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Richardson Dilworth papers


Held at: Historical Society of Pennsylvania [Contact Us]1300 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Finding Aid Author
Finding aid prepared by Willhem Echevarria.
Finding Aid Date
, 2010
This collection was processed as part of the Civic Engagement Collections Project. Funding for this project was provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and Dilworth Paxson LLP.

Collection Inventory

Scope and content note

This series contains file records that Dilworth kept on Philadelphia politicians and political issues. Also found here are documents related to his political campaigns during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Physical Description

6.4 Linear feet ; 16 boxes, 3 volumes, 2 flat files

Mayor Frank L. Rizzo.
Box 1
James H. J. Tate; Good Judges for Philadelphia; Governor Milton J. Shapp; Lyndon B. Johnson; Anthony J. Celebrezze; Barry M. Goldwater.
Box 2
John B. Kelly; Paul D’Ortona; Mayor Frank L. Rizzo; clippings 1971; Milton J. Shapp.
Box 3
Senator Philip A. Hart; 1965 campaign; 1966 campaign; 1967 campaign; 1964 State campaign; Democratic Site Committee; Joseph S. Clark.
Box 4
1962 Governorship campaign; Convention Site Committee (Republican); Convention Site Committee (Democrat).
Box 5
1964 Democratic National Convention; 1963 Citizens for Tate; 1959 Mayoralty campaign accounting; Albert Gore.
Box 6
Joseph S. Clark Jr.; 1962 campaign.
Box 7
Speech (1945); 1947 Mayoralty Campaign; 1948 National Campaign-speeches; 1948 Speeches and statements re: clean-up; 1949 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-TV scripts; 1949 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-radio scripts and announcements; 1949 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-October statements; 1949 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-September statements; 1949 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-speeches; 1949 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-radio scripts; Statements, releases, talks (1949-1951).
Box 170
1950 Governorship Campaign-campaign tours; 1950 Governorship Campaign-platform; 1950 Governorship Campaign-Candidates dinner, October 1950; 1950 Governorship Campaign-Radio/TV broadcasts; 1950 Governorship Campaign-statements; 1950 Governorship Campaign-Dilworth statements, miscellaneous statements; 1950 Treasure’s Office-radio scripts; 1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-Dilworth radio scripts, Dilworth TV scripts; 1951 Dilworth speeches.
Box 171
1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-Dilworth statements, speeches, Street Corner Talks, miscellaneous statements, miscellaneous speeches; 1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-statements; 1951 Dilworth Street Corner Talks; 1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-TV scripts; 1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-Radio scripts; 1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-miscellaneous speeches; 1951 Clark/Dilworth Campaign-miscellaneous statements; 1955 Mayoralty Campaign; Bucci Poll-1955 Mayoralty Campaign.
Box 172
1955 Mayoralty Campaign; 1955 Mayoralty Campaign-Radio scripts; 1955 Mayoralty Campaign-TV scripts; 1955 Mayoralty Campaign-TV Correspondence; 1955 Mayoralty Campaign-Miscellaneous; Dilworth Campaign Committee (1955)-Correspondence and lists.
Box 173
1959 Mayoralty Campaign-Television; 1959 Mayoralty Campaign-Speeches; 1962 Governorship Campaign; 1962 Governorship Campaign-TV (North Agency); 1962 Governorship Campaign-Statements; 1962 Governorship Campaign-Speeches; Election Data-State; Election Data-General; Expenses (1962).
Box 174
Election Data-General; Election Data-National; Election Data-City; Election Data-1957; Bureau of Municipal Research; Budget; Budget-Taxes-Newspaper clippings; Budget-State Budget Data; Budget-Pamphlets, data, etc.
Box 175
Joseph R. McCarthy-Books, Pamphlets, etc.; Joseph R. McCarthy-Congressional Investigation; Election Frauds; Inauguration (1952).
Box 176
Inauguration Data; Inauguration Invitations; Campaign Literature.
Box 177
William W. Scranton; 1955 Mayoralty campaign-statements of receipts and expenses; 1955 Mayoralty campaign-material for speeches; 1959 Mayoralty campaign-candidates’ expense return; Mayoralty campaign (1959)-Bucci poll; Philadelphia Mayoralty study (1959); Mayoralty campaign (1959)-radio; Lists [committees; members of Democratic committee; candidates for state senate; candidates for US Congress; etc.]; Inauguration (1960); Bucci poll/Harris poll (1961); Platform (1962); Governorship campaign (1962)-authorizations (contributions).
Box 230
Political cartoons.
Oversize Flat file 1
Financial Program, City of Philadelphia (1947).
Volume 1
The Stark Reality of Responsibility by Adlai Ewing Stevenson (1952).
Volume 6
The Official Report of the Philadelphia Charter Commission (1938).
Volume 11
Campaign literature-Clark/Dilworth poster.
Oversize Flat file 7

Scope and content note

This series features papers related to events and issues of both national and local importance. Most of the newspapers clippings collected by Dilworth can be found here.

