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Eli and Sybil Jones Family papers


Held at: Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections [Contact Us]370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041

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Eli Jones (1807-1890) was born in China, Maine, the son of Abel and Susannah Jepson Jones. He married Sybil Jones in 1833. He was acknowledged a minister and began traveling in the ministry with his wife to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Together they also visited most of the Yearly Meetings in the United States; in Africa, they visited Liberia; and in Europe, they journeyed to England, Ireland, France, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Greece. Finally, they went to do religious work in the Middle East. Jones was active in most New England Yearly Meeting committees, working for the causes of temperance, education, and peace. He served in the legislature in Augusta, Maine, in 1854, and was responsible for re-opening Oak Grove Seminary in 1856, serving as principal that year.

Sybil Jones (1808-1873) was born in Brunswick, Maine, the daughter of Ephraim and Susannah Dudley Jones. She taught in a Friends School in 1824-1825, then in public schools for eight years. Jones was acknowledged a Quaker minister, traveling with her husband in the ministry. In 1850, she felt moved to minister in Africa; she and her husband were guests of President Roberts in Liberia. During the Civil War, she tended the wounded in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. She comforted Mrs. Lincoln after the President's assassination and gave spiritual advice to President Johnson. In 1867, Sybil and Eli Jones began their last missionary journey to Europe, Athens, Syria, Egypt, England, and Palestine, establishing missions on Mt. Lebanon and Ramallah, Palestine. Sybil Jones was a member of China (Maine) Monthly Meeting.

James Parnell Jones (1835-1864) was born in Dirigo, Maine, the son of Eli and Sybil Jones. He was a cousin of Rufus M. Jones and older brother of Richard Mott Jones. He married Rebecca Runnels in 1857. He attended Haverford College from 1851 to 1852 (he received his bachelor's and master's from the University of Michigan). He became a teacher and principal of Valley School in Michigan. Still a Quaker, he determined that the outrage of slavery was a stronger principle than his pacifism and became an officer in the Union army, achieving the rank of major. He was disowned by his Meeting in China, Maine. He died in battle at Crystal Springs, Virginia.

Biographical information from Dictionary of Quaker Biography, internal evidence and an article by Peter Curtis, "A Quaker and the Civil War." <emph render="italics">Quaker History</emph>, vol. 67, 1978, no. 1, p. 35.

This collection contains materials from Eli and Sybil Jones, as well as Susan Taber Jones, James Parnell Jones, Virginia Costello Jones, and other materials related to the work and ministry of Eli and Sybil Jones.

These are all materials which were previously removed from collection 1009, the Jones Family papers.

Processed by Mary A. Crauderueff; completed December, 2015.

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December, 2015
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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents

This series includes materials from Eli Jones, including journals, notebooks, account books, and two passports.

Physical Description

19 items

Journal, 1842 - 1843.
Volume 1
Journal, 1852.
Volume 2
Journal, 1867.
Volume 3
Journal, 1869 - 1878.
Volume 4
Notebook, 1851 - 1853.
Volume 5
Scope and Contents

This notebook includes recordings of distances traveled, and correspondence recieved by Eli Jones, during 1851 - 1853.

Notebook, 1867.
Volume 7
Notebook, 1867-1885.
Volume 8
Notebook, 1868 - 1885.
Volume 9
Notebook, 1879 - 1880.
Volume 10
Notebook 1, undated.
Volume 11
Notebook 2, undated.
Volume 12
Notebook 3, undated.
Volume 13
Account book, 1833 - 1835.
Volume 14
Account book, 1870 - 1888.
Volume 15
Account book, 1882.
Volume 16
Account book, undated.
Volume 17
Pocket Sketch book, 1865.
Volume 18
Passport, 1853 - 1854.
Volume 19
Passport, 1867.
Volume 20

Scope and Contents

Sybil Jones' materials include notebooks and diaries related to Yearly Meeting sessions, her spiritual struggles in deciding to go abroad to minister, and her children's encouragement.

