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Greenhills (Pa.) Slate Quarry Ledger


Held at: Lehigh University Special Collections [Contact Us]Lehigh University, Linderman Library, 30 Library Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18045

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Greenhills Slade Quarley (Slate Quarry) apparently was located in Slatington, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. In the 19th century two Welshmen, believed to be Owen Jones and William Roberts, established the first local slate quarry on farm land leased from Jonas Kern. They are credited as being the discoverers of the slate beds in the Slatington area based on the dates of their finding the slate beds. They set up in 1845 a quarry and in 1847 a factory was established known as the Lehigh Slate Co. Slatington was incorporated as a borough in 1864. The spelling of slade and quarley as recorded in this ledger perhaps is a variation of Welsh language spelling. In his obituary, Zechariah Thomas is credited as the "man who opened the first slate quarry in Lehigh" but this is somewhat an exaggeration. He was born in Wales August 31, 1824 and came to this country in 1851. He worked in the west securing employment on a steamer plying a route between St. Louis and Memphis. Tiring of this life he went to live in Milwaukee and learning soon after about the development of slate industry along the Blue Mountain in Lehigh County, came to Slatington sometime after 1851to see about the chances of engaging in the slate mining business. He died February 20, 1893 in Washington Township, Lehigh County. The first ledger page is "titled" Zechariah Thomas in Account with A. Dorward & Company. The first page of the ledger lists "Greenhills Slade Quarley" as being in business as of 1872 and the number of square feet of slate shipped and furnished by Zechariah Thomas over the years beginning 1872 to 1876 under his account name. The Dorward family was prominent in the area and carried Zechariah Thomas on their mercantile accounts noting not only the slate he was hauling on their behalf but also the selling of farm products such as butter (boter) and eggs. Many farms in the area not only farmed the land but had slate mines on their properties. Many of the family names listed in the ledger are of long established settlers in Lehigh County and were carried for many years from 1872 to 1889 as noted in the entries.

Bour (Bower?), John Brenringer, Thomas Brifogel. Peter Diberd, Frank Docherty, William Dorward, Alfred (1845-1906) Dorward, Alvena (wife of Wilson Steel) Dorward, Charles O. (1815-1878) Dorward, Elias Dorward, Liddia (Lidia/Lydia) nee Peters Dorward, Occa (Oska) Dorward, Phaeon Dorward, Robberd (Robert?) Dorward, Wilson Eberd, David Fullviles, Henry Gilberg, William Griffith, Frank Haak, Griffid Handwerk, Aaron (husband of Susan Dorward) Hoak, Griffied Hoats, George Huys, David Jones, Robberd (Robert?) Keemer, Jeramia Kemery, Daniel Kern, Roberd (Robert?) Kershner, Jeramia Kimes, Jesse B. Krause, Uriah Krause, William Krum, Harsen H. Kunter, Tilmon Lewis, Richard Marres, William Meeter, Harson Moyer, Justus Oswald, Jeramia Oswald, John Pauleaus?, Nano? Pauley, John Pauley, Samuel Pauley, William Peter, Aaron Peter, Ezra Pritcherd, Grified C. Rader, Frederic Ready, John Roath, Elias Robberts (Roberts?), John Shery, Phaon Smith, Cathrin ? Smith, Edwin (Edween) Smith, Frank Smith, James Smith, Lewis Snyder, John Snyder, Josiah Steel, Wilson (see Alvena Dorward) Straley (Strahley), Lewis (husband of Elizabeth Dorward) Thomas, Richard Thomas, Zechariah (1824-1893) Wannamaker (Wanermaker),John Waress (Wassum?), Regal Weaver, V. W. Weiss, David Williams, Orion Williams, Tommes

The collection comprises a single general mercantile ledger listing a number of family names who did business on account with A. Dorward & Company.

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Description of Ledger, 1872-1895.
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The ledger measures 32 x 14 cm of marbled paper in shades of brown paper over board covers with green leather spine with three sets of double bands in gold and the number 3 at the very lowest edge.

The ledger contains 100 pages of blue and pink lined pages loosely bound in the spine. Although Greenhills Slade Quarley and Zechariah Thomas are listed as the first item in the ledger, there are many mercantile entries of pioneering families in Lehigh County doing business with A. Dorward & Co. It is more likely that the ledger is of the A. Dorward & Co. business rather than the Greenhills Slade Quarley.

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