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"After retiring from all official duties at the university, I feel it to be my obligation to devote all my efforts, together with my former students, colleagues and friends, to build on the foundation we created, and extend our influence to a much broader world in making the change from the fossil to a solar world a reality." - Karl Wolfgang Böer, 2014

Physicist, inventor, university professor, and solar energy pioneer Karl Wolfgang Böer was born March 23, 1926, in Berlin, Germany. He became a naturalized American citizen in August 1972. Böer was educated at Humboldt University in Berlin (Diploma, Physics, 1949; Doctorate, Physics, 1952, Dr.rer.nat.habil. State Physics, 1955), where he also taught in Physics from 1950-1958. At Humboldt University, also taught in the II Physics Department and from 1958 to 1961 in his own IV Physics Department. Böer formed and directed a research team, which became a section of the II Physics Department in 1951 with eight scientists. In 1958, Humbolt University created the IV Physics Department for him, which he directed until 1961, when the group had grown to 26 scientists and 23 support personnel.

Upon completion of his doctoral degrees, and in addition to his academic position at Humboldt, Böer founded and became director of the Section of Dielectric Breakdown of the German Academy of Science in Berlin. The laboratories included facilities to grow and analyze cadmium sulfide (CdS) single crystals, optical and electrical laboratories, a magnetic laboratory (40kG/8cm-3), a high pressure facility (20kbar with optical windows), and x-ray, emission spectroscopy, and high vacuum and low temperature facilities. The shops included mechanical (for metal and wood), glass, and electronic shops.

Böer's decision to immigrate to the United States was prompted by the construction of the Berlin Wall, an event that took place while Böer was attending an international scientific conference at Cornell University. Two weeks later he received an invitation to New York University for a guest professorship at the Physics Department and began thereafter his career at the University of Delaware. Böer began his career at the University of Delaware as an associate professor of physics in 1962. In 1965 he became professor of physics; in 1971, professor of physics and engineering; and in 1993, distinguished professor of physics and solar energy.

With a vision of solar energy as a supply source for residential energy and a means to reduce American dependence on foreign oil imports, Böer anticipated issues of the energy crisis of the mid-1970s and founded the Institute of Energy Conservation (IEC) at the University of Delaware in 1972. He served as its director and chief scientist from 1972-1975. Under Böer's direction, the IEC grew from a small research and development group into an internationally renowned research facility named by the U.S. Department of Energy as one of only two Research and Educational Institutes of Excellence in the United States. IEC was an important training ground for many of the individuals who have contributed to advances in photovoltaic technology for delivery of solar energy. In the introduction to a special issue of Progress in Photovoltaics celebrating IEC's 25th anniversary in 1997, Birkmire and Hegedus credited Böer with recognizing the potential of thin film photovoltaic cells coupled in hybrid configuration with thermal collectors to also reduce the solar cell temperature and thereby its collection efficiency. This was a clean and inexpensive means to deliver solar energy. Böer obtained funding from the National Science Foundation, electric power utilities, and the University of Delaware Board of Trustees to establish the IEC. This pioneering endeavor predated the first oil embargo, as well as the establishment of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), both formed in 1977.

Research during the early years at IEC focused on increasing the conversion and delivery efficiency of copper sulfide/cadmium sulfide(Cu2S/CdS)used in thin film solar cells. In 1972, Böer and a team of experts proposed Solar One, the first solar house, to harvest solar energy in a total system approach. The proposal was developed with a team of experts, including Professor Maria Telkes, formerly of MIT, Kudrel Seluck from the University of Minnesota, several of his students and architects. The experimental house, with solar-generated heat and electricity, was built in 1973 at the University of Delaware with support from Delmarva Power and Light Company.

The Solar One House of the University of Delaware was the first systems hybrid house in the world to convert sunlight into electricity and heat through the same solar panels that are incorporated into the roof structure and not deployed on top. The heat is extracted through air-ducts and conducted into the basement where it is stored as heat of fusion in sodium sulfate decahydrate-eutectic (melting at 125o F) filled cylinders and conducting to the rooms for heating in the winter. During clear summer nights the radiation coolness from the roof panels is also conducted into another eutectic salt (melting at 60o F) bin in the basement for cooling the rooms in the summer. The center Window of the living area had a Thrombe wall as a concrete block behind the window to store heat in the winter and distribute it evenly through the adjacent living space. All heat ducts were controlled electronically by louvers from a central control panel with inputs of time, outside and room temperature. The refrigerator in the kitchen had an air-duct to the roof to vent the hot air out from behind to the roof in the summer. A separate battery storage bin was built aside of the house for load leveling of the harvested electric energy, a feature that was decades ahead of its time. The Solar One house was designed using state-of-the-art passive house features, such as super-insulation of outside walls and ceilings; all essential windows were pointing south; the south windows had a proper overhang to protect from direct summer sunshine entry. The house was immediately recognized by the world press as a pioneering breakthrough for solar energy utilization and was open to visitors with more than 100,000 in the first year. It was featured in most of the international science and technical journals and listed as historical building by the US Department of Energy.

Parallel to development of IEC, Böer was involved in creating Solar Energy Systems (SES), Inc., a private company and subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, in contract with the University of Delaware and IEC. Böer served initially as chairman of the board (1972-1981) and chief executive officer (1972-1975); he later served as chief scientist (1975-1985). The purpose of the company was to produce solar energy conversion hardware, beginning with Cu2S/CdS solar cells capable for mass fabrication. By 1985, SES, Inc. had a total of 450 employees of which were 34 research scientists, with a complete instrumented research and analysis laboratory including SIMS, SAM, several electron microscopes for transmission and surface visualization, ultra-vacuum equipment for epitaxial growth, micro-chemical laboratories for analytical and synthetic research. SES also had semi-automatic production equipment for three-shift solar panel production with an 120 sqft Vacuum chamber with pre-vacuum entry and exit chambers to permit semi-continuous vacuum deposition.

In 1975, Böer returned to a fulltime research and teaching position and began advising the University's president on long term projects. In 1993 he was named Distinguished Professor of Physics and Solar Energy. He eventually retired from the University of Delaware in 1994 as Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Physics and Solar Energy after receiving many awards for teaching and research. In 1998, the University presented Böer with its Medal of Distinction. In 2012, he received the doctor honoris causa degree from the Technical University Berlin.

Böer's expertise in solar cells, solary energy systems, solid state physics, and electronic transport in solids is internationally recognized. He holds 28 patents in solid state technology, authored over 350 articles on solid state physics and engineering, and on solar energy conversion. He is the author of seven books, His Survey of semiconductor Physiscs's first volume is treasured as the "Bible of semiconductor physics" and praised by Van Nostrand Reinhold editors as the most comprehensive book of the field ever written by a single author. With over 3,900 pages in two volumes, the third edition is titled Handbook of Semiconductor Physics, co-authored with Professor Udo Pohl, Technical University Berlin. Other books are the Handbook of Thin-Film Solar Cells, Introduction into Space Charge Effects in Semiconductors, and Field- and Current inhomogeneities in semiconductors, all from Springer Verlag, Berlin. Böer has edited or co-edited twelve additional books or conference proceedings. Böer was the founding editor of physica status solidi: the International Journal of Solid State Physics, and edited Solar News and Views in Solar Age, the Journal of Solar Energy Materials, and the editor-in-chief and founder of Advances in Solar Energy. He has received the highest honors of his profession, including election as a fellow of the American Physical Society (1965), fellow of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES, 2000), fellow of the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE, 2001), and fellow of AAAS (2012).

Throughout his career with the University of Delaware's physics and engineering departments and the IEC, Böer worked on many projects relating to the research of the defect structure of CdS single crystals and the optical and photoelectric properties. He concentrated his main interest on further investigation of high-field domains (now called Böer domains) which he discovered with his team in Berlin before emigrating to the United States. In America, he developed methods for using such domains to unambiguously measure electron density and electron mobilities as a function of high electric fields and discovering the dependence of the work function of CdS with a variation of optical excitation. His most important results were the explanation of a decade-long puzzle, why a very thin layer of CdS on top of a CdTe thin-film solar cell causes its solar conversion efficiency to increase by a factor of two from 8% to 16%. He proved that his Böer domains limit the field at the critical pn-junction of the solar cell to 60 kV/cm, i.e., well below tunneling, and therefore eliminate junction leakage.

Mainly at IEC and SES, In.c, Böer worked on many projects relating to the development and production of solar cells and solar energy conversion. These projects were funded by agencies such as the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Research Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) at DOE, the United States military, NASA, and private corporations. As evidenced in this collection, Böer maintained close contact with the emerging fields of solar energy and energy conservation by attending conferences, making public addresses, reviewing and refereeing academic publications, and serving as a consultant to industries and governments. During the 1970s, he had several government assignments on national energy panels. He was a member of the White House Office of Science and Technology Energy Assessment Panel (1972), the National Advisory Board in Solar Conservation Research (1975-1977), and a member of U.S. Senator William Roth's Delaware Energy Task Force (1974-1975). Additionally, Böer served the National Science Foundation several times, chairing the CdS Solar Cell subpanel (1973) and the Solar Heating Systems subpanel (1973).

In addition to his duties at the University of Delaware, IEC, and SES, Böer worked with various groups and organizations dedicated to the development of solar energy. Böer was an active member of the American Section of International Solar Energy Society (ISES), a professional organization that advanced the use of solar energy through the gathering and dissemination of information related to renewable energy sources. In 1976 Böer was elected to become the president of the American Section of ISES and created a professional office to incorporate it as the American Solar Energy Association (ASES). He also created its own publication office with Solar Today as its bimonthly journal and the Advances of Solar Energy as a yearly book with invited authors only. His first international solar energy conference together with the Canadian solar energy society was for the first time economically successful and published the first proceedings available to all conference participants. With Pergamon Press purchasing the surplus volumes, this created a substantial profit for ASES. After his tenure as president, Böer went on as the treasurer and director of the publication office. The society went from substantial financial problems before to a well-funded society as Böer retired from his office in 1993. ASES opened an office at the University of Delaware in 1978, and eventually became a main office for the organization's publication projects.

In 1995, Böer was named to the advisory board of WISTA, a Science and Technology Center in Berlin-Adlershof, serving as the group's U.S. Representative. Delegates from WISTA toured the United States in order to promote greater technological, educational, and industrial cooperation between the U.S. and Berlin-Adlershof.

In 1987, the University of Delaware established the Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit in Böer's honor. The Award was directed by Dr. Stanley Sandler, Chemical Engineering, (1992-1996); Dr. Gerard Mangone, Maritine Law, (1996-1999); Dr. Robert Birkmyre, Director IEC (2000-2009); Dr. George Hadjipanayis, Physics Department (2010-2013); and Dr. Michael Klein, ISE Lab (2014-present). The candidate is suggested by a letter from the nominator and supported by six letters from experts in the field. The package is then sent to a committee consisting of ten referees, including Ralf Böer, Chair; the presidents or chosen delegates of ASES, ISES, IEEE, NREL, DOE, APS, AChES, ASEE, and AMCE. The Karl W. Böer Foundation is a 501(c) foundation under the treasurer of the University of Delaware with $380,000 original donation that has increased to $1.3 million. The Award is given biannually in a two-day event starting with a dinner given by Renate Böer for the Awardee and distinguished guest on the first day, followed by the presentation of the medal by Böer and the financial part of the Award in form of a check by the University of Delaware president, and the presentation by the Awardee on his work that let to the Award. A black-tie dinner at the University president's home concludes the celebration.

Former President Jimmy Carter was the first recipient of the award in 1993, recognized for his work in focusing the word's attention on solar energy. President Carter installed solar panels on the White House and declared that global solar energy conversion is serious and deserving of broad based research, development and industry attention. Honorees of the Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit receive a bronze medal and a $60,000 stipend. Later awards were given to the following:

1995: to Dr. David Carlson, USA, who invented the first Thin-Film amorphous Silicon Solar Cell with 5% Efficiency, leading to commercial interest.

1997: to Prof Adolf Götzberger, Freiburg Germany: who demonstrated with the first Solar PV/hydrogen House a self-contained operating system with energy storage und use of hydrogen for heating and cooking as well as regenerating electric energy via fuel cells at night.

1999: to Dr. Stanford Ovshinsky, USA: for breakthrough in large scale Commercialization of his improved Amorphous Silicon solar cell with 12% efficiency and >15 year life expectancy.

2001: to Prof Allen Barnett, USA: who commercialized in large-scale production, thin-slice, material saving, single crystal silicon solar cell panels with 18% efficiency demonstrating the first price breakthrough for private consumers.

2003: to Prof. Martin Green, Australia: who sets the world Record with 23.5% solar conversion efficiency, stimulates production for application with high conversion needs (outer space) and is extremely successful educator with books and some of his students becoming the wealthiest Si-entrepreneurs in China and the next generation Si cell inventors.

2005: to Prof. Yoshihiro Hamakawa, Japan: who is the initiator and leader of the Sunshine Program that advances Japan to a leadership in PV. He also improved in his own research the copper-indium-di-arsenide solar cell in the top ranking of polycrystalline solar cells and made these competitive in the present solar cell market.

