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Bryn Mawr College photo archives inventory


Held at: Bryn Mawr College [Contact Us]Bryn Mawr College Library, 101 N. Merion Avenue, Bryn Mawr 19010

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Bryn Mawr College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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Bryn Mawr College
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Cheryl Klimaszewski; Rachel Appel
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Collection Inventory


Photographic prints depicting the history of Bryn Mawr College. The majority of prints are in black-and-white, though there are a few in color from the late 1960s through the 1980s. Older prints range from carte-de-visite, cabinet cards, cyanotypes and some other early photomechanical processes. Photos are organized in three sub-collections: People; Buildings and Campus; and Events and Groups.


A selection of photos were scanned during the fall of 2011 as a pilot project to develop a digital workflow. These items can be searched online at

Physical Description

5 boxes

PA00007: Ruth Babcock Deems.
PA00020: Helen Bley.
PA00061: L. Leurio.
PA00088: Rebecca Fordyce.
PA00101-102: Cornelia Halsey.
PA00121: Helen T. Gray.
PA00235-36: Emma Dee Bailey and her dogs.
PA00244: Magdalen Glaser Hupfel and William Welch Flexner.
PA00265: Elsie Deems Neilson.
PA00266: Julia Pratt Smith.
PA00267-268: Emily James Smith.
PA00269: Clarissa Worcester Smith.
PA00270: Katharine M. Shipley.
PA00271: Irene Sheppard.
PA00272: Margaret Hilles Shearman.
PA00273: Frances Burbridge Seth.
PA00274: Evangeline Holcomb Walker and Edith Pettit.
PA00275: Evangeline Holcomb Walker, Ruth Emerson.
PA00276: Ethel Walker Smith.
PA00277: Ethel Walker.
PA00278: Ethel Walker, Ruth Underhill.
PA00279: Sarah Morris Vaux.
PA00280: Martha Thomas.
PA00287-288: Mary D. Worthington.
PA00289: Elizabeth Ware Winsor.
PA00290: Katherine T. Willets.
PA00291: Beatrice Weaver.
PA00292: Marnette Wood.
PA00293: Dr. and Mrs. George Woodward.
PA00294: Quita Woodward.
PA00295: Vung-Yiun Ting.
PA00296: Mildred Woodbury.
PA00297: David Hill Tennant.
PA00298: Mary D. Worthington.
PA00299: Carla Swan.
PA00300: Helen Jessie Stewart.
PA00301: Daisy Ullman.
PA00302: George Whitney.
PA00303: Arthur Leslie Wheeler.
PA00304: Joseph Wright.
PA00305: Ruth Wood.
PA00306: Clara Woodruff.
Folder 3: PA00307-334.
PA00232-PA00233: Students reading/studying.
Container Summary

originally from "events" series, students studying

PA00244: Magdalen Galser Hupfel and William Welch Flexner with their dog.
PA00336-337: Florence Bascom .
PA00338: Elizabeth Bingham.
PA00339: Lucy Donnelly, Elizabeth Windsor, Louise Brownell and Edith Hall.
PA00340: Rose Chamberlain.
PA00341-342: Lucia Chase.
PA00343: Samuel Claggett Chew.
PA00344: Crenshaw.
PA00345: Hilda Doolittle.
PA00346: Helen Herron Taft and Elizabeth, Queen of the Belgians.
PA00347: Gertrude Ely.
PA00348: Lucy Evans.
PA00349: Simon Flexner.
PA00350: Mary Garrett.
PA00351: Alise Gray and Kristin Babcock.
PA00352: Ross Granville Harrison.
PA00353: Katharine Hepburn.
PA00354: Mrs. Herbert Hoover and Mrs. Charles J. Rhoads.
PA00355: Karl Jessen.
PA00356: Lois W. Kellogg.
PA00357: George Kenan, Jr.
PA00358: Alice K. Knepper.
PA00359: Harris Wofford and Coretta Scott King.
PA00360: Mabel Lang.
PA00363: Mabel Lang.
PA00364: Marguerite Lehr.
PA00365: Ruth Merriam Levy.
PA00366: Dorothy Nepper Marshall.
PA00367: Jane Dammen McAuliffe.
PA00368: Milton Charles Nahm.
PA00371-373: Dorothy North.
PA00375: Jane Oppenheimer and Dick Thronburgh.
PA00376: Marion Edwards Park.
PA00379-383: Jonathan E. Rhoads .
PA00384: Scattergood family.
PA00385: Anna Howard Shaw.
PA00386: Alys Smith Russell.
PA00387: Nettie Stevens.
PA00388: Pamela Taylor.
PA00389: M. Carey Thomas.
PA00390: Frederick W. Thon.
PA00391-392: Woodrow Wilson.
PA00393-394: Edmund Beecher Wilson.
PA00395-398: Marjorie Lamonte Thompson.
PA00399-400: Katharine Elizabeth McBride.
PA00401-402: Mary Patterson McPherson.
PA00403: Lisa Meitner.
PA00404-410: Walter C. Michels.
PA00411-413: Marianne Moore.
Physical Description

49 boxesIncludes photographs of individuals in alphabetical order.

