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Joseph M. Harrison subject files on 1st Regiment Infantry, Pennsylvania


Held at: 1st Regiment Infantry Museum [Contact Us]103rd Engineer Battalion Armory, 3205 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the 1st Regiment Infantry Museum. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The First Regiment Infantry, Pennsylvania, or "The Dandy First," is considered by some to be the oldest continuously existing troop in the United States National Guard, and the only existing Pennsylvania unit that served in the Continental Army. The unit, which today is known as the 103rd Engineer Battalion, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, has undergone many name changes over the years.

Benjamin Franklin started the Artillery Companies of the Associated Regiment of Foot of Philadelphia in 1747, although Philadelphia men were already meeting as an informal militia as far back as the 1730s. "The Dandy First" saw their first combat during the French and Indian War. Later, they participated in the Revolutionary War as Captain Thomas Proctor's 4th Continental Artillery, making them the only Pennsylvania unit authorized to carry the lineage of a Continental Army unit. They fought in the War of 1812 also.

In 1822 the Volunteer Corps of Light Infantry, Washington Grays was formed, and in 1828 merged with the First Regiment Volunteer Artillery, Pennsylvania Militia. During the Know Nothing nativist riots in Philadelphia prior to the Civil War, the unit defended Catholic Churches from rioters. Soon afterwards, they mustered into service during the Civil War as the 118th and 119th Pennsylvania Volunteers.

The unit was known as the 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry when they fought in the Spanish-American War of 1898 and when they served on the Pancho Villa Expedition (pushing the Mexican revolutionary back south of the border in 1916). Soon after, the unit served in World War I as the 109th Infantry of the 28th Infantry Division. After enduring brutal conditions on the front, the unit was reorganized in 1921 as the 103rd Engineer Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division. The 103rd was mobilized for World War II and the Korean War.

As of 2012, the 103rd Engineer Battalion, Pennsylvania Army National Guard is still in existence. Its armory on the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia houses the 1st Regiment Infantry Museum.


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Signs on display throughout 1st Regiment Museum, viewed May 7, 2012.

This collection is comprised of several hundred binders assembled by Joseph M. Harrison, who acted as Regimental Historian and Curator of the 1st Regiment Museum. The vast majority of materials in the binders are secondary--newspaper clippings, scholarly articles, and photocopies of documents and photographs. There is also a large quantity of research and reports written by Harrison. A small amount of original photographs, ephemera, and documents are featured in some of the binders.

A rough inventory of the subjects of the binders is provided below:


Shelf Two - Right to Left: ACWG History of Medals ; ACWG ; Revolutionary Wart Col. Juhn Eyre Legend ; Foot notes of History; ACWG Photo File; ACWG Copies of Minutes; Washington Grays 1990 File; ACWG.

Shelf Three - Right to Left: ACWG James H. NeSmith File; Huddy and Duval 103rd Engineer Battalion Archives; 103d Engr Bn Book # 1; 103d Engr Bn Book # 2; 103d Engr Bn Current Documents; 103rd Enge Bn World War 2 Maps of Germany; Insignia and Crest.

Shelf Four - Right to Left: 103rd Engr Bn File; Unit History, 103d Engr Bn 1953- 1969; Unit History, 103d Engr bn 19701-978; 103rd Engr Bn Annual History; History of 103rd Engr Bn; ACWG Minutes and Paymaster Reports; 103d Enge Bn Recent Items 1996.

Shelf Five - Right to Left: 103rd Engr Bn Archives; 103rd Engr Bn 1995; 103rd Engr Bn 1996; Washington Grays Archives; Artillery Corps Washington Grays Band Master Francis Johnson Exhibit; ACWG Archives; About Flags; Flags; Special Magazines - Military Reference.

Shelf Six - Right to Left: ACWG - Washington Gray's Minutes and Finance Reports, 2003-2004; ACWG W. H. Houston Manuscript Edited, Chapters 1-8; Patterson History, Volume Two; Patterson History, Volume Three; The Artillery Corps Washington Grays Patterson History.


