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Ulises Carrión Address Cards


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Consists of an address book of over 1,300 index cards belonging to conceptual artist Ulises Carrión, as well as an explanation of the classification system used by Carrión to organize the cards. These cards, which Carrión referred to as his "address archive," have been updated by Carrión to include the mailings (publications, mail art, etc.) sent to each addressee. Some individuals and entities found on these address cards are Artforum, The Arts Council, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Guillermo Deisler, Robert Filliou, General Idea, Carolee Schneemann, and Printed Matter, among others. Carrión created classifications/hierarchies for these address cards, explained on two cards labeled "Vertical Signs" and "Horizontal Signs." The "Vertical Signs" and "Horizontal Signs" cards contained abbreviations Carrión used on each address card which associated artistic media and areas of specialization, respectively, with each individual or entity listed. Carrión also maintained a list of projects and publications on two other cards labeled "Mailings" and "Particular Mailings."

Materials are arranged in the order in which they were received.

Purchased from Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller in April 2023 (AM 2024-015).

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This collection was processed by Megan Bardis in September 2023. Finding aid written by Megan Bardis in September 2023, incorporating some description from the dealer.

No materials were removed from the collection during 2023 processing.

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Collection Inventory

Ulises Carrión Address Cards, 1975-1989. 2 boxes.
Scope and Contents

Contains the "Vertical Signs," "Horizontal Signs," "Mailings" and "Particular Mailings" cards. Includes the mailing information for the following individuals and entities: "A Space"; Franklin Aalders; Martine Aballea; "Abandon"; Judith Abrahms; Edgar Acevedo; H. P. Adamski; Adelaide College of Art and Education [Australia]; J. Adler; "Aérosol"; Jersie Affelder; "AGAR"; The Agent; Juan Agius; Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten [Breda]; "Album"; Alessandro ("Shède"); "Algo Parra"; Mario Allione and Mario Garosi; Annalisa Alloatti; Marcel Alocco; Alro "The Alternative Press"; Frederic Altmann; Roberto Altmann; Egidio Alvaro; Charles Amarkhanian and Barbara Law; Aracy Amaral; Matteo D'Ambrosio; Woody van Amen; Louis America; American Council for the Arts (see: P. Peterson[?]); Manuel Amigo; Amsterdamse Kunstraad; Stichting Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst; Jaroslav Andel; Erik Andersch; Eric Andersen (and Brigit Giedekier); Beth Anderson "Ear Magazine"; Holly Anderson; Peter Anderson "Embryo"; Raúl and Lene Anderson; Simon Anderson c/o Royal College of Art; Volker Anding (see: Galerie Aura); Michael Andre "Unmuzzled Ox"; M. Angioni; Mp. Anker; Xoan