2007: to Dr. Lawrence Kazmerski, USA: who is a world authority and leader in progress analysis of every solar cell and panel for NREL certification of performance. He is the leader for selecting the government sponsorship of most promising proposals.

2009: to Dr. Herrmann Scheer, Germany: who as member of the German Bundestag was instrumental of introducing the 50 Eurocent tariff for PV-harvested electric power fed back into the Utility Grid, that permitted Germany to become the world leader with 40% electric power from solar. His initiative spread rapidly to many European countries.

2011: to Prof. Richard Swanson, USA: Stanford professor, who is the inventor of Si-single crystal solar cells with all contacts moved from the sun side to the back of the cell, improving the conversion efficiency by more than 2% and the life expectancy to a century.

2013: to Prof Zhores Alferov, Nobel Laureate, and Prof VlacheslavAndreev, Russia, who invented and further developed multi-layer poly-crystalline III/V solar cells that, on top of each other, converted additional parts of the polychromatic sunlight and herewith increased substantially the use of the solar spectrum into electric power.

With these Awardees, the Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Award has become the most prestigious award for the global solar energy community. The proposed awardees have presently a waiting list for an average of five years.

Introduction to Special Issues of Progress in Photovoltaics: The Thin Film Photovoltaic Symposium Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Institute of Energy Conversion at the University of Delaware.Editors: Robert W. Birkmire and Steven S. Hegedus. Newark, Del.: IEC, University of Delaware, 1997."Karl Böer." The Complete Marquis Who's Who. Marquis Who's Who, 2003. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: The Gale Group, 2003. "Karl Böer." Who's Who in Technology. Detroit: Gale, 1989. 6th ed. Okonowicz, Ed. "Karl W. Boer appointed to German scientific board."UpDate. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware. 8 February 1996. 1-3.Additional biographical information supplied by Dr. Böer, e-mail to the Library, November 10, 2014.


1955 Dr. rer. nat. habil. Solid State Physics 1952 Dr. rer.nat. Physics --Special education: Solid State Physics, Electronics 1949 Dipl. Phys. Physics (Summa Cum Laude) --General education: Chemistry, Physics,Mathematics --Languages: English, German (fluent), French(marginal)


1949-1961 Humbolt University, Berlin --1949-1952 Assistant --1952-1955 Oberassistant --1955-1958 Docent --1958-1961 Professor with full teaching permission --1961 Professor with professorial chair 1955-1961 German Academy of Science, Berlin --Founder & Director of Section of Dielectric Breakdown 1962-1994 University of Delaware --1962-1965 Associate Professor of Physics --1965-1971 Professor of Physics --1971-1994 Professor of Physics & Engineering --1972-1975 Founder & Director of Institute of Energy Conversion --1975-1982 Chief Scientist of the Institute of Energy Conversion --1975-1998 Advisor to the President --1995 Distinguished Professor of Physics and Solar Energy --1998 Distinguished Professor of Physics and Solar Energy, emeritus 1972- SES, INC. --1972-1975 Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer --1972-1981 Chairman of the Board --1975-1985 Chief Scientist 1955-pres Editorship Fortschritte der Physic --1955 Editor physica status solidi: International Journal of Solid State Physics --1960-1961 Founder & Editor-in-chief --1970-pres Editor (Series A) Solar News and Views in Solar Age --1978-1981 Editor Journal of Solar Energy Materials --1979- Editor Advances in Solar Energy --1991 Co-founder --1991-2003 Editor-in-chief


1961-1962 New York University 1965 Stanford University 1976-1977 Technical University, Berlin, Germany 1977 University of New South Wales, Austraila 1979 Max Planck Institute for Solid State Physics, Stuttgart (Germany) 1994-1995 Paul Drude Institute, Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin and Technical Universtiy, Berlin


American Section of the International Solar Energy Society --1969- Member --1974 Director --1976-1977 Chairman --1978 Secretary --1978-1981 Director of Publications --1978 Chair, Publications Committee --1976-1980 Chair, Physics Division --2001 Fellow American Solar Energy Society --1975 Chairman and Founder --1976-1977 Chairman Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Association --1977 Director American Physical Society --1962-1964 Member --1964-pres Fellow Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers --1972-1999 Senior Member --2000 Fellow Electro-Chemical Society --1970 Member --1976 Director in Energy Group Sigma Pi Sigma, Sigma Chi, honor societies, 1962- Delaware Academy of Science, 1962- AASS --1976 Member --1978- Representative of AS of ISES in Physics --2002- Fellow


1952 First observed dc electroluminescence in single crystals 1953 First experimental evidence of Coulomb-repulsive traps 1954 Evidence of field excitation of trapped carriers in CdS single crystals 1956 Developed a new method to analyze systems of non-linear differential equations 1959 Discovered high-field domains (field instabilities in homogenous semiconductors) 1959 First description that High-field domains are expected whenever the mobility decreases stronger than linearly with the electric field 1959 First experimental observation of Franz-Keldysh effect 1960 Developed stable ohmic contacts to CdS 1960 Proof of artificial initiation of high-field domains from a virtual (shadow-) cathode 1961 Developed electro-optical analysis to measure field inhomogeneties 1962 Proposed Bose-Einstein condensation of Excitons 1963 Introduced field-of-direction analysis to discuss solution of transport and Poisson-quations 1964 Capability to determine the entire n(F) in the field-quenched range by using a virtual cathode with different electron density by variation of the light intensity in the shadow 1965 Utilized field and current inhomogeneties producing index of refraction gradients to deflect laser beams 1966 Improved substantially the photoelectric properties of evaporated CdS via special recrystallization technique 1968 Experimental proof that CdS does turn p-type in high-field domains that are initiated by blocking contacts 1968 Introduced stationary high-field domains to determine field dependence of carrier density and mobility 1968 & 1975 Developed light induced modulation of optical absorption technique to identify transition anomalies near band edges 1969 The use of high-field domains permits the experimental measurement that the work function of blocking electrodes in CdS decreases with increasing optical excitation 1969 Proposed model for semiconductivity of glasses 1969 Identified initiation of Ovshinsky effect as electrothermal instability 1970 Constructed first electrothermal laser beam deflector 1971 Proposed a second order phase transition of semi-conducting glasses 1972 Utilized high-field domains for sensitive infrared detection 1972 Introduced quasi-Fermi level analysis to investigate heterojunctions 1972 Proposed Solar One System to harvest solar energy in a total system approach 1972 Developed an improved model of the CdS/Cu2S solar cell 1972 Improved CdS/Cu2S cell and developed method feasible for mass fabrication 1973/1974 Determined that Cd-doping inhomogeneity close to surface is responsible for CdS Class I/II behavior 1980 Developed solar cell-equation for non-ideal diodes 1981 Developed new kinetic method to measure space charges in junctions 1982 Prediction for thermodynamic reasons and measurement that Si solar cell panels cool when electric power is extracted 1986 Created a double graphite coated high work-function copper wire electrode for contacts to the Cu2S side of CdS/Cu2S solar cells to avoid copper nuclei formation at the metal/semiconductor interface 1987 Eliminated the cause of degradation of CdS-Cu2S solar cells due to copper nodule creation by a) graphite coated contacts and b) elimination of high-field spikes in the Cu2S-coated crystallite crevices, by filling these with appropriate paraphines before the epitaxial growth of the Cu2S on top of the CdS 1988 Developed a screw-less deployment that permits sliding-in of solar panels into preset roof structures 1994 Inverse delta-doping to improve the open circuit voltage of photo-diodes 1995 Use of delta-function doping to understand recombination-induced changes in Voc and FF of solar cells 2003 Karl Böer papers, the permanent archive of personal career and work at the Institute of Energy Confersion, opened for research at the University of Delaware Library 2008 Prooved that the high-field domain in a 150Å thick layer of CdS on top of the CdTe causes the solar conversion efficiency of CdTe solar cells to increase from 8% to 16% 2009 A review of the high degree of utilization of the high-field domain in many fields of semiconductor physics, as discovered in 1958 by Böer and his team, was the reason to rename the effect as the Böer -domain 2013 45-Year experimental proof is obtained that a CdS/Cu2S solar cell that is kept during its entire life from its fabrication in 1968 in open air, is still operating an electric motor, on which it is mounted, when illuminated with sunlight. (All previous theories suggest that such cells degrade within three years because of photoelectric degradation in humid air) 2014 Model of the Solar One house to be displayed at the entrance hall of the Institute of Energy Conversion, that is surrounded at the wall behind with panels that explains the functionalities of the house, and adjacent, on the wall an operational CdS/Cu2S cell exposed to open air, that starts to rotate when the light above the cell is switched on 2015 Karl W. Böer Laboratory for Electrical Battery Solar Energy Storage In addition, numerous papers were published with contributions to better understanding of the photoconductivity and defect structure of CdS, of the dielectric breakdown, the electronic noise, photochemical reactions, di-electric after-effects, the influence of atmospheric ambients on photoconductance (all in CdS), photovoltaics (specifically CdS/Cu2S cells), solar energy conversion, the semiconductivity of glasses, blocking and the ohmic contacts, TSC analysis, reaction kinetics in photoconductors, and to the terrestrial utilization of solar energy.

The Karl Wolfgang Böer papers, 1945-2003, document the life work and professional career of this German-American physicist, inventor, university professor, and solar energy pioneer. Böer's work in solid state technology, understanding the photoconductivity and structure of cadmium sulfide, and photovoltaics are seminal to twentieth-century advances in solar energy conversion and the modern energy conservation movements. Dr. Böer's papers are integrally related to his career at the University of Delaware, where he has been since 1961. The collection reflects a relationship with the institution that allowed Böer to fulfill his academic role and conduct scientific research, while also allowing him every opportunity to build research laboratories and pursue entrepreneurial initiatives applying advances in technologies resulting from his research.

The Karl Böer papers include technical data and laboratory notes related to the science of his work, but they also document to a large extent the process of research in the latter half of the twentieth century. Böer's management style of team research is reflected in many cases, from his early establishment of a laboratory system at the Section of Dielectric Breakdown at the German Academy of Science in the late 1950s, to the founding of the Institute for Energy Conversion and the venture with SES, Inc. Critical funding support for such initiatives came from government and industry, who saw the benefits of partnerships with universities to take scientific proposals through the stages of proof and laboratory experiments to commercially viable manufacturing. The boon for such development during the energy-conscious decade of the 1970s coincided with a government program called Research Applied to National Needs (RANN).

Other aspects of twentieth-century scientific research are demonstrated in Böer's papers as well. The international network of scholars and scientists is shown through Böer's activities in professional organizations and contributions to conferences. The role of publishing is well-documented through Böer's editorial work with journals and conference proceedings, as well as his authorship of more than 300 scientific papers and articles. The research laboratory system and sources of funding are represented through Böer's grant and contract files, research reports, and his extensive library of technical reports.

The Karl Wolfgang Böer papers span the dates 1945-2003, and comprise 148 linear feet. The collection includes all manner of documents and materials related to teaching, research, and professional activities: brochures, charts, computer disks, conference programs, correspondence, drawings, financial documents, general office files, manuscripts, news clippings, notebooks, pamphlets, patents, photographs and slide transparencies, posters, programs, published journals and publications, specifications, teaching materials, tests, theses and dissertations, travel documents, and sample CdS solar cell modules.

The collection is organized in seven series: I. Academic and Professional Activities, II. Institute of Energy Conversion, III. Grants and Contracts, IV. American Section of International Solar Energy Society, V. Professional Writings, VI. Solar Energy Systems, Inc., and VII. Publications. Detailed scope and content notes for each series precede corresponding container lists in the finding aid.

The Karl Wolfgang Böer papers were acquired in multiple accessions between 1992-2003, beginning with a transfer of boxes when Dr. Böer moved from a campus office shortly before retiring from teaching. Other accessions arrived from storage at the IEC, another campus office, and Böer's home office and storage areas. The collection was organized into seven series, attempting to reconstruct original file sequences when they could be determined. Because of the multiple accessions over a decade, and because of overlapping activities, as well as changing administrative and secretarial support over forty years, there are certain gaps, redundancies, and unavoidable co-location of many subjects in the papers. For example, information related to IEC is found in the subject files of Series I. UD Aministrative Files, as well as an extensive series of its own (Series II.), as well as Series VI. SES, Inc., which had a contractual relationship with IEC. The researcher is advised to carefully explore the finding aid for relevant sources and cross references.

Boxes 1-147: Shelved in ANNEX MSS record center cartons

Gift of Karl W. Böer; multiple accessions, 1992 - 2003

Processing of the Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers was supported by a grant from the Friends of the Center for the History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics.

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Six subseries representing areas of activities, each following original filing sequences. Folder numbering begins anew with each subseries.

Scope and Contents

The twenty linear feet of Series I comprises materials related to Böer's academic career from the time he was employed at Humboldt University in Berlin (1950-1961) and then at the University of Delaware (1962-1994). Also included are materials related to Böer's professional activities with the German scientific group WISTA (1994- 2000). The materials in this series document Böer's activities both inside and outside of the University and are arranged in six sub-series: Administrative and Subject Files, Professional Activities, Teaching, Theses and Dissertations, Humboldt University, and WISTA.