Physical Description

18 items

Notebook , 1840 - 1844.
Volume 21
Notebook, 1868.
Volume 22
Notebook, 1869.
Volume 23
Notebook, undated.
Volume 24
Notebook, undated.
Physical Description


Diary, 1845.
Volume 25
Diary, 1850.
Volume 26
Diary, 1850.
Volume 27
Diary, 1850.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Journal of visits to other Quaker Meetings in New England, circa 1850.

Physical Description


Diary, 1852.
Volume 28
Diary, 1852 - 1853.
Volume 29
Diary, 1853.
Volume 30
Diary, 1853.
Volume 31
Diary, 1864.
Volume 32
Diary, 1864 - 1865.
Volume 33
Scope and Contents

Volume includes Sybil's thoughts and reations to her son's death.

Diary, 1865.
Volume 34
Diary, 1869.
Volume 35
Diary, 1869.
Volume 36
Diary, 1869 - 1871.
Volume 37

Physical Description

2 items

Book of extracts, 1868.
Volume 38
Scope and contents

This item is a book of abstracts, created by F. Annie Budge for Eli and Sybil Jones, dated 1868.

Album, 1854, 1885, 1889.
Volume 39
Scope and Contents

This album contains three main subjects: French Bible verses signed by pupils of Friends School at Nimes, March 1854; Friends' autographs on the occasion of Eli Jones' 78th birthday, China, Maine, March 12, 1885; and from an English Friend, China, Maine, June 27, 1889.

Physical Description

1 items

Cook book, undated.
Volume 40
Account book, 1843 - 1844.
Volume 40

Physical Description

3 items

Latin Excercise Book 1, 1852.
Volume 41
Scope and Contents

This volume contains the second book of Xenophon's Anabasis, translated by James P. Jones at Haverford, Summer of 1852

Latin Excercise Book 2, 1852.
Volume 42
Scope and Contents

This volume contains latin excercises, some of which have correction marks.

Latin Excercise Book 3, 1852.
Volume 43
Scope and Contents

This volume contains Ciceroni's Oratio 3rd, translated by James P. Jones.

Physical Description

1 items

Notebook, 1874.
Volume 44
Scope and Contents

Notebook includes various writings from journaling to recipes and grocery lists.

Physical Description

3 items

Marine Plant album, undated.
Volume 45
Scope and Contents

Includes pressed marine plants collected at Longport, New Jersey.

Pressed British Fern album, undated.
Volume 46
Pressed Flowers Album, undated, 1875 - 1876.
Volume 47
Scope and Contents

Includes sketches and pressed flowers from Europe, including England (undated), also laid in Brumana sketches (1875 - 1876)

Physical Description

1 items

Constitution and Minutes, 1860 - 1861.
Volume 48
Scope and Contents

This item contains the constitution and minutes for the Kennebec County Temperance Union. It has 5 items laid in.

Physical Description

1 items

Maps, 1846- 1847.
Volume 49
Scope and Contents

This is a pocket case containing maps of Friends Meetings in Great Britain and Ireland, with a schedule of times and places for meetings, and Discipline of the Society, 1846

Scope and Contents

This series contains two volumes of record books from the School District No. 11, Town of China, Maine. The records include names of students, and often their age, their attendence, and their marks for each class. They are oversize materials.

Record Book, 1856.
Volume 50
Record Book, 1856.
Volume 51
Scope and Contents

Also includes laid and pasted in momentos and notices of Eli and Sybil, including meetings abroad and pressed flowers.

Proceedings, 1859 - 1864.
Volume 52
Scope and Contents

Includes minutes from the Sons of Temperance, State of Maine, Lake Division No. 100, which began in 1859. Laid in the back are formed used for annual reports to its parent organization, forms for membership certificates, and the charter from the Grand Division of the State of Maine to 18 men, including Eli Jones, making them the Lake Division No. 100.

Album, 1860 - 1883.
Volume 53
Scope and Contents

Album includes photographs of Friends Training Home, its pupils and teachers, at Brumana, Ain Salam, Mt. Lebanon, Syria. Laid in: pencil sketch of land at Brumana, 6 photographs, one of the Friends Mission in 1883. Oversize material.

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