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Haverford Loganian Society records


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The Haverford Loganian Society was a student-founded group established in 1834. The Loganian Society worked with the common goal of general academic advancement and exploration. Beyond academic pursuits, however, the group was also able to manage several projects that significantly improved daily life for the community at Haverford College. Though at times sporadic, the Loganian Society in general met several times a month. The original intention was that members be "sensible of the great influence of sound learning in disciplining the mind and maturing the understanding; and desirous of cultivating in each other a correct taste in Literature, and a love for scientific pursuits." This involved public speeches, exercises in elocution, debates, scientific experiments, original publications, and the formation of a Library and Museum.

The group was led by a student president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. These officers met and received reports from each of the subcommittees, the Curator, Gardener, Librarian, and Carpenter. Membership was approved by the entire committee during a specific period each meeting. Though not free, the society was in general open to all who wished to join. In the early stages, each member was required to participate in at least two academic committees, ranging from ornithology to literature. As the society evolved over time, the variety of projects expanded. The Loganian Society was responsible for establishing, funding, and managing a garden, gymnasium, museum, library, and carpenter shop, while simultaneously running their normal academically driven meetings and exercises.

The meetings were held within the committee privately, and at times only included officers, but the Loganian Society also held public presentations. They would distribute invitations throughout the community, and several members would be designated to read an original work or present a more classical work as an exercise of elocution. These were not critiqued at first, but later a critique was incorporated into the normal proceedings as a way to help members improve over time. After receiving positive feedback following public debate exercises, debates also became a standard exercise for Loganian public meetings. These were held both within the society itself, as well as with other institutions. Along with broadening their scope of activities, the Loganian Society also began to collaborate with faculty more, including professors like Hugh D. Vail around 1850.

The Loganian Society remained a part of Haverford's community through to the 20th century, finally disbanding after 1905.

The Haverford Loganian Society records (1834-1905) are comprised of a variety of different forms pertaining to the overall operations of the Society at Haverford College during its first 100 years. The bound volumes at the beginning of the collection include the Loganian Society Constitutions and By-Laws (184?-1896), Register (1834-1899), minute books (1834-1897), account books (1834-1900), catalogues for the Museum and Library (1850-1877), the Collegian (1835-1883), and Miscellaneous volumes. These materials span a fairly expansive period of time, tracking the initial operations of the Loganian Society through to the 20th century.

An volume of note included in Series 7, Miscellaneous volumes, is The Budget. The Budget was a "paper" created for the purpose of publishing "everyday events and common place scraps."

The administrative documents (1835-1891) in this collection include reports of the secretary and register, reports of the treasurer, records of the various administrative committees, records of the Council of the Loganian Society, and miscellaneous financial documents. Though most of the secretarial and financial records were put into the minute books and account books, more specific notes regarding changes or transactions were at times recorded as single documents. These administrative documents relate primarily to the overall organizational and financial operations of the Loganian Society.

The major projects series (1834-1868) contains documents regarding the central community projects headed by the Loganian Society. These projects include the Garden, the Museum, the Library, and the Collegian. The materials relating to the Garden include general reports, inventories, and a plan created by the Gardener for the Haverford lawn drawn on wallpaper that was never put into place. Reports on the progress or acquisitions of the Garden are all authored by the Managers of the Garden, appointed by the Loganian Society. The papers relating to the Museum pertain primarily to acquisitions and general reports written by the Curator. The documents regarding the Library are similar, containing reports from the Librarian and documents focusing primarily on acquisitions and inventory. Material related to the Collegian include correspondence with the editors and general reports for the Society as a whole.

Committee documents (1834-1865) pertain to reports and plans of the various sub-committees the Haverford Loganian Society divided itself into. These committees include academic committees which span many disciplines (i.e. ornithology, mammology, philosophy, literature, etc.), and minor project committees tasked with short term projects for the betterment of the community (egg committee, fruit committee). The minor project committees also include the Society's more recreational committees, such as the April Fool's Day committee.