Böer began his career at the University of Delaware as an associate professor of physics in 1962. In 1965 he became professor of physics and in 1971 professor of physics and engineering. Böer founded the Institute of Energy Conservation (IEC) at the University of Delaware and served as director from 1972-1975. Under Böer's direction the IEC grew from a small research and development group into a major research facility with 45 fulltime employees and a budget of over one-million dollars. In 1975 Böer returned to a fulltime research and teaching position and began advising the University's president on longterm projects. The University of Delaware established the Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit in Böer's honor in 1987. In 1993 the University named Böer Distinguished Professor of Physics and Solar Energy. In addition to his university and publishing activities, Böer maintained close contacts with the emerging fields of solar energy and energy conservation by attending conferences, making public addresses, reviewing and refereeing academic publications, and serving as a consultant to industries and governments. Some records related to these activities are interfiled in Series I., though more thorough documentation in each area is found in other series in the collection.

Physical Description

20 linear feet (Boxes 1-20)

Scope and Contents

Sub-divided by subject files and correspondence covering a wide range of activities conducted while Böer held academic positions at the University of Delaware and received administrative support from department secretaries and staff.

Scope and Contents

Arranged alphabetically and contain materials related to Böer's coursework, research, and professional career. A small group of photographs in this section includes portraits of Böer as well as images of the solar installations at his home in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Abstracts (submitted).
Box 1 Folder F1
Academic Activities.
Box 1 Folder F2
Activity Report 1985 to President Trabant.
Box 1 Folder F3
Alte Vorlesungen Festkorperphysik.
Box 1 Folder F4
Bartol Research Institute—Mailing List.
Box 1 Folder F5
Berlin—Fall, 1964.
Box 1 Folder F6
Berlin—February, 1966.
Box 1 Folder F7
Bibliography of Scholarly Publications.
Box 1 Folder F8
Böer Supplies, July, 1985-June, 1986.
Box 1 Folder F9
Böer Support—General Information.
Box 1 Folder F10
Building Plans—Layouts, etc. (OSZ).
Box 1 Folder F11
Classroom Modifications.
Box 1 Folder F12
Cold Fusion—Hora, Böer.
Box 1 Folder F13
College of Engineering—Brochure.
Box 1 Folder F14
College of Engineering—Correspondence.
Box 1 Folder F15
College of Engineering—Course Evaluation Survey, Fall 1986 (87a).
Box 1 Folder F16
College of Engineering—Dean's Office.
Box 1 Folder F17
College of Engineering—Faculty Resume Book, 1990-1991.
Box 1 Folder F18
College of Engineering—Referrals to Dean's Office.
Box 1 Folder F19
Company Picnic.
Box 1 Folder F20
Computer Programs—Spectral, Funplot, SOLAR—Instruction Manual.
Box 1 Folder F21
Department of Physics and Astronomy—Annual Report, 1990-1991.
Box 1 Folder F22
Department of Physics and Astronomy—Colloquium/Seminar Mailing Lists.
Box 1 Folder F23
Display at Colburn Lab.
Box 1 Folder F24
Displays at IEC (photograph).
Box 1 Folder F25
Display at Student Center.
Box 1 Folder F26
Energy Committee.
Box 1 Folder F27
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
Box 1 Folder F28
Energy, Miscellaneous.
Box 1 Folder F29
Expenses and Reimbursements (KWB), 1977-1978.
Box 1 Folder F30
Faculty Activities, List of Publications.
Box 1 Folder F31
Box 1 Folder F32
Fume Hood—Drawings and Correspondence, 1967 (OSZ).
Box 1 Folder F33
German Partnership: U Delaware & Tech University of Berlin.
Box 1 Folder F34
Germany—August, 1966.
Box 1 Folder F35
Global Warming and Climate Change (part 1).
Box 1 Folder F36
Global Warming and Climate Change (part 2).
Box 1 Folder F37
Box 1 Folder F38
IEEE Fellowship Application.
Box 1 Folder F39
Institute of Energy Conservation, University of Delaware.
Box 1 Folder F40
International Exchange.
Box 1 Folder F41
Jones, President Russell C. — meeting notes.
Box 1 Folder F42
Karl W. Böer Physics Fund.
Box 1 Folder F43
KWB Bonding.
Box 1 Folder F44
KWB Class—Solar Energy Conversion, 1976.
Box 1 Folder F45
KWB Class, 1980.
Box 1 Folder F46
KWB Class, 1982.
Box 1 Folder F47
KWB Management.
Box 1 Folder F48
KWB Project and Activities Reports.
Box 1 Folder F49
(part 1).
Box 1 Folder F50
(part 2).
Box 1 Folder F51
(part 3).
Box 1 Folder F52
KWB Reviews: proposals and manuscripts.
Box 1 Folder F53
Kyoto—Greenhouse Effect—Frederick Seitz Petition.
Box 2 Folder F54
Applications: Literature.
Box 2 Folder F55
Box 2 Folder F56
Box 2 Folder F57
Outside Evaluations.
Box 2 Folder F58
Patent Issued.
Box 2 Folder F59
Patent Literature.
Box 2 Folder F60
Theory of Deflector.
Box 2 Folder F61
Licensing Fees to Böer.
Box 2 Folder F62
Literature Colloquium, 1967–1968.
Box 2 Folder F63
Literature Colloquium—Memo, February 1967.
Box 2 Folder F64
"Advanced material Science and Engineering Initiative at UD".
Box 2 Folder F65
Concerns & Proposals.
Box 2 Folder F66
Correspondence, Böer and Paulaitis.
Box 2 Folder F67
Formation, Proposal.
Box 2 Folder F68
Graduate Student Information.
Box 2 Folder F69
Meeting Overviews.
Box 2 Folder F70
Poll on Methods and Equipment.
Box 2 Folder F71
Report, 1989.
Box 2 Folder F72
"Summary: Materials Science and Engineering for the 1990s".
Box 2 Folder F73
Visits—Fleury, Itinerary & article, 17 Oct. 1989.
Box 2 Folder F74
Visits—Kuech, Itinerary.
Box 2 Folder F75
Box 2 Folder F76
Visits—Tierrell, Itinerary & Information, UD Brochure.
Box 2 Folder F77
Material Science Program—Course Offerings.
Box 2 Folder F78
Medal of Distinction, 1998—Invitation.
Box 2 Folder F79
NSF Program—Pilot Line Schedule.
Box 2 Folder F80
NYU, 1961-1962.
Box 2 Folder F81
Ohmic Contacts to Semiconductors--References.
Box 2 Folder F82
Patent Disclosures.
Box 2 Folder F83
Patent Proposals.
Box 2 Folder F84
Patentability—Filter w/ Controlled Transmission, 1963-1964.
Box 2 Folder F85
Patents, Europe.
Box 2 Folder F86
Collector Grid.
Box 2 Folder F87
Heat Exchange Apparatus.
Box 2 Folder F88
Box 2 Folder F89
Box 2 Folder F90
Personal Research.
Box 2 Folder F91
Photographs 1.
Box 2 Folder F92
Photographs 2.
Box 2 Folder F93
Physics Manpower Crisis.
Box 2 Folder F94
Physik. Gesellschaft—Berlin.
Box 2 Folder F95
Fall 1979.
Box 2 Folder F96
Box 2 Folder F97
1993 – 1994.
Box 2 Folder F98
Science Information Exchange.
Box 3 Folder F99
Box 3 Folder F100
Box 3 Folder F101
Box 3 Folder F102
Box 3 Folder F103
At Industry (Non-Consulting).
Box 3 Folder F104
At University and Government, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965.
Box 3 Folder F105
At University and Government, 1966-1971.
Box 3 Folder F106
Solid State, 1966-1967.
Box 3 Folder F107
SERI – Advisory Board.
Box 3 Folder F108
Solar Energy Award.
Box 3 Folder F109
Solar Energy Award: President Jimmy Carter, 1993.
Box 3 Folder F110
Speeches, 1981.
Box 3 Folder F111
Stanford, 1965.
Box 3 Folder F112
Talks Given at University of Delaware.
Box 3 Folder F113
Thermodynamics Lecture By Hill (Vertretung).
Box 3 Folder F114
Time Study Estimates and Teaching Activities Forms.
Box 3 Folder F115
Trabant, Arthur (UD President).
Box 3 Folder F116
Unidentified Notes (KWB).
Box 3 Folder F117
Box 3 Folder F118
United Nations.
Box 3 Folder F119
University Correspondence.
Box 3 Folder F120
Box 3 Folder F121
University of Delaware—Research Foundation, 1972–1973.
Box 3 Folder F122
Ultrathin Superlattices—Correspondence and Presentation Material.
Box 3 Folder F123
Vacuum Tempering (Photoletic)—Hanschm, Tuchan, Weber.
Box 3 Folder F124
Winterim, 1971.
Box 3 Folder F125
X-Ray Damage Frankfort Arsenal.
Box 3 Folder F126
Scope and Contents

Comprises incoming and outgoing correspondence, including three independent, untitled sections, organized alphabetically as found in original file sequences.

Communications, 1985-1987.
Box 3 Folder F127
Correspondence—Committee on Energy R&D Goals, 1972.
Box 3 Folder F128
Correspondence to and from KWB.
Box 3 Folder F129
Correspondence with German Colleagues.
Box 3 Folder F130
Dean Byron Pipes.
Box 3 Folder F131
Distinguished Professor Recommendations.
Box 3 Folder F132
Döhler, Guenter.
Box 3 Folder F133
Gast, Shiela—Summer, 1965.
Box 3 Folder F134
General University Correspondence.
Box 3 Folder F135
Box 3 Folder F136
Box 3 Folder F137
Box 3 Folder F138
Box 3 Folder F139
Box 3 Folder F140
Box 3 Folder F141
Box 3 Folder F142
Box 3 Folder F143
Box 3 Folder F144
Box 3 Folder F145
Box 3 Folder F146
Box 3 Folder F147
Box 3 Folder F148
Box 4 Folder F149
Box 4 Folder F150
Box 4 Folder F151
Box 4 Folder F152
Box 4 Folder F153
Box 4 Folder F154
Box 4 Folder F155
Box 4 Folder F156
Box 4 Folder F157
Box 4 Folder F158
Box 4 Folder F159
Box 4 Folder F160
Box 4 Folder F161
Box 4 Folder F162
Box 4 Folder F163
Box 4 Folder F164
Box 4 Folder F165
Box 4 Folder F166
J, K.
Box 4 Folder F167
Box 4 Folder F168
Box 4 Folder F169
Box 4 Folder F170
O, P.
Box 4 Folder F171
Box 4 Folder F172
Box 4 Folder F173
Box 4 Folder F174
Box 4 Folder F175
U, V.
Box 4 Folder F176
Box 4 Folder F177
X, Y, Z.
Box 4 Folder F178
Box 4 Folder F179
Inter-office Memos—(Incoming and Outgoing), 1971–1985.
Box 4 Folder F180
Box 4 Folder F181
1984–1990 (part 1).
Box 4 Folder F182
1984–1990 (part 2).
Box 4 Folder F183
Personal, 1960-1963.
Box 4 Folder F184
Physica Status Solidi.
Box 4 Folder F185
Box 4 Folder F186
Solar Energy Conversion Conference, 1971.
Box 4 Folder F187
Thank You notes to KWB.
Box 4 Folder F188
Van Der Berg, 1965.
Box 4 Folder F189
Williams, Ferd.
Box 4 Folder F190
Scope and Contents

Represents the largest portion of this series and is organized in seven sub-divisions of materials documenting Böer's professional activities:

Scope and Contents

Primarily comprises reader reports, recommendations, and reviews of journal contributions and some manuscript copies of articles and reports. Böer's long association with physica status solidi, which he founded and edited, is evident in more than two decades of correspondence and referee material. Extensive material related to his editorship of Advances in Solar Energy is also included.

