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Edward Shippen Burd papers


Held at: Historical Society of Pennsylvania [Contact Us]1300 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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Edward Shippen Burd (1779-1848), the son of Edward Burd and Elizabeth Shippen, like his father, became a prominent member of the legal profession in Pennsylvania. His mother was the daughter of Pennsylvania Chief Justice Edward Shippen, member of the prominent Shippen family of Lancaster and Shippensburg. Burd was educated at the Academy of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania, whence he graduated in 1794. Later he served on the university’s board from 1831 to 1839, and, again, from 1842 to 1844.

Over the course of his life he would also venture into various business interests and real estate. By the close of his life he had acquired a significant amount of real estate properties including the Ormiston Mansion (built by his father in 1798 on 45 acres overlooking the Schuylkill River) that he inherited after his father’s death. Beneficiaries of his philanthropic contributions, along with those of his wife, Eliza Howard Simms, included the St. Stephens Church and the Protestant Episcopal Hospital of Philadelphia. Eliza, upon her death in 1860, bequeathed $100,000 to the St. Stephens Church for the establishment of the Burd Orphan Asylum for the daughter of Episcopal Clergymen.

The volumes collected here detail some of Edward Shippen Burd’s (and Eliza Howard Simms Burd's) expenses and business affairs. The notations included concern payments and receipts in taxes paid, land surveys and maps, rents and mortgages, wages paid to servants/laborers, property taxes, expenses and purchases, and item inventories. Concerning Elizabeth Burd’s affairs, two of the volumes (5 and 6) in Box 2 are receipt books for the monthly accounts of the Burd Orphan Aslyum with the grocer Michael McCarthy. Another interesting volume (10) is the catalogue of books of Edward Burd’s law library.

Purchased, Dreer Fund; Gift of Harrold E. Gillingham; Gift of Dr. Philbrick; Gift of Harrold E. Gillingham.; 1934-1936; 1939.

The volumes contained in the collection were numbered in the order they were housed prior to processing.

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Collection Inventory

Edward Shippen Burd's Receipt Book/Paid Accounts (formerly Am.907645), July 26, 1813 - February 10, 1823.
Volume 1
Edward Shippen Burd Income and Investment Book (formerly Am.907651), March 1846 - August 1848.
Volume 2
Lumber Bill for Pine Street Buildings and Lundrey (formerly Am.90765), 1820.
Volume 3
Receipt Book for Taxes, Water-Rents, Mortage Interest and Wages to Servants (formerly Am.907639), 1823-1833.
Volume 4
Grocer's Monthly Account of the Burd Orphan Asylum [Mrs. E. H. Burd] with Michael McCarthy (formerly Am.907656), August 31, 1855 - November 8, 1858.
Volume 5
Grocer's Monthly Account Book [Mrs. Edward Shippen Burd w/ Michael McCarthy] (formerly Am.907657), October 2, 1856 - September 1, 1858.
Volume 6
Edward Shippen Burd's Receipt Book for Taxes and Interest (formerly Am.912356), March 28, 1831 - July 14, 1846.
Volume 7
Edward Burd's Receipt Book (formerly Am.90763), 1805-1831.
Volume 8
Edward Burd's Receipt Book (formerly Am.907625), December 17, 1798 - December 26, 1820.
Volume 9
Debt Book; Deed Trust; Catalogue of Edward Shippen Burd's Law Library (formerly Am.907652).
Volume 10
Mrs. Eliza H. Burd's Receipt Book (formerly Am.907655), October 21, 1848 - December 26, 1857.
Volume 11
Real Estate, Mortgage and Ground Rent Record [in handwriting of Edward Shippen Burd] (formerly Am.90764), 1830-1834.
Volume 12
Plan and Abstract of Titles of Lands Owned by Edward Burd in Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson, Lycoming and Northumberland Counties of Pennsylvania (formerly Am. 907634), 1814-1820.
Volume 13
General note

Some of the properties (lands) noted here are "Lottery Lands." As well, the "Plan of Ormiston" is presented on page 38 of this volume.

Edward Shippen Burd's monument drawings and description, n.d.
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