Anleo; "Anterem" (see: Flavio Ermini); Antro art; Ida Applebroog; Joshua Applegarth; Anne Applewhite; "AQ"; Avelino de Araújo; Natalie d'Arbeloff; "El Archivero" (Yani Pecanins/Gabriel Macotela/Armando Saenz); Roy Arden; Stichting "De Ark"; W.J. Arkenberg "La Mamelle"; John Armleder; Michael-René d'Arnal; Jón Gunnar Arnasson and Rúri; "Art Catalogues" (Dagny Corcoran); "Art in Form" (Laura J. Millin); "Art in Opposition" (see Gallingani); "Art Institute of Chicago" (Jessie Affelder); "Art Metropole"; "Art Police"; "Artes Visuales," Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City (Beatriz Moyano); "Artexte"; "Artfoot" (J. Stoll); "Artforum"; Arno Arts; "Arts Bibliographic" (Robert Self); The Arts Council; "Artseribe"; Tom van As; Carlos Asp; Atelier 63; "Atelierbericht"; Gabor Attalai [Hungary]; "Aubes" Annie Vasseur; "Audio Arts" (audio-cassettes); Audiozine Transart Inc.; Pat Aufderheide (and Steve); "Augerlander"; Gallery Aura; Australian National Gallery; Metalic Avau; Rose Avery; Mark Axelrod; Mats B.; Annette Baack "Baackscher Kunstraum"; R. P. Baacke; Vittorio Baccelli; Heimrad Bäcker; "Backworks" (Jon Hendricks/Barbara Moore); Dao Badao; Kunstcentrum "Badhuis," Nora Baeters; Kum Nam Baik, Dept. of Art, Seung Kyun Kwan Unviersity, Seoul; B. J. and Monique Bailly; Zoltan Bakos [Hungary]; Eduard Bal; Ma. Teresa Balboni and Roberto Brizza; Eugènia Balcells; Ramon Balderas Sanchez; Marco Baldini; Carel Bahth (and Tanneke Alpherts); Jacqueline Balthazar "Le Daily-Bul"; Fritz Balthaus; Barbara Baracks; Daniel Barber; Diego Barboza; Vera Chavez Barcellos; Leslie Barnett; Peter Barnett; Baron; Vittore Baroni; Petra Barreras "Museo del Barrio"; Luciano Bartolini; Luca Bartos; "The Basement Group"; Rubén Bautista; Glen Baxter; John Jack Baylin; B.B. K. (Beroepsveremiging van Beeldende Kunsteraans); Gianni Becciani; Lizzie de Bechi; Heimz Beck; Bedaux B. V.; Bedeschi (Guiseppe) and Ponzi (Paolo) ("International Archives"); Sandra van Beek/Paul Bonger; "Beeldend Theater"; Rolf Behme; Patrick Beilman (Cow Town Art); Laszlo Beke; Lucky Belder; Peter Below; Zadok Ben-David; Kazimierz Bendrowski; Enzo Benedetto; Barton Lidice Benes; Reinhard Bennecke; John M. Bennett; Mirella Bentivoglio; "Benzene"; Fátima Bercht; Neil Berecry; Jerzy Beres; Steve Beresford; Barry Berg (City of Garden Grove Art Gallery); Hans and Else ten Berge; Pierre van Berkel; Sylvia van Berkel; Prins Bernhard Fonds; Ulrich Bernhardt; Will J. Bertheux; Renate Bertlmann; Joep Betrams/Aldje Janssens; Phyllis Berwick; "Het Bestaan"; Peter van Beveren; Annibale C. Bianchi; Michael Biberstein; Bibliothèque dArt et d'Archéologie [Switzerland]; Bibliothèque Nationale [de France] (Mme. F. Woimant); Mike Bidner; Ania Bien/Kees Hodde; "Bile Magazine"; Bill Bissett; Daniël Billiet; "Bizarre Angel"; Julien Blaine; Manon Blanchette The Banff Centre; Guy Bleus; Mark Bloch; Edition Block; Cor Blok; Carel Blotkamp; Philip Boas; Museum Bochum (Michael Fehr); Jan Bodde; Saskia de Bodt; Klaus Boegel; Marius Boender; Peter de Boer; Waling