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Brinton family papers


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The Brinton family papers document several generations of the Brinton, Steinmetz, and Ward families, three important families who flourished between 1760-1930 in Pennsylvania and New York. Several members of the family played prominent roles in their communities and included landholders, real estate developers, merchants, Civil War surgeons, medical doctors and professors, missionaries, a minister, an art critic, an anthropologist, lawyers, a judge, an engineer, and several authors.

John Steinmetz (fl. 1760-1831) was a prosperous Philadelphia merchant and the father-in-law of John Hill Brinton. He participated in various commercial transactions and managed numerous land holdings in Maurice Rivers in Cumberland County, New Jersey; Manheim Township and Hallam Township in York and Lancaster counties, respectively, in Pennsylvania; and other areas.

John Hill Brinton (1772-1827) married Sarah (also called Sally) Steinmetz of Philadelphia. They had eight children: Catherine Ann, John L., Elizabeth, Ann, George, Reppele, Sarah, and Mary. John Hill Brinton was a lawyer who also speculated in tracts of land in the Maurice River Township in New Jersey and Manheim Township in York County, Pennsylvania.

George Brinton (1804-1858) was the son of John Hill and Sarah Steinmetz Brinton. George married Mary Margaret Smith of Philadelphia and they had five children: John Hill, Mary Yeates, Margaret Yeates, Sarah Frederica, and Margaret Yeates. He managed various farms and tracts of land in Geneseo, New York, and Maurice River Township in Cumberland County, New Jersey.

Dr. John Hill Brinton (1832-1907), the son of George and Mary Brinton, married Sarah Ward, daughter of the Reverend Ferdinand de Wilton Ward of Geneseo, New York. Dr. Brinton and his wife had four children: George, John Hill, Jr., Ferdinand Ward, and Jasper Yeates. John Hill Brinton was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1850 and M.A., 1853) and he received a medical degree from the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1852; he spent the following year abroad, studying medicine in Vienna and Paris. Upon his return, he began a general practice, taught medical classes, and became the chair of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. When the Civil War erupted in 1861, Brinton served as a brigade surgeon, a hospital administrator, and later helped establish the United States Army Medical Museum. His memoirs of the war included observations on his first cousin, General George Brinton McClellan. Following the war, he returned to Philadelphia and was chosen to be a surgeon at the Philadelphia Hospital, was invited to teach classes at the Jefferson Medical College, and was later appointed Professor of the Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. In 1896, the Surgeon General of the United States asked him to give the valedictory address at the Army Medical School in Washington, D.C.

Rev. Ferdinand de Wilton Ward (1812-1891), father of Sarah Ward Brinton, was a member of the Presbyterian clergy in both Geneseo and Rochester, New York. He graduated from the Theological Seminary at Princeton. He married Jane Shaw and in 1836 they arrived in India to spend the next two decades as Christian missionaries in Madura and Madras in service of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) society. While there, he learned Tamil, one of the Indian languages, and worked on several translations of religious works. Upon returning, he became a pastor in Geneseo and worked extensively with the local Bible Society.

Dr. Ward Brinton (b. 1873) was the son of Dr. John Hill and Sarah Ward Brinton. He received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia in 1894 and specialized in the treatment of tuberculosis. He served as secretary of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Tuberculosis and gave speeches on how to prevent its spread among the working classes.

Dr. Christian Brinton (1870-1942), the son of Joseph Hill and Mary Brinton, was an author, art critic, and lecturer. From Haverford College, he received his B.A. in 1892, his M.A. in 1906, and his Ph.D. in 1914. He also studied at the universities of Heidelberg, Paris, and École du Louvre. Christian Brinton wrote catalogs for a number of international art exhibitions and served as director of foreign art at the Sesquicentennial International Exposition in Philadelphia in 1926.

Joseph J. Steinmetz, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Steinmetz of Germantown, near Philadelphia, was an engineer. In 1929-1930, he traveled around the world and attended a 1929 World Engineering Conference in Tokyo. Throughout his world tour, he maintained regular correspondence with his mother and sister Margaret, sending letters and postcards from Japan, China, the Philippines, Indo-China, India, Ceylon, Egypt, Jerusalem, Constantinople, and Athens.

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions: documents administered by the Houghton Library of Harvard University. Woodbridge, Conn: Research Publications International, 1994. Microfilm. See reels 466-498.Brinton, John H. Personal Memoirs of John H. Brinton: Civil War Surgeon, 1861-1865. Carbondale, Ill.: Southern Illinois University Press, 1996.Gould, George M., ed. The Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, Benefactors, Alumni, Hospital, etc., Its Founders, Officers, Instructors, 1826-1904: A History. Volume II. New York: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1904.Gravell, Thomas, George Miller, and Elizabeth Walsh. American Watermarks, 1690-1835. New Castle, Del.: Oak Knoll Press, 2002.Marquis, Albert Nelson, ed. Who's Who in Delaware: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men and Women of the States of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and West Virginia. Volume I. Chicago: The A. N. Marquis Company, 1939.

