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Anne Hampton Brewster papers


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Anne Hampton Brewster (1818-1892) was an American novelist, journalist and foreign correspondent. She defied familial and social conventions by converting to Catholicism, suing her brother for her share of their mother’s estate, emigrating to Rome, supporting herself financially, and not marrying. Brewster preferred an independent life and supported herself as a writer. After 1868, she lived in Rome, Italy and wrote articles about Italian art, architecture, archaeology, political events and social gossip for numerous American newspapers. Brewster continued to write until her death, publishing three novels, seven pieces of nonfiction, fifty-two short stories, and four poems, along with her many newspaper articles.

Anne Hampton Brewster was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1818 to Maria Hampton and Francis Enoch Brewster. She had one older brother, Benjamin Harris Brewster, who became an accomplished civil lawyer and served as Attorney General of the United States during Chester A. Arthur’s presidency. Anne’s father abandoned the family in 1834, to live with his mistress and their two sons. He provided minimal support to Anne and her mother, forcing them to rely heavily on Benjamin. As a result, Anne found herself managing her brother’s household. Anne maintained an ambivalent relationship with her brother throughout her life.

In fact, according to author Denise M. Larrabee, Brewster was also ambivalent about her place in the world as a woman, finding it difficult to reconcile her desire for independence and her inclination to write with her own Victorian values. Over the course of her life, however, independence became her predominant desire, one she ultimately achieved through writing.

According to Larrabee, this ambivalence was displayed in her use of a pseudonym, Enna Duval, at the start of her writing career. Between 1845 and 1849, Brewster published at least twenty-two short stories. All her protagonists were women, and the stories shared a common theme: “Marriage brings happiness only if one marries for love, not financial security,” (Larrabee, p. 11). In 1849, she published her first book, a novella titled Spirit Sculpture, and her first poem, “New Year Meditation,” was published in Graham’s Magazine. After the publication of “New Year Meditation,” she was hired by Graham’s as an editor, a post she held until 1851.

It was after Anne’s father died in 1854 that she began her efforts for financial independence in earnest. Maria Hampton Brewster, her mother, died the year before, a tremendous personal loss for Anne. Maria left Anne her entire estate, per an understanding with her husband that stated Maria could dispose of her pre-marriage assets as she saw fit. However, Anne’s father reneged on the agreement, and left his entire estate, including Maria Hampton Brewster’s assets, to his two illegitimate sons. Anne’s brother, Benjamin, eventually convinced his half brothers to share the inheritance. Benjamin, however, retained control of Anne’s share. Completely dissatisfied with this arrangement, Anne took her brother to court. They battled in court for years; Anne eventually lost and Benjamin retained control of her inheritance.

Despite these legal issues, the 1850s proved a successful and exciting decade for Brewster. To begin with, between 1851 and 1857, she published four short stories. Then in 1857, leaving the matter of her lawsuit in the hands of a friend and lawyer, Charles F. Thomas, Brewster traveled to Italy and Switzerland. In Europe, she spent her time reading, writing, and studying French, German, and Italian. She returned to America in August of 1858, settled in Bridgeton, New Jersey, and supported herself by writing and teaching music and French. In 1859, Brewster wrote and published numerous short stories in Harper’s Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, "Peterson’s Magazine", Dwight’s Journal of Music and The Knickerbocker. She also published the novel Compensation. By this time, she had more confidence in her writing and abandoned use of her pseudonym. In 1866, she published her second novel, St. Martin’s Summer.

In 1868, Brewster returned to Italy, where she would stay for the rest of her life. To help support herself in Rome, Anne wrote weekly or monthly articles about Italian art, architecture, archaeology, political events and social gossip for American newspapers. Most notably, she wrote for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin and Boston Daily Advertiser. Her newspaper articles gained attention, and she became prominent in artistic circles in Rome. She hosted a weekly salon where she entertained other famous writers and musicians of the day, and she developed close relationships with many of them.

Brewster was able to fully support herself in Italy, though she was not without financial worries. Income generated from her inheritance fluctuated from year to year, and in some years she needed to write more to compensate. Then, in the 1880s, she began to lose her newspaper engagements. Journalism in America was changing, and her contributions as well as her writing style were becoming antiquated. Her financial situation forced her to move to Sienna, Italy, where it was significantly less expensive to live. Though she missed Rome, she remained in affordable Sienna, still valuing her independence above all else. While there, she published one last article in the magazine Cosmopolitan, about her life in Sienna. She died in 1892.


Larrabee, Denise M. Anne Hampton Brewster: 19th Century Author and “Social Outlaw”. Philadelphia: Library Company of Philadelphia, 1992.

For a more detailed description of Anne Hampton Brewster’s life and this collection, Larrabee's entire article is available through Google books at:

The Anne Hampton Brewster papers dates from 1777 to 1892, with the majority of the materials dating from 1845 to 1892. The materials primarily consist of diaries, journals, commonplace books, correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes about her writings and drafts of her writings. The materials document Anne Hampton Brewster’s personal life with friends and family, as well as her professional life as a journalist and writer.

The papers are divided into thirteen series: “Personal correspondence,” “Diaries and journals,” “Commonplace books,” “Copybooks,” “Drafts of articles, literature and nonfiction,” “Miscellaneous personal papers and ephemera,” “Printed publications and newspaper articles,” “Manuscripts and printed materials of authors,” “Correspondence collection,” “Newspaper clippings,” “Autograph collection,” “Mary Howell collection of correspondence with Anne Hampton Brewster” and “Carpenter correspondence.”

The series “Personal correspondence” consists of incoming letters and notes, and two outgoing letters, all dating from 1857 to 1882. They are arranged in alphabetical order according to the correspondent’s last name, with the exception of two folders at the end of the series, consisting of unsorted materials labeled “Miscellaneous correspondence.” The correspondence includes letters from friends and colleagues, including painter and poet Thomas Buchanan Read; author Amelia Edwards; poet Joaquin Miller; and editor, poet and sculptor William Wetmore Story. There are also letters from other notable individuals, including archaeologist Rodolfo Lanciani, Confederate soldier and Florida senator William Wing Loring, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and publisher Joshua B. Lippincott. The letters evidence the exchange of artistic ideas between Anne Hampton Brewster and her friends and colleagues as well as their friendship. Visiting cards are attached to many of the letters, some of which are annotated.

