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Delaware Theatre Company records supplement


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Overview and metadata sections

The Delaware Theatre Company (DTC) was founded in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1978 with a mission to create theater of the highest professional quality in Delaware and thereby enrich the area through artistic programming, education and community service.

The largest professional theater in Delaware, the DTC was the collective brainchild of Cleveland Morris, Peter DeLaurier, and Ceal Phelan. The three friends founded the DTC "to revive a city that had fallen victim to the race riots of the late 1960s [and] whose historic past was overshadowed by the urban wasteland that had replaced neighborhood vitality.., [and to start] a professional regional theatre" (Kipp, page 13). With support from Mayor Bill McLaughlin, the Company was established in an abandoned firehouse on French Street in Wilmington, at the affordable rent of one dollar per year. The French Street Firehouse served as the site for "rehearsals, set construction, office work, and plays" (Delaware Theatre Company), despite struggles with space issues and financial resources. In 1983, as a result of raising almost two million dollars in a capital campaign, the DTC moved into a new building on the Christiana waterfront.

The Delaware Theatre Company is currently governed by a board of directors is led by a team of four officers: a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary. In addition, several committees have been formed to help manage particular aspects of DTC. There have been other committees over the years, including development, executive, long-range planning, nominating, benefit and finance.

The Delaware Theatre Company operates "nationally recognized education programs [which] reach out to all sectors of the community" (Delaware Theatre Company). Among these programs are the Theatre in the Schools matinee program; classroom visits by Delaware Theatre Company teaching artists; post-performance conversations with members of the cast; "Insights," a standards-based study guide for teachers; and Summer on the Stage. Moreover, the Delaware Theatre Company focuses on providing at-risk youth access to the arts. Some of the programs designed to help this demographic are Totally Awesome Kids, Pro-Actors, and a partnership with the Ferris School.

Delaware Theatre Company. (accessed December 7, 2010).Kipp, Carol. "Delaware Theatre Company: Spirited Past, Promising Future," PrimeLife. January/February 2005.

Educational and community outreach programs are the main focus and the bulk of this supplement to the Delaware Theatre Company records, with a large component consisting of the files of the Director of Education & Community Engagement, C. J. Conway.

The collection is arranged in two series: Series I. Education Programs (1983-2013) and Series II. Delaware Theatre Company programming (1986-2008).

C. J. Conway has been the Director of Education & Community Engagement at the Delaware Theatre Company since 1992. In leading the theater's educational outreach to youth and adults, Conway has established the summer camps and the Delaware Young Playwrights Festival, as well as programs for people with cognitive disabilities (Totally Awesome Players). Some of the files in the first series were created by Conway, and the entire Series I. Education programs, highlights educational and outreach programs that he has directed. The folder titles assigned by Conway have been retained.

In addition to the files of C. J. Conway, the first series includes photographs, photograph albums, videocassette recordings, and other material which document the education and outreach done by the Delaware Theatre Company. Programs and activities depicted by the photographs and videos are Summer Camp, Student matinees, National Conference for Community and Justice programs, Acting classes, Totally Awesome Kids, First State School, Educators workshop, Young Playwrights Festival, Summer on Stage, and Conflict Resolution classes, to name only a few. The Delaware Theatre Company has also created and conducted programs in local schools, such as Centerville, Sanford, Ennis, Pulaski, Padua, and the New Jersey School for the Deaf, all of which are documented in the files.

Series I. also houses a box of paper sign props for a Summer on Stage session run in 2002, and a box of index cards which offer ideas for group activities.

Series II. Delaware Theatre Company programming, consist of approximately one linear foot of files related to some of the publicity and programming done by the theater. This series contains several folders of clippings and articles about the Delaware Theatre Company; a subseries devoted to files related to individual plays produced by the theater; a small group of playbills, showcards, and mailings generated by the Delaware Theatre Company; and several files related to the theater's art gallery and annual benefits.

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Gift of the Delaware Theatre Company, September 2012.

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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents

The Education series comprises the bulk of this supplement to the Delaware Theatre Company records. The series contains the files of the Director of Education & Community Engagement, C.J. Conway and a collection of photographs, photograph albums, videocassette recordings, and other material which document the education and outreach done by the Delaware Theatre Company.

Scope and Contents

These files were created by Conway and highlight the educational and outreach programs that he directs.