  1. John Hill Brinton (1772-1827) m. Sarah Steinmetz (daughter of John Steinmetz)
    1. Catherine Ann m. Edward Ingersoll (1790-1841)
    2. John L.
    3. Elizabeth
    4. Ann
    5. George Brinton (1804-1858) m. Mary Margaret Smith (d. 1870)
      1. John Hill Brinton (Dr., 1832-1907) m. Sarah Ward (see Chart 2)
        1. George
        2. John Hill (d. 1898)
        3. Ferdinand Ward (Dr., b. 1873)
        4. Jasper Yeates
      2. Mary Yeates
      3. Margaret Yeates
      4. Sarah Frederica
      5. Margaret Yeates
    6. Reppele
    7. Sarah
    8. Mary

Other relatives included Jasper Yeates Brinton, Dr. Christian Brinton, Joseph J. Steinmetz, Daniel Garrison Brinton, Dr. J. B. Brinton, and Jos. H. Brinton.

  1. Ferdinand de Wilton Ward (1812-1891) m. Jane Shaw
  1. Sarah m. John Hill Brinton (Dr., 1832-1907)
    1. George
    2. John Hill (d. 1898)
    3. Ferdinand Ward (Dr., b. 1873)
    4. Jasper Yeates
  2. Christopher Ward
  3. Thomas Ward

The Brinton family papers relates to members of the prominent Philadelphia-area family and several of their related family lines over five generations from 1715-1930, with the bulk of the documents falling between 1840-1890. The collection consists of 6.3 linear feet of material and includes a wide variety of sources including mortgages, deeds, leases, account books, surveys, correspondence, land use agreements, legal documents, travel diaries, medical notes, newspaper clippings, Civil War reports and orders, genealogical research, sermons, essays, and photographs; and receipts for bonds, rent, food, transportation, medical and dental services, labor, stocks, tax, clothing, house repair, and education. These receipts are mundane, yet richly thorough, documentation of the domestic and business affairs of two early nineteenth-century Philadelphians, John Hill Brinton and his son George Brinton.

The collection further represents the varied careers of several interesting family members: the Rev. Ferdinand de Wilton Ward, a Christian missionary to India, 1836-1856, who studied and translated Tamil; Dr. John Hill Brinton, a distinguished Civil War surgeon; Dr. Chirstian Brinton, a scholar and critic who served as director of foreign art at the 1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial; and Joseph Steinmentz, an engineer whose 1929 world tour is documented in letters to his family. Other notable documents in the collection include early family deeds signed by Richard, John, and William Penn, descendants of William Penn; and three 1805 deeds executed by Katherine Inglis, a female attorney practicing in Philadelphia.

The collection contains nine separate series organized around different family members: I. John Steinmetz, 1760-1831; II. John H. Brinton, 1790- 1837; III. George Brinton, 1827-1858; IV. Dr. John Hill Brinton, 1834-1908; V. Reverend Ferdinand de Wilton Ward, 1793-1890; VI. Dr. Ward Brinton, 1901-1928; VII. Dr. Christian Brinton, 1929; VIII. Joseph J. Steinmetz, 1929-1930; and Series IX. Other Family Members. The tenth series comprises 119 deeds, several of which cross generations of the Brinton family.

Series I. John Steinmetz, 1760-1831, includes documents such as land use agreements, bonds, rent receipts, court documents, surveys, and maps related to his real estate dealings in Maurice River in Cumberland County, New Jersey; Manheim Township in York County, Pennsylvania; and Hallam Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The correspondence includes both business and family interests in real estate and shipping goods. It also contains three very early land receipts, 1715-1733 (F1).

Series II. John H. Brinton, 1790-1837, includes rent and account receipts, legal documents, land use agreements, deeds, indentures, surveys, maps, and numerous mortgages related to his real estate affairs in Maurice River, New Jersey; Manheim Township in York County, Pennsylvania; and other areas of Pennsylvania. Among the real estate correspondence is an 1812 letter to John H. Brinton, written on paper bearing the watermark of Coulter, Bever, and Bowman, who established Ohio's first paper mill in 1807 (see Gravell,

American Watermarks). Regular correspondents include Andrews and Elliot, Isaac Bonsall, and John R. Coates. This series may be most useful for reconstructing the economic networks revealed by the numerous mortgages and receipts it contains. The mortgages often reveal the names of the people and the ways in which they used the land in several regions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Additional deeds and indentures related to John H. Brinton are found in Series X. The extensive domestic receipts may be used to reconstruct the material world in which Brinton and his family lived in the early national period in Philadelphia. Receipts for building materials, clothing, coal, wood, education, food, furnishing and repairing the home, labor, medical and dental services, stocks, taxes, and transportation provide a variety of ways to examine their family life.

Series III. George Brinton, 1827-1858, includes accounts, receipts, land agreements, court documents, and correspondence related to business and real estate in Maurice River in Cumberland County, New Jersey, and Geneseo, New York. Important correspondents include Allan Ayrnault and William Spencer. As in the preceding series, George Brinton's varied receipts for building materials, clothing, coal, wood, fuel, society memberships, education, food, furnishing and repairing the home, labor, medical and dental services, mortgages, stocks, taxes, and transportation provide extensive details to study the world in which his family lived.