Albert, Grace and Katherine Middeudorf (PA_Albert_001).
Adams, Sophie Frances, and Caroline E. McManus, Dorthea Day, Marianna Taylor (PA_Adams_001).
Atkinson, Emma (PA_Atkinson_001).
Abbott Bushnell, Madeline Vaughan (PA_Abbott_001).
Atwater, Sophia (PA_Atwater_001).
Armitage, Willam and William Moore (PA_Armitage_001).
AGNEW, Janet.
ALI, Mohammed.
ALWYNE, Horace.
AMRAN, Eleanor B.
ANDERSON, Jay Martin.
ARENDT, Hannah.
ASHRAF (Princess of Iran).
A-3: Applebee, Constance, 1 of 2.
Box A-3: Applebee, Constance, 1 of 2
A-4: Applebee, Constance, 2 of 2.
Box A-4: Applebee, Constance, 2 of 2
Barritt, Jessie Ellen (PA_Barritt_001).
Babson, Grace Campbell (PA_Babson_001).
Boveri, Marcella O'Grady (PA_Boveri_001-2).
Brayton Durfee, Abby (PA_Brayton_001).
Brayton, Abby Slade (PA_Brayton_002).
Bell, Margaret Fairbank (PA_Bell_001).
Buckingham, Edgar (PA_Buckingham_001).
Bailey, Emma Doll and Ada Rugh and Abby Slade Brayton (PA_Bailey_001).
BALCH, Emily.
BARTON, George A.
BASCOM, Florence.
BEHAN, Brendan.
BELL, Peter D.
BERRY, L. Joe.
BERWIND, Sandra.
BIBA, Carol.
BISHOP, Elizabeth.
BITTERMAN, Morton Edward.
BLISS, Eleanor.
BOBER, Phyllis.
BORING, Alice.
BOWEN, Elizabeth.
BRIEN, Dolores.
BROWN, Donald Robert.
BROUGHTON, Thomas Robert Shannon.
BROUGHTON, Annie Leigh.
BURLIN, Katrin.
Chamberlin, Rose (PA_Chamberlin_001).
CADBURY, Henry Joel.
CANADAY, Doreen.
CAREY, M. Millicent.
CHASE, Lucia.
C-3: Clinton, Bill.
Box C-3: Clinton, Bill
Deems, Elsie Neilson (PA_Deems_001).
Physical Description