The series “Diaries and journals” contains twenty-five diaries and journals and one fragment of a journal, all dating from 1845 to 1892. They are arranged in chronological order and there are no gaps in the date span. The diaries and journals offer a look into Anne Hampton Brewster’s life, opinions, and feelings. They reveal information about her relationship with her mother and brother, her relationship with actress Charlotte Cushman, her conversion to Catholicism and relationship with god. Also included in this series are various loose newspaper clippings, poems, drawings and visiting cards, which were originally found within the pages of the diaries. The series “Commonplace books” dates from 1845 to 1892 and consists of seventy volumes and two fragments of volumes. The volumes are arranged in chronological order and there are no gaps in the date span. In her commonplace books, Brewster recorded cooking recipes, financial information, quotations, notes for articles, poetry and newspaper clippings. Entries pertain to a number of different topics, such as history, Rome, the Pope and archeology. Like her diaries, Brewster kept loose newspaper clippings, poems, drawings and visiting cards within the pages of her commonplace books. Those materials, though they have been removed from the pages of the books, are also housed in the series.

The series “Copybooks” dates from circa 1844, and from 1869 to 1888. The copybooks contain handwritten copies of Anne Hampton Brewster’s articles printed in various publications. The copybooks are arranged in alphabetical order according to newspaper or publication. Copies of articles written for newspapers such as the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), Boston Daily Advertiser, and Chicago Daily News are heavily represented.

The series “Drafts of articles, literature and nonfiction” dates from 1856 to 1889. It includes handwritten drafts of Anne Hampton Brewster’s published and unpublished works of fiction, nonfiction, a poem, translations, newspaper articles, notes and other drafts. The works are arranged in this order and they are arranged alphabetically within those groups. In particular, there is a draft for Brewster’s nonfiction work, Christina of Sweden; her fictional, The Magic Gate of the Villa Palombara; and portions of her book, Saint Martin’s Summer. The series also includes writings recollecting Brewster’s voyage to Europe in 1868. Much of the work, both fiction and nonfiction, deals with Rome and Europe.

The series “Miscellaneous personal papers and ephemera” dates from 1850 to 1882, although many materials in the series are undated. The series consists of thirty-one folders, mostly containing single items, which relate to papers found elsewhere in the collection. As such, all researchers are advised to review this series in any search. Included are various visiting cards, poems and poem fragments, some newspaper clippings, handwritten lists of books and various other materials related to religion and Rome. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order according to folder title.

The “Printed publications and newspaper articles” series includes newspaper clippings and articles written by Anne Hampton Brewster that were published between 1853 and 1888. The first seven articles are arranged in alphabetical order by title and are filed individually. The headings “Foreign correspondence” and “Newspaper clippings” follow and are arranged generally in chronological order (papers within files are NOT in chronological order). Under “Foreign correspondence” are articles dealing solely with Brewster’s career as an American correspondent in Rome. Under “Newspaper clippings” there are filed works by Brewster, but there are also a few articles from other authors. For a related series, see “Newspaper clippings,” which contains articles by Brewster and other authors that she saved. The “Manuscripts and printed materials of other authors” series consists of sixteen items that include copies of works, manuscripts, and signed poems of other authors, many with whom Brewster was affiliated. Authors represented include painter and poet Thomas Buchanan Read and poet Joaquin Miller. For related material on these individuals, researchers should also review series “Personal correspondence,” “Diaries and journals,” and “Correspondence collection.” The items date from 1869 to 1886 and are arranged in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name.

The “Correspondence collection” series dates from 1791 to 1892; there are also undated materials. The series contains twenty-two letters, which Brewster collected. The letters are arranged in alphabetical order according to last name of the person who wrote the letter. The letters include correspondence with poet-painter Thomas Buchanan Read, poet Joaquin Miller and others. Of interest within the series is a signed copy of a letter from George Washington to James Madison.

The series “Newspaper clippings” contains hundreds of articles written by Anne Hampton Brewster and others, published in various American, French and Italian newspapers from 1835 to 1890. The articles are primarily about Rome, European social life, European politics and religion. One folder contains newspaper clippings about the death of Brewster’s brother, Benjamin Harris Brewster. The articles are arranged in chronological order by folder; clippings are not arranged within folders. For related materials regarding Anne Hampton Brewster’s writings, see also “Printed publications and newspaper articles.”

The series “Autograph collection” dates from 1777 to 1872, and includes items collected by Anne Hampton Brewster from notable people and historical events. There is correspondence, locks of hair from notable individuals’ heads, stamps from the Confederate states, currency from the Continental and Confederate states, a draft of the first section of the Emancipation Proclamation and papers relating to the purchase of this draft. The papers, which were at one time bound into a volume owned by Brewster, are now removed from the volume and individually foldered. They are arranged in what was most likely the order in which they were originally bound, which has no discernable order. There is also an autograph album filed at the end of the series.

The series “Mary Howell collection of correspondence with Anne Hampton Brewster” contains 138 letters dating from 1854 to 1868 that were saved by Mary Howell from Anne Hampton Brewster. The letters mostly pertain to Brewster’s life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Bridgeton, New Jersey. The two women, both originally from Philadelphia, were close friends. Their correspondence reflects this friendship, including many intimate discussions regarding abolitionists, love, men, politics, race and careers. The letters detail Brewster’s intimate relationships with actress Charlotte Cushman and Mary Howell. They also discuss her mother’s death and her mixed emotions about living with her brother. The last letter in this series, “Letter to Howell, Mary from Daniels, C.J.” was included in the collection but appears unrelated to Anne Hampton Brewster. The series “Carpenter correspondence” was included with the accession of the “Mary Howell collection of correspondence with Anne Hampton Brewster.” The letters date from 1872 to 1888 and include correspondence between Harriet Odin Dorr Carpenter (“Kitty”) and her husband James Edward Carpenter, and a letter from Louis H. Carpenter to Harriet Odin Dorr Carpenter. They were included because Anne Hampton Brewster, while living in Rancocas, New Jersey, where the Carpenters lived, mentioned the Carpenters in her letters.