Series IV. Dr. John Hill Brinton, 1834-1908, includes rich materials on his medical career as a student, as a surgeon during the Civil War, and later as a practicing physician and professor at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Official correspondence from the Civil War, including orders, replies, receipts, inventories, and reports helps provide a useful perspective of the Civil War. Dr. John H. Brinton served as brigade surgeon under generals Fremont and Grant, 1861-1863, and as supertindent of hospitals at Nashville, 1864-1865. His correspondence before and after the Civil War includes both personal and professional letters to him, as well as copies of outgoing correspondence. A final group of correspondence was addressed directly to Mrs. John H. Brinton (Sarah Ward Brinton), and includes letters from her husband, her family, and father, Ferdinand de Wilton Ward, whose papers are arranged in Series V. Several notebook and account books include lists of patients and notes on treatments and visits. He authored various medical articles and gave several public speeches. His papers also include notes, lectures, and journals from when he was a student and a professor of medicine. Of special interest in these medical notes are a case study of spinabifida and a notebook on "Eye Surgery and Operative Surgery" from an 1852 trip to Vienna. Dr. Brinton's papers reflect the changing practice of medicine during the second half of the nineteenth century from a variety of perspectives.

Series V. Reverend Ferdinand de Wilton Ward, 1793-1890, includes a number of journals, account books, sermons, and study notes related to his religious work as a pastor and as a missionary for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) in India. He translated some of his lectures and sermons into Tamil to aid in teaching the Gospel in India. His account books and membership lists also shed light on the structure and management of the church in Maduras, India; Geneseo, New York; and Rochester, New York. He compiled several notebooks on genealogy and corresponded with various members of his family concerning this topic. Ward's extensive notes, sermons, and discussions of religious topics and experiences provides an extremely useful source for examining various religious, intellectual, and philosophical beliefs and attitudes from the 1850s through the 1890s. Additional correspondence and diary entries of the Wards may be found in a related microfilm collection,

Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, which is owned by the University of Delaware Library.

The limited amount of correspondence in Series VI. Dr. Ward Brinton, 1901-1928, primarily concerns Dr. Brinton's appointments in the Medical Out-Patient Department at Jefferson Hospital and his service in the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. The Society's efforts to prevent tuberculosis in Philadelphia particularly targeted labor unions and members of the working class during the first two decades of the twentieth century.

Series VII. Dr. Christian Brinton, 1929, contains a limited sample of his work as an art critic and lecturer. Included are five essays, one script for a presentation of lantern slides, and three drafts of a radio speech on Native American arts. Among his correspondence is a 1929 letter to Theodore Dreiser, which conveys his impressions of Russian Ballet.

Series VIII. Joseph J. Steinmetz, 1929-1930, contains letters, photographs, and postcards documenting a world tour through Japan, China, the Philippines, Indo-China, India, Ceylon, Egypt, Jerusalem, Constantinople, and Athens. Steinmetz addressed the correspondence to his mother and sister Margaret, who both lived in Germantown, Pennsylvania, but were also abroad, for a period in 1929, in Paris. He filled his letters with observations of the places he visited and the people he met, allowing the researcher to share Steinmetz's view of the world in 1929-1930.

Series IX. Other Family Members encompasses miscellaneous documents and Series X. Deeds includes documents that span several generations of Steinmetz and Brinton family land holdings. A genealogical summary of the Brinton family is appended to this finding aid.

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Gift of Anna D. Moyerman, 1972

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Collection Inventory

Scope and Contents

Philadelphia merchant with land holdings in Maurice River, NJ; Manheim Township, Penn; and Hallam Township, Penn.

Receipts, 1715-1719, 1723, 1733.
Box 1 Folder F1
Account Receipts, 1786-1817.
Box 1 Folder F2
Account Receipts, 1809-1837.
Box 1 Folder F3
Agreements, 1806-1811.
Box 1 Folder F4
Bonds, 1776-1812.
Box 1 Folder F5
Correspondence, 1786.
Box 1 Folder F6
Court Documents, 1798-1829.
Box 1 Folder F7
Deeds & Indentures, 1790-1811.
Box 1 Folder F8
Real Estate Documents, 1808-1823.
Box 1 Folder F9
Receipts, 1811-1831.
Box 1 Folder F10
Surveys & Maps, 1760-1807.
Box 1 Folder F11

Scope and Contents

Phildadelphia lawyer; married to Sarah (Sally) Steinmetz; land holdings in Maurice River Township, Cumberland, NJ, and Manheim Township, York County, Penn.

Account Receipts, 1810-1825.
Box 1 Folder F12
Correspondence, 1812-1830.
Box 1 Folder F13
Scope and Contents

Includes 1812 letter to JHB written paper with watermark of Coulter, Bever, and Bowman (first mill established in Ohio, 1807).

Deeds & Indentures, 1790-1825.
Box 1 Folder F14
Land Use Agreements, 1800-1819.
Box 1 Folder F15
Land Documents, 1808-1833.
Box 1 Folder F16
Land Documents, 1804-1837.
Box 1 Folder F17
Box 1 Folder F18
Surveys & Maps, 1805-1820.
Box 1 Folder F19
Mortgages 1.
Box 1 Folder F20
Mortgages 2.
Box 1 Folder F21
Mortgages 3.
Box 1 Folder F22
Mortgages 4.
Box 1 Folder F23
Mortgages 5.
Box 1 Folder F24
Mortgages 6.
Box 1 Folder F25
Box 2 Folder F26
Building Material Receipts 1.
Box 2 Folder F27
Building Material Receipts 2.
Box 2 Folder F28
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for lime, posts, lumber, nails, brick, carpets, matts, white lead, turpentine, glass, and other materials.