Acting Classes, 2012.
Box 40 Folder F1
Acting Classes, 2012-2013.
Box 40 Folder F2
10 Months, 2012.
Box 40 Folder F3
Adult Development, 2009.
Box 40 Folder F4
Another Chance Poets, 2005.
Box 40 Folder F5
Art Reach.
Box 40 Folder F6
Attorneys, Theatre Classes for, 2007.
Box 40 Folder F7
BlueCross BlueShield of Delaware, 2009.
Box 40 Folder F8
BlueCross / BlueShield, 2008.
Box 40 Folder F9
Bridges, Residencies, 2003.
Box 40 Folder F10
Budget (Salary) - FY 06, 2005-2006.
Box 40 Folder F11
Budget - FY 08, 2007-2008.
Box 40 Folder F12
Budget - FY 09, 2009-2010.
Box 40 Folder F13
Budget - FY 10, 2008-2009.
Box 40 Folder F14
Cecil County College Internship, 2006.
Box 40 Folder F15
Christmas Shop Foundation, 2012.
Box 40 Folder F16
DTC Season, 2010.
Box 40 Folder F17
Delaware Young Playwrights Festival (YPF), 2008.
Box 40 Folder F18
Delaware Young Playwrights Festival, 2008-2009.
Box 40 Folder F19
Delaware Classical Showcase, 2005-2008.
Box 40 Folder F20
Delaware Recommended Curriculum (Visual and Performing Arts), undated.
Box 40 Folder F21
Education, 2002-2003.
Box 40 Folder F22
Education General Advisory Committee, 2001-2003.
Box 40 Folder F23
Education General Advisory Committee refocus, 2011.
Box 40 Folder F24
Education Advisory Com., 2009.
Box 40 Folder F25
Ed Associate Search, 2010.
Box 40 Folder F26
Education Dept. Job Descriptions, 1995-1999.
Box 40 Folder F27
Dawn M. Ellis, 2004-2007.
Box 40 Folder F28
Residencies Ferris School For Boys, 2002.
Box 40 Folder F29
Residencies Ferris School For Boys, 2003-2004.
Box 40 Folder F30
Residencies Ferris School For Boys, 2004.
Box 40 Folder F31
Ferris After School Program, 2007.
Box 40 Folder F32
Ferris 2007/2008, 2007-2008.
Box 40 Folder F33
Ferris Residencies #19, 2008.
Box 40 Folder F34
Ferris 2008, 2008.
Box 40 Folder F35
Ferris, 2011.
Box 40 Folder F36
Ferris Volunteer / Bckgrd, 2011.
Box 40 Folder F37
Frog and Toad, 2009.
Box 40 Folder F38
Budget Grant Distribution, 2006-2007.
Box 40 Folder F39
Hollidazzle, 2007-2008.
Box 40 Folder F40
Holidazzle, 2010.
Box 40 Folder F41
Insights, 2009.
Box 40 Folder F42
IRS Tax Exempt Letter, 1983-2001.
Box 40 Folder F43
Internship U of D, 2011.
Box 40 Folder F44
Its Not Just A Stage, undated.
Box 40 Folder F45
Jefferson Awards, 2008-2010.
Box 40 Folder F46
Jefferson Awards, 2011.
Box 40 Folder F47
Nice Letters / Testimonies, 2000-2006.
Box 40 Folder F48
Letters of Support Student Matinees - Students, 1990-2000.
Box 40 Folder F49
Letters of Support Student Matinees - Educators, 1990-2000.
Box 40 Folder F50
Letters of Support Residencies, 1994-2001.
Box 40 Folder F51
Letters of Support Young Playwrights Festival, 1999-2000.
Box 40 Folder F52
Letters of Support, 2000-2001.
Box 40 Folder F53
Letters - Delaware Theatre Company Student Matinees, 2000.
Box 40 Folder F54
Letters of Support, undated.
Box 40 Folder F55
Letters re: Young Playwrights Festival, 2002.
Box 41 Folder F56
Letters of Support Education Department, 1994-1999.
Box 41 Folder F57
Letters of Support Educators' Workshop, 1989-1997.
Box 41 Folder F58
Letters of Support Totally Awesome Kids, 1995-2002.
Box 41 Folder F59
artist LINK Philadelphia, 2007-2008.
Box 41 Folder F60
Managers' Meeting, 2008.
Box 41 Folder F61
Managing Director Search, 2009.
Box 41 Folder F62
Medical Insurance, 1997.
Box 41 Folder F63
National Conference for Community and Justice, 2004.
Box 41 Folder F64
No Children, 2008-2009.
Box 41 Folder F65
Playwriting Materials, 2003-2004.
Box 41 Folder F66
Poetry Out Loud, 2006-2007.
Box 41 Folder F67
Preschool Playhouse, 2007.
Box 41 Folder F68
Pro Actor, 2007-2008.
Box 41 Folder F69
Pro Actors - Schedule Board Words, 2009.
Box 41 Folder F70
Pro Actors, 2009.
Box 41 Folder F71
Pro Actors, 2010.
Box 41 Folder F72
Public Allies, 2006-2007.
Box 41 Folder F73
Public Ally, 2007-2008.
Box 41 Folder F74
James Reilly fund, 2009-2010.
Box 41 Folder F75
Serviam Girls Academy, 2009-2010.
Box 41 Folder F76
StageCraft Instructor, 2011.
Box 41 Folder F77
Stubbs Fall 2011 Plans, 2011.
Box 41 Folder F78
Student Matinees, 2012-2013.
Box 41 Folder F79
Study Guides, 2009-2010.
Box 41 Folder F80
Study Guides Insights, 2011-2012.
Box 41 Folder F81
Summer on Stage (SOS), 2010.
Box 41 Folder F82
SOS 2011 Camp Director Cheat Sheets, 2011.
Box 41 Folder F83
SOS 2012 Prep, 2012.
Box 41 Folder F84
SOS 2012 Registration, 2012.
Box 41 Folder F85
Theatre Manager How to, undated.
Box 41 Folder F86
Totally Awesome Kids (TAK), 2006-2007.
Box 41 Folder F87
Totally Awesome Kids, 2007-2008.
Box 41 Folder F88
Totally Awesome Kids Inauguration, 2009.
Box 41 Folder F89
Totally Awesome Kids, 2008-2009.
Box 41 Folder F90
Totally Awesome Kids, 2009-2010.
Box 41 Folder F91
Totally Awesome Kids Advisory Committee, 2009-2011.
Box 41 Folder F92
Totally Awesome Players (TAP) - Ennis 2011-2012, 2011-2012.
Box 41 Folder F93