Shelf One: Left to Right: Assorted Army Regulations, Soldier's Books, Sketch Book from Periods 1775-2001; Copy of 1840 Lithograph of Artillery Corps Washington Grays ( Listed under catalog # F.1.29 ), published by Huddy and Duval in the United States Military Magazine. William Huddy was a member of the Grays in 1832 and Duval was brought to America by Captain Childs; Veterans Corps Work Files; American Soldier U.S. Center of Military History; Extra Copies of Curators Report; Photo Album of 109th Anniversary; First Regiment Infantry, N.G.P.; Document (Reported under File # F.3.238: Contennial Legion of Historic Military Commanders, April 18 1970-20 April 1992; Field Manual from 1917; U.S. Infantry and Rifle Tactics.

Shelf Two - Right to Left: Chevrons Etc; Ten Books from the First City Troop Philadelphia Calvary; 28th Infantry Division Association.

Shelf Three - Right to Left: Two Books on Regimental Archives, Not Indexed; Centennial Legion; Ribbons; First Infantry Archives, Colonel John Eyres; Patterson History; Medals; First Regiment National Guard Pennsylvania, 2003; Military Collector and Historian; Various Training Circulars, Training Manuals, Field Manuals; Book (The American Sword, 1775 - 1945); Book (West Point 1978).

Shelf Four - Right to Left: ACWG 2003; ACWG 2004; ACWG 2005; Various Field Manuals and Training Manuals; Box of Miniature Flafs; Numerous Copies of Pictures of (Mem of Iron); First World War Photo Album.

Shelf Five - Right to Left: Photo Album of World War One; Numerous Catalogs of Generic America; The 28th Division, 109th Infantry, 1822-1917; Plaque - Headquarters Pennsylvania National Guard, Presented to Major General Francis E. Jones Jr. for 32 Years of Dedicated Service to the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Presented 16 July 1984; Various Army Story Books.


# 1: Archives 1st Regiment Infantry Books # (One, Two Three, Four Five Six, Seven Eight).

# 2: Archives 1st Regiment Infantry Books # (Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve ); Archives Veterans Corps 1st Reg. Inf. N.G.P., Soldier of the Year File 1971 to 1979; Archives Veterans Corps 1st Reg. Inf. N.G.P. 1993 File, Army and Corps Insignia Collection; Archives First Regiment Infantry.

# 3: Archives Newspaper File of Original Articles covering 1919 to 1992; 103rd Engineer Battalion 1967 to 1990, Archives Anniversary Dinner Committee; Archives 1st Reg. Inf. N.G.P. Boad Minutes, Centennial Legion of Historic Commands; Archives 109th Infantry Regiment 28th Div. A.E.F. 1917 to 1918; Distentive Insignias Reference File, Empty Binder.

# 4: Extracts from Penna. Archives Second and Sixth Series, 1st Reg. Inf. Archives; 1st Reg. Inf. Archives, Battalion History LTC Ward Sept 1990 to April 1993; Battalion History Korean Conflict, Sergeant Major's Conference; Commander's Conference, Empty Binder.

# 5: Macintoh Laser 128 Info Booklet , Macintosh SE, Penna Army N.G. Commanders; and CSM Conference 22 Sept 1990, Property of 103rd Engr. 1959 to 1964; (Book) ACP 129 Confidential Communication Instructions Visual Signaling V/S Procedure; 103d Engr Bn Inf. Div. Annual Active Duty for Training 1965 Camp A.P. Hill VA; CREST, Veterans Corps, Post 7, 128 F.A. Band A.E.F. 1918 Letter Series, 33rd Division.

# 6: (C.2.87) Photo Album WWI, (F.4.258) So Proudly We Hail The History of the United; States Flag, (F.4.259) 1847-100 Years in Philadelphia - The Evening Bulletins; Anniversary Book, (F.4.260) Four Books of American History Events; (F.4.261) Dictionary of King Arthur's Knights 2001, (F.4.262.a-b) Catalogue of Old Books; Used and Out of Print, (F.4.263) Books on Military History; (F.4-264) the 40th Philadelphia Antiques Show 2001; (F.4.265) The Catalogue of Antiques and Fine Arts 2001.