1 boxes

DEWEY, John.
DELAGUNA, Frederica.
DONNELLY, Lucy Martin.
DRIVER, Senta.
DRYDEN, Lincoln and Clarissa.
DUDDEN, Arthur.
DUNN, Mary Naples.
EISENHOWER, Dwight David.
Queen Elisabeth of Belgium and Helen Herron Taft (PA_Elisabeth_Belgium_001).
Ely, Gertrude (PA_Ely_001).
Ely, Katrina Brandes (PA_Ely_Katrina_001).
Ecob, Eleanor (PA_Ecob_001).
Emery, Anne Crosby (PA_Emery_001).
Franklin, Susan B. (PA_Franklin_001-2).
Foster, Dorothy (PA_Foster_Dorothy_001-3).
Funkhouser, Elsie (PA_Funkhouser_001).
Foster, Violet Bacon (PA_Foster_Violet_001).
FLEMING, Alexander.
FORD, Susan.
FOSTER, Elizabeth.
FROST, Robert.
FULLER, Buckminster.
FULLERTON, Katherine.
Giddings, Franklin H. (PA_Giddings_001).
Gusky, Mary E. (PA_Gusky_001).
Gallaudet, Denise (PA_Gallaudet_Denise_003).
Gellhorn, Edna Fischel (PA_Gellhorn_Edna_002).
George, Ruth (PA_George_Ruth_001).
Green, Anna Bright (PA_Green_001).
Goldmark, Pauline D. (PA_Goldmark_006).
Garret, Ida M. (PA_Garret_001).
Gallaudet, Denise (PA_Gallaudet_Denise_004-5).
Gannett, Alice (PA_Gannett_001).
Guffey Miller, Emma (PA_Guffey_001).
Gregson, Margaret (PA_Gregson_001).
Gladwin, Nora Fairbank (PA_Gladwin_001).
Glen, Enid Isobel (PA_Glen_001).
GARDINER, Mary Summerfield.
GILMAN, Margaret.
GOODALE, Robert.
GOODHART, Howard Lehman.
GOODHART, Phyllis.
GOULD, Alice.
GRAHAM, Martha.
GRAY VINING, Elizabeth.
GWINN, Mamie.
Hulse, Mary (PA_Hulse_Mary_001).
Hull, Katherine Dent (PA_Hull_Katherine_Dent_001).
Hopper, Maria (PA_Hopper_Maria_001).
Hopkins, Mary Delia (PA_Hopkins_Mary_Delia_001).
Holliday, Lucia (PA_Holliday_Lucia_001).
Holliday, Elizabeth (PA_Holliday_Elizabeth_001).
Hodge, Helen H. and Cornelia Halsey (PA_Hodge_Helen_001).
Hodge, Elsie Campbell Sinclair (PA_Hodge_Elsie_001).
Hilles, Margaret H. (PA_Hilles_Margaret_001-2).
Harned, Julie (PA_Harned_Julie_001).
Harkness, James (PA_Harkness_James_001).
Hemphill, Catherine (PA_Hemphill_Catherine_001).
Head, Harriet F. (PA_Head_001).
Haeberli, Emma (PA_Haeberli_001).
Hawkins, Alice Martin (PA_Hawkins_001).
Helson, Harry (PA_Helson_001).
Hearne Brown, Frances (PA_Hearne_001).
Hays, Grace (PA_Hays_001).
HAAS, Anna.
HEALY, Margaret.
HELLMAN, Lilian.
HEPBURN, Theresa.
HEPBURN, Katherine.
HESBURG, Father Theodore.
HOFFMAN, Howard.
HOLBROOK, Wendell.
HOOVER, Mrs. Herbert.
HOYT, Rosalie.
HUBBARD, Joshua.
HUNTER, Helen M.
I-1: Miscellaneous and Notable I's.
Box I-1: I - Miscellaneous and Notables
JOHNSON, Lyndon Baines.
JONES, Frances F.
JONES, Pauline.
Jones, Rufus and George Barton (PA_Jones_Rufus_001).
Jonas, A.I. (PA_Jonas_Anna_001).
Jones, Alice (PACDV_0271_BMC).
James, Mary D. (PA_James_001).
Kilpatrick, Ellen P. (PA_Kilpatrick_001).
Knowles, Leslie (PA_Knowles_Leslie_001).
Kuhn, Ada Ruth (PA_Kuhn_001).
KAHN, Louis.
KAWAI, Michi.
KEE, Howard.
KENNEDY, Melville.
KINCAID, Jamaica.
KING, Coretta Scott.
KING, Martin Luther.
KINGSBURY, Susan Myra.
KIRK sisters.
KLINE, George.
KRAUS, Hertha.
KREBS, Mary Beth.
Leuba, James H. (PA_Leuba_James_001).
LeFevre, Frederica (PA_LeFevre_001).
Laudoq, Adelaide (PA_Laudoq_Adelaide_001).
La Porte, Martha D. (PA_LaPorte_Martha_001).
Ladd, Carolyn C. (PACDV0275_BMC).
LACHS, Phyllis.
LAGUARDIA, Fiorello.
LANG, Mabel.
LATTIMORE, Richard .
LEGUIN, Ursula.
LEHR, Marguerite.
LEIGHTON, Gertrude.
LEWIS, Allen.
LODGE, George.
LOGRASSO, Angeline.
LOWER, Katherine D.
Miller, Madge Daniels (PA_Miller_001).
Moore, Harriet L. (PA_Moore_001).
Minor, Marie Louise (PA_Minor_001).
Morrill, Jean (PA_Morrill_001).
Mackenzie, Dr. Arthur Stanley (PA_MacKenzie_001).
Morris, Marian L. (PA_Morris_Marian_001).
Morris, Ellen (PA_Morris_Ellen_001-3).
Mathewson, Faith T. (PA_Mathewson_001).
Morse, Susan (PA_Morse_001).
Myrick, Melinda Hope (PA_Myrick_001).
MacCAFFREY, Isabel G.
MARSHALL, Dorothy Nepper.
MAURIN, Mario.
McCABE, Margaret Ann.
McCORMICK, Caroline.
MELLINK, Machteld.
MENUHIN, Yehudi.
MICHELS, Walter C.
MITCHELL, Charles.
MONDALE, Walter.
MONGAN, Alice.
MOORE, Marianne.
MORGAN, Thomas Hunt.
MORRIS, Eleanor.
M-4: McBride, Katharine.
Box M-4: McBride, Katharine
M-5: McBride, Katharine and McPherson, Mary Patterson.
Box M-5: McBride and McPherson
NAHM, Milton & Eleanor.
NIXON, Richard Milhouse.
Noether, Emmy (PA_Noether_001).
NORTH, Dorothy.
O'KEEFE, Georgia.
ONDERDONK, Patricia.
ORMANDY, Eugene.
OZICK, Cynthia.
Oakford, Mary (PA_Oakford_001).
Oberge, Ullericka Hedrietta (PA_Oberge_001).
Oakford Slingluff, Mary (PA_Oakford_002).
Oakford Slingluff, Mary (PA_Oakford_003).
Neall, Adelaide (PA_Neall_001).
Nields, Elizabeth (PA_Nields_001).
Ostrom, Virginia (PA_Ostrom_001).
Otheman, Margaret Stevens (PA_Otheman_001).
Nearing, Mary F. (PA_Nearing_001).
Pearson Horrocks, Elizabeth (PA_Pearson_001).
Prugh Jusim, Ruth and Robert Jusim (PA_Prugh_001).
PALACHE, Alice (Jones).
PANDIT, Madame.
Pardee, Marcelle (PA_Pardee_001).
PARK, Marion Edwards.
PETTS, Josephine.
PITTMAN, Hobson.
Rotan, Anne S. (PA_Rotan_001).
Robert, Rosamund (PA_Robert_001).
Riegel, Ella (PA_Riegel_001).
Rogers, Isobel Mitchell (PA_Rogers_001).
Riegel, Ella (PACDV0280-2).
Randolph, Harriet (PACDV0277_BMC).
Rhoads, Anna E. (PACDV0278-9).
Riegel, Ella (PA_Riegel_002).
Ritchie, Mary Helen (PA_Ritchie_001).
Ream, Frances (PA_Ream_001).
RHOADS, Charles J.
RHOADS, James E.
RHOADS, J. Edgar.
RIDGWAY, Brunhilde.
RIDLON, Jeannette (Piccard).
ROWSON, Marion.
RUSSELL, Bertrand.
Container Summary