Boers; Jan de Boever; [Marinus] Boezem; Nenad Bogdanovic; Josien Bokhoven; Peter Bokros; Atelier Bonanova (see: Mata); Eugenio Bonet; Régis Bonvicino; Rudolf Bonvie; Bert Boogaard; The Book Bus (see: J. Flaherty); "Bookspace" (Miles DeCoster/Tom Broderick); Filip Bool; Rommert Boonstra; Ron Boonstra; Gabriel Borba [Filho]; Joan Borgman; Maris Borillo; Wiestaw Borowski; Jean-François Bory; Joop Bos; Franceso del del Bosco/Fabrizio Vareses; "Bosgarren"; Boston College Gallery; Bickhard Botlinelli; Bart Boumans; Christophe Bourseiller; Brian P. Bower; Don Boyd Fluxus West; Brad Brace; Tony Bradley; Joaquim Branco; "Totem"; Liesbeth Brandt Corstins/Kees Bros; Pieter Brattinga; Herman Braun (Fluxus collector); Terry Braunstein; Hans Breder Univ. of Iowa; Heinz Breloh; Hannah Bremer (see: Kryptogame); Jaap Brenner; Ingrid Bres and Marius Quee; George Brett; "Brick" Nairn (Stan Drayland); David Briers "Pages"; Jackie Brody "Print Collector's Newsletter"; Gianni Broi; A. A. Bronson; Dieter Brookmann; Bazon Brosk; José U. d. Broucke; Mariette Brouwers; Bruce Brown; Cee Brown Performance Artists Archives; Kathan Brown "Crown Point Press"; Jean Brown (Archive); Paul Brown; Ron Brownson Art Research Library [New Zealand]; Ciarlone Bruno; Carol Bruns "Fifty-four Pages"; Paulo Bruscky; Wojciech Bruszewski; Charlton Buch "Third Story"; David Buchan; "Buchhandlung" Hilka Nordhausen; Willy Buchholz; Pavel Büchler; Ernst Buchwalder; Bull Infos; L. Bunse; "Bureau de l'Art"; Peter Burgess; Büro Berlin; "Bus Plunge"; Bruno Bussmann; Maris Bustamente; Francel Butler; Russell Butler [Arkansas]; Henryk Bzdok; Richard C. (Craven); Judith Cohen; CAIRN; Maurizio Camerani; Carl Camu; Sam Cannarozzi; Arthur and Corinne Cantrill; Captain Collage; Jorge Caraballo [Uruguay]; Michel Cardena; Octavio Cardozo (and Nena); Gilmar Cardozo; Carioca (Carrie Carlton); Eugene Carl; Tony Carruthers; Paul Carter; Beniamino Carucci; Luciano Caruso; "Cassetera"; Nello Cataldo; Jose Luis Castillejo; Luis Catriel; Bo Carefors; Guglielmo Achille Cavellini; Canobio Visualita; Gabriella Censi; "Centre d'art Contemporain" [Geneva, Switzerland]; Centre de documentació d'art actual [Barcelona, Spain]; "Ceofrith Press"; C. E. P. A.; Theresa Hak Kyung Cha; Bill Chambers; Joëlle Charian; Cozette de Charmoy; Bruno Chiarlone ("Corto Circuito N. Zero"); Sang-Hyun Cho [Seoul, Korea]; Henri Chopin; George Chrest; John Christie; Carlo Giovanni Cicatelli; Javier Cinca; Moacy Cirne; Daniele Ciullini; Jean Clareboudt; Hans Clavin; Buster Cleveland; Cleveland Inst. Of Art (att. Mrs. Karen T. Schudy); "Coach House Press" Rick Simon; Bob Cobbing; Ryosuke Cohen [Japan]; Robin Cohen; Sas Colby; David Cole; Collation; Libreria Colonese (specialist in Futurist publications); Norman B. Colp; Erik Colpaert; Annette Cone-Skelton; "Constant Art/Changing System"; "Contact Music Magazine"; E. E. Content; Carlo Marcello Conti; Geoffrey Cook; "Cookie Press"; "Copyright"; D. J. Corcoran; Michel Corfu; Johan Cornelissen; Philip Corner; "Corps de Garde"; Nanni