Church & Subscription Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F29
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for pew rent at St. James Church; various subscriptions including The Mirror of Taste and Dramatic Censor, United States Gazette, Philadelphia Gazette, and The Register; and donations to the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, the Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church for the Advancement of Christianity in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Clothing Receipts 1.
Box 2 Folder F30
Clothing Receipts 2.
Box 2 Folder F31
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for the purchase, alteration, fabrication, and repair of various articles of clothing and shoes.

Coal & Wood Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F32
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for tons of coal and cords of wood.

Education Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F33
Scope and Contents

Includes tuition receipts for sons' and daughters' education and receipts for school supplies and books.

Food Receipts 1.
Box 2 Folder F34
Food Receipts 2.
Box 2 Folder F35
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for food, bread deliveries, milk and cream deliveries, ice, spices, alcoholic beverages, and special food orders.

House Furnishing Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F36
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for furniture, carpeting, blinds, paper, mats, pianos, bookcases, silverware, kitchenware, etc.

House Repair Receipts 1.
Box 2 Folder F37
House Repair Receipts 2.
Box 2 Folder F38
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for boiler repair, curbing installation, the installation and repair of lead pipes, digging wells, painting, and various repairs on the house.

Labor Receipts 1.
Box 2 Folder F39
Labor Receipts 2.
Box 2 Folder F40
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for washing, carpentry, digging and carting dirt and gravel, fencing, and other jobs not specifically mentioning a house.

Land Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F41
Land Rent Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F42
Medical & Dental Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F43
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for medical services, fillings and cleanings, and shaving.

Stock Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F44
Tax Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F45
Transportation Receipts.
Box 2 Folder F46
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts from travel, carriage and harness repair, and the purchase and care of livestock—including shoeing.

Scope and Contents

Phildadelphia resident; married to Mary Margaret Smith; managed land in Geneseo, NY, and Maurice River Township in Cumberland County, NJ.

Accounts, 1828-1856.
Box 3 Folder F47
Correspondence, 1827-1857.
Box 3 Folder F48
Court Documents, 1837-1851.
Box 3 Folder F49
Land Agreements, 1838-1843.
Box 3 Folder F50
Box 3 Folder F51
Receipts, 1829-1858.
Box 3 Folder F52
Building Materials Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F53
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for lime, bricks, trees, carpet, nails, boards, shingles, plaster, oil, white lead, and pipes.

Clothing Receipts 1.
Box 3 Folder F54
Clothing Receipts 2.
Box 3 Folder F55
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for the purchase, alteration, fabrication, and repair of various articles of clothing and shoes.

Coal, Wood, & Fuel Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F56
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for tons of coal, cords of wood, and fuel.

Education & Society Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F57
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for pew rent; tuition receipts for his children from tutors, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Protestant Episcopal Female Institute; and subscriptions to Inquirer and Gazette, the Society of the Episcopal Church for the Advancement of Christianity in Pennsylvania, Saturday Evening Post, Protestant Episcopal Recorder, North American, New York Weekly Herald, Church Register, National Gazette, New-York Albion, Philadelphia Saturday News & Literary Gazette, Novelist's Gazette, and the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Food Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F58
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for food, bread deliveries, milk and cream deliveries, ice, spices, alcoholic beverages, and special food orders.

House Furnishings Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F59
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for carpets, cabinets, blinds, furniture, matting, kitchen utensils, chests, shelving, bookcases, chandeliers, safe, and silverware

Home Repair Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F60
Labor Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F61
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts for washing, laying carpet, waiters at wedding party, advertising, carpentry work, hauling dirt, field work, erecting a monument at Marseilles, hauling away ashes, printing cards, and banking.

Land Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F62
Land Rent Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F63
Medical & Dental Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F64
Mortgage Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F65
Stock Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F66
Tax Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F67
Transportation Receipts.
Box 3 Folder F68
Scope and Contents

Includes receipts from travel, carriage and harness repair, and the care of livestock—including shoeing.

Civil War Correspondence, 1861.
Box 3 Folder F69
Scope and Contents

Includes official orders, requests, and responses related to Dr. Brinton's work as a surgeon and hospital superintendent during the Civil War.

Civil War Correspondence, 1862.
Box 3 Folder F70
Civil War Correspondence, 1863.
Box 3 Folder F71
Civil War Correspondence, 1864 I.
Box 3 Folder F72
Civil War Correspondence, 1864 II.
Box 3 Folder F73
Civil War Correspondence, 1865.
Box 3 Folder F74
Civil War Correspondence, 1866.
Box 3 Folder F75
Civil War Correspondence, n.d.
Box 3 Folder F76
Civil War Invoices & Receipts, n.d.
Box 3 Folder F77
Scope and Contents

Included are invoices for hospital supplies, medicines, etc., and receipts for new supplies that arrived.