Physical Description

4.8 Linear feet ; 12 boxes

City government; Civil Rights; Counties (Adam to Fulton); Counties (Green to Lycoming); Counties (McKean to Potter); Counties (Schuylkill to York); Nixon; Hoover and FBI; 1963 State issues; 1963 City issues; 1963 International issues; 1963 National issues.
Box 8
Watergate; City Council; Legislature raises; George McGovern; Military-Industrial; Attorney General Mitchell; 1973 School strike; Welfare; Pornography; Vietnam.
Box 9
Black Panthers; Student rights; Student unrest; Urban problems.
Box 10
1952 State Issues; International Issues-Asia(1951-1956); International Issues-Africa; International Issues-Israel; International Issues-Europe (1951-1956).
Box 204
1952 State Issues; 1952 State Issues-John S. Fine; 1952 State Issues-William E. Woodside; 1952 State Issues-coal regions; 1952 National Issues; 1952 National Issues-proposed national issues talk; 1955 National Issues; 1955 National Issues-Yalta papers; 1949 National Issues; 1950 National Issues; 1950 National Issues-Eisenhower boom.
Box 205
1948 National Issues; 1951 National Issues; 1951 National Issues-MacArthur; 1954 National Issues; 1956 National Issues; 1959 National Issues; 1961 National Issues.
Box 206
National Issues-1953; State Issues-1948; State Issues-1949; State Issues-1950; 1951 State Issues; 1957 National Issues.
Box 207
1951 State Issues; City Issues (1953); City Issues (1954).
Box 208
City Issues-Grand Jury (1951); City Issues-General (1951); City Issues (1952); 1954 City Issues-City Charter Fight.
Box 209
City Issues (1947)-clippings; City Issues (1947)-pamphlets; City Issues (1949); City Issues (1950); City Issues (1952); 1955 State Issues; 1955 State Issues-Budget; 1955 State Issues-State appointments; 1959, 1960 State Issues; 1961 State Issues.
Box 210
1954 State Issues; 1954 State Issues-Lloyd H. Wood; 1954 State Issues-Platform; 1954 State Issues-statements and news releases; 1956 State Issues; 1956 State Issues-Senate fight; 1957 State Issues; 1958 State Issues.
Box 217

Scope and content note

This series contains files, papers, and printed materials pertaining to different organizations and agencies that Dilworth was involved with or interested in.

Physical Description

15.6 Linear feet ; 39 boxes, 12 volumes

Theater of the Living Arts; United Fund drives.
Box 11
Oskar Stonorov Fountain Competition; University City Science Corporation; Villanova University; Washington Square Association.
Box 12
West Philadelphia Corporation.
Box 13
Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement.
Box 48
Box 49
Lincoln National Bank.
Box 50
A New Face for the City: The Community Decision Process in Philadelphia’s Downtown Redevelopment by Cyril Roseman.
Box 51
Philadelphia Port Corporation.
Box 61
Presidential Emergency Board 1966.
Box 62
Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation I.
Box 63
Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation II.
Box 64
St. Joseph’s College; St. Peter’s School-Board of Directors; Society Hill Week; South Philadelphia Community Development Corporation.
Box 65
Stadium; Hearings on Revision of City Charter 1973; City-County Consolidation.
Box 66
Committee to Preserve Philadelphia Historic Gateway; Committee for Economic Development; Community College; Girard College 1965.
Box 67
Community Renewal Program; Fellowship Commission.
Box 68
Educational Home Rule Charter Commission; Grand Jury: Auto Trade-Ins, Frankford EL, Broadway maintenance, Riverview, Police Administration Building, SCRAP, Street paving, Illegal sale of paint.
Box 69
Governor’s Justice Commission; Governor’s Committee on Priorities; Greater Philadelphia Movement.
Box 70
Institute of Contemporary Art; Jefferson House; Korean Center; Jewish Defense League; John F. Kennedy; Doctors’ Hospital vs. Blue Cross.
Box 71
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; Museum Associates of Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Box 72
Old Philadelphia Development Corporation; Old Philadelphia Development Corporation-Pamphlets and Brochures.
Box 73-75
Passenger Service Improvement Corporation; 100;000 Pennsylvanians for Promotion of Economic Growth; Parochial Schools.
Box 76
Parochial Schools Advisory Committee.
Box 77
Pennsylvania Constitutional Revision Commission; Pennsylvania Crime Commission.
Box 78
Philadelphia Anti-Poverty Action Commission; Philadelphia Bar Association.
Box 79
Philadelphia Orchestra Association; American Arbitration Association; American Bar Association; Chamber of Commerce; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Box 80
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Box 81-85
Documents- Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Box 234 (oversize)
Citizens Committee on Public Education.
Box 86
The Greater Philadelphia Movement-correspondence, clippings; Committee of Fifteen; City-County Consolidation/City Charter/Home Rule-statements, Data: Moreland Act, correspondence, pamphlets, clippings.
Box 198
City-County Consolidation/City Charter/Home Rule-pamphlets; Fellowship Commission.
Box 199
City-County Consolidation/City Charter/Home Rule-pamphlets; Fellowship Commission (1955-1956); Philadelphia Fellowship Commission-committee on community tensions.
Box 200
Fellowship Commission-correspondence; Philadelphia Fellowship Commission (1955-1956); Committee for Pennsylvania (1953-1954)-Richardson Dilworth, Chairman; Committee for Philadelphia-Newspaper advertisements-general correspondence, Radio programs-scripts, Television programs-scripts, mailings and bills, Sidney B. Dexter.
Box 201
Committee for Philadelphia-Sidney B. Dexter; Volunteers for leaders (1954); Penn State-Board of Trustees mailing list and data; Penn State-General correspondence; Penn State-Confidential correspondence and memos; Penn State-Committee on Instruction.
Box 202
Penn State-Confidential correspondence and memos; Penn State-requests for scholarship aid; Penn State-scholarship controversy.
Box 203
Inscribed copy of Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Arbitrators (1965).
Volume 7
Inscribed copy of A History of Philadelphia’s University City by Leon S. Rosenthal (1964).
Volume 8
Department of Health Annual Report 1952.
Volume 9
Report of the City Charter Revision Commission (1973).
Volume 10
Dedicated copy (by Governor William W. Scranton) of Discover the New Pennsylvania.
Volume 12
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia-Pediatric Pioneering.
Volume 13
PA Department of Highways-Six Year Improvement Plan.
Volume 14-16
Proposal for Covered Expressway.
Volume 17
Proposal for Covered Expressway (2 copies, spiral bound).
Volume 18-19

