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Taylor, Harris, Roman, Frazer, and Smith families papers


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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Chester County Historical Society. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The families in this collection are all related by the marriage of Marianne Smith to Dr. Stephen Harris on April 14, 1833. Marianne’s father, Joseph Smith, was an iron and shipping merchant in Philadelphia, and her mother was Mary Frazer, daughter of Colonel Persifor Frazer and Mary Worrilow Taylor. Marianne’s brother was Persifor Frazer Smith, the lawyer. More information on the individuals represented in this collection is included in the introductory material to each family’s papers.

Both sides of the lineage represented in this collection immigrated to Pennsylvania because of religious persecution in England and Ireland. As Presbyterians and Quakers, they no longer wished to live under a series of laws which forced non-Anglicans out of public office, schools and the church as well as prohibiting meetings for non-Anglican worship. These newcomers contributed to the establishment of the government and religious expression in early Chester County.

The documents provide a broad picture of early Chester County and its residents as they interacted with each other at home and in Philadelphia through business, religious, and social transactions. Included in the collection are letters from James Logan (William Penn’s secretary); a broadside by Andrew Bradford, a Philadelphia printer; and a real estate document signed by David Lloyd, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania.

The collection spans the years 1683 to 1980 (bulk dates 1683-1851). Included in the collection are letters, land records (draughts, surveys, deeds, warrants, maps, advertisements of sale, etc.), business, legal and financial records, commissions, architectural drawings, receipts, account book, broadsides, genealogy, marriage certificates, wills, oaths of allegiance, poetry, photographs (originals transferred to photo archives), etc.

Topics include: surveying, Native Americans, Revolutionary War (includes prisoners, discharge certificate, receipt for British dead, militia, etc.), estate settlements, astronomy, publishing, iron industry, Sarum Forge (includes labor agreements), East Whiteland Presbyterian Church, St. David’s Church, Harris family homestead, domestic abuse (18th century), English Quakers and religious persecution, etc.


The collection is organized into five main groups by family: Taylor, Harris, Roman, Frazer and Smith. There is also a small grouping of miscellaneous documents.

Each group of family documents is arranged chronologically, as much as possible. The bulk of the collection consists of papers of the Taylor and Harris families.

Within the Taylor family, some documents are further organized under individual names.

The Taylor, Roman, Frazer, Smith, and Harris family papers were donated to Chester County Historical Society by Richard K. Stevens, Jr., April 21, 2001.

The Taylor, Roman, Frazer, Smith, and Harris families papers were donated to Chester County Historical Society by Richard K. Stevens, Jr., April 21, 2001.

The processing of this collection was made possible by a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 2006.

The creation of the electronic guide for this collection was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources’ “Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives” Project.

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The creation of the electronic guide for this collection was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources’ “Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives” Project. Finding aid entered into the Archivists' Toolkit by Garrett Boos.
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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents note

Taylor family papers are arranged chronologically under subject and name headings.

Box 1 contains documents related to Taylor surveying careers. This includes, but is not limited to, drafts of Lord Baltimore’s Line; New Castle, Delaware; work in Philadelphia and around the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rivers, Springton Manor, and Indian lands (“Oakhookeny”).

Also in Box 1 are legal documents and letters that relate to their county offices and personal matters. These include: letters from John Taylor to the Chester County Commissioners and Assessors concerning the county treasurer’s office, letters of James Logan to John Taylor, manuscripts documenting Thompson v. Thompson domestic abuse court case, a list of members of Concord Weekly meeting, several documents relating to John’s separation from his second wife, and a survey by Anthony Wayne.

Box 2 contains correspondence, poetry, etc. Folders 1 to 5 are papers related to Isaac Taylor which include estate papers, a deposition, a commission as well as an indenture agreement with Margarita Herner. Folders 6 to 25 contain documents related to Jacob Taylor. Correspondents include: James Logan, Nicholas Scull, Joseph Rose, and several printers, as well as family. There are also poems and some astronomical observations.

Box 3 contains documents related to John Taylor and his operation of Sarum Forge in Thornbury, including surveys and drafts, work contracts with employees and suppliers of the forge.