Smyth, Herbert Weir (PA_Smyth_001).
Scull, David (PA_Scull_001).
Schoneman, May C. (PACDV0276).
Sampson, Edith F. (PA_Sampson_001).
Scattergood, Anna (PA_Scattergood_001).
S-2: Miscellanous S's (2 of 2).
Box S-2: Miscellaneous S's (2 of 2)
Container Summary


SABIN, Florence Rena.
SACKS, Oliver.
SAGAN, Françoise.
SASSOON, Siegfried.
SCOTT, Charlotte Angas.
SHAPIRO, Judith R.
SHAW, Anna Howard.
SKINNER, Cornelia Otis.
SLOAN, Joseph.
SMITH, Alys.
SMITH, Hilda Worthington.
SOPER, Alexander.
SPAETH, Edmund.
SPEER, Margaret Bailey.
STASSEN, Harold E.
STAPLETON, K. Laurence.
STEIN, Gertrude and TOKLAS, Alice B.
STEINEM, Gloria.
Stevens, Nettie (PA_Stevens_Nettie_005).
SWINDLER, Mary Hamilton.
TAFT, William Howard.
TANIS, James.
TAYLOR, Joseph.
THOMAS, Helen (Flexner).
TOYNBEE, Arnold.
TSUDA, Ume (1892).
TAYLOR, Lily Ross.
THOMPSON, Marjorie.
T-3: Taft Manning, Helen.
Box T-3: Taft Manning, Helen
T-4: Thomas, M. Carey (1 of 2).
Box T-4: Thomas, M. Carey (1 of 2)
Container Summary

M. Carey Thomas, early, middle and late years; Sargent portrait; Manship bust

T-5: Thomas, M. Carey (2 of 2).
Box T-5: Thomas, M. Carey (2 of 2)
Container Summary

M. Carey Thomas relatives and related people

UHLFELDER, Myra L. (4).
von SATTNER, Baronesss.
WASHBURN family.
WATSON, Edward H.
WELLS, Roger.
WELTY, Eudora.
Walker, Esther (PA_Walker_001).
Williams, Jo (PA_Williams_001).
White, Amelia E. (PA_White_Amelia_001).
WHITEHEAD, Alfred North.
WILSON, Woodrow.
WOFFORD, Harris.
WOFFORD, Claire.
WYCKOFF, Dorothy.
YOUNG, Whitney.
YOUNG family.
M. Carey Thomas oversized.
Helena Taft Manning oversized.
Box Taft Manning OS

Images of the college's buildings and campus, including interior and exterior views. Note that many of these items are available online at

Physical Description

17 boxesShots of the campus (including aerial views) as well as exterior and interior views of buildings and other locations on campus.