Cortassa; Cow Town Art; Cracker Jack Kid; Mike Crane ("Running Dog Press"); P. Creemers; Phil Crepain; "Criss-Cross"; Ricardo Cristobal; Liesbeth Crommelin; Ron Croworoft; Anna Crowell; Robin Crozier; Tito Cruls; Natale Cuciniello; Robert Cumming; Barbara Cushman; Mr. Cuttlefish; Simon Cutts; Dorit Cypis; Albrecht D.; Daniel Daligand; Ineke van Dam; Johannes van Dam; Clys Dana (Horus); Betty Danon; Si Dardick; "Darling Darlene"; Wally Darnell; "Data"; "Dataskil" (Tom Kinkowstein); Francis David; Peter M. David Gallery (Ross A. Sussman) [Minneapolis]; Ben Davis; Douglas Davis; "Galeria December"; Tjeerd Deelstra; Guillermo Deisler; "Deja Vu" (Diana Kehlmann); Philipe Deleglise (and Anouk Crossot); Nick Demartino; Denmark; "La Derive"; Mirtha Dermisache [Argentina]; John Desailly; Danny Devoz; Mario Diacono; "Il Diaframma"; Diagramma/Luciano Inga-Pin; Wlademir Dias-Pino; Juan Luis Diaz; "Dier"; Paula van Dyk; Pier van Dyk; Wouter Dyk; Braco Dimitrijevic; Rosalind Dimon-Van der Kloof; Remy Dios; Marcello Diotalleni; Eugenis Dittborn; Rolf Dittmar; "Documentazione Arti Visive"; Bonnie Donohue; Doo Daaa Newspaper; Peter Downsbrough; Jorge Dragon; Ferruccio Dragoni; Uwe Dressler (and Katharina Ehrich); Jerry Dreva; Charles Dreyfus; Mary Dritschel; Stanislaw Drozdz; Johanna Drucker; Michael Druks; "Dry"; Leonhard Frank Duch; Patrick Duffey; Francois Dufrene; John Duncan; Michel Duquette; Nino Tommaso Durante; Steven Durland; "Centrum Dziekanka"; Grzegorz Dziamski; Nigel Earthy; Eaton/Shoen Gallery; David Ebony Gallery [New York City]; Carlos Echeverry; Rob Edelman The American Film Institute; J. M. Edelstein Chief Librarian National Gallery of Art; P. J. M. van der Eeden; R. van Eek; Felipe Ehrenberg/Lourdes Grobet; Nicolaus Einhorn; G. M. Eirich; Claes Ejdemyr; Werven Elbrecht; Eric Elgherabli; Jürgen Elsässer; "Embryo" (Peter Anderson); E. M./Media; Ruud Engelander; Leif Eriksson; Michael and Uta Erlhoff; Tania Erlij; Flavio Ermini; "Erres" Isa Delord; Fred Escher; Pablo Espinoza Vera; Barbara Ess; "Etcetera"; Eulalia; Jimmy Evans; C. J. Evans; Lee Ewing; "Ex-Libris" (Arthur Cohen); Experimental Art Foundation; Valie Export; E. E. F. (Eyes and Ears Foundation); Marcelo Expozito; Hans Eykelboom; Giorgio Fabbris; "Facade"; John Faichney; "Faits Divers"; Arturo G. Fallico; Joe Fang; Rúri Fannberg; F. A. R. (Foundation for Art Resource Inc.); M. Fariello; Derek Faulkner; "The Fault" Ian Tenty; F. W. Faxon Company, Inc.; Samuel Feijoo; Hans-Peter Feldmann; M. and T. Felguerez; J. W. Felter; P. C. Fencott; Julia A. Fenton; Atlanta Art Workers Coalition; Ferró; Robert Filliou; Fiat al Müvészek Klubja; Peter Finch; Jim Findlay; A. M. Fine; "Fine Print"; Finnair; Allen Fischer; Hervé Fischer; Joel Fischer; Robert Fischer; Pat Fisch; S. Fishbein; Five/Cinq Aesthetics Ltd.; Joe Flaherty; Peter Flischman; Irena Flis; Aaron Flores; Victor Manuel Flores; Henry Flynt; Museum Fodor; Taden de Fonseca Junges; Giovanni Fontana; Fred Forest; Maria Cecilia Forton; Prof. M. Fraccaro; "Fragile"; Kiki Franceschi; Filip