Totally Awesome Players, 2011-2012.
Box 41 Folder F94
TIX 4 Teachers, 2008.
Box 41 Folder F95
The Ulster Project, 2006.
Box 41 Folder F96
Building for the Arts, 1984.
Box 41 Folder F97
Cash Flow (play by D. B. Gilles), 1986.
Box 41 Folder F98
Art and Ideas/DE Theatre Co. 12 Tonight, 1996.
Item 0633s_vhs_0001
Leanne Evans, undated.
Item 0633s_vhs_0002
Arts Report w/ Maria Hess Delaware Theatre Company, 1994.
Item 0633s_vhs_0003
DTC's Acting for Children w/ Mental Retardation, undated.
Item 0633s_vhs_0004
The Laughing Dragon - DE Theatre Company, undated.
Item 0633s_vhs_0005
Howard T. Ennis, undated.
Folder 0633s_vhs_0006
AIDS Delaware 10 PSAs, undated.
Item 0633s_vhs_0007
Delaware Theater Company, 2001.
Item 0633s_vhs_0008
Conflict Resolution, 1997.
Item 0633s_vhs_0009
Conflict Resolution, 1997.
Item 0633s_vhs_0010
The Unbelievably Awesome DTC Kids (Acting Class for Children Who Are Mentally Challenged) Arts Report "The Doppler Effect", 1995.
Item 0633s_vhs_0011
Delaware Theatre Company Education Outreach Programming Taped Program Segments, 1995.
Item 0633s_vhs_0012
TAK [Totally Awesome Kids] Careful Wishes, undated.
Item 0633s_vhs_0013
City Summer Camp, 1995.
Item 0633s_vhs_0014
DTC's Summer Theatre Arts Camp Performances, 1996.
Item 0633s_vhs_0015
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0016
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0017
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0018
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0019
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0020
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0021
The 9th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1998.
Item 0633s_vhs_0022
Young Playwright's Festival, 1996.
Item 0633s_vhs_0023
Young Playwright's Festival, 1996.
Item 0633s_vhs_0024
DTC's 6th Annual Young Playwrights Festival, 1995.
Item 0633s_vhs_0025
Teleducation Associates "Crossin' the Line" DTC Delaware State Bar Association, undated.
Item 0633s_vhs_0026
Summer on Stage Sessions 1-3, 2000-2001.
Box 43
Ulster Project, 2000-2001.
Box 43
Educator's Workshop, 2000-2001.
Box 43
Shakespeare Tour, 2000-2001.
Box 43
Student Matinee "Macbeth", 2001.
Box 43
Student Matinee "A Christmas Carol", 2001.
Box 43
Young Playwrights Festival, 2000-2002.
Box 43
Young Playwrights Festival Rehearsal - Anyone for Marbles?, 2000-2001.
Box 43
Young Playwrights Festival Rehearsal - Dick and George, 2000.
Box 43
Student Matinees Of Mice and Men, 2000-2001.
Box 43
Silly Staff pictures, 2000.
Box 43
Totally Awesome Kids, 2001-2002.
Box 43
Unidentified photographs.
Box 43
To Sohanna DTC (Summer on Stage), undated.
Box 44
Summer on Stage and show groups, 2002-2006.
Box 44
Unidentified photographs, undated.
Box 44
Young Playwrights Festival, 2002.
Box 44
Jewel's Candles, 2002.
Box 44
Summer Camp, 1999.
Box 44
University City New School, 1991.
Box 44
Acting Classes, 1994.
Box 44
Totally Awesome Kids, 1996-2010.
Box 44
DSD 3rd Grade, 2003.
Box 44
Summer Camp, 1999.
Box 45
Univ. City New School, 1991.
Box 45
Acting Classes, 1994.
Box 45
MR, 1996-1997.
Box 45
Totally Awesome Kids, 1996.
Box 45
Totally Awesome Kids, 1997.
Box 45
Totally Awesome Kids, 1999.
Box 45
Totally Awesome Kids, 2001.
Box 45
Summer Camp, 1997.
Box 45
Summer Camp, 1996.
Box 45
First State, 1996.
Box 45
SPR Acting Classes, 1996.
Box 45
Totally Awesome Kids, 2009.
Box 45
MR, 1997.
Box 45
Woman In Mind Workshop, undated.
Box 45
Acting Classes for Children with Mental Challenges Ingleside, 1997.
Box 45
Holly Dazzel, undated.
Box 45
Jane McFann, 2007.
Box 45
Young Playwrights Festival, 2001.
Box 46
Summer on Stage, 2003.
Box 46
Summer on Stage, 2004.
Box 46
Young Playwright's Festival, 2004.
Box 46
Acting for Young People (AYP), 2002.
Box 46
Photograph album, 1984-1988.
Album 1
Photograph album, 1990-1991.
Album 2
Photograph album, 1992.
Album 3
Photograph album, 1993.
Album 4
Photograph album, 1994.
Album 5
Photograph album, 1995.
Album 6
Photograph album, 1996.
Album 7
Photograph album, 1997.
Album 8
Photograph album, 1998.
Album 9
Photograph album, 1999.
Album 10
Photograph album, 2000.
Album 11
Photograph album, 2000.
Album 12
Photograph album, 2001.
Album 13
Photograph album, 2001.
Album 14
Photograph album, 2001.
Album 15
Photograph album, 2001.
Album 16
Photograph album, 2001.
Album 17
Photograph album, 2002.
Album 18
Photograph album, 2002.
Album 19
Photograph album, 2003.
Album 20
Photograph album, 2003.
Album 21
Photograph album, 2004.
Album 22
Photograph album, 2004.
Album 23
Photograph album, 2005.
Album 24
Photographic negatives, 1986-2001.
Box 47
Ideas/Cards, undated.
Box 48
Ensemble Techniques, undated.
Box 48
Icebreakers, undated.
Box 48
Emotion Cards, undated.
Box 48
Tongue Twisters, undated.
Box 48
Playwriting Activities, undated.
Box 48
Props for a session of Summer on Stage program, 2002.
Box 49