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Collection Inventory

Letter to Brewster, Benjamin Harris (this is the last letter to her brother before his death, unreceived), 1888 March 28.
Box 1 Folder 1
Letter to Tincker, Mary Agnes, 1879 July 16.
Box 1 Folder 2
Armellini, J. (Signed letter), 1870 March 29.
Box 1 Folder 3
Armellini, J. (Note), undated.
Box 1 Folder 4
Blackwood, John (Signed letters), 1878 July 7, 1878 July 28, 1879 July 5.
Box 1 Folder 5
Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth (Signed letter), 1882 December 12.
Box 1 Folder 6
Brewster, Benjamin Harris (Letter), circa 1850s-1860s.
Box 1 Folder 7
Bridgeman, Frederic Arthur (Signed letter), 1877 November 7.
Box 1 Folder 8
Bull, Sara (Signed letter with enclosure "Criticism and Pagannini" by Ole Bull), 1882 February 13.
Box 1 Folder 9
Campbell, Juliet H. L. (Signed letter), 1861 May 3.
Box 1 Folder 10
Capel, Monsignor (Signed letter with visiting cards), 1883.
Box 1 Folder 11
Castellani, Alejandro (Signed note on a visiting card), 1877 May 31.
Box 1 Folder 12
Charette, Antoinette Polk (Signed letters), undated.
Box 1 Folder 13
Waters, Clara Erskine Clement (Signed letter), 1882 March 8.
Box 1 Folder 14
Cowden-Clarke, Mary (Signed letter), 1881 February 10.
Box 1 Folder 15
de Salms, Elisabeth (Signed letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 16
Edwards, Amelia B. (Signed letters with one envelope), 1871 December 31, 1872 January 13, 1873 November 15.
Box 1 Folder 17
Eikerling, J. C. (Signed letter), 1871 August 29.
Box 1 Folder 18
Elmer, Charles E. (Signed letter), 1859 October 24, 1859 November 20, 1859 December, 1859 December 14, 1859 December 30, 1860 October 21.
Box 1 Folder 19
Ferrari, E. (Signed letter), 1880 May 29.
Box 1 Folder 20
Fields and Osgood, C. (Signed letter), 1869 July 21.
Box 1 Folder 21
Godard, Benjamin (Signed letter), 1880 May 23.
Box 1 Folder 22
Goddard, D. A. (Signed letter), 1870 May 3.
Box 1 Folder 23
Loring, Sarah Dana (Signed letter with lines by Baron Visconti from Greenough), undated.
Box 1 Folder 24
Haven, Alice B. (Signed letter with envelope), undated.
Box 1 Folder 25
Hohnstock, [?] (Letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 26
Hohnstock, Adele (Signed letters with visiting card), undated.
Box 1 Folder 27
Hohnstock, Karl (Signed letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 28
Hohnstock, Minna (Signed letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 29
Hosmer, Harriet G. (Signed letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 30
Howe, Julia Ward (Signed letter with Julia Ward Howe's "Appeal to Womanhood Throughout the World"), 1871 January 29.
Box 1 Folder 31
Howitt, Mary (Signed letters), undated.
Box 1 Folder 32
Jackson, Helen Hunt (Signed letters), 1869 July 11, 1869 October 26.
Box 1 Folder 33
Jennison, Lulie (Signed letter), 1883 January 28.
Box 1 Folder 34
Johnstone, James (Note), undated.
Box 1 Folder 35
Lanciani, Elena and Marcella (Signed letter), 1888 December 26.
Box 1 Folder 36
Lanciani, Rodolfo (Signed letters), undated.
Box 1 Folder 37
Lanciani, Rodolfo (Signed notes on visiting cards), undated.
Box 1 Folder 38
Lanciani, Rodolfo (Letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 39
Leighton, Frederick (Signed letters with one envelope), undated.
Box 1 Folder 40
Linton, E. Lyon (Signed letter), 1878 May 3.
Box 1 Folder 41
Lippincott, Joshua B. (Signed letter), 1870 January 19.
Box 1 Folder 42
J. B. Lippincott and Company (Book freight receipts), 1870 January 5, 1870 January 13.
Box 1 Folder 43
Lockhart, Guglielmo (Signed letters with envelope and four visiting cards), 1891 November 20, 1891 December 17, 1892 January 30.
Box 1 Folder 44
Lockhart, Guglielmo (Signed notes), undated.
Box 1 Folder 45
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (Signed letter with envelope), 1878 September 13.
Box 1 Folder 46
Loring, William Wing (Signed letters), 1874 August 27, 1874 December, 1876 June 21, 1876 July 8, undated.
Box 1 Folder 47
Mason, John Young (Signed letter with envelope and visiting card), 1857 June 14.
Box 1 Folder 48
Miller, Cincinnatus Hine (Joaquin) (Signed letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 49
Moore, Morris, 1811-1885 (Signed letters with Bishop J. G. Strossmayer's visiting card and Morris Moore's visiting card), 1870 May 3, 1870 May 7, 1870 June 7.
Box 1 Folder 50
Moulton, Louise Chandler (Signed letters with clippings of four poems by Moulton), undated.
Box 1 Folder 51
Nardi, Monsignor Francesco (Signed letters with two visiting cards), undated.
Box 1 Folder 52
Peacock, Gibson (Signed letter with copy) and Signed letter from Elizabeth F. Ellet to the Editors of The Philadelphia Bulletin, 1871 February 14, 1871 January.
Box 1 Folder 53
Pierce, Edward Lillie (Signed letter), 1879 May 7.
Box 1 Folder 54
Ramsay, Milne (Signed letter), 1877 November 13.
Box 1 Folder 55
Read, Thomas Buchanan (Signed letters with two envelopes and a newspaper clipping), circa 1859, 1859 January 7, 1859 April 24, 1859 December 9, 1859 December 26, 1869 November 11, circa 1871-1872.
Box 1 Folder 56
Ripalda, [?] (Signed letters), 1877 July 2, 1882 January 15, 1882 May 2.
Box 1 Folder 57
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (Signed letter), 1877 November 24.
Box 1 Folder 58
San Andrea Balcony giving "permission to use the Corsini Library" (Note), undated.
Box 1 Folder 59
Schuyler, Eugene (Signed letters), 1882 July 15.
Box 1 Folder 60
Sfer, Michel (Letters with one envelope), undated.
Box 1 Folder 61
Sfer, Michel (Signed letters), 1871 July 19, 1871 July 24, 1871 July 29, 1871 August 26.
Box 1 Folder 62
Stoddard, Charles W. (Letters with visiting card), 1878 September 20.
Box 1 Folder 63
Story, William Wetmore (Signed letters), 1877 January, 1877 April 6, 1888 April 22.
Box 1 Folder 64
Thomas, Charles F. (Signed letter), 1881 March 12.
Box 1 Folder 65
Thomas, John (Signed letter with visiting card), 1869 March 19.
Box 1 Folder 66
Trollope, Frances Eleanor (Signed letters), 1882 December 13.
Box 1 Folder 67
Vanderbilt, Mrs. (Letter), 1884 June 22.
Box 1 Folder 68
Villari, Pasquale (Signed letter), 1875 February 2.
Box 1 Folder 69
Waters, G. F. (Signed letter and enclosures including Signed letter from Sarah Bull and "Criticism of Paganini" by Ole Bull), 1882 February 15.
Box 1 Folder 70
White, Andrew Dickson (Signed letter), 1879 December 9.
Box 1 Folder 71
Wreford, Henry (Signed letter), undated.
Box 1 Folder 72
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1860-1891.
Box 1 Folder 73
Miscellaneous correspondence, undated.
Box 1 Folder 74

