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Nazareth Hall School for Boys account books


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Overview and metadata sections

Nazareth Hall School for Boys was founded by the Moravian Church in Nazareth, Pennsylvania in 1759. Moravians had been a presence in colonial Pennsylvania since the 1740s, establishing missions in frontier communities in an attempt to evangelize the native Lenape. In 1741, the Church bought a 5,000 acre tract of land in Nazareth from Anglican minister George Whitefield. The Manor House, which eventually became the center of the school campus, was built in 1755 and was originally intended as a home for Count Nicolaus Zinzendorf, a bishop of the Moravian Church. Business matters in Europe prevented the bishop from moving permanently to Nazareth so another use was sought for the building. In 1759, a pre-existing Moravian boy's school from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was moved to Nazareth and took up residence at the house which was renamed Nazareth Hall. At first, the school only accepted the sons of Moravian clergy who were aged seven to twelve years, but they opened their enrollment to other boys in the community by 1762. The school was forced to close temoporarily due to financial difficulty in 1779.

In 1785, Nazareth Hall re-opened as a boarding school with a revised curriculum under the leadership of the Reverend Charles G. Reichel, who served as pricipal of the school for seventeen years. The school emphasized classical education as well as vocational training and religious instruction. In 1862, principal of the school Reverend Edward H. Reichel organized his pupils into a uniformed cadet company and introduced military drill as part of a routine of physical culture. Shortly thereafter, Nazareth Hall gained a reputation as a military academy which it mainted until its closure in 1929.

The Nazareth Hall School for Boys account books date from 1785 to 1870, with bulk dates of 1785 to 1840, and consists of assorted financial ledgers from the Nazareth Hall School for Boys in Nazareth, Pennnsylvania. The school was founded by the Moravian Church in 1759 and originally operated as a day school for the sons of Moravian clergy, becoming a boarding school in 1785. Eventually, enrollment expanded to include other boys from the surrounding community. Curriculm focused on a classical educatuion but also included vocational training and religious insctruction.

This collection documents certain aspects of the school's finances, especially the personal billing accounts for certain students and accounts with local craftsmen and laborers who provided services to the school. Also included are general account books for the school and two volumes of history lesson recitations. The collection is divided into two series: Series I. General accounts and Series II. Goods and services accounts. These series are arranged chronologically.

Purchased, 1948.

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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents note

Series I. General accounts dates from 1785 to 1870, with bulk dates of 1785 to 1850, and consists of assorted financial ledgers for the Nazareth Hall School for Boys. These ledgers include cashbooks, daybooks, journals, and other ledgers. Entries in these account books are not very detailed or itemized. Also included in this series are two volumes containing a history lesson recitation and two volumes listing the names of students. The series is arranged chronologically.

Account book "A", 1785-1797.
Volume 1
Ledger "A" [Haupt buch], 1785-1797.
Volume 2
School account book [Hulfs buch A], 1787-1788.
Volume 3
Account book [Hulfs buch B], 1788-1791.
Volume 4
Wastebook, 1788-1793.
Volume 5
Account book [Hulfs buch D], 1791-1797.
Volume 6
Cashbook, 1793-1797.
Box 2 Volume 7
"General history in questions and answers", 1794.
Volume 8
Cashbook, 1798-1805.
Volume 9
Account book, 1798-1813.
Volume 10
Journal, 1799-1801.
Volume 11
Journal, 1801-1803.
Volume 12
Journal, 1804-1807.
Volume 13
Cashbook, 1805-1809.
Box 2 Volume 14
Journal, 1807-1809.
Volume 15
Cashbook, 1809-1813, 1822-1823.
Box 2 Volume 16
Journal, 1810-1813.
Volume 17
"Namen der Jöglinge in Nazareth Hall" [Names of young men at Nazareth Hall], 1812-1819.
Box 2 Volume 18
Cashbook, 1814-1815.
Box 1 Volume 19
Ledger "D" [Haupt buch], 1814-1820.
Volume 20
Journal, 1816-1820.
Volume 21
Daybook, 1823-1826.
Box 1 Volume 22
Cashbook, 1827-1828.
Box 1 Volume 23
Cashbook, 1832.
Volume 24
Daybook, 1832-1838.
Box 1 Volume 25
Cashbook, 1835-1838.
Box 1 Volume 26
Cashbook, 1836-1838.
Volume 27
Daybook, 1838-1843.
Box 1 Volume 28
Cashbook, 1839-1841.
Volume 29
Cashbook, 1841-1845.
Volume 30
Catalog of pupils, 1842-1870.
Volume 31
Daybook, 1844-1847.
Box 1 Volume 32
Daybook, 1849-1850.
Box 1 Volume 33
History lesson book, undated.
Box 2 Volume 34

Scope and Contents note

Series II. Goods and services accounts dates from 1786 to 1853 and consists of personal account books, detailed student and teacher expense account books, and accounts with local craftsmen and laborers who provided serivces to Nazareth Hall. As a boarding school, parents and guardians of the students had the option to provide clothes, supplies, and pocketmoney themselves or to have the school provide these necessaries and send a quarterly bill. Many of the account books in this series record these quarterly accounts, organized by student and itemized by each expense. Students were supervised in their living quarters by female employees of the school, known as "inspectresses," who also kept accounts of student expenses and managed the school's house stores. Also strongly represented in this series are account books relating to goods and services provided to the school and students by local craftsmen and laborers. These accounts incude shoe repair, linen mending, laundry, and tutoring. There are also a number of account books in this series that seem to record the expenses of teachers who lived at the school. The series is arranged chronologically.

