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Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences records


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Overview and metadata sections

The Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences originated at a meeting in Dover, Delaware, on an unrecorded date in 1923. Originally formed as the Delaware Home Economics Association, the organization was granted a charter with the American Home Economics Association on November 30, 1923. The association was incorporated with the state of Delaware in January 1977.

The association’s name was changed to the Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (DAFCS) in 1994 to coincide with the name change adopted by the national organization in the same year. The Delaware association shares a common vision with the national organization which is to be "the comprehensive and integrative source of knowledge and the primary voice focusing on family, individual, and community well-being."

The Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences offers professional development opportunities and practical knowledge on a variety of topics, such as human growth and development, personal behavior, housing and environment, food and nutrition, apparel and textiles, and resource management. Work in these areas is done through educational programing, by influencing public policy, and through communication.

The Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, with the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and the College of Education and Public Policy (both, University of Delaware), is an annual co-sponsor of the Marion H. Steele Symposium, which features student research papers in the field.

Nesbitt, Anne.History of the Delaware Home Economics Association 1923-1973. s.l.: s.n., 1973.Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Policy & Procedures Handbook. s.l.: s.n., August 1997.Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Newsletter, March 2002.

The records of the Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, financial files, newsletters, and other material which document the functions and activities of this statewide professional organization.

Records in this collection provide a history of the Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences from its beginning in 1923, as the Delaware Home Economics Association, through present day. Documents detail the association's professional development opportunities for its members, efforts to promote the profession, and outreach in support of families and individuals in communities in Delaware.

The first series of records document the history, incorporation, and development of the organization's constitution and bylaws, as well as the occasional revisions to the bylaws in later years.

The second series of this collection consists of records which primarily focus on the organizational life of the Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. In this series are found financial records, executive board and committee files, and files which reflect the association's relationship to the national association and other organizations and agencies. There are complete files of the association's minutes of meetings, correspondence files, and fairly complete files kept by DAFCS Presidents between 1972 and 1992. Annual reports and membership rosters, budgets and other business records are found in this series.

The third series in the collection comprises material which provides a record of the numerous activities, educational programs, events and communications offered by the association. Files related to the annual Marion H. Steele Symposium are available, as well as newsletters from 1943 through 2007. The newsletters chronicle the association's legislative efforts (e.g. advocating for health care for minor or child care issues), public awareness campaigns, and educational events for members.

  1. Boxes 1-5: Shelved in SPEC MSS record center cartons

Gift of the Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2009.

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Collection Inventory

50 Year History DHEA, 1972-1973.
Box 1 Folder F1
Delaware Home Economics Association 6th Decade, 1983.
Box 1 Folder F2
Archives, 1973-1989.
Box 1 Folder F3
Historian Guidelines, 1984.
Box 1 Folder F4
Photographs, 1960.
Box 1 Folder F5
DAFCS Irma Ayers 9-8-98, 1998.
Box 1 Folder F6
Clippings, 1950-1972.
Box 1 Folder F7
Past Presidents DAFCS, 1973.
Box 1 Folder F8
Betty Lamp, 1983.
Box 1 Folder F9
Retired Teachers, 1976.
Box 1 Folder F10
Constitution and By-Laws, 1941-1968.
Box 1 Folder F11
By-Laws, 1982-1987.
Box 1 Folder F12
Incorporation, 1976-1977.
Box 1 Folder F13