Journal, 1845 June-1848 December.
Box 2 Folder 1
Journal with poem fragment, 1849 January-1851 June.
Box 2 Folder 2
Journal, 1855 August-1858 April.
Box 2 Folder 3
Journal, 1858 April-1859 January.
Box 2 Folder 4
Journal with envelopes and mementos, 1859 January-1860 September.
Box 3 Folder 1
Journal, 1860 October-1862 April.
Box 3 Folder 2
Journal, 1862 May-1865 May.
Box 3 Folder 3
Journal, 1865 May-1867 July.
Box 3 Folder 4
Journal (with trading card with calendar and manuscript fragment) 1867 August-1871 May.
Box 4 Folder 1
Journal, 1868-1892.
Box 4 Folder 2
Journal Fragment, 1871.
Box 4 Folder 3
Journal, 1871 October-1874 April.
Box 4 Folder 4
Journal with visiting card and note from Mrs. Charles D. Warner, 1874 April-1877 November.
Box 4 Folder 5
Journal with pencil drawing of house with plans, 1877 February-1877 November.
Box 5 Folder 1
Journal with Illustrated Easter card, visiting cards, and French holy card, 1877 December-1882 October.
Box 5 Folder 2
Journal, 1882 October-1885 October.
Box 5 Folder 3
Journal, 1885 October-1886 September.
Box 5 Folder 4
Journal, 1886 September-1888 February.
Box 6 Folder 1
Journal, 1888 February-1888 December.
Box 6 Folder 2
Diary, 1889.
Box 6 Folder 3
Diary, 1889.
Box 6 Folder 4
Journal, 1889.
Box 6 Folder 5
Journal, 1889 September-1890 July.
Box 7 Folder 1
Journal, 1890 July-1891 September.
Box 7 Folder 2
Diary, 1891.
Box 7 Folder 3
Journal, 1891 September-1892 March.
Box 7 Folder 4

Fragment, [1845?]-1854.
Box 8 Folder 1
1846, 1886.
Box 8 Folder 2
Box 8 Folder 3
Poetry, 1850-1851.
Box 8 Folder 4
French idiom book and everyday readings, 1850-1858.
Box 8 Folder 5
Everyday readings, 1851-1855.
Box 8 Folder 6
Box 8 Folder 7
Notebook (with newspaper clipping of article, "Metternich-A Retrospect"), 1857-1861.
Box 9 Folder 1
Box 9 Folder 2
Box 9 Folder 3
With sheet music, 1860-1862.
Box 9 Folder 4
Box 9 Folder 5
Box 9 Folder 6
Box 9 Folder 7
Box 9 Folder 8
Notebook, 1864-1865.
Box 10 Folder 1
Box 10 Folder 2
Box 10 Folder 3
Box 10 Folder 4
Catalogue of library, 1868-1869.
Box 10 Folder 5
Box 10 Folder 6
With Croix des Catacombes de Saint-Pontien a Rome pamphlet, 1869-1870.
Box 10 Folder 7
Box 11 Folder 1
Box 11 Folder 2
Box 11 Folder 3
Box 11 Folder 4
Box 11 Folder 5
With Episcopal church building fund donation form and notes, 1871-1872.
Box 11 Folder 6
Box 11 Folder 7
Box 11 Folder 8
With newspaper clipping "On batit actuellement dans le jardin de l'hôpital", 1873.
Box 12 Folder 1
With newspaper clippings, 1873-1874.
Box 12 Folder 2
With newspaper clipping "A Ostia sono state scoperte in questi", 1874.
Box 12 Folder 3
With newspaper clippings, 1874.
Box 12 Folder 4
Box 12 Folder 5
Box 12 Folder 6
With newspaper clippings, 1875-1876.
Box 12 Folder 9
Box 12 Folder 7
Box 12 Folder 8
Box 12 Folder 10
1875, 1877, 1882.
Box 12 Folder 11
With newspaper clippings, tonic directions, and a stamp, 1876.
Box 13 Folder 1
Box 13 Folder 2
Box 13 Folder 3
Box 13 Folder 4
Box 13 Folder 5
Box 13 Folder 6
Box 13 Folder 7
Box 13 Folder 8
Box 13 Folder 9
1880 February.
Box 14 Folder 1
1880 May.
Box 14 Folder 2
1880 August.
Box 14 Folder 3
Box 14 Folder 4
Box 14 Folder 5
1881 January.
Box 14 Folder 6
1881 April.
Box 14 Folder 7
1881 August.
Box 14 Folder 8
Everyday readings, 1881-1882.
Box 14 Folder 9
Box 14 Folder 10
Box 14 Folder 11
Box 14 Folder 12
Box 14 Folder 13
Box 15 Folder 1
Box 15 Folder 2
Box 15 Folder 3
Box 15 Folder 4
Box 15 Folder 5
Fragment, 1892.
Box 15 Folder 6
Box 15 Folder 7
Box 15 Folder 8
Box 15 Folder 9
Address book, undated.
Box 15 Folder 10

