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A record of accomplishments in catalytic science and technology: publications by chemists and engineers of the Houdry Process Corporation, 1942-1962


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The Houdry Process Corporation was founded in 1931 as a joint venture with the Vacuum Oil Company. Eugene Houdry discovered a process by which catalysts were used to process petroleum. By 1933 Vacuum Oil had merged with Standard Oil of New York to form Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Seeking further financial support to perfect the process, Houdry entered into an agreement with the Pews of the Sun Oil Company. This joint development agreement between Houdry Socony-Vacuum and Sun allowed for the commercialization of the Houdry Process to proceed. By March of 1937, 15,000 barrels of petroleum a day being processed at the Sun Companys Paulsboro NJ plant.

This collection consists of a 24 page computer printout of an upublished bibliography written by G. Alex Mills in 2000. The bibliography is a list of articles published by Houdry Process Corporation employees. The printout is double sided and printed in black and white and is unbound.

Source of acquisition--G. Alex Mills. Method of acquisition--Gift ;; Date of acquisition--2000..

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