To John Taylor from James Logan, Philadelphia, regarding Jeremiah Harre, 1719 9th month, 4th day.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Stenton, survey order regarding agreement with John Meas to purchase a tract in Letitia Aubrey’s land, called Faggs Manor, 1735 August 16.
To John Taylor, from James Logan, Philadelphia, survey order regarding Fagg’s Manor, 1736/7 March 18.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Philadelphia, regarding John Meas survey order, 1737 December 30.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Stenton, regarding several individuals, including James Lindley, who gave conflicting reports on land ownership, 1737/8 January 24.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Philadelphia, regarding the ongoing ownership conflict at Fagg’s Manor, 1737 September 22.
To John Taylor from James Logan, authorizing him to manage the Fagg’s Manor tract, 1737 September 22.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Stenton, regarding the James Lindley incident, 1737 September 29.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Stenton, regarding payment by John Cook, 1738 August 12.
To John Taylor from James Logan, Stenton, regarding sale of 425 acres of the Fagg’s Manor tract to Job Ruston. Other information in the letter, 1739/40 February 6.
John Taylor – “Calculation by Anthony Wayne, Surveyor, of Land in West Bradford Township, Chester County 1769.” Late John Taylor’s Land, 1769.
Box 1 Folder 2
Survey by [Anthony Wayne] (Document is in pieces. Photocopy in folder for viewing), undated.
Box 1 Folder 3
John Taylor - Marlborough Street Certificate. His testimony concerning a survey he conducted in 1717 in Marlborough Township. This document indicates he was approximately 57 years old when the testimony was given, undated.
Box 1 Folder 4
Directions to an Iron Ore deposit (Document in two pieces. Photocopy in folder for viewing), undated.
Box 1 Folder 5
“Copy of deposition taken before ye Mayor concerning he situation of Crosop plantation and others on Susquehanna." John Taylor appeared before Thomas Lawrence, Mayor of Philadelphia, 1735 September 9.
Rough draft of an affirmation of John Taylor’s possession of the Articles of Agreement for a survey of Thomas Crosop’s land. Also mentions the survey of Lord Baltimore’s Line by Isaac Taylor, his father, undated.
Rough draft of partial document in regards to Crosop, Hendrick and Minshall land. Also some survey notes, undated.
Rough draft of partial document, undated.
Survey notations with rough drawing of a river (?), undated.
Survey notations which include “from the Paralol (sic) of Philadelphia to Lord Baltimore’s Line is 16 miles and 300 perches ... to the Paralol (sic) of Newcastle.”), undated.
Survey notations, 1734 August 29.
List of names, some with amounts after them, undated.
Rough draft that begins “John Taylor saith...”, undated.
Drawing of Lord Baltimore’s Line in relation to the Susquehanna River, undated.
Plot drawing of part of New Castle (Penciled note on back with figures and a year 1732), [1732].
“New Castle Worke” drawing of Delaware border. Drawing contains rivers, trees and a compass rose. photocopy in folder, undated.
John Taylor - Anna Nutt Survey, survey order from Thomas Penn and Benjamin Eastburn to John Taylor to survey a grant of 150 acres of land in Nantmel (sic) Township for Anna Nutt. Signed by Thomas Penn and Benjamin Eastburn, 1738.
Box 1 Folder 10
John Taylor – Letter from Thomas Callowhill giving directions to John Taylor on the surveying of his 5000 acre land grant (Transcript with the fragile document), circa 1738.
Box 1 Folder 11
“A Draught explaining the annexed affirmation John Taylor, Surveyor”, undated.
Box 1 Folder 12
“Draught of the western part of the Province of Pennsylvania,” also lists names of those who lived near the Susquehanna River and the southern boundary of Pennsylvania, undated.
Box 1 Folder 13
Copy of 1753 survey of Springtown Manor for Daniel Henderson, 390 acres, 1804.
Copy of survey drawing of Springtown Manor, 10,000 acres, 1804.
“Draught of Land near Conecochegue”, undated.
Box 1 Folder 15
“Survey Notes of the Boundary of Delaware ___ in 1732 and 3 and the Penn Southern boundary ____ in 1734 by John Taylor with other memorandum.” (paper booklet written in pencil and ink), 1732-1734.
Box 1 Folder 16
Map of Susquehanna River basin with locations of stores and Indian towns, undated.
Survey drawing of “Susquehanah Line, Society Land, etc”, undated.
The Indians of Oakhookeny (Original is extremely fragile. Photocopy in folder), 1702 October 13.
Box 1 Folder 18
“Estimate draught of the Land by the Indians”, undated.
Box 1 Folder 19
“Thom Biles Draft of Society Land in Bucks County.” “A Draught of the Society’s Land in Bucks County, resurveyed the first day of May 1723,” (also date of May 17, 1725 written on top edge), 1725 May 17.
Box 1 Folder 20
“Copy of the Return of a Road from Philadelphia to the Point over against Glocester in West Jersey laid out be an Order of the Governor and Council dated August 6, 1720 and confirmed by the same Board November the 9th, 1720,” (Jacob Taylor is one of the signers), 1720.
Box 1 Folder 21
"The Streets from Broad Street to Schuylkil,” drawing, undated.
Box 1 Folder 22
“Warrant for Running a Line from Susquehannah to Conogochoge,” document signed by John Penn and Thomas Penn and written to Samuel Blunston and John Taylor, 1734 October 19.
Box 1 Folder 23
Joseph Cloud 150 acres in Concord, Chester County (Iron gall ink damage where river is drawn. Photocopy in folder), undated.
Memorandum from Richard Peters regarding James Green’s (sp.?) need to produce a copy of John Taylor’s survey, 1746 February 14.
Account of debt due for survey or Letitia’s Manor, 1724-1725.
Copy of John Taylor’s Warrant for 400 acres and order for Survey thereof to Isaac Taylor and signed by Jacob Taylor. Reference to the Free Society of Traders, 1724 January 12.
John Taylor’s 400 acres in Thornbury in Chester County surveyed by Isaac Taylor, 1725 April 2.
Certified copy of above document. “Certified at Philadelphia the 19th of April 1725 by Jacob Taylor Surveyor General”, 1725 April 19.
Survey “The Proprietor and C___ Evans Survey’d 8th 18th 1716.” Original extremely fragile. Photocopy in folder, 1716 August 18.
John Taylor – Correspondence in regard to a 1727 survey of Captain Holl’s land at Tulpehocken, (rough draft addressed, “May it Please the Proprietor”), 1735 May 12.
Box 1 Folder 25
John Taylor – Correspondence – County Treasurer’s office (4 letters to the County Assessors and Commissioners), 1739-1740/1741.
Box 1 Folder 26
Bill on the Commissioners, to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from John Gardner for keeping British Prisoners (prisoners’ names listed), 1782.
Box 1 Folder 27
Warrant for the arrest of James Thompson, 1786 August 17.
Testimony of abuse of Sarah Thompson by James Thompson, undated.
Copy of Charge of Abuse of Sarah Thompson against James Thompson, 1790 October 1.
“An Extemporary Sermon preached at ye request of two scollars by a lover of ale out of a hollow tree”, undated.
Box 1 Folder 29
“Account of Disposal of Churchill’s Books” (2 documents with titles of books listed along with number of copies and cost; also account of a “T. H (?) junior and father"), undated.
Box 1 Folder 30
Charges for improving land and raising deceased man’s child by Peter Grubb and Martha ______ (charges approved, signed and witnessed by twenty-five men including “John Taylor and his Man”), undated.
Box 1 Folder 31