Tax Exemption Status for DHEA 1973-74 under section 501©)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (form 1023 was filed by JoAnn Shaw), 1973-1974.
Box 1 Folder F1
General Corporation Law for the State of Delaware, 1974.
Box 1 Folder F2
Treasurer's Reports, Budgets, Minutes, Audits, etc., 1941-1978.
Box 1 Folder F3
Financial statements, 1967-1975.
Box 1 Folder F4
Budget Notebooks, 1983-1999.
Box 1 Folder F5
Loan Fund, 1973.
Box 1 Folder F6
Treasurer's Reports/ Budget, 1973-1979.
Box 1 Folder F7
Personal Liability Insurance, 1978-1980.
Box 1 Folder F8
IRS, 1974-1999.
Box 1 Folder F9
DAFCS financial information, 1990-2011.
Box 1 Folder F10
Correspondence, 1957-1968.
Box 1 Folder F11
Correspondence, 1970-1974.
Box 1 Folder F12
Correspondence, 1968-1970.
Box 1 Folder F13
Correspondence, 1974-1985.
Box 1 Folder F14
Correspondence, 1978-1979.
Box 1 Folder F15
Correspondence, 1979-1980.
Box 1 Folder F16
Correspondence, 1980-1981.
Box 1 Folder F17
Executive Board Rosters, 1959-1981.
Box 1 Folder F18
Parliamentary Procedure, 1976.
Box 1 Folder F19
DAFCS Policy Procedure Handbook, 2007.
Box 1 Folder F20
The Legal Handbook for Delaware Women, 1980.
Box 1 Folder F21
Bill S.2657, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, 1976.
Box 1 Folder F22
Executive Board minutes, agenda and rosters, 2009-2011.
Box 5 Folder F85
Minutes, 1923-1941.
Box 1 Folder F23
Minutes, 1941-1951.
Box 1 Folder F24
Minutes, 1949-1973.
Box 1 Folder F25
Minutes (continued), 1949-1973.
Box 1 Folder F26
DAFCS April 1974-May 1988, 1974-1988.
Box 2 Folder Notebook 1
DAFCS September 1988 - July 1996, 1988-1996.
Box 2 Folder Notebook 2
DAFCS Minutes Beginning with the Executive Board Meeting 9/5/96 - 2/5/02, 1996-2006.
Box 2 Folder Notebook 3
DAFCS Minutes Beginning with the Annual Meeting, April 16, 2002, 2002-2006.
Box 2 Folder Notebook 4
DAFCS notebook of minutes, programs, correspondence and other printed material, 2005-2010.
Box 5 Folder Notebook 5
1972-73 Wydner, 1972-1973.
Box 3 Folder F27
Records 1973-74 Pres. JoAnn Shaw, 1973-1974.
Box 3 Folder F28
Records 1974-75 Pres. Louise Little, 1974-1975.
Box 3 Folder F29
Records 1975-76 Pres. Katheryn Andrews, 1975-1976.
Box 3 Folder F30
Records 1976-77 Pres. Connie Parvis, 1976-1977.
Box 3 Folder F31
Records 1977-78 Pres. Mary Ann Finch, 1977-1978.
Box 3 Folder F32
Records 1978-79 Pres. Marie Allen, 1978-1979.
Box 3 Folder F33
Records 1979-80 Pres. Marguerite Krackhardt, 1979-1980.
Box 3 Folder F34
Records 1980-81 Pres. Katie Whiteoak, 1980-1981.
Box 3 Folder F35
Records 1981-82, 1981-1982.
Box 3 Folder F36
Records 1982-83 Karen Stein, 1982-1983.
Box 3 Folder F37
D.H.E.A. Records 1983-84 Anne W. Smith, 1983-1984.
Box 3 Folder F38
D.H.E.A. Records 1984-85 Nancy J. Tucker, 1984-1985.
Box 3 Folder F39
D.H.E.A. 1985-1986 Dr. Barbara Settles, 1985-1986.
Box 3 Folder F40
D.H.E.A. 86-87 Eva Adams, President, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F41
Programs of Work 1986-1987 DHEA and AHEA, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F42
Annual Report of Section CHAIRS, 1987.
Box 3 Folder F43
Board Members, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F44
Membership Directory, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F45
Minutes, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F46
Duties of DHEA Officers, undated.
Box 3 Folder F47
Budget - Treasurer's Reports, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F48
Communications, 1985-1987.
Box 3 Folder F49
Newsletters, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F50
Miscellaneous, 1985-1987.
Box 3 Folder F51
Governance Directory, 1986-1987.
Box 3 Folder F52
Agendas, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F53
Committee Reports, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F54
Plan of work/ budget, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F55
President's Correspondence, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F56
Plan of work/ budget, 1988-1989.
Box 3 Folder F57
Executive Board, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F58
Membership List, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F59
Minutes, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F60
Miscellaneous, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F61
Newsletters, 1987-1988.
Box 3 Folder F62
Marjorie Cann, 1988-1989.
Box 3 Folder F63
Joy Gooden Sparks, 1989-1990.
Box 3 Folder F64
Frances Mayhew, 1990-1991.
Box 3 Folder F65
Debbie Amsden, 1991-1992.
Box 3 Folder F66
60th Anniversary Handbook, 1969.
Box 3 Folder F67
DHEA Handbook - Corrected Copy, 1956-1971.
Box 3 Folder F68
Handbook for State Presidents, 1966.
Box 3 Folder F69
Eleventh Lake Placid Conference on Home Economics Workbook, 1973.
Box 3 Folder F70
The American Home Economics Association, 1985.
Box 3 Folder F71
AHEA Building Funds, 1969-1971.
Box 3 Folder F72
State Presidents' Unit, 1977-1980.
Box 4 Folder F73
White House Conference on Families COFO MEMO, 1978.
Box 4 Folder F74
Financial Problems for Small States - Communications with AHEA, 1973.
Box 4 Folder F75
The History of Home Economics, 1945.
Box 4 Folder F76
Journal of Home Economics, 1983.
Box 4 Folder F77
IFHE 1983-1984 Allie Miller Holley, 1959-1985.
Box 4 Folder F78
DHEA - 1977-1978 (Pres) DVA Board, 1977-1978.
Box 4 Folder F79
College of Home Economics - Possible Disbanding, 1972.
Box 4 Folder F80
History of Home Economics at U of D, 1972-1995.
Box 4 Folder F81
Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education, 2003.
Box 4 Folder F82
Binder of membership and financial statements, 1970-1993.
Box 5 Folder F83
Notes, receipts, membership lists and correspondence, 1985-2004.
Box 5 Folder F84