Abstracts of newsletters, 1869 October 12-1870 June 21.
Box 16 Folder 1
Blackwoods Magazine (including "Miss Cushman" and "Washington in 1846. Leaves from a Young Woman's Journal"), 1878 August.
Box 16 Folder 2
Boston Daily Advertiser (fragment), 1870 May 6.
Box 16 Folder 3
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1870 July-1871 May.
Box 16 Folder 4
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1871 June-1872 September.
Box 16 Folder 5
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1872 December-1874 September.
Box 16 Folder 6
Boston Daily Advertiser (with letter from Brewster to Goddard), 1874 October-1876 January.
Box 16 Folder 7
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1876 February-1877 July.
Box 16 Folder 8
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1877 August-1878 September.
Box 16 Folder 9
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1878 October-1879 October.
Box 16 Folder 10
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1879 November-1880 July.
Box 16 Folder 11
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1880 September-1881 September.
Box 16 Folder 12
Boston Daily Advertiser and Daily Evening Telegraph, 1881 October-1882 September.
Box 16 Folder 13
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1882 October-1883 March.
Box 16 Folder 14
Boston Daily Advertiser, 1883 April-June.
Box 16 Folder 15
Boston Sunday Herald, 1887 January-April.
Box 16 Folder 16
Boston Sunday Herald, 1887 April-June.
Box 16 Folder 17
Boston Sunday Herald, 1887 September-December.
Box 16 Folder 18
Boston Sunday Herald, 1888 January 1.
Box 16 Folder 19
Chicago Daily News, 1885 May-December.
Box 16 Folder 20
Chicago Daily News, 1886 January-August.
Box 16 Folder 21
Chicago Daily News, 1886 September-1887 May.
Box 16 Folder 22
Chicago Daily News, 1887 June-1888 January.
Box 16 Folder 23
Cincinnati Commercial (with letter from Brewster to Murat Halstead 1871 February 14), 1870 August-1871 February.
Box 16 Folder 24
Cincinnati Gazette, 1873 May 10.
Box 16 Folder 25
Continental, 1880 October 23.
Box 17 Folder 1
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1878 July-November.
Box 17 Folder 2
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1878 December-1879 April.
Box 17 Folder 3
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1879 April-August.
Box 17 Folder 4
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1879 August-1880 January.
Box 17 Folder 5
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1880 February-June.
Box 17 Folder 6
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1880 June-November.
Box 17 Folder 7
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1880 November-1881 March.
Box 17 Folder 8
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia) (with correspondence from Brewster to Editor, Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia) 1881 April 13), 1881 March-July.
Box 17 Folder 9
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1881 July-December.
Box 17 Folder 10
Daily Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia), 1881 December-1882 January.
Box 17 Folder 11
Lippincott's Magazine, 1844?.
Box 17 Folder 12
Lippincott's Magazine, 1844?.
Box 17 Folder 13
New Century (with letter from Brewster to Editor, New York Graphic), 1876 July, 1876 September 2.
Box 17 Folder 14
New York Evening Post ("What is Doing and Has Been done in Rome"), 1885 February, 1886 December, 1887 February.
Box 17 Folder 15
New York World (with review of Daniel Deronda by George Eliot, the Boston Advertiser, and The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin), 1876 August-1877 February.
Box 17 Folder 16
New York World, 1876 August-1877 April.
Box 17 Folder 17
New York World, 1877 December-1878 June.
Box 17 Folder 18
New York World, 1878 April-June.
Box 17 Folder 19
Newark Courier (fragment), 1870 June 6.
Box 17 Folder 20
Newark Courier (with Cincinnati Commercial and Philadelphia Evening Bulletin), 1870.
Box 17 Folder 21
Newark Courier, 1870 August-November.
Box 17 Folder 22
Newark Courier, 1870 November 15-29.
Box 17 Folder 23
Newark Courier (fragment) (with "Occupations of Romans not used), undated.
Box 17 Folder 24
Parisian, 1879 November-1880 March.
Box 18 Folder 1
Parisian ("Le Contrade of Siena"), 1880 March-April.
Box 18 Folder 2
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1870 July-November.
Box 18 Folder 3
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1870 November-1871 March.
Box 18 Folder 4
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1871 March-September.
Box 18 Folder 5
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1871 September-1872 February.
Box 18 Folder 6
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (with Boston Advertiser), 1872 March-October.
Box 18 Folder 7
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1872 October-1873 May.
Box 18 Folder 8
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1873 May-August.
Box 18 Folder 9
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1873 August-November.
Box 18 Folder 10
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1873 November-1874 May.
Box 18 Folder 11
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1874 May-October.
Box 18 Folder 12
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1874 November-1875 May.
Box 18 Folder 13
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1875 May-November.
Box 18 Folder 14
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1875 November-1876 April.
Box 18 Folder 15
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1876 May-November.
Box 18 Folder 16
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1876 November-1877 April.
Box 18 Folder 17
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1877 May-October.
Box 18 Folder 18
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1877 October-1878 February.
Box 18 Folder 19
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1878 March-June.
Box 18 Folder 20
San Francisco Chronicle, 1885 March-June.
Box 18 Folder 21
San Francisco Chronicle, 1885 June-September.
Box 18 Folder 22