Scope and content note

Dilworth was very interested in the development of high-speed ground transportation systems and the impact these have on big urban centers. This series features studies, surveys, memos, correspondence, and reports related to the development and expansion of a transportation corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C.

Physical Description

1.6 Linear feet 4 boxes

Transportation Study; Washington folder.
Box 14
Survey of Technology for High Speed Ground Transport; Transportation Study: Senator Pell, Meyer Feldman, P. Kenneth O’ Donnell, Employment inquiries, Media Publicity and correspondence.
Box 15
Transportation Study-Public Advisory Committee: Personal memos, General correspondence, Congratulatory letters, General (reports, surveys, etc.).
Box 16
Transportation Study: Reports and memos, Scope, Authority of the Chairman, U.S. Mass Transportation Bill, Staff, Pell Plan, Publicity, Miscellaneous.
Box 17

Scope and content note

This series contains documents and reports related to Dilworth’s participation in the Governor’s Committee on Transportation starting in 1969.

Physical Description

4.0 Linear feet ; 10 boxes

Study firms; General American Transportation; Systems Analysis Research Corporation; Regional Plan Associates; Solicitations by Study firms.
Box 18
Box 19-24
Correspondence-Governor’s Committee on Transportation; Correspondence-Technical Advisory Committee; List of Committee members; Minutes; Miscellaneous correspondence.
Box 164
Preliminary Analyses of Intercity Transportation Demand in Pennsylvania.
Box 249
Preliminary Analyses of Intercity Transportation Demand in Pennsylvania (draft final report).
Box 250

Scope and content note

On several occasions, Richardson Dilworth was appointed by the court to act as administrator or receiver for corporations entering into bankruptcy. This series consists of records pertaining to his role as trustee for the Reading Railroad Company during 1971-1973.

Physical Description

3.2 Linear feet ; 8 boxes

Correspondence: Chas. E. Bertrand, John P. Clark, Lockwood W. Fogg Jr., Julian R. Greene, Andrew L. Lewis, AW Hesse, Clifford Brenner, Judge J Wm Ditter, Harold Kohn, James M. Symes; Inter-office memos and reports; Bond; Employment inquiries; Confirmation of Trustees; Insurance companies; Creditors’ correspondence; Time sheets.
Box 25
Accountants’ statements; Annual reports; Appraisals; Borough of Middleport; Capital Improvement Program; Comparison of operations; Compensation-Trustees; Contract-Chas. E. Bertrand; Financial statements; Hurricane Agnes; Hanover Trust Co.; I.C.C. report; legislation; Miscellaneous; New York Stock Exchange; Pension Advisory Board; Dept. of Transportation; Philadelphia Electrical Company; Reading Terminal; Rentals for leased roads; Restex Enterprises; SEPTA; Stockholder’s correspondence; Tunnel- mid-city; US Department of Justice; Underliers.
Box 26
1973 Trustees’ Plan of Reconstruction; Consultants.
Box 27
Various railroads: Central R.R. of New Jersey, Lehigh Valley Railroad, Northeast Railroads, Penn-Central Railroad; Minutes-Trustees meetings 1972-1973.
Box 28
1973 Agenda-Trustees’ meetings.
Box 29
1972 Minutes and agenda.
Box 30
Pleadings: Court orders, Petitions of Trustees’, Petitions of Intervenors.
Box 31
Reports; Profit Plans; Feasibility reports.
Box 32

Scope and content note

The only series with subseries in the collection, the personal papers of Richardson Dilworth include military records, correspondence, cancelled checks, papers related to his divorce in 1935, speeches, clippings from Philadelphia newspapers, invitations, greeting cards, photographs, financial statements, stock reports, and documents about his numerous trips abroad. Even though these are mostly records kept and organized by Dilworth himself, there are several documents that were added after his death (e.g., Box 41 contains an issue of The Philadelphia Tribune published one week after Dilworth’s death in 1974).