Francis; Harley Francis; Nicola Frangione; Peter Frank; Cees Franke; "Franklin Furnace" (Martha Wilson); Piet Franzen; Sean Fraser; Brad Freeman; Rob La Frenair/Martine Mayes; Helgi Porgils Fridjonsson; Ken Friedman; Erika and Otto Friedrich; Georg Fritsh; William Furlong; John Furnival; "Fuse"; Fylkingen; "G7 Studio"; Lucio Gacina; Bill Gaglione and Darling Darlene; Henryk Gajewski; Jesus Galdamez Escobar; Gyorgy (and Julia) Galantai; Peggy Gale; "Galeria"; Galerie im Taxispalais; Galleria d'Arte Nuova; Gallery without a Gallerist; Alberto Gallingani; David Garcia and Annie Wright; Fernando Garcia Sevilla; E. Garnet "Impulse"; Alexandre Garrett "Beyond Baroque"; Nancy Garuba; Ron Gasowski; Walter Gaspari; Hanski Gebert; Anna Bella Geiger; Istvan B. Geller; Johan van Geluwe; "General Idea"; Nicole Genetet-Morel "Art Present"; Bob George; Robin George; "Gepein"; Jochen Gerz; Paul-Armand Gette; Sara Gibert; Kryn Giezen; Gifreu; Randy Giles; Kenneth Gill; Jane Gilmor; Gino Gini; Lily van Ginneken; Michel Giroud; Rolf Glasmeier; Marek Glogowiec; Jorge Glusberg; Anthony Gnazzo; Mr. Gobel "Neue Galerie"; Lionel Godart; Klaus Goheling; Rich Gold; Rochelle Goldberg; School of the Art Institute [Chicago]; Maurizio Goldoni; Antonio Gomez; Gonzala/Rit; David Goodstein; Erin Goodwin; Maya Gordon; Ludwig Gosewitz; Claudio Goulart/Diogenes Grocco; Urs and Rös Graf; Ivald Granato; Tom J. Gramse; Flavio Grassi; Thomas Gravemaker; Antje von Gravenitz; Nicole Gravier; Roy Grayson; Lily Greenham; "Nigel Greenwood Bookshop"; Dominique Gregoire "Goddog Press"; Peggy Ellen Gregory; Gretta (Sarfaty); John Greyson; Frank Thomas Gribling; Jullia Griffiths; C. A. Groenendyk/T. Holt; Klaus Groh; Groninger Museum; Lex de Groot; Paul Groot; Michael Groschop; Manfred Grossmann and Cornelia Reis; Hermann Gruber "Mail-Art Archive"; "Gruppo Alternativo"; Massimo Gualtieri; Luis Guardia Neto; G. Guben ("Appa Appa"); Giampaolo Guerini; Mauricio Guerrero; Caprano Guido; Galleri Guld; Andrew Gunz; Ernie Gusella; Graciela Gutièrrez Marx; Pedro J. Gutiérrez; Helfried Hagenberg; Horst Hahn; Frans Haks; Alan Halsey; Richard Hambleton; Robert Handforth; Sten Hanson; Happy New Art Gallery; Mary Harding; Plassum Harel; Dick Harmson; Harris Graphics; John P. Hartham Keeper of the Library Victoria and Albert Museum; "Hart-Slag"; Kiyoshi Haruyama [Japan]; Henrik Have "After Hand"; Martha Hawley; Richard Hayman; David Hecht; M. J. Hecht; Jockel Heenes; Carina Heden; Ron Heglin; Alex Heibel; Bernard Heidbieck/Francoise Janicot; Harry Jeijink; Willemien en Piet Hein v. d. Brandhof; Lyn Hejinian; Jonathan Held; Skuta Helgason and Martina Simona; Scott Helmes; Jon Hendricks; Geoff Hendricks/ Brian Buczak; Marten Hendriks (and Elly); "Heretic"; Ragna Hermannsdottir; Lien Heyting; Peter Hiess; Dick Higgins; E. F. Higgins; "High Performance" Linda Burnham; Pati Hill; Steve Hitchcock "Cabaret Voltaire"; Ludo Hoes; Judith Hoffberg "Umbrella"; Ton Hokken; Jim Hol "The Agent"; Pieter Holstein; S. R. Holtzmann; Marek Holynski; Peter Homeyer; Davi Det