# 1: Amateurs Music Library Ledger 1862, Horse Book 103d Cavalry, Picture Book of the Continental Soldier, Arms and Armorin Colonel America 1526 to 1783, Flags of Maritime Nations, Cash Book Paymaster Veterans Corps 1st Reg. Infantry N.G.P., Bible- New Testament - Protestant Version, Tactics and Regulations of the Militia, Broad Stripes and Bright Stars - Record of Pennsylvania Volunteer's in the Spanish-American War, Philadelphia in Civil War, The History of the Philadelphia Brigade, First Reg. Infantry of Penna. - Finance 15 Dec. 1979 to 30 Dec. 1983, 1st Regiment Infantry of Penna. 2 April 1973 to 8 Feb. 1979, Two (2) Books - Advance The Colors - (Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags), Small Arms of The World, 1979 Treasures Annual Report - PNB Trust Accounts - Bank Accounts - Paid Bills - Training Area Fund.

# 2: History of the Penna. Volunteers - Vol 1 - Vol 2 - Vol 3 - Vol 4 - and Vol 5, Photo Album - Post World War Two, United States Shoulder Patches, Philadelphia Military Insignias 1800 to 1851, Penna. History and Museum Grants 1997 to 1998, Grant Programs 1994 to 1995, Minutes - Veterans Corps 1st Reg. Infantry N.G.P., The CMTC Platsburger 1934.

# 3: History of the Penna. Volunteers - Vol 3 and Vol 4, Five (5) Books - First Across The Rhine Twenty Seven (27) Books - Catalogue Books of American History Events, Making a Museum - The Confessions of a Curator, Citizen Soldier, Four (4) Books Veterans Corps 95th Anniversary Dinner Program April 21,1956, Six (6) Books Veterans Corps 96th Anniversary Dinner Program April 27th 1957, Eleven (11) Books Veterans Corps 97th Anniversary Dinner Program April 19, 1958, the Battle of Kosok, Myths and Facts (Numerous Copies), The National Guardsman - The Total Force, World War Two Fighter Fury - Aces in Action, A Key to Infantry Drill 1895, The Pennsylvania Company for Insurance on Lives and Granting Anunities, Photos World War One - Earl Davis - Commander - Correspondence 1969, Paymasters Report - Vet. Corps 1st Penna.Infantry NGP 1965 to 1970.

# 4: Box containing Assorted Training Manuals, Fiels Manuals - Infantry Drill Regulation Book belonging to Charles Elock - Two (2) Vet. Corps 63rd Anniversary Dinner Programs April 19, 1924 - Sixteen (16) Vet Corps 76th Anniversary Dinner Program April 19, 1937, Preventive Maint. Monthly Manual April 1975, The U.S.S.R. Institution and People, Three (3) Displays of Brass Medals and Insignias, Box of Small Flags and 1903 Book on Flags and Banners, Snow Scrapper from Penna. Army Nalt. Guard 28th Inf. Div. Recruiting Command, 28th Inf. Div. Penna Natl.Guard Summer Encampment 1956 at Fort Indiantown Gap, Two Large Envelopes of Small Flags from different Countries, Rolled up Photos of Company 'A' for Tears 1921 - 1925 - 1925 - Company 'E' for 1918 - 1918 - 1919 - 103d Engr. Bn at Camp Hancock 1918 - Company 'B' 1919 - Camp Dix NJ 1919, War Memorial from Indanna Museum, American Portraits of a Growing Nation, (F.12.51) 103rd Engr. Company 'F' of Rifle Qualification in Regional Competition 1941 Indiantown Gap Military Reservation.

# 5: Small Box Containing Various Books: Battle De La Marne - Falcoat Protection - What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack - Catalogue Eighteen (Poetry) - Catalogue Thirteen (Autograph Letters) - The Brandywine Bugle 1973 , Loud and Clear - The Story of the Liberty Bell, The Nautical and Aviation - The Best on Military Literature, Three Books The Union League - 1862 to 1892 - 1893 - 1898, Five (5) Field Manuals - State Adjutant's Letter, German Prase Book, Veterans Corps Soldier 37th Anniversary Banquet, Leather Case Full of Flags and Information about Flags.


# 1: Uniforms of the 1st Regiment Infantry; Betson's Books; Miscellaneous Reference Information 1989; Program Books Numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15; Union League Dinner Programs for Years 1968 to 1999; Hurtgen; Lar; 118 P.V.; War of 1812 Rosters.