PAB01: Campus General and Aerial Views.
Box PAB-01

View online at:*!PAB_OS*/field/identi!identi/mode/all!all/conn/or!and/order/nosort

PAB02: Buildings A-C.
Box PAB-02
Deanery Building, interior (probably in PAB_Deanery_211-27).
Deanery, exterior (PAB_Deanery_BMC_228-43).
PAB04: Buildings Denbigh - F.
Box PAB-04
PAB05: Buildings G - Guild.
Box PAB-05
PAB06: Buildings Gymnasium - Pen-y-Groes.
Box PAB-06
PAB07: Buildings Park Science Center.
Box PAB-07
PAB08: Buildings: Pembroke.
Box PAB-08
PAB09: Buildings Radnor - Rhodes.
Box PAB-09
PAB10: Buildings Rockefeller.
Box PAB-10
PAB11: Buildings S.
Box PAB-11
PAB12: Buildings Taylor.
Box PAB-12
Quita Woodward Memorial Reading Room (PAB_Thomas_052-8).
PAB14: Buildings Thomas (2 of 2).
Box PAB-14
PAB15: Buildings V - Z.
Box PAB-15
PAB-OS1: Aerial/General Views and Buildings A-L.
PAB-OS2: Buildings M-Z.
Anthropology Department and Functions.
Archaeological Excavations .
Anniversary Celebrations.
Antique Show.
Black Alumnae Forum, 1982.
Black Arts Festival, 1989.
Blue Bus.
Board of Trustees.
Book Fair, 1969.
Book Fair, 1978-1980 (1978-1980).
Book Fair, 1983.
Campaign Drives, 1973, 1976. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders30 black-and-white photograps of campaign drive events at Bryn Mawr in 1973 and 1976.

Career Development, 1982. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders3 black-and-white photographs

Centennial Celebrations, 1985. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 foldersNumerous images (color and black-and-white) of events such as pool parties, alumnae field hockey game, speakers, dinners, may day, etc.

Centennial Campaign Committee, 1985. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders42 color photographs of the centennial campaign committee in action.

Child Care (New Gulph Child Care Center), 1971. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders7 black-and-white photographs plus two contact sheets of children at the New Gulph Child Care Center.

Child Study Institute, undated. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 foldersBlack-and-white images of institute attendees plus a selection of still lifes of child care objects (toys, plush animals).

Coffee Hour (Thomas Great Hall), 1970-1989. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 foldersNumerous images (color and black-and-white) of the coffee hour held in Thomas Great Hall.

College Bowl, 1960s. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders12 black-and-white photographs of college bowl contestants.

College Dances, 1940s - 1990s. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders21 photographs (2 color) of dances 1944-1993 (not inclusive).

College News Staff, 1929-1997. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 folders21 photographs (mostly black-and-white, some color) of Bryn Mawr college newspaper staff through the years.

PAE: Commencement 1, 1889-1959.
Box PAE: Commencement 1
PAE: Commencement 2, 1960-1989.
Box PAE: Commencement 2
PAE: Commencement 3, undated.
Box PAE: Commencement 3
Container Summary

Miscellaneous but undated images of commencement, divided into early, middle and late dates.

