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R.B. Merrifield Notebook


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Robert Bruce Merrifield was born at Fort Worth, TX on 15 July 1921. He attended UCLA and in 1949 accepted a position at Rockefeller Institute (later University) in New York City. He worked on dinucleotide and peptide growth factors and, in 1959, wrote a groundbreaking paper on what he called solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). This work led to a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1984. Robert Bruce Merrifield died in Cresskill, NJ on 14 May, 2006.

This notebook covers the period 26 May, 1959 through 25 January 1960 and sets out Merrifield's general conception of solid phase peptide synthesis.

This is a school type notebook kept by Merrifield in 1959. It is numbered "321" on the front cover.

Source of acquisition--Merrifield, Elizabeth L. . Method of acquisition--Gift ;; Date of acquisition--2008..

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