Fiction: Chapter 2. Father and Daughter, undated.
Box 19 Folder 1
Fiction: Chapter 3d. Little Threads, undated.
Box 19 Folder 2
Fiction: "Elysium" from Saint Martin's Summer, undated.
Box 19 Folder 3
Fiction: "Franz and Leonard", undated.
Box 19 Folder 4
Fiction: "Life's Reaping", undated.
Box 19 Folder 5
Fiction: "The Magic Gater of the Villa Palombara at Rome", undated.
Box 19 Folder 6
Fiction: "The New Model", undated.
Box 19 Folder 7
Newspaper articles, drafts, 1870s-1880s.
Box 19 Folder 8
Nonfiction: Christina of Sweden, undated.
Box 19 Folder 9
Nonfiction: "Corilla Olimpica", undated.
Box 19 Folder 10
Nonfiction: "French Chateau Life", circa 1884.
Box 19 Folder 11
Nonfiction: "Longfellow", undated.
Box 19 Folder 12
Nonfiction: "Mariano Fortuny", circa 1875.
Box 19 Folder 13
Nonfiction: Memoirs-childhood recollections-family history, undated.
Box 19 Folder 14
Nonfiction: Memoirs-recollection of voyage to Europe in 1868, 1868 September 9.
Box 19 Folder 15
Nonfiction: "Music in Naples, Matteo, and Ducci", undated.
Box 19 Folder 16
Nonfiction: "On European Cities", undated.
Box 19 Folder 17
Nonfiction: On the Coronation Ceremony of King Charles Emmanuel III, undated.
Box 19 Folder 18
Nonfiction: "A Poet's Crowning", undated.
Box 19 Folder 19
Nonfiction: "Procession of the St. Francesca Romana Relics" from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, Letter no. 13, undated.
Box 19 Folder 20
Nonfiction: "Professor Cesare Maccari" (with Maccari's visiting card), undated.
Box 19 Folder 21
Nonfiction: "A Roman Marriage a Hundred Years Ago", undated.
Box 19 Folder 22
Nonfiction: "The Story of Beefsteak" (fragment), undated.
Box 19 Folder 23
Nonfiction: "Streets of Rome", undated.
Box 19 Folder 24
Nonfiction: "Was His Majesty Mad?", undated.
Box 19 Folder 25
Nonfiction: "Washington Forty Years Ago" (Female Society in Washington, D. C. 1846-1850), undated.
Box 19 Folder 26
Poetry: "I have seen a young girl" (first line), undated.
Box 19 Folder 27
Translations: "The First Wrinkle" (translation from French), 1889 May 25.
Box 19 Folder 28
Translations: "Historical Compendium of the Palatine" by Lanciani and Visconti, undated.
Box 20 Folder 1
Miscellaneous notes and drafts, 1869, undated.
Box 20 Folder 2
Miscellaneous notes and drafts, undated.
Box 20 Folder 3
Miscellaneous notes and drafts, 1869, undated.
Box 20 Folder 4
Miscellaneous notes and drafts, undated.
Box 20 Folder 5

Accademia Drammatic-Musicale, La Sigra Adelaide Ristori program, 1871.
Box 20 Folder 6
"Anne Hathaway" (poem), undated.
Box 20 Folder 7
Arcadia certificate of membership for Anne Hampton Brewster (with envelope), 1873.
Box 20 Folder 8
"Bessie" (printed poem, two copies), 1888 December.
Box 20 Folder 9
"Biblioteca Degli Arcadi", 1882.
Box 20 Folder 10
Bookmark from Brewster's commonplace book: Poems 1850, circa 1850.
Box 20 Folder 11
"Carta Della Spedizione Francese in Tunisia," map, circa 1881.
Box 20 Folder 12
Personal visiting cards, undated.
Box 20 Folder 13
List of books, undated.
Box 20 Folder 14
List of "Home Works of Reference", undated.
Box 20 Folder 15
Typescript fragment regarding Benjamin Harris Brewster, undated.
Box 20 Folder 16
"Copy of a Prayer Found in an Old English Paper", undated.
Box 20 Folder 17
"Edwina and Dorothy" (printed poem), 1888 December 9.
Box 20 Folder 18
"February Magazines" (mentions Brewster's "Palimpsest of Paris"), undated.
Box 20 Folder 19
Grand Hotel de Perugia menu, circa 1880s.
Box 20 Folder 20
"Great Weakness I Prove" (poem, title derived from first line), undated.
Box 20 Folder 21
Leges Arcadum, undated.
Box 20 Folder 22
Drawings of bookplates and crests including Smith, Lloyd P. and Brewster, Benjamin Harris, undated.
Box 20 Folder 23
Visiting cards (Madame de Klouchine, Mrs. Payson, Cav. Giovannia Battista de Rossi, Mrs. S. Schuster, La Barone A. d'Hangest d'Yvoy, Furst von Bismarck, Pietro Mancion, Dr. Taussig, Madame Calderon de la Barca, Claes Lagergren, and Prof. Domenico Gnoli), undated.
Box 20 Folder 24
"Miss Brewster" article from New York Observer, 1881.
Box 20 Folder 25
Plan du Palatin, undated.
Box 20 Folder 26
"Prayer's for Justice", undated.
Box 20 Folder 27
"Reverend Fabrica di S. Pietro in Vaticano", 1870 May 20.
Box 20 Folder 28
Reviews of "Compensation" by Brewster (newspaper clippings), undated.
Box 20 Folder 29
Reviews of Saint Martin's Summer by Brewster (newspaper clippings), 1866.
Box 20 Folder 30
Sheet music book: "Duetto-per Soprano e Baritomo", [1856 June 22].
Box 20 Folder 31
"Testament de St. Francois de Sales" (photograph), undated.
Box 20 Folder 32
"Venerdi Santo 11 Aprile 1873" (with envelope), 1873.
Box 20 Folder 33
Vittorio Amedeo II, Lombardia and Carlo Emanuele III, Sicilia (portrait prints), undated.
Box 20 Folder 34
Handmade paper with portrait of Leo XIII and dedication in watermark, undated.
Box 20 Folder 35
Miscellaneous ephemera, undated.
Box 20 Folder 36