Gideon Griffith’s Deposition, tells how he tried to serve Charles Calvert, Edmond Jennings and Benjamin Tasker and the results, undated.
Box 1 Folder 32
John Taylor (document fragment), 1727.
Box 1 Folder 33
Nathaniel Newlin, 1717 March 12.
Livestock bought from Vernon G. Taylor by Alice Frazer, 1826 April 20.
Letter from nephew John Duborow, Philadelphia, 1714 April 1.
Letter from Daniel Stevenson, New York, 1745 August 8.
Letter to Helena Taylor from Daniel Stevenson, New York. (some water damage), 1745 August 8(?).
Letter from John Stevenson, New York, 1745 August 8.
Joseph Parker’s receipt for Letter of Administration of Jacob’s Estate, 1745 November 19.
Helena Taylor’s Renunciation, 1745 November 13.
“The Settlement between me and brothers about father’s Estate.” Signed by Phillip, Jacob, Ann and Mary Taylor, 1739 April 12.
Administrations on Isaac Taylor’s Estate (Document is in two pieces. Photocopy in folder), 1745 November 16.
Deed – Martha and John Taylor and the Estate of Isaac Taylor to James Widdow, 1733 April 20.
Advertisement for sale of the late Isaac Taylor’s property, 1754 July 12.
Notations from Peter Worrall’s will, 1772 March 19.
Isaac Taylor – Deposition, “A Copy of my Deposition,” Affirmed testimony of Isaac Taylor stating, with details, that he saw David Weems receive a racehorse from Anthony Whitehead Waters, 1742 July 15.
Box 2 Folder 3
Commission to Regulate Weights and Measures Signed by George Thomas, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Pennsilvania (sic) and Counties of Newcastle Kent and Sussex upon Delaware, 1741/2 January 15.
Indenture between Isaac Taylor and the Commissioners and Assessors of Chester County confirming a receipt for weights and measures. Signed by Daniel Walker, Thomas Morgan, Robert Miller, Joseph Gibbons, John Davis, William Jefferis, John Yarnall and Joshua Thomson, 1742 September 2.
Isaac Taylor – Margarita (Henrita) Herner Indenture, indenture agreement of Margarita Herner to Isaac Taylor, back of document has transfer of indenture to John Taylor, May 15, 1748 (photocopies in folder), 1742 September 16.
Box 2 Folder 5
Letter from J. (?) Estaugh, Haddonfield, to Jacob Taylor, Philadelphia, 1704 10th month, 21st day.
Letter from John Roberts (Roberdis?) to Jacob Taylor, 1709 October 3.
Deed of Gift from Thomas Fairman to Jacob Taylor, 1710 December 12.
Copy of a Letter from Jacob Taylor to Thomas Fairman concerning the Division of the Estate at Shackamaxon, circa 1715 May 27.
Letter from Hugh Durborow, Kent, to “Honored Uncle” Jacob Taylor, Philadelphia, 1718/9 February 16.
Letter to John Taylor, Chester County, from Jacob Taylor, Uncle. He mentions a deed, health matters and a Captain Annis, 1731 July 15.
Letter to James Steel from Jacob Taylor, 1740 May 7.
Letter to Nicholas Schull from Jacob Taylor, 1739 August 10.
Note to Benjamin Eastburn from Jacob Taylor. Some astronomical notations and figures on front and back of note, 1739 June 2.
Letter to Jacob Taylor, Thornbury, from Benjamin Eastburn. He references Nicholas Scull in the letter, 1739 September 19.
Letter to “Uncle Jacob” from Isaac Taylor. Refers to Jacob’s almanacks (sic), 1748 November 12.
Letter to James Logan from Elisha Gatchell, 1737 November 7.
Letter to Jacob Taylor from Joseph Rose, Philadelphia, 1741 November 11.
Letter to Jacob Taylor, Chester County, from D. Harry, Jr., Philadelphia, 1744 October 27.
Jacob Taylor – Correspondence from James Logan, Stenton (one letter), 1743 December 20.
Box 2 Folder 10
Letter to Jacob Taylor, Chester County, from Nicholas Scull, Philadelphia, 1736 February 5.
Letter to Jacob Taylor, from Nicholas Scull, Philadelphia, 1739 July 27.
Jacob Taylor’s account from Nicholas Scull, 1739 July 28.
Letter to Jacob Taylor, Chester County, from Nicholas Scull, Philadelphia, 1742 February 2.
Letter to Jacob Taylor, from Nicholas Scull, Philadelphia, 1743 July 10.
Letter to Jacob Taylor from T. Godfrey, Philadelphia, 1741 November 4.
“J. Logan’s Observations of moon with Aldebarian”, 1717 July 15.
Jacob Taylor - Almanac - Correspondence, letter from J. Breintnall, Philadelphia, to Andrew Bradford, Printer, Philadelphia in regard to Jacob Taylor’s Almanac, 1739 8th month 29th day.
Box 2 Folder 13
Letter to Jacob Taylor from William Bradford, 1745 October 5.
Letter to Jacob Taylor from William Bradford, undated.
Letter to Jacob Taylor, Chester County, from William Bradford, Philadelphia, 1745 October 12.
Jacob Taylor - Almanac - Correspondence, letter from J. Zenger to Jacob Taylor, undated.
Box 2 Folder 15
Jacob Taylor - Almanac - Correspondence, letter from Isaiah Warner, Philadelphia, to Jacob Taylor, Sarum Forge, Chester County, 1743.
Box 2 Folder 16
Jacob Taylor - Almanac (A small page from a bound booklet that contains a notation of printer’s terms, possibly print types or a layout for a publication), undated.
Box 2 Folder 17
“Ten Syllables to his Friend J.T.”, undated.
Poem “from J. Breintnal in Blank Verse”, undated.
Promissory note – William Dickson, Philadelphia, to Jacob Taylor, 1705 December 22.
Receipt from Jacob Taylor to Charles Stow for Henry Drinker’s account, 1735 November 15.
Itemized account from Jacob Taylor to Thomas Dunning, 1730-1733.
Taylor family - Poetry, poem “To Jacob Taylor, on his Calculations (?) for ye Year 1737,” addressed to Andrew Bradford (Document torn in half with center missing. Photocopy in folder), 1737.
Box 2 Folder 20
Letter with poem to Jacob Taylor, Concord, from Richard Thomas, 1741 August 12.
A Panegyrick in memory of Dr. John Keasley (sp.?), Philadelphia. Addressed to Jacob Taylor, author unknown, 1744 August 3.
Poem about Teaching (No author listed, but possibly Jacob Taylor. Mathematical calculations on the reverse of the document), undated.
Two pages of surveying and astrological notes. Two surveying formulas set to poetry. Astrological notes dated 1741 (Undated survey notes. Probably Jacob Taylor’s notes), 1741.
Reverse of document reads: “Verse on rum written as is supposed by Caleb Evans.” Title written: “Sir Richard Rum’s Name, and Nature, in harvest _____ to ye Reinter __ : or two sorts of Rum in one cagg”, undated.
Poem “For J. W. Prichet,” the tale of a man who lives off his wife’s wealth and then goes off and then returns [See the definition of revet in the Oxford English Dictionary to aid comprehension of the poem] (Document fragile. Photocopy in folder), undated.
Poem in Latin about Thomas Penn entitled “In Adventum Proprietary” (No author), undated.
Biblical poem that references Jesus Christ, David and Saul (No author. Mathematical notations on reverse. Document fragile. Photocopy in folder), undated.
Agreement – Richard Maybury with John Taylor, 1743 May 25.
Agreement – Thomas Mills with John Taylor, 1744 January 18.
Agreement – John Larkin with John Taylor, 1747 April 9.
Agreement – Thomas Francis with John Taylor, 1748 March 29.
Agreement – William Hasselton with John Taylor, 1749 June 13.
Agreement – John Larkin with John Taylor, 1749 August 5.
Agreement – John Larkin with John Taylor, 1752 June 10.
Agreement – John Larkin with John Taylor, 1753 June 15.
“Note payable December 1, 1744”, 1744 December 1.
Itemized account and settlement, July 6, 1749, and the balance of a bond, 1752.
Receipt “Bennet’s account of Larkin’s and Esington’s debt”, 1750/1 March 2.
General release John Larkin to John Taylor, 1752 February 2.
John Larkin work account, settlement, 1755 December 4.
Account John Larkin to John Taylor, settled February 24, 1752. Itemized list of work performed for the Sarum Forge during the year 1749, 1752.