Box 5 Folder F1
Box 5 Folder F2
Vol. IX.
Box 5 Folder F3
Vol. X. Correspondence.
Box 5 Folder F4
Vol. XI. Misc.
Box 5 Folder F5
Vol. XI, Correspondence.
Box 5 Folder F6
Vol. XII.
Box 5 Folder F7
Vol. XII, Correspondence.
Box 5 Folder F8
Vol. XIII, Correspondence.
Box 5 Folder F9
Sales Information.
Box 5 Folder F10
Winn, Byron--Correspondence.
Box 5 Folder F11
Wood, Dorris—Invoices, 1995 & 1996.
Box 5 Folder F12
Analytic Chemistry.
Box 5 Folder F13
Applied Physics Letters.
Box 5 Folder F14
B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft.
Box 5 Folder F15
IEC—General Description, 1975.
Box 5 Folder F16
International Biographical Centre.
Box 5 Folder F17
(part 1).
Box 5 Folder F18
(part 2).
Box 5 Folder F19
January 1973.
Box 5 Folder F20
References, Etc.
Box 5 Folder F21
Journal of Applied Solid State Physics.
Box 5 Folder F22
Journal of Physical Chemistry.
Box 5 Folder F23
Journal on the Materials Science of SEC.
Box 5 Folder F24
Journal Reviews.
Box 5 Folder F25
Marcel Dekker, Inc.
Box 5 Folder F26
Miscellaneous Journals.
Box 5 Folder F27
National Research Council Proposals—Refereeing.
Box 5 Folder F28
National Science Foundation.
Box 5 Folder F29
National Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center.
Box 5 Folder F30
Personal Requests for Referee.
Box 5 Folder F31
Box 5 Folder F32
Box 5 Folder F33
Box 5 Folder F34
Box 5 Folder F35
Box 5 Folder F36
Box 5 Folder F37
Box 5 Folder F38
Box 5 Folder F39
Box 5 Folder F40
Change of Ownership, 1996.
Box 6 Folder F41
Contents, Web Page, 7/22/96.
Box 6 Folder F42
Referee Survey.
Box 6 Folder F43
Statistical Information.
Box 6 Folder F44
Plenum Publishing Corporation.
Box 6 Folder F45
Box 6 Folder F46
Solar Age.
Box 6 Folder F47
Solar Energy.
Box 6 Folder F48
Solar Energy (Referee)—ISES.
Box 6 Folder F49
Solar Energy Handbook.
Box 6 Folder F50
Solar Energy Information Services.
Box 6 Folder F51
Solar Energy—Referee.
Box 6 Folder F52
Solid-State Electronics.
Box 6 Folder F53
Stock Market Magazine.
Box 6 Folder F54
Box 6 Folder F55
The Physical Review.
Box 6 Folder F56
Thesis Evaluations and Proposals.
Box 6 Folder F57
U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation.
Box 6 Folder F58
American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Box 6 Folder F59
American Astronautical Society.
Box 6 Folder F60
American Chemical Society.
Box 6 Folder F61
American Institute of Physics.
Box 6 Folder F62
American Men and Women of Science.
Box 6 Folder F63
American Physical Society.
Box 6 Folder F64
Box 6 Folder F65
Box 6 Folder F66
Box 6 Folder F67
Box 6 Folder F68
Chesapeake Physics Association.
Box 6 Folder F69
Costed CLRI Campus.
Box 6 Folder F70
Delaware Academy of Science.
Box 6 Folder F71
Electrochemical Society, Inc.
Box 6 Folder F72
Energy Technology Group.
Box 6 Folder F73
Box 6 Folder F74
Box 6 Folder F75
International Association for Impact Assessment.
Box 6 Folder F76
International Research and Exchanges Board.
Box 6 Folder F77
Box 6 Folder F78
Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Association.
Box 6 Folder F79
NACREC, part 1.
Box 6 Folder F80
NACREC, part 2.
Box 6 Folder F81
NACREC, part 3.
Box 6 Folder F82
Scope and Contents

Contains materials documenting Böer's participation with the American Institute of Physics, the National Science Foundation, and other organizations. Also included are notes on the meetings and operations of various organizations, and newsletters from regional groups such as the Chesapeake Physics Association or the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Association.

National Energy Advisory Council (NEAC, formerly NACREC).
Box 7 Folder F83
National Science Foundation.
Box 7 Folder F84
New Jersey Public Interest Research Group.
Box 7 Folder F85
Box 7 Folder F86
Box 7 Folder F87
Sigma Xi Society.
Box 7 Folder F88
Society for Information and Documentation—Washington, DC.
Box 7 Folder F89
Box 7 Folder F90
Scope and Contents

Comprises reports, correspondence, invoices, and other materials related to Böer's work as a consultant with scientific companies and organizations, from Dow Corning to NASA.

Brandt, Ivan L.
Box 7 Folder F91
Dr. Harmuth.
Box 7 Folder F92
Dr. Schlicke.
Box 7 Folder F93
Future Employees.
Box 7 Folder F94
Image Converter.
Box 7 Folder F95
Box 7 Folder F96
Legal Papers.
Box 7 Folder F97
Box 7 Folder F98
American Electric Manufacturing Co.
Box 7 Folder F99
Army, Aberdeen.
Box 7 Folder F100
Askania, Germany—Photographs.
Box 7 Folder F101
Dow Corning.
Box 7 Folder F102
Colloquium Discussion.
Box 7 Folder F103
Box 7 Folder F104
Fagen Research Proposal and KWB comments, 1968.
Box 7 Folder F105
Box 7 Folder F106
In-house Publications on "Ovshinsky Effect".
Box 7 Folder F107
Kroll and Döhler—Theory of Field Instabilities and Corrections.
Box 7 Folder F108
KWB Estimates of Potential Distribution in Non Planar Geometry.
Box 7 Folder F109
KWB Estimates of Semi-conducting Glass #1.
Box 7 Folder F110
KWB Measurements (LAB).
Box 7 Folder F111
KWB Technical Photos and Measurement.
Box 7 Folder F112
KWB—Switching—Charts, Figures, Notes.
Box 7 Folder F113
KWB—"Feld und Strominogenitäten bei elekrishen Belastrungen"—ECD translation, 1961.
Box 7 Folder F114
Measurements by Others.
Box 7 Folder F115
"OPEN" file.
Box 7 Folder F116
Ovshinsky—"Analog Models for Information Storage and Transmission".
Box 8 Folder F117
Ovshinsky—First paper on 'Ovshinsky Effect' with KWB notes and corrections.
Box 8 Folder F118
Ovshinsky Honorary Degree.
Box 8 Folder F119
Ovshinsky Patent.
Box 8 Folder F120
Proposed Theories of Others.
Box 8 Folder F121
Related Charts, Figures.
Box 8 Folder F122
Reports, 1969-1970.
Box 8 Folder F123
SEAS Symposium Prepublication Notes.
Box 8 Folder F124
Box 8 Folder F125
Walsh, Evans Reports.
Box 8 Folder F126
General Instruments.
Box 8 Folder F127
[Control] Light [Module].
Box 8 Folder F128
Dr. Emmerich.
Box 8 Folder F129
Drs. Grafstein & Ellis.
Box 8 Folder F130
Invoices, etc.
Box 8 Folder F131
IR Image Converter.
Box 8 Folder F132
Optical Filters.
Box 8 Folder F133
Proposal: Night Vision Lab.
Box 8 Folder F134
Box 8 Folder F135
Harshaw Chemical Co.
Box 8 Folder F136
Hong Kong Exhibition.
Box 8 Folder F137
Box 8 Folder F138
Jet Propulsion Laboratories.
Box 8 Folder F139
Meenan Oil.
Box 8 Folder F140
Miller, Robert.
Box 8 Folder F141
Misc. Consulting.
Box 8 Folder F142
Misc. Income.
Box 8 Folder F143
Box 8 Folder F144
Box 8 Folder F145
NASA, Langley.
Box 8 Folder F146
Box 8 Folder F147
Pioneer Invoices, etc.
Box 8 Folder F148
Box 9 Folder F149
Box 9 Folder F150
Sigma Instruments.
Box 9 Folder F151
Box 9 Folder F152
Solar Energy Materials Board.
Box 9 Folder F153
Box 9 Folder F154
Teubner Velagsgesellshaft.
Box 9 Folder F155
Box 9 Folder F156
Walsh, Peter.
Box 9 Folder F157
Scope and Contents

Contains materials that document the arrangements, activities, planning, and proceedings of solar energy and scientific conferences around the world. This section may duplicate some of the other travel files found in other series throughout the collection. Published proceedings from many of these conferences may be found in Series VII.C. Publications.

1st German Solar Energy Forum—Hamburg, 1977.
Box 9 Folder F158
1st International New Materials Conference—Osaka, Japan, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F159
2nd Arab International Solar Energy Conference—Bahrain, February, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F160
2nd International Conference on the Photochemical Conversion, Cambridge, UK, 1978.
Box 9 Folder F161
3rd International Conference on Photoconductivity—Palo Alto, CA, August, 1969.
Box 9 Folder F162
3rd International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices—Madras, India, 1985.
Box 9 Folder F163
4th International Conference on Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors—Ann Arbor, Michigan, August, 1971.
Box 9 Folder F164
4th International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices—Madras, India, 1987.
Box 9 Folder F165
5th International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices—India, 1989.
Box 9 Folder F166
5th EC Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference—Athens, October, 1983.
Box 9 Folder F167
7th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference—Seville, Spain, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F168
7th ISES International Solar Energy Congress—Hamburg, July, 1978.
Box 9 Folder F169
7th Photovoltaic Advanced Research & Development—Denver, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F170
9th International Conference—Physics of Semiconductors.
Box 9 Folder F171
9th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference—Silver Spring, Maryland, May, 1972.
Box 9 Folder F172
10th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors—Cambridge, Massachusetts, August, 1970.
Box 9 Folder F173
12th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, November, 1976.
Box 9 Folder F174
13th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, June, 1978.
Box 9 Folder F175
18th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, October, 1985.
Box 9 Folder F176
19th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, New Orleans, May, 1987.
Box 9 Folder F177
20th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors—Thessaloniki, Greece, 1990.
Box 9 Folder F178
25th Power Sources Symposium—Atlantic City, NJ, May, 1972.
Box 9 Folder F179
Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on Energy in Human Settlements—Bangalore, India, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F180
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, December, 1973.
Box 9 Folder F181
AS of ISES Annual Meeting—Cleveland, October, 1973.
Box 9 Folder F182
AS of ISES Conference, May, 1981.
Box 9 Folder F183
AS of ISES—Silver Jubilee, 1980.
Box 9 Folder F184
ASES Board Meeting—Raleigh, NC, October, 1985.
Box 9 Folder F185
Bangalore, India, June, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F186
Board Meeting at ASES—Denver, CO, January, 1986.
Box 9 Folder F187
Bogota, Colombia, February, 1979.
Box 9 Folder F188
Call for Papers.
Box 9 Folder F189
Conference on Energy—Cambridge, MA, February, 1973.
Box 9 Folder F190
Conference on Magnitude and Deployment Schedule of Energy Resources—Portland, OR, 1975.
Box 9 Folder F191
Conference on the Physics of Solar Energy—Libya, 1976.
Box 9 Folder F192
Conference on Space Charge Effects—SUNY, Long Island, November, 1976.
Box 9 Folder F193
Box 9 Folder F194
Box 9 Folder F195
Box 9 Folder F196
Box 9 Folder F197
Box 9 Folder F198
Box 9 Folder F199
Dekker Meeting, November 1985.
Box 9 Folder F200
Delaware Society of Professional Engineers—Past.
Box 9 Folder F201
Durham, England—II-VI Compounds, 1982.
Box 9 Folder F202
Einstein Week.
Box 9 Folder F203
Electrochemical Society—Symposium on Ohmic Contacts—Montréal, October, 1968.
Box 9 Folder F204
ERDA/NASA Workshop—Terrestrial Photoconductivity Measurement Procedures—Baton Rouge, LA, 1976.
Box 9 Folder F205
Box 10 Folder F206
June, 1978.
Box 10 Folder F207
June, 1980.
Box 10 Folder F208
New Hampshire, 1982.
Box 10 Folder F209
IEC—Sun Day, May, 1978.
Box 10 Folder F210
IED Council Science and Technology, Solar Energy Panel—Past.
Box 10 Folder F211
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
Box 10 Folder F212
Institute of Gas Technology.
Box 10 Folder F213
International Conference II-IV Competition—Providence, Rhode Island, September 1967.
Box 10 Folder F214
International Conference of Commercialization of Solar Energy Conversion—Miami, 1978.
Box 10 Folder F215
International Conference on Luminescence—New York, October, 1961.
Box 10 Folder F216
International Conference on Luminescence—Budapest, Summer, 1966.
Box 10 Folder F217
International Conference on Luminescence—Newark, DE, August, 1969.
Box 10 Folder F218
International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors—Paris, July, 1964.
Box 10 Folder F219
International Conference on the Photoconductivity—Cornell, 1961.
Box 10 Folder F220
International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources—Madrid, 1986.
Box 10 Folder F221
International Solar Energy Conference—Paris, July, 1973.
Box 10 Folder F222
International Solar Energy Society Conference—NASA Goddard, 1971.
Box 10 Folder F223
International Solar Energy Society Conference—Gainesville, Florida, April, 1972.
Box 10 Folder F224
International Solar Energy Society—New Delhi, India, 1978.
Box 10 Folder F225
International Symposium on Semiconductor Devices—Paris, 1961.
Box 10 Folder F226
International Symposium—Workshop on Renewable Energy Sources—Lahore, Pakistan, March, 1983.
Box 10 Folder F227
International Symposium—Workshop on Silicon Technology—Islamabad, Pakistan, 1987.
Box 10 Folder F228
International Workshop on Physics of Solar Energy—New Delhi, India, 1986.
Box 10 Folder F229
Internationales Sonnenforum—Berlin, October, 1982.
Box 10 Folder F230
Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference—Boston, 1971.
Box 10 Folder F231
Invited Speaker—Past.
Box 10 Folder F232
Invited Speaker—AICHE, Wilmington Area, "Solar Energy Conversion,", 1971.
Box 10 Folder F233
ISES Board Meeting—Portland, Oregon, September, 1981.
Box 10 Folder F234
ISES Atlanta, 1979.
Box 10 Folder F235
ISES Los Angeles, 1975.
Box 10 Folder F236
ISES Montreal, 1985.
Box 10 Folder F237
Johns Hopkins University—Applied Physics Laboratory.
Box 10 Folder F238
Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference—Delaware, October, 1971 (1).
Box 10 Folder F239
Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference—Delaware, October, 1971 (2).
Box 10 Folder F240
Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference—Delaware, October, 1971 (3).
Box 10 Folder F241
Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference Report—Delaware, October, 1971.
Box 10 Folder F242
Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference—Delaware, July, 1971.
Box 10 Folder F243
Large Scale Solar Energy Conferences, 1971—Misc.
Box 11 Folder F244
Madras Workshop, 1985.
Box 11 Folder F245
New York, December, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F246
NSF P/V Workshop.
Box 11 Folder F247
NSF Solar HUAC Seminar—University of Maryland, March, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F248
NSF/RANN Symposium, November, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F249
Box 11 Folder F250
Planning Notes.
Box 11 Folder F251
Box 11 Folder F252
Box 11 Folder F253
Osaka, Japan, October, 1986.
Box 11 Folder F254
Photovoltaic Conference—Berlin, 1979.
Box 11 Folder F255
Photovoltaic Conference—Cannes, October, 1980.
Box 11 Folder F256
Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference—Luxembourg, 1977.
Box 11 Folder F257
Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference—Athens, Greece, October 17-22, 1983.
Box 11 Folder F258
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference—Past—Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Box 11 Folder F259
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference—Past—San Francisco.
Box 11 Folder F260
Physics Society in Bavaria, 1960.
Box 11 Folder F261
Reaktionskinetik von Elektronenprozessen—Berlin, 1960.
Box 11 Folder F262
Semi-Annual National Solar Photovoltaic Program—Los Angeles, 1975.
Box 11 Folder F263
SERI Review Meeting, 1979.
Box 11 Folder F264
SERI, May, 1986.
Box 11 Folder F265
SERI—Negotiations for Continuation of Support and Annual Presentation on Status of Research, November, 1985.
Box 11 Folder F266
Solar Energy Panel Revisited—Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 1982.
Box 11 Folder F267
Solar Energy Research Conference—University of Pennsylvania, March, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F268
"Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings" Workshop—University of Maryland, March, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F269
Solar Power Conference, 8 June 1977.
Box 11 Folder F270
Scope and Contents