Civil War Invoices & Receipts, 1861.
Box 3 Folder F78
Civil War Invoices & Receipts, 1862.
Box 3 Folder F79
Civil War Invoices & Receipts, 1863.
Box 3 Folder F80
Civil War Invoices & Receipts, 1864.
Box 3 Folder F81
Civil War Invoices & Receipts, 1865.
Box 4 Folder F82
Civil War Reports, 1864-1865.
Box 4 Folder F83
Scope and Contents

Includes reports indicating number of wounded and number of available beds.

Civil War Congressional Bill.
Box 4 Folder F84
Scope and Contents

Includes the text of a bill to increase the number of surgeons in the Medical Corps of the Regular Army.

Civil War Floorplan Drawings.
Box 4 Folder F85
Scope and Contents

Includes three sketches of floorplans for a hospital.

Personal Correspondence, 1864-1893.
Box 4 Folder F86
Professional Correspondence, 1862-1908.
Box 4 Folder F87
Family Correspondence, 1861-1891.
Box 4 Folder F88
Family Correspondence, n.d.
Box 4 Folder F89
Sarah Ward Brinton Correspondence, 1852-1891.
Box 4 Folder F90
Scope and Contents

Addressed directly to Sarah Brinton, JHB's wife, with much from her mother and father, brother Will Ward, and sister-in-law Kate Ward

Brinton Pedigree.
Box 4 Folder F91
Scope and Contents

Traces seven generations of Brintons, from William Brinton to Dr. John Hill Brinton, and includes marriages and children.

The Death of John H. Brinton, Jr., Nov (?) 17, 1898.
Box 4 Folder F92
Scope and Contents

The Ledger [newspaper clipping]

Journal, 1852.
Box 4 Folder F93
Journal, 1852.
Box 4 Folder F94
Journal, 1853.
Box 4 Folder F95
Case Study of Spinabifida by Henry Bond (?).
Box 4 Folder F96
Scope and Contents

Autograph Manuscript with 3 color medical illustrations by J. Drayton.

Medical Notes.
Box 4 Folder F97
"Eye Surgery and Operative Surgery," Vienna, 1852.
Box 4 Folder F98
Scope and Contents

Autograph notebook of medical notes

Surgery Lectures, 1856.
Box 4 Folder F99
"Notes on Practice of Surgery taken from the Lectures of Professor John H. Brinton, M. D., Professor of Practice of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Session of 1890-1891.", 1890-1891.
Box 4 Folder F100
Scope and Contents

Autograph note taken by S. P. Kerns.

Brinton, John H., 1899 November 15.
Box 4 Folder F101
Scope and Contents

"On the Choice of Operation for Stone." Therapeutic Gazette

Catalogue of the members of the Philomathean Society instituted at the University of Pennsylvania, 1813., 1845.
Box 4 Folder F102
Scope and Contents

Phil: L.R. Bailey

List of operative surgery class members, 1853-1858.
Box 4 Folder F103
Proceedings at the Inauguration of the building for the departments of arts and sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1872.
Box 4 Folder F104
Receipts, 1838-1864.
Box 4 Folder F105
Scope and Contents

with two indentures

Tax Receipts, 1834-1853.
Box 4 Folder F106
Personal Account Book, 1861-1863.
Box 4 Folder F107
Visiting List and record of accounts, 1871.
Box 4 Folder F108
Cash Book for personal expenses, 1871-1875.
Box 4 Folder F109
Physician's Visiting List, 1876.
Box 4 Folder F110
Medical Account Book, 1898-1902.
Box 4 Folder F111

Family Correspondence, 1793, 1822-1890.
Box 4 Folder F112
Newspaper Clippings, 1879, 1886.
Box 5 Folder F113
Scope and Contents

Includes 1879 FdWW letter to World, in defense of his son, Ferdinand Ward, imprisoned for financial misdeeds; and 1886 article regarding preservation of P.T. Barnum's elephant, Jumbo, at Henry A. Ward's museum

"Biographical Narrative of F.D.W. Ward,, n.d.
Box 5 Folder F114
Scope and Contents

Prepared by Col. John Rosbach of Geneseo, NY, 17 pp., incomplete.

Box 5 Folder F115
Scope and Contents

Includes a photograph of Ward, correspondence with family regarding genealogical questions, notes, several family trees, and two notebooks.

Personal Account Book, 1841-1858.
Box 5 Folder F116
Account Book, 1850-1851.
Box 5 Folder F117
Scope and Contents

Geneseo Academy accounts.

Account Book, 1851-1857.
Box 5 Folder F118
Scope and Contents

Record of teacher's wages at Geneseo Academy.

Account Book, 1861-1865.
Box 5 Folder F119
Scope and Contents

Dr. L.A. Ward in account with FdWW

Account Book, 1866-1869.
Box 5 Folder F120
Receipts, 1875-1890.
Box 5 Folder F121
Bank Account Book, 1890-1891.
Box 5 Folder F122
Scope and Contents

Genesee Valley National Bank in acct with FdWW

Diary, 1840-1841.
Box 5 Folder F123
Scope and Contents

With "Public Letter to ABCFM on the mode of journeying to Madura and outfit required."

Diary, 1841-1843.
Box 5 Folder F124
Scope and Contents

Record of daily events while in India.