Bill of Sale John Larkin to John Taylor, 1752 February 24.
Receipt, Roger McGuley (sp.?) and John Larkin, 1755.
Account John Taylor to John Larkin, for Larkin’s instruction in work performed by Robert Campbell, George Goils, and Michale Masters at the slitting mill dam, 1752 August 3.
Account John Larkin to John Taylor, settled. Itemized list of work performed for the Sarum Forge during the year 1752, 1753 June 13.
Receipt of paper that reads, “John Larkin’s accounts and Last Settlement", circa 1752-1755.
Bond John Larkin to John Taylor, witnessed by Isaac Taylor and Dan Calvert, 1755 December 24.
Written account of Caesar Andrew’s work relationship with John Taylor (rough draft.) John Taylor says, in one paragraph, that C. Andrew, “neglected my business, destroyed my hamors (sic) ...and wasted my Anconies and coals.” On the reverse of the document are more notes about Caesar Andrew as well as John Taylor’s pasture land, 1748 June 25, 1749 July 8, 1750 February 2.
Work Agreement – Caesar Andrew with John Taylor, 1749 June 25.
Receipt of paper that reads, “Caesar Andrew’s Account sent to Lancaster County Court with ___ Lawyer’s directions”, circa 1748-1752.
Account of Caesar Andrew to John Taylor. Reverse of document lists itemized charges for 1752, 1749 July 10-1752 June 23.
John Taylor – Receipt for land from Thomas Wills, Middle Town, 1728/9 March 11.
Box 3 Folder 6
Indemnifying Bond of John Baldwin to John Taylor, High Sheriff, 1723 June 1.
Land sale agreement – John Baker to John Taylor, 1723/4 March 5.
Bond, Patrick Campbell to John Taylor, 1729 November 5.
Bond, Edward Cartlidge to John Taylor, 1729 November 5.
Bond, James Kinkead to John Taylor, 1740 October 2.
Receipt – Abraham Taylor, 1742 December 1.
Work Agreement – Rees Jones to John Taylor, wood deliveries, 1746 June 10.
Agreement – John Taylor and Ruben Young, farm tenant, 1750 March 26.
Receipt – John Potts, 1754 September 21.
Receipt – John Taylor v. John Spruce, received by H.H. Graham, 1754 October 2.
Receipt – Joseph Hemphill’s itemized account, 1755 March 8.
Lease - Joseph Baker, Edgemont to John and Ann Worrilow, Edgemont, 1716 April 5.
Bond – James Thomas and John Ingram to John Taylor (Document fragile and has two holes in it and some water damage, but is legible. Photocopy in folder), 1721.
Walter Worrilaw’s assignment. Walter Worrilaw, Peter and Alice Yarnall, Nicholas and Sarah Pyle, Thomas Worrilaw, Anne Worrilaw and Jane Worrilaw to John Taylor. Witnessed by Joseph Way, John Lyn, Francis and Mary Yarnall, Samuel Gilpin and Peter Halton (Document has holes from the iron gall ink and water damage, but is legible), 1723 April 17.
Agreement – John Taylor and Joseph Hayes to P. Joseph, 1743/4 January 9.
Bond – John and Isaac Taylor to Francis Rawle, 1724 November 11.
Lease – John Dutton to John Taylor, 1726 December 8.
Lease – John Riley to John Taylor, 1736 November 15.
John Taylor – Correspondence to Samuel Savage in regards to M. Taylor’s effects (rough draft), 1735 July 18.
Box 3 Folder 10
John Taylor – Correspondence – County Treasurer’s Office. Correspondence about filling the post of County Treasurer (six letters), 1737-1740/1.
Box 3 Folder 11
Receipt – Samuel Thomlinson from Mary Baker, undated.
Bond – Joseph Baker, Jr., and Joseph Baker, Sr., to Joshua and Daniel Hoopes, 1711 June 25.
Bond – John Baker to Mary Baker, 1716 March 12.
Receipt – Nathaniel Newlin from Mary Baker, 1718 2nd month 1st day.
“My account of ye administration of Joseph Baker’s estate,” itemized account by John and Mary Taylor, 1731 December 25.
Account of Thomas Priest to Joseph Baker’s estate, undated.
Bond – Joseph Baker and Francis Yarnall to William Penn, 1703 November 2.
Bond – Joseph Baker, Jr., to Joseph Baker, Sr., 1713 August 25.
Receipt – Thomas Priest with dates for three services, 1714, 1715, 1717.
John Willis’s account against Mary Baker, 1717 3rd month 3rd day.
Account of Elis Williams’ bond to Nathaniel Newlin, 1717/8.
Receipt – Charles Brooks from Mary Baker, 1717 November 4.
Receipt – itemized, undated.
Bond – Mary Baker to John Baker, 1716 March 12.
Agreement – Mary Baker to John Baker, brother-in-law, 1716/7 1st month 11th day.
Receipt – William Heurtin from Joseph Baker, Jr., for the year 1717. Itemized, 1717.
Receipt – John Allen from Isaac Taylor and Mary Baker, 1717 December 27.
Receipt – John Turner from Isaac Taylor, 1717 December 31.
Receipt – Thomas Tidball from John Taylor for the Baker estate, 1719/20 January 19.
Bond – Joseph Baker to John Turner, 1712 May 4.
Bond – Joseph Baker to Nathaniel Newlin, 1714 March 4.
Receipt – Joseph Baker to James Logan, signed by John Riley, 1716.
Receipt – Joseph Baker, 1716 1st month 27th day.
Copy of Joseph Baker’s inventory, 1717 April 13.
Account – John Allen’s account for work done. Itemized, 1717 December 27.
Account – Thomas Dawson, 1718 December 12.
Account Evan Honle (sp.?) to John Taylor, 29th day, 11th month, 1721, 1721 11th month 29th day.
Bond – Joseph Baker to George Pearce (Document torn at top. Photocopy in folder), 1715 October 5.
Receipt – Joseph Baker to John Willis, received by William Hammans, 1716 11th month 8th day.
Account – John Moore’s account against Mary Baker, 1717 July 21.
Receipt – Isaac Taylor to Daniel Calvert for coffin, 1717 October.
Receipt – John Taylor to John Dutton for Joseph Baker, Jr. estate, 1719/20 12th month 23rd day.
Page that reads “Account of the Administration of the Estate of Joseph Baker, Jr., circa 1715-1719/20.
Bond – Isaac Taylor and John Baker to John Worrall, 1719 August 14.
Letter from Hugh Durborow, undated.
Letter of apology from Jacob Vernon to John Taylor, 1745 8th month 11th day.
Rough draft of a letter to Meeting in regards to some actions taken by them, 1734 December 7.
“My Orders to Isaac not to Trust Dame”, 1740 October 11.
“Advertisement about Elizabeth Taylor,” from April 27, 1745, and Request for a “Surety of the Peace” for John Taylor and his children, April 1745, 1745 April.
“If Silence In Season be a Laudable Virtue…” signed in print by John Taylor proclaiming the reasons for his separation from his second wife, Elizabeth (Broadside, 13” x 9”), 1745 August 20.
John Taylor -Draught of Petition in regards to John Worrall’s Account, 1745 December 20.
Box 3 Folder 20
Martha Taylor’s Marriage Certificate, “Copy of William Empson’s Certificate of Marriage", 1738 November 29.
John Taylor’s miscellaneous notes he recorded regarding the cost of Martha’s wedding and other items he purchased for or gave to Martha and her family. Also records physicks that he performed for family members and servants (Booklet pinned and sewn together), 1738-1744.
Letter to Richard Collett in London, 1718.
“A List of Those who belong to the weekly Meeting of Concord 1747”, 1747.
Printed advertisement, “J.T. Sheriff,” issued dismissing false accusations against 17 men who served on an inquest. Their names are printed, 1724 June 1.
Fragment of document. “1776 ye 2nd month” on bottom edge, 1776 February.
Shopping lists, form letters, notes about surveys, etc. Mentions Ralph Evenson and John Lewis, grandson to W. Tally on inside front cover. Pencil writing on front cover faded. Other names mentioned. Author not indicated (Booklet, sewn together, with miscellaneous notes), 1682-1714.
John Taylor – Thomas Bell estate, 1744/5 March 19.
Box 3 Folder 24
“Father’s order for Aunt Mary Brogdon,” written to Isaac from John Taylor, 1742 July 22.
Sarah Taylor’s receipt, 1744/5 February 15.
Mary Taylor’s order to John to pay Ralph Eavenson (sp.?), 1732 9th month 8th day.
Sarah Taylor’s receipt, 1744/5 March 11.

