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George W. and Pauline Murray, Jr., papers


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George W. Murray, Jr., was born on October 7, 1920, in Newark, Delaware, to George and Gertrude Fader Murray. He was a World War II and Korean War veteran serving in the Army Air Corps (Air Force) and later the Air National Guard. Murray worked at Continental-Diamond Fibre Co. and the Chrysler Tank Plant in Newark. He retired from the auto plant after a long career as a tool and die maker.

George married Pauline E. Murray (née Aument). They had two children, George W. Murray III and David Murray. George W. Murray, Jr., died on November 10, 2010.

Pauline E. Aument was born on August 9, 1919, to George W. and Anna Aument. She lived in Newark, Delaware, and died on February 10, 1997. She married George W. Murray, Jr., in the early 1940s and had two children, George W. Murray III and David Murray.

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This collection documents the lives of Newark, Delaware, residents George W. Murray, Jr., and Pauline E. Murray during World War II. The collection is small, yet it gives a glimpse of both military service and the homefront experiences of the young married couple during war. Included are handwritten correspondence exchanged by the married couple while George Murray was stationed at Army Air Force bases on the continental United States and in Europe, illustrating life both at home and abroad during wartime. The collection also features photographs, Air Force Technical School study guides, informational pamphlets, and other items collected by George during his time in the military as well as greeting cards from family and friends, and postcards/souvenirs from travel.

This small collection is arranged in five series.

Series I. contains material belonging to Pauline E. (Aument) Murray including correspondence from Group Hospital Service (also known as Blue Cross) regarding membership rates and a book of handwritten verses from historical figures titled "A Jumbled Anthology"created by Pauline in high school. There is also assorted material kept by Pauline including a newspaper clipping on apprentice training for veterans, a voting card addressed to George W. Murray, a Christmas letter from the vice president of the Continental-Diamond Fibre Company (where George later worked), and car registration information addressed to Pauline's father, George W. Aument. The series also contains pamphlets, correspondence, receipts, and advertisements relating to Pauline's membership with the Nobility Silver Company, a purveyor of silver-plated flatware, beginning in 1941, when she registered prior to her marriage to George W. Murray.

Series II. contains correspondence from 1943-1945, organized chronologically and by the sender. The bulk of the letters were exchanged between George W. and Pauline Murray while George was serving as an aircraft mechanic, at the rank of Corporal, in the Army Air Force. Pauline's letters discussed her everyday life in Newark and mentioned family developments, social events attended, movies, church attendance, hobbies, and work. In each letter, written from September 1943 through October 1945, she strongly expressed her love for George and how much she looked forward to him returning from the war.

George's letters began in June 1943 while he was stationed at Selfridge Field, Michigan, with the 97th A.B. Squadron, and continue through July and August at the Army Air Base in Jacksonville, Florida. The letters began again in October, when he was stationed at Bluethenthal Field, North Carolina, with the 84th Fighter Squadron. The letters ended in November while he was stationed in Northern Ireland, and picked up again in May 1945, while he was stationed in Germany. George's letters to Pauline related much of the same sentiment and also discussed performing duties, events on the various bases on which he was stationed. His letters primarily discussed when he was going to write back, how often he was receiving Pauline's correspondence, and related his concern about the long hours that she was working. In their correspondence, both Murrays expressed confusion and frustration with the uncertainty around the end of George's assignment in Europe and return home, especially following the end of the war in Europe.

Series II. also contains letters to George W. Murray from family members and friends, including a number of letters from Pauline's parents, George W. and Anna Aument, and George's mother Gertrude. The content of these letters also related to events occurring at home and the well-being of family members.

Series III. contains material relating to George W. Murray's service as a mechanic in the Army Air Force. Included are photographs of George with fellow servicemen, the grounds of air bases, and aircraft maintained by Murray. Included with the photographs are cards, published in Nazi Germany and presumably acquired by George while he was stationed in Germany, featuring images of sailplanes being flown near The Wasserkuppe in the Rhön Mountains. The series also contains annotated study guides owned by Murray while he was attending the Air Corps Technical School, Department of Mechanics, in 1941. Other items include artifacts owned by Murray while in the service, a ration card, and publications from World War II such as pamphlets about Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a guide for returning to civilian life after service in the military, and a propaganda pamphlet lampooning the leaders of the Axis nations.