Diary, 1845.
Box 5 Folder F125
Scope and Contents

Record of daily events while in India.

Diary, 1847-1849.
Box 5 Folder F126
Scope and Contents

Pocket diary includes a record of daily events, and hand-drawn map of hemispheres with a key indicating Christian missions, what denomination, and year established, 1847.

Diary, 1848-1849.
Box 5 Folder F126
Scope and Contents

Diary of daily events in India

Diary, 1848-1850.
Box 5 Folder F127
Scope and Contents

"Skeleton of Pursuits After Arrival at Geneseo."

Diary, 1853-1854.
Box 5 Folder F128
Scope and Contents

Daily diary

Diary, 1857.
Box 5 Folder F128
Scope and Contents

(Rochester: E. Darrow & Brother.)

Pocket diary including daily events, recipe for "Farmers Fruit Cake," and list of ministers in Livingston County, New York, 1865.
Box 5 Folder F129
Pocket diary "Published annually for the trade," with "Memorable Events in the Secession Rebellion, together with fluctuation in Gold.", 1866.
Box 5 Folder F129
Pocket diary with list of families belonging to Central Presbyterian Parish in Geneseo, 1869.
Box 5 Folder F130
Pocket diary with daily notes and church attendance., 1870.
Box 5 Folder F130
Pocket diary with list of families in the Central Presbyterian Parish in Geneseo, 1871.
Box 5 Folder F131
Pocket diary with sporadic entries, list of church families; receipt, newspaper clipping and Sermon excerpt enclosed,, 1873.
Box 5 Folder F131
Pocket diary of daily events, 1878.
Box 5 Folder F132
Pocket diary of daily events, including photograph of Rev. Ferdinand de Wilton Ward, 1882.
Box 5 Folder F132
Diary, 1887.
Box 5 Folder F133
Scope and Contents

Pocket diary of daily events.

Notebook, 1833-1887.
Box 5 Folder F134
Scope and Contents

"Pastoral events during 10 years" noting marriages, deaths, admissions, etc.

Notebook, 1858-1868.
Box 5 Folder F135
Scope and Contents

Record of Rev. Ward's duties as Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in Geneseo, New York. Also includes a photograph of "The Spanish Peaks."

Church Membership List, 1873.
Box 5 Folder F136
Scope and Contents

List of families and number of parishioners in Central Presbyterian Church, Geneseo, New York

Letter to Members of the Central Presbyterian Church Society, 1873.
Box 5 Folder F137
"Historical Narrative of First Presbyterian Church of Groveland – Livingston County," author unknown, 1876.
Box 5 Folder F138
"The dignity of the missionary enterprise", 1836 June 28.
Box 5 Folder F139
Scope and Contents

Autograph Manuscript [essay]

Physical Description

7 pages

"Reasons in favor of coming to Rochester", n.d.
Box 5 Folder F140
Scope and Contents

Autograph Manuscript [essay]

Physical Description

3 pages

Personal Narrative, 1837.
Box 5 Folder F141
Scope and Contents

Description of personal spiritual development from birth to present written in Madras, India, June 18, 1837.

Sermon and Lecture Notes, Untitled notes on various bible passages, 1877 and undated.
Box 5 Folder F142
Scope and Contents

"Noah's Obedience" Genesis 6:22 includes handwritten notes, pages from books, and newspaper clipping. "Men and Brethren" Acts 2:37 includes handwritten notes. "The Revelation of God" Heb. 1:1-2 includes handwritten notes. "The Comfort of the Truth" John 14:16-17 includes handwritten notes. "Sabbath Observance" Isaiah 58:13-14 includes handwritten notes and newspaper clippings from Evangelical Messenger. "The House of God" Psalms 26:8 includes handwritten notes and undated newspaper clippings. "The Parable of the Talents" Matthew 25:24-25 includes newspaper clipping from the Evangelical Messenger, 1889.

Physical Description

25 items

Sermons, 1834-1852.
Box 6 Folder F143
Scope and Contents

Psalms 17:18 "I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness." Preached from 1834-1884. Luke 23:42-43 "And he said unto Jesus Lord remember me when thou cometh into thy kingdom." Hebrews 6:18 John 1:19 "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world." Written 1837, preached 1837, 1856, 1859, and 1878. John 1:45 "Philip foundeth Nathaniel and saith unto him …" John 20:31 "But these are written that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ…" Matthew 6:10 "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven." Matthew 6:12 "And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." Matthew 6:16-8 includes four discourses labeled numbers 2 - 5. Luke 9:30-31 "And behold there talked with him two men…" "Appeal to the thirsty" written in 1852, revised 1885.

Physical Description

13 items

Sermons, 1841-1845.
Box 6 Folder F144
Scope and Contents

"Profit of Godliness" Tamil discourse from 1 Timothy 4:8 with English translation, 1841-1842. "Two Parables: The Talents, Matthew 25:14, Pounds given for trading, Luke 12: (no verse given)". Written in English and Tamil, 1842. Notebook with four sermons preached in India, 1845.