The Photographs, Prints, and Audio-visual materials subseries contain numerous portraits of Dilworth, his family, his dogs, photos of political campaigns in Philadelphia, as well as many political figures of the era including Herbert H. Hoover, Adlai Stevenson, Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and many others. Also in this section of the collection are the original phonograph records and sound reels of several of Dilworth’s speeches, and video reels of two documentary features entitled The First Angry Man, and A Matter of Persuasion. These files have been digitized and can be accessed through HSP’s digital access management system.

Physical Description

38.8 Linear feet ; 96 boxes, 3 volumes, 5 flat files

Photographs; Memos; Discharge papers.
Box 36
Oversize photographs.
Oversize Flat file 5
Cancelled checks (1937-1949).
Box 33
Cancelled checks (1937-1947).
Box 34
Cancelled checks (1938-1947).
Box 35
Cancelled checks (1939-1946); Divorce papers; Agreements; Tax returns; Passports.
Box 37
Cancelled checks (1950-1962).
Box 231
Cancelled checks (1951-1962).
Box 232-233
Correspondence and files (A-B).
Box 38
Correspondence and files (B-C).
Box 39
Correspondence and files (F-G); Washington Square House.
Box 40
House employees: City wage tax, Social Security; Hotels; Hats.
Box 41
Correspondence and files (H-I); Insurance policies and appraisal of house.
Box 42
Correspondence and files (C); Estate of Annie W. Dilworth.
Box 43
Denny Corporation (Washington Square East); Thos. E. Crosson; Estate of Annie W. Dilworth; A.K. Dilworth 1961; A.K. Dilworth accident; A.K. Dilworth-Personal.
Box 44
A.K. Dilworth-City 1956; 1958; R.D. Family Tree inquiries; Correspondence and files (D-E).
Box 45
Insurance: Automobile, Aviation, Condominium, Fine Arts, Jewelry, General, Personal accident, Hospitalization, Workmen’s compensation, Life Insurance-government policy; Correspondence and files (J-L).
Box 52
Correspondence and files (Mc; M); US Marine Corps.
Box 53
Correspondence and files (N-P); The Philadelphia Contributionship.
Box 54
Correspondence and files (P-R).
Box 55
Correspondence and files (R-S).
Box 56
St. Marks School; Correspondence and files (S).
Box 57
St. Marks School Fund Drive 1971; Correspondence and files (S-V).
Box 58
Correspondence and files (V-Z).
Box 59
Yale Law School Fund Drive 1963.
Box 60
Box 87
Personal (1962-1970).
Box 89
Personal (1955-1959); Clippings; Articles.
Box 90
Engagement books (1963-1973).
Box 91
Honorary degrees; 1968 Philadelphia Award; Professorship (UPenn); Professorship (Temple).
Box 92
Parties; The Rabbit.
Box 93
Inquirer columns (1947-1948); Daily News columns (1973).
Box 94
Daily News columns (1972).
Box 95
Speeches; Speech material; Miscellaneous articles.
Box 96
Speeches; Special articles.
Box 97
Speeches and Articles.
Box 98
Lincoln National Bank; Kidder-Peabody and Company; Kuhn Loeb and Company.
Box 99
The Petroleum Corporation; Securities.
Box 100
Financial pledges (1972-1973).
Box 101
Speeches (folders labeled Bartlett).
Box 102-103
Correspondence: Stewart Alsop, Walter H. Annenberg, John O’Hara, I.D. Levy, Clifford Brenner, Dr. and Mrs. Irving Cohen, Patrick Dewez, Wm. Benton, Lawrence Foster, Maurice Robert Gross, Theodore G. Kenefick; Driving direction and maps (places of interest); Miscellaneous.
Box 104
Correspondence: Robert Kent, J. Porter King Jr., John O’Hara, Mrs. John O’Hara, Dr. Edward A. Newman, Phil Regan, Harold E. Kohn, J. Hampden Robb, Edgar Scott, Mrs. Josiah Marvel, Dr. Mark R. Shedd.
Box 105
Correspondence: Harold S. Vanderbilt, Robert L. Sherrod, I.M. Scott, Reginald B. Taylor, Ruth Zuckerman; Correspondence with radio and TV stations; Correspondence with newspapers; Condominium-Palm Springs-Rentals.
Box 106
Condominium-Palm Springs: monthly payments, tax receipts, general correspondence; Rizzo biography.
Box 107