"Inventory" account book, 1786-1806.
Volume 35
Institutional account with Anna Dorothea Reichel, 1790.
Volume 36
Current accounts "G", 1792-1797.
Volume 37
Quarterly accounts, 1793-1795.
Volume 38
Quarterly disbursements, "D No.II", 1793-1795.
Volume 39
Salaries, 1794-1806.
Volume 40
Quarterly disbursements, 1795-1804.
Volume 41
Quarterly accounts, 1796-1804.
Volume 42
Current accounts, 1797-1804.
Volume 43
Quarterly receipts, 1797-1809.
Box 1 Volume 44
Quarterly accounts, 1803-1810.
Volume 45
Quarterly disbursements, 1803-1810.
Volume 46
Current accounts, 1804-1820.
Volume 47
Store accounts, 1807-1819.
Volume 48
Salaries of tutors, 1807-1838.
Volume 49
Rosel Werner account with Nazareth Hall, 1812-1833.
Box 2 Volume 50
Store book, 1813-1815.
Volume 51
Samuel Ricksecker [shoemaker] account with Nazareth Hall, 1813-1817.
Box 2 Volume 52
Store accounts current, 1815-1818.
Box 2 Volume 53
George Ricksecker, tailor, account with Nazareth Hall, 1815-1819.
Volume 54
Store accounts "B", 1816-1828.
Volume 55
Samuel Ricksecker account with Nazareth Hall, 1817-1819.
Box 2 Volume 56
Jacob Eckensberger account, 1818-1820.
Volume 57
Jacob Christ account with Nazareth Hall, 1819-1836.
Box 3 Volume 58
Samuel Ricksecker account with Nazareth School, 1819-1839.
Box 1 Volume 59
George Ricksecker, tailor, account with Nazareth Hall, 1820-1825.
Volume 60
Jacob Eckensberger account, 1820-1830.
Volume 61
Clothing account book, 1820-1840.
Volume 62
Shoemaker's account book, 1820-1840.
Volume 63
Franz/Francis Charles Danke account with Nazareth Hall, 1825-1829.
Box 3 Volume 64
George Ricksecker, tailor, account with Nazareth Hall, 1825-1831.
Volume 65
Charles Hoeber accounts, 1826-1832.
Volume 66
Matthew Houcke account with Nazareth Hall, 1826-1836.
Box 3 Volume 67
Stationary account book, 1826-1836.
Box 3 Volume 68
Sarah Louise Rothrock account book, 1826-1842.
Box 3 Volume 69
"Bills, drafts, etc." account book, 1827-1829.
Box 3 Volume 70
Pocketmoney account book, 1827-1831.
Box 3 Volume 71
Francis Charles Danke account with Nazareth Hall, 1829-1832.
Box 3 Folder 71
House stores, 1829-1833.
Volume 73
Inspectress' house store book, 1829-1833.
Box 3 Volume 74
Washing quarterly accounts, 1829-1837.
Box 3 Volume 75
Jacob Eckensberger accounts, 1830-1839.
Volume 76
George Ricksecker, tailor, account with Nazareth Hall, 1831-1834.
Volume 77
Account book "B", 1831-1840.
Volume 78
Pocket money account book, 1832-1836.
Box 3 Volume 79
Charles R. Hoeber accounts, 1832-1837.
Volume 80
Private lessons account book, 1832-1842.
Box 3 Volume 81
Benjamin Clewell account with Nazareth Hall, 1833-1836.
Box 3 Volume 82
Daniel Wilhelm account with Nazareth Hall, 1833-1840.
Box 4 Volume 83
Inspectress' house store book, 1834-1836.
Box 4 Volume 84
House stores, 1834-1843.
Volume 85
Meyer and Wachsmuth account with Nazareth Hall, 1835-1836.
Box 4 Volume 86
"Reverend John G. Herman in account with Jacob Sensman", 1835-1836.
Box 4 Volume 87
Pocketmoney account book, 1836-1841.
Box 4 Volume 88
"Reverend C.A. van Heck in account with Jacob R. Senseman", 1837-1839.
Box 4 Volume 89
Charles Clewell account with Nazareth Hall, 1837-1840.
Box 4 Volume 90
Charles R. Hoeber account, 1837-1844.
Volume 91
Shoe repair account book, 1838-1839.
Box 4 Volume 92
Quarterly receipts, 1838-1841.
Box 4 Volume 93
Logbook of letters sent and received, 1839-1841.
Box 4 Volume 94
Incidental expenses account book, 1839-1842.
Box 4 Volume 95
Inspectress' house store book, 1839-1842.
Box 4 Volume 96
G. Fradeneck account, 1839-1845.
Volume 97
Mending linen quarterly account book, 1839-1848.
Box 5 Volume 98
Inspectress' house store book, 1840-1841.
Box 5 Volume 99
Jacob Senseman account with Nazareth Hall, 1840-1841.
Box 5 Volume 100
Town school account book, 1840-1842.
Box 5 Volume 101
Daniel Wilhelm account book, 1840-1851.
Volume 102
Account book, 1841.
Volume 103
Logbook of letters sent and received, 1841-1844.
Box 5 Volume 104
Wash house account book, 1841-1849.
Box 5 Volume 105
Incidental expenses account book, 1842-1847.
Box 5 Volume 106
Inspectress' [Agnes A. Kluge] house store book, 1843-1844.
Box 5 Volume 107
"Reverend C.F. Kluge account Comenius Senseman", 1843-1845.
Box 5 Volume 108
Inspectress' house store book, 1843-1847.
Box 5 Volume 109
Quarterly salary book, 1843-1853.
Volume 110
House store account book, 1844-1847.
Volume 111
Incidental expenses account book, 1847-1849.
Box 5 Volume 112

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