, diaries, photographs, deeds, maps, and genealogy research. The following is an inventory of the families and individuals represented in, as well as materials included in, the collection:

The Hutchinson Family papers, 1739-1934 (11 items).

Emma Moon and Allied Families papers, 1794-1934 (120 items).

Force Family papers, 1880-early 1900's (8 items).

Moon Family account books 1867-85 (2 vols.).

Falls Township deeds and legal documents 1794-1927 (107 items).

Parsons Family: Ella Parsons genealogy papers 1900-28 (10 in.).

Parson and Allied Families papers 1793-1868 (8 items).

Barnes and Loud Families papers, 1790-1868 (22 items).

Fallsington Area Families' papers, 1729-1872 (17 items).

Davis, Marion papers, 1918-25.

Albertson, Elizabeth, math exercise book, ca. 1839. (1 vol.).

Albertson, Elizabeth autograph/floral album, 1844-46 (1 vol.).

McClossey Family papers, 1890-1901 (6 items). Oxford School account book, 1801-1852 (1 vol.).

Moon, Libbie exercise book, 1875 (1 vol.).

Hutchinson, James letter 1776 (1 item).

Satterthwaite, Ann math exercise book, 1836 (1 vol.).

Satterthwaite, David papers 1875-80 (3 items).

Bucks County Troop muster book and papers, 1863-95 (1 vol. &. 6 items).

Moon and Kelly Store receipt book 1846-49 (1 vol.).

Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox) and Families deed, 1846 (4 items).

Fallsington Postcards, 1906-20 (6 items).

Buckman Family: Edwin H. Buckman papers, 1899 (3 vols.).

Lucas &. Lovett Families, research, 1789-1984 (43 photocopied items).

Penn Valley Stud Farm catalogs, 1888-1891 (2 vols.).

Parsons, Charles A. papers, 1875-1932 (3 items).

Breece &. Croasdale Families photographs, 1900s (61 items).

Watson &. Kirkbride Families photographs, 1850-1911(10 items).

Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends Meeting and Schools collection, 1746-1910 (typed transcript) (3 items).

Simpson Family photographs, 1850-70 (8 items).

Fallsington Friends Meeting School contract, 1816 (1 item).

Fallsington Upper or Lower Store account book, 1859-60 (1 vol.).

Fallsington &. Bristol deeds and legal documents, 1705-1883 (12 items).

Evaul, John account book, 1790-18? (1 vol.).

Fallsington and Bucks County Area Maps, 1849-1974 (16 items).

Fallsington Rural Telephone Company papers, 1908-29 (14 items).

Fallsington Miscellaneous collection, 1860-1979 (19 items).

Photographs of Falls Area Families and Buildings, 1860-1950 (23 items).

Photographs of Fallsington People and Places, late l9th century-1950 (7 items).

Fallsington High School and Larue Family collection, 1903-20 (3 items).

Moon, Charles notebook, 1882 (1 vol.).

Morris, Anthony and James Pemberton deed of gift 1794 (1 item).

Philadelphia and Bucks County Area Newspapers, 1866-1910 (6 items).

Fallsington Ephemera collection, 1862-1983 (15 items).

Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends Minutes, 1683-1857 (photocopies) (1 vol.).

Fallsington Genealogy collection, 1923-69 (16 items).

Hough, Jesse, papers, 1822-32 ( 4 items).

Cook, George Rea papers, 1823-1908(3 items).

Watson, Louise White papers1825-1944 (1 ft.).

Story, Hannah papers,1881-1900 (2 items).

Of special interest are the Comfort family papers, which include early 19th-century land surveys, photographs, diaries, and a letter informing Cyrus Cadwallader of his election to the Pennsylvania Senate (1816).

Historic Fallsington, Inc. also maintains a small collection of research files on family genealogies and other local history topics. These files are stored in the Director's office.

Materials donated to or collected by Historic Fallsington, Inc. at various times.

Summary descriptive information on this collection was compiled in 2012-2014 as part of a project conducted by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania to make better known and more accessible the largely hidden collections of small, primarily volunteer run repositories in the Philadelphia area. The Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories (HCI-PSAR) was funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

This is a preliminary finding aid. No physical processing, rehousing, reorganizing, or folder listing was accomplished during the HCI-PSAR project.

In some cases, more detailed inventories or finding aids may be available on-site at the repository where this collection is held; please contact Historic Fallsington, Inc. directly for more information.

Historic Fallsington, Inc.
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Finding aid prepared by Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Faith Charlton through the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories
This preliminary finding aid was created as part of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories. The HCI-PSAR project was made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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