Physical Description

3 items

Sermons, 1856-1871.
Box 6 Folder F145
Scope and Contents

Acts 10:5.6 preached 1858. "Statement for reasons for resigning my pastorate of the Presbyterian Church Geneseo," 1858 Sep 12. Luke 1:68-70 "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for he hath visited and redeemed his people…" preached Christmas eve, 1858. Acts 8:23 preached 1861 Feb. Acts 10:43 preached 1861 Apr. Luke 9:26 "For whoever shall be ashamed of me and my words…" preached 1861 Apr. John 8:12 "Then spoke Jesus unto them, saying I am the light of the world…" preached 1861 Apr. John 13:8 "Peter said unto him thou shall never wash my feet…" preached 1861 Aug. Acts 20:21 preached 1866 May. Luke 16:5 "How much owest thou unto my Lord." preached 1869. "A Stand for Christ" with discussion of Matthew 12:30, preached 1871-1886. "Account to God" with discussion of Romans 14:12, preached 1871, 1879, and 1882.

Physical Description

12 items

Sermons, 1873-1881.
Box 6 Folder F146
Scope and Contents

Luke 12:35-37 preached 1873. Matthew 6:13 "For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever and ever, Amen." preached 1873. John 1:14 "And the word was made flesh…"preached Christmas eve, 1859 and 1874. Luke 15:18-19 "I will arise and go to my Father, and will say unto him: Father I have sinned against heaven…" preached 1875. Acts 9:6 "And he trembling and astonished said…" preached 1877. John 13:17 "If ye know these things…" preached 1878. Mark 8:36 "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul." preached 1879. Luke 22:19 "And he took bread, and gave thanks…" preached 1879. John 3:2 "We know that thou art a teacher come from God…" preached 1879. Acts 11:26 "The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch." preached 1879. John 19:12 "If thou let this man go thou art not Caesar's friend…" preached 1881.

Physical Description

11 items

Notebook 1.
Box 6 Folder F147
Scope and Contents

Contains ten Christian lectures.

Notebook 2.
Box 6 Folder F148
Scope and Contents

Contains commentary on Biblical verses.

Notebook 3.
Box 6 Folder F149
Scope and Contents

Contains a glossary of English words and translations into Tamil.

Notebook 4.
Box 6 Folder F150
Scope and Contents

Contains notes on various Christian topics.

Notebook 5.
Box 6 Folder F151
Scope and Contents

Contains notes and reflections on Proverbs.

Notebook 6.
Box 6 Folder F152
Scope and Contents

Contains a collection of poetry, quotes, and comments on Christianity.

Notebook 7.
Box 6 Folder F153
Scope and Contents

Contains a collection of Christian parables with pictures and some translations into Tamil.

Notebook 8.
Box 6 Folder F154
Scope and Contents

Contains an essay on the Church.

Notebook 9.
Box 6 Folder F155
Scope and Contents

Contains notes on Proverbs and a church record from 1869-1873.

Notebook 10.
Box 6 Folder F156
Scope and Contents

Contains a notebook titled, "2000 clerical acts, anecdotes, and apothegms: A Book for the Theological Student, the Preacher, and the Pastor's Study being extracts from 300 ancient and modern authors."

Notebook 11.
Box 6 Folder F157
Scope and Contents

Contains notes on various religious topics.

Notebook 12.
Box 6 Folder F158
Scope and Contents

Contains notes on various Christian topics.

Notebook 13.
Box 6 Folder F159
Scope and Contents

Contains notes on preaching sermons.

Notebook 14.
Box 6 Folder F160
Scope and Contents

Contains Christian lectures in English partially translated into Tamil.

Notebook 15.
Box 6 Folder F161
Scope and Contents

Though the inside covered is inscribed with the name Nancy Forman, the notebook contains notes on various religious topics and Biblical verses. It also has an essay titled, "The Believer's Challenge: A Sermon by Fred William Krumacher."

Notebook 16.
Box 6 Folder F162
Scope and Contents

Collection of poems, prayers, and songs concerning various aspects of Christian faith.

Notebook 17.
Box 6 Folder F163
Scope and Contents

Thoughts and discussions of various Christian topics, including the nature of God, God's moral law, and the diversity of the human race.

Notebook 18, 19.
Box 6 Folder F164
Scope and Contents

Includes two chapters, 13 and 14, each with subject headings "sentiment" and "reflections" dealing with various religious topics. Includes notes on religious topics, many portions illegible.

Notebook 20.
Box 6 Folder F165
Scope and Contents

"The honor-labor-responsibility and joys of the Gospel Ministry" includes quotes about the ministry, and index of the quotes.

Notebook 21, 1885.
Box 6 Folder F166
Scope and Contents

Essay "An Actual occurrence told in Plain Blank Verse"

Notebook 22.
Box 7 Folder F167
Scope and Contents

Biblical texts and discussion of them translated in to Tamil.

Box 7 Folder F168
Box 7 Folder F169
Scope and Contents

Includes certificates as an election watcher, 1906; appointment as a Medical Major in the US Army, 1925; and a certificate for the Brintons Bridge Flour Mills in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania from the United States Food Administration, 1917

Tuberculosis Work.
Box 7 Folder F170
Scope and Contents

Includes program and presentation on the prevention of tuberculosis.