Letters, invitations, greeting cards, receipts, tickets, financial reports, assorted papers, membership cards, dividends and stocks, broker’s slips, financial reports, message slips.
Box 160-163
Guide newspapers; Wm. Meade; Wm. Meade-Virginia Carroll; Sitting Judges-The Sitting Judge Controversy in the Early 1950s; Articles; Saturday Evening Post article material; 1962; Municipal Court; Names; Housing clippings.
Box 182
Philadelphia City Planning Commission.
Box 183
Philadelphia City Planning Commission; PTC (Philadelphia Transportation Company); PTC (Philadelphia Transportation Company)-clippings; Philadelphia General Hospital; House of Correction; [Housing].
Box 184
Housing-current; Police-Data; Police-Police Data-New Police station buildings; Police-clippings (1950); Police.
Box 185
Assessments; Highways and streets; F.E.P.C.; Coroner; Councilman vacancies; Debt stabilization; Dumps.
Box 186
Education; Concessions; Community organizations; Correspondence and files-St. Mark’s School; Personal correspondence-January 10, 1941 to December 31, 1941; Personal miscellaneous (1093 B-2); Personal miscellaneous; University of Pennsylvania-Litigation seminar; Receiver of Taxes W. Frank Marshall.
Box 187
Notes and letters from Dilworth to his wife Ann; Letters re: Richardson Dilworth’s divorce.
Box 187
Civic-Pamphlets re: various cities; Harry A. Kuljian; Romanian groups; Authorities-Data; Rents; Statements re: Rent Ordinance; Airport; City government.
Box 188
Morris publication (1962); City organization problems; Fusion movements; Young Man of the Year Award (1952); Insurance-liability; Lease-Suburban Station; Dogs; Public Utilities Commission; Correspondence, notes, and clippings (1973); Playgrounds; Recreation.
Box 189
Recreation; Library; City Licensing; Legalized gambling; Liquor Control Board; Loans; Estate of Ann K. Dilworth; Estate of Ann K. Dilworth-Guardian correspondence.
Box 190
Estate of Ann K. Dilworth-Guardian correspondence; Estate [Richardson Dilworth]; Police.
Box 191
Prisons; Prisons-prison data.
Box 192
Health; Health-clippings; City Controller; Fire Department; Police-clippings; Police-clippings (1949); Port of Philadelphia.
Box 193
Port of Philadelphia; Port of Philadelphia-statements, data; Old Age Pensions; Old Age; “One Man” Clubs; Pennsylvania Plan for Selection and Tenure of Judges.
Box 194
Parking-Traffic; Negro Groups.
Box 195
Civil Rights; Civil Service; City Manager; Speech [Bartlett]; Alan M. Scaife; Marion Boyer; Gilbert L. Steward; Henry W. Sage; Harvey P. Jolly.
Box 211
[Hopkinson’s talk]; Robin Hood Dell; W. Sheffield Cowles; Wm. G. Lord; William Boggess; Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Benoist; Alfred E. Bissell; Stephen Y. Hord; Eliza Gallois; Guy Dewez; C. Harvey Bradley.
Box 212
Meehan Debate; U.A.W. column; James P. McGranery; Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Bethlehem Steel Company; Psychological and Cultural Traits of Soviet Siberia; Labor unions.
Box 213
Labor unions; Labor unions-correspondence; Labor unions-data; Loyalty Oath-Owen Lattimore/Walter Winchell; Loyalty Oath-clippings.
Box 214
Loyalty Oath-clippings; Joseph R. McCarthy; Joseph R. McCarthy-clippings; Joseph R. McCarthy-miscellaneous; Magistrates/Magistrate Court; Austin Meehan; Meehan investigation.
Box 215
Broadside-The Philadelphia Award (1968).
Oversize Flat file 2
Andrea Doria clippings (1948-50s).
Oversize Flat file 3
Woodrow Wilson accolade poster.
Oversize Flat file 6
City Controller.
Box 234 (oversize)
The Richardson Dilworth Story by Alex Morris [signed copy].
Volume 2
Richardson Dilworth’s Bible, signed by Cabinet and Mayor’s office members (1956).
Volume 3
Inscribed copy of Stephen Girard Founder 1750-1831 by Cheesman A. Herrick (1945).
Volume 4
Palm Springs trips; Montreal, Canada-Expo 1967.
Box 108
1964 World’s Fair; West Coast 1963; West Coast 1962; Seattle; Jamaica trips; Puerto Rico; Mexico.
Box 109