Solar Seminar, 1972.
Box 11 Folder F271
Spain, October, 1986.
Box 11 Folder F272
Speaking Engagements—Various, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F273
Statistical Thermodynamics and Semiconductors—Gregynoc, Wales, 1987.
Box 11 Folder F274
Symposium on Instabilities in Semiconductors—Yorktown Heights, NY, March, 1969.
Box 11 Folder F275
Symposium on Semiconductor Effects in Amorphous Solids—New York.
Box 11 Folder F276
UNESCO—Solar Conference—Paris, 1973.
Box 11 Folder F277
UNITAR—U Delaware Conference on Platforms / Offshore Areas—Newark, 1978.
Box 11 Folder F278
University of Delaware Energy Conference—Newark, 1975.
Box 11 Folder F279
Scope and Contents

Comprises a variety of materials documenting Böer's professional activities, including international trips he made for research and lectures, through travel documents and itineraries, and correspondence. Also included are materials related to Böer's activities during sabbatical leaves from the University.

Activities, 1974 – 1975.
Box 11 Folder F280
Activities, 1976.
Box 11 Folder F281
Activities, 1977.
Box 11 Folder F282
Activities, 1978.
Box 11 Folder F283
Activities, United Nations, 1978.
Box 11 Folder F284
Activities, 1979.
Box 12 Folder F285
Activities, 1980.
Box 12 Folder F286
Activities, 1981.
Box 12 Folder F287
Activities, 1982.
Box 12 Folder F288
Activities, 1983.
Box 12 Folder F289
Activities, 1984.
Box 12 Folder F290
Activities, 1985–1986.
Box 12 Folder F291
Activities—Sabbatical, 1986.
Box 12 Folder F292
Activities, 1987.
Box 12 Folder F293
Activities, 1990.
Box 12 Folder F294
Activities, 1991–1993.
Box 12 Folder F295
Activities, 1994–1996.
Box 12 Folder F296
Australia, 1977.
Box 12 Folder F297
Australia, India, Asia, 1983.
Box 12 Folder F298
China, Thailand, 1984.
Box 12 Folder F299
Europe, 1978.
Box 12 Folder F300
Germany, 1976–1977.
Box 12 Folder F301
Germany, July, 1980.
Box 12 Folder F302
Germany, Algeria, Jan-Feb, 1981.
Box 12 Folder F303
Germany, India, Japan, Thailand, November-December, 1981.
Box 12 Folder F304
India, 1977.
Box 12 Folder F305
Japan, 1978.
Box 12 Folder F306
Solar Forum—Keynote Address—Hamburg, 1977.
Box 12 Folder F307
Special Lectures I.
Box 13 Folder F308
Special Lectures II.
Box 13 Folder F309
Talks KWB (Notes, Text).
Box 13 Folder F310
Trips, 1977–1978.
Box 13 Folder F311
Visiting Scholars: Elenkrig, Gulyaev, Papadimitriou, Piprek.
Box 13 Folder F312
Scope and Contents

Comprises bibliographies, brochures, programs, pamphlets, and other publications pertaining to solar energy and related sciences. Some of these materials overlap with I.B.4 Conferences.

2nd International Solar Forum—Hamburg, 1978.
Box 13 Folder F313
5th Symposium on Vitreous—Leningrad, 1970.
Box 13 Folder F314
7th, 8th, and 10th Intersociety Energy Conversion & Engineering Conferences.
Box 13 Folder F315
Arbeitgemeinschaft Solarenergie E.V.
Box 13 Folder F316
Austrian Academy, 1975.
Box 13 Folder F317
Bibliography of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1957–1967.
Box 13 Folder F318
Bibliography of the Institute for Optics, German Academy of Sciences, 1960–1965.
Box 13 Folder F319
Dupont—Plastics Experimental Station Laboratory.
Box 13 Folder F320
Electrotechnical Lab—Tokyo, Japan.
Box 13 Folder F321
German Academy of Sciences Meeting—Berlin, 1961.
Box 13 Folder F322
German Energy Research, 1975.
Box 13 Folder F323
German Physics Society Meeting, 1961.
Box 13 Folder F324
German Physics Society Meeting, 1965.
Box 13 Folder F325
Hitachi—Tokyo, Japan.
Box 13 Folder F326
IEEE—International Election Devices Meeting—Washington DC, 1965.
Box 13 Folder F327
IFF Bulletin, 1976.
Box 13 Folder F328
Information on Japanese Solar Energy.
Box 13 Folder F329
International Conference on Physics & Chemistry of Solid Surfaces—Brown University, 1964.
Box 13 Folder F330
International Union of Crystallography—5th General Assembly.
Box 13 Folder F331
ISEC—Global Survey of Solar Energy R & D, January 1978.
Box 13 Folder F332
Japan Solar Energy Company—Kyoto, Japan--Photographs.
Box 13 Folder F333
Jülich, 1974.
Box 13 Folder F334
Matsushita Electric Industrial Company—Osaka, Japan.
Box 13 Folder F335
Max-Planck-Institute, 1976.
Box 13 Folder F336
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Jahrbuch, 1977.
Box 13 Folder F337
National Bureau of Standards at a Glance.
Box 13 Folder F338
Osaka University, Japan.
Box 13 Folder F339
Physics Institute, Technical University of Berlin, 1954–1974.
Box 13 Folder F340
Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt.
Box 13 Folder F341
R&D Consortia.
Box 13 Folder F342
Sharp Corporation, Nara, Japan.
Box 13 Folder F343
Tokyo University, Japan.
Box 13 Folder F344
U Delaware Physics Lab Manual, 1963–1964.
Box 13 Folder F345
ZIE—Central Institute for Electron Physics, Germany.
Box 13 Folder F346
Scope and Contents

Comprises fifteen notebooks ranging in content from laboratory notes on CdS / Cu2S to notes on computer programs.

Notebook 1, 31 Mar 1975–20 Aug 1975--IEC.
Box 13 Folder F347
Notebook 2—Theory of CdS / Cu2S—n.d.
Box 13 Folder F348
Notebook 3, Nov 1975.
Box 13 Folder F349
Notebook 4—n.d.
Box 14 Folder F350
Notebook 5—U[niversity] of D[elaware] Class, 1976-1977.
Box 14 Folder F351
Notebook 6, Feb 1978.
Box 14 Folder F352
Notebook 7—n.d.
Box 14 Folder F353
Notebook 8—n.d.
Box 14 Folder F354
Notebook 9, 1981.
Box 14 Folder F355
Notebook 10—n.d.
Box 14 Folder F356
Notebook (unnumbered)—SES.
Box 14 Folder F357
Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer Programs.
Box 14 Folder F358
Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer Programs (Part 2).
Box 14 Folder F359
Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer Programs (Part 3).
Box 14 Folder F360
Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer, U[niversity] of D[elaware], 1988.
Box 14 Folder F361
Scope and Contents

Comprises a group of materials concerning curriculum decisions and planning, class notes, and departmental information from the University of Delaware.

Applied Sciences.
Box 14 Folder F1
Curriculum—Solid State Physics.
Box 14 Folder F2
Electrical Properties of Solids—Notebook.
Box 14 Folder F3
Extension Class—Aberdeen.
Box 14 Folder F4
KWB's Courses—624 and 824, 1986.
Box 14 Folder F5
Lab 208-209.
Box 14 Folder F6
MAE 800.
Box 14 Folder F7
Class E1-E6 Transparencies and Quizzes.
Box 14 Folder F8
Class E7-E10 Transparencies.
Box 14 Folder F9
Class Materials.
Box 14 Folder F10
Box 14 Folder F11
Interat. For.
Box 14 Folder F12
Crystalline Order.
Box 14 Folder F13
Box 14 Folder F14
Crystal Defects.
Box 14 Folder F15
Amorphous Solids.
Box 15 Folder F16
Phase Equilibria.
Box 15 Folder F17
Solid State Kinetics.
Box 15 Folder F18
Met 302, Tests & Curriculum.
Box 15 Folder F19
Box 15 Folder F20
Physics Colloquium.
Box 15 Folder F21
Solar Cell Class, 1975.
Box 15 Folder F22
Solar Cell Class, 1976.
Box 15 Folder F23
Solid State Physics—Graduate Course, 1962–1963.
Box 15 Folder F24
Solid State Physics—Class Notebooks, 1962-1963.
Box 15 Folder F25
Solid State Physics—Notebooks I.C. UD Teaching.
Box 15 Folder F26
Teaching KWB, 1975—.
Box 15 Folder F27
UD Class Notes.
Box 15 Folder F28
Scope and Contents

Comprises theses and dissertations by both Karl Böer and those he directed for students. A bibliography is included in Appendix I.D.

Böer, Diploma, 1949.
Box 15 Folder F1
Scope and Contents


Böer, Dissertation, 1952.
Box 15 Folder F2
Scope and Contents


Böer, Dissertation Original, 1955.
Box 15 Folder F3
Böer, Dissertation, 1955.
Box 15 Folder F4
Scope and Contents

Solid State Physics

Ali, Ahmed Yusuf. "Current-Voltage Characteristics Loss Mechanisms and Efficiency Limitations.", 1986.
Box 16 Folder F5
Scope and Contents

Thesis. University of Delaware

Auras, Jürgen. "Über Den Einfluß Van Spannungsimpulsen Auf Das Abklingen Der Photoleitung Von Cds-Einkristallen.", 1957.
Box 16 Folder F6
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Berger, Heinz. "Ein Experimenteller Beitrag Zu Ireversiblen Änderungen Der Leitfähigkeit Von Cds-Aufdampfschichten.".
Box 16 Folder F7
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University.

---. "Einege Experimentelle Untersuchungen Zur Frage Der Elektronischen Leitfähigkeit an Cds-Auf-Dampfschichten.", 1955.
Box 16 Folder F8
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Borchardt, Eva. "Nichtstationäre Vorgänge Bei Der Thermischen Und Optischen Anregung Der Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit Von Cds-Einkristallen.", 1953.
Box 16 Folder F9
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Borchardt, Wolfgang. "Über Photochemishe Reaktionen an Kadmiumsulfid.".
Box 16 Folder F10
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University.