Community Service Day.
Conferences - Chronologically.
Conferences - Women in Politics, 1992.
Conferences - French Women Symposium.
Conferences - Werkmen.
Daisy Chain.
DANA Interns.
Day Camp.
Dedications - Schwartz Gym, 1983.
Division of Special Studies (Office of Special Academic Programs, OSAP).
Faculty Auctions.
Faculty Groups.
Faculty Shows (Digitized).
Container Summary

View these items online at

Faculty Shows (1).
Faculty Shows (2).
Faculty Shows (3).
Fine Arts.
Freshman Week, pre-1954.
Freshman Week, 1954-1955.
Freshman Week, 1956-1982.
Freshman Week, 1983.
Fund Drive.
Geology Field Trips.
Graduate School for Social Work and Social Research.
Health Fairs.
Hell Week.
International Congress of Working Women, 1919.
International Programs - Avingnon.
International Programs - Centro (Spain).
International Programs - Massenzia.
International Programs - Misc.
International Programs - Peace Studies Mission, 1984.
International Programs - Peru Summer.
Kite Story, 1961.
Lantern Man.
Lantern Night, Early - 1940s.
Lantern Night, 1950s - 1990s.
Libraries - Canaday Barcoding, 1989.
PAE: May Day 1, 1900-1906.
Box PAE: May Day 1
PAE: May Day 2, 1906-1914.
Box PAE: May Day 2
PAE: May Day 3, 1915-1924.
Box PAE: May Day 3
PAE: May Day 4, 1924-1932.
Box PAE: May Day 4
PAE: May Day 5, 1932-1944.
Box PAE: May Day 5
PAE: May Day 6, 1945-1974.
Box PAE: May Day 6
PAE: May Day 7, 1975-1997.
Box PAE: May Day 7
Maids and Porters.
Mudhead Dream Clowns.
Music (Acapella Groups).
Music (Chorus).
Music (Christmas).
Music (Friends of Music Concerts).
Music (Orchestra).
Parade Night.
Parent's Committee Meeting, 1985.
Parent's Day.
Physical Education Department Fair.
1976 Studies.
PAE: Phoebe Anna Thorne School.
Box PAE: Phoebe Anna Thorne School
1889: Princess Ida.
1890: She Stoops to Conquer.
1891/2: The Little Sea Mermaid.
1892: Austin Dobson Dialogues.
1893: Peterkin Family.
1893: Freshman Play.
1894: Sophomore Play (Class of 1896).
1894/5: Freshman Play.
1896: Freshman Play Daisy Dew Drop (Class of 1900).
1896: The Critic.
1899/1900: Freshman Show (Class of 1903).
1900: Sophomore Play The Adventures of Ursala (Class of 1902).
1900: The Rivals(Class of 1903 and Class of 1904).
1900: Alice in Wonderland.
1900/1: Freshman Play David Garrick (Class of 1904).
1901/2: Sophomore Play.
1901: Freshman Play Boramora (Class of 1905).
1902: Everyman.
1902: Trelawney of the Well.
1903: Prince Camaralzaman.
1903: D'Arcy of the Guards.
1903/5: Uncle Tom's Cabin.
1904: Election Rally.
1904: Canterbury Pilgrims.
1904: The Last of the Mohicans.
1904: Junior Play Amor Vinci + Omnia (Class of 1905).
1904: Freshman Play.
1904/5: The Good Natured Man (Class of 1907).
1905: Two Gentlemen of Verona (Sophomore Show).
1905: The Princess (Junior Banner Show).
1905: Sainge Jeanne, La Pucelle (Junior/Senior Supper Show).
1905: Freshman Play (Class of 1908).
1906: David Copperfield (Junior/Senior Supper Show).
1906: The Amazons.
1906: Masks and Faces (Sophomore Play).
1907: Alice at Bryn Mawr (Freshman Show).
1907: Freshman Show (Class of 1911).
1907: Ivanhoe.
1907: Patience.
1907: Princess Lointaine.
1907: Love's Labour Lost.
1907: Under Two Flags.
1908: Romeo and Juliet.
1908: Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (Sophomore Show).
1908: La Bataille des dames.
1908: Miss Hobbs (Junior Banner Play to Freshman).
1909: Medea (Junior/Senior Supper Show).
1909: Gum Scrumrudent (Freshman Show, Class of 1912).
1909: When Knighthood was in Favor (Senior Show).
1910: The Silver Blade (Sophomore [Class of 1913] play to Freshmen [Class of 1914]).
1910/11: Arms and the Man (Junior/Senior Supper Show).
1911: Freshman Show (Class of 1915).
1911: Ye Taming of the Shrew (Class of 1914 and Class of 1915).
1912: Freshman Show (Class of 1916).
1912: The Man of Destiny.
1912: Road to Yesterday.
1912: If I were King (Senior Play).
1912: Sophomore Circus Party.
1912: Iryne or Eastern Fantasy (Junior Play to Freshmen).
1912: Alias Jimmu Valentine (Junior Banner Show).
1913: Cyrano de Bergerac (Junior/Senior Show).
1914: Mice and Men.
1914: Freshman Show (Class of 1917).
1914-15: Freshman Show.
1915: The Dark Lady of the Sonneki.
1915: David Garrick.
1915: HMS Pinafore.
1915/16: The Red and the Green.
1915: The Chinese Lantern.
1915: The Critic.
1915: Engaged.
1916: The Banner Show.
1916: You Never Can Tell.
1916: The Mikado.
1916/17: Freshman Show.
1916/17: The Scare Crow.
1917: Beau Brummel.
1917: Junior Show.
1917: On a Mantlepiece.
1917: The Rush Light.
1917: The Ideal Husband.
1919: Prunella.
1919: Rosemary.
1920: Christmas Stunt.
1920: The Fall of Troy.
1920: Freshman Show.
1921: He, the One Who Gets Slapped.
1921: If I Were King.
1922: The Lady from the Sea.
1922: Trelawney of the Wells.
1923/24: School for Scandal.
1924: Freshman Show.
1924: Christmas Old English Ravel.
1924/25: Sophomore Play.
1924/25: Junior Play.
1926: Disraeli.
1927: The Gondoliers.
1929: Patience.
1930: Pirates of Penzance.
1931: The Mikado.
1931-1932: The Royal Family Berkeley Square.
1932: Lady Windemere's Fan.
1933: The Knight of the Burning Pestle.
1933: Hernani.
1934: The Gondoliers.
1935: The Bacchae.
1935: The Pirates of Penzance.
1939: The Gondoliers.
1939: Convivium Latinum.
1941: The Stage Door.
1941: Pirates of Penzance.
1949: Out on a Limbo.
1954: As you Swipe It.
1955: Knock on Rock.
1955: Aim to Please.
1956: The Trojan Woman.
1957: Junior Show.
1957: Arts Night.
1958: Back to Trinidad, Then There We Are, Japanese Dancing, Obliging Love.
1964/65: Junior Show.
1965: Hippylytus.
1970: Pere Landra.
1970: One Act Festival.
1970/71: Iphigenia Amory the Taurians.
1975: Clan Night.
1981: The Importance of Being Ernest.
1978: The Antagony.
1981: Waiting for Godot.
1981: Memorandum.
1982: For Colored Girls.
1982/83: The Stranger, Hopscotch.
1983: Two Gentlemen of Verona.
1984: The Marriage of Figaro.
1984: Lysistrata.
1985: Three Penny Opera.
1986: Cloud 9.
1986: Pippin.
1982/86: Unidentified Plays.
1989: Listen to Me.
1993: All's well that ends well.
Unidentified plays, 1889-1904. 4 folders.
Physical Description