"Ball Playing in Rome" by Anne Hampton Brewster (printed in New York Daily Graphic), 1876 August 19.
Box 21 Folder 1
"Ce Qui Est Differe N'est Pas Perov," by Enna Duval (Anne Hampton Brewster) (printed in Evening Bulletin), 1853 April 2.
Box 21 Folder 2
"How We Spent Sunday" by Anne Hampton Brewster (printed in Dwight's Journal of Music), 1859 October 8.
Box 21 Folder 3
"The Home of a Sculptor," by Anne Hampton Brewster (printed in New York World), 1876 December 5.
Box 21 Folder 4
"Rachel," by Anne Hampton Brewster (printed in Daily Evening Bulletin), circa 1858-1868.
Box 21 Folder 5
"The Story of Two Women," by Anne Hampton Brewster (printed in New York Daily Graphic), 1876 July 26.
Box 21 Folder 6
"Vox Humana," by Anne Hampton Brewster (proofs).
Box 21 Folder 7
Foreign correspondence, letters from Rome (printed in Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, newspaper clipping), 1870 September 9.
Box 21 Folder 8
Foreign correspondence, letters from Rome (various publications, newspaper clippings), 1870-1888.
Box 21 Folder 9
Foreign correspondence, letters from Rome (various publication, newspaper clippings), circa 1870.
Box 21 Folder 10
Foreign correspondence, letters from Rome (mostly from Boston Daily Advertiser, newspaper clippings), circa 1879-1881.
Box 21 Folder 11
Foreign correspondence, letters from Rome (various publications, newspaper clippings), circa 1880.
Box 21 Folder 12
Foreign correspondence, letters from Rome (various publications, newspaper clippings), circa 1887.
Box 21 Folder 13
Newspaper clippings: Articles by Anne Hampton Brewster, 1869-1882.
Box 21 Folder 14
Newspaper clippings: Articles, columns, and printed letters by Anne Hampton Brewster, 1869-1882.
Box 21 Folder 15
Newspaper clippings: Articles, columns, and printed letters by Anne Hampton Brewster (some articles tipped in by others), 1869-1883.
Box 22 Folder 1
Newspaper clippings: Articles, columns, and printed letters by Anne Hampton Brewster (some articles tipped in by others), 1869-1885.
Box 22 Folder 2
Newspaper clippings: Articles, columns, and printed letters by Anne Hampton Brewster (some articles tipped in by others), 1876-1882.
Box 22 Folder 3
Newspaper clippings: Articles, columns, and printed letters by Anne Hampton Brewster (some articles tipped in by others), 1876-1882, undated.
Box 22 Folder 4

Cowden-Clarke, Mary: "Possessors of Mrs. Cowden Clarke's 'Concordance to Shakespeare'", 1881 January.
Box 23 Folder 1
d'Annunzio, Gabriele: "Ballata" (manuscript poem), 1886.
Box 23 Folder 2
d'Annunzio, Gabriele: "Tre Odi" (manuscript poem, signed), circa 1886.
Box 23 Folder 3
d' Annunzio, Gabriele: "Viviana" (manuscript poem, signed), 1886.
Box 23 Folder 4
Jackson, Helen Hunt (Untitled manuscript poem?), undated.
Box 23 Folder 5
Lanciani, Rodolfo (Eight manuscripts), undated.
Box 23 Folder 6
Miller, Cincinnatus Hiner (Joaquin) (Commonplace book fragment), undated.
Box 23 Folder 7
Miller, Cincinnatus Hiner (Joaquin): "In Africa" (signed poem), undated.
Box 23 Folder 8
Miller, Cincinnatus Hiner (Joaquin): "Up the Nile" (signed poem), undated.
Box 23 Folder 9
Miller, Cincinnatus Hiner (Joaquin): "Up the Nile" and "In Africa" (copies by Brewster), undated.
Box 23 Folder 10
Moulton, Louise Chandler: "For Queen Anne" (manuscript poem), 1876 March 23.
Box 23 Folder 11
Mulock, Dinah Marie: "Phillip My King" (manuscript poem), undated.
Box 23 Folder 12
Parsons, T. W.: "Dante's Purgatorio. Canto Fifteenth" (translation, proof), undated.
Box 23 Folder 13
Read, Thomas Buchanan: "Coals of Fire" (printed poem), 1872 March 8.
Box 23 Folder 14
Read, Thomas Buchanan: "The Golden Now" (signed poem), undated.
Box 23 Folder 15
Stoddard, Charles Warren: "Roman Receptions at Anne Brewster's Home" (newspaper article), undated.
Box 23 Folder 16