Washington-Williamsburg; West Coast (1955); Corsica; Greek Island; Italy-Spain-Germany-France-England.
Box 110
Orient trip; France and Rhine; Russian trip.
Box 111
Scandinavian trip; Middle East trip (Andrea Doria); South America; Proposed trips and trip clippings.
Box 112
Les Baux trip; Barge Canal trip; Australia; European trip (1971).
Box 113
North Cape cruise; Europe-Morocco; London; South America (1968); European trip (1968).
Box 114
European trip (1966); European trip (1967).
Box 115
Photographs; Sketches, blueprints, etc.; Agreement with sculptor; Contributions; Possible contributors; Letters; Trust agreement; Lists; Personal.
Box 196
Box 197
Box 220-223
Photographs, prints, negatives.
Box 224
Photograph album-The Philadelphia Award (1968).
Box 225
GSP album; photographs, prints, photocopies of photos, envelopes.
Box 226
Photographs and negatives.
Box 227
Box 228
Box 229
16" Phonographs discs--Meehan/Dilworth Debate (1949); Quaker Network address, sponsored by the Committee for Philadelphia (1955).
Box 248a
10", 12" Phonographs discs--WFIL Election Night Specials (1947); Election Speech (1947); WFIL Program sponsored by Democratic City Committee (1947); WIP Famous Philadelphians (1952); WTPA Capitol Correspondents (1955); WIP Election Night (1956).
Box 248b
Film--Dilworth's Inauguration (1956).
Box 248c
A Matter of Persuasion [documentary film].
Box 248d
The First Angry Man [documentary film].
Box 248e
Film--Black and White--Dilworth campaining (undated).
Box 248f
Film--Black and White, silent--Dilworth vs Longstreth campaing (1955).
Box 248g
Audio Reels--Republican candidates challenging and criticizing Dilworth (circa 1952); RD Speech at Greater Philadelphia Movement Dinner (1955); WCAU--Man of the Day (undated).
Box 248h
Ann K. Dilworth--Social; Ann K. Dilworth--letters, telegrams, and sympathy cards; L.G. Hill--Estate of Richardson Dilworth, correspondence with children; Judge Hill--R.D. Gallery at The Athenaeum; Mr. Lees--Resolution, Vestry of the Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields; Deborah [Dilworth] [Newbold] Bishop--clippings, letters, pamphlets; Letters to Mrs. Robert W. Lees; Lees family photographs; Miscellaneous.
Box 197
Biographical sketches; Clippings; Campaign material; Correspondence; Joseph McNaney, Drew University; College unrest, Kingman Brewster; Photographs and Certificates; Dedications-Airport Terminal and Dilworth Plaza; Envelopes; Tickets; Schedules; Stocks; Taxes; Morris Duane Memorial Address (1974); Philadelphia Inquirer article (1989).
Box 165
Assorted membership cards; Datebooks/Address books (1962-1971); Luggage tag; Campaign button; Signature rubber stamp.
Box 166
Metal plaques (1962-1965): Young Democratic Club of Delaware County; Kensington Business Community; Chestnut Street Association; Overbrook Park Wolfe Baron Lodge; Mario Lanza Institute.
Box 167A
Diplomas; Honorary Degrees; Certificates.
Box 167B
Magazines: The New Yorker (1947); Greater Philadelphia (1962, 1964, 1967); Time (1962); Newsweek (1962); The Telephone News (1962); Suburban Life North (1968); The Shingle (1982); The Philadelphia Lawyer (2002).
Box 168
Magazines: Life (1947, 1950, 1954); Color (1955); Collier’s (1956); Saturday Evening Post (1959, 1962); Town & Country (1961); “Partners in Pennsylvania’s Progress” Paid Political Section (1962); Sunday Bulletin Magazine (1965); Philadelphia Inquirer Today (1970).
Box 169
Diplomas; Honorary Degrees; Certificates.
Oversize Flat file 4
Articles from: Saturday Evening Post (1962), Look magazine (1969); General Return of Votes Polled at the November and Special Election, Philadelphia (November 3, 1959); Newspaper clippings (1962-1968); Newspaper clippings (1949-1955); Newspaper clippings (1962-1970); Newspaper clippings (1982); Unknown Photographs [Lees family?]; Certificates; Commencement program; Honoris Causa; Oath of Office; Response to Mr. Shriver.
Box 234 (oversize)