The final series of other types of documents (1839-1905) include student work and publicity materials. Student works contained within this collection include drafts of addresses to be performed in front of the Society and actual published versions of addresses given by students. Publicity materials include order of exercises and programs of meetings, invitations or public announcements, and responses to invitations by members of the Society.

This collection is arranged and described in ten series and one tube. The first five series are made up of itemized volumes, and the last five series are documents and a single volume arranged according to subject and type.

Series 1. Constitutions and By-Laws

Series 2. Register

Series 3. Meeting Minutes

Series 4. Account books

Series 5. Catalogues (Library and Museum)

Series 6. The Collegian

Series 7. Miscellaneous volumes

Series 8. Administrative records

Series 9. Major projects

Series 10. Committees

Series 11. Miscellaneous documents
Subseries 1.
Student Work
Subseries 2.

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Collection Inventory

Constitutions and By-Laws, circa 184-?.
Volume 1
Constitutions and By-Laws, circa 1848.
Volume 2
Constitutions and By-Laws, circa 187-? .
Volume 3
Constitutions and By-Laws, 1887-1888.
Volume 4
Constitutions and By-Laws, 1888-1896.
Volume 5

Register, 1834-1899.
Volume 6

Minute book of the Haverford Loganian Society, 1834-1838.
Volume 7
Minutes of the Haverford Loganian Society , 1838-1848.
Volume 8
Minutes of the Haverford Loganian Society , 1850-1859.
Volume 9
Minute book of the Haverford Loganian Society , 1858-1862.
Volume 10
Minutes of the Haverford Loganian Society , 1860-1900.
Volume 11
Haverford Loganian Society Secretaries' Minutes, 1862-1865.
Volume 12
Haverford Loganian Society Secretaries' Minutes, 1865-1869.
Volume 13
Memoranda of Log Exercises, 1869-1873.
Volume 14
Minute book of the Haverford Loganian Society, 1872-1875.
Volume 15
Minute book of the Haverford Loganian Society, 1876-1881.
Volume 16
Minute book of the Haverford Loganian Society, 1881-1897.
Volume 17

Treasurer's book. Hav. Log. Soc., 1834-1849.
Volume 18
Treasurer's book, 1849-1900.
Volume 19
Account book , 1851-1861.
Volume 20
Haverford Loganian Society Account Book, 1861-1881.
Volume 21

Curator's Record Book. Hav. Log. Soc., 1834-1879.
Volume 22
Catalogue of the Hav. Log. Soc. Library, 1850.
Volume 23
List of Books placed in the Loganian Library after 9th mo. 1858, 1858-1860.
Volume 24
A Catalogue of the library of the Haverford Loganian Society at Haverford College , 1859.
Volume 25
Catalogue of the Donations to the Museum of the Hav. Log. Society, circa 1877.
Volume 26
Donation to the Library and Cabinet of Haverford School, undated.
Volume 27
Catalogue of the Hav. Log. Soc., J. Clapp. Librarian, undated.
Volume 28

