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Papers of James Curtis Booth


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James Curtis Booth was an analytical chemist and metallurgist who spent the bulk of his professional life as an employee of the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia, where he was Chief Melter and Refiner. He also taught chemistry and partnered with Matthew Boye and later with Thomas Garretson, ran a successful analytical laboratory-cum-training school for chemists, the first institution of its kind to be opened in the United States.

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The collection falls naturally into three parts. The first and largest part concerns James Curtis Booth, his student days in Germany, and his long career at the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia. The second part contains writings, mostly letters, to and from Booth's wife and daughters. These are personal in nature. The final part contains writings by other members of Booth's family, including material by his father, George Booth, who published under the pen-name "Amyntor.".

Collection contains manuscript letters from Henry Carrington Bolton, Michael Faraday, Campbell Morfit, and Friederich Wöhler.

Purchased from Carmen D. Valentino, Book Dealer, from the former collection of Marion Sadtler Carson, collector and historian.

Selected materials from this collection have been digitized and are available online in our Digital Collections:

Source of acquisition--Carmen D. Valentino. Method of acquisition--Purchase;; Date of acquisition--2005..

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