Scope and content note

This series features legal documents pertaining to several cases Dilworth counseled on as well as papers related to the administration of his firm and the estate of his wife’s grandfather Otto Young. There are also several folders of court transcriptions and other documents pertaining to Police corruption during the years Dilworth served as Philadelphia District Attorney.

Physical Description

3.6 Linear feet ; 9 boxes, 1 volume

Otto Young Estate; Reading Anthracite Co.; Young Family Tree.
Box 46
Norman D. Denny; P.R. Mallory and Co.; Christine J. Statos et al vs. James Jordan; TV Guide; Lincoln National Bank vs. PNB; Fels Center; Airport Parking Co. of America; Harper vs. Fitzpatrick; Reading Railroad; Hertz Drive-it-yourself; Danion-Rockower cases; Pan Am crash cases; Robert L. Goethe; Curtis Publishing Co.; Simpson-Strouse matter; Robert J. Gatti; Philadelphia Gas Works memorandums; Judge James J. Curran; Reading Anthracite Co.
Box 47
Nathan Stup vs. Dilworth; Progressive Party vs. Dilworth; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Witnesses; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Free Work; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-The Advertisement; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Bills for work on Dreier’s house; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Dreier’s (Data); Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-The Law; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Letters; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Pleadings; Anthony B. Dreier vs. Wilkes-Barre Independent-Miscellaneous; Doctor’s Hospital vs. Blue Cross.
Box 178
District Attorney-Publications; District Attorney-clippings; District Attorney-Pamphlets, etc.; District Attorney-Report, Financial Program; District Attorney Office-Gran Jury Police Probe; District Attorney Office-Gran Jury Police Probe-General Memoranda; “Clean-Up”, June, 1948; “Clean-Up”, June, 1948-clippings; Dickinson Law Review; The Shingle Article.
Box 179
District Attorney Office-Gran Jury Police Probe; Ann K. Dilworth-Estate of Otto Young, Estate of Marie Young Pratt; Joseph Laskowski vs. Dilworth-Slander; Joseph Laskowski vs. Dilworth-Slander-Correspondence; Joseph Laskowski vs. Dilworth-Slander-Pleadings.
Box 179
District Attorney Office-Gran Jury Police Probe.
Box 234 (oversize)
Firm statements and memos; Firm Agreement (7/3/69); Dilworth Paxson Kalish Green Firm Agreement; D.P.K.K.D. Executive Committee.
Box 181
Wilhelm F. Knauer vs. Richardson Dilworth (4596); V.B. File; pleadings.
Box 218
Wilhelm F. Knauer vs. Richardson Dilworth (4596)-correspondence; investigation; briefs and legal memoranda; re: Daily News petition to intervene; notes and memoranda; 1955 Mayoralty campaign-opposition; Grand Jury-Police.
Box 219
Newspapers (Wilkes-Barre, 1952).
Box 251
Dickinson Law Review (March, 1955).
Volume 5

Scope and content note

Richardson Dilworth served as president of the Philadelphia Board of Education for the period of 1965-1972. This series contains his office records during that time.

Physical Description

17.6 Linear feet ; 44 boxes

1967-1968 (A-D).
Box 116
1967-1968 (E-L).
Box 117
1967-1968 (M-P).
Box 118
1967-1968 (P-S).
Box 119
1967-1968 (S-Z).
Box 120
1965-1967 (A-B).
Box 121
1965-1967 (B).
Box 122
1965-1967 (B-C).
Box 124
1965-1967 (C-F).
Box 125
1965-1967 (B).
Box 123
1965-1967 (F-G).
Box 126
1965-1967 (H-J).
Box 127
1965-1967 (K-N).
Box 128
1965-1967 (N).
Box 129
1965-1967 (N-P).
Box 130
1965-1967 (P).
Box 131
1965-1967 (P-R).
Box 132
1965-1967 (R-S).
Box 133
1965-1967 (S-T).
Box 134
1965-1967 (T).
Box 135
1965-1967 (T-W).
Box 136
1965-1967 (W-Z; Taxes; loose papers found while processing).
Box 137
Media Correspondence, Evening and Sunday Bulletin; Radio and TV coverage, KYW, WCAU, WFIL, Miscellaneous stations.
Box 138
Correspondence: Henry H. Nichols; Mrs. Lawrence I. Boonin; Gerald A. Gleason, Jr.; Mrs. A.M. Greenfield; George Hutt; William Ross; Robert M. Sebastian; Alec Washco, Jr.; New Board Correspondence; Clippings and Biographies; Mayor’s Nominating Panel; Philip Davidoff.
Box 139
Bank Officers; Philadelphia Inquirer; Dr. Mark R. Shedd; Cabinet Agenda and Minutes 1968-1971; Mrs. Benjamin Bennett; Evening Schools; Leonard J. Hoffman; School Riots: Clippings and correspondence; Government and civic groups; Cecil Moore; Clippings; Citizen correspondence; Clippings; Rizzo.
Box 140
October 1968 School Disturbances; School attendance officers; 1970 Summer School; Violence in schools; Vocational Education; Tax memos and data; Across-the-Bar Liquor Tax; 1970 Tax Suits; November 1969 Bond Question.
Box 141
1969 School Bond Issue; 1968-1969 Tax problems, Correspondence with Legislators, Mayor and City Council, and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius; Chamber of Commerce; Dilworth memos re: Tax problems; Pleadings; Richard C. Bond Committee; Citizen Taxpayers’ Letters; Stock Transfer Tax.
Box 142
1967 School Tax Controversy; Correspondence with Banks, State and City Officials, Civic groups, and Local Republicans; Proposed Tax Legislation; Teachers’ Strike 1970; Audit Committee - City Council; Financial Advisory Committee; Budget and Security proposals-race relations; Regionalism; Moratorium Day 1969; Board’s Accomplishments.
Box 143
1971-1972 Proposed Budget; Retreats; Budget Cuts; Indoor After-Hours Recreation; Art and Music programs; 1971 Budget Cuts; Operating Budget 1969-1970; Capital Program 1969-1970.
Box 144
Board of Education.
Box 145
Arrangement note

Operating Budgets (1967-1972)

Proposed Capital Budgets (1969-1975)

Citizen Correspondence

Barry Cardonick

School Volunteers Program

Alessandroni School (proposed)

Kensington High School (proposed)

South Philadelphia High School (proposed)

