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Williams Haynes Portrait Collection


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Williams Haynes was born on July 29, 1886 in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from high school, Haynes worked as a reporter for the New York Sun before enrolling at Johns Hopkins University in 1908, where he studied economics, biology, and chemistry. Haynes left Johns Hopkins in 1911 and went on to have a prolific career as an author and editor specializing in the chemical industry. In 1928, Haynes established the Chemical Who's Who series and served as its editor until 1951. During this time, Haynes also published several monographs on various aspects of the history of the American chemical, including Chemical Economics (1933), Men, Money, and Molecules (1935), Chemical Pioneers (1939), and This Chemical Age (1942), as well as the multi-volume American Chemical Industry: A History (1945-1954).

Over the course of his career, Haynes amassed a sizeable collection of portraits of chemists and industry notables, which he donated to the Chemists' Club of New York City in 1958. Organized in 1898 as an off-shoot of the New York City chapter of the American Chemical Society, the Chemists' Club provides networking and social opportunities for professionals in the chemical and related industries. After acquiring Haynes' trove of portraits, the Chemists' Club augmented the collection with portraits of its own members before donating the entire collection to the Chemical Heritage Foundation in 1998.

This collection consists of approximately 1,700 portraits of chemists, chemical industrialists, and notable individuals from chemical-related fields, including Robert Bunsen, Sir William Crookes, Herbert H. Dow, the Du Pont family, and Glenn Seaborg. The portraits are arranged alphabetically by subject and span the 1800s to the 1960s, though the majority of the collection dates from the first half of the twentieth century. Formal studio portraits predominate and formats include print photographs, cartes-de-viste, photogravures, silver gelatin prints, engravings, and etchings. The collection generally lacks contextual information about the individuals and their achievements, though Nobel Prize recipients and some birth and death dates are noted. The collection also includes several U.S. Army photographs depicting artillery and mortar crews during WWII.

Gift of Williams Haynes to the Chemists' Club, 1958. Transferred from the Chemists' Club to the Chemical Heritage Foundation, 1998.

Selected portraits from this collection have been digitized and are available online in our Digital

Transferred from the Chemists' Club, 1998.

Additional accession number 2003.901. Processed by Robert Hull in 2003. Object identification numbers were assigned to individual photographs.

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Collection Inventory

Abrams, Allen – Beddingfield, C.D., 1900s-1950s.
Box 1
Belcher, Verner A. – Calman, A., 1900s-1950s.
Box 2
Camp, G. Lee – Danker, Daniel J., 1900s-1950s.
Box 3
Darling, Ira C. – Eppley, Marion, 1900s-1950s.
Box 4
Esterbrooks, Frank D. – Gibbs, Josiah Willard, 1900s-1950s.
Box 5
Gibbs, Wolcott – Harrison, A.A., 1900s-1950s.
Box 6
Harrocks, Herbert – Huy, H.F, 1900s-1950s.
Box 7
Hyatt, John Wesley – Kritchevsky, Jerome, 1900s-1950s.
Box 8
Kropff, Albert H. – McMichael, Paul, 1900s-1950s.
Box 9
McMurtle, William – Mueller, William, 1900s-1950s.
Box 10
Muller, Ralph H. – Pitkin, Lucius, 1900s-1950s.
Box 11
Place, E.F.A. – Rykenbaer, Edward A., 1900s-1950s.
Box 12
Saarbach, Ludwig – Spitz, S.J., 1900s-1950s.
Box 13
Spitzer, Oscar – Van Arsdale, George D., 1900s-1950s.
Box 14
Van Cleef, Felix – Wallerstein, Max, 1900s-1950s.
Box 15
Walter, Albert – Zons, F.W., 1900s-1950s.
Box 16

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