Personal & Professional Correspondence, 1901-1928.
Box 7 Folder F171

Box 7 Folder F172
Scope and Contents

"Brazilian Art Comes to America" "The Plight of the Painting: apropos the place of Art in the Decorative Scheme of the Home" "Bernard Boutet de Monvel" "The Supreme Moment: Pastel in Prose, Dedicated to Ivan Turgenev" "Russia Through the Artist's Eye" "The Ikon: Its Pre-Christian Origins in the Valley of the Nile" (talk for lantern slides presentation) "American Art in Its native Aspect" (three drafts of a radio speech)

Correspondence, 1929.
Box 7 Folder F173

Correspondence, 1922 May.
Box 7 Folder F174
Scope and Contents

Mrs. Miles A. Hoffman, Surrey, England, to Mrs. Joseph A. Steinmetz, Philadelphia. Includes letters and postcards to his mother and sister Margaret while traveling through Japan, China, the Philippines, Indo-China, India, Ceylon, Egypt, Jerusalem, Constantinople, and Athens. Most of the air mail stationery from China is color-illustrated and includes maps showing Steinmetz's travel progress.

Box 7 Folder F175
Scope and Contents

Includes Seoul Press, Nov. 22, 1929, with reference to the World Engineering conference held in Tokyo (removed to oversize).

Box 7 Folder F176
Box 7 Folder F177
Photographs, 1930.
Box 7 Folder F178
Scope and Contents

Six snapshopts taken in Shanghai, Honolulu, near Manila, the Phillipine Islands, aboard ship, and Tokyo

Examiner's Report, 1859.
Box 7 Folder F179
Scope and Contents

Underwood v. Warner court transcript, John F. Brinton, examiner.

Jos. H. Brinton, 1866-1884.
Box 7 Folder F180
Scope and Contents

"This pyramid of white granite is thrust up through the Serpentine Quarry of Jos. H. Brinton, Chester County, Pennsylvania, presented by Prof. Rothrock and Eli K. Price, 1884" (mounted photograph) Legal document, 1866

Daniel Garrison Brinton Autobiography, 1877.
Box 7 Folder F181
Scope and Contents

Autobiographical sketch of Daniel Garrison Brinton, who received a medical degree from Jefferson Medical College, studied abroad in France and Germany, served during the Civil War as a surgeon, and published various articles on Native Americans as an anthropologist.

Biographical Sketch of Dr. J.B. Brinton [with portrait], 1895.
Box 7 Folder F182
Scope and Contents

Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Mar 1895, 22:3. He received a medical degree from Jefferson Medical College, gave medical lectures in Philadelphia, served as a surgeon during the Civil War, continued to practice medicine after the war, and founded the Philadelphia Botanical Club.

Jasper Yeates Brinton Receipt.
Box 7 Folder F183
Scope and Contents

Biographical response signed by Jasper Yeates, one of George Brinton's sons. Jasper was a Philadelphia lawyer, judge, and author.

Edward Ingersoll Obituary, 1841.
Box 7 Folder F184
Scope and Contents

Husband of Catherine Ann Brinton, daughter of John Hill Brinton. Edward Ingersoll was a Philadelphia lawyer, author of verse

Elizabeth Truman Insurance Policy, 1837-1887.
Box 7 Folder F185
Christopher L. Ward, Mexican Visa, 1853.
Box 7 Folder F186
Scope and Contents

Document signed by Ignacio Prospero Oroposa, vice consul of the Republic of Mexico, New Orleans. (Ward is described as "lawyer, age 45; he was probably the son of Ferdinand de Wilton Ward).

Thomas Ward Medical Certificate, 1832.
Box 7 Folder F187
Scope and Contents

Granted by the Medical Society of the City and County of New York. Probably the son of Ferdinand de Wilton Ward (removed to oversize).

Medical school class notes, undated.
Box 7 Folder F188
Scope and Contents

Belonged to an F.D.W. Ward living in Philadelphia, possibly the son of Reverend Ferdinand de Wilton Ward.

John Hill Brinton (principal signer), 1802-1804.
Box 7 Folder F189
John Hill Brinton (principal signer), 1804-1811.
Box 7 Folder F190
John Hill Brinton (principal signer), 1814-1820.
Box 7 Folder F191
John Hill Brinton (principal signer), 1823-1827.
Box 7 Folder F192
John Hill Brinton & Others (signed with group), 1800-1811.
Box 7 Folder F193
John Hill Brinton & Others (signed with group), 1811-1814.
Box 7 Folder F194
John Hill Brinton & Sarah Steinmetz Brinton (his wife), 1811-1827.
Box 7 Folder F195
Scope and Contents

One item removed to oversize.

Sarah & Mary Brinton (principal signers), 1828-1845.
Box 7 Folder F196
Scope and Contents

Items removed to oversize.

John Hill Brinton & Women (signed by single women, or married women with their husbands), 1803-1842.
Box 7 Folder F197
Scope and Contents

Some items removed to oversize.

John, William, & Richard Penn (descendants of the original proprietor, William Penn), 1806-1813.
Box 7 Folder F198
Scope and Contents

Removed to oversize.

Katherine Inglis, 1805.
Box 7 Folder F199
Scope and Contents

Three deeds drawn and signed by a female attorney, daughter of John Inglis, a Philadelphia merchant. Removed to oversize.

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