Scope and Contents note

Folders 1 – 6 of Harris family papers are documents related to William Harris, father of Stephen Harris. Most of these concern his time of service as captain in the East Whiteland Militia during and after the Revolutionary War.

Folders 7 – 12 are largely concerned with Dr. Stephen Harris. They include: correspondence, receipts and memorandums, real estate papers such as mortgages, deeds, leases, maps, building plot plans, surveys, and floor plan drawings. The real estate papers are for his personal and family property and for the parsonage of the East Whiteland Presbyterian Church.

Also included are matriculation cards for classes and lectures he attended at the University of Pennsylvania. According to “Sketch of the Life of Dr. William Harris,” Dr. Stephen Harris was asked to take care of his brother William’s finances as he was better with money than he. It appears that that was so as the collection also includes Dr. Stephen Harris’ involvement with accounts for Captain John Harris, Campbell Harris, the East Whiteland Presbyterian Church and Sunday School. (See Folder 18, which houses the account book, 1829-1843, of Dr. Stephen Harris, which includes children’s birthdates, estate records of Mary Todd, Capt. John Harris’ accounts, farm and employee accounts, East Whiteland Presbyterian Church and parsonage accounts.)

Folder 14 includes four letters from 1845, which document a lively correspondence between Thomas Hutchison and Reverend D. H. Emerson.

Captain William Harris’ certificate of public oath of allegiance, 1779 March 29.
Request to William Crawford from John Campbell for a copy of a 1774 land survey to William Harris. Land was near Fort Pitt on the Ohio River, 1782 February 12.
Request to Mr. Penticoast from John Campbell for a copy of “two certain tracts of land,” which were surveyed in 1774, to William Harris, 1782 February 12.
William Harris’ account of sales of flour by John Wall, 1786.
William Harris’ account of sales of flour by John Wall, 1789.
Receipt Captain William Harris to Mary Cloyd, 1785 January 1.
Copy of a November 1789 Chester County Court of Common Pleas document, 1789 December 7.
Receipt, Philadelphia, 1789 August 22.
Arrest of Joseph Doane, 1785 June 4.
Harris, et al. v. Buckhanan, 1787 December 1.
Bond of Elizabeth Buckhanan to Ezekiel Leonard, High Sheriff, for payment to Thomas Harris and Joshua Evans, 1787.
Memorandum from John Davis, asking “Dear Sir” to encourage Dr. Kennedy church attendance and explaining that his children had mumps and he could not attend, 1783 May 11.
Receipt to William Harris for Bill of Material to the meetinghouse from B. Meredith, 1793 August 16.
Receipt from William Taggart by William Harris for Peter M___(?), 1794 April.
Accounting and receipt of court costs William and Mary Harris, and Ezekiel Potts, 1798-1799, 1803.
Receipt William Harris to Joshua (?) Vernon amount received at vendue. Reverse side of this receipt has additional notation signed by Jonathan ___(?), undated.
Paper with list of names on one side and liquors on the reverse, undated.
Discharge Certificate Peter Osburn, 1782 June 7.
Receipt of three British bodies by John Gardnerd (sp.?), sheriff. Names and location listed. Enlarged photocopy with receipt, 1782 March 25.
Order from Lewis Gronow to Captain William Harris and militia to stand ready, 1782 May 30.
Receipt to certify transfer of recruit Sadler Roach to East Whiteland Township battalion (57th?) by Captain Harris to Lewis Gronow. Reverse of receipt has another notation, 178(5)? February 14.
Receipt of arms, by Thomas Bartholomew, 6th Battalion Chester County Militia, for thirty-one “stands of arms with bayonets” from Captain William Harris, 1789 January 20.
“A Return of East Whiteland Company of Militia for the fore part of the year 1792, by William Harris, Captain” Attendance recorded on document, 1792.
Regimental orders for the 44th Regiment, to Captain Meredith from Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Philips, 180(0)? September 17.
Receipt of non-attendance fine from Captain Harris to Lewis Gronow, 1782 August 28.
Receipt for public services by Captain Harris to be applied on account of nonattendance fines for the year 1781. Dated August 9, 1783, and signed by John Beaton, 1783 August 9.
Receipt for nonattendance fines from Captain Harris for the year 1781. Two notations, the last dated December 21, 1784, by David Davis, 1781, 1784 December 21.
Receipt for services by Captain Harris and receipt of nonattendance fines for the year 1782, signed by Robert Smith (Writing faded), 1784 April 16.
Copy of the East Whiteland Nonattendance Fines. Authorization of Captain William Harris by Lewis Gronow to collect the nonattendance fines. List of names and amounts due (Document is in three pieces. Photocopy is in the folder), 1781.
Stephen Harris – Matriculation cards (cards for classes and lectures that he attended at University of Pennsylvania), 1815-1819, 1850-1851.
Box 4 Folder 7
Samuel Turney’s will, unsigned, 1823.
Memorandum dictated by Samuel Turney a few days previous to his death, [1823].
Receipt for head and foot stone, 1823 January 4.
Receipt for advertisement, 1823 March 21.
Receipt for travel costs for escorting William Turney to Connecticut, 1830 July 23.
Receipt, purchase of muslin, 1823 February 15.
Receipt, property sale, 1823 March 17.
Receipt, costs of making coffin, 1823 March 22.
Receipt, boarding, 1823 March 25.
List of items belonging to Samuel Turney still in M. Chaffin’s possession, 1822 June 22.
Mrs. Chaffin’s itemized bill for costs of boarding, etc., William Turney, undated.
Administration account of Stephen Harris to the estate of S. Turney, 1823 May 1.
Itemized letter from Kimber and Sharpless in regards to the estate of Samuel Turney. Note on bottom of letter from Margaret Chaffin to Dr. Harris in regards to William Turney, 1822, 1823.
Inventory of Samuel Turney’s personal property, 1823 March 10.
Vendue papers containing an account of sale of Samuel Turney’s effects, 1823 March 22.
East Whiteland Presbyterian Church Manse, written building specifications, signed by Samuel Hartman, Stephen Harris, John Todd and William P. Hibbard, 1842.
Box 4 Folder 9
East Whiteland Presbyterian Church Manse, floor plans (3 documents), undated.
Box 4 Folder 10
Stephen Harris – Will, written when he was very ill, 1932 September 18.
Box 4 Folder 11
Stephen Harris - Conditions of Sale of the Old Homestead, 1849 November.
Box 4 Folder 12
Campbell Harris, sale of Willistown property, 1830.
Letter to Captain John Harris, American Consul, Marseilles, France, from Stephen Harris, 1833 July 27.
Letter to Thomas Hutchison from D. H. Emerson, 1845 August 25.
Letter to Rev. D. H. Emerson from Thomas(?) Hutchison, regarding a “church quarrel” as noted in pencil on back of document, 1845 August 28.
Letter to Rev. D. H. Emerson from Thomas Hutchison(?), 1845 September.
Letter to Thomas Hutchison from D. H. Emerson(?), 1845 September 16.
Letter of reference to Rev. H. Osborn, Pastor of Polegreen and Salem Church, Hanover County, Virginia, from Horatio Howell on behalf of Stephen Harris, with envelope, 1849 May 12.
Letter to Dr. Thomas Claggett, Leesburg, Virginia, from T. W. Winchester, Montgomery, Virginia, on behalf of Stephen Harris, 1849 May 12.
Letter of reference to Francis Peter, Martinsburg, Virginia, from Sam Miller, Philadelphia, on behalf of Stephen Harris, 1849 May 14.
Letter of reference to Dr. Samuel Tyler, Frederick, Maryland, from T.W. Winchester on behalf of Stephen Harris, May 12, 1849. On the reverse side is another letter of reference to Frances Peters, Martinsburg, Virginia, from Sam Miller on behalf of Stephen Harris, May 14, 1849 (2 copies), 1849 May 12, 14.
Dr. William Harris, “Sketch of the Life of Dr. William Harris (1792-1861), by his son Dr. Robert P. Harris” (copy with envelope), 1885.
Box 4 Folder 16
“Homestead” (notes from the collector including photocopies of maps and book articles, Chain of title from William Penn to Thomas Harris, and handwritten notes).
Box 4 Folder 17
Dr. Stephen Harris’ account book (lists children’s birthdates, estate records of Mary Todd, Captain John Harris’ accounts, farm and employee accounts, East Whiteland Presbyterian Church, and parsonage accounts), 1829-1843.
Box 4 Folder 18