4 folders

Radio Club.
Rites of Spring.
Social/Political Activism.
Society for Creative Anachronism.
Spanish Club.
Speakers - unidentified.
Staff gatherings.
Saff gatherings - library staff.
Step singing.
Summer Academic Programs.
Summer School of Nursing. 5 folders.
Physical Description

5 folders

Summer Theater.
Athletic Day.
Knowles, Leslie A. and Katharine S. Barton (PAE_Sports_Candids_032_BMC).
Field hockey.
Horseback riding.
Swimming and diving.
Track and field.
Students by class.
Brayton Durfee, Abby (PA_StudLife_248).
Brayton Durfee, Abby and Ethel Walker Smith (PA_StudLife_249).
Brayton Durfee, Abby (PA_StudLife_250).
Student life, 1980-1990.
Students studying.
Students unidentified.
Students in classes (by subject).
Students in classes.
Students in dorms.
Students: Chinese Scholars.
Students: Graduate School.
Students: International Student Shows.
Students: Off-campus.
Students with professors outside of class.
Students doing wacky things.
Students: Scholarship Winners.
PAE: Summer School for Women Workers in Industry (SSWWI).
Available online

Items in this subgroup can be viewed online at:*/field/identi/mode/all/conn/and/order/nosort

Talmud - presentation to Friends of Library.
Theater - technical.
Tsuda College.
Visiting performers.
Wise Program.
Woodrow Wilson fellows and related.
World War I (incl. BMC farm).
World War II.
PAE: Alumnae. 6 boxes.
Box PAE: Alumnae Box 4 Box PAE: Alumnae Box 3 Box PAE: Alumnae Box 2 Box PAE: Alumnae Box 6 Box PAE: Alumnae Box 5 Box PAE: Alumnae Box 1
Physical Description

6 boxes

PAE OS: Commencement.
Box PAE Commencement OS
PAE OS: Miscellaneous subjects. 2 boxes.
Box PAE_OS_075-110 Box PAE_OS_001-074
Physical Description