---. "Ein Betrag Zun Problem Der Messung Und Deutung "Elektrischer Glowkurven" an Cds-Einkristallen.", 1953.
Box 16 Folder F11
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Bornschein, Fritz. "Beweglichkeitsmessungen Mittels Wechsellichtmethode Vor Und Nach Photochemischen Reaktionen an Cds-Einkristallen.", 1960.
Box 16 Folder F12
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Boyn, Rudolph. "Untersuchungen Der Dunkelleitung Von Cds-Einkristallen Im Temperaturberich Von 220 Bis 380º C.", 1958.
Box 16 Folder F13
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Devaney, Walter Edmund. "Oxygen Adsorption on Photoconductive Cds Surfaces.", 1975.
Box 16 Folder F14
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Dussel, Gustavo Alberto. "Negative Differential Conductivity in Cds (Field Extraction Mechanisms).", 1970.
Box 16 Folder F15
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Dziesiaty, Jürgen. "Untersuchungen an Cds-Einkristallen Mit Hilfe Kurzzeitiger Spannungsimpulse.", 1958.
Box 16 Folder F16
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Eggert, Heinz. "Beweglichkeitsmessungen an Kadmiumsulfidkristallen Bei Hohen Feldstärken.", 1954.
Box 16 Folder F17
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Feldner, Erhard. "Herstellung Von Kadmiumsulfid-Kristallen Aus Der Dampfphase Und Messung Der Photoleitfigkeiten Dieser Kristalle in Abhängkeit Von Der Charge Und Vom Kristallisationsort.", 1958.
Box 16 Folder F18
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Friedrich-Schiller University

Fischler, Chava. "Combined Optical and Electrical Effects in Single Crystals of Zns:Mn.", 1966.
Box 16 Folder F19
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Fu-Hsing, Lu. "Physical and Numerical Analysis of Solar Cell Modeling: The UDsemi and PC-1D Programs,".
Box 16 Folder F20
Scope and Contents

Thesis. University of Delaware.

Gunter, Anne W. "The Effects Upon the Electron Trap Distribution in Cds Crystals Resulting from Different Amounts of Al and Ag Doping.", 1970.
Box 16 Folder F21
Scope and Contents

Science Talent Search Submission

Günther, Arnhold. "Die Elektrische Leitfähigkeit Von Cds Bei Thermischer, Elektrischer Un Korpuskularer Anregung.", 1959.
Box 16 Folder F22
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Gutjahr, Heinz. "Experimentelle Untersuchungen Der Spektralen Verteilung Der Photoleitung Und Der Absorption an Der Grundgitterabsorptionskante Von Cds-Einkristallen.".
Box 16 Folder F23
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University.

---. "Über den Nachweis Von Veränderungen in Thermspektrum in Der Verbotenen Zone Von Cds-Einkristallen Nach Beschuß Mit Röntgenstrahlen.", 1954.
Box 16 Folder F24
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Gutsche, Egon. "Über Die Elastischen Eigenschaften Von Kristallgittern Mit Wurtzit- Und Zinkblendestruktur Unter Besonderer Berüchsichtigung Experimenteller Untersuchungen an Hexagonalen Kadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen.".
Box 16 Folder F25
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University.

---. "Entwicklung Einer Hochdruckapparaturfür Drücke Bis 3000 Atmosphären Und Messungen Über Die Drucksabhängigkeit Der Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit Und Des Elektrischen Durchschlages an Kadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen.", 1954.
Box 16 Folder F26
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Hadley, Jr., Henry Cornish. "Quenching of Photoconductivity in Cds (2 Copies).", 1974.
Box 16 Folder F27
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Hänsch, Hans-Jürgen. "Sichtbarmachung Von Inhomogenitäten Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit in Cds-Einkristallen.", 1959.
Box 17 Folder F28
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Heß, Helmut. "Bestimmung Des Einfangquerschnittes Und Der Konzentration Von Haftstellen in Cds- Einkristallen Aus Dem Anklingen Der Photoleitung.", 1959.
Box 17 Folder F29
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Hornung, Heinz. "Untersuchungen Der Optischen Und Elektrischen Eigenschaften Von Cds-Einkristallen Vor Und Nach Der Temperung in Vakuum Bzw. Im Schwefeldampf.", 1959.
Box 17 Folder F30
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Jacobi, Siegfried. "Fourier-Analyse Des Rauschens Von Cds-Einkristallen Zwischen 1 Hz Und 2 Mhz.", 1958.
Box 17 Folder F31
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Jahne, Ernst. "Über Die Druckabhängigkeit Der Beweglichkeit Und Der Konzentration Der Stromträger in Cds-Einkristallen Unter Benutzung Derwechsellichtmethode (2 Copies).", 1958.
Box 17 Folder F32
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Junge, Klaus. "Zur Temperatur- Abhängigkeit Der Elektronen- Schwankungserscheinungen an Cds-Einkristallen.".
Box 17 Folder F33
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University.

Ksoll, Günter. "Einige Experimentelle Untersuchungen Zum Einfluß Der Vorbehandlung Auf Den Felddurchschlag an Cds-Einkristallen.", 1957.
Box 17 Folder F34
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Kümmel, Ulrich. "Einige Experimentelle Untersuchungen Zur Klärung Des Elektrischen Durchschlanges an Cds-Einkristallen.".
Box 17 Folder F35
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University.

---. "Über Den Elektrischen Durchschlag Von Cadmiumsulfid.", 1951.
Box 17 Folder F36
Scope and Contents

thesis. Humboldt University

Lange, Horst. "Ein Betrag Zu Dem Problem Der Elektrischen Anregung.", 1958.
Box 17 Folder F37
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Lubitz, Karl. "Herstellung Temperaturbeständiger Sperrschichtfreier Kontakte Und Potentialuntersuchungen an Cds-Einkristallen.", 1960.
Box 17 Folder F38
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Miegel, Eckhard. "Herstellung Und Röntgenstrukturuntersuchungen Von Cadmiumsulfid.".
Box 17 Folder F39
Scope and Contents

thesis. Humboldt University.

Misselwitz, Wolfgang. "Untersuchungen Zum Durchschlagsvorgang an Cds-Aufdampfschichten.", 1960.
Box 17 Folder F40
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Molgedey, Günter. "Messung Des Integralen Rauschens Beim Cds Im Gebeit Der Durchschalgsfeldstärke.".
Box 17 Folder F41
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University.

Nebauer, Erich. "Zur Phänomenologie Der Thermisch-Elektrischen Vorprozesse Des Wärmedurchschlags Fester Dielektrika Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Verhältnisse Beim Photoleiter Cds." , 1961.
Box 17 Folder F42
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Neuman, Werner. "Über Den Materialverlust Einer Aluminium-Scheibenelektrode Im Hochleistungsfunken.", 1954.
Box 17 Folder F43
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Niekisch, Ernst A. "Zum Problem Der Stürterme Und Ihrer Natur in Unaktiviertem Cadmiumsulfid.".
Box 17 Folder F44
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University.

Oberländer, Siegfried. "Methoden Zur Qualitativen Und Quntitativen Diskussion Der Lösungen Bzw. Charakteristiken Von Differentialgleichungssystemen.".
Box 17 Folder F45
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University.

O'Connell, Joseph Charles. "Production and Annealing of Intrinsic Defects in X-Ray Irradiated Cadmium Sulfide.", 1967.
Box 17 Folder F46
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Phillips, James Eugene. "Electronic Properties of the Cu2s-Cds Solar Cell.", 1977.
Box 17 Folder F47
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Schroeter, Klaus E. "Aufladungsmessungen an Kadmiumsulfideinkristallen.", 1961.
Box 17 Folder F48
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Storti, George Michael. "Investigation of the near Band Edge Photoconductivity in Class I Cds Crystals.", 1975.
Box 17 Folder F49
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

van den Berg, Lodewijk. "Growth of Single Crystal Platelets of Cadmium Sulfide.", 1969.
Box 17 Folder F50
Scope and Contents

Thesis. University of Delaware

van den Berg, Lodewijk. "Variations in the Spectral Distribution of Photoconductivity of Cadmium Sulfide Crystals as a Function of the Crystal Growth Conditions.", 1975.
Box 18 Folder F51
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. University of Delaware

Vogel, Helmut. "Untersuchungen Über Nichtstationäre Vorgänge in Festkörper.", 1955.
Box 18 Folder F52
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Voigt, Joachim. "Ein Theoretischer Und Experimenteller Beitrag Zu Dem Problem Thermisch Angeregter Leitfähigkeitsglowkurven.", 1958.
Box 18 Folder F53
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

---. "Über Die Rolle Indirekter Anregungsprozesse Bei Photoleitern Unter Besonderer Berüchsichtigung Experimenteller Untersuchungen Am Kadmiumsulfid.", 1963.
Box 18 Folder F54
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Humboldt University

Weber, Ernst-Hinrich. "Einfluß Von Fremdgasen Auf Die Spektrale Verteilung Der Photoleitung Von Kadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen.", 1959.
Box 18 Folder F55
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Wendt, Lothar. "Optische Eigenschaften Und Photoleitung Von Kadmiumsulfid.", 1959.
Box 18 Folder F56
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Wruck, Diethard. "Die Untersuchung Des Hafttermspektrums Von Schwefeldampfgetemperten Cds-Einkristallen Mit Der Wechsellichtmethode.", 1961.
Box 18 Folder F57
Scope and Contents

Thesis. Humboldt University

Zimmerman, Klaus. "Über Die Darstellung Reiner Ausgangssubstanzen Zur Züchtung Von Cadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen (2 Copies).", 1961.
Box 18 Folder F58
Scope and Contents

Dissertation. Martin-Luther University

Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence and other materials related to Böer's research and miscellaneous activities during his time at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Activities Miscellaneous, 1945 – 1949.
Box 18 Folder F1
Conferences, 1958–1960.
Box 18 Folder F2
Conference on Luminescence, 1961.
Box 18 Folder F3
Conference on Photoconductivity, 1961.
Box 18 Folder F4
Conference – Optik Aller Wellenlängen, Jena, 1958.
Box 18 Folder F5
Congratulations, 1955–1961.
Box 18 Folder F6
Scope and Contents


Box 18 Folder F7
Personal, 1951–1957.
Box 18 Folder F8
Physicalische Institut, 1951–1957.
Box 18 Folder F9
Box 18 Folder F10
Box 18 Folder F11
Box 18 Folder F12
Höhler, G.
Box 18 Folder F13
Laboratorum für die Physik des Elektrischen Durchschlages.
Box 18 Folder F14
Miscellaneous Activities, 1959–1961.
Box 18 Folder F15
Neue Schönh. Str., 1955.
Box 18 Folder F16
Scope and Contents


Patents, 1950–1959.
Box 18 Folder F17
Physica Status Solidi, 1960–1961.
Box 18 Folder F18
Research Program, 1950–1955.
Box 18 Folder F19
Reviews, 1950–1961.
Box 18 Folder F20
Science Movie.
Box 18 Folder F21
Scope and Contents

A Science and Technology Center in Berlin- Adlershof, contains two linear feet of correspondence, brochures and information related to Böer's role as the U.S. representative of WISTA. The majority of the material is related to Böer's involvement in a series of conferences in 1996, particularly "Photonics Delaware 2000," in which delegates from WISTA toured the United States in order to promote greater technological, educational, and industrial cooperation between the U.S. and Berlin-Adlershof. The subseries also contains WISTA company information; trade delegation correspondence from various corporate, national, and state organizations; press releases and news reports; and miscellaneous collected by Böer between 1994 and 2001. Much of the material is in German.

Adlershof Brochures and Videotape.
Box 19 Folder F1
American/German Tech. Business Conference, 1998.
Box 19 Folder F2
American/German Tech. Business Conference, 1998.
Box 19 Folder F3
Arwood and Fellman, Visit to WISTA, 1996.
Box 19 Folder F4
Beirat Photonik, 1995.
Box 19 Folder F5
Berger, Roland.
Box 19 Folder F6
Berlin-Adlershof Profile, 1994-1995.
Box 19 Folder F7
Berlin-Adlershof Profile, 1996.
Box 19 Folder F8
Berlin Delegation Info.
Box 19 Folder F9
Berlin Delegation—Industry & Organizations—Personnel Profiles.
Box 19 Folder F10
Berlin Delegation—Scientists—Personnel Profiles.
Box 19 Folder F11
Berliner Innovative Gesellschaften—Info. Packet & Co. Profiles.
Box 19 Folder F12
Box 19 Folder F13
Applied Chemistry Adlershof.
Box 19 Folder F14
Box 19 Folder F15
Box 19 Folder F16
Box 19 Folder F17
Box 19 Folder F18
Box 19 Folder F19
Box 19 Folder F20
Box 19 Folder F21
Institute of Crystal Growth.
Box 19 Folder F22
IIEF—Entnurf und Fertigung.
Box 19 Folder F23
Box 19 Folder F24
InViTek (IVT).
Box 19 Folder F25
Box 19 Folder F26
Box 19 Folder F27
Mikroanalyse GmbH.
Box 19 Folder F28
Price Waterhouse.
Box 19 Folder F29
Box 19 Folder F30
Scope and Contents


Silicon Sensor.
Box 19 Folder F31
Trinova Chemie GmbH.
Box 19 Folder F32
WISTA Solar.
Box 19 Folder F33
Conference: Laser & Optik, Berlin, Feb. 1997.
Box 19 Folder F34
Box 19 Folder F35
Directory, 1996.
Box 19 Folder F36
East/West Cooperation, 1994-1995.
Box 19 Folder F37
Fliers & Photonik Concept.
Box 19 Folder F38
Box 19 Folder F39
Germany—Trade Brochures.
Box 19 Folder F40
Knifka, Berlin, 1996.
Box 20 Folder F41
Knifka, Böer and Related Correspondence.
Box 20 Folder F42
Lease Information Packet.
Box 20 Folder F43
Michigan Conference—Fellman Correspondence, 1996.
Box 20 Folder F44
Michigan Conference—Packet.
Box 20 Folder F45
Michigan Conference—Planning.
Box 20 Folder F46
Miscellaneous, 1996-1997.
Box 20 Folder F47
David D. Moran—U.S. Consul, 1998.
Box 20 Folder F48
David D. Moran—K.W. Böer, Correspondence, 1998.
Box 20 Folder F49
New Mexico, 16 & 17 October 1996.
Box 20 Folder F50
Philadelphia—German/American Chamber of Commerce Conference, 11 Oct. 1996.
Box 20 Folder F51
Philadelphia—German/American Chamber of Commerce Packet.
Box 20 Folder F52
Addresses and Phone Numbers.
Box 20 Folder F53
Photonics Delaware 2000—Attendees.
Box 20 Folder F54
Box 20 Folder F55
Box 20 Folder F56
Misc. Planning Material.
Box 20 Folder F57
Public Relations.
Box 20 Folder F58
Box 20 Folder F59
Box 20 Folder F60
Box 20 Folder F61
Talks/Posters Organizational Info.
Box 20 Folder F62
Photonik, Betreiberkonzept, 1995.
Box 20 Folder F63
Box 20 Folder F64
Box 20 Folder F65
Box 20 Folder F66
Box 20 Folder F67
Box 20 Folder F68
Research Triangle Park, N.C.
Box 20 Folder F69
Research and Technology Directory.
Box 20 Folder F70
Solar Germany.
Box 20 Folder F71


Five subseries, reconstructing original filing sequences that had been dispersed throughout boxes from the multiple accessions. Subseries are arranged alphabetically or topically following original file systems. Folder numbering begins anew with each of the five subseries.