Scope and Contents note

The papers in Box 5 and 6 are arranged in chronological order; most are accompanied by typed transcripts. Consisting primarily of correspondence to members of the Quaker Roman and Beazer families, these letters shed light on the political, social, and religious climate of late 17th century England. Several letters from English relatives tell of imprisonment of Quaker friends and loved ones. A letter between Mary Coole and Sarah Beazer mentions Fisherton as the name of a prison.

The transition from new immigrants to established residents is also revealed in these letters as the topics shift from social and religious issues to economic and estate problems.

Includes letters from: William Coole, Benjamin Coole, Mary Coole, Thomas and Ann Norris, Edward Harper, Edward Bayley, Thomas Withers, William Hitchcock, Richard and Mary Walter, Cornelius Harding, John Childe.

William Coole, Vizes, to Sarah Beazer, 1683 12th month, 24th day.
William Coole, Vizes, to William Beazer, Pennsylvania (Address portion torn), 1683 3rd month 28th day.
Benjamin Coole to Jeane Coole, Pennsylvania, 1683 3rd month, 29th day.
Benjamin Coole, Goatacre, to William Beazer, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1683 7th month 2nd day.
Letter – Mary Coole, Devizes, to Sarah Beazer, Chichester, 1683 12th month 18th day.
Box 5 Folder 3
William Coole, Devizes, to Sarah Beazer or Jean Coole, Pennsylvania, 1684 2nd month 8th day.
William Coole, Devizes, to Sarah Beazer, Chichester, 1684 5th month 13th day.
Letter – Thomas and Anne Norris, Preston, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1684 June 16.
Box 5 Folder 5
Letter – Edward Harper, Linham, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1684 July 18.
Box 5 Folder 6
Letter – Edward Bayley, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, near Marcus Hook, 1684 5th month 24th day.
Box 5 Folder 7
Letter - Benjamin Coole, Goatacre, to Philip Roman, Chichester, includes a small note at end of letter from Mary Roman, 1685 5th month 13th day.
Box 5 Folder 8
Letter – William Coole, Devizes, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1685 5th month 24th day.
Box 5 Folder 9
Letter – from Mary Coole, Devizes, 1685 7th month 19th day.
Box 5 Folder 10
Letter - William Coole, Devizes, to Sarah (Coole) Roman, Chichester, 1686 6th month 29th day.
Box 5 Folder 11
Letter - Thomas Withers, Calne, to Amy Harding, Chichester, 1689 9th month 28th day.
Box 5 Folder 12
Power of Attorney for Francis Harrison, London, to Philip Roman, Francis Chadsey and William Clayton, 1690 July 16.
Letter – written by Edward Bayley, Pickwick (Torn corner, and a hole), 1690 7th month 11th day.
Letter – Benjamin Coole, Bristol, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1691 7th month 18th day.
Box 5 Folder 14
Inventory – “An Inventory of what Goods Philip Roman Received being Gardean (sic) for Richard Bezer orfon (sic) son of John Bezer deceased”, 1693 12th month 20th day.
Box 5 Folder 15
Letter – William Hitchcock, Marlbrough, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1694 8th month 17th day.
Box 5 Folder 16
Letter – William Hitchcock, Marlbrough, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1695 3rd month 15th day.
Box 5 Folder 17
Letter – Edward Bayley, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1697 3rd month 8th day.
Box 5 Folder 18
Letter - Benjamin Coole, Bristoll, to Philip Roman (transcript only), 169[1] 7th month 18th day.
Box 6 Folder 1
Letter - William Hitchcock, Marlbrough, to Philip and Amy Roman, 1697 September 6.
Box 6 Folder 2
Letter - Richard and Mary Walter to Amy Roman, 1697 November.
Box 6 Folder 3
Letter - William Hitchcock, Marlbrough, to Philip Roman, 1699 2nd month 1st day.
Box 6 Folder 4
Letter - Thomas and Ann Norris, et. al, Preston, to Philip and Amy Roman, undated.
Box 6 Folder 5
Letter – Cornelius Harding to William “Hiskock” [Hitchcock], and William Hitchcock, Marlbrough, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1700 March 10, 1st month 18th day.
Box 6 Folder 6
Letter – William Hitchcock, Marlbrough, to Philip Roman, 1703 12th month 28th day.
Box 6 Folder 7
Letter – Edward Bayley, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, 1704 6th month 8th day.
Box 6 Folder 8
Order on Thomas Millard from John Childes through Philip Roman, 1706 July 30.
Memorandum from William Parker to Philip Roman in regards to “sider” he intended to “teak” away, 1727 May 5.
Philip and Amy Roman, Chichester, to William Hitchcock, “Malster in Marlbrough”. Three memorandums in regard to bills of exchange. Two written to William Hitchcock in 1706, and a third written to John Hitchcock in 1710, 1706 4th month 27th day, 1710 5th month 27th day.
Letter from John Childe, New Castle to Philip Roman, Chichester, and an itemized account which may belong with the letter (Letter edges torn), 1706 August 17.
Thomas Bayly to Philip Roman, 1711 5th month 23rd day.
John Hitchcock to Thomas Bayly in reference to Philip Roman’s letter of 23rd 5th month, 1711. It is dated “London, 14 July 1711” (Letter in two pieces), 1711 July 14.
Letter – Thomas Bayly, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1712 4th month 17th day.
Box 6 Folder 12
Letter – Thomas Bayly, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1714 7th month 22nd day.
Box 6 Folder 13
Letter – Thomas Bayly, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1716 4th month 20th day.
Box 6 Folder 14
Memorandum of money received by John Bezer from Philip Roman. Further orders to John Hitchcock to pay monies to John, Sarah and Margret Hardings (Transcript only), 1718 3rd month 1st day.
Letter from Thomas Bayly, Pickwick, to Philip Roman, Chichester, 1718 5th month 8th day.
Marriage Certificate of Phillip Roman and Sarah Bezer, Chester County (no transcript), 1684 January 5.
Box 6 Folder 16
Bond – William Smith to Philip Roman (no transcript), 1724.
Box 6 Folder 17