Hompson; Roger D'Hondt "New Reform Gallery"; Riza Honest; Harry Hoogstraten/Susanne Hahn; Centrum t' Hoogt; Nan Hoover; Else M. Hooykaas; Tohei Horiike [Japan]; Pete Horobin; Dulce Horta; "Horus"; Sue Horvitz "The Philadelphian"; Per Hovdernak; "Edition Howeg"; Joël Hubaut; Joseph Wolfgang Huber/Karla Sachse; Pierre-Alain Hubert; Fondation Claude Nicolas Ledoux; Hudinilson Jr.; F. W. Huebach "Interfunktionen"; James R. Hugunin "Phenomenological Artworks"; Gerard Huisman; Hetti Huisman and Grietha Jurriens; Sipke Huismans; Edition Hundertmark; Petra van Hulzen; Humble Hummel (Homeyer); HYPE World H. Q. (J. P. Jacob); "Image Bank"; Franz Immoos; "Impulse"; "Informazione"; Arni Ingolfsson; "Interfunktionen"; "Intermedia"; International Cultureel Centrum; "Interstate"; Marc Isphording; Sanja Ivekobic; Robert Jacks; J. P. Jacob; Steffen Jacob; Servie Janssen; David Jekel; Birger Jesch; Dick Jewell; Susanna John/Dieter Cöllen; James Johnson; Philip Johnson; Ray Johnson; Tom Johnson "Two-Eighteen Press"; Tim Jones; Ko de Jonge; A. Jorczak; Alberto Jose; Robert Joseph; Jacques Juin; Taden Junges; "Just Another Asshole"; "Kalamiteit"; Bruce Kalberg; Hans-Werner Kalkmann; T. Kantor; Ulli Katlenstroth; Leandro Katz; Werner F. J. 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K.; Suzanne Lacy; Magda Lagerwerf-van Willigen; Maria Lagunes; L. A. I. C. A. Journal; Lalaland; Menchu Lamas; R. J. Lambert; Karin M. H. Lambrecht; Lamella Distribution; Brian Lane; Bert H. Lange; Carel Lanters and Lee eun Young; Mario Lara (and Shat Lepor); Gerald Jupiter-Larsen; "Laughing Bear" (Tom Person); Thorbjorn Lausten; Steven Paul LaVoie; Julia Lazar; "L. B. T."; Michael Leaman; Studio LeClair; Gerry Leewes; Mike Leggett (and Deborah); Betty Leirner; Jacqueline Leirner; Andrár Lengyel; (Shat Lepor); Georges Levantis; Elsja Lewin; Ronald Lewin; C. L. Lewis; "Liaison"; Peter van Lieshout; John Liggins; "Lightworks" [Ann Arbor]; James Lineham; Tomek Lipinski; A. Lionel-Marie (Mme), Bibliothécaire, C. G. 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Berry, GA; Peter Meyer; Eugenio Miccini; Rolando Mignani; Dorine Mignots; Ken Mikolowski "The Alternative Press"; Richard Milazzo "O. O. L. P. Press"; Karel Miler; Gerry Miller; Uncle Don Milliken; Enzo Minarelli; "Minimal Rock" (Roberto Fischer); Gerald Minkoff; Richard Minsky; Antoni Miralda; "Mislaid Information"; Steffen Missmahl; Bill Mitchell; Bill Mitchell; C. Patrick Mitchell; "Mixage" (Joël Hubaut); Jun Mizukami (F. A. I. N.); Modern Art Gallery (Grietta Insam/Herbert); Moderna Museet (The Bookshop) [Stockholm. Sweden]; Mohammed (Plinis Mesciulam); Kees Mol; Yigal Moldavsky; Mark Molenaar; Michael Mollet "Mollet's Postcard Garden"; Greta Monach; "Montevideo" (Annie Gentils, Katlendykdok West); Alan Moore; Barbara Moore; Stephen Moore and Ann T. Rosenthal; Jozias Benedicto de Moraes Neto; Emilio Morandi; Robert Morgan; Niland B. Mortimer "Cooperative Printing Program); David Moss; Jorge Mourao; W. Moser/H. 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