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Mary H. Wood Park Commission records


Held at: Conshohocken Historical Society [Contact Us]120 E. 5th Avenue, Conshohocken, PA, 19428

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Mary H. Wood was the wife of Alan Wood, Jr. (1834-1902), president of Alan Wood Steel Company and United States Congressman in the House of Representatives (R-PA). Mary Harry Yerkes was born in 1841, and married Alan Wood on her twentieth birthday. Alan commissioned a chateauesque mansion, which he named Woodmont, from Quaker architect William Lightfoot Price in 1891. After Alan's death, Mary spent most of her time in their more modest home in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. When she died in 1918, she left that home and its grounds to the Borough of Conshohocken for use as the Mary H. Wood Park and Community Center.

Mary H. Wood Park Commission records include meeting minutes, correspondence, pamphlets relating to park equipment and maintenance, and records of the various clubs which utilize the facility. A rough inventory of the collection is provided below.


General Roll Call Book: Notes included related to activities, volunteer names, members, committees, 3 - clipping on Autumn Hikes Close By, 1921

List of Members: Includes addresses, classes, roll call and dues, 1927

Meeting Minutes and Treasure's Reports: Mary H. Wood Park House Commission, 1951-1959

Meeting Minutes : Mary H. Wood Park House Commission, 1959-1964

Meeting Minutes and Correspondence: Mary H. Wood Park House Commission, 1969

Meeting Minutes, treasures Report, Correspondence: Mary H. Wood Park House Commission, 1970


Playgrounds Donated: , 1906-1961

Pamphlet: Report of the Committee on Play in Institutions, 1910

Catalogue: American Playground Equipment, 1911

Pamphlet: Community Buildings as War Memorials, 1919

Pamphlet: The Playground Community Service, 8037

Pamphlet: Financial Federations, 1923

Pamphlet: Report of Community Recreation Association, 1925

Pamphlet: The Community Building, 1925

Catalogue #5 & Price List: Hill-Standard Co Swimming Pool & Bathing Beach Equipment, 1927

Pamphlet: Contributions of Museums to Outdoor Recreation, 1928

Price List: Spalding Playground Apparatus, 1929

Catalogue: Louden Playground Equipment Catalogue For the Safety Health and Happiness of Young America: Catalogue, 1929

Price List: American Playground Equipment, 1929

Catalogue: Mitchell Playground Apparatus, 1929

Catalogue: EverWear Playground and Water Apparatus, 1930

Advertisement: Louden Playground Equipment, 1930

Catalogue: Natco Art and Handicraft Supplies: National Crafts Supply Co., 1930

Printing Outfits For Boys' Club: Proposal, 1931

Directory: Traveler's Aid and Transient Service, 1934

Milton Bradley Company: Catalogue of Suggestive Materials for Schools, Playgrounds, Daily Vacation, Bible Schools, not dated

Jungle-gym: Price list for Climbing Structures, not dated

Social Recreation Union : ""Handy"" song book, not dated

Pamphlet: Prize Metals, Emblem Jewelry, Class Pins and Rings, not dated

Pamphlet: Dennison's Gift Dressings: gummed seals, cards, tissue paper, boxes etc., not dated

Pamphlet: Suggestions for Decorations and Novelties, not dated

Catalogue: Catalogue of Artist & Drawing Materials, not dated


Pamphlet: Hallowe'en How to Celebrate It: By Martha Russell Orne, 1898

Pamphlet: Why the Chimes Rang: A play in One Act by Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden, 1915

Pamphlet: A Christmas Mystery for Thirteen Boys By Elizabeth M. Guptill, 1916

Pamphlet - 3 copies: Ten Boys' Farces: By Eustace M. Peixotto, 1916

Pamphlet: The Florist Shot; A comedy in One Act by Winifred Hawkridge, 1926

Pamphlet: A Catalogue of Plays, 1927

Pamphlet: Bugbee's Plays and Entertainments, 1932

Pamphlet - 2 copies: Barn Playhouse ""Angels"", 1962


Pamphlet - 2 copies: Twice 55 Games with Music: The Red Book, 1924

Pamphlet: A Survey of Music Material For Bands in Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools: Report of 4/12/1926, 1926

Booklet: Fretted Instrument Orchestras, 1929

Pamphlet - 2 copies: Community Songs, not dated

Pamphlet: School Bands: How They May be Developed: by J. E. Maddy, not dated


Handbook: Fun For Everyone: A Pocket Encyclopedia of Good Times, 1922

Handbook: Recreative Athletics, 1922

Booklet: Swimming for health Safety Fun: A Program of the American Junior Red Cross, 1924

Pocket Magazine: The Kit: Program Building - A Pocket Magazine of Programs and Plans for Church-Centered Recreation, 1925

Pocket Magazine: The Kit: Home Games-A Pocket Magazine for Leaders of Church-Centered Recreation, 1925-26