Sarah Worrall’s will (document is in 2 pieces, no transcript), 1750 September 28.
Box 6 Folder 18
Letter to Colonel Persifor Frazer from James(?) Thomson [James Thomson could be P. Frazer’s brother-in-law], undated.
Box 6 Folder 19
Receipt from Captain William Harris, with envelope, 1790 December 21.
Box 6 Folder 20
Transcript of biography of Colonel Persifor Frazer, author unknown (twenty-four typed pages, originally pages numbered 18 through 41).
Box 6 Folder 21
Lease for the Schoolhouse, 1775 March 13.
“Map of Thornbury, circa 1860” signed by Inez M. Scheerle, 1980 June.
Handwritten notes of chain of title of property, undated.
Letterhead for Dr. Persifor Frazer, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1884 September.
Box 6 Folder 23
“Revolutionary Items related to the Battle of Brandywine,” Daily Local News (West Chester, Pennsylvania) article; envelope labeled, “Aunt Lizzie...Battle of Brandywine given by Sallie Frazer daughter of [General] Persifor Frazer to her (niece?) Lizzie” (photocopy of document; another copy of article located in Chester County Historical Society clippings file), 1877 September 11.
Box 6 Folder 24

Robert Smith and Margaret Vaughan lineage, married December 20, 1758, undated.
Box 7 Folder 1
Correspondence – Ann Vernon, letter, undated.
Box 7 Folder 2
John Smith – Copy of 1757 survey, 1806.
Box 7 Folder 3
John Smith – Survey of New London Township, 1741/2.
Box 7 Folder 4
Persifor Frazer Smith – Philadelphia Covenant, 1844.
Box 7 Folder 5
"St. David’s Church History," two names, M.A. Smith and Mr. Brinkle, are written on the reverse of the document, 1820 or 1826.
Box 7 Folder 6
“Robert Smith” by Joseph S. Harris, reprint from Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1880.
Box 7 Folder 7

Broadside, Joseph Reed, Philadelphia, stating publicly his defense against the rumor that he was guilty of “trading to New-York,” Reed states that he was a member of Congress, 1781 January 27.
Box 7 Folder 8
Letter/Song “To the Author of Common Sense to the care of Misters Wall and Sellers, Philadelphia.” “THE FREEBORN AMERICAN a new song tune (sp.?) Rule Britannia being a parody of Thompson, Rule Britannia.” No author, undated.
Poem, “The World’s Vanity,” No author (Document in two pieces), undated.
Receipt for Gabrieth English, U.S. infantry, to W. Robert Wilson for work done on the Reading and Perkiomen Road, 1813 January 24.
Bond and warrant of attorney for Isaiah Hoopes to Phinehas Lewis, 1772 May 5.
“Part of Deed Nathan Newlin to Nathaniel Newlin” (document fragile, photocopy in folder), 1749 May 8.
Box 7 Folder 11
Mortgage, Isaiah & Jane Hoopes to Phinehas Lewis (document fragile, photocopy in folder), 1772 May 6.
Box 7 Folder 12
Letter from Clinton Gardner Harris, New York City, to Joseph S. Harris, Germantown, described enclosed photos taken on Thanksgiving Day, 1903. Original envelope (Photos are in Box 8, Folder 11 of this collection), 1903 December 2.
Description of visit by D. Edwards, M. Paul, R. K. Stephens, Jr., and E. H. Stevens to see the Colonel Persifor Frazer house in Thornbury, Pennsylvania. [Written by E. H. Stevens?] (Photos are in Box 8, Folder 14), 1960 June 16.
Daily Local News (West Chester, PA) newspaper article, “Great Valley church records date back to 1600s,” (photocopy in folder), 1977 April 2.
Box 7 Folder 14
Notes, envelopes from collector, various notations that were made by the collector(s) in regard to manuscripts.
Box 7 Folder 15
Envelopes from photographs.
Box 7 Folder 16
Mary Ann Frazer (Mrs. Jonathan Smith) (2 platinum prints of a portrait with original sleeves), undated.
Jonathan Smith, “Banker – Brother of Joseph Smith our ancestor and married sister of Joseph Smith’s wife (Mary Frazer) Mary Ann Frazer” (2- 2x3.25” albumen prints. These are photos of a printed picture), undated.
General Persifor Frazer Smith (2 albumen prints, different ages. One taken in Germantown and the other in San Francisco. One silver gelatin print of a portrait), undated.
Unidentified Female Relative, [Marianne Smith?] (2 platinum prints of a daguerreotype), undated.
Isaac Smith – Engraving (plate from a book, “Portfolio, Vol. 1. 1809, p. 135”).
Box 8 Folder 4
Silhouettes of Mary Frazer, Mrs. Joseph Smith, and Margaret Vaughn, Mrs. Colonel Robert Smith, undated.
Persifor Frazer Smith, Lawyer; and Marianne Smith Harris, (Mrs. Dr. Stephen Harris) (Both albumen prints).
Marianne Smith Harris, wife of Dr. Stephen Harris (Large albumen print), undated.
House of John Smith and Robert Smith (3 albumen prints), 1903.
House of Joseph Smith, East Whiteland Township. Owners and dates listed on back (2 albumen prints), circa 1864.
Harris house, near Frazer Station (1 black and white print, very fragile, note on envelope reads, “Harris House in Frazer torn down 1934(?)"), undated.
Box 8 Folder 10
Joseph S. Harris, John Harris House, Brandywine Manor Graveyard, Samuel Macel Duff, Thanksgiving (6 black and white prints), 1903 November 26.
Unidentified photo, [possibly Frazer Station?], circa 1903.
Joseph Smith Harris (1 platinum print portrait in a folder), undated.
Box 8 Folder 12
Drawing of the homestead (1 albumen print), undated.
“General view from the north” and “General view from south including house, house, barn” (2 silver gelatin panoramic prints), 1928.
Barn. Shows tractor and part of a pickup. One print has 3 unidentified men (4 silver gelatin prints), 1928.
House (four silver gelatin prints), barn (one silver gelatin print), and a general view from the north (one silver gelatin print), 1928.
Two unidentified men in the cemetery of St. Peter’s in the Great Valley (1 albumen print), undated.
2 black and white prints of the ruins of Colonel Persifor Frazer’s house in Thornbury, 1960 June.
Negatives for the prints.
4 albumen prints of exterior of the house, 1894.
Colonel Persifor Frazer House, Thornbury (5 albumen prints of the interior of the house), 1894.
Box 8 Folder 15
Colonel Persifor Frazer, Thornbury (4 albumen prints of the view from the house including a view of the Glen Mill Boys School [then known as Philadelphia House of Refuge]), 1894.
Box 8 Folder 16