# 2: Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP; 1950 Roll Call 103rd Engr Bn; Curator; OCS; 1st Regiment Infantry News; 1st Regiment Infantry Xtra History Reports; 1st Regiment Infantry NGP Inc; 118th Regiment Infantry, Pennsylvania Volunteers; 1st Regiment Infantry NGP Book # 1; 1st Regiment Infantry Archives; Veterans Corps 1st Regiment Infantry Archives.

# 3: Ogsen; Kreidec; 1st Regiment Infantry Archives; Archives World War One Commendations , Citations, Battle Maps and Maps of France; Archives Veterans Corps 1st Regiment Infantry NGP, Mannequin Pictures and Records; 1st Regiment Infantry Inc; 1st Regiment Infantry Curators Reports for 1987 to 1992, 1993 to 1996, 1997 to 2000.

# 4: Curators Fund; Blank Book; Archives, Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry NGP, 100th Anniversary File; Archives, Historical Reports, 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP; Penna. Guardsman: 1st Regiment Infantry Archives; The 28th Division; Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry.

#5: Museum reference, Army Regulations; Assorted Information ; Letters from the E.T.O.,1943 to 1948 ; 1st Regular Infantry, NGP Inc; Third Regiment Infantry, NGP; Archives to be Sorted; Same; Legion; Curators Report, June 1988 to July 1991.

#6: Morning Reports for 1955; 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP Book #1; ACT; Local Armory Board; 1st Regiment NGP, History Reports; Uniforms of the Regiment; Archives, 1st Regiment Infantry, Book #7; Military Insignia Collectors; Museum Grants.


#1: V.F.W.; Fort Mifflin Data; Mack Intash Academy Pupil Manuals; Local Armory Board; Chevrons; Topographical Maps; Topographical Maps; Artillery Corps Washington Grays Old Guard, Deceased Roll

#2: Empty Binder; Extra Curators Reports; 1st Regiment Infantry NGP; Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry, 1993 File; 1st Regiment Infantry Inc.; Empty Binder; Empty Binder; Empty Binder.

#3: Empty Binder; TM 10-276, Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment, FM 21-15, Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment; Officers Mess Records, 1931, 1932, 1933, 103rd Engineers; FM 7-8, The Infantry Platoon and Squad; FM 90-10, Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (Mont); Archives, 1st Regiment Infantry NGP, TM 5-280, Foreign Mine Warfare Equipment Empty Binder; Spanish War Veteran Medals; Veterans Corps 1st Regiment Infantry NGP, Annual Dues 1988 to 1989; Locks; Regimental Stripes; Centennial Anniversary Week, 16 to 22 April 1961 (Seven); Anniversary 132nd to 149th, 101st, 104th, 117th, 121st, (Twenty)

#4: Bear Trap; Report of the Adjutant General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1966 to 1968; Stripes, Infantry; Archives, Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry NGP, Book #1; ACT; Archives, FM 5-35, Engineer Reference and Logistical Data; Insignias, All Branches of Service; Empty Binder.

#5: Mid Atlantic Regional Training Center; Archives, 1st Regiment Infantry NGP, Spanish American War 1898; School Catalog; Archives World War One, 1917 to 1918, Book #1 Archives, Army Regulations Governing Museums, Awards, Decorations and Uniforms; Archives, 1st Regiment; Empty Binder; Gray Reserve Anniversary Dinner Programs, Anniversary Dinner Programs, April 19-1919, April 19, 1920-April 19, 1921, 100th 61st, April 19, 1922-62nd April 19, 1923-63rd April 19, 1924.


#1: 1st Regiment Veterans Corps Anniversary Dinner Programs number one to fourteen .

#2: 1st Regiment Veterans Corps Anniversary Dinner Programs; 25th Infantry Division Veterans Association; Maps of 1999; Tents dated 1922; 1st regiment Infantry Letter File (1995); 1875 to 1900 News Items, Heron Copies; Status; Photo's; Signal (1956); PSG (1943); Extra Copies of Curators Report covering 1997 to 2000; Board of Officers, Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment, NGP (Aug 16, 1938); Special Meeting.

#3: 28th Infantry division 1981; 1st Regiment Museum Data (1977) Fencibles; Fencibles (1999); 1ST regiment infantry, ngp, ink (1954); 1ST Regiment Infantry, Data (1994); Archives (1999 to 2000); Condition Reports (1987); Veterans Corps 1st Regiment Infantry Anniversary Programs (1908 to 1919); 56th FriPgade, 28th Infantry Division; Photo Book; Photo Book; Part One, revolution to Rebellion, 1777 to 1860; Depart.ent of the Army, General Orders (1954).

