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A selection of records from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Nuclear Division


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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Science History Institute Archives. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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Both Glenn T. Seaborg and Darleane C. Hoffman served as Division Directors for the Nuclear Chemistry Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. During Seaborg's tenure many discoveries were made in the realm of the heavy elements and there were numerous controversies with the staff of the Russian facility at Dubna over priority of discovery.

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The material in the collection is fragmented. The collection contains material from Hoffman covering the 1989 Cold Fusion controversy and the naming battle with the Russians over elements 97-106. The manuscript materials from Seaborg have little research value although there are valuable photographs and items of memorabilia in the collection as a whole.

The material has been organized into two series by the primary creators; Series 1. Darleane C. Hoffman; Series 2. Glenn T. Seaborg.

There is additional material in the collection Addenda to the Records of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (I.U.P.A.C.) relating to the controversies surrounding the naming of the heavy elements 94 through 102.

Selected materials from this collection have been digitized and are available online in our Digital Collections:

Source of acquisition--Dr. Darleane C. Hoffman. Method of acquisition--gift;; Date of acquisition--2008..

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