Pocket Magazine: The Kit: A Pocket Magazine for Leaders of Church-Centered Recreation, 1926

Handbook: Tumbling for Amateurs: Ground Tumbling: Spaldings Red Cover Series of Athletic Handbooks, 1928

Booklet: Personality and Character: By George E. Vincent, 1931

Information Sheet: How Good Times Town Got Its Name, not dated


Baby Clinic Health Center: Letters from the Department of Health, 1922

Country Fair and Circus: , 1924

Music: Cycles in American Music: Vincent Lopez, The Madcaps: An Operetta for Children or Adults, 1925

Dennison's Manufacturing Co: Costume Patterns, 1927

Plays (Theatrical): Bulletins, flyers and programs, 1916-1927

Parties and Celebrations: Ideas, suggestions and instructions for parties and celebrations, 1920-1927

Community Service Newspaper Clippings : Articles referring to the community center and its activities, 1921-1922

Girl's Club: Constitution & By-Laws, Committee Report, Correspondence and Bulletins, 1922-1925

Community Center Reports: Activities, Affairs, Committees, Annual Statements, 1923-1928

Naturalization Classes: Class lists, Formal Correspondence, Training Brochures, 1924-1925

Catalogues and Pamphlets: Recreational and playground equipment, 1924-1931

Playground, Recreation, Games: Bulletins, articles, 1925-1926

Community Center Data: By-laws of the Conshohocken Community Center, assorted receipts, 1927-1928

Will of Mary H. Wood, 1917

Mary H. Wood Booklets,

Newspaper clipping regarding the bequeathing of the Park House (contains a photo of Mary H. Wood, Alan Wood, Jr., 1943

Newspaper clipping regarding Council move to vacate Borough Hall Building - contemplating use of Mary Wood Park house., 1949

Newspaper clipping regarding public protest to the temporary location of borough police headquarters to the Park House, 1949

Letter to (Elizabeth D. Collins) ""Dede"" from Josephine (Jo) Capaldi vehemently opposing the Police move to the Park House, 1905

Letter of approach to erect, operate, maintain a youth center to be known as the Fellowship House of Conshohocken, 1952

Newspaper clipping regarding the OK of the Youth Fellowship House for Conshohocken Park, 1952

Mary H. Wood Park Commission Correspondence about the Endowment & officers, 1936-1957

Meeting minutes and treasure's report, 1935-1955

Treasurer's Report statements, 1935-1944

Fellowship House: 1st Lease Agreement for 50-yrs at $1/year, 1953

Topographical Plan of Mary Wood Park, 1952

Fellowship House Blue Prints,

American Legion John DeHaven Post 129: membership and correspondence, 1905

Tennis Club Treasure's book: includes bylaws, bank receipts and cancelled cks from !st National Bank of Conshohocken, 1932-1942

Treasurer's Report of the Mary Wood Park house Fund, 1905

Assorted Correspondence of the Mary Wood Park house Commission, 1940-1944

Mary Wood Park house Commission Meeting Minutes, 1964-1966

Mary Wood Park house Commission Meeting Minutes & Monthly Money Allocation, 1967

Mary Wood Park house Commission Meeting Minutes & Monthly Money Allocation, 1971

Mary Wood Park house Commission Meeting Minutes & Monthly Money Allocation, 1972

Mary Wood Park house Commission Meeting Minutes & Monthly Money Allocation, 1973

Mary Wood Park house Commission Meeting Minutes & Monthly Money Allocation, 1974

Mary Wood Park house Commission Membership, Rules and Regulations, other Correspondence, 1975

Mary Wood Park Financials, 1952-1962

Mary Wood Park house Commission correspondence , 1923-1999

Mary Wood Park house receipts from bill paid, 1999

Mary Wood Park house Bank statements and report (for Auditors), 1999

9 sets of the Community Center By-Laws adopted 3/30/1922, 1922

Lee Tire Correspondence, 1922

Newspaper clippings, 1921-1924

Activities, receipts, records and correspondence, 1922-1923

Roll Book, 1927-1928


Community Center Reports, minutes, Bulletins, Information and Receipts, 1922-1940

Crepe Paper hats for the County Fair and Circus 6/12,13,14,1923, 1923

Wooden Cigar box with Prize Ribbons, 1928

Facts About the Community Center Appeals for Funds 11/19/1928, 1928

Reprinted pamphlet of The Constitution of the USA, 1919

Letter to Ian Forbes regarding a conference, 1930

Blank receipts for the Annual Budget of the Community Center, 1931-32

Shoebox full of Paid Receipts for the Annual Budget of the Community Center, 1931-32

Craft Brochures

Small box of gummed blank labels

Small wooden file drawer (5x12) with 3x5 Membership Cards and glass slides of poetry

Hinged wooden box of 3x5 cards with members names and addresses.

Clippings scrapbook, 1925-1926

Clippings scrapbook, 1926-1927

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This preliminary finding aid was created as part of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories. The HCI-PSAR project was made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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