Conshohocken Avenue and Monument Road

Anderson School

John Bartram High School

Belmont School

Birney School

Edward Bok School

Henry Armitt Brown School

Charles Carroll High School

Central High School

Board of Education-Schools.
Box 146
Arrangement note

Claghorn Elementary School

Grover Cleveland Public School

Russell H. Conwell School

Creighton School

Kennedy C. Crossan School

Dobbins High School

Charles R. Drew School

Eastwick School

Thomas Edison High School

F.S. Edmonds School

Elkin School

Farrell School

Samuel S. Fels Junior High School

FitzSimmons Junior High School

Frankford High School

Benjamin Franklin High School

Samuel Gompers School

Germantown High School

Gratz High School

Gillespie Junior High School

Joseph J. Greenberg School

Hackett School

Harrington School

Hartranft School

Joseph P. Hill School

High School for Girls

Houston School

William H. Hunter Elementary School

Andrew Jackson School

John B. Kelly School

Kensington Girls High School

Kinsey School

E.B. Kirkbride School

Lafayette School

Alain Locke School

Lamberton School

Leeds Junior High School

Lincoln High School

Lingelbach School

Longfellow School (Day Treatment Center)

Longstreth School

John F. McCloskey School

McCall School

William B. Mann School

Mastbaum School

Mantua-Powelton Mini-School

Northeast High School

S. Weir Mitchell School

Moffet School

Morton School

“High School USA” film

Olney High School

Overbrook Cluster Project

Overbrook High School

Paxson Parkway Elementary School

Dr. John Bremer

Board of Education-schools.
Box 147
Arrangement note

Pennsylvania Advancement School

Parkway School

William Penn High School

Wagner Junior High School

The Philadelphia School

Pennypacker School

Pickett Middle School

James Rhoads School

Roxborough High School

Sayre Junior High School

Walter Biddle Saul High School of Agricultural Science

Shallcross School

Shawmont School

Tilden Middle School

George Washington High School

Wanamaker Junior High School

Widener Memorial School

Wynnefield Schools

The Portal School

West Philadelphia High School - Fishman Controversy; South Philadelphia High School; Appointment of Benito A. Farnese; Joseph N. Brancato; Theodore Beck; Hate letters.
Box 148
Referrals (A-Z).
Box 149
Agreement between School District and City; Harrisburg correspondence; Bill 717 statements; Categorical Aid Bill; Bill 717 media correspondence; House Bill 1317, 1318, 806; Collaborative Study-Handicapped children; Collaborative Study Report; 7.6 Million Federal Grant; Remedial Gym.
Box 150
Desegregation; Decentralization.
Box 151
Get-set: Employees, Head Start outreach; Teacher’s Union: Correspondence, Philadelphia Federation of Teaches (AFL), Teacher’s contract (1968), clippings, statements re: Teacher’s strike, Philadelphia Teacher’s Association, Celia Pincus, notes-Teacher’s strike.
Box 152
Board of Education.
Box 153
Arrangement note


Bill of Rights-students

Flag raisings in schools

Memorial schools-naming of

Moslem children

Philadelphia Plan

Homosexual teachers

School Administrator’s Alliance


Philadelphia Principals Association: Correspondence, miscellaneous

Teacher’s Union Negotiations (1970): Correspondence-civic groups, Correspondence-City and State officials, Home and School associations, Citizen correspondence, Mediators, Statements, Clippings, Home and School Council vs. P.F.T. and Board of Education, Notes, Form letters, Agreements

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission: Pleadings, Statements, Correspondence, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission vs. The School District of Philadelphia; Tutorial Project; City Hall Offices files: January-May 1968, Art Commission, July-December 1969, 1970-1971.
Box 154
City Hall Offices files: Harry Norwich, City Council-General, D’Ortona-September 1966 to December 1968, D’Ortona-President of City Council, City Council January-June 1970, City Council January-August 1968, City Council September-December 1968, City Hall Offices files-June 1968 to June 1969.
Box 155
City Hall Offices files-June 1968 to June 1969; City Council January-December 1969; Mayor Tate February-December 1969; Mayor Tate January-December 1968.
Box 156
Mayor Tate January-December 1968; Pennsylvania Government-General; Commonwealth Priorities Commission-Harrisburg.
Box 157
Protest letters and hate mail; Correspondence, memos, files (1965-1968).
Box 158
Correspondence, memos, files (1965-1968).
Box 159
Lincoln High School Master Plan; Poems-Young Afro Americans (September 1968).
Box 234 (oversize)

Scope and content note

Scrapbooks collected by Richardson Dilworth and other family members, including two copies of a 1974 memorial scrapbook commissioned by the family.

Physical Description

5.6 Linear feet ; 13 boxes

Social Events (circa 1881-1946).
Box 235
Philadelphia politics (undated).
Box 236
1949 Scrapbook.
Box 237
1955 Mayoralty Campaign (March 9 to September 30).
Box 238
1955 Mayoralty Campaign (October 1 to November 10).
Box 239
1947 Campaign; 1949 Campaign; 1950 Campaign.
Box 240-242
1962 Scrapbook.
Box 243
Box 244
1959 Scrapbook.
Box 245-246
Richardson Dilworth 1974 Memorial scrapbook (2 copies).
Box 247

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