Series IV. contains greeting cards addressed to George and Pauline Murray from family and friends. The cards are organized by occasion (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays, anniversaries, and generic greeting cards). Included are unique World War II-era greeting cards, including cards published specifically for deployed members of the United States Armed Forces. Series V. features postcards, souvenirs, and other ephemera related to the Murrays' travels, some likely collected by George while he was in the service. The items are organized by location.

  1. I. Pauline Murray
  2. II. Correspondence
  3. III. George W. Murray, Jr., military service
  4. IV. Greeting cards
  5. V. Travel

Boxes 1-2: Shelved in SPEC MSS Record Center Cartons

Gift of Justin and Niki de Leon, Regina McCormack, and Katya Samoteskul, August 2013.

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Collection Inventory

Pauline Murray- Group Hospital Service correspondence, 1942.
Box 1 Folder F1
A Jumbled Anthology, undated.
Box 1 Folder F2
George M. Aument car tag registration material, 1939 September 19.
Box 1 Folder F3
Clippings, voting card and C-D material, 1944.
Box 1 Folder F4
Scope and Contents

Contains a newspaper clipping, a voting card addressed to George W. Murray, and a Christmas letter from the vice president of the Continental-Diamond Fibre Company.

Nobility Silver Company, 1941-1946.
Box 1 Folder F5

Pauline Murray, 1943 September 26-December 2.
Box 1 Folder F6
Pauline Murray, 1943 December 3-1944 April 8.
Box 1 Folder F7
Scope and Contents

This folder contains examples of V-mail (Victory Mail) letters which, during World War II, were photographed, transported as microfilm, and then re-printed onto paper for the recipient in order to expedite correspondence with soldiers stationed abroad.

Pauline Murray, 1944 April 9-July 24.
Box 1 Folder F8
Pauline Murray, 1944 July 25-November 15.
Box 1 Folder F9
Pauline Murray, 1944 November 16-1945 March 6.
Box 1 Folder F10
Pauline Murray, 1945 March 7-June 23.
Box 1 Folder F11
Pauline Murray, 1945 June 24-October 25.
Box 1 Folder F12
George W. Murray, 1943 June 11-October 25.
Box 1 Folder F13
George W. Murray, 1943 October 25-November 24.
Box 1 Folder F14
George W. Murray, 1945 May 26-August 18.
Box 1 Folder F15
George W. Murray, 1945 August 19-September 13.
Box 1 Folder F16
George W. Murray, 1945 September 14-October 18.
Box 1 Folder F17
Scope and Contents

Contains news clippings mailed with a letter dated September 18th

George W. Murray, 1945 October 19-November 30.
Box 1 Folder F18
Aument Family, 1944 June 17-25.
Box 1 Folder F19
Others, 1943 October 10-21.
Box 1 Folder F20

Photographs, undated.
Box 2 Folder F21
Air Corps Technical School study guides, 1941.
Box 2 Folder F22
Air Corps Technical School study guides, 1941-1942.
Box 2 Folder F23
World War II Publications and Ration Card, 1944-1945.
Box 2 Folder F24
Official Guide to the Army Air Force, 1944.
Box 2 Folder F25
George W. Murray, Jr. military service - artifacts, undated.
Box 2 Folder F26
Scope and Contents

Contains a uniform cap and an engraved leather notebook cover.

Christmas cards, 1943-1945.
Box 2 Folder F27
Valentine's Day cards, 1945.
Box 2 Folder F28
Birthday cards for George Murray, 1945.
Box 2 Folder F29
Birthday cards for Pauline Murray, undated.
Box 2 Folder F30
Anniversary cards, undated.
Box 2 Folder F31
Easter cards, undated.
Box 2 Folder F32
Greeting cards, undated.
Box 2 Folder F33
Scope and Contents

Contains unique World War II-era greeting cards, including a card with a miniature Bible attached.

Ephemera - Florida, undated.
Box 2 Folder F34
Ephemera - Georgia, undated.
Box 2 Folder F35
Ephemera - Iowa, undated.
Box 2 Folder F36
Ephemera - Louisiana, undated.
Box 2 Folder F37
Ephemera - Nebraska, undated.
Box 2 Folder F38
Ephemera - New York, undated.
Box 2 Folder F39
Ephemera - North Carolina, undated.
Box 2 Folder F40
Ephemera - Pennsylvania, undated.
Box 2 Folder F41
Ephemera - Tennessee, undated.
Box 2 Folder F42
Ephemera - Vermont, undated.
Box 2 Folder F43
Ephemera - Virginia, undated.
Box 2 Folder F44

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