Physical Description

3.0 Folders

Sale of land by John Harris and Edward Harris to Phillipp (sic) Roman (Document in poor condition with stains and holes, readable), 1701 October 13.
Oversize 1 Item 1
Sale of land by John Worrolaw and Daniel Hoops to Joseph Baker, 1702 7th month 5th day.
Oversize 1 Item 2
Sale of land by Joseph and Mary Baker, Edgemont, to Joseph Baker, his son, Thornbury (Attached is a draft of the land), 1712/1713 January 13.
Oversize 1 Item 3
Sale of land, messuage and plantation by Philip Roman, Chichester and Nicholas Pyle, Concord, to, Robert Pyle, the second part and Jonah Roman, his son, the third part. Document was written in “tripartite”, and these are two of the three copies. One is signed by Philip Roman and Nicholas Pyle and four witnesses. The other was not negotiated, 1713 February 3.
Oversize 1 Item 4, 5
Sale of land by Robert and Conrad Roberts, Philadelphia, to William Smith, Darby, 1713 September 23.
Oversize 1 Item 6
Sale of land by Mary Baker, widow of Joseph, Thornbury, and Isaac Taylor, Thornbury, to John Taylor, eldest son of Isaac, 1718 July 16.
Oversize 1 Item 7
Sale of land by John Worrilaw, Thornbury, to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1718 September 18.
Oversize 1 Item 8
Release and confirmation by Isaac Norris, Philadelphia, and David Lloyd, Philadelphia, to Joseph Seale, Middlesex, Great Britain, and Theodore Ettleston, London. Estate related (Four holes in document, readable), 1719 October 23.
Oversize 1 Item 9
Lease of land by John Baker, Edgemont, to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1724 March 5.
Oversize 2 Item 10
Release of land by John Baker, Edgmond (sic), to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1724 March 26.
Oversize 2 Item 11
Sale of land by Charles Read, Job Goodsonn, Evan Owen, George Fitzwater and Joseph Pidgeon, Philadelphia, to John Taylor, Thornbury (Two holes in document, but they do not affect the handwriting), 1724/5 January 28.
Oversize 2 Item 12
Non-negotiated release by James Child, Burlington, West New Jersey, to Jacob Roman, Chester, Pennsylvania, 1725.
Oversize 2 Item 13
Release by John Ettlestone, London, to John and Priscilla Blandon, London, and John and Mary Mann, London, and conveyed to Priscilla Blandon and Mary Mann and their heirs. Power of Attorney executed by Job Goodman and Thomas Annis on August 12, 1729, 1728 March 21.
Oversize 2 Item 14
Sale of land by Ephraim Jackson, Edgmont (sic), and Thomas Wills, Middle Town to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1729 March 26.
Oversize 2 Item 15
Release by Sarah Baker, Thornbury, to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1733 August 7.
Oversize 2 Item 16
Sale of land by Jacob Taylor, Bradford Township, to John Taylor, Thornbury (Two pages, stitched together), 1733 December 1.
Oversize 2 Item 17
Release by Joseph and Hannah Baker Talbot, Middle Town, to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1736 November 10.
Oversize 2 Item 18
Release by Joseph Baker, Goshen, to John Taylor, Thornbury, 1744 May 17.
Oversize 2 Item 19
Sale of land by Richard and Ann Richison, Whiteland, to Jacob Trego, Whiteland, 1749 May 3.
Oversize 2 Item 20
Lease by William and Elizabeth Kinnison, Burdon Town (sic), West New Jersey, Thomas Smedley, Willis Town, Pennsylvania, 1749 March 24.
Oversize 2 Item 21
Lease by Thomas Smedley and Thomas James, Willis Town, executors of the last will and testament of Edward Kinnison, Whiteland, to William Kinnison, Burdon Town (sic), West New Jersey, 1749 1st month 9th day.
Oversize 2 Item 22
Tenth day of the first month, 1749/1750, Release by Thomas Smedley and Thomas James, Willis Town, executors of the last will and testament of Edward Kinnison, Whiteland, to William Kinnison, Burdon Town (sic), West New Jersey, 1749/50 1st month 10th day.
Oversize 2 Item 23
William and Elizabeth Kinnison, Burdon Town (sic), West New Jersey, to Thomas Smedley, Willis Town, Pennsylvania (Damaged by iron gall ink), 1750 March 25.
Oversize 2 Item 24
Release by William and Elizabeth Kinnison, Burdon Town (sic), West New Jersey, to Thomas Smedley, Willis Town, Pennsylvania (Damaged by iron gall ink), 1750 October 3.
Oversize 2 Item 25
Sale of the William Kinnison’s land, tenements, and goods by Isaac Pearson, sheriff, to John Minshall. Penciled note on document: “Deed to what became Harris homestead Pearson to Minsall Minsall (sic) sold to Thos Harris 1770”, 1754 March 20.
Oversize 3 Item 26
Sale of land by John and Sarah Minshall, Middletown Township, to Francis Smedley, John Smedley, Thomas Smedley, and George Smedley, Willistown. Signed by John and Sarah Minshall, witnessed by John Scott and Edward Pilkinton, 1755 July 21.
Oversize 3 Item 27
Sale of land by Abiah and Ann Taylor, to George Smedley, Willistown. Further notation, dated 1790, on back of document concerning Ann (Left side of document cut off), 1768 June, 1790.
Oversize 3 Item 28
Deed from John and Sarah Minshall, Francis and Anne Smedley, Thomas and Lydia Smedley, George and Patience Smedley and John Smedley to Thomas Harris, 1770 December 30.
Oversize 3 Item 29
Mortgage for Thomas and Elizabeth Harris, Whiteland Township, to John Minshall, Middletown Township, Francis Smedley, John Smedley, George Smedley, Willistown (Document fragile at folds), 1771 January 1.
Oversize 3 Item 30
Land patent for John Smith. Mention Hugh Cook and John Smith’s wife Martha and daughter and/or sister Margaret, 1782 November.
Oversize 3 Item 31
Deed from Thomas and Susannah Smedley, John Smedley, Nathaniel and Phebe White, George and Priscilla Green, Jesse and Mary Smedley, George and Ann Matlack, and Priscilla Smedley to Thomas Harris. Signed by all grantors along with Sarah Smedley, Charles Dilworth, James Dilworth, Jr., John Hannum, Isaac Woodrow, Nathan Mudegraff and John Bartholom, 1790 January 25.
Oversize 3 Item 32
Deed from Mary and Hannah Burgess, Philadelphia, to Campbell Harris, Dr. William Harris and John Morton Davis, Tredyffrin Township (Includes drafts of two lots), 1818 March 14.
Oversize 3 Item 33
Deed from Campbell and Jane Harris, Genesseeo (sic), New York, Dr. Stephen Harris, their attorney, Dr. William and Matilda P. Harris, John M. and Anna Maria Davis to Captain John Harris, 1830 April 10.
Oversize 3 Item 34
Deed from Dr. Stephen Harris, East Whiteland, to John Harris of the United States Marine Corps, 1836 April 13.
Oversize 3 Item 35
Deed from Thomas Finley, Baltimore, Maryland, to Jonathan Smith, Philadelphia. Reverse of document has notation from the City of Baltimore clerk Solomon Sting with attached Armstrong County record number slip, 1839 August 9.
Oversize 3 Item 36
Release of Mortgage, from Sarah Wharton Chancellor Twells, Wharton Chancellor and Josiah Hamar to Joseph and Mary Smith, 1844 January 3.
Oversize 3 Item 37

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