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Haverford College cooperative store ledger


Held at: Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections [Contact Us]370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041

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The Haverford College cooperative store was started by William H. MacCallum and William E. Silver, both members of the Class of 1922, around 1920. By the mid 1920s, the store was under the supervision of the Students Council. The store sold a large breadth of items, ranging from food and drinks to household items and school supplies. In fall 1943 the U.S. Army trainees studying at the College during World War II were put in charge of retail operations at "the Coop" since here was too much turnover among civilian student store clerks.

This is a financial ledger that records the purchases made for the Haverford cooperative store and sales made by the store. The entries not only include the products bought and sold, but also the companies that the store purchased products from. The ledger can be broken up into nine sections, marked by the store manager who was recording expenses and income. The first section, from 11/11/1935 to 1/31/1936, was completed by R. Lewis (pages 1-11). The second section, from 2/2/1936 to 2/2/1937, was completed by Stephen G. Cary (pages 13-67). The third section, from 2/4/1937 to 1/30/1938, was completed by J. E. Goldmark (pages 69-118). The fourth section, from 2/13/1938 to 1/31/1939, was completed by Nathaniel H. Evans (pages 119-126). The fifth section, from 2/12/1939 to 1/31/1940, was completed by Paul C. Rowland (pages 127-131). The sixth section, from 2/1/1940 to 1/31/1941, was completed by John B. Hibbard (pages 132-136). The seventh section, from 2/9/1941 to 2/1/1942, was completed by Charles C. Abbot (pages 137-141). The eighth section, from 2/9/1942 to 6/27/1942, was completed by Paul M. Cope, Jr. (pages 142-143). The ninth section, from 6/27/1942 to 1/28/1943, was completed by Chase Edwin Fox, Jr. (pages 144-147).

Processed by Rachel McQueen and Elizabeth Jones-Minsinger, completed September 2023.

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Haverford College cooperative store ledger, 1935 November 11 - 1943 January 28.
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