The Collegian , 1835-1836.
Volume 29
The Collegian Vol. I , 1838-1839.
Volume 30
The Collegian Vol. II , 1839-1840.
Volume 31
The Collegian Vol. III , 1840-1841.
Volume 32
The Collegian Vol. IV , 1841-1842.
Volume 33
The Collegian Vol. V , 1844-1845.
Volume 34
The Collegian New Series Vol. I , 1849-1850.
Volume 35
The Collegian New Series Vol. II , 1850-1851.
Volume 36
The Collegian New Series Vol. III-IV , 1851-1852.
Volume 37
The Collegian New Series Vol. V , 1853-1854.
Volume 38
The Collegian New Series Vol. VI , 1854-1855.
Volume 39
The Collegian New Series Vol. VII , 1855-1856.
Volume 40
The Collegian New Series Vol. VIII , 1856-1857.
Volume 41
The Collegian New Series Vol. IX , 1857-1858.
Volume 42
The Collegian New Series Vol. X , 1858-1859.
Volume 43
The Collegian New Series Vol. XI , 1859-1860.
Volume 44
The Collegian New Series Vol. XII , 1860-1861.
Volume 45
The Collegian New Series Vol. XIII , 1861-1862.
Volume 46
The Collegian New Series Vol. XIV , 1862-1863.
Volume 47
The Collegian New Series Vol. XV , 1863-1864.
Volume 48
The Collegian New Series Vol. XVI , 1864-1865.
Volume 49
The Collegian New Series Vol. XVII , 1865-1866.
Volume 50
The Collegian New Series Vol. XVIII , 1866-1867.
Volume 51
The Collegian New Series Vol. XIX , 1867-1868.
Volume 52
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXI , 1869-1870.
Volume 53
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXI no. 6 , 1870.
Volume 54
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXII , 1870-1871.
Volume 55
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXIV , 1871-1872.
Volume 56
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXV-XXVI , 1872-1874.
Volume 57
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXVII , 1874-1875.
Volume 58
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXVIII , 1875-1876.
Volume 59
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXIX , 1876-1877.
Volume 60
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXX , 1877-1878.
Volume 61
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXXI , 1878-1879.
Volume 62
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXXII , 1879-1880.
Volume 63
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXXIII , 1880-1881.
Volume 64
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXXV , 1881-1882.
Volume 65
The Collegian New Series Vol. XXXVI , 1882-1883.
Volume 66

Meteorological Register of the Haverford Loganian Society, 1839-1855.
Volume 67
Samuel Morris Account book and minute book of the Lathe Committee of Loganian Society, 1843-1844.
Volume 68
Haverford Revisited: Being a memento of a day spent on the old grounds by a number of the former pupils, 1846 December 29.
Volume 69
Haverford Revived: Being an address on the history of the Haverford Loganian Society read before a meeting of the Society, 1848 September 13.
Volume 70
An account of the trial of the Carpenter Shop Managers of the Haverford Loganian Society, 1854.
Volume 71
Haverford Loganian Society Barometrical Readings , 1858-1860.
Volume 72
"No More:" The Seniors' Farewell. A Poem, by Samuel A. Hadley , 1861.
Volume 73
"No More:" The Seniors' Farewell. A Poem, by Samuel A. Hadley. (copy 2), 1861.
Volume 74
The Budget No. 1-5, 1844.
Volume 75

Reports of the Register and Secretary, 1859-1868.
Box 1 Folder 1
Reports of the Treasurer, 1835-1868.
Box 1 Folder 2
Reports of the Librarian, 1858.
Box 1 Folder 3
Administrative committees, 1847-1865.
Box 1 Folder 4
Council of the Loganian Society, 1834-1857.
Box 1 Folder 5
Miscellaneous Administrative records, 1854-1891.
Box 1 Folder 6

the Garden, 1834-1853.
Box 1 Folder 7
the Museum, 1849-1868.
Box 1 Folder 8
the Library, 1841-1863.
Box 1 Folder 9
the Collegian, 1857-1867.
Box 1 Folder 10

Academic Committees, 1834-1865.
Box 1 Folder 11
Minor projects, 1841-1861.
Box 1 Folder 12
Haverford College. Managers of the Garden. Managers of the Garden minutes, 1849-1850.
Volume 76
Scope and Contents

This volume contains the minutes for the Haverford College Managers of the Garden. The minutes were written by secretary William W. Cadbury and include information about purchasing plans for plants in the garden, notes on new appointees to the committee, and plans for hiring outside help to care for the garden.

Drafts of addresses, 1854-1856.
Box 1 Folder 13
Addresses and essays, 1841-1884.
Box 1 Folder 14
Order of Exercises and programs, 1861-1905.
Box 2 Folder 1
Invitations and public announcements .
Box 2 Folder 2
Responses to invitations, 1836-1849.
Box 2 Folder 3
To the Students of Haverford School, 1847.
Box 2 Folder 4
"Gardener's Plan & Haverford Lawn etc.", circa 1845-1850.
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