Newsletters, 1943-1972.
Box 4 Folder F1
DHEA Newsline, 1971-1980.
Box 4 Folder F2
DAFCS Newsletters, 1992-2007.
Box 4 Folder F3
Marion Steele Symposium, 1986-1990.
Box 4 Folder F4
Marion Steele Symposium, 1991.
Box 4 Folder F5
Marion Steele Symposium, 1992.
Box 4 Folder F6
Marion Steele Symposium, 1993.
Box 4 Folder F7
Marion Steele Symposium, 1994.
Box 4 Folder F8
Marion Steele Symposium, 1995.
Box 4 Folder F9
Marion Steele Symposium, 1996.
Box 4 Folder F10
Marion Steele Symposium, 1997.
Box 4 Folder F11
Marion Steele Symposium, 1998.
Box 4 Folder F12
Marion Steele Symposium, 1999.
Box 4 Folder F13
Marion Steele Symposium, 2000.
Box 4 Folder F14
Marion Steele Symposium, 2001.
Box 4 Folder F15
Marion Steele Symposium, 2002.
Box 4 Folder F16
Marion Steele Symposium, 2003.
Box 4 Folder F17
Marion Steele Symposium, 2004.
Box 4 Folder F18
Marion Steele Symposium, 2005.
Box 4 Folder F19
Marion Steele Symposium, 2006.
Box 4 Folder F20
Marion Steele Symposium, 2007.
Box 4 Folder F21
Marion Steele Symposium, 2008.
Box 4 Folder F22A
Marion Steele Symposium, 2009.
Box 4 Folder F22B
Marion Steele Symposium, 2010.
Box 4 Folder F22C
Awards, 1981-1985.
Box 4 Folder F23
Marion H. Steele Awards, 1988.
Box 4 Folder F24
1984 AHEA Leaders Achievers, 1984-1988.
Box 4 Folder F25
Record Teachers of the Year Beginning 1984, 1978-1989.
Box 4 Folder F26
Awards Committee Teacher of the Year, 1974-1981.
Box 4 Folder F27
Delaware Home Economics Student Award, 1987-1988.
Box 4 Folder F28
Student Awards 1968, 1983-1988.
Box 4 Folder F29
Awards - University of Delaware, Delaware State, 1965-1981.
Box 4 Folder F30
Exhibits - DHEA, 1976-1978.
Box 4 Folder F31
Program information, 1931-1998.
Box 4 Folder F32
Program of Work - DHEA '79-80 Annual Program Report '79-80, 1979-1980.
Box 4 Folder F33
Home Economics in Homemaking, 1966-1985.
Box 4 Folder F34
Student Section, 1978-1980.
Box 4 Folder F35

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