Borromeoi, Cardinal to de Medici, Cardinal (copy of a signed letter with envelope), 1869.
Box 23 Folder 17
Brewster, C. N. to "Sir" (signed letter), 1883 April 5.
Box 23 Folder 18
Ciccolini, Stefano (two letters), 1873.
Box 23 Folder 19
Clinton, Dewitt to Ferris, Benjamin (signed letter), 1821 February 13.
Box 23 Folder 20
Fillmore, Millard to Thomas, Charles F. (signed letter), 1857 May 30.
Box 23 Folder 21
Fonderie Speciale de Cloches (letter), circa 1870.
Box 23 Folder 22
Hampton, John T. to Hampton, Mercy (signed letter), 1791 December 28.
Box 23 Folder 23
Kent, Judge W. to Shufftin, R. L. (signed letter), 1876 July 28.
Box 23 Folder 24
Lansing, John to Ferris, Benjamin (signed letter), undated.
Box 23 Folder 25
Lessoiz, Raul to Stewart, Monsieur (signed letter regarding article on Mariano Fortuny with envelope), undated.
Box 23 Folder 26
Linton, E. Lyon to Greenough, Mrs. Richard (signed letter with envelope), 1880 October 15.
Box 23 Folder 27
Linton, E. Lyon to Story, Evelyn (signed letter), undated.
Box 23 Folder 28
Longfellow, Miss. To Read, Thomas and Harriet (letter), 1868 December 23.
Box 23 Folder 29
Nile, T. to Miller, Cincinnatus Hiner (Joaquin), 1875 July 20.
Box 23 Folder 30
Offaly, Earl of to Read, Thomas Buchanan and Harriet (letter), 1869 January 14.
Box 23 Folder 31
Owen, Robert Dale to American Consul (signed letter), 1857 February 15.
Box 23 Folder 32
Sambon, Giulio (letter), 1892.
Box 23 Folder 33
Thomas, Ambrose (signed letter), 1880.
Box 23 Folder 34
Washington, George to Madison, James (copy of a signed letter), 1792 May 20.
Box 23 Folder 35
Zaid, M. Ali to Layard (copy of a signed letter), undated.
Box 23 Folder 36

Newspaper clippings about Europe written by Anne Hampton Brewster and others, 1835-1877.
Box 23 Folder 37
Newspaper clippings (French), 1869-1870.
Box 23 Folder 38
Newspaper clippings of articles by Anne Hampton Brewster and others (mostly about Rome or obituaries), circa 1870.
Box 24 Folder 1
Newspaper clippings of articles about Europe (Italian and English), circa 1870.
Box 24 Folder 2
Newspaper clippings scrapbook, 1872, 1874, 1890, undated.
Box 24 Folder 3
Newspaper clippings, mostly about European social life and politics (in English, Italian, and French), 1879-1889.
Box 25 Folder 1
Newspaper clippings, foreign correspondence, letters from Rome, 1880-1890.
Box 25 Folder 2
Newspaper clippings about European religious, social, and political affairs (in English, Italian, and French), circa 1880.
Box 25 Folder 3
Newspaper clippings about Europe and obituaries, circa 1890.
Box 25 Folder 4
Newspaper clippings regarding Brewster, Benjamin Harris, 1888.
Box 25 Folder 5
Newspaper clippings of articles written about Rome and Europe by Anne Hampton Brewster and others, undated.
Box 25 Folder 6
Newspaper clippings (English and Italian), undated.
Box 25 Folder 7

Draft of first section of the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln, Abraham, 1862 July 25.
Box 26 Folder 1
Broadside for the sale of Lincoln's Proclamation, circa 1864.
Box 26 Folder 2
Certificate for Emancipation Proclamation from Carpenter, T. P., 1864 June 17.
Box 26 Folder 3
Correspondence regarding Lincoln's proclamation from Welling, James C. to Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1864 June 13.
Box 26 Folder 4
Correspondence regarding draft of Emancipation Proclamation from Carpenter, T. P. to Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1865 November 9.
Box 26 Folder 5
Correspondence regarding draft of Emancipation Proclamation from Welling, James C. to Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1868 July 10.
Box 26 Folder 6
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Brady, M. B. (print), undated.
Box 26 Folder 7
Lock of hair of Clay, Henry, undated.
Box 26 Folder 8
Lock of hair of Jackson, Andrew, undated.
Box 26 Folder 9
Lock of hair of Washington, George, undated.
Box 26 Folder 10
Correspondence to Potter, Brigadier General to Washington, George, 1777 October 15.
Box 26 Folder 11
Lock of hair of Jefferson, Thomas, circa 1826.
Box 26 Folder 12
Correspondence from Jefferson, Thomas to Randolph, Martha, 1792 December 6.
Box 26 Folder 13
Correspondence from Monroe, James to Trist, Nicholas Philip, 1827 August 23.
Box 26 Folder 14
Correspondence from Madison, James to Trist, Nicholas Philip, 1827 November 3.
Box 26 Folder 15
Visiting card of Audenried, Joseph C., undated.
Box 26 Folder 16
Autograph of Sherman, William Tecumseh, 1872 February 19.
Box 26 Folder 17
Autograph of Sheridan, Philip H. (with pressed plant and visiting card) and autograph of Forsyth, James W. (with visiting card), 1871.
Box 26 Folder 18
Continental currency, 1777.
Box 26 Folder 19
Confederate currency, 1864.
Box 26 Folder 20
Book plate of Washington, George, circa 1780.
Box 26 Folder 21
Stamps of the Confederate states, circa 1865.
Box 26 Folder 22
Newspaper clippings about Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, 1864 May 18.
Box 26 Folder 23
Newspaper clippings about Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, 1862 July 17.
Box 26 Folder 24
Autograph album, undated.
Box 26 Folder 25

Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1854.
Box 27 Folder 1
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1855.
Box 27 Folder 2
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1855-1856.
Box 27 Folder 3
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1857-1858.
Box 27 Folder 4
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1858-1859.
Box 27 Folder 5
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1860.
Box 27 Folder 6
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1861-1862.
Box 27 Folder 7
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1863.
Box 27 Folder 8
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, circa 1863-1865.
Box 27 Folder 9
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1864.
Box 27 Folder 10
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1865.
Box 27 Folder 11
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1866.
Box 28 Folder 1
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1867.
Box 28 Folder 2
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1868.
Box 28 Folder 3
Letters to Howell, Mary from Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1874.
Box 28 Folder 4
Letters to Howell, Mary: Book review by Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1868.
Box 28 Folder 5
Letter to Howell, Mary and original manuscript label "Notes and letters from my dearest Anne Brewster", undated.
Box 28 Folder 6
Letter to Howell, Mary from Daniels, C.J., 1861 November 8.
Box 28 Folder 7

Carpenter correspondence: Carpenter, Harriet Odin Dorr to Carpenter, James Edward, 1872, 1886.
Box 28 Folder 8
Carpenter correspondence: Carpenter, Louis H. to Carpenter, Harriet Odin Dorr, 1888 September 27.
Box 28 Folder 9

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