Scope and Contents

administrative files, brochures, correspondence, records, financial documents, invoices, travel documents, diagrams, photographs. Series II comprises early organizational papers of the Institute for Energy Conversion (IEC), which was founded in 1972 by the University of Delaware within the College of Engineering. IEC was established with funding from the National Science Foundation, electric power utilities, and the University of Delaware. The files include material documenting Böer's activities as IEC Director and Chief Scientist. Under Böer's direction, the IEC grew from a small research and development group into a major research facility and important training ground for many of the individuals who have contributed to advances in photovoltaic technology for delivery of solar energy. The series is arranged into five subseries: Alphabetical Office Files, Miscellaneous IEC Office Files, Projects, Correspondence, and IEC Formation. Additional files related to IEC are found in Series I. Academic and Professional, and Series VI. SES, Inc.

Physical Description

9 linear ft. (Boxes 21-29)

Scope and Contents

This subseries was reconstructed based on blue dividers found in multiple boxes. The subjects of the alphabetical files include personnel; Böer's trips, conferences and speeches; funding from government and industry; suppliers; and contact with corporations and other universities. Particularly interesting are the files in II.A.6 which document the competition between the IEC and other solar energy companies.

Böer Resumes.
Box 21 Folder F1
KWB Outline—Photovoltaic Conversion.
Box 21 Folder F2
Patent Attorney - Weigel.
Box 21 Folder F3
Manuscripts—Pending and Future.
Box 21 Folder F4
Photoconductivity—Chapter 7, 1971.
Box 21 Folder F5
Publications (Reprints)—(Akademie Verlag).
Box 21 Folder F6
Tuebner Verlag—Böer Editing.
Box 21 Folder F7
International Journal of Physical and Chemical Engineering—Editorial Reviewing, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F8
Journal of Applied Physics—Editorial Reviewing, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F9
National Science Foundation—Editorial Reviewing.
Box 21 Folder F10
Naval Research Lab—Editorial Reviewing, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F11
Physica Status Solidi (a)—Editorship, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F12
Physica Status Solidi—Editorial Reviewing, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F13
Physical Review—Editorial Reviewing, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F14
Reviewing for Physica Status Solidi.
Box 21 Folder F15
American Conference Center—New York City, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F16
American Defense Preparedness Association—Bolling Air Force Base, March 1974.
Box 21 Folder F17
American Physics Society—Philadelphia, PA, March 1974.
Box 21 Folder F18
American Society of Metals—Wilmington, DE, May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F19
APPA Meeting—Denver, CO, February 1974.
Box 21 Folder F20
APPA—Phoenix, AZ, April 1974.
Box 21 Folder F21
Atomic Energy Commission and NSF—Germantown, MD, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F22
College Goals Conference—Annapolis, MD, November 1974.
Box 21 Folder F23
Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena—Downingtown, PA, October 1974.
Box 21 Folder F24
DuPont Seminar—Textile Research Lab—Wilmington, DE, September 1974.
Box 21 Folder F25
Electrochemical Society Meeting—New York City, October 1974.
Box 21 Folder F26
Electro-chemical Society Programming—Princeton, NJ, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F27
ERPI—Palo Alto, CA, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F28
Executive Seminar Center—Long Island, NY, May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F29
Hamburg Conference—Germany, September 1974.
Box 21 Folder F30
ICI America—Sigma Xi, February 1974.
Box 21 Folder F31
IECEC Conference—San Francisco, CA, August 1974.
Box 21 Folder F32
IEEE Dinner Meeting (Cancelled)—Dayton, OH, May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F33
IEEE—Somers Point, NJ, February 1974.
Box 21 Folder F34
ISES—US Section Meeting—Denver, CO, August 1974.
Box 21 Folder F35
Johns Hopkins Colloquium—Silver Spring, MD, October 1974.
Box 21 Folder F36
Lions—Kennett Square, PA, February 1974.
Box 21 Folder F37
Madrid (NSF International) Meeting—Spain, September 1974.
Box 21 Folder F38
National Audubon Society—Mauckport, IN, May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F39
Naval Research Lab—Sigma Xi—Washington DC, January 1974.
Box 21 Folder F40
New England Sierra Club and Clark University—Energy Sources Conference—Worcester, MA, October 1974.
Box 21 Folder F41
New York Scientists Committee for Public Information—New York City, January 1974.
Box 21 Folder F42
NSF Grantees Meeting—Philadelphia, PA, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F43
NSF Japanese Symposium on Solar Energy—Maryland, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F44
NSF Workshop on Solar Collectors—New York City, November 1974.
Box 21 Folder F45
NSF Workshop on Solar Heating and Cooling—Washington DC, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F46
NSF—Grantees Meeting—Pasadena, CA, June 1974.
Box 21 Folder F47
NSF—Rappaport Materials—University of Arizona—Tucson, AZ, May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F48
Picatinny Arsenal—Dover, NJ, January 1974.
Box 21 Folder F49
Shell Lecture Series—Houston, TX, May 1973.
Box 21 Folder F50
Sigma Xi—Swarthmore, PA, March 1974.
Box 21 Folder F51
Solar Working Group—Washington DC, May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F52
11th Annual IEEE Photovoltaic Conference—Scottsdale, AZ, May.
Box 21 Folder F53
Delaware County Institute of Science—Media, PA, May.
Box 21 Folder F54
Delmarva Science and Engineering Association—Maryland, May.
Box 21 Folder F55
Hillsborough Community College—Tampa, FL, April.
Box 21 Folder F56
NASA Lewis Workshop—Washington DC, March.
Box 21 Folder F57
Speech Announcements.
Box 21 Folder F58
Unitarian Church—Wilmington, DE, April.
Box 21 Folder F59
US/Spain Workshop—Solar Energy Utilities, June.
Box 21 Folder F60
Various, 1975.
Box 21 Folder F61
William Roth Youth Leadership Conference—Delaware, March.
Box 21 Folder F62
Texas Tech Symposium—Lubbock, TX, October 1974.
Box 21 Folder F63
University of Massachusetts Colloquium, November 1974.
Box 21 Folder F64
US Senate Commerce Committee—Washington DC, March 1974.
Box 21 Folder F65
Bockris, J. O'M, 1973-1974.
Box 21 Folder F66
Bogus, Klus, 1973.
Box 21 Folder F67
Braerman, William F, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F68
Bragagnolo, Julio A, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F69
Comings, Edward W, 1975.
Box 21 Folder F70
Duffie, J.A, 1973-1974.
Box 21 Folder F71
Eder, F.X, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F72
Farber, Eric A, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F73
Heiland, Professor Doctor G, 1973.
Box 21 Folder F74
Lof, George, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F75
Loferski, Joseph J, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F76
Morse, Frederick E, 1973.
Box 21 Folder F77
Niekish, Professor Dr. E.A, 1975.
Box 21 Folder F78
Palz, Wolfgang, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F79
Rabenhorst, D.W, 1972.
Box 21 Folder F80
Rass, Doctor R, 1973.
Box 21 Folder F81
Schanda, Janos, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F82
Shurcliff, W.A, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F83
Various, 1974-1975.
Box 21 Folder F84
Voigt, Hans, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F85
Weiser, Professor K, 1973.
Box 21 Folder F86
Wright, Conrad, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F87
Yellott, John I, 1973.
Box 21 Folder F88
Various, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F89
Budco—Solargy, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F90
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F91
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc, 1975.
Box 21 Folder F92
Kalwell Corporation, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F93
Lawrence Livermore, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F94
Nuclear Energy Research Program, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F95
Ridley Park, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F96
Silicon Cells—Conoco, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F97
Showa Aluminum—Solar Energy Collector Panels, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F98
Skytherm, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F99
Solar Energy Company, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F100
Solarlab, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F101
Textron-Spectrolab, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F102
Thomason, HJL, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F103
Tyco Laboratories Inc, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F104
Wright-Ingraham Institute.
Box 21 Folder F105
CdS Workshop at University of Delaware, April-May 1974.
Box 21 Folder F106
Conferences, Invited Papers Correspondence (Declines), 1974.
Box 21 Folder F107
Energy Seminar—One Day Cancelled, March 1975.
Box 22 Folder F108
Food Conference, January 1975.
Box 22 Folder F109
Solid Waste Management Colloquium, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F110
Unesco Science Author (Dan Behrman).
Box 22 Folder F111
University of Delaware Sea Grant, 1973.
Box 22 Folder F112
Delaware Conference on Solar Energy, 1971.
Box 22 Folder F113
IECEC, 1975.
Box 22 Folder F114
IECEC—Papers To Be Submitted, August 1975.
Box 22 Folder F115
American Vacuum Society, June 1974.
Box 22 Folder F116
Conference on Molten Salts—Wolfeboro, NH, August 1973.
Box 22 Folder F117
Mitre Symposium—Solar Energy—Heating and Cooling of Buildings, May 1974.
Box 22 Folder F118
NSB Meeting—Performance Criteria, November 1974.
Box 22 Folder F119
NSF Material Science, May 1974.
Box 22 Folder F120
NSF/RANN Workshop on Solar Heating and Cooling of Buildings, June 1974.
Box 22 Folder F121
Revere Copper Symposium (Collectors), July 1974.
Box 22 Folder F122
Atomic Energy Commission, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F123
Cities Service (Mr. Rosen), 1974.
Box 22 Folder F124
Electric Power Research Institute, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F125
Energy Task Force, 1975.
Box 22 Folder F126
EPRI-Meeting with Spencer-Wednesday, August 28, 1974—2:00 pm.
Box 22 Folder F127
ERDA, 1975.
Box 22 Folder F128
NASA, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F129
Pakistan—University of Baluchistan, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F130
Tennessee Valley Authority, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F131
Various, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F132
Delaware, State of—Governor's Office, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F133
Delaware, State of—Legislature, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F134
State of Delaware—Presentation, May 1974.
Box 22 Folder F135
Council of State Governments—Speaking Engagements, July 1975.
Box 22 Folder F136
Illinois, State of—Office of the Energy Coordinator, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F137
Indiana, State of—Department of Commerce.
Box 22 Folder F138
National Governor's Council on Science and Technology, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F139
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 1973.
Box 22 Folder F140
Acts—Senate and House, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F141
Bible, Alan—U.S. Senate, 1974.
Box 21 Folder F142
Biden, Joe—U.S. Senate, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F143
Bills—House of Representatives, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F144
Bills—Senate, 1973-1974.
Box 22 Folder F145
Congressional Record (Excerpts), 1973-1974.
Box 22 Folder F146
Federal Government—Contracts, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F147
Hearings, Senate and House, 1973-1974.
Box 22 Folder F148
Humphrey, Herbert—U.S. Senate.
Box 22 Folder F149
Inventory of R&D—House Committee on Science and Astronautics, 1975.
Box 22 Folder F150
Magazine Articles—Government and Solar Energy.
Box 22 Folder F151
Military, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F152
Miscellaneous, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F153
Roth, William—U.S. Senate, 1973-1974.
Box 22 Folder F154
Testimony—House Commerce Committee, March 29, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F155
U.S. House of Representatives—Correspondence, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F156
U.S. Senate—Correspondence, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F157
General Political Issues and Trends, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F158
Library of Congress—National Reference Center, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F159
The White House, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F160
U.S. Commissions and Agencies, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F161
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1974.
Box 22 Folder F162
Bente, Paul F.—Power.
Box 22 Folder F163
Bente, Paul F.—Miscellaneous.
Box 22 Folder F164
Crittendon, L. Ray.
Box 22 Folder F165
Freedman, Norman S.
Box 22 Folder F166
Miller, David B.
Box 22 Folder F167
Ridenour, Steve.
Box 22 Folder F168
Institute Correspondence, Before 1973.
Box 22 Folder F169
Accounting Office, General (U.S.), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F170
Agency for International Development (AID)—Department of State, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F171
American Cyanamid—Sponsored Research with NSF/RANNgrant.
Box 23 Folder F172
Architects (Various), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F173
Artech Corporation, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F174
Beckett New Town, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F175
Bells Labs, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F176
Bonner, Funk and Associates.
Box 23 Folder F177
Building Technology, Inc, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F178
Burnham Corporation, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F179
Commerce, Department of, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F180
Council on Environmental Quality, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F181
Defense, Department of, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F182
DuPont De Nemours and Company, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F183
Ecosol, LTD.
Box 23 Folder F184
Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA).
Box 23 Folder F185
Fairchild Industries Contract.
Box 23 Folder F186
Fairchild Industries, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F187
Federal Energy Office—Region II.
Box 23 Folder F188
General Electric Industry, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F189
General Motors Corporation, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F190
Globe-Union Incorporated, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F191
Griffith, I.D. (Inc.), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F192
Harbison-Walker (Refractors), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F193
Industry General.
Box 23 Folder F194
International Nickel Company, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F195
International Research and Development Co Ltd., 1974.
Box 23 Folder F196
Japan Combustion Appliances, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F197
Japan Express, Inc, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F198
Japan Industrial Planning Association, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F199
Japan Industrial Planning Organization, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F200
Lee Payne Industrial Design, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F201
3M, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F202
Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F203
National Building Research Institute (South Africa), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F204
National Bureau of Standards (ETIP), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F205
Nippon Sheet Glass, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F206
Office of Technological Assessment.
Box 23 Folder F207
Overseas Industry Research Center, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F208
Owens—Corning Fiberglas, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F209
PS Company, LTD (Japan), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F210
S.A.T./ Eltek.
Box 23 Folder F211
Sekisui Chemical Company, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F212
Shin Asahigawa Co., Ltd., 1974.
Box 23 Folder F213
Visit to S.A.T., Paris, October 2, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F214
Westinghouse Electric, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F215
Alternative Technology Information Center, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F216
Brandywine River Museum, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F217
Desert Sunshine Exposure Test, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F218
Energy Institute (NY), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F219
Energy Research Incorporated, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F220
Environmental Action of Colorado, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F221
Longwood Gardens.
Box 23 Folder F222
Midwest Research Institute Questionnaire.
Box 23 Folder F223
National Academy of Science, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F224
National Audubon Society, 1974-1975.
Box 23 Folder F225
National Advisory Council on Research in Energy Conservation.
Box 23 Folder F226
National Legislative Conference, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F227
National Research Council, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F228
Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F229
National Solar Energy Institute.
Box 23 Folder F230
Newspaper Articles Related to IEC, Solar Cells, and Solar Energy.
Box 23 Folder F231
Project Independence Hearings, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F232
Research Centers Directory, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F233
Resources for the Future, Inc.—Washington DC, 1973.
Box 23 Folder F234
Smithsonian Science Information Exchange, Inc, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F235
Travel Reports—K.W.B.
Box 23 Folder F236
University City Science Institute—Power Information Center, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F237
United Nations University Foundation, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F238
General Oil Company Matters, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F239
Gulf Research and Development Company, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F240
Sun Oil Company of Pennsylvania, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F241
Sun Ventures (Subsidiary of Sun Oil), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F242
Texaco, Inc, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F243
Paul Rappaport—IEC.
Box 23 Folder F244
Moore, Harold D, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F245
Schertz, Glen, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F246
Berg, Charles A. (Dr.).
Box 23 Folder F247
Fred Chernow—IEC.
Box 23 Folder F248
Hackman, Robert.
Box 23 Folder F249
Kulacki, F.A. (Dr.).
Box 23 Folder F250
T.A. Lawand—IEC.
Box 23 Folder F251
Sargent, Stephen L. (Dr.), 1974.
Box 23 Folder F252
P.R. Contacts.
Box 23 Folder F253
Speaking Engagements—Tour Summary / Solar One, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F254
CO2 Pollution, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F255
H2S Pollution, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F256
Pollution Control, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F257
Other Pollutants, Notes & Documents.
Box 23 Folder F258
Arkansas Power and Light Company.
Box 23 Folder F259
Atlantic City Regional Electric, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F260
Baltimore Gas and Electric, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F261
Delmarva Power Company, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F262
Electricite De France—Direction Des Etudes et Recherches.
Box 23 Folder F263
Interstate Power Club, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F264
Middle Atlantic Power Research, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F265
Northeast Utilities, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F266
Ohio Edison Company, 1974.
Box 23 Folder F267
Pennsylvania Power and Light Company.
Box 23 Folder F268
Philadelphia Electric, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F269
Potomac Electric Company, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F270
Power Utilities—General, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F271
South Jersey Gas.
Box 24 Folder F272
Tampa Electric Company.
Box 24 Folder F273
American Public Power Association, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F274
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F275
German Physical Society.
Box 24 Folder F276
International Solar Energy Society, 1971-1975.
Box 24 Folder F277
Solar Energy Society of America, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F278
Solar Industries Association, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F279
Abcite Suppliers, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F280
Alcoa (Selective Surface), 1974.
Box 24 Folder F281
Amtek (Coating for Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector), 1974.
Box 24 Folder F282
Barber-Nichols, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F283
Corning Glass Works, 1975.
Box 24 Folder F284
Diamond Chemical Company, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F285
DuPont Company, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F286
Gould Inc, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F287
Harrison Radiator, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F288
International Lead Zinc Research Organization Inc, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F289
Lab Sciences, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F290
Marks Polarized Company, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F291
Martin Marietta Aerospace, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F292
Olin Brass, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F293
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG), 1974.
Box 24 Folder F294
Rapcofoam, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F295
Reynolds Metal Suppliers, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F296
Rohm and Hass, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F297
Roland Winston Collection, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F298
Roll Bond, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F299
Saskatchewan Minerals, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F300
Varian Vacuum Division, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F301
ESB Inc, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F302
Evans Products Company, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F303
Cadmium (Cd) Resources.
Box 24 Folder F304
CdS/Cu2S Cells.
Box 24 Folder F305
CdS—Gould/Clevite Company.
Box 24 Folder F306
Dr. Telkes Technological Contributions, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F307
Grid Protection, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F308
Box 24 Folder F309
Associated Universities Inc. (US/USSR Working Group), 1974.
Box 24 Folder F310
Franklin Institute, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F311
Harvard University, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F312
Johns Hopkins, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F313
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F314
State University of New York, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F315
Texas Tech.
Box 24 Folder F316
University of Arizona, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F317
University of Massachusetts, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F318
University of Michigan, 1973.
Box 24 Folder F319
University of Pennsylvania, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F320
Scope and Contents