2 boxes

PAE OS: Plays. 2 boxes.
Box PAE OS: Plays 2 Box PAE OS: Plays 1
Physical Description

2 boxes

PAE OS: Summer School for Women Workers in Industry.
PAE OS: Student class photos (CPOS_001-052).
Box PAE_CPOS_001-052 to PAE_Class
PAE OS: Class photos.
Box PAE_CPOS_053-070


Portraits of early alumnae of the college. These items have been digitized and can be viewed online at:*/field/identi/mode/all/conn/and/order/nosort

Physical Description

1 boxes

Lawrence, Carolina (PACDV0270_BMC).
Franklin, Susan B. (PACDV0274_BMC).
Goff, Leah (PACDV0272_BMC).
Goldmark, Pauline D. (PACDV0273_BMC).

Physical Description

1 boxesSeven cased photographs of M. Carey Thomas (2), Margaret Gilman (4), and Joseph Taylor (1).

PA00415: M. Carey Thomas.
PA00416: M. Carey Thomas.
PA00417: Margaret Gilman.
PA00418: Margaret Gilman.
PA00419: Margaret Gilman.
PA00420: Margaret Gilman.
PA00421: Joseph Taylor.

PAA001. Rhoads Hall Construction, 1937-1938.
PAA002. Views of Bryn Mawr College, 1899.
Container Summary

Album of 30 photographs of the Bryn Mawr College campus and buildings. Images include interior and exterior shots showing the old entrance (1893), Taylor, Thomas, Dalton, Merion, Radnor, Denbigh, and the gymnasium. Photos were originally offered for sale by Phillips' Photographers, 1206 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

PAA003. Photographs of Bryn Mawr College, 1899.
Container Summary

Images of Bryn Mawr College taken by the Broadbent Company ca. 1899. Includes views of Taylor, Pembroke, Merion, Denbigh, Radnor, Dalton, the chapel, the Deanery, and the old gym, plus general views of the campus. Copies of the photos were originally offered for sale by the Broadbent Company.

PAA004. Ely Photo Album, ca. 1893.
Container Summary

Images of the Wyndhan Alumnae House on the Bryn Mawr College campus from when it was owned by the Ely family (1893-1926). Includes exterior and interior shots during a variety of seasons as well as candids of the Ely family and pets. Gift of Gertrude Ely, Class of 1899.

PAA005. M. Carey Thomas Library Photo Album, ca. 1969.
Container Summary

This collection of 38 photos includes portraits of M. Carey Thomas library staff, candid shots of librarians in action, and interior and exterior images of the library building and grounds. Descriptions of the photos were provided by Ms. Toulmin and appear at the end of the album. Note included with album states: "This book of photographic illustrations is particularly dedicated to the Staff of the M. Carey Thomas Library of Bryn Mawr College, and is a gift to the college from Elizabeth Toulmin, Library Assistant 1962-65."

PAA006. Photo Album of M.B.K., ca. 1901.
Container Summary

Includes very early photos of Bryn Mawr College campus and grounds, a few include unidentified students. Inscribed on first page: "Bryn Mawr College 1901 / M.B.K."

PAA007. Park Science Center Construction, 1937-1938.
Series V: Postcards. 1 boxes.
Box Postcards

Postcards of campus buildings, general campus views and activities. These can be viewed online at:

Physical Description

1 boxes

Series VI: Slides (PAS series). 8 volumes.

A selection of slides have been scanned and can be viewed online at:*/field/identi/mode/all/conn/and/order/nosort

Physical Description

8 volumes

Series VII: Student ID Cards, 1935-1967. 12 boxes.
Box Student ID Cards

Student identification cards contain basic demographic and personal information and an image of the student. These items are not digitized.

Physical Description

12 boxes

Container Summary

The items in these subgroups have been minimally processed

Bi-Co news photos and negatives. 8 boxes.
Box Bi-Co News 1-2 Box Bi-Co News 3-8
Physical Description

8 boxes

BMC Yearbook photos (Accord). 9 boxes.
Box Yearbooks 7-10 Box Yearbooks 1-6
Physical Description

9 boxes

Glass negatives.
Box Glass Negatives 1-5
Negatives, 2000s. 15 boxes.
Box Negatives 1-6 Box Negatives 13-15 Box Negatives 7-12
Physical Description

15 boxes

Slides and transparencies.
Box Slides 3-9 Box Slides 1, 2, 16, 17, 18 Box Slides 10-15
Special Collections Departmental Images.
Box Spec Coll 1-9 Box SpecColl 10

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