Articles and magazines, 2001-2012.
Box 41 Folder F99
Board Clippings, 2001-2002.
Box 41 Folder F100
Clippings, 2001-2002.
Box 41 Folder F101
Album of season slides, 1986-1987.
Album 25
Delicate Balance, 2002-2003.
Box 41 Folder F102
Diva, 2002-2003.
Box 41 Folder F103
The Gift of the Magi, 2002-2003.
Box 42 Folder F104
Glengarry Glen Ross, 2001-2003.
Box 42 Folder F105
Having Our Say, 2002-2003.
Box 42 Folder F106
Jacob Markey's Christmas Carol, 2001-2002.
Box 42 Folder F107
Lady Day, 2002.
Box 42 Folder F108
Our Town, 2001.
Box 42 Folder F109
Proof, 2002.
Box 42 Folder F110
Retreat From Moscow(set design), 2007.
Box 50 Folder F110A
Shirley Valentine, 2002.
Box 42 Folder F111
Stinkin Rich, 2002.
Box 42 Folder F112
Taming of the Shrew, 2003.
Box 42 Folder F113
Unidentified mounted photograph, undated.
Box 50 Folder F113A
Artists - Gallery 2005-2006, 2005-2006.
Box 42 Folder F114
Artists - Staff show, 2005.
Box 42 Folder F115
Old artist information, 2001-2004.
Box 42 Folder F116
Benefit Wine Fest Barefoot Ball Like Magic, 2001-2003.
Box 42 Folder F117
Playbills, 1998-2004.
Box 42 Folder F118
Show cards and mailings, 2002-2008.
Box 42 Folder F119
Season mailings, 1998-2006.
Box 42 Folder F120

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