The files in this subseries may have been originally part of II.A. They are housed in this grouping because they could not be reconciled with the original filing order of II.A. The files are in alphabetical order and cover a wide variety of topics including seminars, funding, research, meetings, and publications sponsored by IEC. Staff listings and weekly progress reports reflect the involvement of numerous individuals with IEC.

Advertising—Malcolm L. Mackenzie and Associates, 1972.
Box 24 Folder F1
Advisory Board to Director.
Box 24 Folder F2
Advisory Committee For IEC (University), 1974.
Box 24 Folder F3
Annual Report of IEC for the President, 1972-1974.
Box 24 Folder F4
Budget, 1974-1975.
Box 24 Folder F5
Climate—Electric Power, 1961-1971.
Box 24 Folder F6
Collector Testing, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F7
Confidentiality Agreement, 1974.
Box 24 Folder F8
Current Research.
Box 24 Folder F9
Descriptive Brochure of IEC.
Box 24 Folder F10
Box 24 Folder F11
DP&L Data.
Box 24 Folder F12
DP&L General.
Box 24 Folder F13
Early SERI Comments.
Box 24 Folder F14
Helium—Natural Resource, June 2, 1972.
Box 25 Folder F15
Interconnection—PA, NJ, MD.
Box 25 Folder F16
Box 25 Folder F17
January Meetings at IEC—(Marine Studies, Biology), 1974-1975.
Box 25 Folder F18
January Meetings at IEC—(Business and Economy), 1975.
Box 25 Folder F19
Joint Appointments, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F20
Kelbaugh, Douglas—Design for Solar House at Princeton.
Box 25 Folder F21
Lab Notebooks, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F22
Legal Aspects of Electric Power, 1972.
Box 25 Folder F23
Letters of Support, 1971.
Box 25 Folder F24
Miscellaneous Announcements, 1979-1980.
Box 25 Folder F25
New Contacts, 1972.
Box 25 Folder F26
Patent – U of D Patent Agreement.
Box 25 Folder F27
Photographs—IEC Building and Researchers.
Box 25 Folder F28
Presentation, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F29
Press Releases, 1974-1975.
Box 25 Folder F30
Box 25 Folder F31
Proposed Policies RE: Funding, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F32
Publication (Policy/Procedure), 1974.
Box 25 Folder F33
Report on IEC—(by Shirland).
Box 25 Folder F34
Research Program, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F35
"Sales Effort".
Box 25 Folder F36
Seminars, 1974-1975.
Box 25 Folder F37
Solar Energy Panel, June 5, 1972.
Box 25 Folder F38
Solar Energy Systems Definition.
Box 25 Folder F39
Solar Two Proposal.
Box 25 Folder F40
Staff Meetings, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F41
Standard Cells Production and Performance—(N.S. Freedman).
Box 25 Folder F42
To Be Corrected.
Box 25 Folder F43
Unit Cost Table.
Box 25 Folder F44
Visitors to IEC.
Box 25 Folder F45
Washington Personnel.
Box 25 Folder F46
IEC Staff Listings.
Box 25 Folder F47
Barnett, Allen.
Box 25 Folder F48
Bente, Paul F.
Box 25 Folder F49
Bos, Piet B.
Box 25 Folder F50
Dalal, Vikram L.
Box 25 Folder F51
Fried, Albert A.
Box 25 Folder F52
Hill, Bruce E.
Box 25 Folder F53
Kando, Paul F.
Box 25 Folder F54
Kuzay, Turner.
Box 25 Folder F55
Massicot, Paul.
Box 25 Folder F56
Phillips, Jim and Alan Rothwarf.
Box 25 Folder F57
Sansregret, Joseph Leo.
Box 25 Folder F58
Shirland, Fred A.
Box 25 Folder F59
Taylor, Daniel Raymond.
Box 25 Folder F60
Telkes, Maria.
Box 25 Folder F61
Trela, John.
Box 25 Folder F62
Van Der Berg, Lodewijk, 1974.
Box 25 Folder F63
Vos, Peter.
Box 25 Folder F64
Warfield, George.
Box 25 Folder F65
Box 25 Folder F66
Hadley and Hench.
Box 25 Folder F67
House Group.
Box 25 Folder F68
Internal Correspondence.
Box 25 Folder F69
Box 25 Folder F70
Pilot Line, 1972-1974.
Box 25 Folder F71
Box 25 Folder F72
Box 25 Folder F73
Box 25 Folder F74
Box 25 Folder F75
Box 25 Folder F76
Bragagnolo, 1976-1977.
Box 25 Folder F77
Burton, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F78
Hadley and Hench, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F79
Kuzay, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F80
Phillips, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F81
Rothwarf, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F82
Storti, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F83
Tseng, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F84
Windawi, 1975.
Box 25 Folder F85
Scope and Contents

The four sections in this subseries are grouped together because they were part of the IEC Office files but did not fit into the alphabetical sequence of the general administrative files in Series II.A. The files cover several IEC projects including Solar One and document the relationship of IEC with Shell Oil and SES, Inc. Substantial additional material related to SES is found in Series VI. The files related to Solar One, IEC's prototype solar house, are the most extensive and document the creation, promotion, funding, and maintenance of the project, which celebrated groundbreaking in 1972 and opened in 1973. Diagrams, photographs, charts, and reports illustrate the energy conversion system of Solar One.

2nd Annual Progress Report to Sponsoring Power Utilities.
Box 26 Folder F1
Brochures—Solar One.
Box 26 Folder F2
Budget, 1973.
Box 26 Folder F3
Charts and Illustrations.
Box 26 Folder F4
Collector Analysis Charts.
Box 26 Folder F5
Conference—Prospective Sponsors, August 1974.
Box 26 Folder F6
Construction—General, 1973.
Box 26 Folder F7
Curves of Solar House Roof—Panels, 1973.
Box 26 Folder F8
Data Acquisition.
Box 26 Folder F9
Data Acquisition—Solar One, Continued, 1976.
Box 26 Folder F10
Davis, Bob.