#4: Museum Data Book (1980's), Book #1 , Book #2 , Book #3, Book #4, Book # 5 ; History of Pennsylvania Volunteers (1961 to 1965 ) ; Roster of Uniforms from 1900's t; 2000 ; 18th Pen sylvania Volunteers Infantry Photo's 81861 to 1.63) ; American Legion Post 315, Walter M. Garaty,.1981 to 2000 ;

#5: Veterans Corps Officers and Committees for Term 1943 to 1944; Photo's; 1st Army Exercise, BeDar Trap 3, (1966); Forms for 105rd Engineers Battallion Property; TM 10-701 (Dec 1945), Field Range M-1937; Yearly Membership List for Captain Walter M. Garaty Post # 315, American Legion Post (1919); Special Orders 1954 to 1975; Photo's, 1831 to 1919, Pictures and Items; Centennial Legion ( 1981 to 1993 ).


#1: Archives, World War Two, (1941 to 1945 ), Book #1; Archives, 1 Regiment Infantry, NGP (1991); Veterans Corps 1 Regiment Infantry, NGP. Menus from Union League, (1961 to 1981); Archives, 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP, Broadsides, 1860 to 1882; 103rd Engineer Battalion Honor Company, Second (2nd) Pennsylvania Contintal Line (1989 ); Archives, Pennsylvania National Guard (1985 to 1988); 103rd Engineer Battalion Book #1 (1968 to 1995).

#2: Second (2nd) Regiment Continental Line Book #1 (1987 to 1993); World War #1; American Legion, Captain Walter M. Garaty Post # 315, (1988); Archives, Skirmish Line, News Paper of the North - South Skirmish Observation (1963 to 1969); Archives, National Guard Bureau (1912 to 1990); Archives Curator Reports, 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP, (1861 to 1996); Archives, Civil War Photo's Early 1st Regiment Period (1870's).

#3: Archives, Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP, (1980 to 1989); Archives, Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Infantry, NGP, Box #2, (1861 to 1898); Archives, Army Echores, Fort Dix Bulletins (1979 to 1991); Army and Air Force Insignias (1939 to 1953); Regimental Insignias, (1939 to 1953); Regimental Crest and Insignias, (1939 to 1953); Pictures of Soldiers (1775 to 1954); Assorted Information, (1964 to 1965).

#4: Second Pennsylvania Centennial Regiment (1978); Archives, (1988 to 1992), Assorted Information; Archives, (1970's), Assorted Information; Division Insignias and Patches (1939 to 1953).

#5: Civil War Archives, (1961 to 1965) and World War One Archives, (1914 to 1918); Pennsylvania State Guard (1943 to 1945), Assorted Information; Archives, 1st Regiment Assorted Information (1911 to 1998); 1st Regiment Infantry Minutes (1986 to 1996); Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Assorted Information (1857 to 1988); Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment Assorted Information (1857 to 1988); 1st Regiment Archives of Assorted Information, (1861 to 1957); 1st Regiment Archives of Assorted Information (1970's to 1998).

#6: Cantina Legion Historical Command; 1st Regiment Infantry Archives of Assorted Information; Second (2nd) Pennsylvania Infantry and 43rd of Foot (1987 to 1995); Second (2nd) Regiment Infantry Pennsylvania National Guard, (September 1935 to 2000) of Assorted Information; Veterans Corps, 1st Regiment of Assorted Information (1960 to 2000).

Materials assembled by Joseph M. Harrison in the capacity of Curator of the 1st Regiment Museum and Regimental Historian.

Summary descriptive information on this collection was compiled in 2011-2012 as part of a pilot project conducted by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania to make better known and more accessible the largely hidden collections of small, primarily volunteer run repositories in the Philadelphia area. The Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories (HCI-PSAR) was funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

This is a preliminary finding aid. No physical processing, rehousing, reorganizing, or folder listing was accomplished during the HCI-PSAR project.

In some cases, more detailed inventories or finding aids may be available on-site at the repository where this collection is held; please contact 1st Regiment Infantry Museum directly for more information.

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This preliminary finding aid was created as part of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories. The HCI-PSAR project was made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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